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Asking A Favor From My Slash Readers 
3rd-Dec-2010 04:28 pm
SO...I've finished my Slash Jealousy Prompt Table and I want to have another little slash table going on.

So here's the deal.

I need TEN prompts :) And pairings :)

So for my SLASH readers, who KNOW the pairings I write for, I would like if you could give me one pairing each, and a prompt, for a oneshot.

ex. (guy/guy - prompt). The prompt could be a word or a sentence or whatever. Just give me a prompt!

Thanks :)

3rd-Dec-2010 09:45 pm (UTC)
Castiel/Dean - it was supposed to be a joke, but the results weren't 'ha ha' funny.

Clark Kent/Legolas - if he ended up going back to his universe, he'd lose what he'd finally found.
4th-Dec-2010 09:00 pm (UTC)
Thanks for contributing! The Dean/Castiel is up on the table (which is now posted) and I'm interested in the Clark/Legolas one for maybe a later chapter in my Smallville/LOTR series :)
4th-Dec-2010 10:02 pm (UTC)
Sounds good to me :) And totally alright with using the Clark/Legolas one for LOTR series -- which I'm *dying* for you to add more chapters to! :)

3rd-Dec-2010 10:24 pm (UTC)
Clark/Jason T

All Roads lead to this burnt shell.
4th-Dec-2010 09:01 pm (UTC)
I love the promise of angst this one promises.
3rd-Dec-2010 11:24 pm (UTC)
Edward/Jacob- Mistletoe/Our Family
Merlin/Arthur Our Forever.

♥ 's you!
4th-Dec-2010 09:02 pm (UTC)
I decided to basically write the first one of everyone who posted multiples...plus....mistletoe/our family just is so adorable :)
(Deleted comment)
4th-Dec-2010 09:03 pm (UTC)
E/J - Studying mythology....I loved it! It's on the prompt table...

But I did quite enjoy the other two as well...so you never know :)
4th-Dec-2010 01:11 am (UTC)
Sam Winchester/Oliver Queen - haunted/cursed item
4th-Dec-2010 09:03 pm (UTC)
My FIRST Oliver Queen slash! AHH! lol
I quite LOVE this prompt, actually.
This will be VERY fun to write ;)
4th-Dec-2010 04:37 am (UTC)
you know i gotta go with some Jakeward
prompt: I knew if I let you get close you'd only end up breaking my heart.
4th-Dec-2010 09:04 pm (UTC)
Yep, I know! :)
AH! The ANGST!! lol
4th-Dec-2010 09:13 pm (UTC)
it wouldn't be our jakeward without the angst lol
4th-Dec-2010 05:05 am (UTC)
What all us A/M fangirls wanted to happen when Arthur said:
"Tell me Merlin...Can you walk on your knees?"
Let the smut ensue lol.
4th-Dec-2010 09:04 pm (UTC)
I quite love you for giving me this one...though I'm terrified of not doing it justice!!!!!!!!!
5th-Dec-2010 10:26 am (UTC)
While I was a A/M fangirl from the start your fanfics were the first taste I had in this fandom. You solidified my love of Merthur!!! You could NEVER not do it justice :)

(See my use of a double negative? That's how much I believe in your writing of slashy smutty goodness. lol)
4th-Dec-2010 05:13 am (UTC)

Future fic

Merlin is an amazing chef and Arthur goes to his restaurant to eat... and remembers their story while eating the dishes... hot and heavy in Merlin's office or something.

And I got this idea 'cause there was a cooking show in the tv when I saw this ;) Be well
4th-Dec-2010 09:05 pm (UTC)
Ha! I never would have thought of this! Thanks!
5th-Dec-2010 04:23 am (UTC)
Believe me I have no idea where it came from :D, hugs!!!
4th-Dec-2010 10:53 am (UTC)
I really like Pyro and I know that you already wrote about him...
Would you be okay with:
Iceman/Pyro - "cold" spanking?
4th-Dec-2010 09:06 pm (UTC)
I started blushing for no good reason when I read this! *bursts out laughing*
4th-Dec-2010 09:20 pm (UTC)
I made you blush *proud of herself* Does it mean you like my prompt??? Öö
4th-Dec-2010 05:17 pm (UTC)
Winchester-Lane Family series
Castiel (in Lex's body)/ Oliver Queen
Only in a miserably bizarre world could *any* being in Lex Luthor's body claim to be Oliver Queen's new guardian angel. And, somehow, some fundamentally wrong twist of fate made Oliver... enjoy it.
4th-Dec-2010 09:06 pm (UTC)
Oh my----one.
I'd forgotten this universe.
two----this is just so BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9th-Dec-2010 12:36 am (UTC)
Clark K. and Sam W., nerdy love :)
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