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Destiny Begun 5/5 
26th-Mar-2011 05:47 pm

Title: Destiny Begun
Sequel to: Mark of the Dragon
Universe: Lost Princess Series
Pairings/Characters: Chloe/Arthur, Chloe/Lancelot, Lois, Lana
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: How is Chloe to find a way back home if Camelot keeps executing her best chances of doing so? On top of this she has to put up with Arthur, who has to be the biggest ass ever. Between being kidnapped, meeting Lancelot, and finding druids...destiny begins.
Written for my Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt used #85: Lake Monster.

"You don't have to go back."

Chloe looked up from the flowers she'd been staring unseeingly at, and turned towards the voice, seeing Lancelot standing a little behind her. He was tall and silent, mixing well with the shadows of the setting sun. His eyes were intense and concerned, his gaze never leaving her face.

The blonde wished he was really a Knight of Camelot. If he had been, this would have been so much easier from the start. There was just something about Lancelot that made her feel calm and at ease, protected. He reminded her of Clark in that way. She mightn't have known Lancelot for more than a couple of days, but that was all it took for her to observe him and see how noble and brave and caring he was. He was everything the legends swore him to be...and more.

"Yeah, I actually do. Destiny and all that." She muttered, hugging herself as she turned fully in his direction, the wind whipping at her hair around her face. Thankfully the druids had given her clothes and shoes, so she'd been able to bathe, put them on, and feel a little less of a disaster.

His eyes narrowed and he hesitated only a second before taking a step closer. "I hope you do not find me too forwards, but while I have only known you for a few days, I-." He looked away, clearing his voice. "I have grown...fond...of you, My Lady."

She smiled softly, looking up at him. "And I you, My Knight."

He blushed and looked away, clearing his throat. "I am no Knight. I am a mere peasant boy who lost all he could call home and family...and just wandered."

Her heart hurt her to hear that. "I can understand the feeling."

He gaze at her before closing the distance between them and resting his hands on her shoulders. "I can't abide the thought of you returning to your captivity in Camelot just because of the words of these druids." His grip tightened slightly. "If you so desire, we could find another druid colony and seek their council. Or we could seek the council of white witches that live scattered around Escetia."

"I have the sneaking suspicion they might just tell us the same thing the Elders here did." Chloe whispered, looking up at him with a sigh. "Think about it, Lancelot. My blood sent me here. I'm supposed to be in Camelot. And...and while I mightn't have bee exactly happy there it was because I wanted to go home, not because they were treating me meanly. I was actually living inside the castle walls, and had an easy life." The blonde worried her bottom lip, head ducking. "I wasn't treated badly at all."

He was silent as he looked at her, before clearing his throat. "What...what was your home realm like?"

"Well, for one, most people don't believe in magic, that it actually exists, but I had a brush with it on my eighteenth birthday so I know that it does exist there." She shook her head at the memory, smiling when Lancelot offered her his arm. She took it, letting him lead her through the lush meadow filled with flowers right outside of the druid encampment, the sun beginning to set around them. "I live in a house with my cousin, and there's something called electricity...and indoor plumbing."

"Electricity?" Lancelot tried that word on his tongue, face betraying his utter curiosity. "Indoor plumbing?" He made a face. "But that cannot be sanitary. And the scent alone..."

Chloe let out a bark of amusement. "No, I swear, it's awesome! You go to the bathroom, and there's this...well the toilet. You do your business, then you pull on this lever, and your...business...gets flushed down a drain and taken far away from your house, and clean water takes its place instead. So everything's clean and sanitary. We also have something called a shower, or a tub, in the bathroom with the toilet. You get in, turn a lever, and water comes out so you can bathe. And there are different levers you can turn to get hot, cold, or mix them up and get warm water."

Lancelot gazed at her with wide eyes. "I thought you said that in your realm people do not believe in magic."

"They don't. Not most of them anyways." Chloe responded.

"But...but what could that be other than magic?" Lancelot reasoned.

She smiled brightly, seeing how he could confuse them. "It's not. It's called technology."

"It still sounds like magic to me." Lancelot murmured thoughtfully, hand resting on the one she had on his arm. "What other technology do you have in this realm?"

"Well, we don't have to light candles or torches for light during the nights-though some do it for fun or to set the mood. Instead, once the sun sets, there are these switches in our walls, and we just flip them on, and light just turns on." Chloe laughed at the awed fascination on Lancelot's face. "And we also have ways of communicating with others. The first is the phone. Its this little box that you carry around with you, and by marking in a previously designated code of numbers, you can actually talk to the person whose box corresponds to those numbers, even if they are all the way on the other side of the world."

"Fascinating." Lancelot whispered.

"Useful." Chloe corrected with a cheeky grin, admittedly feeling more like herself right now with him, than she had during her whole stay at Camelot. She could be open and honest with him, and instead of seeming angry and hateful towards her world like Arthur, Lancelot was obviously intrigued and curious to hear more. It surprised her to realize just how much she'd needed to talk to someone and tell them about her world and all the things she loved and missed about it. "There's also this bigger box called a computer. With it you can look up information, watch movies, listen to music, and write letters to people anywhere in the world, and those letters will arrive to their box in seconds."

"This...this technology seems even greater than magic." Lancelot declared, a small smile on his face. "What is a movie?"

"Hmmmm...how do I explain?" Energized by the challenge, Chloe tightened her grip on his arm. "Well, it's a story, like a play. It can be seen on a computer, but mostly you watch movies or series on the television. The television is another box but you only use it to watch movies or see cartoons. As I said before, movies are like plays but different, since it has special effects that make dragons and magic and anything make-believe in my world look real. And cartoons are drawings that move and have sound and color, and tell a story."

Lancelot smiled softly, obviously trying to imagine what she was depicting and yet unable to. "This world of yours...it is unlike anything I have ever heard of." His smile suddenly lessened as he looked away from her. "Hearing you speak of it, I can understand how you wish so desperately to return there."

She gazed up at his face, her heart skipping a beat at the expression on his face. "Lancelot, to be truthful, while I love the convenience of technology, it's not what I miss. Other than a good cup of coffee-which I'd kill for right about now-I can easily see myself living without all of that." She smiled sadly, gazing at the flowers. "It's my family and friends that I miss so much and want to go back to."

"Would you tell me of them?"

Chloe found tears coming to her eyes.

No one in Camelot had asked her about her family or friends. Sure, only Arthur, King Uther, and Gaius knew the truth about where she came from, but they'd never taken the time to find out about her, or why she wanted to go back. Gaius had been fatherly and told her that it wouldn't happen, so it was best for her if she put it behind her and grew to love Camelot. King Uther forbad her from mentioning it in his presence. And Arthur...Arthur got so pissed.

Lancelot was the first person who knew who actually gave a damn.

Chloe let go of his arm and surprised the hell out of him by hugging him tightly, hiding her face in his chest as she cried, truly cried, for the first time since waking up in this foreign world.

Lancelot hesitated before his arms went around her, holding her tightly to him. "Please forgive me, I should have realized how thinking of them would have saddened-."

"No." She hugged him tighter, voice muffled by his shirt. "I-I'm not crying because of-I'm-I'm crying because-." She sniffled, trying to calm herself once more. "Thank you, Lancelot." She whispered, face still hidden in his shirt. "Meeting you has probably been the best thing that's happened to me since I came here."

There was silence, and then his arms tightened slightly around her.

She smiled, resting her cheek against his chest, breathing in his scent. Her eyes closed as she felt his warmth soothing her, her tears slowing and then ending as she pressed closer. "My mother left me when I was a child, so I only have vague memories of her. My father died during an explosion meant to kill me, and since then my uncle has had my guardianship but let me live in my father's house with his eldest daughter, Lois. I have two cousins, but I'm only close to Lois. She's my best friend and sister...so much closer than just a cousin. She's the only family I can really count on, and I'm the same to her."

Lancelot listened in silence, letting her speak to her heart's content.

"One of my oldest friends is named Clark, and he's in love with my other friend, Lana. They keep getting together and breaking up, only to get back together again." She felt so completely relaxed and happy right now it was insane. "Lois, Lana, and Clark are about the only people I have in the other world...but I miss them all so much. And I also know that they have to be so worried about me, trying to figure out what happened and how to deal with it. How to get me back."

There was silence as they stood in the middle of the flower-covered meadow, the moon rising in the sky behind them, night birds singing, fireflies beginning to appear here and there. From the druid encampment music and singing could be heard, adding to an already ridiculously romantic environment.

Chloe couldn't help but smile through her blush.

"My village was attacked by bandits when I was a child, my parents and many others were killed. The rest of us only survived because some passing knights intervened and defeated the bandits." Lancelot whispered. "Ever since then I wanted to become a knight, to uphold justice, to protect the weak and stand up for others who couldn't do so. I-I have been traveling endlessly, wandering, learning different trades, different techniques of battle, from different villages and towns. I am not good enough as yet, but one day I would like to become a knight. I-despite the fact that I do not agree with many of its kingdom's policies-the Camelot code of Knighthood is the most noble that I have yet to encounter."

Chloe smiled softly, although that smile was tinged with slight regret.

Her presence there really wasn't going to change anything.

Arthur would somehow change from the asshole he was now and would become the amazing king she'd always admired and crushed on.

Lancelot would become the First Knight of Camelot, and would be every bit the man she'd always crushed on as well.

And Guinevere would get to enjoy both of Chloe's childhood crushes.

It just wasn't fair.

"You'll be the best knight Camelot will ever have." She whispered into his chest.

"I doubt-."

"No, Lancelot. Never doubt yourself." Chloe shook her head viciously. "You will be. I know it."

He was silent, but she could somehow feel the smile on his lips.

"LANCELOT!" A young voice screamed, causing them to jump apart and turn towards it.

A young boy was racing out of the forest towards them, looking tired and scratched, but determined.

"Henry?" Lancelot whispered, hurrying towards the lad. "What has happened? How did you find me?"

"I've been tracking you for days!" The young boy exclaimed, out of breath. "Mrs. Oakes-she's dying! She wants to see you before-she's holding on! I promised her I'd find you and bring you back!"

"Mrs. Oakes." Lancelot whispered, sadness entering his face. "We must make haste then."

"Yes, come, come." The boy tuggged on Lancelot's sleeve.

Lancelot hesitated before turning to Chloe.

"Go on." Chloe shooed him. "I'll be fine."

"But-." Lancelot was conflicted, that was obvious. He wanted to go back to see his dying friend, but he also wanted to be the one to take Chloe back to Camelot.

"Go." Chloe walked towards him and placed a hand on his arm. "You're needed there. You need to go."

"Will you wait with the druids?" Lancelot asked suddenly. "I'll come back."

A small smile tilted her lips. "Okay."

He smiled brightly. "I'll be back soon." He looked like he might want to reach out for her, but restrained the desire, taking in a deep breath as he turned to Henry. "Let's go."

Henry gave Chloe a curious, childlike look, before gazing up at Lancelot and nodding.

The two disappeared into the woods.

Chloe hugged herself, watching them go until she couldn't anymore.

Turning her back on the forest, she closed her eyes tightly.

All the warmth she'd felt only moments ago was completely gone.



Lana snored.


Lana groaned.


Yelping since she'd been pinched, Lana jolted up and looked around her, disoriented and in pain. "What?" She glared at Lois, and then blinked when she saw how pale the brunette appeared to be. "Lois? What happened? Have you found the spell?"

"N-no..." Lois looked up at Lana finally, gulping. "But I found this."

Lana peered over at the page in the book Lois was glancing down at in horror.

It was a blank page, with only the words: Pendragon Crest written on it. But other than the slight red tint on parts of the paper, which looked more like paint having fallen on it, there was no crest whatsoever.

"You pinched me awake for this?" Lana grumbled, rubbing her eyes. "There's nothing there."

"No, you're not getting it!" Lois snapped, jabbing her finger into the page in question. "I got a glimpse of this page before when Chloe was browsing through the book! And it wasn't empty before! It had this wicked tribal looking dragon!" She continued to jab her finger into the page viciously. "But it's gone now! And there's blood here instead! And the blood's fresh! And the crest! It was the PENDRAGON crest for crissakes!" She brought her hands to her face and closed her eyes tightly. "Oh fuck!"

"Wait, what?" Lana was really starting to get scared. "I don't get it. What does one things have to do with the other? Why is it such a big deal that it was the Pendragon Crest? Do you know who the Pendragons are?"

"Have you been listening to me this whole while?" Lois snapped, removing her hands from her face and slamming them, palms down, on the table on either side of the open book. "There's supposed to be two parallel universes, right? This book, which belongs to the mistress of one of those worlds, was supposedly written around the time of King Uther Pendragon! It was the PENDAGON'S crest on this page! The page Chloe must have somehow cut her finger on and bled on! And now the crest is gone! And so is Chloe!"

Lana frowned, still not getting it.

"CAMELOT!" Lois nearly exploded, heart racing and blood pressure rising. "Chloe's in Camelot!"

Lana blinked, eyes widening. "You can't be serious."

"Don't you get it?" Lois grabbed at her head, trying to breathe, to calm herself, horrified and elated at being sure she was right. "Chloe's in Camelot. Around the time of King Uther." Her eyes widened...before narrowing, her voice lowering. "Around the time of Arthur..." She brought her hand to her mouth. "Oh my god."

"What?" Lana frowned, worried. "What is it?"

"What if...what if what we were assuming all along is wrong and that that universe isn't the created one?" Lois whispered, beginning to tremble. "What if this one is?"

"What?" Lana made up her face. "That's ridiculous."

"No, it isn't." Lois whispered, looking up at Lana, pale. "Think of it. There are two realms, one of them created by the witch Nimueh-or at least supervised by her. And Chloe-when she was younger she swore she was the princess Guinevere who had been kidnapped by an evil witch-and taken from Arthur."

Lana's eyes began to widen as she brought a hand to her mouth. "Oh my god..."

Lois tried to breathe, but the room was getting uncomfortably warm. "She returned home. And we're trapped. I'm her lady in waiting, Gertrude, and when Chloe was kidnapped I was with her so I would have been taken as well. It makes sense that I would be placed in this world as her cousin. I'd still be close to her, to keep her company and protect her..."

"Then that means that everyone in this world isn't who they think they are either." Lana was beginning to tremble as well, looking about to hyperventilate. "I'm not Lana Lang."

"And I'm not Lois Lane." Lois whispered.

The two brunettes looked up at each other in horror.

Suddenly the room began to spin, and the pages of the Grimoire began to turn rapidly on their own before opening up to a certain page that lit up with unholy light, the words, and runes, burning on the page.

"What's...happening?" Lana managed to cry before she suddenly went up in flames.

Lois opened her mouth to scream, but she'd already gone up in flames herself.


"What is it?" Chloe looked around her at the commotion in the village.

"Knights from Camelot are on the way." Mordred looked around him, eyes wide in fear, just like the rest of the druids. Even though they weren't in Camelot, just the thought of the Knights of Camelot was enough to invoke terror in their hearts. "They're hiding their emblems and such, but we know Camelot Knights when we see them."

Chloe stood, frowning. "What direction are they coming from?"

She'd noticed that druids seemed to communicate through some sort of telepathy, as they always seemed to know everything that happened around them without having to utter a single word to each other.

Mordred pointed in a general direction.

Chloe took in a deep breath. She'd wanted to stay and wait for Lancelot, to travel together, but apparently Uther was very anxious to have her in Camelot once more. She couldn't understand why the king was so obsessed with keeping her in Camelot, but she wasn't going to question him. "It's going to be alright, I'm going to meet them before they get to the village."

Mordred turned to look at her, eyes narrowed. "I thought you would wait for Lancelot?"

"I was." Chloe sighed. "When he comes back, tell him thank you for me and explain why I didn't wait? And thank everyone for their hospitality?"

He looked up at her silently, before nodding.

She smiled. "Thank you." And with that she took off in the direction Mordred had pointed, almost losing herself deep into the forest, only able to find her path once more because of the sound of rapid horses approaching. She slowed her pace, not wanting them to come upon her suddenly and trample over her in their haste. She was glad for the bright moonlight, because it glistened through the leaves and lit up the forest nicely, and she was sure they would be able to see her.

The blonde waited in the middle of the road, sure there was enough distance between her and the druid encampment...able to see the knights in the distance now. She wondered if she would recognize any of the knights that'd been sent her retrieve her.

As the riders drew closer, they went slower, seeing her figure in the middle of the road.

The rider in front was the only one hurrying, bringing his horse to a rearing stop a couple of feet away from her. Before she could try and make out who he was in the shadows, the rider descended his steed and closed the distance between her and him, drawing her into his arms.

"Thank the gods you're safe."

Chloe's eyes widened as she realized who this was. "Arthur?"

"I was so worried." He whispered, body trembling, testifying to the truth of those words as he pulled away and cupped her face, eyes surveying her worriedly. "I couldn't sleep-I-are you injured? Were you hurt? Do you need a physician?"

"Arthur?" She tried again, hands on his arms. "What are you doing here?"

"What?" He frowned, looking back up to her face from where he'd been looking over her nearly desperate, making sure that she wasn't hurt or bleeding. "I led the search for you, of course I'd be here."

"Why?" She asked, confused. "You could have just sent the knights searching for me." She tilted her head to the side, confused. "Why did you come after me yourself?" She frowned. "Did King Uther not trust the knights to bring me back no matter what?"

Arthur's eyes narrowed. "I came after you because you were in danger and in need of saving." His grip tightened on her, though not painfully. "I came because you needed me. It had nothing to do with my father."

Chloe's eyes widened in shock, seeing the truth so stark in his eyes.

He hadn't come back to drag her carcass back to Camelot...he'd come to...save her.

The revelation shook her.

He truly cared.

"Did you...I understand that there is an encampment of druids somewhere in these woods." Arthur frowned, looking at her. "Have you seen them?"

"Why?" Chloe frowned right back at him. "You haven't had your quota of executions this week?"

His face flashed with hurt and annoyance. "No. I was wondering if you'd gone to them to ask them to send you back. This is Escetia, Chloe. The druids have nothing to fear of Camelot as long as they stay on this side of the boundary, but I can do nothing to help them if they venture across it."

She paused at that way of wording it, wondering for the first time what exactly Arthur's thoughts on his father's policies were.

She'd always just assumed, due to his attitude about the magic around her coming to Camelot, that he detested anything magic-related.

"I've seen the druids." She eyed him intensely, seeing in surprise the fear that flashed over his eyes. What did he have to be scared of? "And they told me that they can't send me back. They gave me the impression that just not anyone with magic can do it."

"Really?" Arthur looked...relieved.

Intensely relieved.

"That doesn't mean I'm coming back to Camelot though." Well, it did, but she was going to put her foot down from now since she had a slight advantage.

"What?" Arthur frowned. "You have a home there. Why wouldn't you-?"

"I don't have a home there, Arthur!" Chloe snapped at him. "I have a prison there! I am forbidden to leave and there are guards always around-!"

"It's so that you don't try to go back to-."

"What's so wrong with me wanting to go back?" Chloe wanted to know, throwing her hands in the air.

Arthur opened his mouth, closed it, opened it once more.

It was like he really wanted to say something, but was keeping himself from doing so.

"Arthur, I won't be a prisoner. I won't." Chloe whispered. "If I'm stuck in this world, I won't be in a golden cage."

"Is that...is that how you've seen it?" Arthur finally asked, voice hurt, though slight understanding was dawning in his eyes.

"How else was I supposed to see it, Arthur?" She shook her head before looking back up at him. "I mightn't have been mistreated, and I was given anything I wanted, but I was a captive in the castle. You know that I'm telling the truth. I hated it Arthur. I've been happier these last couple of days in the forest then I have been in the castle." She gave a sad sigh. "What does that say to you?"

He looked even more hurt. "I-," he lowered his head and looked down. "I didn't see it that way. I apologize."

Her eyes widened. "You...apologize?"

He gulped, obviously not used to apologizing, and yet doing so anyway as he raised his gaze to look in her eyes as well. "It was never my intention to make you feel trapped and miserable, Chloe. If anything, my father and I want you to feel at peace in Camelot, and to consider it your home."

Well, that was news.

Chloe wasn't exactly sure what to say or do now.

Words were cheap.

"Why do you want me in Camelot, Arthur? What does your father get out of having me there?" She asked, desperate to know the answer. "I don't understand it. If it's because you're suspicious that I'm a witch or something, then shouldn't you want me dead or out of Camelot? If it's because I've been in the castle and you don't want me telling others about what I've seen or heard-what good would it do if I did? What would I get out of it? I don't understand Arthur. I've never understood." She felt the anger and confusion and frustration she'd been bottling up inside of her bubbling up as she grabbed onto his shirt. "You all detest everything magic, and yet I obviously came here by magic. You expect me to forget all those I love and miss, you forbid me from telling anyone, and you won't talk to me about it-you expect so much from me and I don't know why!"

He gazed down at her silently.

She gave a little cry and pounded her fists against his chest, hating how tears were beginning to form in her eyes. "I don't understand anything!"

He reached out and softly wiped away at a tear. "I apologize."

"Don't apologize!" She gave another pound against his chest, voice cracking. "Answer me!"

"I can't explain it to you, Chloe. I want to, but understand that I can't." He looked stricken as he gazed away. "I wish with all my being that I could tell you, but I can't, and it fills me with the wrath of hell because I can't."

"Why can't you?" She whispered, looking up at him.

His eyes were stormy and dark as they connected with her own. "Because it would kill you."

And he was telling the truth.

Her eyes widened as she realized it.

Arthur knew something, and he wanted to tell her what it was, but for some reason he was convinced that if she knew she'd die...whether it be by magic or Uther's blade.

She licked her lips. "I won't go back to Camelot and be a prisoner." The grip she had on his shirt tightened. "I won't be your little captive again."

His eyes narrowed and he shook his head. "Of course not. Come back with me, and things will change. You will have freedom of mobility, and you will come to love my kingdom. I promise you that if you come with me, things will change."

And she believed him.

His eyes didn't lie.

And yet it wasn't enough.

She looked away. "You're not king, Arthur. You can promise me all you want, but if your father doesn't feel the same, then no matter what you say, things will go back to being the way they were before."

He was silent, before he let go of her and turned to the knights, who were still on their horses, watching the scene. "Bedivere."

"Yes Your Highness?" The knight asked.

"Ride swiftly to Camelot and inform my father that the lady Chloe refuses to return until you have delivered back an agreement with his seal upon it, in which he agrees to give her freedom to come and go as please, and the rights of any citizen of Camelot." Arthur replied. "Until she has the document in her hand, and is pleased with the terms, she will not cross Escetia's border with Camelot."

Chloe's eyes widened in shock.

Arthur was risking his father's wrath for her.

She knew that he could easily just throw her over the back of his horse and force her back, and to be truthful, given his usual attitude she'd been expecting him to do just that. Instead, he seemed to be a completely different person, and the fact that he was doing this so that she would go back of her own will...the lengths he was going to...the blonde just didn't know what to say or do. She felt-touched.

"We'll make our way slowly towards the border, but we shall not cross over until the agreement is in her hands." Arthur finished.

"Yes sire." Bedivere nodded, turning his horse around and racing away.

Arthur watched him go, before turning to Chloe, face serious. "I give you my word, as Prince and Heir, that things will change." He reached his hand towards her. "We will travel towards the border, but know that you will cross over of your own will. You are a free woman Chloe. I promise you this as Prince."

She gulped, looking at that hand, hesitating, before looking up at his face. "Promise me it as Arthur. Your title means nothing to me."

He was still, face completely blank, and then he smiled at her. "I give you my word as Arthur."

Giving him probably the first genuine smile since she'd known him, even if it was tiny, Chloe slowly put her hand in his.

"We should be leaving now." His fingers curled over hers as he led her towards his horse and gave her a boost before mounting behind her. "I doubt the druids would appreciate it if we made camp so close to theirs." One hand reached for the reigns, and the other went around her waist to help her keep balance. "Relax, I will not let you fall."

Biting her bottom lip, stiff, Chloe let out a loud breath and slowly relaxed into his chest as he turned the horse around.

The knights smiled softly at each other as they did the same thing, and as one they all began a leisurely pace.

As Chloe rested against Arthur, holding onto the mane of the horse for some type of anchor, she wondered why his heart was racing so rapidly in his chest.

"I...I've never been good on horseback. The few times I went riding I fell off...or nearly did. Clark and Lana preferred to keep me away from horses after the first couple of times they tried to teach me to ride." She whispered, before stopping, remembering how he hated it whenever she spoke of her life in the other world.

She flinched and looked away, waiting for his barbed comment.

There was silence, and then Arthur cleared his throat. "Obviously the problem lay in their teaching abilities." His tone was once more pompous, and yet not hissed or vicious as it usually was when she brought up the topic of her life in the other realm. "I will teach you myself once we arrive back home."

Her eyes widened at that, and she twisted as much as she could to look back at him. "You-you will?"

His eyes widened at that move, and he cleared his throat once more, gazing down at her. "Of course I will. I'm the best horseman in Camelot."

Her lips twitched at the return of his arrogance, and yet...yet somehow she didn't find it as loathsome as she once had. "Of course you are." Shaking her head, Chloe chuckled and turned back around.

They fell into silence after that.

But it was alright.

Somehow, Chloe knew that something had changed somehow, something shifted.

She wasn't sure exactly what her destiny truly was or how she'd accomplish it, but she knew, somehow, right then and there, it'd begun.
27th-Mar-2011 12:10 am (UTC)
What a nice ending. :) But I'm not a fan of Lancelot and Chloe (we've finally found a chloe pairing you write that I don't instantly fall in love with. I must really not like them together ;) ) I'd much prefer it if Chloe ended up with Arthur (mostly because I think the actor is hot(ter)). I can just imagine Chloe freaking out when she figures out she's Guinevere, because I don't think she'd like to play with two men's hearts.
27th-Mar-2011 01:52 am (UTC)
Oh, whenever Chloe finds out it'll be something alright.
27th-Mar-2011 01:27 am (UTC)
NO you can't make arthur all agreeable! I was totally on board to hate him in this story and then you go and make him ok! argh! I know i know he and chloe will end up together eventually but i was wallowing in my dislike of him. Way to spoil it for me. *pouts* But anyway I liked the ending even if Chloe left Lancelot without a goodbye. I know you will be posting more in this series and I can't wait for it!!
27th-Mar-2011 01:53 am (UTC)
LOL Sorry, but Arthur got a kick in the face and realized a lot during that conversation. :)
27th-Mar-2011 02:57 am (UTC)
Woah. LOVED IT. Can't wait for Lana and Lois to show up in Camelot and I can't wait for the clash of the mideval boyfriend choices (Lancelot and Arthur). Loved that you addressed the whole technology thing. Extra points for love of coffee refrence.
Just one quesiton, I forgot where is Merlin in this series? Not sarcasm BTW. Loving it can't wait for the continuation.
27th-Mar-2011 03:22 am (UTC)
Thanks for mentioning it, you'd had a point, and I wanted to make mention of it :)
Merlin is still in Ealdor at the moment, he hasn't gone to Camelot as yet, which is one of the reasons why Arthur was such a bastard.
27th-Mar-2011 03:05 am (UTC) - eeeee!
Is this gonna be a threesome fic? please please please say yes! The awesomeness of Chloe is too much for just ONE man! But if you must have her choose, I'd say go with Arthur. Lancelot's sweet, but I've got a thing for reformed badboys who are only reformed because they're whipped by chloe. Please say there's more coming soon!
27th-Mar-2011 03:24 am (UTC) - Re: eeeee!
The third sentence in this comment = PURE AWESOMENESSSSSSSSS!:)
27th-Mar-2011 05:36 am (UTC)
Oh how I loved this story :) It was nice to see Arthur show some caring and apologize to Chloe in this chapter. He still needs Merlin to show up and give him a swift kick in the ass though lol. I can't wait to see what happens when Lana and Lois show up, I have a feeling it will be an adventure. Lovely job on this, I can't wait for more!
27th-Mar-2011 05:42 am (UTC)
27th-Mar-2011 06:27 am (UTC)

You have exceeded my expectations with Arthur. But now I want more of Lancelot. I want Arthur to see how a knight and prince should truly behave. And treat his knights with kindness and respect that is due to them. Oooooo! I can't wait to find out what you have in store for Lana and Lois. We know who Lois is, but WHO is Lana? I am all excited to find out! Will she be some kind of servant? (heheheheh) (closet Lana-basher coming out, sorry...) I can't wait for your next update. =D

27th-Mar-2011 07:10 am (UTC)
OMG!!!! This chapter was super fabulous!!!!!!!!!!

Just loved the Lancelot/Chloe. Can totally understand why she would be swayed by him. He was so understanding and just what Chloe needed!!!!!!!

What happened to Lana and Lois?????

Awww Arthur I think finally got it but I think he'll go back to his pompous self.

This was a great chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There will be more, right?????
Soon?????????? Please!!!!!!!!!!!
27th-Mar-2011 05:33 pm (UTC)
So happy to hear that!
Exactly. Lancelot is everything Chloe's been needing since she arrived in Camelot.
You'll find out in the next segment (hopefully).
He got a moment of clarity concerning her feelings of being trapped in Camelot...but he's still kinda ignorant about the rest ;)
27th-Mar-2011 08:42 am (UTC)
Yeah... I still like Chloe/Arthur as opposed to Chloe/Lancelot. Lol. But I'm going to try shut up about that because otherwise I'm going to sound like a broken record. I really hope that when Chloe realises she's Gwen she tries to change the story though! great chapter and i am soooo looking forward to the next installment and how things go in camelot. thanks for sharing - it always makes my day when there's an update from ya =)
27th-Mar-2011 05:34 pm (UTC)
AWWWWWWW! Thanks! That's so sweet!
27th-Mar-2011 05:33 pm (UTC)
Absolutely wonderful update, I am so addicted to this story. Can’t wait for the next installment. Hmm, Lois is of course Gwen’s (Chloe’s) companion, the question is, will Lana be a friend or foe?
27th-Mar-2011 05:37 pm (UTC)
:) Hopefully it'll come out soon.
Who Lana is..... :) NOT TELLING :P
27th-Mar-2011 07:57 pm (UTC)
I don't know about the rest of you, but I am totally on board for the Chloe/Lancelot pairing. I mean he's like Clark without all the UST-with a tiny brunette. How is that not awesome? If it does, in fact, turn out to be a threesome, all the better for Chloe. I swear she's the one girl in every story that you actually can't hate for getting the guy(s). Mostly because she almost never got them on the show. lol. Can't wait for more in this universe. Love ya chica!
27th-Mar-2011 08:03 pm (UTC)
Aw! Glad to see some Lancelot love here :)
Love ya back!
27th-Mar-2011 11:05 pm (UTC)
I hope Lois appears in her world, then Chloe can truly accept and be happy to remain. Not that Arthur changing and Lancelot's affection and loyalty couldn't persuade her of that eventually. :)

I hope there's more in this series. Wonderfully written.
28th-Mar-2011 01:33 am (UTC)
Yeah, two handsome dudes affections have *nothing* to do with the swaying of a female's perspectives. lol
28th-Mar-2011 05:34 pm (UTC)
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Good for Arthur for trying to help Chloe as much as he can and I liked the revelation of Lois' about being Gertrude--nice :)
28th-Mar-2011 05:36 pm (UTC)
Glad to see you're okay and enjoying it :)
4th-Apr-2011 01:20 am (UTC)
Another great series. I really like the Chloe/Arthur interaction and how clueless they each seem about each other and their motives. I'm a Chloe/Arthur fan (love the bad boys) but Arthur having a little competition doesn't hurt in my book.
Can't wait to read more, this made my day!
4th-Apr-2011 01:57 am (UTC)
Happy you're enjoying! And yes, Arthur needs some competition
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