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Numberless 3/5 
7th-Apr-2011 01:06 pm

Title: Numberless
Sequel to: Number Five
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Lois Lane, Lucy Lane, Mogadorians
Fandoms: Smallville/I Am Number Four
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't Own
Summary: Chloe has been training with Lois and Lucy and just can't get close to her cousin's standards. Her relationship with her mother isn't any better, Lucy resents her, and then Mogadorians attack while the girls are trapped in a cave.

As they ran deep into the cave tunnel, it seemed to grow hotter and smaller, shorter. The girls breaths were louder than their footsteps as they stumbled in their haste, tripping and falling a couple of times onto the get back up, the sound of approaching footsteps echoing behind them spurring them on despite the pain and the fear. Adrenaline pumped in their veins, that was Chloe's only explanation for the fact that she was able to somehow keep up with the other two as they ducked and jumped over obstacles, all the time plasmic bursts of energy flying passed them. The threat of the Mogadorians finding out their hiding place had always been in the back of Chloe's mind, but since the others had been living there for so many years without detection she'd deceived herself into believing that they wouldn't be discovered.

And yet here they were, running for their lives, trapped in an underground cave and cut off from the adults.

"Oh god." Lois whispered, as the tunnel ended, the only way to continue forth was a small crawl space half hidden behind some boulders.

"Here we go!" Lucy, apparently always fearless, pushed passed them and pulled some of the fallen rocks out of the crawl space before lowering herself and crawling inside. "Hurry up you two!"

"Okay. Okay." Lois took in a deep breath. "Chloe, you go next."

"No." Chloe shook her head, beginning to hyperventilate. "I-I'm claustrophobic. I can't go in that! I-I'll have a panic attack and-I can't!"

"Yes. You can. And you will. Now." Lois grabbed her by her shoulders and forced her down. "Go!"

Tears of fear falling down her cheeks, body shaking, Chloe forced herself inside of the tight crawl space, her skin scraping as she pulled herself slowly through, trying to follow the faint light ahead of her. She felt Lois scamper in behind her, and forced herself to go onwards because if she didn't then Lois would be the one to suffer, and the blonde realized that that was probably why Lois had made herself go last despite the danger. If Chloe had been last, with only her own life hanging, she might have just let her fear lead her into a panic attack in which she'd just seized up and refused to go on. But Lois was depending on her, so Chloe renewed her efforts and pulled herself along as rapidly and fast as she could, ignoring the voice in her head that was frantically screaming that she would get stuck or that the walls were closing in around her or that the oxygen was running out.

"I'm out!" Lucy called from ahead.

It was what Chloe needed, and she ignored the pain of the way the stones dug into her skin. Ahead of her she could see the opening, with Lucy's hand sticking in.

"COME ON!" Lucy urged.

Grunting, Chloe pressed onwards, reaching out to clasp her hand in Lucy's, gritting her teeth when the brunette pulled her out the rest of her way, her skin scraping painfully as she slid out into the large cavern.

Lucy turned to the hole and shoved her arm in shoulder-deep once more, yanking Lois out as well before rushing towards a close boulder and beginning to roll it towards the entrance. "Help me dammit!"

Lois stumbled to her feet and joined her sister, but both were thrown back when another blast of blue plasma shot the boulder, causing it to explode into a million tiny pieces.

Screaming, Chloe turned her back to the explosion, protecting her head with her arms.

Lucy grunted, back pressed against the wall, eyes on the hole, as more and more shots were fired from in there.

Lois stumbled to her feet, grabbing her side, obviously having gotten hurt but not giving up. She inched her way along the wall towards the opening, eyeing the hole intently before eyeing her little sister.

Lucy nodded.

Chloe covered her ears, the sound of the plasma balls blasting into the walls loud and painful.

The second the nose of the gun poked out from the hole, Lois reached down and grabbed it, yanking it out of their pursuer's hold, tossing the gun towards Lucy.

Catching the gun, Lucy moved towards the hole and let loose, firing an endless flow of plasma balls into the passageway, almost lighting it up completely.

Only when the gun clicked empty, the last of the plasma drained from it, did Lucy put down the gun, collapsing to her knees.

The three girls stayed silent, the only sound their heavy breaths.

Chloe finally removed her hands from her ears, gulping. "Is it over?"

In the distance they could hear movement as the bodies in the tunnel were moved.

"No." Lois whispered, looking around her rapidly. "We need to find another way out, now!"

"Dammit!" Lucy snapped, throwing the large alien weapon down as she looked around. "Exit! Exit! Exit!"

"Up there!" Chloe pointed up to an opening a little above them.

"Oh fuck me." Lucy whispered before turning to Chloe. "Can you make it?"

"I can try." She replied.

"Love the answer." Lucy declared, pushing her forwards towards the wall. "Now climb!" She gripped at the cave wall and began to pull herself up slowly, finding a footing as she continued upwards slowly.

Lois followed in her sister's footsteps, slowly hauling herself up the cave wall towards the ledge above.

Chloe looked at her cousins, positively hating them for making this look so easy, as she tried to follow suit. She made it a little ways up before losing footing and sliding all the way back down. The blonde whimpered as the bodies in the tunnel continued being pushed into the room and out of the way.

"COME ON!" Lucy had made it up onto the ledge and turned to look down at them. "HURRY YOUR ASS UP CHLOE!"

Fear made her hands sweat, making it harder for the blonde to get a good grip on the rocks as she tried once more. But luck was not on her side, as her sandal strap broke, sending her falling right back down again, landing hard on the ground, the bones in her body hurting.

"Come on Chloe!" Lois screamed as she made it up onto the ledge as well. "Get up!"

Chloe looked up at her cousins and then towards the tunnel, able to actually see those crawling towards her.

There was no way she was going to make it.

Closing her eyes to her fear, the blonde looked back up at her cousin. "Get out of here."

"What?" Lois exclaimed.

"I'm not going to make it, just go already!" Chloe snapped up at them. "You need to get to the others and keep my father safe! You need to warn them that the Mogadorians are here-if they haven't attacked already!"

"There's no way that we're going to leave you here!" Lucy growled at her.

"Do it goddammit!" Chloe yelled up at them, fighting the tears of terror. "My father can't defend himself against these things!" Her voice broke. "Please!"

Lois looked down at her, shaking her head in denial, eyes filling with tears.

Lucy fought for control over her emotions, although her eyes were filling with tears also.

Chloe's gaze turned to the tunnel as the last body was shoved out of the way. "Get out of here!"

"Dammit!" Lucy hissed before grabbing Lois and pulling her deeper into the above tunnel.

Chloe pressed her back against the wall and watched as four Mogadorians crawled into the open cavern, brandishing their weapons.

The blonde gulped, the light from her bracelet giving her her first view of the alien race she'd heard so much about.

They had a human-like appearance, but there were distinguishable features that clearly set them apart. They didn't have hair on their heads (although she didn't know if they were born that way or had merely shaved their head off as a sign of their species), and also had strange written markings on the tops of their heads. One of them even had red eyes. Their teeth were small, ragged, and yellow in appearance. They also had what seemed to be gills on their faces, around their noses, which twitched slightly as they breathed in her scent deeply. Obviously gave them a superior sense of smell and aided in tracking.

The leader of the four stepped forwards, smile vicious.

And that was the moment she knew that she was going to die in a very terrible way.
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