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How To Tame Your Vampires 1/? 
11th-Dec-2010 04:55 am
Chlangelike---Angel(us) Chloe Spike

Title: How To Tame Your Vampires
Sequel to: Bloodline
Pairings: Chloe/Angel/Spike, Lois/?
Fandoms: Smallville/Buffy
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Because of the family curse Chloe was supposed to join her cousin in the quest to find a girlfriend in Sunnydale, and yet somehow, instead of a girlfriend, Chloe finds herself living with two 'defective' vampires who both mark their Intent on her neck...and seem to be wrapped around her little finger.

"Sorry." She paused, looking at the tall, handsome male she'd bumped into.

"Hey." He smiled.

Lois cleared her throat and pulled Chloe away, ignoring the boy as she leaned in to whisper into her cousin's ear. "We're lesbians, remember?"

Chloe couldn't keep herself from taking a look over her shoulder at the boy who was already walking away. "Right."

It sucked when your cursed bloodline decided your sexuality for you.

The girls mothers' had passed on the family curse to them, and unless they got their tubes tied, the moment they had their own children the girls would end up sucking the children and their father's lives from them. Of course, the girls had the choice to cut off their power supply, but if they did that, they would kill themselves slowly. So since neither Chloe nor Lois enjoyed the thought of having to leave their families-or having to wither to death-or of having their tubes tied, they'd only been left with two options.

Or, well, Lois (who'd had a year longer than Chloe to think the situation over) had come up with a solution to their problem. They could either fall in love with something inhuman, or fall in love with a girl. Supernatural creatures had a different frequency than humans did, so the girls' curse wouldn't even try to drain them of their life forces, and girls, well-there would be no chance of pregnancy, and that meant that the curse's life-draining aspect would never be triggered.

After realizing this, Lois had proclaimed herself lesbian, and Chloe had hesitantly followed suit. Though if instances like this one had anything to say about her preferences...she was very much bisexual (if not completely straight and under serious duress).

Lois sighed. "I know it's hard, Baby Cuz, but its better than the alternative."

Chloe shivered as she nodded. The thought of either sucking the life out of her husband and child-or having to leave them so that no one died-was kinda traumatizing. "I could always get with a vampire."

Lois gave the blonde an ugly look. "Don't even joke about that."

Sunnydale-the place they'd had to move to so Moira could train them-was some sort of mystical convergence. Chloe's mother had warned them of vampires, werewolves and zombies-and such-being daily visitors to the place. Moira had been using her powers to try and keep the massacres that seemed commonplace in this small town from destroying every life form. And now that Lois and Chloe had come into their adulthood power-wise, she'd begun training them as well, using their powers to help keep the vampires and such as controlled as they could be.

Thanks to that, Chloe knew that there was no such thing as a good vampire-and that Anne Rice was doing the world a great injustice by romanticizing vampires for the naive youth of today.

"Sorry." The blonde sighed, running a hand over her hair.

"Well, the upside to all this is that there are a lot of pretty girls at this school." Lois announced after a moment's silence, eyeing a few of said lovelies.

Chloe raised an eyebrow at the brunette. "You used to be boy crazy. How have you been able to flip the switch so easily?"

Lois sighed, shoulders slumping slightly. "I have to, Chlo. There's no such thing as a good vampire-and a werewolf won't do. If I have to put up with someone else who has a 'monthly curse' and is PMSY three days a month-I'd prefer one I don't have to lock up in a cage and guard as well. I'm going to be grumpy and have cramps and I don't want to have to deal with that on my most irritable days."

The younger cousin could totally get that reasoning.

"So I'm forcing myself to enjoy the situation." Lois waved at a couple of girls. "Hey."

Chloe smacked her palm to her face in embarrassment.

"Lois!" A pretty blonde waved at the brunette.

Lois gave Chloe a wink before going over to where the other girl was.

Chloe sighed as she watched her cousin leave.

They might have been in Sunnydale for three months now, but they'd been the summer months, and so the girls hadn't really made any friends. Moira had had them busy with training and making them fight against each other and, well, Chloe was resentful of the fact that people here already knew Lois' name. The brunette was beautiful and popular and it was very unfair.

Sighing, Chloe watched Lois smile flirtatiously at the petite blonde.

Everything was just so easy for Lois.

She had stronger magic than Chloe and she could control it easier.

She was prettier.

She had a better body.

She had a friendlier personality.

People loved her.

And apparently people of every gender were attracted to her.

Chloe hugged her books closer to her and walked away, shaking her head.

She really didn't know her mother, the woman having left them before her power could drain her husband and daughter of their lives, but Chloe wondered if it'd been a big sacrifice for Moira. The woman didn't really do anything but boss Chloe around, sigh when she couldn't use her magic correctly, and then ask her why she couldn't be more like Lois. Her cousin stuck up for her, saying how Chloe had just come into her magic so it was understandable that she didn't have a hang of it, but Moira Sullivan hadn't accepted that excuse, citing that when she had come into her powers she'd had been able to control them in under a month.

There were other things that brought tension to the family.

Like the financials.

Chloe had grown up witha father who worked hard to provide everything they needed, who sacrificed everything to make sure she was happy and taken care of...and then she moved to Sunnydale and found out that her mother had more money than Donald Trump.

The woman was rich.


Ridiculously rich.

Sure, it wasn't shown that much in the home they lived in, it was a normal, four bedroom house in a quiet neighborhood, but it was shown in other ways.

Like the fact that Chloe and Lois had their own homes to practice their powers in.

According to Moira, learning to control ones magic and such was a dangerous, explosive thing, and she wasn't about to let her house get destroyed, so she'd let the girls each choose a place that 'called to them' and she'd buy it for them.

Lois had chosen a very chic, very pretty place close to the school.

Moira had liked the place, commended Lois on her choice, and bought the place for her without any question.

But she'd questioned Chloe's choice.

A lot.

Then again, Chloe really couldn't blame her.

There was no real reason why the abandoned mansion on Crawford Street. It was old, worn, and in desperate need of remodeling. It was a fixer-upper in the worst of ways, and yet it called to Chloe. She'd fought with Moira over it, refusing to pick any other place, and threatening to use her 'incompetent' magic inside of Moira's house.

After accidentally causing one of Moira's prize vases to explode, the woman had given up and bought the place for her daughter.

Which was why, now that the final bell was ringing, Chloe wanted nothing more than to escape to the little refuge that was that dusty, mold-filled mansion. The blonde took to the streets, not even bothering to let Lois know where she was going. She ignored the students all around her, just as they ignored her, and she didn't raise her gaze until she found herself before the large yard of the abandoned mansion with her name on the deed.

She smiled, feeling a little bit better as she entered the yard, closed the squeaky (and almost about to fall off) gate behind her as she hurried up to the front door and unlocked it.

Entering the mansion, she dropped her things and looked around, smiling as she breathed in the air.

Moira had, after visiting the place herself (seeming very wary for some odd reason), given Chloe an extra amount of money to try and 'do something' with the place. Chloe had never thought of remodeling before, but as she looked around she knew this place had promise-if they could overcome the million and one things against it. In her mind she could already see new walls, paintings, some decent furniture...

Chloe was waiting to try and get some control over herself and her power before redoing anything though. Didn't make any sense to get everything done up lovely only to have them blow up because of her inability to get her power to do what it was supposed to.

Going towards the living room, Chloe paused, as she always did, when she noticed the chains attached to the wall.

It always made her curious about who had lived here before her.

All Moira had told her was that the person who'd owned the place before her had disappeared and been assumed dead, which had made buying the mansion extremely easy because the person had had no family or anything, so the land had gone to the Mayor or something like that, and yet it hadn't been touched. Moira had actually considered the price for the place a bargain, and was probably why she'd given Chloe an extra amount to try and fix it up somewhat.

Hearing her cellular, Chloe rushed back to the front and grabbed her phone. "Hello?"

"You could've said goodbye, you know." Lois was pouting, that was obvious.

"And ruin your 'mood' with girl of the hour?" Chloe rolled her eyes. "No thank you. It freaks me when you play pimp."

Lois laughed. "You made it safely to your place?"

"Yep." She looked around her.

"Okay then. Good. If you need anything, just call me, okay?" Lois was already entering into 'elder sister' mode. "And don't open the doors to strangers."

Chloe rolled her eyes. "Yes mom."

"Hush you." And with a laugh Lois ended the call.

Chloe smiled before grabbing her bag and dragging it to the living-room with her, before collapsing on the floor (since the sofas were damp and covered in mildew and yuck) in front of the fireplace. She paused, gazing between her bag and the fireplace, wondering which homework to start first.

She made a face, deciding to start on the harder one, and turned towards the fireplace, sighing.

The blonde narrowed her eyes, concentrating.


Not even smoke.

Sighing, she rubbed her eyes and tried once more.


Not a spark.

Growling, she turned her back on the fireplace, deciding instead to deal with the easier thing first.

The teenager spent the next hour finishing up all of her homework before giving the fireplace another try.

Once more her efforts proved in vain.

This time, instead of feeling angry, she was depressed.

Why was it that she couldn't control her power even in the teensiest bit?

That question bugged her as she ascended the winding staircase carefully, leaving the lights off despite the setting sun. She continued walking, looking out at the Sunnydale she could see through the windows, at the cemetery and park, both very close and in easy view of the mansion, especially if she climbed out to the roof.

Sometimes she watched these weird dudes who thought they could fights vampires.

Chloe had never seen ordinary people trying to fight vampires before, and these three really weren't that good at it, half of the vampires they went up against got away.

Going back down the stairs, Chloe sighed as she sat down, deciding to try something a little simple, like form light in her palm in an orb-shape.

"I can do this."

Taking in a deep breath, trying to feel the power entering her from the earth around her, Chloe closed her eyes and tried once more.

Suddenly a light began to appear in the middle of the livingroom, and everything around her trembled loudly, fiercely.

Chloe got to her feet shakily.

What the hell had she done?

Above her the ceiling seemed to open into a portal of light, and from that portal, a man fell to the ground at her feet.

A very naked man.

He was drenched from head to toe, grunting and whimpering in pain, body quivering erratically as if he were in agony.

"Oh my god." Chloe whispered, going towards him, kneeling at his side. "Are you okay?"

His body shook, and he wouldn't answer.

She laid her hand on his shoulder.

He was freezing.

He slowly moved to look up at her, and she gasped in horror.

A vampire's face stared back at her.

But he made no move to hurt her, instead, those golden eyes looked at her in confusion, in fear, and slight supplication.

He was in pain, he was hurt, he was confused, and scared.

Chloe blinked.

He was unlike any vampire she'd ever come across before.

Suddenly the chains from the wall sprung up with life and the ends wrapped themselves around the vampire's hands, taking him by surprise as they pulled him back against the wall, melding around his wrists like cuffs.

Chloe blinked, shocked.

Had-had her magic just done that?

The vampire roared in agony, writhing, trying to overpower his bonds, but they stood firm.

Chloe gulped, standing. "Who are you?"

He let out a whimper that was half snarl.

Like a scared, injured animal, he was lashing out. "I'm not going to hurt you." Which was stupid because he was a vampire and she should be killing him right about now. "You're hurt badly. This was like-torture." She gasped, voice soft as she went towards him slowly, like one would a hurt animal. "Who did this to you?"

Once more he let out that half snarl, half whimper that was all pain.

"Someone hurt you badly." Chloe whispered, a pang deep and sharp in her as she took another step towards him.

He growled and lashed out at her with the ferocity that a wolf might, before whimpering and falling to his knees in pain, looking at his shacked, blistered wrists.

"I should just put you out of your misery." Chloe spoke to herself, backing away. "I should just drive a stake through your heart and be over with it."

He licked at his wrists and whimpered.

Chloe watched, heart hurting.

She was a fool.

That was all she could think of as an explanation for her behavior as she returned half an hour later to the house, turning on the lights now that night had fallen.

The vampire was pressed against the wall he was chained to, whimpering and quivering.

Chloe watched him and sighed, taking off her backpack and opening it. "I'm making such a big mistake here." Clearing her throat, she winced when the vampire snarled/whimpered, pushing back harder against the wall as if trying to get away from her. "I'm not going to hurt you. Though I should."

The vampire continued to whimper and snarl, alternating, fear making both sounds sharp and ugly.

Pulling out the bag of animal blood that the butcher two blocks down hadn't even batted an eyelash about her asking for, Chloe took in a deep breath and threw the bag towards him.

The creature flinched, as if expecting it to hurt, before he reached for the blood bag in desperation and tore it open in his urgency to get the blood. Needless to say, most of the blood covered him and the floor. He licked himself violently, hungrily, before licking the rest off of the ground.

Chloe sat down Indian style, watching him. "You're supposed to suck the blood out of the bag, not destroy the bag. You're going to waste the blood that way."

He licked the ground clean before looking up at her, eyes still vampire gold, but this time they were filled with interest and hunger.

She pulled another bag out of her backpack.

He sat up like a dog might.

Chloe couldn't keep the smile that lifted the sides of her lips. "Okay, look, watch me." She brought the bag to her mouth and pretended to bite it and suck the blood. "Hmmmm. Yummy."

He looked desperate.

"Now, you try." She slid the bag to him across the floor, and the vampire reached for it desperately. "Remember to bite it this time!"

He brought the bag to his mouth and bit, his fangs piercing the plastic and a look of ecstasy crossed his features as his eyes fluttered closed. A near purr rumbled his throat as he sucked the bag empty, looking as if he were in heaven. And when he was finished, he dropped the bag and looked at her in expectancy.

She was way too amused with the deadly monster.

The blonde slid another bag to him.

He emptied it with more finesse, and by the time he'd finished the seventh bag some of the minor blistered, cuts and lashes had healed, and the worst, ugly ones weren't filled with puss, and weren't bleeding anymore. "Now what do I do with you?" Chloe asked softly, looking at him curiously.

She couldn't kill him.

Not since she'd brought him from...wherever it was he'd been.

Not now that she'd fed him.

But she couldn't exactly keep a vampire as a pet.

Could she?

Chloe looked him over, forcing herself to be clinical, but it was hard when he was...well...naked. And not only was he naked, but he was fit...and hung.

Clearing her throat, Chloe stood. "I'm going to go now. I'll bring you something to, uh, wear tomorrow."

Then again, there'd been some male clothes in one of the rooms upstairs. They also looked like his size-maybe a bit big because this vampire looked like skin and bones-but basically his size.

With that she raced upstairs and went into the room she'd avoided since buying the place. There were clothes, and a pillow and blankets on the bed. They weren't the cleanest of things, but they were better than nothing. She'd have to wash them tomorrow that's all.

Chloe grabbed what would be needed and hurried down below, nearly tripping on the blanket once or twice, but finally making it down in one piece.

The vampire watched her in a mixture of wariness and curiosity.

Dropping the blanket and pillow, Chloe held up the boxers as if they were possibly toxic. "Um...this will be tricky." She cleared her throat. "Do you remember how to put these on?"

He snarled.

"Is that a yes or a no?"

He snarled again.

Chloe sighed. "I'm thinking it's a no."

The chains suddenly tightened and pulled him tight against the wall, causing the vampire to roar and snarl, trying to free himself and yet unable to move.

"Stop! Stop!" Chloe raised her hands, and the boxers. "You're going to hurt yourself."

He snarled and struggled.

She hurried towards him and bent.

He went still.

She gulped.

This...this night so hadn't gone as she'd planned.

"That a boy...calm down..." Talking softly, unable to keep the waver out of her tone, Chloe slowly raised his foot and put it through one of the boxer's legs, and then she did the same with the other.

The vampire just continued to watch her.

"You know, it's kinda, uh, sad, that you're basically a corpse." She started talking just so that she didn't have to concentrate on the fact that she was lifting silk boxers up muscular legs. "Because you're very attractive." She paused, breath catching in her throat when she came face to-head-with a very alive penis. "Whoa."

She'd never seen one before, much less one erect...and definitely had never had one right in front of her face.

It twitched.

Chloe gulped.

A low snarl, different from any other that'd escaped the vampire before, rumbled in his throat.

Chloe looked up at him.

His head was bent downwards, his gaze intense and on her.

Her breathing accelerated, her heart racing in her chest.

And it wasn't from fear.

Yanking the boxers up the rest of the way until the elastic snapped around his waist, Chloe stumbled backwards. "I'm lesbian."

She had no idea if she was telling that to him...or to herself.

The chains grew longer, allowing the vampire to push away from the wall.

Chloe eyed them, curious.

She-was she really doing that?


She tried her best to get a fire started-and somehow instead managed to bring this feral vampire away from whoever had had him being tortured. And without her even thinking the chains were doing what needed to be done?

How could she be truly doing this?

What if someone was messing with her?

"Here." She tossed him the blanket and pillow. "So you can rest."

He eyed the things at his feet blankly, obviously not remembering, or maybe not even knowing, what they were.

"Why are you like that?" She asked curiously, eyeing him. "I've never met a vampire who didn't know how to speak, or who didn't remember human things."

He sat down, picking up the pillow and biting into it curiously, before making a face and shaking his head, obviously not liking the taste of the pillow.

Chloe bit down on her bottom lip to keep from giggling in amusement.

He was like a curious puppy.

Her phone rang.

He flinched, looking around in fear.

"It's okay. It's okay, just my phone." Chloe calmed him down as best she could while searching for her phone, bringing it to her ear. "Hello?"

"I'm swinging over and picking you up." Lois announced, foregoing any greetings. "It's dark aside and until you get a grip on your powers I don't like the thought of you walking by yourself."

"Um, I'll be waiting outside, thanks Lo."

"Anything for my little cousin." Lois chuckled. "Be out in five."

"Okay." Ending the phone call, Chloe rushed to get her things ready before turning to the vampire. "Don't get loose and massacre everyone, okay? I'll be back tomorrow, and I'll bring you more blood."

He perked at the word 'blood' so maybe he was beginning to wade through the disorientation he obviously felt.

As Chloe left, locking up behind her, she wondered if that was a good thing.
11th-Dec-2010 01:03 pm (UTC)
Ooh, I'm enjoying this. I'm looking forward to seeing Chloe's powers emerge - and wondering if she needs to be with someone non-human to get them to work properly.
11th-Dec-2010 06:24 pm (UTC)
Very interesting hypothesis! And I'm glad you're enjoying :)
11th-Dec-2010 02:54 pm (UTC)
i'm curious too .... maybe they act subconsciously if she's in danger or something... will buffy have a part in the story? i just asking... because angel was with her first, meaning chloe has a rivel for angel... or does moria's staying in sunnydale make a slayer unnecessary?
can't wait for more
11th-Dec-2010 06:25 pm (UTC)
Yes, Buffy will have a part to play in this story, but she won't appear right away. And Buffy will still be the Slayer. And her and Angel will still have had their past together.
11th-Dec-2010 03:09 pm (UTC)
oh wow a chloe /angel/spike story oh yeah . that so has made my week . so is it angel she brought back or spike ? PPMS
11th-Dec-2010 06:26 pm (UTC)
I realized I'd never done that pairing...and needed to fix that immediately!!!!
And it was Angel :)
(Deleted comment)
11th-Dec-2010 06:26 pm (UTC)
I glad you agree on the sexiness of the pairing :)
Hopefully it will start to pick up soon.
11th-Dec-2010 04:45 pm (UTC)
Awesome. Just plain awesome.
11th-Dec-2010 06:27 pm (UTC)
12th-Dec-2010 02:44 am (UTC) - YAY
-dances a happy dance-

YES!! Super excited for this pairing, I was just reading the Willow one with these two and thinking about how I wished it was Chloe...and then you posted this so I am jumping around like crazy. And ignoring the funny looks I'm getting. I can't wait to see what happens next.

I hope Angel doesn't do anything stupid when Buffy comes back :( I always hated how Clark treated Chloe when it came to Lana so Angel better be well an angel and keep from hurting Chloe or I might hate him which would suck cause he is SUPER sexy.
12th-Dec-2010 03:21 am (UTC) - Re: YAY
Oh my---I'm so happy to hear that! I always had the idea of doing a story with Chloe and our two favorite buffy vampires :)

Ah yes, the Buffy return...you'll find out about that SOON!!!!
8th-Jan-2011 09:40 am (UTC)
Now isn't that interesting. I'm guessing this is Season Three of BtVS then, with Angel just showing up, this time because of Chloe. :)
8th-Jan-2011 06:09 pm (UTC)
Yep! Season three.
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