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How To Tame Your Vampires 4/? 
13th-Dec-2010 06:15 pm
Chlangelike---Angel(us) Chloe Spike

Title: How To Tame Your Vampires
Sequel to: Bloodline
Pairings: Chloe/Angel/Spike, Lois/?
Fandoms: Smallville/Buffy
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Because of the family curse Chloe was supposed to join her cousin in the quest to find a girlfriend in Sunnydale, and yet somehow, instead of a girlfriend, Chloe finds herself living with two 'defective' vampires who both mark their Intent on her neck...and seem to be wrapped around her little finger.

She decided to leave him unchained during the days.

It wasn't as if he could go out and cause havoc, now, could he?

Whenever she arrived from home it was always still sunny, and by the time sunset came he was too busy following her around and (oh thank god) helping her to even think about going outside apparently. It was as if little by little his humanity was returning to him, or at least his memories of his humanity, because day by day (or better said night by night) he was able to do more things he'd seemed to have forgotten before. Chloe didn't know when she got used enough to him, or when she'd started wishing school was over so she could go home and see him, but it was something serious. She'd known it for sure when her heart had raced one day when she came home to find that he hadn't waited for her to start working on the mold. Instead he'd used the whole day (and his vampire strength) and had finished the whole house for her.

That was when she'd begun admitting to herself that maybe she was falling in love with the undead hunk...a little.

He was unlike any vampire she'd ever heard of, or come up against.

It was as if he hadn't lost his soul, his humanity.

And she began to wonder if that was possible...for a vampire to keep his or her soul after being sired.


She froze, looking up from the cards of sample paint colors she'd brought with her from the shop, looking up at the vampire. "Did you just...speak?"

He cleared his throat, trying again. "Chloe."

The blonde grinned brightly. "You can talk!"

He seemed amused at the ecstatic expression on her face, before he took in a deep, unnecessary breath, face going more serious. "Thank...you."

She blinked, confused. "For what?"

He eyed her as if she was insane for asking.

He motioned all around him.

"For keeping you, you mean?" Chloe tilted her head to the right, before grinning. "Come on vampire, you've been a lot of help to me. If it hadn't been for you I wouldn't have gotten all of this done so rapidly."

"An...gel." His voice was still so scratchy.

She narrowed her eyes. "So that really is your name, huh?" Her gaze went down to the color samples. "Buffy was right then."

He stiffened up, reaching for her with the rapidness of a cheetah, grabbing her hand. "...Seen again!"

Chloe looked up at him in surprise. "There's only one high school in Sunnydale, Angel, of course I was going to see her again."

"Stay...away..." He snarled, voice so incredibly deep and hoarse, eyes that eternal gold.

Chloe looked up into his eyes. "I can take care of myself."

Angel snarled. "Slayer."

Chloe's eyes widened. "No way."

He nodded curtly.

She suddenly grinned brightly. "You're telling me I not only held my own against the Slayer, but I threw her around?" She giggled, insanely proud of that not so little feat. "If only I could tell someone." She chuckled, shaking her head, before suddenly realizing something. "She knew who you were."

Angel looked away, face hard. "Once...together."

Her eyes widened and she yanked her hand out of his grip. "Together together?"

He nodded, looking away. "Mistake."

"You think?" She frowned, hugging herself. "She's a Vampire Slayer. You're a Vampire. I would have thought it'd be obvious that you two being together would be a very bad idea!"

He looked away.

Chloe reached forwards and placed a hand on his. "Angel?"

He wouldn't look at her.

"Does Buffy have something to do with what happened to you?"

He flinched. "I...had my soul."

Her eyes widened, and subconsciously she moved closer to him.

"I-was evil." He whispered, closing his eyes tightly, his Game Face melting away for the first time ever, revealing a breath-takingly handsome human face that caused her to gasp in surprise. "Gypsy curse...soul...redemption."

He was still struggling to remember the words, struggling to say them.

She tightened her hold on his hand, urging him on.

His eyes opened and rested on their hands.

"I...Slayer...worked together...together." Angel closed his eyes in deep concentration. "We didn't know...clause in curse. Moment of perfect happiness...lost my soul."

Chloe's eyes widened and she brought her free hand to her mouth.

"Slept together...lost soul." Angel's hand moved so that she wasn't resting her hand on his, but that he was holding hers instead. "I tried to end the world...she sent me to hell...got my soul back."

"Oh my god." Chloe whispered. "They sent you to the Hell dimension with your soul?"

He snarled and closed his eyes. "Hundreds of years...time different. Endless pain...heat...hatred...until you." His dark, brown human gaze met and held hers. "You...saved...me."

She took in a deep breath and looked down at their hands. "So you still have that clause?"

"No." He surprised her by responding.

She looked up at him. "How can you be so sure? I mean, we haven't had sex."

And then she went bright red.

Angel chuckled, leaning in closer, cupping her face. "Would've lost already. Was an animal...took care of me. Happier...than that one night. Soul here to stay." He sighed, looking down. "Damaged...darker...but here."

"You know, considering that this is the first time you've spoken in like two months, you're talking a lot." She commented, teasing.

He smiled, and with his human face on, it was probably the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen.

Her heart raced.

His gaze darkened, lowering to her lips.

She felt her body tingling, a rush of heat racing to the vee of her thighs.

Jizz In My Pants, her now very ironic ringtone, interrupted the moment.

Pulling away, clearing her throat, Chloe scrambled for her phone, flipping the lid open. "Hello?"

"Where are you?" Lois asked, a bit annoyed. "I've been waiting for you for an hour already!"

Chloe frowned, confused. "I'm supposed to see you this evening?"

"Uhm, hello? Training!" Lois exclaimed. "Aunt M is pissed. She'd probably be all up your ass over there if it wasn't for the spell that doesn't let her in."

Chloe gulped. "Oh boy."

"Yeah, you didn't tell her about casting that spell." A moment's amusement colored that voice. "She was so pissed. Though, I have to admit she was impressed that you could cast the spell successfully without her help. That might be the only thing that gets you out of this whole situation alive."

"I'm getting sick of her." Chloe stood, giving her back to Angel. "She doesn't even want me home and then I have to jump to her call as if I'm some dog?"

"Chloe." Lois sighed.

"No." Chloe shook her head. "I'm calling her now. Go have fun Lois, I won't be coming today."

"Are you sure you should do that?" Lois sounded worried. "I don't want her trying to punish you, Chlo."

"I'm fine." The younger cousin assured. "Just have the rest of the night off."

"Okay then. I love you." Lois sighed. "Be careful, and don't piss her off more, please Chloe."

"I love you too Lo. Good night." Chloe ended the call and went to the window, dialing her mother's number.

"Where the hell where you?" The woman answered her phone.

"I was busy." She responded just as curtly.

"You have to study young lady! There's no-."

"Mother, stop it." She snapped, taking in a deep breath. "I was busy, and I couldn't come. And if I'd come we both know you'd force Lois to nearly beat the shit out of me anyway to prove just how defective I am."

"Thats not-."

"From now on, I'm going to be studying without you. Just send me the material and I'll study on my own. If I have any questions, I'll ask Lois. That way we avoid each other and we both know that that is what we both want."

There was silence on the other end, and when Moira spoke, her voice was softer. "Chloe...I know I've been...hard...on you, but I do love you. I just want you to stop slacking off and live up to your potential, just like Lois-."

"I'm not Lois!" Chloe nearly cried. "Stop comparing me to her! She never does! She never makes me feel like I'm not living up to everyone's expectations!"

There was silence.

Chloe palmed her face. "You keep teaching Lois, I'm used to being on my own and learning things by myself. If I need any help, I'll ask her."

There was a pause. "If that is what you want."

And then she hung up.

Chloe closed her eyes tightly, gulping, letting the phone drop from her hand to the floor.

"Chloe?" Angel asked from behind her.

She turned towards him. "I need to go and buy more blood for you."

"Chloe." Angel frowned.

She grabbed her purse. "I'll be fine, I'll be right back."

"Chloe!" He grabbed her arm, keeping her from rushing away when she would have.

She kept her head bowed. "Please, Angel. I-I just need some time alone to sort out my thoughts."

"Let me come." He whispered, voice still. "Not safe...night...distracted."

"I'll be fine." She smiled, leaning up to press a kiss to his cheek.

He froze.

She blushed and pulled away, slipping from his grip and going to the front door, letting herself out into the night.

All the way to the butcher's she was in a daze, and because of that she bought far more blood than was necessary, and it was probably because of her haze that she didn't realize she'd opted to walk through the cemetery until she was already halfway through. The blonde gazed around her warily, lifting her large paper bag filled with plastic bags of animal blood higher up, and kept her eyes trained. While Chloe mightn't have been very good at using her TK like Lois, she could make anything explode, and that made her feel confident that she could make it through the rest of the way to her home.

Plus, Angel was there, waiting on her, probably hungry.

And one shouldn't leave a vampire hungry for long.

That was just common sense talking.

She froze, seeing someone on the ground.

"Hello?" Putting down the bag, Chloe went hesitantly towards the person, wary of a trap. "Are you okay?"

She went closer, slowly, and yet she wasn't prepared for the body to jolt around, a leg kicking out and meeting with her shin. With a cry of pain she went down, hard, and found herself pinned under a hard, cold body, Game Face snarling into hers.

"Let go of me!" She struggled, trying to raise her hands, but he had them pinned to her sides.

"So...hungry." He snarled, going for the kill, when suddenly he yelled in agony and threw himself off of her, cradling his head, body jerking as if electric current was running through it.

Chloe sat up, confused, as he held his head tightly.

"Bleedin' bloody soddin' hell!" He hissed, finally coming to rest on his back, looking up at the sky, human face agonized. "I'm so hungry! I-I'm going to starve to death! Stupid fuckin soldiers!"

Chloe tilted her head, wiping her clothes off. "You can't hurt me."

"Shut up!" He charged at her again, pinning her to the ground, trying to bite her. But once again he crumbled away in agony. "My bleedin' head!"

Chloe blinked. "You really can't hurt me."

"I'm going to kill them!" He promised on the ground, voice broken. "They took us, they killed her, and then they did this to me...made me this impotent beast!"

"Who did?" Chloe asked, standing and going to her bag.

"We just wanted to leave here." The vampire with the bleached blonde hair and cockney accent sat up, expression tortured. "But they kidnapped us, bleedin' experimented on us, and she-my Dark Princess-she didn't make it." His voice broke with emotion, eyes brimming with bloody tears as he covered his face. "I escaped but I can't-they put something in me and-I'm so hungry!"

Chloe knew this was a vampire.

She knew he was the enemy.

But Angel must have broken something in her, because she found herself reaching into the paper bag and pulling out one of the plastic bags of blood, holding it out to him. "Here, it's pigs blood, I think. I know its nothing like human blood, but at least it'll keep you from starving."

The vampire looked at her, and the bag of blood, in shock. "Are you bloody insane?"

She smirked. "I've been wondering that, actually."

Eyeing her in wary caution, the vampire jerked the bag out of her hand and bit into it hungrily. He made a face, obviously not quite enjoying the taste, but drank nonetheless, ravenous.

Remembering how Angel had been when she'd accidentally freed him from the Hell he'd been trapped in, Chloe already had another bag ready for the vampire, and he took this less viciously, draining it just as quickly as the other, and finishing the third bag she passed him slower, the dark bags under his eyes less prominent by the time he'd finished.

Chloe stood and picked up the empty bags, placing them in her paper bag. "Well, see you around I guess." She started walking away. "Though next time I'd appreciate it if you didn't kick me in the shin."

"Hey! Girl!" Suddenly he was on his feet, by her side. "Got a fag?"

For a moment she was about to tell him off for being discriminatory, but then she remembered his accent was british, and remembered what that was in british english. "No, I don't smoke."

"Pity." He sighed, falling into step with her, leaning over and peering into her bag at the bags of blood. "So...what's a nice little girl like you doing walking through a cemetery in the middle of the night with a bag filled with bags of blood?"

"Maybe I'm not so nice." She murmured, wondering what he was still doing around her.

Even though they'd proven that he couldn't kill her, that didn't mean she felt completely safe with him.

He chuckled. "Nice answer."

"I thought so too." She agreed, seeing the entrance to the cemetery ahead. And just two blocks from there would be her home. She didn't really want him knowing where she was from, so she turned to him. "Have a good night then. There's a place you might find big enough to suit you in case you can't find another before sunrise. It's the Manderson Family Mausoleum. It's in that direction."

He eyed her, as if fascinated by an odd creature.

Then again, she probably was an odd creature to him.

Not two seconds ago he'd been trying to eat her, and here she was giving him food and telling him about a shelter.

"What's your name, luv?" He asked. "You live close by?"

"Now why would I tell the Big Bad Wolf the directions to granny's cottage?" She asked innocently, sidestepping him and continuing on.

He chuckled from behind her before catching up. "I like you. You're feisty." He leaned in, and then his expression changed, eyes widening. "It can't be."

She didn't have time to react before suddenly she was swung around, the bag falling to the ground, and she was pinned against a lone tree.

Chloe struggled but found her arms pinned up above her, his thigh between hers, and his body pressed against hers, keeping her unable to move.

She narrowed her eyes as he leaned in towards her neck once more.

"Haven't learnt your lesson?"

But instead of trying to bite her, he brought his nose to the marks on her neck and sniffed. "Angelus." He whispered, pulling away slightly, only far enough so that he could look at Chloe's face, his expression shocked and lost. "It's fresh. How? He's dead."

Chloe blinked. "You...you know Angel?"

The vampire watched her, face agonized, when suddenly he was torn away and thrown viciously to the ground.

A furious, vamped out Angel stood with his back to Chloe. "Don't touch her!"

The vampire on the ground turned, and raised up so that he was resting his weight on his elbows. "Grandsire."

Angel went stiff in surprise as he recognized him. "William."


Chloe's eyes widened, looking between them.

No way!
14th-Dec-2010 12:16 am (UTC)
lol loved how angel helped her clean up his old house . loved how he keeps marking her. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr about moria hate her in this. oh boy yay spike is here. PPMS
14th-Dec-2010 12:52 am (UTC)
And of course things will be getting more interesting now that Spike is in the picture :)
14th-Dec-2010 12:34 am (UTC)
Spike!! Angel is so cute, cleaning up the house for Chloe. I so can't wait to see what happens next.
14th-Dec-2010 12:52 am (UTC)
Isn't he? He wanted to thank her in some way, and figured that was the best way.
14th-Dec-2010 12:34 am (UTC)
ahh i't kepps getting better and better .... love the way chloe takes her strays in.... i'm a little sad that dru had to die.... but yay for angle and him keeping his soul....
love it like always... thanks for this great chap
14th-Dec-2010 12:53 am (UTC)
Yep, Dru's usually alive in my other sv/btvs xovers, but it was imperative for her to be dead in this one.
14th-Dec-2010 01:03 am (UTC)
haha and I love the introduction of Spike. Now very curious as to how this is going to play out. I love how electric and hot Angel and Chloe's chemistry is and now that there's no curse anymore, he's free to be with her. Spike however, he can charm his way into anyone's pants if he wants, he's sweet, he's a poet and so effortlessly loveable when he wants to be. :D
14th-Dec-2010 01:44 am (UTC)
You are so SPOT ON with Spike's description :) And Angel too!!!
14th-Dec-2010 03:25 am (UTC)
Oh Spike how I love you! LOL I could totally hear his accent in my head while reading this :) I love Spike because he makes everything interesting and fun.

Yay for Angel not having to worry about the curse anymore. It was nice to see him talk and interact with Chloe. And then throw Spike into the mix and I knowthis will just keep getting better. Its been so good already! Can't wait for more!
14th-Dec-2010 05:27 am (UTC)
Oh, Spike's accent, you had to mention the thing that made me fall in love with him from the first moment he opened his mouth! lol
14th-Dec-2010 05:48 am (UTC)
I know right! I actually first saw him when I started watching Angel because by then Buffy was over. But I definitely loved him! He makes me laugh my ass off and he's just so yummy and delicious.
14th-Dec-2010 03:30 am (UTC)
the more i read the more i like Angel/Chloe!

I liked how you introduced spike it was very much him! I'm interested to see how the three interacts now that Angel has his soul and is all for chloe!
14th-Dec-2010 05:28 am (UTC)
That's wonderful to hear! Hopefully it continues that way!!!!

Ah, yes, the interaction. lol
14th-Dec-2010 09:38 am (UTC)
*squeals* Spike's there! Awesome first introduction between him and Chloe too. I loved Chloe helping him out by giving him the blood even though he just attacked her. Haha. So very her :) I also loved how intrigued Spike is by her. Angel to the rescue was pretty awesome as well... Sad about Dru's death though :(

I absolutely love that Angel's talking again! He's finally coming back to himself! I loved him helping Chloe fix the house too. Very sweet of him. I also adore him worrying over Chloe meeting up with Buffy again and Chloe's reaction to having found out that she went up against and beat the Slayer was just brilliant :=) I really enjoyed Chloe and Angel's first real conversation as well. He really is completely attached to her already. Good news about there being no more happiness clause too :)

Chloe was awesome too with her telling her mother off. It's about damn time! Good for her!

Anyways, thanks bunches for the fast updates, this chapter totally kicked ass! I can't wait to read more!!
14th-Dec-2010 03:09 pm (UTC)
Yep, Spike is there and ready to insinuate himself in their everyday (every night) life! lol

Angel is getting more like himself, but a little tougher, darker, after what happened to him in hell.
8th-Jan-2011 10:01 am (UTC)
XD *bursts out laugh* You're awesome. Oh the chaos that will ensue. Poor Spike, season 4 came early for him.
8th-Jan-2011 06:11 pm (UTC)
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