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Curse of the Black Pearl 3/13 
29th-Jul-2011 07:58 pm
Chloe Lois Lana Lucy

Title: Curse Of The Black Pearl
Characters: Chloe, Lois, Lana, Lucy, Will, Jack, Norrington, Governor Swann, Barbossa, Black Pearl Crew
Fandoms: Smallville/Pirates Of The Caribbean
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: As children Chloe, Lois, Lana and Lucy are caught in the meteor shower and transported through time, adopted by Weatherby Swann. When Chloe is abducted by Captain Barbossa he realizes that although she can't end the curse she can tweak it in their favor.

Lucy wasn't surprised when their overprotective father nearly panicked when they couldn't find Chloe once more until she finally appeared, smiling way too brightly and happy to be genuine. It annoyed Lucy how self-sacrfiicing the blonde was being about the whole thing. If this had been Lucy and if she'd loved someone as much and as long as Chloe had Norrington, Lucy would have fought with nails and teeth if she had to to keep him, even if she'd had to fight against her sister. Then again, Lucy had never been good at sharing. She'd never been in love either, or been even remotely attracted to a man no matter how handsome he was.

She kept wondering the whole night if she was the only one who thought Lana marrying Norrington was utter stupidity. And as they all congregated in Lana's room while in their night gowns, gossiping and trying to wait out the adrenaline in their systems from the excitement of the night, Lucy wondered if she was the only Swann Daughter who wanted to puke.

This was all so idiotic.

"I wore it all night, thinking it might be a good luck token and he'd come to me." Lana sighed, pulling off the chain with the doubloon she rarely took off anymore. "But he didn't. He left. Again."

"He returned to the smithy." Chloe frowned, pulling a strand behind her ear. "I went to see him, and told him to talk to you."

"Chloe! You didn't!" Lana protested, and yet all could see the hope shinning in her eyes, the slight smile curving her lips.

"You two need to finally talk about the feelings you share." Chloe responded, frowning. "If you are to marry James or not-you can't have so many doubts and I told him he had to speak to you and tell you the truth of his feelings."

"Oh Chloe!" Lana brought her hands to her cheeks in horror. "How could you?"

"I agree with Chloe." Lois declared. "Whatever is between you and Will...you need to speak to him about it and him to you. It's not fair to anyone, Norrington included, for you to marry with all these feelings and issues unresolved."

Lana bit her bottom lip, clutching the doubloon tightly. "Do you think-do you think he will talk to me? Tell me his real feelings?"

Lucy remained silent, wondering so herself.

Out of all of the Swann Daughters she was probably the one who knew Will Turner the best. The others didn't know the many times she'd snuck out to meet him so they could practice swordplay together. He'd asked her to teach him all she learnt from her lessons, and in return he'd craft her the most magnificent sword once he felt his skills were mastered. They practiced together three times a week, and during those duels not only had their talent for the sword grown, but their friendship had as well. Will confided things to her that she knew no one else knew, and she knew that if her sisters knew the truth about young Turner's heart they would all be incredibly surprised.

Lois reached out and clasped Lana's hand with hers comfortingly. "If your heart and his are entwined, we will support you."

Lana looked around all of them, hope glistening in her orbs. "But you all wanted me to marry Norrington."

"James is a good man, and would make anyone a fine match." Chloe predictably defended the Commodore. "But if your love is returned by Will-how could we be happy knowing you married another?"

Lana, much to Lucy's horror, began to cry, and threw herself happily into Lois' arms.

The elder Swann girl held her tightly and comforted her as she cried.

Lucy sighed, somewhat annoyed, as she reached for the doubloon Lana had dropped. The youngest Swann had always coveted that piece of gold, but Lana had staked claim on Will's medallion and Lucy knew that if it were to go missing she would be the one under suspicion, so she'd left it in her older sister's possession. "Shouldn't you give this back to him? This is his."

Lana pulled back and yanked the medallion back. "I am going to give it back to him! I didn't steal it."

"No, you only borrowed it without permission for the last eight years." Lucy replied.

"Lu." Lois frowned at her.

"What? It's true!" Lucy frowned. "That medallion is Will's, and I know Lana took it because it's obviously a pirate's piece and she didn't want Norrington seeing it, but she's had eight years to give it back to him. How many times have we all visited the smithy since then? We've been regulars since children! We've snuck out so Lana could bring Will lunches, Lois could try to interrogate him on his life with his mother in North Carolina and then their life after they moved back to England after his father abandoned them, and Chloe could keep bringing him all those many books of craftsmanship so he could learn his trade since Mr. Brown is a complete drunkard! Why hasn't the medallion been given back to him in all this time? Why?" Lucy frowned. "For all we know it could be a family heirloom, it obviously had some sort of sentimental value to him, and yet we've been keeping it from him. Why? So Lana can feel closer to him?"

"Lu!" Lois snapped at her. "Enough!"

Lana held the doubloon to her heart, tears forming in her eyes, before she passed it to Chloe. "I need you to give this back to him."

The blonde made a face, refusing the gold piece. "Why? You should be the one to give it to him. It would give you the perfect opportunity to talk to Will."

"I couldn't look him in the face and explain that I've kept something precious to him from him all these years." Lana's voice choked, clutching the doubloon tightly in her shaking fist. "Lu's right. I'm so selfish!"

Lois shot Lucy a glare as Chloe now drew the crying Lana into her arms.

"What?" Lucy snapped at Lois. "I never said the word selfish!"

Shaking her head, Lois picked up the dropped medallion and gazed at it, frowning. "Jack asked questions about it tonight."

Lucy's eyes narrowed at that, wondering who the world this Jack was. "Jack?"

"Jack Smith, the man who saved Lana's life today, I saw him tonight." Lois replied, for a moment her lips tilted it a smile before she shook her head and cleared her throat, going serious once more. "He asked if Lana's last name was Turner...and when he found out it belonged to Will, he asked if Will's father was named William as well."

Lana pushed away from Chloe, wiping at her eyes rapidly. "How does he know about Will's family?"

"I don't know." Lois replied, placing the gold piece in Lana's hands, curling the girl's fingers over it. "But you should give this to Will, tell him the truth, and tell him Jack Smith might now something about his father."

Lana tightened her grip on the medallion and then looked up and nodded. "Tomorrow. I'll do it tomorrow."

If only they'd all known that tomorrow would be too late.


"Will Turner." The barkeep announced in surprise, causing Jack to look up immediately with wide-eyed surprise as the man who looked almost identical to a young Bootstrap Bill entered the pub. "Never thought I'd see you here. Didn'tcha swear off spirits ever since yer drunkard of a master left ya tending to the business?"

The young man, who looked terribly uptight, sat down and gave the barkeep a sour glance. "Whiskey."

The fatter, older man sent him a surprised look and went to get the man his poison of choice.

Jack watched the boy over his cup of rum, kohl-lined eyes narrowed. He'd seen this fellow earlier on escorting a blonde girl to the big hoity toity party up at the battlements. He'd been obviously protecting her, and only once she'd arrived at the battlement had he turned heel and left.

Now Jack discovered that this was the same stupid bastard who'd given his golden medallion to the girl who was going to marry a man who ran around in a wig and a poncy little outfit.

It had to be demoralizing for sure losing to a man like that.

"Here you go, lad." The barman lowered the glass before Will. "This one's on the house. I recognize the look in a man's eyes when his heart is twisting his gut."

Will didn't answer, just grabbed the glass of whiskey and threw his head back, gulping down some before beginning to cough immediately, pounding his chest, betraying just how unused he was to liquor.

"Will Turner." Jack cleared his throat, finishing his rum as he caught the attention of the young man. "You wouldn't per chance work for Master Brown at his smithy, would you?"

Will's eyes narrowed as he turned towards him. "You know Brown?"

Ah, so it was the same boy that delicious morsel at the ceremony had told him of.

"Yes, yes, fine man." Jack assured him, swaying slightly drunkenly as he made his way towards him, sitting down next to the boy and ordering more rum. "But more importantly, I met the treasure you covet, lovely girl."

Will went pale, eyes widening. "You know Miss Swann?"

"I fished her out of the ocean today, nicest catch ever to be caught!" Jack declared, grinning toothily as his large cup was filled once more and he took a long, appreciative gulp of the delicious liquid. "Heard it was tediously boring on this isle, nothing like Tortuga, but the moment I set foot on the dock lovely ladies start falling out of the sky." He took another gulp. "Terribly exciting."

There was a pause, and then the boy surprisingly enough relaxed, losing that near terror he'd had moments ago.

"So you are the one who saved Miss Lana." Will declared as he cradled his whiskey. "Thank you for that, she is like a sister to me."

"Sister, eh?" Jack raised a curious eyebrow. "Noticed the gift you gave her. 'M surprised a mere blacksmith's apprentice could give her so...fine...a gift."

Will's eyes narrowed, displeasure darkening his features. "You are mistaken. I have never gifted Miss Lana with anything."

"Oh?" Jack raised an eyebrow, wondering if the youngling was a good actor or if the Swann girl had lied to him. "According to her sister a young Mister Will Turner, apprentice to Mr. Brown gave your Miss Lana the gold doubloon."

Suddenly Will went still, eyes widening, skin paling. "It can't be."

Jack watched, taking another gulp of rum.

"I thought-I thought I had lost it during the shipwreck when I was a child!" Will snapped, downing the rest of his whiskey and standing, slamming down some money before storming out of the pub.

Apparently the girl had stolen the boy's medallion.

Jack couldn't keep his lips from tilting as he chuckled. "Ooops."


On top of the Fort, Governor Swann toured the wall with his future son-in-law. He beamed, prouder than he had been in the longest time, secure in the knowledge that Lana would be married to a fine man in good standing. As wife of the Commodore Lana would continue living the quality of life he'd always given her, and would be loved and very well taken care of. Also, Weatherby wanted grandchildren terribly, and he knew that Lana and the Commodore would give him beautiful grandchildren whom he'd be able to dote on and spoil and shower his love on.

Though, before he could allow his mind to be distracted by the thought of miniature Lana and Norringtons running all around his large Manor, Weatherby knew that once Lana was married he would have to set his mind upon searching for a match for his other daughters. He planned on living for many more years to come, but one never knew when an accident or evil intent could cut a life short, and he wanted to make sure that if anything should happen to him, that his dear daughters would be well cared for and married to men who deserved them. The girls might not have been his by blood-something no one knew-but from the moment he'd found the shivering children he'd loved them, and knew he'd do all in his power to make sure they were happy.

"I want to thank you again, Sir, for giving me your blessing." The Commodore declared humbly. "I will live to make your daughter happy."

"I know that Commodore." Weatherby smiled, hands clasped behind his back. "You will make me a fine son-in-law and I know you shall protect my daughters should anything happen to me before I can find them all equally fine husbands."

"Of course Sir." Norrington replied with genuine honesty.

"Good man." Weatherby smiled, nodding, before turning out towards sea and sighing. "Ghastly weather we're having tonight, don't you think?"

"Bleak." Norrington agreed. "Very bleak."

Weatherby's eyes narrowed as he leaned forwards. "What's that?"

The Commodore turned to where the older man was looking, his eyes narrowing slightly as he tried to make out what Governor was seeing. "Cannon fire!" He tackled Weatherby to the ground as the wall behind them exploded. "Return fire!" He helped the Governor to his feet while shouting to his soldiers. "Sight the muzzle flash!"

"Aim for the flashes!" One of the soldiers echoed.

"I need a full strike, fore and aft! Let these demons both bite at this!" Norrington snarled and cannons began firing back at their attackers as he turned to his soon to be father-in-law. "Governor, barricade yourself in my office."

Weatherby hesitated, stunned and shocked by the attack that was taking place, Port Royal exploding under cannon fire.

"That's an order!" Norrington snapped.

Grabbing a hold of his wig, Weatherby rushed to do as ordered.

Thanks to the deep fog he never noticed the ship with the black sails on the turbulent waters, or the pirates coming ashore in boats.


Pacing the smithy, Will glared at the shadows around him.

After Chloe's visit to him tonight he'd decided to talk to Miss Lana tomorrow, to give her his congratulations on her upcoming marriage and hopefully that way let her realize the feelings he had for her were platonic. He didn't feel the need to embarrass the sweet girl by coming outright and letting her know that the feelings he had for her had never been...love. It was why he'd never spoken to her before, because he'd been sure that she'd find love with one of the many men courting her and would of her own volition give up on this one-sided infatuation. Obviously though this wasn't to be, and he owed it to their friendship and such to let her know that she should marry the Commodore...that Will would never love her in that way.

He sighed, leaning hard against the wall.

It wasn't something he was proud of, but he'd gone to the Commodore's ceremony long enough to see Norrington take Lana aside and know for sure that he would propose, as Chloe had confided sadly in him days earlier. Ever since he was a child Will had been unable to keep his eyes from following the blonde Swann, and yet even at the age of twelve he'd known that she had eyes only for Norrington, and had preferred to keep her close to him in any way possible, even if it was by abusing her protective, sisterly love. He hadn't let himself have any hope, sure that once she was old enough to marry Norrington would be smart enough to propose to her, and yet as Chloe grew into marrying age Norrington began to show interest in Lana, and Will wasn't proud of it, but he'd begun to feel hope.

If Norrington married Lana...it would leave Chloe for Will...

It was why he struggled despite his drunkard master to become the best blacksmith in Port Royal...in the Caribbean. He knew he didn't have anything to offer her, nothing like she was used to, but he also knew that if Chloe loved someone she wouldn't care about his riches or status...it was one of the things he loved about her.

He snarled at his own selfishness and slammed his closed fist into the wall.

Chloe was suffering and he was already planning on how to comfort her...and use those feelings against her to keep her by his side forever.

What sort of villain was he?

And now...and now he found out Lana had had the one thing he'd had of his father-his most priceless valuable-and everything was mixing inside of him.

Anger, resentment...so many emotions.

He wanted to storm to the Swann Residence and demand an answer, yet knew he had to calm, had to wait until at least tomorrow...a respectable hour...

His tormented thoughts were interrupted by the sound of cannons, and explosions that rocked Port Royal.


"I know those guns." Jack whispered, going to look out of the window of the pub as chaos erupted in Port Royal. "Its the Pearl."

One of the local drunkards looked up at that. "The Black Pearl?" He dropped his tankard of ale. "I've heard stories of her! She's been preying on ships and settlements for near ten years! Never leaves any survivors!"

"No survivors?" Jack snorted as he stared back at the man. "Then where do the stories come from, I wonder?"

The drunkard blinked.

And then someone threw a hatchet in through the window.


Canon fire blazed through the night, causing tremors to shake the land, and the lights of the many fires blazing lit the night brightly. Even as the four Swann Daughters pressed against the window of Lana's bedroom, they could see pirates racing towards the house. Given the fact that it was the Governor's house there was no home finer or grander in all Port Royal, and it made perfect sense that it would appeal to the tastes of those with evil intentions.

The girls recoiled from the windows and Lana dropped her medallion in fear. "We need to hide!"

"We need to fight!" Lucy disagreed. "I need my sword!" She turned and raced out of the room.

"Lu!" Lois screamed, terrified, racing out after her sister as the sounds of the pirates trying to break into the doors echoed throughout the house.

Lana and Chloe hurried after her, and they all converged into Lucy's room as she reached under her bed and pulled out a fine sword that bore a suspicious resemblance to Will's handy-work.

Lois watched as Lucy reached under her mattress and pulled out breeches and a shirt.

The youngest Swann tore off her dress and quickly changed into the apparel of a young gentleman, tying her hair back from her face as she turned towards the bedroom door. "I will not go out without a fight!"

"Stop talking such nonsense!" Lois grabbed her arm. "We need to get out of this house! When they realize that we're the daughters of the Governor they'll take us for ransom!"

"There's a secret escape panel in my room." Chloe whispered.

"What?" Lana looked up in shock.

Chloe smiled sheepishly. "Estrella says that my room was once the old Governor's mistress', and he used to use it to get to her without his wife knowing. It's inside of my wardrobe. If we can get to my room we can hide inside of the secret passage."

Lois tightened her hold on Lucy. "We have no choice."

Lucy growled, obviously wanting a fight, but with a snarl she nodded. "If they find us, I'll protect us."

Lois smiled, relieved. "Of course."

"Come on." Chloe whispered, racing out of the door as the sound of wood breaking down below heralded the fact that the pirates were making leeway on breaking down the doors.

Lois picked up the hems of her gown and raced after the blonde, nearly tripping a time or two before making it to Chloe's room. The blonde was already deep inside of her wardrobe, and as she drew nearer Lois could see the false back open towards darkness. She hesitated for a moment, not liking darkness, and watched as Lana brushed passed her and stepped rapidly into the wardrobe and into the darkness beyond. It made Lois cringe, realizing how cowardly she was acting, especially when Lucy dove in as well, keeping her sword held tight.

"Wait!" Lana cried out from the darkness. "The medallion! I left it in the room! I have to go back and get it!"

"There's no time!" Lois hissed, forcing herself forwards as she finally entered the wardrobe and stepped into the darkness of the passageway.

"It's gold!" Lana cried. "The pirates will take it and I'll never be able to give it back to Will! He'll never forgive me for taking it and losing it!"

"I'll go get it." Chloe whispered, taking off.

"Chloe! No!" Lois cried out, but her younger sister had already raced outside of the room.

Seconds later, the sound of pirates pouring into the house and guns being shot echoed throughout the house.

"No." Lana whispered.

Hearing footsteps hurrying up the stairs, Lois was forced to reached out and yank the door closed seconds before pirates burst into the room.


Chloe had barely enough time to grab the gold doubloon where it'd fallen before the sound of footsteps racing towards the room warned her that there was no time to get back to the safety of her bedroom. She looked around, panicked, realizing that she didn't know this room very well, or know of any particularly useful hiding places. She also didn't know any particularly useful fighting skills, so the blonde realized just how terribly at risk she was. Her first thought was to dive under the bed, but seconds later discarded it as the least inventive hiding place ever. Her gaze then went to Lana's window, and with the footsteps and gunshots ringing closer she made a split decision.

Putting on the necklace so as not to lose the doubloon, Chloe flung the windows open and raised herself onto the windowsill before slowly moving along the wall's ledge. She refused to look down, instead kept herself pressed to the wall as she inched away from the window and view, hoping to hide in the shadows and not plummet to a terrible death should the wind pick up. Her mind screamed and cried and cursed very unlady-likely, but as the sound of the pirates storming into the room caught her eye she forced her thoughts to silence, scared even they might give her away.

"We know you're here, Poppet." One of them called out.

"Poppet." Another chuckled.

"Come out...and we promise we won't hurt you." The sound of the mattress being thrown off of the bed proved Chloe's vetoing it as a hiding place smart. "We will find you, Poppet. You've got something of ours, and it calls to us. The gold calls to us."

Her eyes flew open, and while the fires and mayhem going on outside were plain for her to see, she dropped her gaze to the necklace she wore.

They couldn't be talking about the doubloon...could they?

"Gold calls." The second voice echoed once more.

Suddenly a head stuck out of the window, smiling with yellow teeth at her. "'Ello, Poppet."

Chloe stifled a scream, knowing that if she cried her sisters would hear and Lucy would try to rescue her, probably dying in the process. "Please, just take whatever valuables are in the house, no one will try to stop you."

"You've got the only valuable we want." The stringy haired pirate snarled, eyeing her bodice.

Chloe wanted Lana happy, and she didn't want Will to lose a bit of his heritage, but she wasn't about to die over a necklace. She removed it from her neck, holding it by its chain. "If I give this to you, will you give me your word that you will leave this house?"

"And who would ol' Pintel be giving his word to?" The pirate wanted to know.

Chloe gulped, remembering Lois' words of ransom should the pirates know they had the daughter of the Governor. "C-Chloe T-Turner, companion of Governor Swann's daughters-but they aren't here now! Young Miss Swann went and got herself engaged and they are all still celebrating. I stayed behind because I wasn't feeling well."

Pintel and the other pirate with him shared long looks, before returning their gaze to her.

"Come now Poppet," Pintel reached out his hand. "Give me the doubloon and we'll all leave this place."

Trembling, not trusting them yet having no other alternative, Chloe leaned over, stretching uncomfortably to hand the Will's medallion.

Suddenly Pintel surged out and grabbed her arm, yanking her towards him.

She opened her mouth to scream as she lost balance, about to fall.

"Grab her other arm Ragetti!" Pintel ordered, one hand holding her and the other the necklace.

Chloe's body swung towards them as Ragetti leaned down and grabbed her by her gown. Her head hit the wall hard, her vision blurred rapidly, black spots dancing before her eyes.

The last thing she knew before the world went dark, was that the pirates were pulling her up into the room.


From the relative safety of the roof of the pub, Jack cradled two jars of rum and drank them heartily as he watched the chaos going on below. Pirates he recognized all too well fought with the people of Port Royal, massacring them with ease. The brief instances of moonlight shining directly on them betrayed the ghastly, skeletal truth to what they really were, to the fact that there really was a curse, and Jack was certain no one else was noticing this as they tried to keep themselves alive.

He noted young Will Turner fighting surprisingly well for a Blacksmith's apprentice. It was that pirate's blood in him for sure, as he wielded his sword with great talent in the raw.

Grapple caught young Will, holding him defenseless. "Say goodbye!" He held up his hatchet to cut the boy in two.

Jack took another swig of his rum.

Suddenly a sign fell on top of Grapple, smashing him to the ground.

Will, free, smirked. "Goodbye."

Jack nodded, hiccuping as the building two buildings from the one he was on, caught on fire.

"Now, now, what's this?" Jack narrowed his eyes blearily, noticing Pintel and Ragetti both staggering under the weight of what appeared to be an unconscious girl in her nightgown.

Made no sense for those two to be taking hostages. It wasn't Barbossa's (curse him) way.

Will turned and his eyes widened when he spotted the pirates lugging the girl away. "Chloe!"

Jack blinked, trying to concentrate through alcohol-fogged eyes, suddenly recognizing the blonde as the girl the boy had been walked with earlier on that night.

Will rushed to save her, not noticing the pirate behind him who hit him in the back of the head with his club, sending the younger man falling to the ground, unconscious.

Jack shook his head, taking another long gulp of his rum.

Things were getting more and more interesting.


"Can ye be certain?"

The voices were blurry, her head hurt, and she couldn't open her eyes, couldn't speak.

"Said 'er name was Turner."

"Had the medallion!"


"Tis good enough for me." Another growled. "Still the guns and stow 'em. Signal the men, set the flags and make good to clear port."

The voices mixed as the hurried to do as command.

"Welcome aboard the Black Pearl Miss Turner."
30th-Jul-2011 01:39 am (UTC)
Yay, Will has feelings for Chloe!! I was wondering how you were going to make Chloe be the one with the doubloon, so nicely done. Can't wait to see what happens next, let's hope LJ co-operates next time.
30th-Jul-2011 01:50 am (UTC)
LJ is definitely giving trouble! Its taken forever for it to allow me to post anything!!!! :(
30th-Jul-2011 02:23 am (UTC)
WOW! Totally loved this story so far. Will loves Chloe, I am so happy about this, that pairing is fabulous. I love how you can take any movie or TV show, and add Chloe to it, and make it ROCK!!! Can't wait for more, PLEASE post more soon!!!!
30th-Jul-2011 02:36 am (UTC)
30th-Jul-2011 04:23 am (UTC)
I really don't know how you do it but every verse you play in is magnificent and wonderful!!!

Heee Will loves Chloe!!!
I was wondering how you were going to get Chloe on the Pearl s per Lana's dream.

On to chapter 4!!! YAY!!!
30th-Jul-2011 11:41 am (UTC)
So happy to hear that!!!!! Hope you enjoy 4 as well!
30th-Jul-2011 05:30 am (UTC)
I left this comment on FF.net and decided to leave it here too...

I knew it! Will's in love with Chloe! I mean. why wouldn't he? Anyone smart enough will realize that Chloe's the ultimate prize... (is it obvious that I love Chloe?) :)

Barbosa's in the picture! I'm thinking that the trigger for the all the girls powers is stress or danger. Lana's been stressing about Will and her soon-to-be wedding to Norrington that she began to "dream" about Chloe being in danger and held captive. I'm guessing that all their powers would manifest soon since Chloe's been kidnapped by pirates. I think Chloe's power will have something to do with healing... Can't wait to find out what Lois' and Lucy's powers are! :)

So happy for this recent chapter. Relly love all your stories.

~Joie (JTJones on FF)
30th-Jul-2011 11:42 am (UTC)
You could be right! About what causes their powers to slowly manifest!
30th-Jul-2011 08:39 am (UTC)
Lana had to have known that keeping the doubloon from Will would likely make him angry with her. Trust Chloe to be the one to go back and get, I think taking Mr Turners name will please Will lol!!
30th-Jul-2011 11:43 am (UTC)
LOL Lana (and also Elizabeth) definitely should have realized that!
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