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Resident Evil: Apocalypse 7/8 
1st-Dec-2010 02:13 am
chlam--kind mean/evil?

Title: Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Sequel to: Resident Evil
Fandom: Resident Evil/Smallville/Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: They made it out of the Hive, but now Racoon City is closed off, and they need get out before its destroyed. Demons, Undead, Umbrella, Chloe's new strand of mutation, and a slowly budding romance with Sam. Oh My.

There was silence from the group as they got ready to exit the faculty room and try make their way towards the location Lana had given them. Sam turned to Rain, hand on her shoulder, whispering to her. Rain just nodded, trying to be strong, but it was obvious that this was taking an emotional toil on her. Kappa had been the only other member of her team, her friends, who'd made it out of the Hive alive, and they all knew that she'd held faith in her heart that he might be out there, fine.

And yet now they all knew that he was some mutated monster out to kill them.

Lois was smiling at Carlos, who after getting his dose of the anti-virius, was now well on his way to a full recovery.

Chloe turned towards Dean, motioning with her chin towards a corner.

The demon shouldered his shotgun and made his way towards her, reading her desire to speak solely to him.

"Dean." Chloe looked around her to make sure that everyone was busy with their own business and not listening, before returning her attention to him. "We mightn't have another moment like this where we can talk, so I need you to listen to me closely."

He nodded. "What is it?"

"We don't know if any of us are going to make it out of here alive." Chloe cleared her throat. "And if I don't-if for some reason I'm finally going to stay dead-or infected-or whatever...if for some reason I can't be there when you all are in Star City, I need you to do this for me. It'll be my last order as your mistress."

Dean's eyes narrowed. "Go on."

She passed him Angela's bag. "You have the anti-virus...and my blood...in one of the empty vials."

"When did you-?" Dean blinked in surprise before noticing the bandage around her hand.

"Everyone's been distracted." She responded, stepping closer. "Your orders are to get everyone to the Watchtower in Star City, Lois knows where it is and she'll guide you. Once there you'll find a subterranean entrance through the basement to a secret subway that will take you and the survivors to a space ship hidden under Queen Enterprises, which will take you all to the Watchtower Space Station. But Dean, because of the risk you can't let anyone who has been infected-even if they have had the anti-virus in them, to go."

Dean frowned. "But you're infected...maybe not infectious, but you are infected."

"I know that." Chloe responded.

Dean's eyes narrowed. "So you're telling me that even if you make it to the rocket you don't plan on going on it?"

"I can't. As long as I have this virus in my blood I can't risk the completely healthy people. They might be the last chance for the survival of the human race." Chloe lowered her voice. "This isn't the end. Even if it takes a year or two, another outbreak is going to happen, and then its only going to be time before this is global."

"You psychic now?" Dean sneered.

"I know how Lex thinks, and he's still alive, which means this is only the beginning." Chloe took in a deep breath, running her hand over her hair. "In the Watchtower you'll find a list of all the people who are to go to that space station with you. The most important person to you right now is Senator Martha Kent."

"Why?" Dean frowned.

"Because I'm willing your soul to her." Chloe responded. "And you know that the person who has your soul-."

"I know." Dean frowned, nodding.

"So you get those on the list to the space ship, to the station, and you make sure Lois is one of them." Chloe narrowed her eyes. "I don't care if you have to drug her. You do whatever you need to to make sure that my cousin is inside of the Watchtower Space Station when the locks activate and she has no way of coming back until the appointed time, do you understand me?"

"Yes." Dean nodded, glance going to Lois before returning to Chloe. "Anyone other than you, the kid, and Olivera who isn't allowed on?"

Chloe felt a little sick, remembering Angie.

And yet she stuck to her guns.

This was for the survival of human beings.

"Rain." Chloe responded softly. "She was infected too. But she already knows that she and I won't be boarding, she's fine with it."

If push came to shove, and something happened to the girl's dad, Chloe and Rain would take care of Angie.

"Does my brother know about this?" Dean asked suddenly, sending a look in his brother's direction. "Because, well, I might have missed out on some of the action, but its pretty obvious he's...attached...to you."

Chloe's gaze went to Sam, who was still talking to Rain. "He knows."

"And what did he say about it?" Dean wanted to know.

"He's not happy." Chloe shrugged. "But that's not important."

Dean nodded, not looking too happy either, but not about to argue about it. "What's your blood for?"

For a moment she wondered what he was talking about, but then she remembered the vial. "It's to feed into the machine at the entrance of the rocket. I have the virus in me. It will use it to scan the people who are trying to enter and will pick up anyone infected that maybe have gotten passed you."

"You've really thought this through." Dean mumbled.

"I've had practice with this whole Apocalypse thing." Chloe shrugged, giving him a little smile. "It gets easier with each and every one."

He smirked back, amused by this woman.

Sam cleared his throat, interrupting them, a frown on his face. "We should go."

Chloe nodded. "Yes."

As a group they exited the faculty room, trying to be as silent as could be due to the fact that their ammo was severely down.

"Remember." Sam looked back at them from his place in front. "Don't fire unless you have to. We're going to need all the bullets we have."

Jill nodded. "Let's do this."

With Angie in the middle, the group made their way down the darkened corridor towards the main entrance.

Sam slipped out of the front doors first, gun trained, making sure the coast was clear, before motioning the others to follow him silently.

Lois, L.J., Carlos and Angela slipped out.

And that was when Chloe heard the sound of claws against tiles.

She looked up, seeing the figures of five half rotten dobermans standing at the other side of the corridor, growling.

They were sniffing the air hungrily.

Chloe's eyes went down to her cut hand and then up at them.

They'd been drawn to the smell of her blood.

Her gaze then went to the group, her mind calculating their chances with their lack of ammo-and the sound of guns attracting the undead-and the fact that there was a great distance between here and where the helicopter was. And once they got to the helicopter Lana had insinuated that they'd have to fight for it.

Which meant that they didn't have enough ammo.

They wouldn't make it.

Not if they fought off these dogs.

Jill, the last before Chloe, slipped out.

Chloe then reached forwards and grabbed the doors, yanking them closed, using the padlock that the guard had obviously been about to use to lock the school before being killed, and she locked the doors shut.

"Chloe!" Sam snarled, pushing his way back to the doors and slamming his hand into it, gazing at her through the small glass section above. "What are you doing?"

But she didn't have time to answer, the sound of hurried feet racing towards her causing her to look up in time to duck, a doberman slamming into the door, its face hitting the glass bit.

"I'm bleeding Sam! They're all going to be nose open for me!" Chloe screamed, knowing that he could hear her. "Just get everyone out safely! I'll meet you there!"

"Goddamit Chloe!"

But Chloe didn't get to hear anymore since she was already racing up the stairs, a pack of ravenous creatures racing up behind her.

The blonde pushed on, making a dash for the first open classroom she found and diving in, kicking the door closed in the faces of those mongrels, a couple of them yelping as the door made contact with their faces. Locking the door, Chloe took in a deep breath and looked around the classroom warily.

The door had been open.

Sam had said there were Lickers in this building.

And, of course, there were undead...students and faculty alike.

For a moment she flashed back to the Hive.

She was alone in the dark with ravenous, mutated creatures that wanted nothing more than to eat her alive.

Chloe gulped.

Sometimes she really hated being noble and shit.


"This will be fascinating to watch." Lex whispered to himself, sitting in his bedroom, watching through satellite feedback, everything that was going on in the school. He really didn't care about the group of people who'd reluctantly gone on, obviously towards the last helicopter that he'd left in place there as bait. Lex didn't care to see their fate. Even if they did make it to the helicopter his people were waiting, and they'd be taken care of.

What Lex really cared about, was watching his creation in the perfect testing situation.

She was alone.

With precious few bullets.

And three very different types of creatures.

From what the school cameras picked up there were zombie dogs, zombie humans, and the Lickers.

He'd gone over the footage of her performance in the Hive, and it'd been interesting, very promising...but he really hadn't been able to see a lot of things clearly because the footage had been very damaged.

But now he had a very clear, live view of what was going on, and he wanted to see her as the constant adrenaline pumping in her system seemed to be what was needed to trigger the programs that'd been implanted in her mind.

Lex smirked, safe and secure. "This will very extremely fascinating."


Looking around her for another possible way out, Chloe went to the window and tried to open it but it was stuck. The blonde grunted and turned her back on the window, looking around the room. The dogs had been clawing at the door and now they threw themselves at it viciously, trying to break it down, and they would succeed if they continued.

Looking around her, Chloe tried to stay calm, to stay focused.

She couldn't go down and she couldn't go out.

Her eyes widened and she gazed up.

She winced.

Despite being claustrophobic air vents seemed to be her eternal salvation.

Pushing a desk under the vent, Chloe yanked it open and took in a deep breath as she pulled herself into the darkness. She knew that she wasn't exactly safe. Any Licker could have found its way into the vents, but at least she had an advantage in that the Lickers were large and would find it more awkward than her to navigate the narrow air ducts.

Not exactly sure where she was headed, Chloe began to crawl forwards, keeping gun in hand just in case. She found herself quickly getting lost and disoriented, and yet pressed on, peering down every air vent she came across. Most rooms below had undead wobbling around, groaning. Some had the undead dogs.

Only one had had a Licker in it, and it had been too busy chewing on the remains of some poor bastard to notice the sound of her in the vents above.

But her hand was bleeding.

And the scent of the blood seemed to be getting stronger, because the next couple of rooms she passed the creatures inside were looking straight up at her, hands extended as high as they could go, groaning and moaning, thankfully unable to get at her.

She kept getting more and more lost in the darkness of the vents, and she didn't see the drop off until she was tumbling down with a loud scream. Chloe landed hard, the weight more than the vent could handle, and it collapsed with her on it.

The blonde rolled on the ground, disoriented, in pain.

Where was her gun?

A low moan echoed throughout the dark room.

Eyes wide, Chloe pushed herself to her feet in time to dodge the undead lunging at her. She pulled the knife from her belt and slammed it into the undead's head, pinning it to the wall, killing it once and for all. The blonde yanked the blade out of its head and then turned, scanning the room, not able to see anything else in the darkness.

That didn't mean there wasn't something there though.

The blonde rushed to the window, trying to open it.

It opened partially, but jammed.

"Dammit!" Chloe snapped and then turned her back on the window in time to come face to face with a Licker whose barbed tongue flicked in her direction, scenting her. "Oh perfect."

The creature lunged at her and Chloe dropped her knife, instead picking up a chair and slamming it sideways into the Licker, sending it to the ground. She then picked up her knife and would have raced to the door but that tongue raced out and curled around her ankle, yanking her to the ground and then drawing her towards it.

Screaming as the barbs cut into her flesh, Chloe tightened her grip on the knife and slashed it violently across the tongue, severing it from the body.

The Licker shrieked loudly, in agony.

Getting up quickly Chloe stomped down on the bleeding tongue and kicked the creature in the head as hard as she could, hearing that satisfying tear as the tongue remained wiggling detached, on the ground.

"I am sick and tired." Chloe stomped on the wiggling tongue before heading towards the Licker, which, now, without its tongue, couldn't scent her, couldn't tell where she was. "I just want to go home and relax. But no, I have to be running for my life, dodging you assholes and a missile strike."

She flung her knife at the Licker, and it embedded itself to the hilt in the Licker's forehead.

The creature collapsed, dead.

"You aren't a quarter as badass as the one in the Hive was." She kicked at the body, yanking the knife out, before making her way to the door and looking out cautiously.

So far she couldn't see anything.

Then again she hadn't seen the damn Licker in the classroom, had she?

Where was Sam and his ability to sense these things when you needed him?

Smiling slightly to herself at that, Chloe slipped out onto the corridor.

She'd seen a fire escape on the other side of the building when she'd entered. If she got to one of the windows on that side of the school she could break the glass and climb down.

Glad she had a plan, Chloe didn't have the time to congratulate herself because of the sound of claws on tiles...ahead and behind her.

Two dobermans appeared on each side of her, growling.

Chloe twirled at threw her knife at one.

She missed.

"Now that's just fun."

As one they growled and charged at her viciously.

Chloe looked between them, calculating.

As the first leaped at her she slammed her fist down on the Doberman's head, bashing it to the ground.

She then turned and dodged the leap of the other dog.

As the second dog sailed in the air passed her, Chloe returned her attention to the one she'd knocked down she stomped down on its neck hard, hearing the sound of the bones cracking, the creature going still beneath her.

The other doberman barreled into her, sending her to the ground.

Falling onto her back Chloe reached up and grabbed the dog by its neck, struggling as she tried to keep those salivating fangs from chomping on her face.

The sound of claws against tiles made her glance to the side to see another doberman racing towards her.

"Oh fuck."

Suddenly the doberman was blown away by a bullet, and another shot caused the back of the head of the one Chloe was struggling with to explode.

Chloe blinked, wiping bits of its brain off of her face.

"Stay." A heavily accented voice kicked the doberman off of her.

"Chloe!" Sam was by her in seconds. "Are you okay?"

"What are you two idiots doing here?" Chloe asked, sitting up, looking between Nicholai and Sam.

"We wanted to." Nicholai explained with a shrug. "Came up fire escape."

So they'd gotten in the way she'd decided to get out.

Sam's eyes went to her ankle, seeing it bleeding. His gaze darkened. "Licker."

"Tongueless." She assured him, grateful for his help as he pulled her up, an arm around her waist.

"The antidote will work for that?" Nicholai asked worriedly.

"I don't need an antidote." Chloe explained as Sam began to lead her back to the room they'd come out of. "I've been hurt by a Licker before. They're not contagious for me."

Nicholai watched her in interest as Sam exited through the open window and she went next, Nicholai finally bringing up the rear.
1st-Dec-2010 08:51 am (UTC)

I was literally on the edge of my seat with this chapter!!!
I knew my Sammy wouldn't leave Chlo behind!
good stuff i love that Dean was amused by her and that
Chlo made sure Lois got on no matter what!

Looking forward to the next update!!
1st-Dec-2010 09:20 am (UTC)
That's very good to hear! Especially since this chapter was nothing like the movie at all! :) And you knew Sammy wouldn't leave her! He'd come for her, just like she went to help him with Nemesis :) And yes, Chloe needs to have reassurance that no matter what, Lois is getting on that space station.
1st-Dec-2010 09:19 pm (UTC)
Yay for Sam and Nicholai coming back to help Chloe. I'm so excited to see what happens next.
1st-Dec-2010 09:41 pm (UTC)
I will try updating soon :)
4th-Dec-2010 06:23 pm (UTC)
Hi, so I made a wallpaper based off this story because I really love it, but I wanted to check with you to make sure if it was okay that I post it. If you want to see it you can go here. I tried to include as many characters as I could without it getting too crowded.
4th-Dec-2010 08:38 pm (UTC)
Oh my god. I wanna hug you. This was just amazing.
You have my permission to inifity!!!!!!!!
I loved it.
You know, I was considering not writing the rest of this series (but would have finished this segment) because it didn't seem like a lot of people were interested in it...but you've just given me the inspiration and push I needed. So thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!
4th-Dec-2010 08:48 pm (UTC)
hehe cool! YAY I'm glad you'll continue with the series. I'm such a bad reviewer sometimes but yes this story is so enthralling! I've read from the beginning of the other on through these chapters many many times.
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