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Numberless 2/5 
7th-Apr-2011 10:49 am

Title: Numberless
Sequel to: Number Five
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Lois Lane, Lucy Lane, Mogadorians
Fandoms: Smallville/I Am Number Four
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't Own
Summary: Chloe has been training with Lois and Lucy and just can't get close to her cousin's standards. Her relationship with her mother isn't any better, Lucy resents her, and then Mogadorians attack while the girls are trapped in a cave.

They walked deeper into the cave system, Lucy leading the way with her self-assured saunter, Chloe and Lois following at a more sedate, cautious step. The blonde fought with her claustrophobia, not wanting to show her younger cousin any vulnerability. Lucy seemed to resent her for not having had to live through what Lois and her had had growing up with Moira, and Chloe could kinda understand her so she didn't antagonize the younger girl. Moira could be somewhat of a tyrant, not above using her ability to control others with just her voice if they didn't do things quick enough for her, not even Gabe's presence could deter her much. The woman wasn't someone Chloe would have wanted to grow up with, and she could understand Lucy's resentment, even if she felt it was a little unfair.

"What's so special about you?" Lucy suddenly turned towards Chloe, hands on her hips. "I've been getting my ass kicked since as far back as I can remember, Lois and I have had no childhood whatsoever. We didn't have time to play with dolls because we were busy learning how to disarm people trying to kill us. I have the training. I have the mental maturity. I have the ability to truly get what being Numbered would mean. So why you?"

Chloe blinked, taking a step backwards, not having expected this direct an attack.

"Lucy." Lois narrowed her eyes. "You need to get over this. It's just as much Chloe's fault that she's Numbered as it is ours that we're Numberless. Okay? You don't have any right to take out your frustrations with Aunt Moira, the General, and life in general on her."

Lucy glared at her older sister, and then sighed, head lowered. "I know." She gazed up at Chloe apologetically. "And I'm sorry, Lois is right, you really don't have any fault in this. I'm just-I find myself constantly pissed off, you know?"

Chloe really didn't, but she nodded anyway.

"You just don't get how much we envied you that you had a normal childhood despite having the same blood and stuff." Lucy leaned against the humid wall, making up her face. "It just seemed so unfair. And then, after all that, Aunt Moira comes back one day from meeting a contact and tells us that you're supposed to be Numbered and play this big part in the war. It's unfair. We've had to sacrifice everything and yet nothing is foreseen about us. It-it pisses me off!"

"I'm sorry." Chloe really couldn't think of anything else to say.

"And you see, that pisses me off more because I know I'm being unfair to you now too! I mean, it's not your fault, but I can't help but hate you a little. And I don't hate you because of you because while I don't know you that well you seem nice enough." Lucy continued on in her rant. "And so I feel like a bully, because I know I'm taking out all my years of pent up frustrations out on you, and I feel bad about it-and it only makes my bad mood worse."

Lois folded her arms over her chest, watching her little sister silently.

"If it helps you any, I was envious of you two." Chloe mumbled, rubbing her arm uncomfortably. "I mean, I was useless to my mother. She left me and never looked back. She didn't need me, not as long as she had you two." She took in a deep breath. "She would never have come to see me if it wasn't for the fact that I now have some part to play in this precious little war of hers. I'm a pawn for her, not her daughter. She might say she cares, and sometimes I think she might believe it too, but if anything she cares more for my dad than me. I just remind her how much of a failure she once was to be able to control her own powers. And she resents me for that, and because my father loves me more than he loved her, and chose me over her."

Lucy's expression turned curious as she tilted her head, listening.

"And she expects so much of me, expects me to go from normal teenaged girl to the super soldiers you two are in a matter of weeks, and she doesn't hold back those disappointed looks whenever my progress lets her down." Chloe made up her lip in disgust. "And whenever my father isn't looking she has no qualms using her power to make me do more than I am capable of doing right now, and I can't tell dad because he'd make us leave and he's already given up everything so I can be here. He's never stopped loving her, and I can see that they're getting back together, and if I told him about her using her power on me it'd ruin everything and it'd be my fault that my parents split up. And I can't do that to him. Not if he has a chance of being happy with her. Not after all he's done for me. I-it's my turn to think of him and his well-being."

Lois gave her a sympathetic look.

"And you're so jealous at the thought of me being Numbered, but it scares me to death!" Chloe continued, figuring that since Lucy had been allowed her rant she should be allowed her own. "All of a sudden I have this big target on my back and murderous aliens are after me even though they don't seem to care about the other mates of the Numbers and if you want to talk about things being unfair-that is damned unfair! Why the hell do I have to be the one they give a damn about? Why can't I be like the others mates and just fly under their radar? Why is it that on top of everything I've made it to the top ten of their hit list, huh? It makes no sense!"

Lucy and Lois shared looks.

"I don't have a power or Legacy or whatever like Moira. I have no special trait or knowledge that make me a big menace to them like she does." The blonde continued, beginning to pace back and forth. "And I have no special training like you two! I mean, you girls rock! You mightn't have powers, but the Lorien blood in your veins is obvious in how you fight. You're stronger, faster, and more accurate and deadly than normal humans. You're incredible to watch in practice because it's like a dance that the two of you have mastered and freaking excel at."

Lois leaned against the cave wall.

Lucy raised an eyebrow.

"I might be a little more intelligent than most people my age, and I have the tolerance of a saint sometimes, but other than that I'm nothing, no one." Chloe threw her hands in the air. "I'm no menace whatsoever to them! Lucy's right when she says that all I'll be able to do is throw false I.D.'s at them if they ever attack!" She snarled and stomped her foot down in frustration. "And not only do I have to deal with all of this, but I have to deal with you, who think it's a privilege to be this fucked just because I'm supposed to get a guy out of this!"

"A guy has nothing to do with it!" Lucy protested, although she was blushing.

"Bullshit!" Chloe snapped back. "You've been pissed at me this whole time for things that I couldn't help,mostly because you don't think I'm worthy enough to have a Number somewhere out there, and you keep sneering at Clark's crest but you know what? My best friend is somewhere out there being chased by murderous aliens and their monster pets and this is all I have of him. I have nightmares every night that I'm going to hear about Number Five having been hunted down, caught, and executed! And you know what? I might have a Number of my very own out there, but he just might be ghosted before I ever meet him-if I even do get to meet him! So not only do I worry about my best friend, but I have to worry about some dude I've never even met as well!"

There was silence as the three girls just looked at each other.

"You're real screwed up, you know that?" Lucy finally ended the silence, before a small smile curled her lips. "I'm liking you more though."

Chloe let out a little self-loathing laugh.

Lois looked between them, and a large smile curled her lips as she realized that things were going to be alright.

Lucy, now apparently in a happier mood, turned back towards the tunnel. "You know, another day we should go to the cabin, get some gear, and really explore this cave in-depth. I mean, it could be our secret fort, or maybe even a secret way of escape should the Mogadorians find us."

Chloe gulped at the thought.

"We first have to make sure that there is another exit/entrance to this cave." Lois replied, hands on her hips. "Should we explore a little more?"

"I think we should." Lucy grinned. "Onward bound!" And with that she headed on deeper.

Chloe hugged herself, pushed back her growing claustrophobia, and continued on.

The deeper they trudged, the brighter their lights grew, and it was the only thing keeping her from having a nervous breakdown as she felt the air get thicker, harder to breath the deeper they entered. Lois and Lucy didn't seem as affected as her, so Chloe wondered if it wasn't just her phobia playing tricks on her mind, so she continued on, fighting her nervousness and the sensation in the pit of her stomach that said that something just wasn't right.

"Is it me or is the tunnel getting smaller?" Lois wanted to know, having made her way closer to the front with her sister.

"I was thinking the same thing." Lucy mumbled, looking around her. "And it's getting hotter too, have you noticed? There isn't anymore moss on the ground nor are the walls humid like in the beginning of the tunnel."

Hearing pebbles crumbling behind her, Chloe turned around, lifting up her bracelet out into the darkness behind her.

There was silence behind her in the darkness, and yet her pulse was racing, her heart slamming against her ribcage.

"Hey, look at this." Lucy muttered, bending down and picking up something. "We're not the first ones to use this cave before. Some chick lost her necklace. Her loss." She wiped it off and put it around her on neck.

Lois shook her head. "You're a real piece of work."

"What?" Lucy wanted to know. "I doubt whomever this belonged to is going to come back for it."

"There must be another exit though." Lois declared, beginning to walk forwards once more, Lucy quickly following her, the sister not seeming to realize that Chloe had stopped following them and was being left behind.

The blonde didn't even notice herself, eyes narrowing as she took another step back towards the direction in which they'd come from. The light from her bracelet lit up a couple of feet all around her, but there seemed to be something skittering just on the edge of her light, hiding just out of view. Her heart raced rapidly, and she didn't know why her instincts hadn't kicked in for her to run in the opposite direction, but the blonde found herself taking another step, and another, towards what she sensed was just out of her view. And every time she got near it seemed to skid out of the light, out of view.

"Hello?" The blonde called, her voice shaky, low, barely a whisper. "Is someone there?"

The sound of something scratching over rock caused her to freeze.

"Hello?" She squeaked, finding it harder to breathe.

Suddenly something came down hard on her shoulder.

Screaming, Chloe twirled around, coming face to face with Lois.

"Don't keep doing that!" She exclaimed, hand to her heart.

"Sorry." Lois apologized. "I just noticed you weren't behind us and I got worried." Her gaze went to the darkness behind Chloe. "Is everything alright?"

"Yeah," the blonde lowered her head, sighing. "I thought I saw something, but its obviously just the shadows playing with me."

"Well, you should be glad nothing else is in here other than us." Lucy declared as she appeared from further up ahead. "Because that's twice that we've crept up on you. If there was anything else in here with murderous intent you'd be dead ten times over."

"Ten times might be an exaggeration," Lois rolled her eyes. "But you are easy to sneak up on. Even when we're not trying to."

Chloe sighed, shoulder slumping in dejection. "I know. I-I'm just not good at this."

"Don't worry, we're awesome at it." Lucy winked at her. "We'll protect you with our large muscles." She raised her arms to display them in a wrestler's pose.

Lois rolled her eyes. "We should probably head back. It's around lunchtime and I'm getting hungry."

"How do you stay so skinny if you eat like a pig?" Lucy wanted to know.

"Oh shut up, you just envy me." Lois snickered. "You eat one ounce of fat and it goes straight to your ass."

"It does not!" Lucy exclaimed, horrified.

Hearing something once again, Chloe turned her attention from the sisters and gazed into the darkness of the direction they'd come from.

"Oh, yeah, it does." Lois sniffed.

"You're just jealous that I have an ass!" Lucy shot back, puffing indignantly.

Chloe narrowed her eyes and took an unsure step towards the darkness once more.

"Please, that statement just goes to show how deeply in denial you are." Lois raised her chin, air of superiority surrounding her.

"Oh I'll show you what denial is!" Lucy screeched.

A ball of bright blue light shot towards them from the far end of the tunnel and Chloe screamed as she pushed her cousins out of the way, the three girls hitting the cave walls in time for the blast of blue energy to race passed them, the heat singing their clothes as it continued down the tunnel before hitting the wall by the turn and exploding.

Lois and Lucy turned towards the light, eyes widening in horror as they turned back towards the entrance.

"Mogadorians." Lucy whispered, seeming rooted to the spot in terror.

"Run!" Lois grabbed both girls and yanked them to their feet, beginning to run deeper into the cave tunnel, taking the corner just time time for another ball of blue energy to explode against the wall.

Chloe looked behind her, horrified.

They were going to die.
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