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How To Tame Your Vampires 8/? 
18th-Dec-2010 02:41 pm
Chlangelike---Angel(us) Chloe Spike

Title: How To Tame Your Vampires
Sequel to: Bloodline
Pairings: Chloe/Angel/Spike, Lois/?
Fandoms: Smallville/Buffy
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Because of the family curse Chloe was supposed to join her cousin in the quest to find a girlfriend in Sunnydale, and yet somehow, instead of a girlfriend, Chloe finds herself living with two 'defective' vampires who both mark their Intent on her neck...and seem to be wrapped around her little finger.

Chloe woke up with the headache from hell.

She groaned, hand to her head, unable to remember what had happened last night after the first couple of drinks. Whatever it was, well, she'd survived the night, and that meant that either the vampires had left the house or they weren't as pissed off as she'd feared or they were waiting for her to be fully conscious for whatever it is that they planned to do. Green eyes widened at that thought and she shot up on her blowup mattress, crying at the horrifying pain in her head.

"You look horrible." Spike announced.

Chloe looked up, wincing at the sound of his voice.

The glass in his hand exploded.

He raised an eyebrow. "It's a good thing I finished what was in it. Wouldn't want blood all over my Sundays Best, now, would I?"

Why was he still talking?

It hurt her brain.

"Go 'way." She complained, laying down once more and pulling her blanket over her head.

"Slutty is here." Spike mumbled. "Can you say needy?"

Chloe was confused, wondering who in the world he was referring to.

That was the only reason why she pulled the blanket from her face, glaring at him. "Speak English."

He smirked, rising from his chair. "The Slayer, luv. She came earlier to speak to 'Gelus...couldn't wait for him to figure out whether he wanted to speak to her or not."

"You've got to be joking." Chloe groaned, covering her face once more. "I told her I'd call her once Angel decided whether he wanted to talk to her or not!"

"Sad, isn't it?" Spike agreed, lowering himself to the mattress over the blankets.

Chloe slowly pulled the blankets down only right beneath her eyes as she raised an eyebrow at the vampire. "What are you doing?"

He laid on his side, facing her, eyeing her in an oddly intense way that made her somewhat wary. "You know, I never understood 'Gelus' fetish for watching girls as they slept...but this morning wasn't as boring as I thought it would be."

"That's disturbing." She informed him.

He grinned rather evilly. "You know, pet, with the Slayer playing her 'A Game' like this, you'll soon be out of a protector. Angelus has always been a sucker for mindless devotion."

Chloe frowned, not liking where he was going with this. "If..if Angel decides to leave and be with her...then...its his decision."

That didn't mean she had to be happy about it.

But she'd respect that decision.

She was done trying to fight another girl whom the guy obviously had a strong, prior attachment to.

She'd learnt her lesson in the whole Clark/Lana debacle.

"Did you know something I discovered last night, pet?" Spike grinned.

Chloe felt a little nervous, since she remembered last night's slap. "What?"

"I'm not completely neutered." Spike's hand moved to rest on her knee over the blanket, and began to slowly rise up her leg.

Chloe gasped, heat springing up in her core.

"You see...I can hurt demons...and other vampires." Spike's hand slowly trailed up her thigh, dipping into her inner thigh, causing her to jerk at the electric-shock sensations rushing through her body. "Last night I got to vent some anger, and it was delicious."

Chloe gave a little cry when his fingers came into contact with her heat, sliding over her through the blanket.

Her feverish gaze turned to his, confused.

Why-why was she letting him touch her like this?

Why-why did it feel so good?

He leaned over her, fingers still working on her, face intent on hers. "Why haven't you been taken yet, pet? Everything about you begs to be fucked."

Chloe whimpered as a jolt of excitement raced through her.

Spike's lips curled in devilish amusement. "You like dirty talk, do you?"

"No." Chloe didn't know if she was denying it or telling him to stop.

"I should be hiring someone to rip you apart for me." Spike yanked his fingers from her core and instead lowered himself onto her, pressing her into the mattress, grabbing her hands and pinning them up above her head as his face went vampiric. "I should be having you tortured and begging for death for what you did last night."

Chloe knew this too.

And yet...and yet lust had clouded her mind, and her nipples were hard, her breathing erratic...her body in flames.

"But all I want to do is to fuck you so badly." He whispered, leaning down so that his breath was hot in her ear. "I want to fill you with my cock and hear you whimper and beg me to let you cum, but I won't. I want to torture you, punish you, by bringing you to the brink only to keep you from falling. I want to shove hilt deep in you and keep you from moving, just stay there, throbbing inside of you, have you shivering in need and want."

"Spike..." Chloe whimpered, realizing that he might very well have had a point when he said she liked dirty talk.

She was going insane.

She was wet, a trail of her excitement making its way down the inside of her thighs.

The thighs he was nestled between.

He gave a little buck, his hardness sliding against her heat.

Chloe cried out his name.

"Oh fuck." He whispered in a choked voice before suddenly bitting down on the side of her neck opposite of the side that bore Angel's fang marks.

Chloe whimpered at the pain but it only made her inner core throb with need.


He wasn't kidding when he'd called this torture!

Suddenly Spike froze, and he slipped his fangs out of her skin, eyes wide as his face morphed back to its human disguise. "I bit you."

For a moment she couldn't understand his surprise...and then she remembered the chip. "You bit me."

"You bit her!" Angel's voice snarled viciously, and both looked towards the doorway, seeing the vampire, Game Face on, standing next to Buffy Summers.

Chloe blushed in embarrassment.

Oh god.

But she didn't have time to dwell on her embarrassment at having been caught in such a situation...because Angel attacked, grabbing Spike by his throat and yanking him off of Chloe.

The blonde watched in horror as the two vampires, Game Faces on, began to fight.

It was vicious and bloody and...

"Angel!" Buffy pulled out a stake from...where the hell had she been hiding that?...and threw it to Angel.

Chloe's eyes narrowed and she flung her hand towards Buffy.

The stake spun around and flew back towards the Slayer, embedding itself an inch away from Buffy's head in the wall.

The blonde stood, growling. "If you ever pull out a stake in my home ever again, and I swear to god I'll kill you."

It didn't occur to her at the moment that that was the second time that she'd threatened to kill the Slayer.

Once again Chloe's magic acted on its own, and the vampire were yanked away from each other, slammed into opposite walls, and held there.

"What the fuck is wrong with you two?" Chloe snapped, pissed off, as she looked around her damaged living room. "You know how hard its been for me to get things half decent in this place! How could you just go and destroy it you self-centered bastards!"

It also didn't occur to Chloe that once again she was reprimanding two Master Vampires in front of an audience.

She just was so pissed off as she saw holes in walls and the little furniture she had broken.

"He bit you!" Angel snarled, his words sounding better, clearer, and not so forced.

"You've bitten me too!" Chloe flung back at him.

Buffy's eyes widened in horror.

"It's different!" Angel snarled back at the young witch.

"No, it's not." Chloe growled back.

"I wouldn't hurt you!" Angel was furious.

"He didn't hurt me!" Chloe flung back at him. "And he didn't want to hurt me! That's probably why he wasn't hurt! He can't hurt humans! He wasn't trying to hurt me! Thus it didn't hurt him!"

Spike blinked, as if shocked at this reasoning.

Angel's eyes narrowed, vicious. "You're mine."

Buffy brought a hand to her mouth, eyes watering.

"I'm not yours." Chloe had forgotten about the Slayer glaring at Angel.

Spike chuckled. "Tell 'im pet."

"And I'm not yours either!" Chloe snapped at him.

The smile left Spike's face.

"I don't belong to either of you." Chloe snarled. "You live in my home, I take care of you, I feed you. If anyone here owns anyone else... I. Own. You! You two belong to me!"

The vampires looked at her in shock.

Chloe then turned to Buffy. "And you."

Buffy straightened.

"I don't care if Angel let you do whatever the hell you wanted when he used to own this place. It's mine now. So you don't come here unannounced, uninvited, and then have the nerve to try and instigate one of the people who do live here to kill the other!"

"I didn't instigate anything!" Buffy exclaimed defensively. "They were already fighting!"

"But you were going to give Angel what he needed to kill Spike! And I will never forgive you for that!" Chloe snarled, clenching her fists tightly. "They're difficult, yes, and annoying sometimes, yes, but other than Lois they're all I have in this world and because of you I could have lost one of them forever."

Something strange crossed over Buffy's face at that.

"So get the hell out of my home." Chloe pointed towards the door. "And I don't care if you and Angel have decided that you're going to try work out your issues or whatever. If you're going to talk or be friends or try become what you were before, you do it elsewhere. You're not meeting him here. You're not coming by here ever again. And if I see you again you'll regret it."

Buffy just continued to look at her. "We have school together."

"You're in a different grade, we don't have to interact with each other." Chloe reminded coldly.

Buffy raised her chin. "If it turns out that Spike can hurt humans and he does, I'll deal with him, whether you like it or not."

"If it turns out that he can," Chloe took a menacing step towards the Slayer. "Then I'll deal with him."

The two blondes glared at each other.

"Don't let the door slap you on the ass on your way out." Chloe sneered as she shouldered passed Buffy, the witch's power over the vampires disappearing, freeing them, as she headed upstairs to bathe.

The blonde stayed under the shower longer than necessary, just trying out wash out the anger inside of her.

It didn't really work, and she was forced to get out, drying herself as she gazed at her reflection in the mirror.

Each side of her neck now sported different fang marks.

Chloe wiped the mist off of the mirror to get a better look, and leaned forwards.

It was surprising that, once you looked closely enough, you could see subtle differences in the fang marks, almost like a fingerprint in a way. Anyone who had no knowledge of vampire bites wouldn't see a difference, but others could.

And Chloe mightn't have much knowledge on this, but she could see the differences in the fang marks.

The only thing they had in common was the fact that they were just two clean holes...not the savage tears that vampire victims always sported.

These were the marks of vampires who were doing their best not to hurt the one they were biting.

Sighing, Chloe finished drying and changed into her clothes.

She exited the bathroom and hesitated when she saw the vampires in the bedroom, Spike leaning against the wall and Angel sitting on the ground. Angel's head was in hands, the picture of depression.

She ignored them both and went to look at herself in the mirror, reaching for her comb and brushing out the tangles in her hair.

Due to the fact that she was looking into the mirror, she jumped in surprise when arms wrapped around her from behind, and someone rested his forehead against her shoulder.


Chloe gulped, having known it would be Angel.

Her gaze went to Spike, who was frowning down at his feet, before she sighed and her gaze returned to her reflection. "Angel...I really don't want to talk to either of you right now."

"Sorry." He whispered, voice choking, tightening his hold on her, burying his face deeper in her neck, taking a whiff of his fang mark.

"You just don't get it, do you?" Chloe jerked away from him, out of his hold, putting some distance between her and the vampires. "This place is all I have. I don't have anywhere else to go. If I went back home my father would send me back to my mother, and my mother got this place because she doesn't want me there with her." She was fighting the tears in her eyes. "The only family I have is my cousin, Lois, but I can't go to her because its forbidden, my mother put up a spell that keeps me from going to Lois' and Lois from coming to mine, because she doesn't want us to be 'distractions' for the other." She wiped at a rebellious tear. "I've been here, alone, and the only thing I've had that was of any importance to me, was this home."

Spike frowned as he finally looked up at her.

"Angel, you know better than anyone the work I've put into this place!" Chloe wiped at another tear. "You know how lonely I've been! You know!"

Angel looked so sad. "Sorry."

"With everything going on, the only people I can rely on completely, all the time, are you two." Chloe laughed, the sound choked, as more tears began to fall. "How screwed up is that? I was taught that vampires are heartless monsters...and yet they're their only ones I have that I can try and count on. And maybe that was stupid of me. To expect that from you two. Maybe this is all my fault."

"No, Chloe-." Angel tried to speak.

"Do you realize that if you killed each other I'd be left all alone?" Chloe interrupted, voice wavering so pathetically she hated herself for it.

She'd wanted to be furious.

But instead she was breaking up.

"I'd only be able to see Lois sometimes...mostly at school...but I'd have to live all alone in this house. All the time. Alone." Chloe looked away, unable to keep the flood of tears in check anymore. "So maybe I'm being selfish...but I don't care...because the thought of being here by myself is terrifying."

"Pet..." Spike whispered.

Chloe shook her head. "I'm going out. I-I can't do this."

And with that she left.
18th-Dec-2010 09:32 pm (UTC)
This made me cry, literally...
But i love the the way chloe gave buffy the smackdown. She totally deserved it! I can't wait for your next update and to see how angelus and spike make it up to chloe!
18th-Dec-2010 09:33 pm (UTC)
*hands you kleenex...very repentant* Sorry.
I'll try updating soon! :)
18th-Dec-2010 10:54 pm (UTC)
oh i loved how chloe gave them all hell. espiclla how she gave buffy hell yay . also loved how after everything angel and spike no know how important they are to chloe. PPMS
18th-Dec-2010 11:59 pm (UTC)
Yep, and they will have to make it up to her.
18th-Dec-2010 10:56 pm (UTC)
Aww, poor Chloe. Yay for Chloe putting everyone in their place, especially Buffy, chick needs to move on. The scene between Spike and Chloe was unbelievably hot and I can't wait for more of that *grins*
19th-Dec-2010 12:06 am (UTC)
Yes, Buffy DOES need to move on. LoL
There will be more of that later on :)
18th-Dec-2010 10:56 pm (UTC)
i shouldn't like that they fought but...yay they fought over here! lol now they need to make it up to her!

great job and I'm glad she set buffy straight!
19th-Dec-2010 12:07 am (UTC)
Yes they do!
19th-Dec-2010 12:28 am (UTC)
Her confession was heartbreaking and I knew that Angel would feel horrible about his behavior, for disappointing her, for making her upset. While Spike would still be confused about her protecting him, especially after he manhandled her and marked her too, he'd be curious and amazed by her reaction.

You're evil, giving us a hint of hotness before snatching it away. I was kind of hoping for a steamy shower make out session but then I realized Angel would definitely give her space, while Spike would still be confused and slightly fearful while impressed that she nearly staked the Slayer and kicked her out of the house.
19th-Dec-2010 12:51 am (UTC)
I love you inside knowledge of the workings of their minds!!! Its awesome :)

19th-Dec-2010 01:19 am (UTC)
OMG, I just discovered this little gem. I absolutely love it! Love the Chloe/Spike/Angel pairing, they are freaking HOT. I read all the chapter in one sitting, how crazy is that. I love kickass Chloe telling Buffy off. Love how she told both of them that she owns them. Awesome. Looking forward to your next update.
19th-Dec-2010 01:48 am (UTC)
I'm so happy you enjoyed it so far and hopefully you'll continue to enjoy it as the chapters go by. :)
19th-Dec-2010 06:27 am (UTC)
AWWW! This story is amazing :) I love the development, it made me so sad and I got really teary eyed when I read this! Poor Chloe, but I really like the story. You've got me wondering if Spike and Angel are finally going to work together!
And Lois and Cordelia! Pure genuis! haha I can't wait to see what you have for those two :)
19th-Dec-2010 07:55 am (UTC)
Yep, they're finally going to start working together.
19th-Dec-2010 03:20 pm (UTC)
Poor Chloe. I think they needed to see and hear her break down, though - it will give them the perspective on the situation that they've been avoiding.
19th-Dec-2010 11:16 pm (UTC)
Yes, they did and it will.
19th-Dec-2010 10:40 pm (UTC)
Yay! :D hehe I'm glad Chloe laid down the law with Buffy. Loved the steamy little scene between Chloe and Spike! Very hot!

I wanted to cry at the end when Chloe was telling them why she was so upset. Her little speech about broke my heart. I knew Angel would be the one to feel guilty and bad that he disappointed her. Very good update! I totally love this story and it is so good!
19th-Dec-2010 11:17 pm (UTC)
Things will start moving and changing from hereon :)
20th-Dec-2010 05:37 am (UTC)
I loved this chapter. Seriously, what with the kickass!Chloe and jealous!vamps it was awesome.
I can't wait for the update ^^
20th-Dec-2010 06:26 am (UTC)
Will try updating soon :)
8th-Jan-2011 10:34 am (UTC)
That was actually a painful chapter. Especially the last three sentences. Great job. :D
8th-Jan-2011 06:26 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! I tried!
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