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Destiny Begun 2/5 
25th-Mar-2011 04:37 am

Title: Destiny Begun
Sequel to: Mark of the Dragon
Universe: Lost Princess Series
Pairings/Characters: Chloe/Arthur, Chloe/Lancelot, Lois, Lana
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: How is Chloe to find a way back home if Camelot keeps executing her best chances of doing so? On top of this she has to put up with Arthur, who has to be the biggest ass ever. Between being kidnapped, meeting Lancelot, and finding druids...destiny begins.
Written for my Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt used #85: Lake Monster.

"Thanks, for inviting me to come with you." Chloe sighed, looking out at the beautiful lake hidden deep within Igraine's abandoned garden. "I didn't want to stay there and watch it happen."

Morgana gave her a small smile and nodded. "I understand." Her gaze went skyward as she laid on the dead grass. "I've had to witness these Cleansings since I was a child, but it never gets easy to do so."

Chloe sent the woman a sideways glance before biting her bottom lip, wondering if she should say what she truly thought about this. Morgana had spoken up against Uther to his face a couple of times, but she was also his ward, faithful to him, and Arthur had warned Chloe constantly to remember that everyone in the castle were Uther's ears and if she liked living then she should just shut up, keep her head down, and not speak ill of the king. It was darkly amusing to Chloe how she couldn't stand Arthur, and he lived to antagonize her, yet he also seemed to want to protect her somewhat. It was perverse yet true.

So she kept to herself all of her thoughts about how unfair this ban on magic was, instead enjoying the silence of the garden.

"Arthur acts differently with you then he does with other women." Morgana surprised her by commenting.

"You mean he isn't as charming with everyone else?" Chloe mocked, hand to her heart.

"Exactly." Morgana nodded, no sarcasm at all in her voice.

Chloe blinked, surprised. "Are you saying he's been on his best behavior with me?"

"Haven't you noticed?" The King's ward asked, curious, and a bit amused. "He's never been this well behaved before."

"Well-behaved-?" Chloe shrieked. "He flaunts his power over the masses! Almost every time I pass him he starts bossing someone! He insists on slaughtering the helpless, innocent woodland creatures for no good reason and then likes to shove their poor, rotting carcasses in my face! He antagonizes me endlessly! And he doesn't even treat his knights right! Whenever I pass by and they are training he turns into some sort of demon! Totally pulverizing them and flaunting how much better he is than them!"

"Exactly." Morgana's lips twitched. "Adding all those things up, what exactly does that tell you?"

"That he's a bully!" Chloe exclaimed, not exactly sure why Morgana seemed so hellishly amused right now.

"Is that all?" Morgana asked.

"No." Chloe pouted. "But I'd probably be sent to the stocks for voicing the rest of my opinions about him."

The King's Ward burst out into laughter, holding her stomach as if it were hurting her from her laughter. "I like you Chloe, you're different from the other women here. I don't feel so...different...anymore." Her lips twitched. "Everyone thinks you're much odder than me."

"Well, I'm glad to be of some use." Chloe shook her head, standing. "I'm going to take a dip in the water."

Morgana waved her away.

Rolling her eyes in amusement, Chloe began undoing the buttons of her dress.


Arthur had seen so many executions in his life that he had to admit, he'd found himself growing numb to them. He knew that magic was evil, and that those who practiced it were evil as well, but it didn't make their screams any easier to bare listening to. Still, he was the prince, and the people must not see any doubt or expression other than utter disgust towards the sorcerer upon his face, so he modeled his features as they should be and kept his eyes on the woman as she was tied to the stake. His father commenced his speech on how the woman was a witch, had been caught performing her witchery, and that as the laws of Camelot dictated, she must die for this treason.

The people gathered around, having grown as used as the prince to the Cleansings. Many threw vegetables at her, many leered, but some watched in pity and sadness. Arthur always noted those few.

"Everyone will pay for this!" The witch continued with the threats she'd issued the day before. "Camelot will lose its hope! I'll make sure of it!"

"Make sure of this you old hag!" One of the men threw a potato at her.

King Uther motioned to the executioner, who rose the flaming torch up high for all to see, before lowering it and setting the kindle on fire all around the stake.

A cheer rose from the crowd, drowning out the words the witch was saying.

Something, though, curled in Arthur's stomach.

It felt very much like worry.

The skies, which had been clear and sunny, were quickly turning dark and dangerous, lightning crackling overhead.

Frowning, Arthur made his way closer to the stake, pushing passed the commoners and civilians, the knights flanking him doing the same. He didn't notice though, intent on the sneering witch, and only when he was close enough to feel the heat of the flames uncomfortably on his skin, was Arthur able her hear her voice. She wasn't speaking in english.

His eyes widened.

She was casting a spell!

Suddenly, a loud roar sounded behind them, shaking the very ground beneath their feet.

People screamed, looking around them, confused, not knowing what they'd heard.

"It came from the castle!" One of the peasants next to him whispered loudly.

Arthur turned, as a female scream filled the air.

"Morgana!" Uther stood.

"Chloe." Arthur whispered, drawing his sword and racing through the throng to get back to the castle.

As she burnt, the witch cackled.


"Of all the times for Smallville to go MIA it had to be now!" Lois Lane snapped, annoyed as hell and showing when Lana returned later, half of the book photocopied.

Lana sat down next to her passing Lois the main book, keeping the photocopies for herself. "Well, nothing we can do about it but start looking for a way to bring Chloe back here." A muscle jumped in her cheek. "I don't know why you're so surprised anyway. Clark's known to always disappear mysteriously whenever you need him and then never have a good excuse as to where he was or what he was doing."

Lois pouted, because Lana had a point there. "And yet Chloe always used to be able to get ahold of him when he disappeared."

"That's because, whatever his secret is, she knows it." Lana replied a little coldly, before taking in a deep breath and shaking her head. "We need to get her back, Lois. It's my fault she's wherever the hell she is." She clenched her jaw. "If I had just done the smart thing and burned the damned book then this would never have happened."

There was a moment's silence.


"Huh?" Lana turned towards Lois.

The taller brunnette gave her a small smile. "It's called a Grimoire."

Unable to keep the small, grateful smile from her face, Lana reached out and grabbed Lois' hand, squeezing it as she wordlessly thanked the other woman for not hating her or holding this against her.

"Let's do this." Lois opened the book.

Smiling, Lana straightened her photocopies. "Lets."


Wearing the thinner white 'dress' that the women in these days called underwear, Chloe swam in the cold yet refreshing water. The sky was bright and sunny, not at all looking as a day an execution should take place on. Birds were singing happily in the garden that, now that she paid better attention, looked somehow improved since her last visit here with Arthur that once. Chloe couldn't exactly tell what it was about the place that looked better, since it was still overgrown and neglected, but she thought it might look greener somehow. Less dead. And now that she thought about it, the garden had been uncommonly silent, whereas now the birds were singing, and she'd seen signs of nests being constructed in the surrounding trees.

Diving under, Chloe swam as far down as she could, surprised to realize that the lake was deeper than she'd thought and that she couldn't reach the bottom. So with her lungs beginning to protest she turned and began to ascend, breaking surface and taking in a deep breath. It was amazing how cold water could refresh the body during a scorching day, and now she was even beginning to feel a little chilly.

"There's something coming." Morgana whispered, shooting up, eyes glazed over.

Chloe's eyes widened as she tried to stay afloat on the water, gazing at the woman who was obviously in a trance. "Morgana?"

She needed to go get her and wake her out of it before someone came and realized what was going on!

Beginning to swim back to the water's edge, Chloe was halfway there before something shot out from the murky depth of the lake and wrapped itself around her ankle, yanking her under, her scream nothing but bubbles. Terror filled her heart and soul, her screams causing her to lose all her oxygen, and much strength as she tried to untangle the thing curled around her. But her body went lax in horror as she saw a large black mass moving towards her from the darkness, two eyes glowing like sapphires glaring right at her. Whatever it was, it was huge, and it was pissed off.

The thing shot passed her and out of the water, its tail, which was what had curled around her, let go for a second only to coil around her waist and yank her out of the water with it into the air. The first thing Chloe did once she was dangling in the air was take in deep, desperate breaths, and the second was to scream. Loudly. Unfortunately the sound was drowned out by the creature's roar, and suddenly they were ascending higher into the darkening, thundering sky.

"CHLOE!" Morgana, obviously out of her trance now, was on her feet. "SOMEONE! HELP!"

"LET GO OF ME!" Chloe screamed, pounding her fists into the tail curled around her waist. "NO!"

The thing continued to roar, ascending higher and higher.

Sensing movement below, Chloe looked down in time to see Arthur racing into the gardens, sword drawn, knights behind him. "ARTHUR!"

He looked up at her in horror.

But then the creature took off, taking her with it.

It was so fast, lightning raining down all around them.

Chloe screamed and closed her eyes tightly as those flashes of blinding light exploded all around her. For the moment they scared her more than this unidentifiable lake monster, which somehow also had the ability of flight despite not having any wings that she could see. It was more like a large snake, which moved in rapid S-formation in the sky. But it also had four short yet powerful looking taloned legs curled under it. It kinda looked like a weird dragon, but it wasn't. Somehow, Chloe just knew it wasn't a dragon.

With how fast the creature was going, Chloe was finding it harder and harder to catch her breath, especially as the creature ascended higher into the sky, tightening its grip around her.

Chloe gazed down below, so terrified as she realized how high up she was, and how extremely fast they were going.

As she struggled to continue breathing, Chloe's eyes narrowed as lights seemed to be emerging from the vast greenery of the forest beneath her. The lights grew brighter and closer, and as she clung to consciousness, Chloe wondered if this was that 'light at the end of the tunnel' thing she'd heard so much about. But then, as it neared, Chloe realized it wasn't light at all. Not really. They were millions of tiny beings of light that raced towards them, descending upon the creature carrying her with ferocious intensity. They might have been tiny, but they were vicious, and the creature howled, trying to claw them off of it, but there were just too many.

Chloe was horrified and terrified, and yet the creatures didn't bother her, instead completely covering the creature and causing it intense agony, while leaving her unharmed.

Suddenly, the tail holding her flung her away, and Chloe screamed as her body fell through the air, clawing at the air, trying to stop her fall and yet knowing that she wouldn't be able to.

Up above, the creature continued to wither and writhe under the vicious attack of those creatures of light.

And it was around there that the oxygen depravation took over, and everything went black, the last thing she seeing were the lights racing towards her.


Lancelot Du Lac had been hunting for something to eat when the forest had gone unnaturally silent. He'd taken a cue from the animals of the forest and hid himself in the shadows, silent as death, alert, waiting for whatever was to happen. The only time animals went silent like this was when a predator was close, and considering that they'd been loud and noisy while Lancelot had been hunting, the young man knew that whatever was out there was worse than he.

And that was when the ground shook as something seemed to fall from the heavens onto the clearing a couple of yards away.

Eyes narrowed, Lancelot drew his sword and stealthily made his way towards the clearing, eyes widening as his dark eyes finally landed on the beast bloody and broken. It's skin was peeling, blood oozing, looking as if it'd been attacked by a million different creatures.

What could have done this to a creature this large?

Hearing something that sounded similar to wind chimes, Lancelot frowned, knowing that they were far from any village.

He looked around him, and then paused, concentrating, and then gazed up. His eyes widened in shock, as he gazed upon a sky covered in glittering fae. He'd never seen so many before, the creatures preferring solitude away from humans, preferring their own company. And yet here they seemed to cover the sky above him, and were slowly lowering, the countless creatures apparently carrying something. He was wary, unsure of what to expect.

And yet, as they lowered further and he was finally able to catch a glimpse of their cargo, his grip on his sword loosened in shock.

It was...a girl.

The fae began to disperse slowly as they got closer to him, and Lancelot realized their intention in time to sheathe his sword and reach out for the girl as she was deposited into his arms.

She was cold, wet, bruised, and only wearing her undergarments.

It was obvious that this beast had kidnapped her and the fae had intervened for her own protection.

But why?

Lancelot tore his gaze from her lovely face and looked up, seeing the fae circling around them, obviously concerned.

In his arms, the girl took in a deep breath and whimpered in her sleep, turning towards him, obviously seeking his body heat.

This movement on her part seemed to assure the fae that she was fine, because they suddenly took off in a million different directions, disappearing into the woods all around them.

Lancelot gazed around, before his attention returned to the female in his arms. He needed to get her to somewhere warm, and get her out of those clothes, or she was going to be very ill. There'd been a cave a little ways back that he'd spent the night in, and that was the best place he could think of right now.

Accommodating the weight of the damsel in his arms, Lancelot turned and returned the way he'd come, the sounds of the woodland creatures louder than he'd ever heard them.
25th-Mar-2011 02:33 pm (UTC) - woohoo two in 24hours:)
Yeah I love the fact that the fae, Chloe's people saver her and delivered her to someone who can actually love her for her. I hate that uthee is trying to keep Chloe a prisoner and that Arthur is being a total awhile but every character has their stories where they aren't the best and I really like the idea that Lancelot and Chloe have a live affair. I kinda hope they stay together through anything that may happen.

Edited at 2011-03-25 02:34 pm (UTC)
25th-Mar-2011 02:38 pm (UTC) - Re: woohoo two in 24hours:)
yep, the fae felt Lancelot's pure heart and didn't fear leaving her with him. Yep, Uther is a total tyrant who wants his will done no matter what, and Arthur is a total ass...though he does have the best intentions. :)
25th-Mar-2011 02:59 pm (UTC)
still no merlin... but lancelots introduction is great... love how the fae came to chloes help... thanks for the update
25th-Mar-2011 03:05 pm (UTC)
Merlin won't appear in this segment, probably in the next one.
25th-Mar-2011 05:29 pm (UTC)
WOW, absolutely fantastic. I love this pairing. But then again, I’m starting to realize that I love all of the Chloe pairings you write. Can’t wait to see how Arthur will react to seeing Chloe in the presence of another man. Hmmmm, let the fireworks begin. Anxiously waiting for the next update.
25th-Mar-2011 09:39 pm (UTC)
Aww :) So happy! I'm partial to them myself :) Thanks!!!! Will try to update soon!
25th-Mar-2011 07:25 pm (UTC)
*claps hands* Aaah that was awesome! And I love the appearance of Lancelot :) hehe I love this story, and I can't wait to see what happens! Oh and I loved Arthur getting worried about Chloe :D Great update, defintely excited for more!
25th-Mar-2011 09:41 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Thanks! I wanted to 'introduce' him to my series in a different, more personal way than he had in the cannon series, and give him and Chloe some time to be together with others and court politics and such getting in between. :)
25th-Mar-2011 07:25 pm (UTC)
Yay! I love it! And an extra update? fantastic. I can't wait for more. =D

25th-Mar-2011 09:41 pm (UTC)
Hopefully you won't have to wait for long!
25th-Mar-2011 09:53 pm (UTC)
We'll there ya go. Finally, a gentleman in Camelot. lol. Take that your heinous highness (aka...bunny slayer extraordinaire)! Can't wait for more!
25th-Mar-2011 09:56 pm (UTC)
LOL, and as you'll find out later on...there isn't a gentleman in CAMELOT. lol
26th-Mar-2011 05:44 am (UTC)

This was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love the interaction between Morgana and Chloe. Especially when Morgana is trying to make Chloe see the real reason of why Arthur acts the way he does around her.

Uhhhhh very nice, the fae protecting and rescuing Chloe from what the thing that had taken her. And double nice that they dropped her off onto Lancelot!!!!!!!!!!!!

chapter 3 here I come!!!!!!!!!!
26th-Mar-2011 12:42 pm (UTC)
Yeah, Morgana was trying to see if Chloe REALLY didn't get it, and when she realized that she REALL DIDN"T the dark haired ward was just too amused to let the blonde in on the secret. Or maybe she's just that evil. lol
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