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Denial 7/? 
2nd-Jan-2011 06:47 pm
jacob/edward kiss color

Title: Denial
Pairings: Jacob/Edward, some Rosalie/Bella, insinuated other slash werewolf/vampire pairings
Fandom: Twilight
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Jacob is in denial. Bella is his sister. Edward is in his mind. And apparently, according to Alice, everyone in the wolf tribe are destined to imprint on a vampire...and will also catch a case of the Gay Flu too. Yep. Jacob's in denial.
A/N1: Severely AU and Slashified...and the characters could very well be considered OOC due to the drastic change in circumstances! Don't like? PLEASE DON'T READ! ALSO! Every single pairing EXCEPT for Carlisle/Esme is uncanon.

IMPORTANT!!!! This is written for my good friend yenny2206, requested as a Christmas Gift by hogwartsvixxen. I hope you two are happy with this :)

"What exactly are we doing?" Jacob wanted to know, confused, as they walked through the forest behind the Cullen's home that night. He hadn't gone home, instead had found himself following Edward to Port Angeles and spent the time just walking the streets with the vampire. It was probably the first time they'd really spent time together outside of school, and without any school-related reason behind it. They just walked, talked, and while Jacob had been slightly uncomfortable at first Edward had plowed forwards, starting off with topics he knew Jacob knew and was comfortable with, and then later on segued into other topics once they were comfortable and snarking with each other once more.

They'd eaten at some fast food joint (or, well, Jacob had heartily chowed down on his combo meal while Edward sat next to him and bitched about clogged arteries), and then had walked on some more. The wolf had been shocked at how much the bitchy vampire amused him. Sure, he could be annoying sometimes, but that was one of the things, the quirks, that Jacob found he actually liked.

Which was really messed up.

"I'm going to prove a point to you." Edward answered, stopping in the small clearing now passed the forest, turning to face him in the moonlight. "I want you to shift."

Jacob stopped dead in his tracks.

When Edward had asked him to come to the forest behind his home Jacob had to admit he'd thought the vampire wanted to make out again, and embarrassingly enough Jacob had followed eagerly.

But this?

This was dangerous.

This was stupid!

"No." He refused, shaking his head.

"You're not going to hurt me, Jacob." Edward sighed, leaning against a tree.

"Wolves are made to kill vampires!" Jacob snapped at him, voice a near growl. "Whenever coach makes Emmett and I wrestle, in my human form I find it hard to not shift and attack him! Imagine how it'd be while I'm in wolf form! I am not shifting here!"

"Don't you want an answer to the question that's been bugging you all night?" Edward wanted to know, folding his arms over his chest. "You kept holding yourself back all evening because you thought it was impossible for this to be real because you're a wolf and I'm a vampire and you're scared that if you get angry at me and accidentally shift that the wolf would go into attack mode and kill me."

"I really hate that you're in my head." Jacob sighed, unable to deny that that was exactly what'd been plaguing him the whole evening.

Sometimes it was as if Edward knew his mind and thoughts better than Jacob himself did.

"What if I hurt you?" The wolf asked, taking in a deep breath.

"You won't." Edward reassured.

"You don't know that." Jacob snapped.

"Yeah, I do, actually." The vampire replied with that assurance that Jacob truly envied.

Jacob looked away, sighing.

C'mon Jake. Edward's voice whispered in his mind. Trust yourself a little more than that.

The handsome young native american made a face. It's the wolf I don't trust.

Edward's lips shifted into an amused smile. You ARE the wolf, idiot.

Jacob glared at him. Are you trying to annoy me into shifting?

Is it working? There was no repentance on that face.

Smirking reluctantly at that, Jacob shook his head and reached for the hem of his shirt, pulling it up and over his head, dropping it on the ground at his feet. He kicked off his shoes and was about to work on the buttons of his jeans, when he suddenly thought of something and looked up at Edward, eyebrow raised.

This isn't just your way of getting me naked, is it?

Edward actually laughed, grin wide on his face. That wasn't my initial intent...but I'm not complaining.

Smirking, shaking his head, Jacob cleared his throat and played with his button.

He had to admit that he was a little embarrassed.

His father had told him about how the pack would shift in front of each other and it go to the point where they didn't notice each other's nudity at all, but whenever they'd shift, Charlie, Bella, and Jacob would take their clothes off while behind cover. So Jacob was still somewhat self-conscious about his nakedness, especially when he was stripping in front of the vampire who basically had told him he wanted in his pants.

Would you like me to turn around?

Jacob glared at him for the teasing in that thought.

In an act of defiance he quickly undid the button and zipper and yanked everything down in one go.

Edward's eyes lowered with the action and his lips parted slightly, eyes widening, before he looked away and cleared his throat.

Jacob smirked, finally having unbalanced the vampire, before he shifted.

His muscles strained and contorted with his body, and the world seemed smaller, like always, as he finalized the shift, stretching with a low rumble in his throat.

Edward's scent hit him strong.

Jacob whimpered and lowered his snout into the grass, trying to mask the smell somewhat with the scent of the foliage.

The scent was so sweet that it tingled in the back of his throat and made him somewhat dizzy.


Your scent. Jacob closed his eyes tightly, bringing his paw up to cover his snout since the scent of the grass wasn't doing enough to mask Edward's scent.

I thought you said my scent didn't bother you.

Not in human form. But in wolf form everything's ten times stronger. He whimpered, the sound seeming even more pathetic in its canine form.

So intent on the scent, Jacob hadn't notice Edward's approach until the vampire knelt down next to him and began to stroke his fur soothingly.

Despite the fact that the cause of his discomfort was so close to him, Jacob actually found himself calming down little by little.

He'd never had someone stroke his fur before, and he found himself relaxing, the scent lessening in intensity so that he could remove his paw from his nose and raise his snout from the grass.

Edward was sitting next to him, his cold fingers running over his neck. Better?

Jacob nodded, tilting his head towards the vampire, just watching him.

Edward smiled at him, reaching out and running his hand over Jacob's snout. How's the desire to tear me apart?

The wolf blinked, surprised, realizing that it was nonexistent.

I thought so. Edward smirked, brushing over the top of Jacob's nose with his thumb. Bella doesn't have the predator's urge around Rosalie either.

In his shock, Jacob phased back into human, yanking his pants on quickly. "You mean Bella's been in her wolf form in front of Rosalie?"

"I just said that." Edward smirked. "Bella is planning on coming with us when we go hunting in a couple of weeks."

"Dad would never let her go." Jacob frowned, sitting next to Edward. "Especially if he doesn't know."

Edward looked away.

Jacob's eyes widened. "She's planning on telling him, isn't she?"

The vampire nodded. "Soon."

Jacob realized that he really didn't know his twin like he'd once thought he did.

"So?" Edward asked. "What do you think now?"

"She's suicidal." Jacob chuckled, shaking his head.

Edward raised an eyebrow.

"Oh! You mean about what happened right now!" Jacob's eyes widened. "Well, uh..." He sighed, giving the vampire a long look before answering. "I don't know if I've Imprinted on you or not...but I'm more open to the possibility."

Edward smiled, gaze ducking before rising to meet his. "I can live with that answer."

They smiled at each other in silence.

Jacob's gaze flittered over Edward's face, over his his every feature.

The wolf lowered his gaze and swallowed before raising his gaze once more. "What if I wanted to try and kiss you?"

Edward went paler (which Jacob had come to suspect might be the way vampire's blushed), and ducked his gaze once more, chuckling. "Finally."

Cracking a smile at that, Jacob leaned forwards, and, after a second's hesitation, pressed his lips to Edward's softly.

The kiss was soft and unsure, before slowly growing bolder, opening his mouth to the kiss and sucking in Edward's bottom lip, nibbling it experimentally.

Edward moaned into Jacob's mouth and leaned into him.

Wrapping his arms around Edward's waist, pulling the vampire to him, Jacob let go and just let himself be.
3rd-Jan-2011 03:38 am (UTC)
Great Chapter and another kiss between my boys!!

♥'s u!
3rd-Jan-2011 03:42 am (UTC)
Yep! Jacob's slowly getting into this :)
3rd-Jan-2011 04:16 am (UTC) - kfsg
Cute! and seriously love your new heading. Best one yet!
3rd-Jan-2011 04:19 am (UTC) - Re: kfsg
Thanks! So happy to hear that!
3rd-Jan-2011 05:12 pm (UTC)
ive been come so addicted to your jakeward fics
im following this and reading this more on ff.net since im not online all the time since im at home now
still love it and I'm dying with anticipation for the paul/emmett moments
3rd-Jan-2011 05:50 pm (UTC)
I feel so pleased to hear that! I'll try updating soon!
18th-Feb-2011 01:01 am (UTC)
"You Are the Wolf, idiot."

I love that.

Aw, I like that Edward wanted for Jacob to see that he'd Imprinted on him and the image of Edward petting Jacob is just adorable!!

18th-Feb-2011 04:08 am (UTC)
*grins brightly*
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