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Number Five 1/5 
2nd-Mar-2011 03:05 pm
chlark----chasing chloe

Title: Number Five
Characters: Chloe, Clark, The Kents, The Sullivans, Lana
Fandoms: Smallville/I Am Number Four
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: It'd started with the telekinesis, and considering that it was her whom he'd used it to save, Chloe discovered the truth about her best friend. He was one of nine children sent to earth from the Planet Lorien to save them from its destruction. He was Number Five, and she has her own connections to Lorien.
A/N2: Takes place after the movie. So spoilers.
A/N2: AU Smallville. Clark is from Lorien, not Krypton.
A/N3: This is a chloe/clark friendship!fic.

It'd started with the telekinesis, and considering that it was her whom he'd used it to save, Chloe discovered the truth about her best friend.

He was literally out of this world.

The sixteen year old had always known that there was something special about Clark, but she'd never realized that he was this special. Apparently on the night of the meteor shower, Martha and Jonathan Kent had come upon a wreckage, in which Clark's Cepan, or guardian, had been severely injured by the falling meteors, and begged the Kents to take care of the two year old Clark. He'd told them a story that anyone else would have thought insane, and yet the Kents had taken the dying man's words to heart. He'd spoken with choked words of their home-world, a planet named Lorien, which had been destroyed by monstrous aliens called Mogadorians. Only nine children, all Gardes (or special children) with powers (or Legacies as the Cepan had called them) who should have grown up to be guardians of their home planet, had been saved...and their own mentors of course.

The nine children had been separated, placed under the care of a single Cepan, and hidden in the far recesses of earth.

The Mogadorians knew that nine children had survived, and would come after them.

And now Clark had no one to protect him.

Despite not having any powers of their own, Mister and Mrs. Kent hadn't been able to turn their hearts away from the young boy, and had taken Clark in, promising the nearly dead Cepan that they would care for him and protect him.

They'd done just that, doing their best to have Clark blend in with the kids in Smallville.

When the symbol of Number One burnt itself into Clark's calf when he was four, they'd known that the Mogadorians had arrived on Earth and had already found the first child.

Martha had cried, knowing that those monsters had killed a child.

They'd overprotected Clark more after that.

Especially after Number Two's and Number Three's marks later on burnt in Clark's calf above the first brand, the last one appearing when Clark was sixteen...only two months ago.

Terror had kept Martha and Jonathan from having true sleep since then.

The son they loved above all else in this world was Number Five, which meant that there was only one child in the list before him, since the Mogadorians were killing the Lorien children in order.

"I'm no good if I don't have anyone to train me." Clark looked out at the darkness from the loft's window, hand clasping the Lorien protection charm he always wore around his neck, which was similar to the scars on his calf, and yet was his very own...Five's. It was the protection charm in these pendants which forced the Mogadorians to kill the children one by one, and not spread out and kill them all at once.

Chloe sighed as she turned to look at him, wondering what exactly she could say about that.

Clark had been doing his best to practice his telekinesis in the protection of the barn, and it was fairly decimated thanks to his efforts.

But if these Mogadorians were really on his trails, with their weapons and numbers, he was going to need a lot more than just knowing how to use that ability.

He was going to need to know how to fight.

Really fight.

And his parents were just too scared for him to draw attention to himself to let him go out and get basic self-defense lessons.

Chloe also felt useless.

If she had been her cousin Lois she could have taught him something, Lois was a black belt.

"I love my parents-I'm so lucky to have them-but I need more than they're willing to let me have." And Clark looked so agonized and guilty for saying that as he turned to look at Chloe. "How can I have a chance-how can I protect them-if I don't-?"

Chloe reached out and placed a hand on Clark's arm, rubbing it. "We'll find a way."

Clark sighed and looked back in the distance.

Chloe watched Clark's gaze land on Lana Lang's house.

The blonde looked down at her hands.

Ever since she'd come here with her father Clark Kent had been in love with Lana Lang.

The girl really didn't know he existed, but he madly in love with her.


Mrs. Kent had once said that the first time Clark had seen Lana he'd turned to his mother and asked her if the girl was an angel.

As he'd grown older, his feelings had grown stronger, to a strange sort of adoration that might have seemed creepy and stalkery on anyone who wasn't sweet, considerate, adorably shy and awkward Clark.

For years Chloe had waited for Clark to take his Lana blinders down and realize his best friend had feelings for him, but the sixteen year old had given up on that front, and only sometimes felt a twinge of annoyance or resentment whenever the Lana Issue was brought up. She had to admit though, it was more hurt pride than anything else that brought up those old feelings. Thankfully Clark had never realized that Chloe had harbored those feelings for him since she'd arrived as a bright eyed, snarky eleven year old. This way they could be close, he could confide in her, and there was no awkwardness between them at all.

"I love my parents..." Clark repeated, guilt still obvious on his face as it raised towards the heavens. "But I wonder sometimes, you know? About my birth parents?" He took in a deep breath. "They and the others sacrificed so much to send me and the other eight here for our safety. And our Capens-they probably had to leave their families behind in Lorien knowing that it would be the last time they'd ever see them-all this sacrifice for us." His grip on his charm tightened. "It's...surreal...like the plot of a movie or something. Not-it shouldn't be something that could happen in reality."

Chloe rested her head against his arm, looking up at the sky as well. "Your parents loved you, Clark, you know that much. They adored you and sent you here for your protection, and I know that they'd be very proud of the guy you are now. You're noble, truthful, upright."

Clark scoffed.

"You are." Chloe pressed. "You can always find the good in people, no matter how messed up they are. It takes a special type of person, a pureness of soul, to do that."

"Let's not make me a saint either." Clark mumbled, though his voice betrayed that the sliver of depression had been driven away.

"Never." She promised, pushing away and looking around her. "Now, we're going to work on your telekinesis some more."

Clark turned towards her, making a face. "I think we've done enough drills for tonight."

"Like you said, you need to be in tip top shape, Super boy." Chloe countered, picking up an apple she'd taken a bite out of earlier, and tossing it towards him with all her might.

Clark's hands raised in an instinctive defensive gesture, the apple stopping its trajectory, spinning listlessly in its spot.

As he concentrated on keeping the apple floating, Chloe pulled off her shoe and threw it at him. It hit Clark on the head and the apple fell to the ground as he brought his hands to his head, groaning.

"Chloe!" Clark complained, rubbing his head and giving her a look.

The blonde raised an eyebrow. "The bad guys aren't going to wait in line to throw attacks at you, you know. You're going to have to learn how to use your power on multiple objects at the same time, and not lose your concentration or not concentrate too much on one thing."

Clark sighed. "You're got a point, Commander."

Chloe smirked. "I like the sound of that."

"The part where you're right, or the commander part?" Clark wanted to know, using his power to raise her shoe and carefully send it back to her.

Plucking the shoe out of the air, Chloe put it back on. "Both." Clapping her hands, she motioned with her head for him to follow. "C'mon now, we're going to practice and practice until you're strong enough to pick up that tractor down there."

Clark leaned over the railing and looked down at the old tractor his father was constantly arguing with.

He gulped.

Chloe descended the steps, heading down from the loft towards the tractor, looking up at Clark with a raised eyebrow. "Anytime this century will do."

Giving her an amused look, Clark rose to stand on the railing of the barn's loft, and then flipped off, landing on his feet by the tractor.

Chloe, who was still making her way down, smirked. "Showoff."

Clark smiled...until she threw a wrench at him...and then it was all business.
2nd-Mar-2011 08:42 pm (UTC)
nice... don't kowe the movie... need to watch the trailer... but it's a good start... like always i have to ask... will chloe get her special someone.. *smile*
2nd-Mar-2011 08:46 pm (UTC)
I went to the cinema the other day to see this movie...was entertained :)
Can't answer---yet!
3rd-Mar-2011 02:05 am (UTC)
I love it. I saw the movie when it came out and thought it was pretty good. I can't wait to find out what you have in store for Chloe and Number 5. :)

3rd-Mar-2011 04:27 am (UTC)
I couldn't get this storyline out of my head ever since I went to see the movie last saturday...so I had to write it down and post it because I couldn't concentrate on any of my other stories otherwise!
3rd-Mar-2011 07:45 am (UTC)
Well I for one am glad you did. It's great. I wish my muse was as diverse as your's is. :D Still waiting for your request/bribe. :P Give me a topic and characters and I'll see what I can come up with. *smiles*

3rd-Mar-2011 07:56 am (UTC)
I'm going to have to give it serious thought and get back to you :)
3rd-Mar-2011 05:40 am (UTC)
I went to see this movie this last weekend and when it was over I immediately thought "This could be an awesome crossover with Smallville." I guess I wasn't the only one then again Chloe makes everything better! Lol.
3rd-Mar-2011 06:27 am (UTC)
The story of Lorien/Krypton is similar so it made it hard to ignore :)
3rd-Mar-2011 06:49 am (UTC)
For a second I thought you finally crossed over to the land of Chlark, I was about to twirl with happy delight and everything...Drats!!!! Oh well friendship fic from one of my favorite writers is better then nothing :)
3rd-Mar-2011 06:54 am (UTC)
No...chlark is a VERY difficult terrain for me to walk. :( Sorry.
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