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Of Evil Eyes And Unlikely Alliances 12/14 
3rd-Jan-2011 07:13 pm
This incredible banner was made for me by flareonfury :)

Title: Of Evil Eyes And Unlikely Alliances
Pairing: Chloe Sullivan/Whitney Fordman
Fandom: Smallville
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own
Summary: When Whitney, sure that his ex's friend, Tina Greer, has placed the Evil Eye on him, he goes to the only person he believes will not only believe him, but help him as well. Chloe Sullivan isn't exactly the girl he thought she would be...but that's okay.
Note: Written for my Paranormal25 150. Prompt of the day #69: Evil Eye

"So, who is it?" Ricky asked finally.

"I don't know, I'm still trying to figure it out myself." Chloe mumbled.

"No, I don't mean who the psycho who has us is." Ricky rolled his eyes. "I'm asking who the guy you 'care' about is."

"Oh." A blush tinted her cheeks. "Uhm, it's Whitney, actually."

Ricky just looked at her, and then he burst out laughing shaking his head. "I don't believe it! Fordman finally made a move! I was wondering when he'd grow a pair!"

"Huh?" Chloe blinked, looking at him in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"Other than the fact that he's been in love with you for a long time now?" Ricky laughed. "I mean, he's been so obvious about it for so long that I thought it was sad. I mean, he didn't have the guts to talk to you himself, so he'd always interrogate me after I'd talk to you-and he read the Torch faithfully."

Chloe sat up, remembering Whitney confessing once to reading the school newspaper. "He-he liked me? Before we became friends?"

"Hell yeah." Ricky scoffed, sitting up as well. "The whole team was wondering when he was going to do something about it, and we decided that you know, you might hate us, but if you were dating our star quarterback you mightn't be so scathing in your reviews, so they were all behind him growing a pair and asking you out."

"The whole team-?" Chloe choked, remembering how the team had rallied around her, showing her their support-and then how they'd all watched so eagerly and intently at the fair when Whitney had given her Brutus.

"So he dumped Lang finally, right?" Ricky asked. "Because the guys and I always wondered why they were going out with each other when it was obvious that they both wanted in your pants."

Chloe choked on saliva. "What?"

"Lana Lang, you know her, the pink princess?" Ricky grinned. "She was cheerleader, he quarterback, everyone thought it was obvious they'd get together. Of course, everyone but the team didn't realize that those two bonded over their obsession with the Torch and their fascination with you. I mean, I used to overhear some of their conversations, and it was all about the freak of the week you'd written about or whatever misadventure you'd gotten into."

"Lana...likes...me?" Chloe brought a hand to her forehead, thinking back to all the weird times with her, Lana, and Whitney.

She'd always just assumed that it was awkward because Lana still liked Whitney...and yet...

Chloe went over Lana's coming to the Torch, asking her to the fair, the looks, the comments, the blushes and hugs, the way Lana couldn't look at Chloe and Whitney together without lowering her gaze and sighing.

Tina's comment about Chloe being denser than hell rung loudly in her ears.

"Oh my god." Chloe whispered, lowering her hand form her forehead to her mouth. "I can't-how can I call myself an investigator journalist in the making if I couldn't-?"

Ricky frowned. "I didn't think you'd care this much."

"You don't-get it." Chloe sighed, running a hand over her hair. "I've made friends with Lana. She hangs out with me and Whitney all the time now! I-I know whatever is between me and Whitney made her uncomfortable, but I always thought that it was because she had unresolved feelings for him! I never-I-."

"Awkward." Ricky mumbled, laying back in bed, arms under his head like a pillow.

She glared at him.

He didn't seem moved at all by her glare. "Well, maybe now Greer has a chance, huh?"

Chloe bit her bottom lip. "Tina needs to concentrate on becoming herself before she can really try to get Lana's attention. She's pretty and she's smart, and I think I got through to her this evening when I told her that-."

"Wait. You talk to Greer?" Ricky sat up in shock. "I thought she didn't talk to anyone who wasn't Lana?"

"No, Tina hangs with us as well." Chloe frowned, pulling a strand of hair behind her ear. "We've been hanging out trying to figure out who this is and why he or she is attacking."

"Wait." Ricky blinked. "You're telling me that you, Whitney, Lana, and Greer hang out?"

She nodded.

He chuckled, shaking his head. "That has got to be the most unlikely alliance that I have ever heard of!"

She could see his point.


Persephane had been acting weird.

Everyone else was busy with the cops, even Officer Maxwell's sister, the doctor woman, had stopped by to look over Persephane and Whitney since he refused to go to the hospital. Gabe was destroyed, talking to his brother in law on the phone, with the General promising that he'd use his contacts to find Chloe before something happened, but Whitney and everyone else knew it'd be too late by then.

Eyes narrowed on Persephane when the dog came towards him once more, whimpering and wagging her tail before rushing a bit in front of him, Whitney stood. "You want me to follow you."

The dog's tail wagged harder.

He took a step towards the dog.

Persephane ran a little distance and then turned towards him once more.

"Whitney?" Lana called from where she was coming from talking to Tina.

"I think she knows where Chloe was taken!" Whitney called over his shoulder and took off after the dog before Lana and the others could call him back.

Persephane, as if realizing that she now had his full attention, ran harder.

It took all of his football training to keep up with the liquid fast animal, and yet his body was still sore.

Suddenly a jeep overtook the blonde and slammed on the brakes, blocking his way, causing dust to fly up everywhere.

Whitney looked up, surprised to see Tina in her jeep, Lana in the passenger's seat.

"Get in before we lose Persie." Lana turned towards him.

Whitney just looked at his ex girlfriend and smiled, jumping into the back of the jeep in time for the tires to spin loudly before the jeep took off after the still running Persephane.

"How sure are we that she's going after Chloe and not that she's after a rabbit or something?" Tina asked, taking a corner roughly, tires screeching loudly.

Lana and Whitney hit the side of the jeep, each grabbing onto whatever they could for balance.

"I just do." Whitney replied, grabbing the back of both front seats, leaning forwards, gazing at Persephane as she ran without tiring, in front of them on the road.

"How is she following the scent of an illusion?" Tina wanted to know.

"She isn't." Lana held on tight as they took another sharp turn. "She's following Chloe's scent."


"Oh god." Chloe paced the room.

Ricky watched her with raised eyebrow. "Oh god what?"

"I've been looking at everything wrong, crossing out suspects due to an erroneous assumption that the perpetrator of these crimes was a shapeshifter." The blonde continued to pace the room. "I assumed that Persephane would react to the person responsible for everything because it's common knowledge that shape shifters and canines do not like each other."

"Of course." Ricky raised an eyebrow. "Common knowledge."

She ignored that. "But the only reason Persephane reacted to the illusions was because she could read the energy rising from them. Dogs and other animals can read our energies, which is why they seem to be able to know if you're pissed or something if you just look at them, or how they seem to know when someone is going to have a seizure or epileptic attack before it happens. They're actually reading the vibrational energy we're emitting and can read that and thus translate it into our feelings or if there's violence about to happen or...I can't believe I didn't think of such a simple thing!"

"Simple. Right." Ricky nodded, deadpanned. "Shame on you."

Not catching his sarcasm, Chloe leaned against the cave wall and groaned. "Persephane could have been in the presence of the person making the illusions, but since at the time the person wasn't exhibiting any threatening vibes she wouldn't have reacted to him or her! Which means the person could be anyone! Which means that my friends are out there in danger and they have no way of knowing who the real person behind all of this is!"

"Neither do we." Ricky reminded her.

"That's not as important." She shrugged that away.

"How is that not as important? We're kidnapped! And trapped!" Ricky exclaimed.

"Exactly! We're already screwed." Chloe explained. "But the others are free, they could find us or discover who the real person behind all of this is and stop him or her...if they knew all of this! Which makes us even more screwed than we originally believed ourselves to be!"

"You give one hell of a peptalk, Sullivan." Ricky mumbled moodily as he laid back down on the bed.

She glared at him.

Suddenly the lights began to flicker all around them.

Ricky shot up on the bed. "Oh no."

"What does it mean?" Chloe asked, looking around her nervously.

"It's back." Ricky turned towards her, pale as a ghost. "I'm going to die."
4th-Jan-2011 12:49 am (UTC)
gosh... i love it... lana in love with chloe, it's just too good...
but i still have no idea who the villain is....somehow fustrating..*smile*
4th-Jan-2011 12:56 am (UTC)
Well, I tried to have more twists in this story than in any other I've written, so I don't blame you! lol
4th-Jan-2011 01:24 am (UTC)
This was just lovely!

I like that Chloe now knows how both Whitney and Lana feel about her--thank God it's all out there.

And now it's going to be Persephane, Whitney, Lana and Tina to the rescue :):)
4th-Jan-2011 01:42 am (UTC)
yep, no more secrets there---except who the bad person is!!!!
4th-Jan-2011 02:05 am (UTC)
I think i might know who the big bad is, but I'm prob wrong lol!

I love that Ricky was looking at her like she was crazy for not knowing about Whit and Lana!!! great stuff!
4th-Jan-2011 02:13 am (UTC)
Well, Ricky has to realize that only he and Tina realized about Lana...Whitney on the other hand !lol
4th-Jan-2011 07:21 am (UTC)
the plot twists that you've created for this story are phenomenal!!! :) I'm glad Chloe finally figured it all out, thanks to Ricky ;) I can't wait to see who you've got as the villian and what happens next!
4th-Jan-2011 07:57 am (UTC)
Thank you! I've tried real hard to keep people surprised and guessing!!!
4th-Jan-2011 09:19 pm (UTC)
I liked the twist with Lana in love with Chloe, and the fact that the whole team was trying to help Whitney get Chloe's attention. Anyway thank you for updating!
4th-Jan-2011 09:21 pm (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed it!!!!! I shall try update soon!
6th-Jan-2011 04:47 pm (UTC)
lol i knew you were writing lana in love woth chloe and her evil eye was causeing whitney to mess up lol. oh boy i hope they find them soon .
6th-Jan-2011 04:50 pm (UTC)
Although, in Lana's defense...it wasn't intentional:)
16th-Jan-2011 07:43 pm (UTC)
Persephane to the rescue, along with Whitney, Tina and Lana! Well hopefully =) I seriously adore her in this and if I ever get another dog to add to the three I already have, I'm totally thinking of naming it Persephane!

Anyhoo, this chapter was great! I love Ricky and his knowing all about Lana being in-love with Chloe and I found it hilarious that the whole football time knew all about Whitney's crush on Chloe as well. *giggles* It seems like everyone knew but Chloe :)

I'm still completely clueless as to who the bad guy is... which just goes to show how amazing a writer you are! I can't wait to read more, especially to finally find out who's behind it!!
16th-Jan-2011 07:58 pm (UTC)
Persephane is one of those names that have been shadowed by "Aphrodite" and such, but I think is much prettier! Plus, I like the story better too.

Yep, pretty much because Chloe only noticed stories of the weird kind.
7th-Mar-2011 02:01 am (UTC)
I love the whole 'Yeah, obvious' and yeah, shame on you' comments from Rickey when Chloe was figuring things out and being all 'Its common knowledge.' That sort of thing. The jeep ting with Tina as the driver is really fucking awesome to me for some reason.

7th-Mar-2011 02:30 am (UTC)
Yep, Chloe knows all these things and she thinks everyone else knows it too and..well...yeah. lol
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