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Resident Evil: Apocalypse 5/8 
22nd-Nov-2010 12:58 am
chlam--kind mean/evil?

Title: Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Sequel to: Resident Evil
Fandom: Resident Evil/Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: They made it out of the Hive, but now Racoon City is closed off, and they need get out before its destroyed. Demons, Undead, Umbrella, Chloe's new strand of mutation, and a slowly budding romance with Sam. Oh My.

They walked over the Arklay Overpass, making their way towards the school. There were abandoned cars and motorcycles on the road from where people had given up waiting and rushed away with whatever they could hold in their hands. Luxury cars lay open and abandoned next to second hand, beat up vehicles. There were keys in the ignitions, and some of the engines were still running.

It was amazing how valueless things we thought were so important became once there were undead, carnivorous creatures on the loose.

"So how do you know this Lana and how does she know all this information?" Jill asked, sending a look in Chloe's direction as she walked side by side with her.

"We were high school best friends, were even in love with the same guy once." Chloe's smile was sad as she thought of Clark.

Lois lowered her head as well, thinking of her deceased fiance. "He was a good man."

"He was." Chloe nodded, before turning her attention back to Jill. "And as for your other question, she's Lex Luthor's wife."

"What?" Peyton snapped. "She's the wife of the owner and founder of Umbrella?"

"How can you trust her?" Terry wanted to know, zooming in on Chloe's face.

"Because she's my friend, and it was thanks to her that I was able to get into Umbrella in the first place." Chloe shrugged. "She wants to help us bring her husband down."

"She's not the naive little girl who married him anymore." Lois agreed.

Suddenly Sam stopped, and looked towards the darkness below. Every muscle in his body was visible tense, his eyes alert and trained below, narrowed, searching.

Chloe frowned and turned to look at him. "Sam?"

"There's something down there." He whispered, not looking away from whatever it was below that he could sense.

Chloe pulled out her guns immediately.

Sam's feelings had saved her countless time in the Hive, and she'd learnt not to doubt them.

"I don't see anything." Dean murmured as he looked down.

"That doesn't alter the fact that something is down there." Sam informed his brother.

Chloe found it intriguing that Sam's having demon blood running through his veins gave him this heightened sense, and yet Dean, who was fully demon, obviously didn't have the same ability. She wondered if it was the mixture of human and demon what made Sam more powerful.

"I'm getting sick of this bullshit!" Peyton snapped, cocking his gun as he brushed passed Sam and continued on, storming away.

Jill went to go after him but Chloe flung her arm out, blocking her way.

Suddenly gunshots rang out from below, rapid and consecutive, embedding themselves into Peyton's chest.

Without so much as a cry of pain he fell.

"No!" Jill screamed, grabbing her gun and shooting it randomly below as she raced to Peyton's body, using the car to his left as a shield as she gazed down tearfully at her friend.

The gunshots continued to rain on those on the bridge, and Dean grabbed Chloe, pulling her behind the closest car. Now that his soul was in her possession Dean was compelled to make sure that she lived, because if she died then his soul was up for grabs again. She wasn't sure if her 'not staying dead' thing would affect that, but she could understand Dean's refusal to take the risk just in case during the time it took her to come back someone else took over his soul.

Everyone else ducked behind the cars, waiting for the rain of bullets to end and yet it seemed unceasing.

"Why are they shooting at us?" Terri cried loudly, body shaking. "Why?"

Rain tried to peek over the hood of the car to get a better look at their shooter, and yet had to duck back quickly to avoid being shot in the face. "The pendejo has the aim of the devil!"

"The devil is a bad shot, actually." Dean murmured.

Terri threw herself at Sam, hugging him tightly. "I'm so scared!"

Chloe raised an eyebrow, somewhat annoyed and somewhat amused.

Sam looked like he didn't know what to do, and ended up patting Terri's back awkwardly. "Just calm down. We'll, uh, think of something." "What we need is to get to that school." Chloe hissed, pressing her back hard against the car. "There's a little girl all alone and scared."

"Not to mention she's our ticket out of this joint." Dean growled as the glass above him shattered.

Sam took in a deep breath. "What you need is a distraction."

"I agree." Chloe nodded.

Sam cocked his shot gun and without giving them a hint of what he had planned, raced to the railing of the overpass and jumped off.

Chloe's eyes widened. "That idiot!"

They could hear Sam's shotgun being fired repeatedly, and then the rain of bullets was directed elsewhere.

"He's never going to make it on his own." Chloe turned to Rain. "Get everyone to the school, okay?"

Rain nodded. "Yes Boss."

"I'm coming with you." Lois reached for her cousin when Chloe was about to get up.

"No. Lana will need to talk to someone she knows, you need to be there for when she communicates." Chloe frowned. "I'll be fine, okay?"

Lois took in a deep breath. "You better be."

Chloe nodded before turning to Dean. "Make sure they get there."

He nodded.

Taking in a deep breath, Chloe raced to the railing of the overpass and swung over it.

She hit a car beneath and tumbled off with a grunt, her body moaning and complaining, but she pushed off and hurried towards the direction of the rain of bullets. She turned the corner to see Sam racing behind one of the pillars under the overpass, trying to duck the storm of bullets in his direction.

And finally she caught a glimpse of what was shooting at him.

It was tall, mutated. It might have been human once, but it clearly wasn't any more. It wore a leather suit and had a huge machine gun with a seemingly endless supply of bullets.

The pillar Sam was hiding behind was being pummeled by the bullets, beginning to crumble.

"Hey! Ugly!" Chloe pulled out her guns and began shooting as the thing turned towards her at the sound of her voice.

It then picked up an abandoned motorcycle and threw it at her, shooting at the gas tank as it hurtled towards her, explosion ripe and hot.

Sam barreled into Chloe, knocking them both down on the ground and shielding her body with his and the motorcycle exploded above them before landing with a fiery glory into a car two vehicles behind them.

"Sam?" She whispered, worried about him.

He'd taken the brunt of the heat for her.

"Come on." Sam grabbed her hand and was up, pulling her along with him just as the bullets pierced the ground where they'd been prostrate.

Together they ran, Chloe following him, letting the man with the longer legs somewhat drag her.

Both shot in the direction of the thing as it fired at them before making pursuit.

"We're so fucked." Chloe informed Sam, the ground around them exploding with the bullet impacts.

Sam didn't answer as they reached a chain-link fence, instead pushing her up. "Start climbing."

"Bossy." She mumbled, shoving the guns into her waist band before doing as said, pulling herself up and over to the other side at the same time he did.

Once more Sam's hand reached for hers and they were running, him with his gun out, shooting behind at the creature that'd just blown the fence to smithereens with a missile.

How the hell could this thing's machine gun shoot missiles too?

Chloe ranted and raved internally about how unfair it was that the bad guys always had the coolest weapons.

"In here." Sam yanked open the door of the abandoned police station and pulled her inside, the glass of the door shattering. "You know, we should be glad that this time has really bad aim." Chloe panted, somewhat tired and out of breath as Sam pulled her deeper into the police station.

He looked down at her for a second, letting out a bark of laughter, before shaking his head.

As they turned the corner, two things happened.

One was that the creature smashed through the wall behind them.

And the other was that they realized that this corridor was a dead end.

"Totally screwed." Chloe gave a little yelp as Sam began running towards the dead end on the far side of the corridor, shooting at the wall.

"Come on!" He ordered, running faster.

She wasn't exactly sure what the plan was, but Chloe had learnt to trust him, so she pulled out one of her guns and began shooting as well, aiming for the place Sam was aiming at.

Sam clicked empty grabbed her, cradling her body in his arms as they slipped and fell down on the ground the same time the creature fired a round of bullets. The bullets just missed them and emptied into the already weakening wall, and as Chloe's and Sam's bodies slid into the wall it gave way.

Only as they slid down a metal shoot, Sam tucking her into his body and protecting her, did Chloe realize that this was a garbage disposal.

With a yell they fell into the thankfully empty garbage container.

Both looked back up the shoot to see the creature aiming his gun down at them, a missile in place this time.

"Fuck!" Sam and Chloe hurtled to the side, knocking the container over just as the missile descended, exploding behind them.

Chloe didn't know if she'd reached for Sam or if he reached for her, but as the explosion rocked the container they were in, she was nearly straddling Sam's lap and his arms were tightly around her.

The container they were in shielded them from the explosion, and yet Chloe wasn't able to rejoice or celebrate. She kept quiet, afraid to breathe.

The thing was probably looking down the shoot wondering if it'd got them.

Sam's gaze was up at the top of the container, obviously sensing the creature.

He was silent as the night, and Chloe followed his example.

Finally, finally, Sam relaxed and rested his forehead on her shoulder, letting out a breath of relief. "It's gone."

Chloe relaxed as well, giving a little chuckle. "That was...fun."

Sam chuckled, forehead still on her shoulder. "What are you like when the world isn't being terrorized by zombies?"

"By undead." She corrected, taking in a deep, calming breath. "And it's only Raccoon City...so far."

Sam finally leaned back, his head against the container and looked at her.

Chloe gulped, not understanding why she felt more intimidated by the way he was looking at her than by the undead currently terrorizing said city.

Sam's gaze lowered to her lips.

Her heart began to race rapidly. "We should get to the school."

He nodded, not looking away.

She couldn't help herself, licking her lips.

His lips parted.

Chloe suddenly pulled away, standing, brushing herself of and clearing her throat. "Let's go. Its a long way there."

Sam looked at her for a second before nodding, standing, and dusting himself off as well. "I think we should hot wire one of the police cars. I know the sound will attract the undead, but that school is a very long way from here and dawn is not going to wait. Dean will have realized the same and have acquired transportation for the others."

"You have a point." Chloe nodded, turning to him. "So you know how to hot-wire a car?"

"One of my many talents." Sam grinned.

Chloe rolled her eyes, unable to keep the smile off of her face.


Dean drove while Lois called shotgun. Rain, Terri, and a silent, withdrawn Jill sat in the back of the minivan Dean had hot-wired, the latter obviously lost in the memories of having to put down a revived and hungered Peyton. The atmosphere in the minivan was tense, and not only due to the fact that they were trapped in a city with ravenous undead, but because they'd lost one of their team, and didn't know if the other two who'd distracted the one firing on them had sacrificed themselves. Lois didn't think so. She knew Chloe, and knew that the blonde had a way of not staying dead, so if she'd found herself in a situation where either her or Sam got shot Chloe would take the bullet.

And then Sam would get her to safety.

Chloe would die.

Spend some minutes in hell.

And then she'd be alive again.

So yes, Lois had every faith that her cousin and Dean's brother were alive and making their way to the school as well.

"Stop!" Jill called, pointing to a man rushing towards him. "I saw that man in the police station earlier."

Dean kept going. "He ain't my business."

"Stop the damned car." Lois snapped at him.

Dean glared at her and hit the brakes anyhow.

He pulled out a gun and kept it trained on the man just in case though.

"I'm not one of those things!" The african american man assured, twirling around, arms out, and then pulling the neck of his shirt away so they could see he had no injuries. "Look, I haven't been bitten of anything. Look."

Dean raised an eyebrow.

Lois leaned over Dean and eyed the man. "He's clean."

"Climb aboard." Terri opened the back door and let the man in.

"Hey, it's you. The weather girl." He smiled, hurrying inside, and turning to look at Jill. "And you! From the police station!" He turned to Rain. "I don't know you."

Rain rolled her eyes and looked out of the window. "Can we get the hell out of here?"

"Finally." Dean grumbled from the front as he pressed down on the gas, moving them along once more. "Can't believe I'm in a fucking minivan." He mumbled to himself. "I feel like some goddamned soccer mom."

"I'm Lloyd Jefferson Wade." The newcomer introduced himself. "You can call me L.J. on account of the informal situation."

While Terri introduced everyone else and briefed L.J. on what was going on, Lois gazed out of the window, wondering about her cousin.

She also wondered if any of them had a real chance of escaping Raccoon City alive.


When they arrived at the school, Jill was the first one out, feeling the need to be out of that confined space. Her gaze went to the Raccoon City Police K9-Unit van abandoned outside of the school and made her way carefully to the back, eyes narrowing when she saw how the dog cages had been torn apart from the inside, bits of skin stuck on the jagged edges.

Oh great.

They might have zombie dogs to worry about too.

She followed the others inside of the large building, wondering how in the world they were supposed to find the kid in there.

"We're going to have to split up into teams to search this place." Rain announced after surveying the large main hall. "Dean and Lois, you search the second floor. Jill and Terri, you two take the first. L.J. and I will take the basement."

"Thats fine by me." Jill motioned to Terri.

Terri nodded and hurried after her as she stormed away.

Jill really hoped she came upon some zombies because she had a shit-load of pent-up frustration to let out.


Entering a science lab, Lois frowned, aiming all around her. She and Dean had decided to each take a room on this floor, splitting up. Both were competent with a gun and while she knew that she could shoot any undead bastard in the forehead with ease, she was still nervous about doing this on her own.

And it would be just her luck to get the science lab.

She hated science labs.

They freaked her out.

Taking in a deep breath, gun trained in front of her, Lois made her way silently within, trying to keep her eyes peeled for the kid.

Seeing and adult's outline in the foggy glass of the storage room ,she cocked her gun and gulped, heading towards it, fingers clasping around the handle.

It could be an undead or a hiding survivor on the other side.

Taking in a deep breath she yanked the door open in time for the science lab's skeleton to fall to the ground.

"Oh!" She gasped, realizing what the outline had been. "I hate science-!"

Suddenly an undead roared up from the darkness behind the skeleton.

Lois looked up, horrified and unprepared.

Suddenly a gunshot rang and the creature fell, bullet to the forehead.

Lois turned to reluctantly thank Dean when her eyes widened, falling upon a handsome man wearing a tactical suit. "You must be the other team." She looked behind him, seeing no one else. "I thought Lana said there were three of you?"

He was pale, and sweating, but still the handsomest thing she'd seen since Clark's death. "Yuri turned into one of those things...and Nicholai is searching for the girl on another level of this building." He straightened. "Miss Lang mentioned that your team would be arriving as well. Where are the others?"

Miss Lang?

Apparently Lana was using her maiden name.

Curious and curiouser.

Maybe Chloe's theory about Lex being dead had some validity to it.

"We split up, to search for the girl." Lois answered, pulling a strand of brown hair from her face. "We also got separated from two other members who distracted someone who attacked us, but they should be here soon."

Dean appeared through the doorway. "I heard a gunshot." He raised an eyebrow at the new guy. "So you're all that made it from the other team?"

"Another guy's in here somewhere." Lois answered.

Dean nodded, not really caring anyway.

"We are partners now." The newcomer looked between them. "My name is Carlos Olivera."

"I'm Lois Lane, and this is Dean Winchester." Lois motioned. "We should probably stick together and search for the girl."

"I agree." Carlos nodded.

Lois smiled at him.

Finally something good had come out of the Undead Apocalypse.
22nd-Nov-2010 06:44 am (UTC)
Nice, Carlos and Lois, I like it *grins* Yay for Chlam UST in the garbage container.
22nd-Nov-2010 06:48 am (UTC)
The first time I saw Carlos I thought 'He & Lois would make beautiful babies'. My second thought was 'Damn, in neither the first nor second movie do I feel like anyone is right for CHLOE! How the hell could I write the crossover?' LOL
22nd-Nov-2010 06:59 am (UTC)
I understand. Have you seen the 4th movie yet? (I saw it with my dad *grins*) I'm liking the idea of Alice with Sam Worthington's character, especially now that Carlos is dead. Seriously, pretty much every single movie or tv show I watch, I watch because it has hot guys or because I want two of the characters to get together *grins*
22nd-Nov-2010 07:02 am (UTC)
Oh---I understand that reason very much! I practically do the same!
The fourth movie was....I still don't have clear how I feel about it other than the fact that I developed a crush on Chris and my crush on Claire grew. I loved those two! They were like the baddass family!
22nd-Nov-2010 07:11 am (UTC)
I know! Plus I was insanely happy when it turned out that Luther survived.

I just realized that Sam Worthington is from Avatar while Wentworth Miller is the guy in Resident Evil: Afterlife. Whatever, they're both ridiculously good looking *grins*
22nd-Nov-2010 06:34 pm (UTC)
loving Chlam in the garbage container! and Sam lusting after chloe lips!! this was a really exciting update, and i'm kindda glad to see peyton go! characters who are not patient in these kinds of situations kill me!
22nd-Nov-2010 06:38 pm (UTC)
I really wasn't 'in-like' with Peyton and Terri, and sometimes Jill could get on my nerves, but I loved everyone else in Apocalypse---even Major Cain!!!! *but thats only because he's hot*
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