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Ties That Bind 20/? 
9th-Jan-2011 03:29 am
merlin/arthur---modern couple
Title: Ties That Bind
Fandom: Merlin (bbc)
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own
Summary: When Merlin saves a young boy from would-be-kidnappers, he unknowingly starts the course of events that lead him to meet the boy's father, Arthur, who has played a painful part in changing Merlin's familiy's life in the past.

"I don't understand." Arthur paced the room, the magic in his body unfamiliar and admittedly creepy. It was like he had living energy right under his skin, pulsating constantly, and he was sure that if it pulsated any harder he'd start to visibly see his skin ripple or something. "Why did I come back to life? And why do I all of the sudden have magic?"

"I don't understand either." Uther muttered, sitting on his throne-like chair in his office, the meeting underway. "You didn't have a speck of magic left in you, Bayard made sure of that."

"Uther's right." Nimueh nodded, sitting down on the edge of his desk. "Arthur hasn't had any magic in him at all for years. Ever since the prophecy."

"Pardon my interruption." Lancelot cleared his throat, stepping forwards. "But hasn't anyone considered the possibility that this isn't Mister Pendragon's magic but Merlin's?"

The group turned to him.

"What do you mean, Knight Du Lac?" Uther narrowed his eyes. "Why would Merlin's magic sudden be in Arthur? That makes no sense."

"Actually, sir, it really kinda does." Will interrupted, stepping forth. "Remember those witches we rescued from Sigan's clutches in Kent? They were wearing what they said he called a Raha'Han, a magical sort of collar that kept the witches from being able to use their magic, making them powerless."

"I remember this. We're still unable to figure out how he was able to create such a device." Nimueh stood up, frowning. "It would make sense for him to use these devices on Merlin and the others...but especially Merlin."

"Except he didn't count on the fact that Merlin and Mister Pendragon are basically one being." Lancelot nodded, clearing his throat. "Their life Essence is tied together, so as long as Merlin is alive, Mister Pendragon would be as well. And when the magic was nullified inside Merlin, it transferred itself to the other extension of Merlin...Mister Pendragon."

There was silence in the room as they digested this information.

Arthur suddenly looked up. "Can I use this connection to track Merlin?"

"Excuse me?" Uther blinked.

"We're supposed to be one being in a sense, we share life essence and his magic was able to travel and find me." Arthur took a step closer. "Can't I use the same channel to find him and that way we can not only find them-but Sigan's lair as well?"

Nimueh's eyes widened as she turned towards Uther. "It's worth a try."

Uther nodded.


They'd been separated, and Merlin hated not having his magic, being vulnerable, unable to protect his children and family. He'd been thrown into white room, no windows, no furniture. All in all it was a very unoriginal holding room. Merlin paced back and forth, struggled with the Rada'Han around his neck, and plotted bloody vengeance.

Normally Merlin was a soft, sweet, happy guy who didn't condone violence, but there was also a dark, dangerous side to him that he usually kept well guarded.

These people had killed his Arthur and captured their children and family...ensuring that the part of Merlin he usually fought...he let loose willingly.

If he'd had his magic right now...

...but he didn't.

He tried to summon his power, feel it, anything, but he felt empty.

It unnerved him.

He'd never felt this way before, never.

Was the Rada'Han truly this powerful?

The magically locked door opened, and Cornelius Sigan walked in, the door closing behind him. "I'm disappointed." He clasped his hands behind his back. "The way your wife went on and on about your powers I would have expected...more."

"Ex wife." Merlin sneered, restraining the desire to throw himself at the warlock because he knew that without his power he wouldn't stand a chance.

"If you survive the transferring of your powers...I promised you to her." Sigan announced, a small curve of his lips betraying his amusement with this whole situation. "It seems that she has seen the error of her ways in parting with you-but she prefers to be the one with the power in the relationship."

"You two are insane if you think that I'd ever-!" Merlin snarled, clenching his fists so tightly his fingernails bit into his skin. "I loved Arthur! And the first opportunity I get I'm going to kill Morgause for what she did!"

"She's the mother of your children." Sigan reminded in a sing-song sort of way. "What sort of message would you be sending to her children?"

Merlin sneered, but didn't answer.

"Ah, can't say anything to that, can you?" Sigan asked, victory in his tone as he went towards him. "You know, Merlin. You're not at all impressive. Morgause painted this all mighty sorcerer, but you're pathetic. You couldn't stop one powerless woman from taking your power from you, kidnapping your family, and you couldn't stop her from driving a dagger through that disgusting Pendragon filth." Sigan sneered as he drew closer. "Everything went perfectly to plan, and the only thing I regret is not being able to deliver the fatal blow as the original prophecy foretold." He leaned into Merlin's face. "It would have filled me with such ecstasy to watch him breath his last breath."

Merlin snapped.

That was the only explanation he had for his reaction as he snarled and grabbed Sigan by his pompous neck, slamming him against the stupid white wall.

The blow was unexpected and the warlock was visibly dazed and disoriented.

Merlin took advantage of this and roared as he continued to slam Sigan's head back against the wall over and over again as hard as he could, the white wall denting and beginning to be coated with thick red.

Suddenly the door opened and Morgause and others he didn't recognize raced towards him, tearing him off of Sigan, who'd crumbled to the ground.

Morgause knelt by Sigan's still side and checked him over. "He's still alive."

The guards that were restraining Merlin mustn't have had magic, because they were physically restraining him as he struggled like a madman against them.

"How did he manage to do this?" One of the other women whispered to Morgause as other guards rushed in to take Sigan away. "He doesn't have his magic while master Sigan-!"

"Sigan got overconfident, thought Merlin wasn't dangerous just because his magic is restrained." Morgause smirked, standing, eyeing her ex-husband. "This is a lesson I hope everyone has learnt."

Merlin couldn't believe that this truly was the woman he'd married-whom he'd had children with and had wanted to live the rest of his life with.

Once upon a very long time ago Merlin hadn't been able to think that anyone could be as beautiful in his eyes as Morgause, and yet not as he looked at her all he felt was disgust and deep hatred.

"You didn't have to kill him." Merlin snarled.

"I know." Morgause replied, smile tilting her glossed lips. "But I wanted to."

"What did he ever do to you?" Merlin hissed. "You married him! You must have loved him once! What could he have possibly done to make you hate him so much?"

Eyes going to the guards, as if making sure that they had a good hold on him, Morgause's gaze finally returned to Merlin as she sauntered slowly towards him like a panther. The blonde ran her finger done his chest. "He chose that brat over me." She smirked. "He knew I didn't want a child, and yet when he found out he was happy. I told him it was me or the baby and he chose Mordred. I will never forgive him for that."

Merlin shook his head, unable to believe this. "I would have chosen the girls over you too."

Her face fell darkly, her lips a sneer, before she reached out and clawed him, leaving bloody marks on his cheek.

Bringing those blood-covered nails to her mouth, Morgause licked the blood before smirking and turning, sauntering out the door. "Take him to the room for the ritual."

"But Master Sigan-." Someone started.

"Just do it!" She snarled, storming out of the room.

Merlin struggled against his captors, but it was in vain.


Arthur decided he hated magic.

He, Merlin, and their family had been doing wonderfully before this magic war had ruined everything.

And to be truthful, Arthur didn't like the feel of magic in his body.

It was like electricity constantly underneath his skin, rippling and alive.

He felt possessed.

He detested the feeling, actually.

The only reason he embraced this was because it was a connection to his Merlin, and with the instructions Nimueh had given him, he'd been able to establish a weak, yet accurate connection with his lover. He wasn't very good at this, and it took a lot of concentration to hold, and yet he'd been able to pinpoint of map (or, well, his magic had) the exact position where Merlin was being captive, and thanks to that all of the Knights, Wizards, and Witches were on their way to war.

His father had tried to make him stay behind, but Arthur had refused to.

He had magic (even if he really didn't like it or know how to use it) and it was his family being held by Sigan.

There was no way he was going to be left behind.

In the end his father had relented, and Arthur had joined the others.

They were going to be there soon, and he was itching for some violence.

If something had happened to the children, Merlin, or Morgana and Gwen, he was going to slaughter everyone...even if he had to use his bare hands because he wasn't sure how to the magic rippling under his skin.

One thing was for certain.

Cornelius Sigan wasn't going to get out of this alive.

Neither was Morgause.

Arthur was going to kill them himself.

No one touched Arthur's family.

No one.


Merlin struggled against the binds keeping him to the sacrificial slab, but they were too strong for him. He knew he wouldn't be able to escape, but he refused to go out without fighting to the last moment. He nearly missed when they wheeled in the medical bed, but the creaking of the wheel caught his attention, and he realized it was Sigan's body they were bringing in.

"This will kill me." One of the Wizards was saying to Morgause as the followed. "I do not have the power to do this as Sigan did."

"You will revive him with more power. Do you truly believe he'll leave you dead?" Morgause sneered. "He will raise you up with great power and wealth as your reward."

The Wizard's eyebrow raised. "You truly believe so?"

"I know so." She placed her hand on his shoulder. "Had I already had my sister's powers transferred to me I would have done this myself, but as I cannot you must do so, oh great one."

Visibly inflated by that praise, the Wizard nodded. "Come, we must do the transferring immediately, his spirit is weak." He shook his head, gaze going to Merlin. "I still cannot believe he's wounded Sigan like this with his powers bound!"

Morgause sneered. "Believe it."

"You won't get away with this." Merlin struggled. "Even with my powers in his body you won't win this!"

"Oh, Merlin, that might have been the plan, but that was before you bashed his head in." Morgause reached out and played with his hair. "Now, it's not only your power Sigan will need, but your body as well."

She smirked, leaning over and pressing a kiss to his forehead.

Merlin's eyes widened in horror. "No."

Morgause stood and turned to the Wizard. "Do it."


Gasping, Freya came out of the vision. "Oh no."
9th-Jan-2011 10:30 am (UTC)
God, I love BAMF Merlin!
Keep it coming.
9th-Jan-2011 06:05 pm (UTC)
I shall most definitely try!
(Deleted comment)
9th-Jan-2011 06:05 pm (UTC)
Yes Ma'am!
9th-Jan-2011 03:36 pm (UTC)
Update soon!!! Please :D
10th-Jan-2011 03:34 pm (UTC)
I really, really hate Morgause right now. Wonder how pissed she'll be when she realizes that Arthur has Merlin's magic... :)
10th-Jan-2011 06:09 pm (UTC)
As you should *nods in agreement*
Oh oh oh!!!!! *grins evilly* That will be a BIG surprise for everyone!!!!
11th-Jan-2011 02:16 am (UTC)
Oh man, I hope Arthur is able to find Merlin before this awful sacrifice thingy happens.

This line:

No one touched Arthur's family.

No one.

is beyond badass. And I know that I've said this before, but I love that he considers Gwen and Morgana part of his family as well.

Can not WAIT for Morgause to get her ass handed to her :):)

Edited at 2011-01-11 02:16 am (UTC)
11th-Jan-2011 02:20 am (UTC)
Yep, Gwen is his Merlin's sister, and Morgana is his kids' aunt, and they're both like sisters to him (Gwen the nice and sweet one and Morgana the one who lives to annoy him) :)
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