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It's A Terrible Life 2/3 
29th-Jun-2011 12:15 am
winchullivan---sexy looks

Title: It's A Terrible Life
Sequel to: Lost And Found
Universe: Day Star Series
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Chloe and Lois have found Sam and Dean...the problem with that is that Sam Wesson and Dean Smith have no idea who they really are, and instead Sam's an IT specialist at the Sandover building while Dean is on the Master Cleanse...
Written for my Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt used #94. Fugue State
Spoiler Warning for Supernatural Season 4 Episode 17 "It's A Terrible Life".
A/N: Was supposed to be a oneshot...but ended up being a three-shot instead.

Dean had a huge office with a view people would kill for.

Chloe didn't know if whoever had done this to them thought it made up for the Cowardly Lion attitude and terrible wardrobe given to the oldest Winchester...but she figured despite how beautiful the view was it still wasn't worth it.

"Should we go on the Ghostfacers website again to see if they have more information that might help us before Mister McGhost causes the floor above us to collapse on us or something?" Dean leaned against his desk, drinking a large bottle of what she was sure was the Master Cleanse. "I mean, we might have missed something, like how to protect ourselves."

"We placed the salt around the windows and doorways, supposedly the ghost can't cross over it." Sam mumbled, typing on the computer, sitting behind Dean's desk.

"Has anyone stopped and wondered exactly why that is?" Dean wanted to know, swallowing a large gulp of the lemon, water, honey, and cayenne pepper mix. "Why salt exactly? Does the fact that it preserve things offend ghosts because it reminds them that their bodies are rotting somewhere? Or is it condiments in general? If you put ground black pepper what exactly would happen? None of this makes any sense."

From where she was gazing out at the city below, Chloe had to admit that that evil, spiteful thing inside of her was enjoying this completely.

"I don't know Dean." Sam sighed. "It just works."

"How can we be sure it works?" Dean wanted to know, finishing the large bottle.

"Well, the ghost hasn't attacked us here, has it?" Sam sighed, looking up from his computer.

"How do we know it isn't just making us believe we're safe with the salt so that we let our guard down?" Dean wanted to know. "How do we know that we're not just sitting ducks here and it's toying with our heads?"

"He asks some good questions, Sam. I may not have studied up on this like you two have, but salt sounds kinda iffy. I haven't seen what this ghost has done like you guys have, but I can see that you are men who wouldn't make up stuff like this...and I'm worried." Chloe couldn't help letting her inner devil out to play, figuring if she couldn't kill them herself anymore she was going to let them suffer a bit. "That ghost could be just waiting until we're not paying attention and then shove pencils through our eyes or something."

Dean gulped.

So did Sam, looking a little less sure than he had seconds ago.

Chloe turned her back on them, gazing out at the city once more, before letting her darkly amused smile light her face.

"Look, the Ghostfacers say that salt is like acid for ghosts, and iron repels them...and they are the experts." Sam tried once more before clearing his throat. "And...and my...in my dreams they work too."

Chloe froze before turning to face the brothers once more. "Dreams?"

Dean sighed. "Not this again." He shook his head. "He over shares way too much."

"Look, they're not just dreams, okay? It's like...memories...of a past life or something." Sam stood, defensive, pacing slightly. "I've been dreaming them ever since I started working here. And in my dreams you're always there Dean, and Chloe is there too...that's how I knew her name in the elevator."

Dean blinked, suddenly remembering that. "Right...I'd forgotten about that."

Her phone beeped, and Chloe used the distraction, pulling it out and reading the message sent to her by Lois.

Okay, I found him! P.T. Sandover was, as you suspected, the founder of the building you are all in. From what I could dig up he was a workaholic and didn't have a wife or kids. He used to say that he was the company and that his very blood pumped through the building, but I can't find any records of devil worship in my records. I DID however find out that his office was room 1444 until he died in 1916.

I think his spirit is awoken in times of economic distress because after he died, during 1929 (or the Great Depression) 17 people committed suicide by jumping from office windows...and now from recent newspaper articles the employees from there now are starting to commit suicide as well.

You need backup?

Chloe wrote back that she could handle it, before putting away her phone and turning to the men, who were arguing softly amongst themselves.

"You're going to scare her away with this crazy talk." Dean hissed to Sam. "We're lucky enough that she believes us and doesn't think we're insane with all this ghost, psychic dreams and past life talk! To be honest I think we're crazy!"

"It's not crazy! I'm telling you its the truth!" Sam hissed back to him.

"Look, I know that the whole ghost aspect of your little fantasies has proven, well, true." Dean glared at Sam. "But if the three of us had met in a past life before-."

"At least two." Sam interjected. "Some of my memories take place in medieval times. You were a knight, I was a judge, and she was a soothsayer."

"What? You know what? Never mind. I don't want to know." Dean grumbled. "If the three of us were together in multiple past lives, then don't you think I would remember something about clashing blades in the crusades or something?"

"You didn't go, to the crusades I mean." Sam tried to explain, hand on his head, eyes squinted, almost as if he was having the worst headache of his life. "Something happened that stopped you from going with King Richard and the others...but I can't remember what it was."

Chloe froze, feeling her body go cold and numb as memories took over. She remembered Lumiel weak, about to be defeated, sending her to the medieval times so he could heal. Somehow Sam and Dean must have touched her at the same second because they'd been zapped back with her. The three of them hadn't really known each other well at that time, it'd still been at the beginning of their acquaintance, and yet they'd had to pass for siblings and live in Medieval England. Lumiel had been too weak to take full control of her body and had receded inside, leaving her in control for the first time in a very long time. She'd had to get used to everything, especially the Winchesters, in a very short time.

The Winchesters were a very protective duo of brothers, and everything would have seem completely brotherly if it wasn't for the fact that even while caged in her own body Chloe had been attracted to both of them...and now that she had free use of her body once more...well...that attraction didn't stop. They lived in a small, one bedroom hut at first before becoming a part of King Richard's court, and somehow had ended up sharing a bed. That had been both heavenly and torturous because she slept between them and...well...the bed of straw had been very small. And it got cold. And the guys had liked to use her as their own personal hot water bottle.

It'd been terrible for her hormones.

She'd thought, once Sam became one of the Judges and Dean one of the Favored of King Richard's knights that things would change for the...more comfortable. She had her own room, spent most of her time with the soothsayers, and yet things somehow had become worse. That tension between her, Sam and Dean, it got stronger. She disliked the wenches and maids and ladies who flocked around them, and they didn't allow any of the knights or lords or any man in general to be near her. And after Sir Rodderick petitioned King Richard for his permission to woo Chloe (as she was a part of the king's court) and said permission was granted...well...things somewhat exploded after that.

It was after one of the banquets in which she was obligated to attend with Sir Rodderick that she'd barely escaped a kiss from him at the door of her chambers before stumbling into her room, very much inebriated. She'd waited until she heard his footsteps disappear into the distance before looking up, surprised to find Dean and Sam there, equally as drunk. There'd been an argument, there'd been some mild physical violence she'd quite enjoyed, and then the three of them had ended up on her bed in a passionate frenzy.

She'd awoken the next day sore and satisfied...and sandwiched between the snoring brothers, very much like how it used to be while they lived in the hut...yet so different.

Somehow, after escaping Rodderick in the nights, Sam and Dean would always be waiting for her, each time less and less drunk...and then they'd returned to the present and carried on their relationship until...

...Until they killed her and sent her to hell.

Gulping, Chloe turned away from the brothers, beginning to feel nauseous, just like every time she started thinking about her time in the Pit. She brought her hand to her stomach and leaned over slightly, cringing, feeling bile rise in her throat. Green eyes closed as she tried to breathe in and out, to concentrate on something else, something better, like Constantine had taught her. He knew what it was like to have phantom memories of hell come back to haunt you in the most inconvenient of times...and he'd been such a great help to her when she'd just come back from the Pit. If it hadn't been for Constantine she'd have crumpled into depression and nothingness and never would have been able to return to the semblance of humanity and normality that she tried to at least fake every day.

It was for him, she reminded herself, that she was doing this...even if...even if he hated her once this was over for what she'd become.

Breath in.

Breath out.



Slowly...slowly...Chloe was able to open her eyes and straighten completely, in control of herself once more.

But she was hungry. So very hungry.

The blonde turned towards the brothers, who were still arguing, feeling her hunger blossom into a cramp in her stomach. Her eyes gazed hungrily at them, remembering Ernie's words about these two being two of the three most filling meals she could have...and yet...and yet she couldn't. Not now. It was still too soon and she couldn't just...

That cramp in her stomach tightened, causing her to flinch and start heading towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Dean quickly looked up.

"I need to get something to eat." She hesitated before the door, hand on the handle.

"I'll just order something for us to be delivered." Dean reached for his phone. "Its best we all stay on this side of the salt."

"We're not sure the salt works, remember?" She tightened her hold on the handle. "I'll be right back, there should be someone out there willing to give me a snack." Yanking open the door she stormed out and slammed it shut behind her, wincing in pain.

Who knew that emotional exertion would cause her to be hungrier than physical exertion did?

The blonde gazed at the workers, all looking equally delicious, and she whimpered, pressing her hand harder against her stomach.

Right now she'd take anyone she could get alone!

Hearing someone cursing in a small room to the side, she turned, smiling to see a cute enough guy with glasses walking into his smaller, unimpressive office, closing the door behind him, isolating himself from the rest of the worker bees. Chloe turned, like a shark who'd smelt blood, and opened the door, smiling at the surprised man as she entered and closed the door behind her.

"H-hi." The guy gave her a smile, loosening his tie as he cleared his throat. "You Mr. Addler's new secretary?"

Not bothering answering, Chloe walked towards him and grabbed the files in his hands, throwing them behind her carelessly.

"H-hey!" The poor guy didn't have time to say anything else as Chloe pushed him against the desk and brought her lips to his in a frenzied, hungry kiss. He gave a little squeak of surprise before his arms went around her and he kissed back, her hunger infecting him, that almost high sensation she gave those she fed from clouding over his mind and leaving him unable to think.

The pain began to leave immediately, and Chloe hiked up her skirt, straddling him as she sat on the edge of his desk. She moved her body against his, rubbed against his hard-on, increased his desire and thus her consumption. His hands clasped her hair before he cried out hoarsely and stilled.

The blonde frowned, pulling away slightly. "Seriously?"

He panted, smile pathetically happy, still considerably high.

"Great." Chloe mumbled as she climbed down in irritation, running her hand over her hair. "I'm still hungry."

Hiking back down her skirt, fixing her hair, the blonde exited the office and looked around, hoping that that guy had just been a quick comer and not that the extent of her need was just too much for the human body to take, causing them to reach climax rapidly...because if it was the second than she was going to have to go through half of the people on this floor if she wanted to be halfway full.

She was about to follow a curvaceous redhead into the photocopying room when Sam suddenly appeared by her side.

"We should go back." He replied. "Dean ordered food. And it isn't safe here. I know you don't really trust the salt but trust me when I say it works."

Trust him.


How ironic.

It was probably the only thing she couldn't do.

Sighing, Chloe breathed in, reminding herself that emotional distress would only intensify her hunger. She forced herself to calm down, hoping that Speedy Gonzales had given her enough for her to keep a hold over herself.

"Come on." Sam sighed, motioning for her to follow as he led the way back.

Sending a random guy passing her a longing look, Chloe groaned a hungry whimper, pressed her hand to her stomach, and followed Sam back.
29th-Jun-2011 07:43 am (UTC)
don'T mess with a hungry chloe... *smile*... i allways was curious what happend with the three in the past ....
29th-Jun-2011 07:33 pm (UTC)
Yep! She's a force to be reckoned with when hungry!
29th-Jun-2011 03:20 pm (UTC)
Chloe's on a hunt... too bad it got interrupted. The big question is... will Chloe turn predator to Sam and Dean's prey? :)
29th-Jun-2011 07:34 pm (UTC)
I don't know if it will happen yet, her pride is still very much in the way...but it *will* happen eventually.
29th-Jun-2011 04:26 pm (UTC)
Poor Chloe, dying for a three course meal and getting half a cracker.
29th-Jun-2011 04:57 pm (UTC)
I just got to say that your review literally made me LOL! :)
29th-Jun-2011 07:34 pm (UTC)
29th-Jun-2011 09:39 pm (UTC)
Great update! I loved the cracker comment. I wonder if Chloe will be able to control her hunger, or if she will succumb to the yumminess of the brothers Winchester... -_^

29th-Jun-2011 09:41 pm (UTC)
I know if it had been me I would have flaked a lot quicker than Chloe *sighs*
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