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Of Evil Eyes And Unlikely Alliances 11/14 
9th-Dec-2010 05:37 am
This incredible banner was made for me by flareonfury :)

Title: Of Evil Eyes And Unlikely Alliances
Pairing: Chloe Sullivan/Whitney Fordman
Fandom: Smallville
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own
Summary: When Whitney, sure that his ex's friend, Tina Greer, has placed the Evil Eye on him, he goes to the only person he believes will not only believe him, but help him as well. Chloe Sullivan isn't exactly the girl he thought she would be...but that's okay.
Note: Written for my Paranormal25 150. Prompt of the day #69: Evil Eye

"You should have called me the moment this thing appeared!" Officer Tristan Maxwell snarled at Whitney and the girls the moment he stepped onto scene, cop-lights blearing, siren screaming in the night.

"And what exactly could you have done?" Tina wanted to know, sneering. "It's an illusion. Shooting at it would have only put Chloe in more danger."

Lana looked up from where she was pressing a cold, raw steak to Whitney's face, which was swollen and red.

Whitney hadn't spoken since waking up...not after asking where Chloe was and getting the answer.

The Grim Reaper illusion had knocked her out and taken her.

Persephane had healed herself soon after the disappearance, which confirmed to everyone that yes, the dog was meteor infected.

At least she seemed able to heal and not something destructive.

"I could have done something." Tristan growled, combing his hand over his hair in frustration.

"He's going to kill her." Whitney whispered, broken. "And I couldn't stop him."



Chloe whimpered, hearing that familiar voice distorted by the ringing in her ear. Her body felt somewhat numb, her eyelids heavy, and yet she somehow managed to open them, her vision blurry.

"Are you okay?" A distorted face was in her line of vision, looming over her, gazing down at her. "I was beginning to worry that you weren't going to wake up."

She gasped and shot up, crying as the world shook and she collapsed back on what appeared to be a bed.

"Calm down, you're going to hurt yourself." Strong hands pressed her shoulders down into the comfortable mattress.

"Don't-..." She wanted to fight but her body was sluggish, as if she was drugged.

The edge of the mattress sunk with his weight. "Breathe in and out." His hand reached out to brush the hair out of her face. "Try concentrating on the sound of my voice."

He didn't seem like he was going to hurt her, so Chloe stopped struggling, and instead followed his orders.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the distortion that was his voice.



His voice was becoming recognizable.

Chloe's eyes flew open as she looked up at him, his face now face. "Ricky?"

"Hey." The Center smiled sheepishly at her. "I want to welcome you but I don't think that's the right thing to say."

"Where am I?" Chloe jerked away from him, looking around the dark room.

"Under the Kawatche Caves." Ricky responded, standing up. "These cave systems run for miles on end and there are so many different veins that it will be impossible for anyone to find us." He turned to her, shucking his hands in his pockets. "It's just you and me...for now."

"For now?" Chloe slid off of the bed, looking around her for something to use as a weapon, and yet unable to. "Why did you do it, Ricky? Why did you do everything? It makes no sense!"

"Huh?" Ricky looked at her in confusion, before he shook his head. "Chloe, whatever it is you think I've done, I haven't, okay? I've been stuck in here since before school started."

Her eyes narrowed. "What?"

"Look, you deal with the weird so you won't think I'm insane." Ricky sighed. "But there's someone out there who can make himself or herself look like someone else, okay? I was kidnapped the week before school started, and I woke up down here. Then this dude who looks like the Grim Reaper appeared and told me that I was going to tell him everything about your relationship with me."

Chloe blinked.

"My reaction exactly." Ricky threw his hands in the air. "I told him that we really didn't have a relationship, I just gave you interviews for the team, and you helped me that once when my science grade was so bad I was going to get taken off the team if I failed the exam. Remember?"

Chloe nodded, remembering being surprised when Ricky had come up to her and asked for help.

She'd admired that he could not only admit that he needed help, but ask her for it.

"So you've been down here this whole time?" Chloe asked, sitting down once more, frowning. "Why haven't you tried to escape?"

"I have." Ricky gave her a look that told her she was being annoying. "Do you know how many times I've gotten lost trying to find the right vein that will take me to the surface? I can't leave, and he knows that, and that's why I was left here without chains or anything. Its the same reason why you aren't tied up too. He knows that we won't find the surface."

Chloe frowned. "Did he find you? When you got lost in the veins?"

"Must have sent all of his others throughout every vein. He multiplies and shifts. Its freaky." Ricky made a face.

"They're actually illusions that he can make real enough so that they have solid bodies. They're not really there, but somehow he can make them be as if they are." Chloe ran her hand over her hair with a sigh. "I don't really get it. I don't know if its because he's able to trick our minds that its possible, but it just is."

"Well, whatever it is, he or she's gonna kill me now." Ricky collapsed onto the bed, taking in a deep breath.

She narrowed her eyes. "You haven't been killed all this time-why would you think-?"

"Because Reaper's got you, okay?" Ricky snapped, closing his eyes tightly. "This whole time-this whole thing-has been about you. And now that he has you here Reaper does not need me anymore. He doesn't have to keep me alive so he can grill me and know how I'd react to certain things you do or how I'd behave around you. Okay?"

"That just doesn't make any sense." Chloe laid down next to him, looking up at the ceiling of the cave. "Why go to all of this trouble just to trap me under Smallville?"

"I know, right?" Ricky grumbled. "I mean, I always thought you were more of a coffee and a stroll in the park kinda girl myself. If he or she's that interested in you why not just ask you out?"

Chloe scoffed. "This isn't the move of someone who likes me."

"He got a bed inside of a cave." Ricky turned so that he was resting on his hip and looking at her. "He's somehow got electricity down here."

"It could all be an illusion." Chloe replied.

Ricky paused, looking around him. "Damn. That's-damn."

"Amazing what the mind can believe, right?" Chloe sighed, covering her eyes with her arm. "Makes you wonder sometimes what's really real."

"I know my imminent death is rather real." He replied sourly.

Chloe turned to look at him once more. "It makes no sense to keep you alive and well all this while and then kill you off."

"Have you not been listening to me?" Ricky sighed. "Look around this place, Chloe. It's a love shack. And guess what? It wasn't intended for me. Thank god." He looked sick at the very thought. "The only use I was for Reaper was a body to imitate and a way to get close to you."

"I just don't-."

"Have I tried to come onto you lately?" Ricky cut it. "Ask you out maybe?"

Chloe frowned, remembering that time when Whitney had insinuated that Ricky had wanted to go to the fair with her...and the time when she couldn't talk and they'd communicated via her notepad. "Uh...you invited me to go to some cabin on an island that your uncle owned or something?"

He shook his head. "I knew he was too interested in that place when I told him about it! He must have been planning to kidnap you then, and have people think that you were off on the vacation."

Chloe frowned. "But-."

"He had something planned, so obviously you did something to make him think that the plan mightn't work." Ricky interrupted once more. "Are you dating anyone?"

Chloe went still.


"Oh boy." Ricky sighed.

"I don't-I'm not-not officially." Chloe whispered. "But I-I care for him."

"Does he care for you?" Ricky pressed.

Chloe blushed. "I think so."

"Has there been someone who unexpectedly has been trying to force you or convince you away from him or anyone else you've been spending time with? That has reacted...surprisingly angry...?"

Chloe thought of the Lana-double who told her to stay away from Lana...and that was when she and the brunette had been together at the fair...almost as if on a date.

She then thought of Dawn Stiles, who never spoke to her but then all of a sudden verbally attacked her in the bathroom telling her to stay away from Whitney.

And then Chloe thought about the Whitney-double's reaction to seeing her with Clark.

What had he said again?

Something about her being loose.

Now that Ricky made her think about it...that Whitney-double attack had been kinda personal.

"But he tried to kill me." Chloe shook her head, unable to believe that this could be some deluded romantic attempt. "In the bathroom when he pretended to be Lana he nearly crushed my windpipe." Her eyes then widened. "But then afterwards when he was pretending to be you he touched my neck softly and said something about being unable to believe someone would hurt me or something."

Ricky let her mull out the details on her own.

"But then he tried to kill me. Again." She pointed out to herself, trying to see this from every angle. "The only reason I survived was because I killed the illusion."

"Can you kill an illusion?" Ricky blinked.

"Silver seems to do it. It's weird. Don't ask me." Chloe waved him off, continuing back to her thoughts. "He was really angry at me at that time though-because he thought I was sleeping with Clark. And then he shoved this thing of meteor rock dust down my throat."

"And what happened to your throat afterwards?" Ricky frowned.

Her eyes widened. "It healed."

Ricky raised an eyebrow. "So he healed the damage he'd inflicted on you earlier...but he got sidetracked because he got jealous with you and Clark."

Chloe gasped, bringing her hand to her mouth. "I think he likes me!"

Ricky rolled his eyes, threw his hands in the air, and laid back down on the bed.
9th-Dec-2010 12:34 pm (UTC)
whoo i'm totally clueless right now .... can't what for more, like always *smile*
thanks for the chap
9th-Dec-2010 12:37 pm (UTC)
You're very welcome :)
9th-Dec-2010 01:37 pm (UTC)
This was a damn interesting twist!

I got to tell you that Officer Tristan Maxwell seems a little too invested in Chloe's welfare for just normal worry, but maybe I'm just being overly suspicious of a grown man following a teenage girl around like a lost puppy.

Continued wonderful work on this fic :)
9th-Dec-2010 02:02 pm (UTC)
Haha! Can't say anything yet :)
9th-Dec-2010 03:33 pm (UTC)
I have no clue who it could be....at all lol! unless it is the officer, but i'm not even 30% on that one. great job
9th-Dec-2010 09:14 pm (UTC)
Well, I like keeping people guessing!!! :)
(Deleted comment)
9th-Dec-2010 09:15 pm (UTC)
You're welcome :)
I'm so happy to hear that! And you're right! It could be anyone!
9th-Dec-2010 04:51 pm (UTC)
You just made my day so much better! Thank you :)

Great update, I definitely didnt see that coming! Now you've got me wondering who this person really is! I don't know if it's even a boy or girl?!?! And how Chloe and Ricky are going to be saved. Ahh you've got me so cruious I can't stop thinking about your story :D
And I love how you portrayed Tina! I hope she gets a happy ending with someone who really likes her for her :)
9th-Dec-2010 06:49 pm (UTC)
I was just thinking about this fic the other day! I'm so glad that you updated it.

Curiouser and curiouser. So is the shifter someone we've really met before or is it someone completely different? I can hardly wait to see this tale unfold.
9th-Dec-2010 09:16 pm (UTC)
It should soon be ending so you'll find out soon!!!!!
10th-Dec-2010 12:13 am (UTC)
Poor girl, she's so clueless. Though, really, I just sorry for Ricky. That bites, Dude. Whew.
10th-Dec-2010 12:23 am (UTC)
I know, but he's taking everything very well considering.
10th-Dec-2010 02:41 am (UTC)
I love how ricky throws up his hands at the end, it's so cute
aggghhh can't wait to see who it is
10th-Dec-2010 03:22 am (UTC)
You should soon find out :)
10th-Dec-2010 05:32 am (UTC)
*giggles* Oh Chloe, for someone so smart, she can be incredibly clueless :=) Very interesting that Ricky was kidnapped too... Didn't expect that at all. I do hope Whitney doesn't get hurt by whoever is after Chloe.

I'm glad Persephane is okay. Officer Tristan Maxwell appearance seems a little suspicious though, as well as his extreme concern for Chloe. I'm probably just being paranoid though...

I can't wait to read more! Thanks for the fabulous chapter!!!
10th-Dec-2010 06:10 am (UTC)
I'll try have the next chapter up soon :)
10th-Dec-2010 06:19 am (UTC)
wowiw really good chappie . loved how whitney was so worried about her. loved there reactions to how perephone healed herself . oh boy i have no idea who the person doing this to chloe is ? but PPMS
10th-Dec-2010 06:34 am (UTC)
You shall find out soon!
6th-Mar-2011 08:51 pm (UTC)
Part of me does wonder if it is tristan, since he seems to know things about Chloe but not much on her currant life, so things are happening now. Also, tristan is the only character that hasn't had a double. other than Tina, who WAS the double. So I am wondering about that. And the dog. What is up with the dog? I wonder what else will happen with her, and I hope she doens't age too much, just get stronger with age and remain the same age and stuff for a long ass time. I am still hella confused on what is happening, and the Grim Reaper thing. Does Death love Chloe? Is it because of her meteor power and loves her for that, even though she hasn't used it yet? See? This drives me insane.

6th-Mar-2011 10:18 pm (UTC)
Sorry for driving you insane! Hopefully the conclusion will put it all to rest!!!
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