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Chloe's Supernatural - Season One 2/? 
17th-Sep-2008 09:24 am

Title: Chloe's Supernatural
Season: 1
Rating: T-M
Pairing: Chloe/Dean, Chloe/Sam, Dean/Chloe/Sam
Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville or Supernatural
Warning: Spoilers Supernatural Season 1, AU Smallville
Summary: When Chloe helps Pete and his children move into their new home in Lawrence, Kansas, she never expected it to be haunted, or to meet the Winchester brothers...OR the adventure that they'd embark on together afterwards.


The Winchester brothers stayed in the motel, sitting on the bed and trying to put this together. It was an odd case, because not only had they had to return to their old hometown, not only had they had to go back to the place where their mother had been murdered--but there was something still in that house--and Sam had had a vision about it.

Dean was still reeling with the information that Sam had nightmares about things before they happened. He felt a little hurt that his brother had kept this information from him, but in a sense he could understand. If he went all ‘Haley Joel’ he’d have kept the whole ‘I see dead people’ thingy to himself for as long as possible as well.

“So, dude, everything about the hunt aside, Chloe?” Dean caught his brother’s attention. “Now I understand why guys find soccer moms so hot. I mean, come on.”

“Dean.” Sam was glaring at Dean, and yet he was blushing. “This is no time to be checking out a married woman, okay?”

“Dude, you’re blushing.” Dean smirked. His eyes widened. “You were checking her out too!”

“I was not.” Sam glared darker at his brother, as his blush deepened as well.

“Dude, you so totally was checking little miss Susie homemaker! And right in front of her kids too!” Dean was laughing as he pointed his finger juvenilely at his brother. “I didn’t think you had it in you. Me? Sure. You? Never.”

“Shut up.” Sam grounded out, reaching for the phonebook on the side table. “Look, let’s get back to work, alright? The guy who used to own that garage with dad said that after mom’s death dad went to see a palm reader in town who said things about the house and after that he was ‘different’. We have to find out who he went to and what she said.”

At the mention of the job, Dean went serious. “Okay, read out the names in the yellow pages. Maybe dad might have mentioned her.”

Sam nodded and continued reading the names until he read one that caused Dean to stiffen.

“Wait. Missouri? That’s a name?” Dean asked, getting up from the bed and going to his bag, where he had their father’s journal.

“Yeah.” Sam looked up from he phonebook and frowned when he saw his brother pulling out the journal. “What is it?”

“Fuck. It was a person.” Dean whispered as he sat back down on the bed, their father’s journal opened to the first page as he read. “I went to Missouri today and found out the truth.” He looked up at his brother. “I always thought he meant the place, you know?”

“But he meant the palm reader.” Sam’s eyes widened. “I wonder if we can get an appointment to see her today.”

Dean closed the journal. “Call her up, Haley Joel.”

“Shut up jerk.”


Sam growled in annoyance and shook his head at his brother, giving up.


Good God, it definitely isn’t Casper.

Chloe sat still, horrified as she read the articles on the computer about Mary Winchester, who’d died in a freak fire, in this very house, that’d started in Lindsay’s room.

So the fact that Lindsay was seeing a ‘fire monster’ in her room terrified Chloe. What was in this house? Had it killed Mary Winchester? Was it the reason why so many people had bought and rapidly sold this house ever since? Was it going to try and hurt them?

What do I do? What do I do?

And to make things worse, she still had no word from Pete. It’d gotten to the point where she’d called Clark and discreetly asked him if he couldn’t use his ‘resources’ to find their friend and find out what in the world had happened to him, why he wasn’t home.

She heard cursing coming from the kitchen and guessed that the repairman wasn’t finding the job of repairing the food processor as easy as he’d assured her it would be.

Betcha he’ll wanna charge me extra now.

Honestly, today was not a good day for Chloe Sullivan, because not only was the house obviously haunted, but this meant that Chloe’s dreams weren’t just hallucinations. She was seeing things…which meant she’d finally become a freak.


Deciding that they might have a dangerous angry spirit on their hands, or some sort of fire-creature, Chloe next Googled for some sort of protection from such things and was surprised when she found that if people were in a circle of salt it would protect them.

The blonde didn’t get how a condiment would frighten away a demon or angry spirit or whatever evil, but she’d gone to the kitchen on the pretext of seeing how the repairs were going, before snatching up the salt container and taking it back to the living room with her…

Just in case.

Chloe’s gaze went to Lindsay and Peter, who were sitting on the carpet by her feet, playing with each other and giggling. The blonde smiled as she watched the innocent children, but that smile disappeared as she suddenly felt extremely cold, as if there was a presence in the living room with them.

The kids didn’t seem to notice it, happily giggling together, but Chloe put away her laptop and her instincts made her grab for the large container of salt. Her body froze as awareness prickled her skin, causing the hair on her arms to stand on end.

Hearing a faint cracking sound, the blonde turned her gaze to the window and her eyes widened in horror as she saw the glass fogging up despite the fact that the news had said that this was one of the hottest days of the year. Her breaths came out in visible puffs of vapor, and before Chloe could even form a reaction to this, the furniture in the living room all began to shake violently…only the furniture.

Chloe dove off of the sofa with a cry of surprise and tumbled next to Lindsay and Peter, the young girl with eyes wide in mute terror, and the young boy innocently curious as to why the furniture were beginning to hover all around them.

“Aunt Chloe?” Lindsay’s voice wavered, eyes filling with frightened tears.

“It’s going to be alright, Lindsay.” Chloe stammered as she tore open the top of the salt container in her hurry, praying to all holy that what the internet had said wasn’t just pure crap as she stood and poured the salt all around them in a sloppy and hasty circle.

The sound of squeaking caused her to look up the moment she’d closed the circle and saw words beginning to form on the windows.


Crying out in horror, Chloe collapsed in the middle of the circle and pulled Lindsay and Peter to her, closing her eyes tightly and trying to protect them with her body as things around them began to explode—picture frames, figurines, vases, Hailey’s urn.

Lindsay buried her face in Chloe’s shirt and screamed as Peter wailed in terror, not understanding what was going on but terrified nonetheless.

And suddenly, the sound of male screams coming from the kitchen froze Chloe’s heart.

The repairman.

She pulled the children closer to her, glad that the sound of the destruction around and the children’s own screams were drowning out the poor man’s, and yet she was horrified. What was happening to them? What was happening to the repairman?

More squeaking could be heard, and Chloe lifted her gaze to the glass above the mantle in front of them. It was completely fogged over, and words began to slowly appear.


Whimpering, Chloe closed her eyes tightly and screamed when the large mirror suddenly exploded, sending millions of pieces of glass flying down on them. The blonde protected the children with her body, and as if the explosion had been the culmination of a grand event, the furniture dropped back down on the ground, the windows began to clear up, the temperature in the room rose once more, and the vapor from their breaths disappeared.

The only thing left was the sound of the man screaming in agony in the kitchen.

Chloe shook the piece of glass from her, turning to look at the terrified children. “Lindsay, Peter, are you two okay?”

Pete continued to wail.

Lindsay continued to cry, but she nodded.

“Look, I think it’s gone.” Chloe whispered. “But I need you two to stay in the circle, do you understand me? No matter what, stay in the circle!”

The girl nodded as Chloe got up and ran to the kitchen, pausing in the doorway and gulping back a scream as a metallic scent hit her nose strongly and blood was splattered all over.

The repairman laid on the tiled floor, unconscious body jerking violently, as his arm seemed to have been chewed off to almost his elbow. From the way there was blood just staining the sink, Chloe knew what horrors had just happened to him.

“Oh my God!” She hurried to the fallen, unconscious man, pulling the cellular from her back pocket and dialing 911. “Hold on sir, just hold on!”


Chloe sat in the middle of the pool of blood, feeling numb, knowing sanely that she was in shock and yet not sane enough to do something about it. The paramedics had come and taken the repairman away, the police had come and written down the report she’d given them (although she’d kept out all paranormal things to keep from being locked away in the loony bin), and after making sure that Lindsay and Peter remained in the circle of salt, Chloe had gone to the kitchen to clean up the blood and somehow found herself sitting in it, looking unseeingly ahead of her, numb.

She wanted nothing more than to get out of here with the children, but she couldn’t. Pete wasn’t answering his phone, what if he came home, saw the mess—the blood, and couldn’t find them? He’d have a heart attack. And anyway, her car mysteriously enough wasn’t working, and she’d tried calling everyone but her cellular wasn’t working either. It’d stopped working after she’d made that 911 call.

Out of desperation Chloe had even screamed for Clark—and while usually in seconds he’d be by her side, this time he never showed up. It was as if something was keeping him from hearing her…as if something was keeping them from leaving.

We found you…whatever the thing that lived in this house was had communicated. You can never escape.

Closing her eyes, Chloe cried, and cried and cried, and she didn’t know whose arms went around her and comforted her moments later, but she didn’t care, she latched onto the warmth, onto the security she felt in those arms and didn’t dare open her eyes in case this was all going on in her mind and she was truly insane.

“Poor child.” A kindly, unfamiliar female voice cooed. “You were smart to have formed the circle, though. You may have saved the lives of those children and your own.”

Chloe opened her eyes looked over the shoulder of the one comforting her, seeing a kind-looking dark woman standing next to Dean Winchester, who looked torn between angry, frightened, and confused.

Which meant…that the one comforting her was…


Pulling away slightly in embarrassment, Chloe tried to wipe at her tears, only managing to smear her face with blood. She looked up miserably at them, not even asking how they’d gotten inside. “What--what is in this house?”

“We don’t know.” The woman admitted. “Something truly evil once walked in this house, but it’s not the same energy I feel now.” She tore her eyes from Chloe’s pleading ones and looked around the kitchen, shivering, before turning to the boys with a frown. “Well, don’t just stand there! Help the woman and those children terrified in the salt-circle to get their things! We’re taking them to my house until we can come back and cleanse this house.”

Chloe looked at the woman at that. “You can do that? You can get rid of whatever—whatever did all of this?”

“I can try.”

And that was all that mattered.


Missouri’s house was odd, but then again, Missouri was a palm reader, so that would make sense, wouldn’t it? Chloe had been just as fascinated with each trinket and bauble as the children, and yet she’d kept her enthusiasm in check, refraining from touching and just admiring from a safe distance.

The kids were tired after all they’d been put through, so Chloe had been grateful when Missouri ushered them to her bedroom so they could sleep off the experience.

But that left her alone with the two Winchester brothers.

“So.” Dean finally spoke. “How did you know about the salt?”

“Yeah, I was wondering that myself.” Sam added as they sat in Missouri’s living room.

“I--Lindsay said that there was something evil in the house and I wanted a way to protect us.” Chloe whispered, taking a sip of the water mixed with sugar that Missouri had given her to help her clam down.

Dean smiled slightly, leaning forwards. “You know, most moms would just tell their daughters that there’s no such things as monsters.”

“Cute but stupid sometimes, dear God.” Missouri announced in exasperation as she returned from the bedroom and sat down on a chair. “She is not the mother, can’t you two realize that she’s too young?” The woman shook her head before turning to Chloe soothingly. “Have you been able to get into contact with your friend? Their father? He’s been missing since last night, hasn’t he?”

“Yes, he has.” Chloe nodded her head, decided not to be shocked that Missouri knew that. The woman was a psychic and palm reader, right? “I’m worried that something happened to him.”

Missouri smiled. “Don’t worry child, he’s okay. He’s battling his personal inner demons right now, but once he does that and overcomes he’ll be right as rain.”

Chloe smiled tremulously at the older woman. “I hope so.”

Nodding, Missouri leaned back in her seat. “Chloe, why don’t you tell us everything that happened?”

Chloe did as told, telling them about the weird feelings both she and the kids had had since going to the house, about the sounds with no explanation, the way the lights flickered, about the fire-creature that terrified Lindsay, seeming to haunt her bedroom, and then finally told of the attack that’d happened that very day.

“You--you said it wrote we found you…you can never escape?” Sam frowned, looking concerned and confused. “But why would it do that? Is it confusing one of you three for a former occupant of the house?”

“Maybe it’s killer?” Dean guessed. “Or maybe it’s the killer and it’s confusing you three as the ones that got away?”

“Dean.” Sam turned to his brother. “What if this thing that killed mom has been in that house all along? What if mom wasn’t its first victim? What if--.”

“No.” Missouri shook her head firmly, face dark with a frown. “It was a different energy. What killed your mother was much more powerful than what I sensed in the house now. But when true evil touches a place, it leaves a scar, and it will always attract evil.” She paused. “Plus, what killed your mother acted alone. I sensed more than one energy in that house today.”

Great.” Chloe snorted. “No wonder Pete got such a good price on that place.”

Dean smirked, eyes on Chloe, then feeling Missouri’s scolding gaze on him he quickly looked away and cleared his throat, feigning complete innocence.

Missouri rolled her eyes at the younger man before turning her attention to Chloe. “Honey, you’ve been through a horrible experience today, why don’t you join those angels in my room and sleep it off? The boys and I will prepare what we need to prepare and go to your house to cleanse it. By tonight you’ll be able to sleep in that house without any fear.”

Chloe doubted that she’d ever be able to sleep in that house ever again, but she just nodded and got up, heading to Missouri’s bedroom, tired.


Sam waited until the door to Missouri’s room closed before turning to the elder woman. “You’re keeping something from her.”

“Yeah, I got that too.” Dean nodded in agreement, sitting taller in his seat. “What exactly is it that you didn’t want her to know?”

“How have you two managed to stay alive hunting this long?” Missouri wanted to know. “Didn’t you notice anything off about the damage done to that house?”

Sam frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Lady, it was a typical poltergeist crime-scene.” Dean added.

“No, it wasn’t.” Missouri argued. “I’ve seen poltergeists more than I wished I did--and even if the one they’re attacking is protected they try to harm the person—even if they know they can’t.”

“But it attacked Chloe and the kids.” Sam leaned forwards in his seat.

“No, it only tried to frighten them.” Missouri corrected. “It hurt the repairman—“

“Who wasn’t protected by the circle of salt.” Dean cut it.

“—but it merely made its presence known to Chloe and the kids.” The woman continued as if Dean hadn’t spoken. “And it took time to give her a message. Two messages.”

“You think—you think its message was for Chloe.” Sam blinked in surprise. “You think it’s going personally for her.”

“I--I feel something about her.” Missouri nodded. “I think--“ she looked up at the boys. “There’s something in her aura that I cannot understand.”

Dean went defensive immediately. “Do you think she’s to blame with what’s--?”

“No.” Missouri shook her head. “I don’t know what I think--but whatever is happening, it’s not her fault, but she’s deep in the middle of it and doesn’t even know that she is.”

The brothers shared a frown.

“She said it wrote that: we found you—you can never escape.” Dean remembered. “Something was obviously after her before this ever happened, and only when she entered that house was it about to find out where she was. Or maybe the thing after her wasn’t the one to discover her—but it knows of the thing that is. We have heard of cases where these things help each other if there’s a common goal.”

Sam stood up. “But what was after her? And why?”

Missouri was silent, looking ahead of her as able to see something they couldn’t, before shaking her head and standing up. “Enough talking. We need that protective mix to make, and a house to purify.”

The brothers shared a look before nodding.

17th-Sep-2008 04:43 pm (UTC)
Yay for the new update!! It is awesome as always *grins* I loved Sam comforting Chloe and Dean hitting on her. I'm so intrigued and can't wait for the next update to see what happens next.
17th-Sep-2008 05:24 pm (UTC)
lol. yeah, I just see Sam being comforting and Dean being his normal flirty self despite everything!
17th-Sep-2008 05:18 pm (UTC)
Yey, update!! Love Dean, I practically heard his interest peak when Missouri said she wasn't a mom.
17th-Sep-2008 05:24 pm (UTC)
LOL. Yeah, I think it did!
17th-Sep-2008 06:53 pm (UTC)
omg loved how chloe put the salt cicrle around her and the kids. loved how sam hugged her. missouri is wonderful. i can not wait to read the boys reactions to knowing that thier dad saved chloe a long time ago. did john kill moria to save her ? oh PPMS
17th-Sep-2008 07:31 pm (UTC)
For right now no one knows what happened to possessed-Moira, but you will find out later on!
29th-Dec-2009 04:05 am (UTC)
Typical Dean. Typical Sam. XD I like that they made it in time to get to kids and Chloe. I just wonder how long it will take them to realize that Chloe is in as much trouble as Sam is.
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