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Numberless 4/5 
7th-Apr-2011 04:35 pm

Title: Numberless
Sequel to: Number Five
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Lois Lane, Lucy Lane, Mogadorians
Fandoms: Smallville/I Am Number Four
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't Own
Summary: Chloe has been training with Lois and Lucy and just can't get close to her cousin's standards. Her relationship with her mother isn't any better, Lucy resents her, and then Mogadorians attack while the girls are trapped in a cave.

Chloe's heart was nearly failing her from fear, but she refused to faint away like she really wanted to. She kept her back pressed to the wall, fingernails digging into the stone behind her, fingertips slick from her own blood from the many scrapes she'd sustained up until that moment. She raised her chin, keeping her breathing as even as she could, eyeing the leader in his eyes as he stepped forwards.

"No need to play it strong," he announced in perfect english, hands clasped behind him. "I can smell your fear."

She gulped. "That must be a handy little ability of yours. Sensitivity to scent." She took in a ragged breath. "How do you handle being around people and their multitudes of perfumes? Must be hell on the gills."

"As a matter of fact it can be annoying." He replied congenially as he took a step towards her, gaze falling on her chest, eyes narrowing. "Ah, I see you've already met your Number." He gazed back up at her. "How unfortunate for both you and him. We'll pick up his scent on your skin."

"Come any closer and I'll knee you so badly you'll be singing octaves." Chloe held her hands out in front of her warning, eyes narrowed.

She was terrified because they'd assumed that Clark was her Number, and if they could somehow get his scent off of her (though she couldn't figure how they'd do that) she'd be leading them straight to her best friend. A squeak left her lips involuntarily as the alien reached out and grabbed her by the front of her shirt, raising her clear off of the floor and bringing her to him so he could take a deep whiff of her.

The Mogadorian made a face and brought her closer, pressing his nose to the curve of her neck and taking in deep breaths before thrusting her away, although keeping a strong hold on her still. "You haven't met your Number yet." He eyed her necklace with narrowed eyes. "You're not a Number yourself...so you must have some other Number's crest." He tilted his head. "Curious and curiouser."

"Yes, well, I try not to be dull and predictable." She snarked, grabbing at the hand he had holding her up by, just displaying how much stronger than a normal human he was. "So, is this how you Mogadorians find your chicks? Chase them around underground cave tunnels and pick them up with one hand and smell them? Because, I've got to tell you Romeo, it isn't really working. I can see why the Loriens are getting more action than you. You know, other than the fact that you're all butt ugly."

The Mogadorian snarled and slammed her back into the cave wall, causing the air to rush out of her lungs, and her head to collide with the stone, leaving her disoriented and in pain. "You're not very smart, to antagonize your captors."

Oh, she knew that, but she was stalling, trying to buy her cousins the time they'd need to try and find an exit and get to her father.

If her father made it out of this alive, then it was all worth it.

"Yeah, well, I figure I'm going to die anyway, and I don't wanna go out sniveling and begging for my life." She reported, hissing as her head throbbed in pain. "You guys must get that all the time from the people you brutally murder just because you assholes couldn't save your own planet or wrap your heads around the thought of co-habiting another one with its previous inhabitants...and as I stated beforehand, I try not to be dull and predictable."

"You have quite a tongue on you." The Mogadorian noted. "I think we should cut it out."

She gulped, body trembling. "B-before you get all knife-happy...I just want to know one thing...and every civilized race gives death row prisoners a last wish."

The Mogadorian just raised an eyebrow.

"Why?" Chloe cleared her throat. "Why does it matter if I live or die? I mean, it's obvious that I pose no physical or mental threat to you or your race. So why are you all so intent on killing me? Huh?"

He sneered in disgust, while his comrades laughed. "Why ask something that you already know?"

"I don't know." She narrowed her eyes on him. "That's the point in asking, genius."

There was silence.

"You don't...know." The Mogadorian realized before laughing. "Your mother hasn't told you...and you call us cold."

Chloe felt coldness creep up her spine. "Moira knows?"

"Of course she knows." The Mogadorian chuckled darkly, so amused with this revelation. "If she was able to keep something like this from her very own spawn, I wonder what else she's been hiding from you."

"I'm beginning to wonder that too." Chloe whispered, feeling so cold all of a sudden.

The Mogadorian reached out with his other hand and yanked Five's Crest from her neck, slipping it into his pocket.

"Sir, what about the others?" One of the men asked from behind. "Should we give chase to them?"

"It doesn't matter." The one holding her replied with an evil sneer. "They're Numberless, and thus inconsequential." He reached into a sheath at his hips and pulled out an odd blade covered in the same symbols that were written all over the Mogadorians' heads. The alien twirled the blade in his hands before clasping his fingers over it tightly, angling it over her heart. "Any last words?"

"Yeah!" Someone snarled from above them. "Inconsequential my ass!"

Suddenly a medium-sized boulder was hurtled down from the ledge, connecting with the leader's head and sending him to his knees.

The Mogadorians rose their weapons and began firing at the ledge, Lucy and Lois' screams echoing as the plasma balls blasted around them.

Falling to her knees, Chloe acted on instinct. Straddling the disoriented leader she tore the blade out of his hand before bringing it down into his heart, staring down into his surprised, inhuman eyes as the life left them. She then grabbed the gun that had been slung over his shoulder and aimed at the closest Mogadorian, keeping the trigger pressed as she let out of continual ball of plasma, spraying the room, eyes closed tightly as rocks fell and aliens screamed, and then all was silence.

She'd emptied the thing.

Chloe opened her eyes, seeing the fallen aliens, bodies smoking.

Letting go of the gun she turned and vomited, body trembling as she emptied her stomach.

Feeling a hand come down on her shoulder she didn't even react, just continuing to vomit until there was nothing left.

Lois bent down next to her, rubbing her back soothingly. "It's okay, it's over."

"Call me inconsequential to my face you dickhead! Come on! I dare ya!" Lucy kicked the head of one of the dead aliens over and over again, letting out her rage on it. "I might be Numberless but I'm damned proud of it! You fucker!" She went to another and kicked his head. "You're so lucky you're dead right now! Argh!"

Lois continued to rub Chloe's back. "Feeling any better?"

Chloe nodded although it was a big lie.

She wasn't feeling better.

She was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Lucy gave the body one last kick before stomping to the one next to her cousin and sister, and reached down into one of the pockets, pulling out Clark's chain. "We'll take this back, thank you very much." Spitting on the body, Lucy made up her face in disgust at him before turning to Chloe, holding out the chain and crest towards her. "I believe this belongs to you."

Chloe looked at Five's Crest, and then up at Lucy. "You should have left."

"And let you have all the fun?" Lucy scoffed, reaching for Chloe's hand and lowering the necklace into it, closing Chloe's fingers over it. "Not my style."

"Fun. Right." Chloe laughed softly, slipping the broken chain into her pocket before looking around her at the destroyed cavern and bodies.

"Good news is that you caused a cave-in in that tunnel so no more of them can get through." Lois mumbled, standing as she reached down and stepped hard on the leader's chest before yanking the blade out and passing it to Chloe. "Spoils of your first kill. Every warrior takes a token. This is yours."

Chloe made a face at the blood-covered blade. "I don't-."

Lucy made a face at her. "You're in this war whether you like it or not Chloe. Start acting like a soldier." She folded her arms defiantly over her chest. "You might have just earned it."

"Might have?" Lois countered, eyeing the body count.

"Yeah, well, I helped." Lucy scoffed, chin raising higher. "If I hadn't dropped that boulder on his head she'd be mince meat. So while I give her props I did have a hand in this victory."

"Oh god." Lois groaned, rolling her eyes before shaking the blade at Chloe. "Just take the damn thing so she will shut up."

Clearing her throat, Chloe reached out and accepted the blade.

"There's the sheath for it." Lucy grabbed said sheath and yanked it off of the body before passing it to Chloe too. "You're going to need this."

Chloe accepted the sheath wordlessly as well, securing the deadly blade into it and then hooking it around her hips.

Lois gave her a smile of encouragement, a bit of pride shinning in those eyes.

Lucy eyed her over with a raised eyebrow before nodding in approval, acceptance finally entering her features as she smiled at her older cousin.

She gave them a small, unhappy smile.

She might have finally earned their respect, but she felt she'd lost something of herself in the process.

Lois and Lucy scavenged the bodies, picking at their pockets and weapons, finding two guns that still had a good amount of ammo, slinging them onto their backs, before emptying the aliens' pockets of anything valuable or that could give them a clue as to how the creatures had found them.

Chloe hesitated, before beginning to do the same with the leader, finding a couple of gadgets she couldn't recognize...and then stopped when she pulled out a small golden object that she recognized, fear filling her soul.

It was her father's wedding band.

7th-Apr-2011 11:10 pm (UTC)
Wow, love the mass update!

I like the way Chloe was able to step up and defend herself. She was snarky til the end and that is what we all love about her. Great job!

I hope Gabe's ok. Moira...not so much, but she seems to always come out ok.

Can't wait for more. :D

7th-Apr-2011 11:11 pm (UTC)
What can I say? I was inspired :) lol
Ah yes....the parents..............
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