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Number Five 2/5 
2nd-Mar-2011 08:35 pm
chlark----chasing chloe

Title: Number Five
Characters: Chloe, Clark, The Kents, The Sullivans, Lana
Fandoms: Smallville/I Am Number Four
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: It'd started with the telekinesis, and considering that it was her whom he'd used it to save, Chloe discovered the truth about her best friend. He was one of nine children sent to earth from the Planet Lorien to save them from its destruction. He was Number Five, and she has her own connections to Lorien.
A/N2: Takes place after the movie. So spoilers.
A/N2: AU Smallville. Clark is from Lorien, not Krypton.
A/N3: This is a chloe/clark friendship!fic.

Lana Lang was in danger.

Must be thursday.

All Chloe knew was that another meteor freak had fallen in love with Lana, gotten obsessed with her, stalked her, and had tried to kidnap her. The only reason why the kidnapping hadn't been successful was because Lana's ex, Whitney Fordman, had confronted him, and nearly been killed thanks to it. He was injured, in the hospital, but his interference had given Lana the time to scream for help and make others arrive.

Safety in numbers.

Max Hopkins had ran and disappeared off of the face of the earth, but if there was one thing the meteor freaks encountered had in common, it was that they were terribly predictable, especially if Lana was involved. The dude was going to go after the brunette once more, most probably tonight, and that was why Chloe and Clark were hiding in Nell Potter's petunia's. The duo were sitting in the mud, making small talk while trying to keep unseen and yet keep an eye as well. The conversation headed towards Lana's bad luck in the love department, in which Clark defended Lana profusely while Chloe just rolled her eyes. Sometimes Clark's devotion to Lana annoyed the shit out of Chloe, and yet it also gave her hope that there were actual men out there who really were devoted to the girl of their dreams-and not just the jerks Chloe herself seemed to attract.

Then again, maybe this awesome devotion was a Lorien thing.

"Do you think that all the Gardes are boys?" Chloe asked, leaning against the back of the house, voice a whisper as she stared up at the sky.

Clark raised an eyebrow at that, sending her a curious look. "I don't know...but I don't think so. From what my Capen told ma and pa we were supposed to be the last chance for our world-so I'm guessing there were girls amongst us too."

"And three are dead." Chloe sighed, eyes on a shooting star. "Counting you there are six left."

"Your math skills astound." Clark chuckled, obviously intrigued by this conversation and highly amused as well.

"Shut up." Chloe chuckled, giving him a little shove sideways, blushing.

"So, what's going on in your contorted mind?" Clark wanted to know, curiously.

"Contorted? Really?" Chloe scoffed.

Rolling his eyes at her, Clark bumped shoulders with her. "You're not changing the subject or distracting me by picking apart my word choices. Why did you ask that?"

The blonde made a face, continuing to look up at the heavens. "Because I plan on bagging me a Lorien guy. I'm not going to waste my time with human men anymore. It's going to be alien guys from now on. It'll be my new thing."

Clark blinked. "Xenophilia anyone?"

Laughing, Chloe brought one hand up to muffle the sound and slapped his shoulder. "Shut up! And anyway! If you ever got Lana to consider you-she'd be committing Xenophilia too!" Her eyes widened and she chuckled. "And you could be considered a Xenophiliac as well being all in love with her!"

"Lana's not alien." Clark made a face.

"If she's not from Lorien she is a lifeform from another planet, which equates to alien." Chloe pointed out, feeling so smug and superior and a giddy for pointing this out.

Clark opened his mouth, closed it, thought for a second, and then leaned back against the wall. "Yoda, you make a weird yet compelling case."

"I know!" She grinned, not ashamed to show her glee at this.

"Giving that point of reasoning, all those girls in our class are either Team Necrophilia or Team Bestiality." Clark blinked, making up his nose.

"Well, I give you the first one...but it's only Bestiality if the guy's in wolf form..." Chloe replied, warming up to the debate in the making. "See? I'm not the only one bored with a normal, human x human relationship."

Clark sent her a sideways glance, expression thoughtful. "So you really wouldn't mind? Being with an alien, I mean? It wouldn't-freak you out?"

Chloe snorted. "My best friend is alien, why would I care if my boyfriend was?"

"Well, because...you'd...you know...with a boyfriend." Clark mumbled, gaze lowering.

"Kiss? Have sex?" Chloe grinned at how innocent this farm boy was. "Clark, if the guy is half as good looking as you, believe me, I won't care at all."

He blushed, but looked extremely pleased. "That's kinda sweet, Chloe."

"Shut up." She grumbled, bumping her shoulder into his, before going serious when he looked towards Lana's bedrooms above them. "She's going to notice you one day, you know. I mean, I'm shocked that she hasn't done so already. You're one of not only the nicest guys in school-but you're also one of the best looking."

"You're just saying that because you're my best friend." Clark mumbled, sighing.

"Uh, no, I'm not." Chloe shook her head, wondering if Clark really was blind to the fact that he was incredibly, unfairly good looking. "Clark, as a girl, I'm telling you that you're probably the best looking person, guy or girl, that I've ever met."

It must have been the sincerity in her voice, because when Clark turned to her, he was surprised. He eyed her silently before smiling. "Thanks."

"Welcome." She replied, pulling a strand of hair behind her ear, smirking. "Now don't make me have to repeat that ever again."

He chuckled, grinning brightly, slinging an arm around her. "You're probably the best friend anyone could ask for, you know that right?"

"Yeah." Chloe nodded.

They looked at each other and grinned.

But the moment was ruined by a scream from up above, and they hurried to their feet, looking up in time to see Lana Lang climb out of her bedroom window and slip.

Clark's eyes widened and he raced to where Lana was, moving faster than Chloe had ever seen him, arriving in time to catch the screaming brunette in his arms before she could hit the ground.

Chloe's eyes widened.

Clark's newest Legacy had just activated!

And just like last time, it was someone's life being in danger which had triggered it.

"Are you okay?" Clark asked, looking down into Lana's face in worry.

She was breathing rapidly, in fear, before turning to look up at him. Her hazel eyes widened as her lips parted as she stared into his eyes. "You-you just saved my life."

Clark blushed and cleared his throat, looking away. "Just lucky we were cutting through your backyard I guess."

Lana just looked up at him, breath bated.

Clark blushed darker, smiling at her.

Chloe rolled her eyes. "Not to interrupt or anything, but was there a reason for the swan dive out of your bedroom window?"

Lana jumped at the sound of her voice, turning her head to look at Chloe in confusion for a second before her eyes widened as she looked up at her window. "He was there! Max Hopkins! In my bedroom! I don't know how he got there but I came out from bathing and he was there blocking my bedroom door!"

Clark's eyes narrowed, protectiveness filling him, as he put her down. "I'll go check."

"No!" Lana reached out for him and grabbed his arm, holding him back. "He'll hurt you."

Clark gulped, looking down at where her hand clasped around his.

Chloe raised an eyebrow, watching those two.

Apparently tonight was the night when Lana finally noticed Clark Kent.

Too bad it was during the middle of an attack from one of her psycho stalkers.

"Lana?" Nell Potter cried, causing the three teenagers to look up at Lana's bedroom window, where the woman was looking down at her in worry. "I heard you scream!" She blinked. "What are you doing outside in your night dress?"

Lana's eyes went wide and she looked down at herself, obviously realizing that she really was wearing her pink night dress. "Oh my!"

Clark looked up at Nell. "Lana said that Max was in her bedroom."

Nell gasped and pulled away from the window, looking all around the bedroom in fear.

"Aunt Nell!" Lana turned and raced towards the front door, Clark following after her.

Chloe had been about to follow when she heard a noise in the woods behind Lana's house. The blonde's green eyes narrowed as she turned towards the darkness of the trees, and took a couple of steps towards the shadows. Leaves rustled loudly as something, or maybe someone, retreated deeper into the thick foliage.

"You should just give it a rest already." She called into the woods, taking a couple of steps towards it. "How many guys have done this before and ended up dead or in Belle Reeve?"

A twig snapped under something's weight.

The blonde gulped. "You're already in trouble, Max. You nearly killed Whitney, and Lana is so scared of you that you honestly have to realize that you have no future with her. And why don't you have any future? Because you ruined any chance you might of had." She could see something moving in the shadows, but couldn't make out anything more than shifting darkness. "Best advice I can give you? Give yourself in, or hit the road, because if you do anything else its going to be worse on yourself. And face it. You're not getting the girl."

Hearing something breaking behind her, Chloe turned around, eyes widening when she spied through Lana's bedroom window Clark battling Max Hopkins hand to hand.

Dread filled her stomach as she realized that if Max was still in Lana's home...

...what the hell was in the woods?

Turning back towards the darkness, Chloe found herself face to face with a creature unlike anything she had ever seen before, and before she could even scream everything went black.
3rd-Mar-2011 05:49 am (UTC)
"Because I plan on bagging me a Lorien guy. I'm not going to waste my time with human men anymore. It's going to be alien guys from now on. It'll be my new thing."
This should totally HAPPEN!

I loved the Chlark banter. I really miss their interaction from the earlier seasons.

You really had me thinking there was a hot Lorien guy in the woods just waiting to pounce on Chloe and yell "You are my one true love. Let the sexy-times COMMENCE!"
3rd-Mar-2011 06:29 am (UTC)
*DIES LAUGHING* Can you IMAGINE poor Chloe's reaction if that happened? Even if he were hot---she knows the psychos Smallville dishes out on poor young women! lol
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