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Curse of the Black Pearl 2/13 
24th-Jul-2011 12:55 pm
Chloe Lois Lana Lucy

Title: Curse Of The Black Pearl
Characters: Chloe, Lois, Lana, Lucy, Will, Jack, Norrington, Governor Swann, Barbossa, Black Pearl Crew
Fandoms: Smallville/Pirates Of The Caribbean
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: As children Chloe, Lois, Lana and Lucy are caught in the meteor shower and transported through time, adopted by Weatherby Swann. When Chloe is abducted by Captain Barbossa he realizes that although she can't end the curse she can tweak it in their favor.

Lucy Swann was the 'Daring' Swann Daughter. As the youngest of the four she'd gotten away with a lot by just giving her father a pleading expression and echoing a chorus of "please!". She'd never quite tempered down as everyone had promised him she would in time, instead becoming more rambunctious and active. Due to her ever shifting interests and her father's ever decreasing ability to deny her anything she wished, she'd been trained to ride and shoot and even fence. She went hunting with father whenever he did, and she tended to his hunting dogs. She tended to the horses. She drank his whiskey whenever he was in a good mood and she could hold it down better than he could. Lucy knew that her father many times viewed her as the son he'd never had and she fostered that view as much as she could because it benefitted her.

Also, it intimidated the males around her terribly. They couldn't fathom the thought of a woman besting them at riding, drinking, and fencing. Since she had no plans on marrying any time soon to any of the fools that hung around Swann Residence hoping to catch a glimpse of Lana...well...this served Lucy's purpose incredibly well.

From the time she'd hit eight Lucy Swann had decided that one day she'd grow up to be a pirate, and she hadn't looked back since. She'd begun preparing for her life of crime on the seven seas and had many times escaped the house dressed as a boy, a cap on her head covering her hair, so she could mingle and learn how to act like a boy. She made friends with street urchins, learnt how to pickpocket and any other skill that could help her in the life she planned on leading. The girl had taken on the name Lou while on the streets to help her blend in with the other boys, her scrawny body helping in the physical department.

To help herself fit this mentality she'd stopped answering to the name Lucy while at home, instead insisting that her family call her Lu, and since it was a shortened version of her name they didn't mind, much. Father still called her Lucy most of the time, yet her sisters had grown used to her pet name, and Chloe had found it cute, helping Lucy convince the others to respect her desire to not be referred to as Lucy yet Lu.

Yes, for years Lucy had been working, cultivating the knowledge and abilities she'd need to become the greatest pirate the caribbean had ever seen, and today her wish was going to come true. Murtogg and Mullroy, the idiots, mightn't known who it was they were conversing with, but she did. She knew the man telling them about how he'd become chief of some cannibals in Isla De Pelegosto was none other than the famed Captain Jack Sparrow. She also knew that his comment about commandeering a ship and pillaging was very well the truth, and she planned on joining in on the fun. This life here on Port Royal really wasn't for her, and while she adored her father and would miss him, she knew that a life on the open seas was what her future was supposed to be.

So she decided then and there that she was going to help Captain Jack Sparrow steal the Interceptor...which was obviously his plan.

"Blimey." Mullroy turned to Murtogg. "That was quite a tale."

"Tale is all it is." Murtogg grumbled.

Jack opened his mouth, probably to try and refute that, when suddenly a scream came from above.

Lucy looked up, eyes widening as a female body could be seen falling down from the battlements up above.

"LANA!" Lois screamed from somewhere above as the body broke through the water and disappeared beneath the surface.

"Will you be saving her then?" Jack turned to the soldiers.

"I can't swim." Mullroy squeaked.

Jack glanced at Murtogg, who stared back at him. "Pride of the King Navy you are." He yanked off his hat and effects, handing it to Murtogg. "Do not lose these!" And with that he dove in.

As soon as Lana's body disappeared from view, there seemed to be some sort of explosion of energy that erupted from her. It caused ripples sea-wide, and the dock trembled from the force.

"What was that?" Murtogg looked around him nervously, hugging Jack's effects to his chest. "Earthquake?"

"Maybe we should get off of the dock." Mullroy whimpered.

"You useless-!" Lucy snapped at them, fighting with her dress angrily because she knew that with all of these layers and the corset she wouldn't be able to swim. The water would soak the material and weigh it down, dragging her under the surface and causing only more trouble for Jack. "He's got her!" She breathed in relief as Jack surfaced, Lana in his arms as he began swimming them back to the dock. "Help him you idiots!"

Mullroy rushed forwards and went to his knees, reaching for an unconscious Lana. "Ooh, I got her!" He groaned and yanked her up onto the dock as Jack hauled himself up next to them. "She's not breathing!"

"Move!" Jack shoved him aside and yanked out a dagger from his boot, cutting open her corset.

Suddenly Lana spat out water and gasped for breath.

"Lana!" Lucy fell on her knees, wiping the sea water from her older sister's face. "Are you okay?"

Lana coughed, looking around her, confused. "What happened?"

"Never would've thought of that." Mullroy admitted, eyeing Jack with admiration.

"Clearly you've never been to Singapore." Jack sat on the dock, taking in a deep breath, before his eyes narrowed when he noticed what Lucy had, the pirate doubloon around Lana's neck. "Where did you get that?"

Lana looked down and then her eyes widened as she stuffed it back into her bodice. "It-it was a gift."

Suddenly the dock echoed with the sound of a stampede, and Lucy looked up to see Norrington, father, Lois and some of the guard rushing down, some of the people from the ceremony peeking in the back to see if Lana had survived the fall.

Norrington unsheathed his sword, pointing it to Jack. "On your feet."

"Lana." Father rushed to Lana and helped her and Lucy both up. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine." Lana nodded, a little jittery, smiling reassuringly at Lois, who raced forwards and cupped her face, eyeing her worriedly. "I'm fine, Lois."

"Blood corset!" Lois hugged her younger sister tightly. "I thought we'd lost you!"

Lucy noticed Jack glancing appreciatively at Lois, and she blinked, a little amused at this and a little wary.

"He saved me." Lana turned to Jack with a smile. "Thank you."

He looked left and right before returning his gaze to her and nodding.

Lois peeled from her sister and turned to Jack, sweeping the wet man in a tight hug. "Thank you."

"Lois!" Father cried in scandal.

Jack obviously was enjoying this, though he obviously wasn't sure where to put his hands given the fact that father was there. "Pleasure is all mine, to be sure."

Norrington watched Jack with dark suspicion in his eyes.

Lucy didn't like it, she didn't like it at all.

To distract the nearly appointed Commodore, she grabbed Lana and shoved her towards him. "Aren't you worried about Lana, Commodore? She nearly died while under your care. Do you not have some explaining to do? Have you nothing to say about yourself?"

"Lucy." Father hissed in horror at his daughter calling out the Commodore in such a manner in front of a congregation of their peers.

Norrington flinched, tearing his gaze from Jack, turning to Lana, expression torn. "I am so sorry, Miss Swann. If I hadn't been so-."

Lucy failed to listen to the rest, slipping to where Murtogg was, grabbing Jack's effects from him.

The soldier happily let them go, going closer to the others to witness as Norrington finally got on his knee, proposing to Lana.

Lucy felt a little badly for throwing Lana to the wolves so to speak, but everyone had known she'd end up marrying Norrington, so if the whole spectacle could serve some purpose, she was going to milk it for all its distractive worth. The youngest Swann daughter edged to the pirate and handed him back his effects, placing his hat upon his wet head.

"I'd use the diversion and get out of here before they remember you, Captain Sparrow." She winked, motioning with her chin to a small passage onto dry land behind the many people congregated.

A look of shocked pleasured crossed his kohl-lined eyes and he gave a crooked little bow before escaping behind everyone and into Port Royal just as claps filled the air, pronouncing Lana's acceptance to marry Norrington.


After Lana's less than glamorous proposal and acceptance, the Swann family returned to their large, glorious house. Father kissed Lana's forehead, congratulating her once more on the wonderful match she'd made for herself, pride in his eyes as he watched the soaked girl hurry upstairs with the maids to bathe and change into something dry and warm. It wouldn't do for the young future bride to catch her death so soon after having found herself a groom, and despite her little event on the battlement they were to return there in the night for Lady Foxley had decided to throw the Commodore and Lana a celebration party on the same battlement in the night. As it was an open event all of Port Royal was liable to see the house of Foxley's wealth and taste during the celebration, which was probably why Lady Foxley had wanted to host the celebration.

Lois went to the sitting room and frowned, seeing Chloe's seat empty. When her sister had disappeared Lois had been so sure she'd come here, she'd even told father that Chloe had returned home, feeling faint.

"Miss Lois?"

She twirled, smiling at the maid. "Yes Norma?"

"Miss Chloe is upstairs resting." The pretty dark skinned woman declared with a sad smile. "Mister Turner appeared with her half an hour ago, she was smelling of spirits but he brought her home safely. I helped her out of her corset and dress and left her to sleep it off in her room."

"Thank you, Norma." Lois smiled, placing a thankful hand on the girl's shoulders, as the eldest female she was used to being the woman of the house and in charge of the family matters and personnel. "We'll have to send some sort of thank you to Mister Turner for being so good to us."

Norma nodded before excusing herself to help another maid in an adjourning room.

Sighing, Lois went to the window and drew across the curtains slightly to gaze onto the busy street outside, trying to tell herself that Chloe's heart would one day be whole once more upon finding another man, one who could return her feelings, and Lana would one day return Norrington's. Lois stood there, gazing at the carriages passing by yet not truly seeing them as she tried to convince herself that she was doing the right thing in pushing Lana to accept Norrington's proposal while she herself had turned down Cutler Beckett's.

Then again, while Cutler Becker was quickly rising in the ranks of the East India Trading Company, soon to become someone very important thanks to his ambition, there was something about him that she couldn't accept. For one, she couldn't accept the fact that he was a part of the slave trade. The Swann residence might have maids and butlers and such, but everyone had their freedom and were paid fairly for the services rendered. The mere thought of someone being the property of someone else, it sickened Lois to the core, and she hadn't ever been able to get passed that to give Becker a chance.

Thankfully her father must have sensed something as well because he'd seemed relieved when she'd come to him with the news of Cutler Beckett's proposal and her decision to decline it. It was thanks to that situation that she knew father wasn't just trying to marry them off to successful men, but to men whose characters he knew were noble and just and would treat them like princesses-just as they'd been treated by him while growing up.

Sensing movement across the street, Lois focused her gaze, eyes widening slightly when she saw the man who'd saved Lana from drowning. He was leaning in an alleyway, eyeing the house in a curious manner. Usually Lois would be suspicious of anyone who acted this way and would call for the constable to come and deal with the bystander, but this man had saved her sister's life...and...Lois didn't understand it, but there was something about him that drew her in. Maybe it was his long black hair, the beads, or the kohl that lined his eyes...whatever it was...she...

"I plan on conveniently losing my corset as soon as I take it off."

Lois turned, hand to her beating heart, smiling sheepishly at her youngest sister. "Can you help lose mine as well?"

"Oh, after the little fall Lana did thanks to it, I'm not taking any chances." Lucy declared, leaning in the doorway. "I'm losing all of our corsets."

Lois smiled brighter. "After what happened with Lana, I don't father will mind, even if they are apparently of the 'highest fashion' in England."

Winking at her sister, Lucy turned and headed towards the stairs.

Lois smiled at the brunette before turning to stare back out of the window.

The stranger was gone.

She sighed, wondering why she felt disappointed.


She kept having that nightmare.

Even after she'd excused herself to her room and tried to rest after that horrifying fall from the battlement Lana's rest had been disturbed by the nightmare that'd been plaguing her for months now.

In it Chloe was shackled to a bed, crying. She didn't look hurt physically but was clearly miserable, and a prisoner, if one could go by the shackle.

Lana would wake up terrified, horrified and guilty.

Was this her conscience telling her that this was how Chloe felt deep inside about Norrington's feelings for her?

Like always after the nightmare, Lana had slipped out of her bedroom and into Chloe's, finding her blonde sister seeming a bit under the weather yet otherwise fine. Without a word exchanged between them Lana slipped under the covers with Chloe, gaze going to the ceiling, hand finding and clasping Chloe's. She felt sick at her stomach knowing that she was marrying the one that Chloe was in love with, a man Lana herself felt nothing but kind regard for, but she hadn't had a choice. Everyone, Chloe included, were telling her that this was what she should do. With a Commodore in the family it would only help father, and Lana knew that as wife of James Norrington she'd be well taken care of and very much adored. Still, she'd hoped, up until that last moment when Will had turned and left the promotion ceremony, that he would take her aside and ask her to run away with him. Everyone at the ceremony knew that Norrington would choose that moment to finally propose to her, Will had known, and he'd turned and walked away.

"I'm happy for you, you know. I know that if there's anyone who would love and adore you and let you live the sort of life you're used to, the luxuries you're used to, it's Ja...it's Commodore Norrington." Chloe finally spoke, turning towards Lana, tightening her hold on her hand. "I don't love him anymore. It's my bruised ego more than anything else that hurts."

Lana doubted that, but was so eternally grateful that Chloe wouldn't let this come between them, trying desperately to forget the nightmare that haunted her. "Will left the ceremony. He didn't even try."

Chloe sighed, sitting up. "I was drunk, he brought me home to make sure that I didn't do something to embarrass the family...or wasn't taken advantage of by someone in my irresponsible state." She looked up guiltily at Lana. "He might have done something to stop you, to tell you of his true feelings, if he wasn't being such a gentleman and helping me. Your sister."

Lana sat up, hating herself for the hope she felt in her heart at those words. "Do you really think so?"

The blonde nodded. "I'm so sorry."

Lana gazed at her sister, sighing.

Both of them felt guilty towards the other.

She reached out and hugged Chloe tightly. "If he really loves me, he'll do something, even if I'm engaged now. He'll-he'll at least tell me, won't he?"

Chloe held her tightly, not saying anything.

Lana closed her eyes tightly, a tear beginning to make its way down the side of her face.


The celebration of Lana Swann's engagement to Commodore James Norrington took place at the same battlements the Commodore's promotion ceremony had. The night was lit up with bright lights and singing and dancing. Merry revelry was at every corner, people laughing and an air of nostalgia and hope for the future both intermingling as finally the union they'd all been waiting for had been cemented. None was happier than Governor Swann himself, and Chloe couldn't help but smile as she watched him beaming with pride knowing that he could sleep in peace when it came to securing Lana's future. He danced with the young bride to be, happiness shining from his smile as he spoke to her, and Lana smiled tenderly up at him, adoring him just as much as her sisters did for all he'd done for them when he'd found them.

He was more loving a father than any man alive, of that the girls had always been certain.

Sure, he might be a little oblivious to certain facts, such as the fact that he was marrying the wrong daughter off to the Commodore, but his intentions were pure and noble and the girls couldn't fault him for it.

"Are you enjoying yourself, Miss Chloe?" James asked, finding her as he always seemed to do, an enchanted smile on his face as he stood with his back to the wall. "I missed your presence after the promotion ceremony and my betrothal."

Chloe tried not to flinch, remembering how tipsy she'd been, basically taking that poor stranger hostage so she could relay her tale of woe...and how Will had had to remove her from the battlement before she made more of a fool of herself. "I was feeling a little faintish and Mr. Turner saw me home safely. I probably would have fainted as well like Lana had I not."

"I want to thank you," James turned to her, smile tender. "You have been a constant encouragement, in both my career and personal life, and I want you to know how happy I am to soon be able to call you my dear sister."

She hoped the tears she couldn't keep from shining in her eyes were mistaken for tears of joy as she smiled sadly at him. "I always knew you'd be a part of my family."

She-she'd just hoped that he'd have been her husband-not her brother-in-law.

James reached out and brushed away at a tear with his thumb. "Know, Miss Chloe, that I will take care of your family as if they were my own, and should anything befall your father, I will happily make sure you and your sisters are well provided for until some lucky gentleman can win your love and hand."

Her heart hurt, smile wavering.

Sensing movement from the shadows behind James, Chloe's gaze shifted to the darkness in time to see Will Turner turn away and disappear into the crowds.

Chloe's eyes widened and then searched the crowd for Lana, watching her hazel eyes on Will, tears of disappointment just barely keeping from escaping down her cheek.

Right then and there Chloe realized with a sinking heart that Lana was never going to love or be happy with James, her heart had always belonged to, and always would belong to, Will Turner-who'd never do anything of his own free will because he probably felt that he didn't deserve to be with a daughter of the Governor.

If Lana married James and Will loved her while she loved him..three of the most important people in Chloe's lives were going to be miserable for the rest of their existences...

The blonde pulled away from James' touch. "Excuse me James, I have something I need to do!"

And with that she hurried after the blacksmith's apprentice.


Lois gazed through the throng, trying to locate her younger sisters.

Lucy seemed a little bored as she leaned against one of the columns and just watched the merrymakers in front of her. Her gaze met Lois' and she gave an amused roll of her eyes, communicating silently how stupid she found all of this.

Sometimes the eldest Swann Daughter feared the youngest would never marry.

Lois shook her head at Lucy and then searched for the blonde Swann, finally finding her standing up on the dais, searching the crowd, frown on her face.

Chloe seemed to alternate from sending Lana worried looks to glaring at the crowd, trying to find someone yet unable to and appeared very displeased at this fact.

Lois wondered who it was Chloe sought.

The brunette was about to head towards the blonde and ask her when she stopped, spotting someone who stood out like a sore thumb amidst the merrymakers. It was the man before, wearing the same clothes, yet additionally donning a pair of women's opera glasses. He was using it to search through the crowd as well, while munching on something he'd snatched from one of the passing waiters. She was halfway towards his, dodging some of the people coming to speak to her, before she even realized what she was doing.

He half-turned, the opera glasses turned towards her, and then he froze. The man tore them from his face as if to make sure what he was seeing correctly, and then threw them behind him, thankfully missing hitting someone with them as he gave her what she sure he thought was an innocent smile as he tried (unsuccessfully) to blend in with the crowd.

"We meet again." She smiled, reaching him, dropping slightly in a curtsy.

"That we did." He nodded, swaying a little as he crookedly bowed, his beaded braids falling into his face. He blew at them, trying to remove them from his face, and when that failed he straightened up quickly and with a toss of his head they were back and in place once more, his smile shockingly charming given the fact that he was terribly awkward and somewhat ridiculous. "You wouldn't be stalking me, would you love?"

She gave a bark of laughter at the silliness of the question. "I assure you, sir, that I am not."

"Pity, I assure you." He declared with some seriousness before turning his attention to where Lana was now dancing with Norrington. "Your...sister..."

"Lana?" Lois asked, turning her attention to the beauty whom the whole room was fixated with.

"Her last name is Swann I'd reckon." He declared curiously.

"Of course." She raised an eyebrow, curious at the question.

"As opposed to...I don't know...Turner maybe?"

Lois blinked, turning to look at him. "No, she isn't a Turner, but we know a Turner. Will Turner. He's Mr. John Brown the Blacksmith's apprentice."

The man straightened immediately. "Will. As in short for William. A good, respectable name. No doubt named after his father?"

By now Lois' curiosity was terribly piqued as she turned completely towards him. "I believe Chloe told me Will's father's name was William, yes. But he's dead."

"The medallion she wore...that a gift from young Mister Turner?"

Lois' eyes widened.

He'd seen the doubloon...and he knew about it! He somehow knew about Will!

"I-I-where are my manners?" She began to fan herself. "You saved my sister's life and I have yet to ask your name." She reached out her hand. "My name is Lois Swann."

He seemed to have read through her clumsy act of subterfuge yet grinned toothily nonetheless, probably already getting any answer he'd needed from her reaction. "Jack-Smith." He reached out and brought her hand to his lips, pressing a kiss to it.

Lois blushed, shocked at the jolt that rushed through her body at the contact of his lips to her skin.

Jack's gaze went to behind her before he returned his attention to her. "I must be on my way." With a dip of his hat he backed away, a couple dancing past him, and by the time they twirled away he was gone.

Lois tried searching for him all over the ceremony, and felt both intrigue and disappointment when she failed to locate him.

"Lois dear, where is your sister?" Father arrived by her side, distracted, gaze all around them. "Commodore Norrington wishes to make a speech and as his new family we should all be in attendance."

"Which sister, father?" Lois sent the crowd one last look before turning her attention to the Governor of Port Royal.

"Chloe." Father pouted, fixing his wig slightly. "You'd think she'd be the first one cheering them on, James informed me that if it wasn't for her support and coaching he never would have had the courage to ask for our Lana."

Lois gave her father a sad smile. "I'll look around quickly."

"Good girl." He smiled at her gratefully, pressing a kiss to her forehead. "I can always depend on you." He sighed. "What shall I do when a man worthy of you finds his way to your side?"

With that he sighed, going off, presumably to join Norrington and Lana.

Lois watched him go, before sending one last look around her for Jack...and then sighed and started her search for her blonde sister.


"Miss Swann this is highly inappropriate behavior!" Will gasped as Chloe stormed into Brown's Smithy, glaring daggers at him. "You should not be by yourself at night, or without a proper escort or companion, such as a sister or your maid Estrella!"

"You need to talk to her Will." Chloe frowned, going up to him and stopping a couple of steps away, a little winded from having hurried all the way to the smithy from the celebration, having figured he'd retreated to the safety of the establishment, which was so close to the battlement. "I helped James propose to her, I wanted them to be happy together, but she hasn't really smiled once since the engagement! All she can think of is you!"

Will stilled before lowering his hammer and sighing, taking off his apron. "Miss Swann..."

"Don't Miss Swann me!" She snapped at him, shaking her finger. "You need to go talk to Lana. You need to either tell her you're in love with her and we'll help you elope or you tell her you don't feel for her and you let her get married without all of her questions and doubts!"

"I have never acted inappropriately towards your sister." Will replied softly.

"Will, you two have been close ever since childhood." She sighed, gazing up into his face earnestly. "Ever since James put her to take care of you when we rescued you Lana has always seen herself as yours, your friend, your playmate, your guardian, your future bride."

Will looked away.

"And I know you feel tenderly towards her too." Chloe rested her hand on his arm, imploring him to look at her. "It is obvious in the way you are with her. You care dearly for her, you thought she was an angel the first time you saw her! She's never forgotten that. None of us have. We've always suspected from childhood how you two feel for each other." She tightened her hold on his arm. "Please. I know that you keep yourself back from admitting your love because you worry about the difference in your stations."

His face tightened, betraying the truth in that sentence. "Miss-Chloe-you-there are just too many things you do not understand about-." He sighed, shaking his head with growing frustration. "I ask you to please speak no further of this subject."

"Don't you know us well enough to know that we don't care about stations and money?" She whispered, pushing her luck because Will always let her get away with doing so. "Of course father would prefer his daughters to all marry men of means, but Will, know that I tell you the truth when I say that if we love someone, it is for his heart and soul, not for how rich the man is or his name or position in society!" She came closer, trying to find his eyes yet unable to. "Will, you are a fine man, one of the finest I know and ever will know, and any woman would be lucky to be your bride."

Will continued looking away before slowly, silently, turning his gaze on her.

She drew closer, finally catching his gaze and keeping it. "If you love my sister you need to tell her how you feel! If you love someone, truly love someone, you fight for that person despite all odds!"

"Is that what this is then? You fighting for the person you love?" He stared down at her surprisingly resentfully before removing her hand from his arm. "If I were to bow to your wishes and steal your sister from her fiance, is it your plan to comfort the brokenhearted Commodore?"

The sound of the slap echoed throughout the smithy.

From where he snored drunkenly, Mr. Brown grumbled in his sleep yet didn't stir.

Will's gaze was lowered, his hands clutched at his side, his cheek slightly pink from the blow.

"I have more pride and dignity than you give me credit for, Mister Turner." She glared at him, hurt. "I will not be second best to my sister in my husband's eyes. I could never marry someone when I wasn't the first one in his heart." Chloe raised her chin. "Should Commodore Norrington ever decide to see me in such a light, I would discourage any such notions of courtship. I will not be known as the Swann sister he had to settle for." Her eyes flashed with emotion. "Never."

"I apologize for my cruel and insensitive words, they were uncalled for. You are only trying to do what you believe..." Will whispered, unable to look at her. "Please know I would never suffer any harm come to you, especially by my own hand or careless tongue."

"I know I pry into matters that have nothing to do with me...but know that I do so because I want you two happy-and for so many years I was sure happiness for my sister and you was each other. If I'm wrong, if I misread your feelings I apologize. I mean no harm." She looked away and sighed. "Whatever your feelings are for Lana, let her know, Will. Let her know before the wedding." The blonde turned and headed towards the door.

Will was still for a brief moment before jolting forwards. "It is late at night and not safe for a lady to be out on her own." He looked away, towards the sleeping blacksmith. "Let me walk you to wherever it is you are headed."

"There's no need, I'm going back to the celebration." She replied, already at the door. "I will not add fuel to the fire and have everyone gossip about how I was too heartbroken to even attend their betrothal ceremony."

He looked up at her and then down again, taking in a deep breath. "Commodore Norrington was a fool for not seeing you as you deserve."

She hesitated, gazing at him over her shoulder. "I know."

He sighed. "It is now my time to speak out of turn."

She tilted her head curiously. "Speak your mind freely, Will."

"Ever since the moment I first fixed my eyes on you on the Dauntless, you have been in love with the Commodore." Will swallowed, gaze going to the fire. "You say that one should fight for the one loved, and yet have you fought for that Commodore of yours?"

"Yes I have." Chloe nodded sadly, turning fully to face the young blacksmith. "I told him I loved him."

Will's head jerked towards her viciously, eyes widening.

"James smiled and told me he loved me as well," Chloe whispered sadly. "That he'd always considered me the sister he'd wanted as a child, and has held me in tender regard ever since that crossing to Port Royal on the HMS Dauntless. He then informed me that he wished to truly make me his sister, and asked me for my blessing to ask Lana to marry him. Even tonight as we talked he told me of the joy of soon being able to call me sister."

Will just watched her silently, sadness deep in his dark orbs. "I am sorry." His gaze lowered once more to the apron in his hands. "It is a dark torment, loving someone who doesn't see you the way you see them."

"What would you know about that?" She smiled tenderly, going towards her dear, dear friend, reaching up to cup his cheek with her hand as she gazed deep into the eyes of the man she trusted the most after her father. "What woman could not love you, William Turner?"

He tore his gaze from her, silent.

"Don't worry about me or my heart, I can move on now. One must fight for those they love, but if that person truly doesn't love you, one should also know how to make a graceful retreat so as to not lose said person forever." She let her hand slip from Will's cheek with a sigh, bringing it to her heart. "It will hurt, and I'll always care for James...but I can stop loving him now."

Mr. Brown snorted in his sleep.

"I do not know if you are too filled with pride or if I do not have enough." Will's voice was hoarse.

She looked back up at him confused.

His dark gaze finally caught hers. "Unlike you, if the one I loved loved another but couldn't have him, I would be content with being second in her heart as long as I had her heart."

Chloe gazed deep into his emotion-filled gaze, feeling herself drawn into their depths, before something crackled in the fire-the sound jolting her out of this odd trance as she pulled away, confused.

"Please, let me see you safely to the ceremony." Will whispered.

She looked up at him, and then smiled, and nodded. "Okay."
24th-Jul-2011 07:08 pm (UTC)
Ooo, do I sense some Chloe/Will going on? I certainly hope so *grins* as Will is who I want Chloe hooked up with, well Will or Jack. Who ever Chloe ends up with, I know I will love it as I love everything you write. Can't wait to see what happens next.
24th-Jul-2011 07:56 pm (UTC)
You might :)
Thank you so very much for your confidence!
24th-Jul-2011 07:13 pm (UTC)
yes! Will loves Chloe I knew it!!!!
24th-Jul-2011 07:57 pm (UTC)
Happy you're happy!
24th-Jul-2011 07:37 pm (UTC)
oh my.... can it be.. will favours chloe .. over lana... really ?!

loved the lois/jack encounter..
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24th-Jul-2011 08:09 pm (UTC)
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