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The Cave 8/8 
18th-Aug-2008 04:28 pm

Title: The Cave 8/8
Xdoms: Smallville/TheCave
Pairing: Chloe/Jack McAlister, Chlex, some Clois
Rating: M
Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville, Superman, or The Cave...would be damned rich if I did!
Summary: AU Xover with the movie The Cave. As LexCorp's representative and Meteor Freak, Chloe is used to 'weird', but when she and the McAlister spelunking team, along with Dr. Nicolai, Dr. Kathryn Jennings, and Alex Kim get trapped in a cave with Kryptonian connections, they must find a way out and avoid the creatures within, but will getting out of The Cave truly solve their troubles?



Martha Kent stood next to her son, listening to him sadly as he finished telling her of how things had gone with Lois. When she’d first realized that her son was in love with his colleague, with the woman whom Martha had somewhat adopted alongside Chloe as the daughters she’d never had, well, she’d been happy although she’d known that it was going to be a bumpy ride for her son and Lois to be happy together.

And she was so angry that Jor-EL still seemed to be ruining Clark’s life. If the interfering AI hadn’t told Clark and Chloe about the new secret room of the Kawatche Caves, they wouldn’t have found the scrolls, and Chloe wouldn’t have risked her life in such a terrible way and she wouldn’t have found the Kryptonian Crystal with the images of a life lived and with directions to only God knew where. If it hadn’t been for all of that, Lois and Clark would be together, happy, but Clark would now never be happy if he didn’t do this.

The redhead understood why her son wanted to do this, wanted to find his own people and get to understand himself, his abilities, and his heritage better. God knew that the only Kryptonians Clark had ever met had all been psychotic, and that was an image and a memory that’d always haunted him, wanting to know if all of his people were so bloodthirsty and cruel--if he one day would snap and become a tyrant of earth.

“I have to do this, mother.” He whispered to her, standing tall.

“I know my son.” She whispered before hugging him, holding him close to her heart, never once realizing how long it’d be until she would be able to do this again. “I know.”

Chloe pulled away from her sleeping cousin and sighed, looking down at the distraught-looking-even-in-sleep Lois Lane. She couldn’t help but feel a little guilty because, well, it was because of her that Clark was going to travel and explore the universe for this planet, but Lois didn’t blame Chloe, surprisingly, even when she’d confessed everything. Lois had said that it was only Chloe being a good friend, and that Clark’s leaving was all Clark’s decision and fault.

Lex had entered Chloe’s room in the middle of the sob-fest, and had been somewhat blindsided by a tearful Lois Lane who’d given herself a job in Lexcorp as Chloe’s assistance. Chloe remembered the slightly freaked look on the billionaire’s face as Lois cried and sobbed and demanded and, well, he’d just nodded and quickly excused himself out of the room.

So Lois was now officially Chloe’s assistant.

They were in for a lot of misadventures in the future!

Easing out of her room, Chloe closed the door behind her and sighed, traveling the dark hallway, realizing that everyone had gone to bed. While she couldn’t get her eyes to transform, they accustomed themselves enough to the darkness for her to be able to travel the different turns of the hallway and find herself heading up the stairs to the flat rooftop of the building, knowing that he was there, awake, tracking her like she was him.

She move swiftly, blending in with the shadows until she’d made it to the rooftop and sat down next to Jack silently, both looking up at the sky.

“She went to sleep.” It was a statement, not a question, as Jack sat looking up at the stars, the darkness shadowing his face.

“Yeah.” Chloe nodded, feeling calm and at ease as she sat next to him. “I’m just sorry that Lois and Clark finally admitted their feelings for each other so late. I mean, they confessed everything right before he had to go to his, uh, birth country to try and find any family he might actually have left. This is important for him--but so is Lois--so I’m sorry that he had to choose.”

Jack was silent as he lowered his gaze and looked unseeingly at the shadows in front of him. “He needs time to figure himself out. He--he needs to be alone, and she will only be a distraction for him.” There was a pause. “A man can’t give himself to the woman he loves, he doesn’t even have the right to fight for her, if he isn’t whole.”

And suddenly Chloe wondered if the blonde man wasn’t talking about Clark. “Jack?”

He turned and looked at her for the first time since she’d joined him on the rooftop, his eyes normal but determined. “Chloe. I have to go.”

She gasped, looking at him in horror. “But—but—Jack! You can’t just go! Look at you! You might be normal right now--but--but--but you need me—need my blood!”

“Chloe, I like you.” Jack told her, looking somewhat embarrassed and yet completely serious as his eyes traced every feature of her face, as if putting each curve to memory. “I--this thing inside of me wants you, it’s dangerously possessive of you. I--every time some guy goes close to you--even Tyler--I want to rip his throat out--and what’s more frightening is that I can rip his throat out if I lose control and let the creature in me have control.”

“I--I like you too, Jack.” She tore her gaze from his, blushing. “But I’m not going to let you just run away like this. You confronted hungry demons from hell without even batting an eyelash, but you’re running away from me and I won’t accept that, not when my blood is the only thing that’s keeping you normal, in control.”

“I’m not in control, Chloe!” Jack snapped, standing, and in a fluid movement Chloe was on her feet as well as they squared off, eyes flashing, his dark hers golden. “I’m not in control, I have never been in control.” His eyes, now completely black, not a speck of white or color to be seen, narrowed dangerously on her as he took a step towards her and she stood her ground. “It has all the control, Chloe, I’m a puppet on a string, with an invisible puppeteer pulling all the strings and controlling my every movement!”

She winced at that thought but kept still as he advanced on her, sniffing, breathing in her scent. “You can get the control, Jack.”

“I know.” His voice was deeper, throaty, as he stood before her, clenching his fists tightly as they hung limp at his side, the metallic smell of blood curling in the air around them and causing Chloe to close her eyes and whimper slightly. “But I can’t--not with you around.”

Her eyes flew open and she tilted her head back slightly to look into the midnight depth of the blackness of his eyes.

“When I see you, smell you, I just want to--I want to--and it takes control.” His hands, covered with his own blood, went to her shoulders and squeezed hard, giving her a little shake. “I will hurt you, Chloe, and I will kill all those around you when I finally snap.”

“No, you won’t.”

I will.” He promised, his fingers digging painfully into the skin of her arms, and they both knew that if it weren’t for her healing properties she’d have horrible bruises in the morning. “And I won’t have you that way.”

The truth was in those inhuman, demonic eyes of his, and yet the fear Chloe felt wasn’t for herself, but for those around her, for Lex, for Lois--.

“So you finally believe me.” He whispered, tearing his hands from her arms and turning his back on her, breathing in and out slowly, as if trying to regain a little control over himself. “I have to get as far away from here--from you-- as possible, Chlo. I have to if I want to save the little humanity I have left inside of me.”

She hated it, hated the shiver in his voice when he said that, as if he truly believed that he was truly only a creature. But she realized that he truly was fighting himself, and he needed her to help him, not fight him as well. “I understand.” He needed her to be supportive of him, even if the thought of being away from him made something inside of her sick. “I’m going to go to the laboratory and have them draw out more of my blood.”

In seconds he’d turned and grabbed her arm, preventing her from leaving. “Why?”

“You’ll need as many injections as possible.” She whispered, letting her bangs fall into her face and hide her from his penetrating gaze. “My blood is the only thing that’s helping you keep the little control you have right now, and if my being near you is undoing that, I understand that you need to go. I don’t want you to go, I don’t, but I’m going to be supportive because I understand your side of this.”

Jack was silent for a moment as he only watched her. “You don’t need to draw more blood for me, Chloe. You’re weak enough as it is from the amount you’ve had drawn these last two weeks.”

She met his gaze finally, hers golden and fierce. “I’m letting you go, McAlister. Now let me do thisfor you.”

Jack looked deep into her eyes, his darkening, before he nodded and let go of his hold on her arm. “Thank you, Chloe. Thank you for understanding.”

She nodded and turned to leave, heading towards the door.

“When I’ve gotten control of this,” his voice reached her from behind. “I am coming back for you.”

Chloe froze, eyes wide, a blush tinting her cheeks.

“I just thought I’d warn you.”

A smile curled the edges of her lips. “That better be a promise, boss-man.” And with that she left him on the rooftop and went to find the scientists that seemed to live in the laboratory to have as much blood removed from her as humanly possible.

Even if she couldn’t be there with Jack physically to help him, she’d be with him every day as he injected himself she’d be helping him, in her own way.

Lex Luthor sat in the laboratory, looking at the vials of blood Chloe had had extracted from her a couple of days ago for Jack. He picked up one of the small things and shook his head, looking at the thick red liquid, somehow not surprised that while it’d helped Jack it’d done nothing for him. He’d injected himself with a vial and all it’d done was make him feel sick.

This parasite had changed something in Chloe that they couldn’t even begin to understand. The tests that’d he’d just finished reading had indicated that Chloe was unable to have children with a human male. They was completely incompatible, fertility-wise, and while the blonde wasn’t exactly compatible with Jack either, she was more compatible with him, which meant that there was a chance of them being able to procreate.

But if they did--how would the child come out? Would it be a humanoid with incredible powers like his or her parents, or would the child be born a monster, half/man half/human, like the Minotaur of Grecian Mythology? Had the dreaded Minotaur truly been just a myth and not some child born from a similar union?

Would Chloe even want to take the risk?

I won’t even be alive to help her.

Lex closed his eyes, remembering his last test result. It’d stated that he had a maximum of a year to live. He hadn’t thought that his time was so short--there were so many things he wanted to do--needed to do--before he left this world in the hands of his father.

Like making sure that Chloe would be well taken care of.

The blonde hadn’t realized it, didn’t have the faintest clue, but he’d willed her everything he owned from the moment she was eighteen--a year ago--and old enough to own properties and businesses, to have money without a legal guardian. Everything that Lex owned, his houses, businesses, estates and cars, everything, everything that’d been in his family that he’d managed to keep, everything that’d been his mother’s, everything would legally become Chloe’s upon his death.

He really couldn’t think of anyone else to give it to.

He couldn’t think of anyone else he’d want to give it to.

“Hey Lex, what are you doing here?”

He looked up, somewhat surprised to see Chloe standing in front of him, face pale and sad. “Just thinking.” Lex looked down at his watch and frowned when he saw that it was three o’clock in the morning. “What are you doing here? It’s pretty late.”

“Jack’s leaving.”

“What?” The billionaire’s gaze shot up at that and his frown grew darker. “Why?”

“Me.” She sighed and sat down next to him, picking up one of the vials with her blood and looking at it in melancholy. “Apparently while my blood heals him, my just being there with him undoes everything. The parasite’s taking control and, well, he’s getting the same violent tendencies that the creatures in the cave had--the need to tear apart any male that comes close to me.”

Well, Lex really couldn’t think that Jack could truly blame all of that on the parasite. Lex wasn’t infected and he sometimes let jealousy get the best of him whenever a male paid attention to Chloe. He wanted to tear apart any man that so much as made her smile.

Which makes you’re needing to find her a man who can protect her when you’re gone so ironic.

“I don’t want him to go, Lex.” Chloe whispered the words that pierced Lex’s heart. “But I understand why he has to go, and I can’t be selfish and expect him to stay, right?”

He reached over and took her free hand in his, squeezing. “Do you want me to talk to him? To make him stay? I’ll find a way.” And he would. If it truly made Chloe happy then he’d find a way to make sure Jack stayed right there--even if he had to use ill means of doing so.

“No.” She squeezed back, looking up at him with a small, sad smile. “He needs to do this, and I won’t stand in his way.”

And thus Chloe reminded Lex about the reason why he was so in love with her. The girl was incredible.

“Can--can you have the scientists take more blood from me?” Chloe asked, looking somewhat shy. “I want Jack to have as much blood as he can. The longer my blood neutralizes his, the more chance he has of getting control and coming back.”

Lex sighed and nodded. “Sure. Let’s do this.”

Tyler had been in the middle of a good old-fashioned erotic dream involving Chloe and Charlie when his irate brother shook him awake. The look Jack gave him made Tyler a little uncomfortable, wondering if he’d murmured anything in his sleep to give away what and who he’d been dreaming about, but the words that escaped Jack’s lips next made the dark-haired McAlister blink in surprise and shoot up into a sitting position in the bed.

“Leaving?” Tyler asked, throwing the sheets off of his body rapidly and getting out of bed, looking at his brother in worry. “Why? What happened? Did Luthor kick us out?”

“No.” Jack shook his head. “I have to get away from Chloe if I’m going to get better. I’ve just come from telling Charlie and Top about my plans, and they’re readying to leave with me.”

“I’m coming too.” Tyler shifted into action, grabbing his discarded shirt from where he’d thrown it on the ground before going to bed. “Just give me a bit to bathe and we’re gone.”

Jack nodded and left the room just as silently as he’d come.

Tyler watched his brother until the door closed. He shook his head, sighed, and then hurried to bathe.

Lois awake and realized that she was alone in Chloe’s bed.

Stretching, realizing that there was activity going on outside despite the fact that it was still so early in the morning, the brunette got out of the bed and quickly ran her fingers through her hair before venturing out of Chloe’s bedroom, giving a little gasp when she ran straight into Top, who’d been passing by her bedroom door with Charlie and holding a container of something in his hands.

“Lois,” Top stopped and smiled at her. “What are you doing awake at this hour?”

Charlie smirked and shook her head knowingly at the tall, handsome, dark man.

Lois ran her fingers through her hair, a little self-conscious with the way he was grinning at her, before suddenly realizing that Charlie and Top were completely dressed and sporting their backpacks. “Where are you guys going? Does Chloe know?”

The smile disappeared from their faces as the two shared a look and then nodded, and Top finally answered. “Jack just woke us up a couple of minutes ago. He said that he was leaving, that Chloe and him had talked things over and it was better for his recuperation for them to be apart.”

“And Chloe agreed to this?” Lois asked, unable to believe that that was true. Her cousin was in love with Jack McAlister, she mightn’t have realized how in love she was, but Lois knew for a fact that Chloe knew she’d gone over the deep end with the handsome leader of the spelunking team. So why would the blonde let him go just like that without a fight?


“Jack says that it’s for his best.” Charlie finally spoke, looking a little worried. “I don’t understand how being away from Chloe is better for him, but Jack says that it is, and we trust Jack unconditionally.”

Just like she did Chloe and yet Lois was filled with questions. “Where will you guys be going?”

“We don’t know.” Top answered again. “We’re really following Jack’s lead right now.”

“But Jack said something about maybe visiting my brother, Tracy, and his family.” Charlie winced at the look Top suddenly gave her, so apparently they weren’t supposed to have told anyone that. “What? Top Buchannan, they deserved to know!”

He frowned at the petite blonde before turning to Lois. “Jack wanted to be in a place where he wouldn’t run into Chloe. Tracy and Kelly have always let us hang there whenever we are in between jobs, and Jack and Tyler are nearly in love with their seven year old daughter, so that would probably be the best place for them right now.”

Charlie nodded. “Tracy and Jack were best friends growing up, and they spend time together whenever they are able to. And since Kelly left for Afghanistan some months ago, he’s been having some problems with my little niece and has asked us to come over and give him a hand whenever we could. The place is a small town, there’s a large forest that surrounds it, and a lake. It’s a nice, serene place, and it’ll be the best place for Jack to be away from stress-factors.”

“Tyler told him that he should take up yoga.” Top confessed with an amused expression. “And I think that he was joking when he said that, but Jack’s taking him seriously.”

“Kelly and Tracy are into yoga, Tracy is actually a part-time yoga instructor.” Charlie made a face, showing what she thought of that, but then shook her head and sighed. “I’ll keep in contact with you guys and let you know how things are going.”

Lois smiled, grateful for that thoughtful gesture. “Thanks, I know that that will make Chloe feel better.” She frowned slightly at the thing that Top was holding so carefully, as if frightened that it would break or something. “What’s in that?”

“Chloe’s blood.” Top answered, handling the container with even more care. “When she found out that Jack and us were leaving she went and got more taken out for him, and this container has about two hundred of the little vials with blood that he’ll need.”

Two hundred?” Lois croaked. She knew that her cousin was healing-girl, but still, that was a lot of blood to draw in one night!

“I think it’s added to some of the older vials of blood that she’d already taken out.” Charlie announced thoughtfully as if she’d read Lois’ frantic thoughts, or maybe that same question had been bugging her as well from the moment she’d found out.

“I hope so.” Lois hugged herself, feeling chilly. “That’s a lot of blood to draw out--healing abilities or not.” She paused. “Do you guys know where my cousin is?”

“Last I saw her she was going to talk to Jack in his room.” Top pointed out. “Would you like me to talk you there?”

“No.” Lois shook her head. “They’re saying goodbye. God save whoever tries to interrupt that.”

Charlie grinned suggestively.

Top just looked a little uncomfortable with the direction that their conversation was headed. He then turned to Lois with eyes wide. “I heard that you’d been fired from your job. What exactly are your plans now that you’re out in the cold?”

Charlie looked just as interested in the answer.

“Well, I actually have a job.” Lois smiled somewhat sheepishly. “I wrangled one out of Lex while I was having a hissy fit some hours ago. He was either very compassionate of my situation or scared shitless since I was throwing things around without discretion of who they hit.” Her grin grew mischievous as she said that. “I told him that he was going to hire me and make me Chloe’s assistant because the girl can’t keep herself out of trouble. She needs someone to keep an eye out for her.”

Charlie grinned at that.

So did Top.

“And Lex told me that I had the job and got the hell outta dodge before the waterworks could continue.” Lois concluded, grin turning a bit more genuine. “So from Monday I’m going to be officially on Lexcorp’s payroll, and I plan on being naughty and getting paid for it.”

Charlie laughed.

Top raised an eyebrow. “Why am I suddenly absolutely frightened for Mr. Luthor?”

“Oh, he should be afraid, very afraid.” Lois grinned.

Laughter echoed off of the walls of the lit hall.

Chloe slipped into Jack’s room, relieved to find him still there, packing the little that he’d brought with him. She knew that he’d sensed her from the moment she’d opened the door, but still kept his back to her, ignoring her presence, but she wasn’t insulted. Actually, she was glad for his behavior, it gave her time to just lean against the closed door and admire the muscles beneath his shirt flex as he worked silently.

“Lex gave the container filled with the vials of blood to Top.” She broke the silence.

He paused before closing the cover of his backpack and turning to her, eyes now normal, expression blank. “Why are you here?”

“Because,” she whispered, pushing away from the door and going towards him. “I didn’t want you to go without saying goodbye.” The blonde woman looked up at him as he tensed with each step she took towards him, and she knew that what she was doing was wrong, that he was desperate to be away from her, but she wouldn’t have been able to live with herself if she didn’t do this right now.

“Chloe?” Jack whispered when the blonde stopped in front of him and stood on her tiptoes, hand on his cheek, thumb caressing the stubble there. “What are you doing?”

Closing her eyes, Chloe pressed her lips to his and whimpered when something in him snapped and Jack’s arms encircled her, pulling her to him roughly, his hands panning the expanse of her back, traveling up and down, rubbing and squeezing, claiming her as she’d hoped he would.

Throwing her arms around his neck, Chloe pulled herself closer, gasping into his kiss as his hands ventured heavily down the small of her back and cupped her ass, lifting her up against him, causing her to wrap her legs around his waist as he turned and slammed her back against the wall.

Breath leaving her in seconds, Chloe felt dizzy, but that was probably the fault of Jack as he moved against her, his hardness sliding against her soft femininity, something within them soaring to life as they seemed to be on fire. She nibbled on his bottom lip and the complain that’d been in her throat when he’d pulled away was choked when he pressed his mouth to the side of her neck, his stubble playing against the soft skin as he nibbled and licked and sucked, leaving little marks all over her skin, pink with arousal.

Chloe…” His voice was hoarse, nearly animalistic against her skin as his hands ran under the back of her shirt and met flesh, trailing his short nails against her skin. “I’m not going to stop. I’m not going to--.”

Don’t.” And she’d reclaimed his mouth, wincing when she tasted blood, realizing that she’d nicked his lip with her teeth, but Jack just whimpered into the kiss, running his tongue against hers as the blood continued to mix in the kiss and their hands continued to roam the other’s upper torsos.

The sound of her shirt tearing was the only forewarning Jack gave Chloe before she was suddenly on her back on the bed, with him upon her, mouths never having left each other, and she hurriedly undid the buttons of his shirt before growing frustrated and following his example and tearing the rest off, feeling a dark satisfaction within her at the sound of material tearing and buttons hitting the tiled floor.

It was rough and animalistic, unlike anything Chloe would have ever thought she’d enjoy sexually, but something inside of her whimpered in pleasure as they continued to tear at each other’s clothes until they were naked, fighting for dominance, the male in Jack growling for her to submit, and the female in Chloe snarling back before biting harder on his already bruised bottom lip, and the taste of blood seemed to strengthen the frenzy they were in.

A cry was torn from her throat when he entered her with a harsh thrust, and then everything was fire and lava, heat that rose from their bodies and burnt as they moved together, their mouths branding each other as Chloe ran her fingernails down his back, the scent of blood, the delicious hiss deep within his throat, and the feeling of dampness in her fingernails proving that her scratches had gone deep.

Chloe pulled one of those hands away from his bleeding back and brought a finger, red with his blood, to her lips, closing her eyes as she tasted his blood for the first time, whimpering in pleasure at the tangy delicacy that hit the back of her throat potently, swirling down into her and burning like only the purest of vodka.

Jack roared and suddenly he’d pulled out and she was flipped around, kneeling on the bed and he was within her, arms encircling her from behind as he nibbled the skin of her shoulder and moved as one with her, branding the young blonde from within.

His teeth scratched the surface of her skin and she meowed, tilting her head to the side, granting him access, finally submitting to him. Chloe whimpered in pleasure as he trailed bites over the expanse of her shoulder and up her throat--cried out when one of his hands traveled down her flat stomach and cupped her, thumb teasing her as he continued to move relentlessly within her, causing stars to appear behind her eyes.

Jack…!” She cried, closing her eyes for a second and opening them again, blinking when she saw the room lighter and in better detail, realizing that she’d gone predator again.

Ch…lo…e…!” His voice was so hoarse and hard to the ears that she knew that so had he.

And suddenly he pressed harder with his thumb and she was screaming as the world spun and she exploded, spasming around his hard length, body shaking terribly as he roared in her ear and began to move urgently within her, and she felt it when he shattered and bit down on her shoulder enough to pierce the skin and draw blood as he came along with her.



And when it was finally over they collapsed on the bed in a tangle of arms and legs, bodies sore and yet sated as Jack drew her up against his naked body, still within her. “I’m going to come back for you.” He promised, voice like sandpaper.

Chloe’s only answer was to press a kiss to the naked skin of his chest before closing her eyes and breathing in his scent, feeling sleep begin to take over again. She knew that when she awoke he’d be gone, but as they lay facing each other, with their arms around the other, hearts beating as one, it was enough.

For now, it was enough.

Taking in another whiff of the scent of his skin, smiling softly when she felt Jack press a tender kiss to the side of her face, Chloe allowed herself to fall asleep.

“Thank you for your help. You didn’t have to help me but you did, and yet I have something else to ask of you before I go.” The tall man finally spoke. “Take care of her.”

Lex realized how hard it was for the other man to say that, to do this, to leave Chloe with him. He looked at the sandy-blonde man standing in front of him as Lois said goodbye to the others as they filed into the car that would take them to the airport. Agony was visible in Jack’s eyes, and the way he kept sending glances at the building behind Lex proved that he was still tracking Chloe’s breaths as she slept.

“I’m dying.”

Jack froze suddenly, turning to look at Lex in horror. “What are you talking about?”

“I have cancer.” Lex admitted to the first one other than the annoying and nosey Lois Lane. “My doctors give me no more than a year to live.” He paused, letting that information sink in. “So you better get control of yourself by then. I—I don’t want Chloe to be alone.”

Jack frowned slightly for a moment, looking at Lex as if examining him. “You love her.”

“Since she was in high school.” The billionaire confessed with a sad smile. “But it wasn’t meant to be.”

“She could heal you.”

“She could.” He agreed slowly. “But I’m another one of those meteor mutants she told you about. And if she healed me anymore, I’d drain her completely of her healing abilities--and I’d never do that to her. They’re what keep her safe.”

Jack was silent again, looking quickly at the building behind them before turning to Lex. “I will make sure that she will not be alone, ever.”

Lex smiled, truly grateful. “That’s all I ask.” He reached out his hand, not only was he offering a truce, but he was showing his trust in the other man to take care of Chloe when he wouldn’t be there to do so himself.

The taller man looked at the hand offered before shaking it firmly. “I will be back for her.”

Lex nodded. “Good.”

And with that, Jack McAlister and his spelunking team, got into the taxi and left.

Lois sighed as she appeared by Lex’s side. “Do you think they’re doing the right thing? Leaving?”

He kept his gaze on the taxi as it quickly disappeared in the distance. “I don’t know, Lois. I really don’t know.”

Later that day, when Jack was so far away she couldn’t even feel him anymore, Chloe finally emerged from her room, and met Lex and Lois in the dinning room, where they were having a late lunch.

“Chloe!” Lois started, standing up from the table like Lex.

“I want you to teach me all that you know about self-defense and fighting.” Chloe surprised her cousin by saying. “Jack is doing what he must to help him get control over his parasite, and now I must do what I can to refine the abilities mine gave me.”

Lex smiled from where he was standing by the head of the table. “I agree a hundred per cent.”

Lois frowned, looking from Lex to Chloe and then sighed in defeat. “Okay Cuz, I’ll teach you what I know.”

For the first time that day, Chloe smiled.


I wonder what has you so amused.

Jack looked out of the window of the plane as he fingered the ring Chloe hadn’t even realized he’d stolen, which he kept around his neck on a chain. He could feel her satisfaction and amusement, and was glad that she was fine, that she was strong, and wasn’t letting this pull her down.

Please put your seats in the upright position and fasten your seatbelts for landing.” The stewardess spoke over the speakerphones.

Jack sighed as he did as told.

He didn't know if he'd be able to keep his promise to Chloe, that he'd return to find her.

But he'd try.

Jack winced as his world shook slightly, the muscles in his arms and hands shifting visibly under his skin.

A dark, ominous feeling filled his stomach.

Somehow, he knew it just wouldn't be enough.





18th-Aug-2008 11:48 pm (UTC)
This is fantastic. I got my Jack/Chloe smut, YAY!!!! This was the perfect gift for finishing my final exam today. Poor Lex, I still can't believe that he is dying. I loved Jack promising to come back for Chloe because I totally want them to end up together and because it means that there will be more from my favorite verse in the future. I'm SO looking for to seeing what happens next. Awesome job.
19th-Aug-2008 03:41 am (UTC)
*Bursts out laughing* Yep, you got your Jack/Chloe smut! LOLZ I'm glad that you liked it. Yeah, Lex has to die, sad to say, but he just has to! Jack will come back for Chloe----or Chloe will find him when he's about to----I'm not exactly sure which will happen, but I'm gonna start writing the first chapter to the next story in the 'verse tomorrow---or the next day...so hopefully you won't have to wait long!
19th-Aug-2008 04:50 pm (UTC)
What a wonderful ending to an amazing story... I have loved every single chapter... and what an action packed ride it was. I never saw The Cave, but that didn't matter... you wrote an incredibly addictive story, that had me headbutting my screen more than once as I got engrossed... Bravo.... :D

Thank you so much for sharing this... I look forward to the sequel *hint hint*

19th-Aug-2008 04:55 pm (UTC)
Awwww! I'm glad that you liked it so much! And really, you should watch the cave, it's really good! Well, I'll try working on the first chapter of the sequel this evening after work!

21st-Aug-2008 04:30 pm (UTC)
Oh wow! I found my way here via Chloe_crossing and am ecstatic that I did! This was so much fun. Everyone was just spot on and the action scenes had me glued to the screen. Thank you for a Lex that wasn't evil incarnate as well. And it was also nice to see that others have recognized the hotness that is Cole Hauser.

Just fantastic! And a sequel? I'm so there.
21st-Aug-2008 05:22 pm (UTC)
LoL. WHO can ignore Cole Hauser? *sighs dreamily*
I'm very glad that you liked it, since The Cave was a pet project of mine!
And the sequel...the first chapter should be posted soon!
Thanks for reviewing and have a great day!
9th-Nov-2008 02:18 am (UTC)
So I finished re-reading this and it is just as awesome as I remembered, especially the Jack/Chloe smut *grins* I seriously have a very dirty mind. Anyways, I just thought I would comment again because I love this story so much. I'm off to re-read "A Firefly in the Pitch Black". You have a serious talent for taking my favorite characters and sticking them together, which makes you utterly fabulous.
9th-Nov-2008 02:40 am (UTC)
awwww. that's so sweet! You know, I keep on thinking that I have to write the sequel to this, but I keep on having ideas for an AU sequel...but that'll have to wait until I finish with Chloe's Supernatural and Connor.
14th-Mar-2009 06:20 am (UTC)
The best part about Chloe Sullivan is that we've got some of the best writers in this side of the fandom. And having you a part of it and writing different crossovers of fandoms I've yet to watch/read...awesomeness.

:D I love this fic, I've been reading your stuff for awhile now and I've only discovered this one. So awesome. I've never seen The Cave, but man oh man, I have to watch it now. I love everything - most especially the smut, haha - and it was so suspenseful and exciting to see this fic through the end. Chloe being the target for some love shacking from the male mutated soldiers after being infected had me in stitches if only because it seems to be her eternal fate to be the beacon light of trouble no matter what. But that's what makes her so endearing because she takes it in stride.

Jack being infected makes things so charged and rockets the sexual chemistry between him and Chloe through the roof that it makes all scenes with Jack, Jack and Chloe, Jack and everyone else so fascinating to read.

Is it wrong to somehow want some Jack/Chloe/Tyler threesome? Haha, someone shoot me. I'm dirty.

-_- I hope Lex can get some sort of peace when he dies. I'm glad he leaves everything to Chloe - she's totally going to be like Lara Croft, only ten times more awesome. Haha.

I can't wait to see the potential sequel, or AU but I need at least one chapter of more Jack/Chloe smut preferably like the one you just wrote because *whistles* hot. Haha.

Looking forward to it! Mwhaha. :P
14th-Mar-2009 03:27 pm (UTC)
First of all I wanted to thank you for the LONG review! I jumped up and down when I first saw it and then I got nervous because I was like---what if all of that is a flame? *lol*

Thank you so much for all the compliments. It made my strange day happy! And I keep telling myself that I NEED to write the sequel----or the two AU sequels I have planned, but then something happens and I don't.

Have a good day!
15th-Sep-2010 06:06 am (UTC)
I throughly enjoyed this story. The Jack/Chloe plotline is just lovely and i can't wait to see where you take this! I saw that you've written sequels to this, so i am off to read. ;p
16th-Sep-2010 02:36 am (UTC)
Hope you enjoy the sequels! (and alt. sequels)
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