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Curse of the Black Pearl 4/13 
29th-Jul-2011 10:00 pm
Chloe Lois Lana Lucy

Title: Curse Of The Black Pearl
Characters: Chloe, Lois, Lana, Lucy, Will, Jack, Norrington, Governor Swann, Barbossa, Black Pearl Crew
Fandoms: Smallville/Pirates Of The Caribbean
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: As children Chloe, Lois, Lana and Lucy are caught in the meteor shower and transported through time, adopted by Weatherby Swann. When Chloe is abducted by Captain Barbossa he realizes that although she can't end the curse she can tweak it in their favor.

"It's all my fault." Lana whispered through her tears as they all stood dressed plainly in the tent Norrington was now working out of due to his office having been nearly completely destroyed by the canons the night before. They were only lucky that their father, who'd been hiding in said office, had gotten out of there with a few bruises and scratches and nothing worse.

"It is not your fault." Commodore Norrington assured her with the calmness and tenderness she knew he would, hands on her shoulders. "The Black Pearl, if that truly was the ship that attacked us last night, is notoriously known for not taking hostages. Miss Chloe must have escaped the house by some other means and fell asleep somewhere waiting them out."

"You don't understand, Commodore." Lucy slammed her hands down on the table they had countless maps on. "That is not like Chloe! She would not just fall asleep like that, not if she wasn't concussed! And if she is then she needs medical attention!"

"And why are we assuming that she wasn't taken?" Lois wanted to know, unable to keep her peace anymore. "Just because that might have been the Black Pearl doesn't mean that they didn't decide not to take hostages for once! We can't take for granted that she's somewhere in Port Royal!"

"I understand your worries, Miss Lois." Norringtong assured her. "But without evidence to the contrary, we have to assume that-."

"They've taken her!" Will stormed into the tent, flinging the flap open, grip tight around a hatchet. "They've taken Chloe. I saw them drag her away towards the ship before one of them knocked me unconscious."

Lana's gasp was not only because of the horrible news that'd befallen her ears, but because she'd never seen meek and mild and humble Will like this before.

Norrington frowned. "Are you sure of this?"

"Of course I am!" Will snapped at him. "I saw them taking her! And she was unconscious!"

Lana brought a hand to her mouth, stifling her whimper.

"Those barbarians better not have hurt my daughter!" Father roared.

"Thank you for bringing this news to us, Mr. Turner." Norrington ran his hand over his wig. "You have done us a good service, and now we shall handle it from hereon out."

Lana frowned at Norrington. He didn't have to be so snippy at Will! He'd just helped them!

"No, I can be of help." Will frowned.

Norrington turned to Murtogg. "Mr. Murtogg, remove this man."

"Commodore Norrington!" Lana gasped in aghast.

Will jerked his arm out of Murtogg's hold. "We have to hunt them down. We must save her!"

"And where do you suppose we start?" Father wanted to know. "If you have any other information concerning my daughter, please share it."

Lucy cleared her throat. "What about a pirate?"

"What about a pirate?" Norrington turned towards her.

"Pirates would know about the Black Pearl, and we have some locked up for execution." Lucy wasn't looking at Norrington though, which was usually a sign of her not being honest. "If we can get one that knows about the Pearl and where she berths, we can find Chloe and save her."

"I agree." Will nodded. "We can ask one of them where it is. Make a deal with him. He could lead us to it."

"No." Norrington frowned. "We do not negotiate with pirates. We will find Miss Chloe on our own merit and we will rescue her." In an obvious show of dismissal he turned his back on Will and faced father. "Governor, we will establish their most likely course..."

"That's not good enough!" Will snapped furiously, burying his hatchet into the table next to Norrington.

"Mr. Turner." Norrington turned towards him, eyes narrowed. "You are not a military man, you are not a sailor. You are a blacksmith and this is not the moment for rash actions." He yanked the hatchet out of the table. "Do not make the mistake of thinking you are the only person here who cares for Miss Chloe. We all do." He handed him back the hatchet roughly. "Now please be so kind as to remove yourself from my presence or I will have Mr. Murtogg leave you in a cell until you have managed to cool your temper."

Will's grip on the hatchet tightened as his eyes darkened in anger towards the Commodore.

Lana stepped forwards to his defense. "Commodore really! Will has been a dear friend of our family since we were all children! You have no reason to speak to him in such a brusque manner!"

"Lana." Father whispered to her reproachfully for calling out her fiance in front of his men.

Lana stood her ground, glaring up at Norrington.

Lucy reached out and placed her hand on Will's arm. "Will." She tightened her grip on his arm, causing him to turn his turbulent gaze on her. "Let's leave the Commodore and his men to their talk."

Norrington flinched.

Will sent another heated glare at the Commodore before storming out, Lucy right behind him.

"We will find her." Norrington promised in a whisper.

Lana stared up into his face before shaking her head and hurrying out after Lucy and Will, ignoring the sound of her father calling out for her to return. She felt Lois hurrying behind her as she caught up with Lucy and Will, walking briskly at his side as her sister spoke.

"They're not going to listen to us so we're going to have to do this ourselves." Lucy declared, hand on the sword at her side, still dressed in the male apparel from the night before. "Otherwise, by the time they're finished talking it will be too late."

"We have to do something." Lois declared, frowning, just as angered as the others. "If father and Norrington want to do it their way then fine, but we can't just sit here on our posteriors and let the Black Pearl keep sailing farther and farther away with Chloe inside of it!"

Will snarled, turning and embedding his hatchet into an overthrown wagon on the street.

Lana hesitated, not sure what to do. She'd never seen Will like this, he'd always been humble and meek and sweet and soft and gentle and...and...and this just wasn't him! It was like seeing someone else in his skin! And it scared her!

"Will." She tried, going towards him and placing a comforting hand on his tense arm. "We'll find something that can help us find her."

Will snorted, lips a sneer as he shook his head.

Lana held back a sob.

Who was this man?

"Not what, who." Lucy suddenly mumbled, turning to them. "I know someone who can help us. I know someone who knows the Black Pearl and who would know where she berths and where we could find her."

Lois turned to their youngest sister, eyes narrowed. "Who exactly would this be and how would you know of such a person?"

"Captain Jack Sparrow, one of the best pirates ever to sail our seas." Lucy declared. "He's on this island and he's the best chance we've got."

"Impossible." Lois shook her head. "No pirate could enter Port Royal without Norrington or his men finding out."

"Let's just say they were all distracted." Lucy mumbled, turning the corner.

"Where is he?" Will wanted to know, following after Lucy with determination. "Where is this pirate?"

The youngest Swann sighed, shaking her head. "I kept him out of jail for being discovered as a pirate...and yet he ended up there anyhow for drunken and disorderly conduct."

"You kept him out of jail?" Lois cried, hurrying after the other brunette.

Lana watched Lucy, Will and Lois storming on ahead, and she paused for a second, feeling so out of her depth and confused and emotional.

Wiping at a tear, she hurried after them.


Lois was filled with questions as she followed Lucy towards the jail cell. Had the ship truly been the Black Pearl? The same ship she and Chloe had seen eight years ago on the HMS Dauntless while heading towards Port Royal? The same ship that had attacked the boat that Will had been on? And if so, why had they attacked Port Royal if they'd made sure to stay clear of it for all of these years? Why kidnap Chloe of all people? Especially when they weren't known for taking hostages? What did they want with her? Why her in particular? Also, why and how did Lucy know of this pirate captain, Jack Sparrow? Since when had the youngest Swann been in cahoots with pirates? Why would she do something like this?

There were no guards guarding the jail, as it was probably the only place intact in the whole of Port Royal, and the soldiers had more important things to do, like trying to look for survivors and trying to maintain the peace in the terror-stricken island. Thanks to this, the girls and Will were able to go into the jail without problems. They avoided the section for pirates, and instead walked towards the cells where they held the people who'd committed minimal crimes. Only one cell was occupied.

Lois' eyes widened as she recognized the man who'd saved Lana's life, Jack Smith, laying on the ground and whistling some tune she'd never heard before as he gazed up at the ceiling, seeming without a care.

He-he couldn't be this Captain Sparrow!

He couldn't!

"Seriously?" Lucy mumbled, reaching the cell and folding her arms over her chest. "Drunken and Disorderly Conduct? Seriously?"

He tilted his head back and gave her a lopsided grin. "Cygnet!"

Lucy blinked, before smirking.

"You?" Will frowned, looking between them, before stepping forwards. "You're Jack Sparrow?"

"Captain Jack Sparrow." The man corrected, sitting up indian style, eyeing them.

Lois eyes narrowed, realizing that like her, Will had met this man before and hadn't known his pirate status.

Lana looked around them nervously, obviously expecting someone to enter and catch them red-handed.

"Are you familiar with that ship that attacked last night?" Will interrogated, going to clasp one of the bars separating him and the other man. "The Black Pearl?"

Jack's gaze went to Lois and he flashed her another charming smile before returning his attention to Will. "I've heard of it."

"Where does it make berth?" Will frowned, leaning closer, clenching the bar so tightly his knuckles were milky white.

"Where does it make berth?" Jack sneered in disbelief, getting up and brushing himself off. "Have you not heard the stories? Captain Barbossa and his crew of miscreants sail from the dreaded Isla de Muerta." He grabbed hold of one of the bars as well, smirking at Will, almost as if taunting him. "It's an island that cannot be found except by those who already know where it is."

"Such a place cannot exist." Lana whispered with a frown, reaching out and holding onto Will's arm as if seeking comfort. "If it did it'd be on a map."

"The ship's real enough." Will announced, not looking away from Jack. "Therefore its anchorage must be a real place as well." Those eyes narrowed even further. "Where is it?"

Jack snorted, studying his nails. "Why ask me?"

"Because you're a pirate!" Lois finally announced, annoyed with herself for having been charmed by a pirate!

Culter Beckett, a man working his way up the Royal Service had done nothing but set her skin to goosebumps of distaste, and yet some scalawag pirate had managed to actually affect her!

Jack sent her a small amused smile, as if able to read her thoughts. "And you want to turn pirate yourselves, is that it?"

Lucy remained silent, gazing at her nails.

Lana pouted, shaking her head vigorously.

Lois narrowed her eyes at Jack, knowing he was trying to get another outburst from her.

"Never." Will was the only one who answered the question verbally. "Those pirates took Miss Chloe."

"Very interesting that." Jack moved from the bars and went to lean on the opposite wall, eyes on Lana. "I would have thought that if they'd take a prisoner, it'd be you."

Lana gasped, leaning closer to Will. "Why me?"

Jack didn't answer, just gave one of his infuriating grins before turning his attention to Will. "Did you ever speak to your Young Miss Swann about her vile plundering ways?" He smirked, turning his gaze on Lana. "You'd make a fine pirate, lass, pilfering the effects of a half drowned child."

Lana went pale, horror crossing her features as her hand went to her chest, to where the medallion wasn't anymore, before looking up at Will. "Will..."

Will refused to look at her, eyes narrowed on the pirate, a muscle jumping in his cheek. "This isn't the time to talk about this."

Lucy and Lois' eyes widened as they realized that somehow Will knew!

"I was going to tell you!" Lana pleaded, trying to tug Will to look at her. "I was going to give it back to you! It's-it's why Chloe got kidnapped!" Her voice broke with her intense emotion.

Jack's eyes narrowed.

Lucy' eyes narrowed on Jack.

Will finally turned to Lana, voice a hoarse hiss. "What do you mean?"

She flinched, looking as if his tone of voice was equal to a slap, but she refused to let go of him. "When we discovered the pirates hurrying towards us I dropped your medallion in my bedroom as we rushed to hide, but then I realized that I'd left it and I knew that you'd never forgive me if I not only kept it from you all these these but I let the pirates find and take it!" Tears filled Lana's eyes, her body trembling. "So Chloe raced back to get it, but by the time she reached my room the pirates were already in the house!" Lana's voice cracked, her hand wiping viciously at the tears apparently prickling her eyes. "They must have caught her with it and figured that as the daughter of the Governor she'd be a good person to ransom. So they took her."

Will's face was pale, horror on his every feature.

Jack looked between them, nodding to himself, as if suddenly everything was slowly making sense.

Somehow though, as Lois eyed him, she knew that he was understanding things even they couldn't and never would.

"So this is my fault." Will whispered.

"No!" Lana shook her head, looking up into his horrified face. "It's mine!"

"Well, this is all dramatic and very touching I'm sure," Jack announced, interrupting the moment. "But if this is about ransom then you have nothing to fear, she won't be touched. Pirates know that no one pays for spoiled goods."

Lana flinched.

Will snarled as he turned towards Jack.

Lois hadn't even considered that the pirates might-she felt sick and terrified to her bones.

"This isn't ransom-based." Lucy replied darkly. "It's one of the reasons why Norrington didn't believe that she'd been taken at first. By now we should have gotten demands for a ransom and we haven't, so that means that that isn't the reason they've taken her."

"Well, if you're intending to be brave and all hasten to fair maiden's rescue, you'll have to do it alone." Jack replied, folding his arms over his chest. "I see no profit in it for me. I'm only in here for misconduct, I'll be out nigh twilight."

"Not if they find out that the one in this cell is none other than the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow." Lois replied darkly, pushing passed them and grabbing onto the bars. "If you really are him, you have a tattoo of a sparrow, and you've also been branded with a P for pirate by Cutler Beckett of the East India Trading Company." She tightened her grip on the bars. "One word from me and it's the gallows for you."

Jack eyed her, head tilted, eyes curious. "You are a fine lady of a gentle disposition, I doubt you would send an innocent man to the gallows."

She sneered. "Try me."

He blinked. "Bugger."

Lucy watched them carefully.

Jack took in a deep breath. "If I decided to embark on this suicide mission, how would you fine ladies and gentleman go about liberating me from my confinement? The keys are gone with the portly guards, and if we wait for them to free me we may have lost too much time."

"I can get you out of here." Will replied.

Jack turned to him, staggering slightly in surprise. "And pray tell how would you be accomplishing this marvelous feat?"

"I helped build these cells. These are half pin-barrel hinges." Will replied, picking up a bench and placing it at the bottom of the cell's door. "With the right leverage and the proper application of strength...the door will lift free."

Jack eyed them before nodded. "Uh-huh. Right." He cleared his throat, flicking a strand of beaded hair behind his shoulder. "Well, Mr. Tuner, I've changed me you spring me from this cell I swear on pain of death that I shall take you to the Black Pearl and the bonny lass currently residing within." He reached out his hand passed the bars. "Do we have an accord?"

Will reached out a hand to Jack.

Lucy slapped their hands away from each other, causing both men to retrieve said hands and hiss at the sting. "No deal."

"Excuse me?" Will frowned at her.

"Jack is going to take me along with you as well. That's the deal." Lucy declared, folding her arms over her chest defiantly. "I can fight with a sword as good as any man, I know how to read the compass and nautical maps and...and...and I'm coming along and that's final!"

"Lu!" Lois hissed, horrified.

"We can't go!" Lana whispered, hand going to her chest once more. "We'd be useless!"

"Listen to her." Jack turned to Lucy, rubbing his stinging hand.

She narrowed her eyes at him. "Lois isn't the only one who can scream PIRATE. And I will."

Jack sighed, folding his arms over his chest. "Women are just too difficult."

"I'm going." Lucy declared, glaring at everyone, daring them to say anything about it.

Lois took in a deep breath, knowing that Lucy wasn't going to be able to be kept from her desires...and knowing that she herself could just sit down and let whatever was happening to Chloe happen without her trying to do something. "I'm coming too."

"Lois?" Lana gasped, eyes wide as she turned to her.

"Someone needs to keep an eye on Lu." Lois replied, taking in a deep breath. "And we need at least one levelheaded person on this expedition."

"But!" Lana began.

"Ladies and gentleman!" Jack grabbed the bars. "Do we have an accord?"

Lana looked between them.

Will reached his hand out. "We have an accord."

"Smashing." Jack smirked, reaching out and shaking Will's hand. "Now if you'd be so kind as to get me out of here?"

Using the bench, Will distributed weight with his foot and the door lifted free with a bang. "Hurry. Someone will have heard that."

Jack nodded, rushing to where his hat, gun and sword were waiting. "Not without my effects!"

Lois watched him and took in a deep breath, wondering what in the world they'd just gotten themselves into.


"Why didn't you tell me?"

Lucy turned to look at Will, who'd kept her behind her sisters, who were already heading down the street, Jack between them, swaggering confidently.

"You're my friend." Will frowned darkly at Lucy. "I trusted you with secrets I have never confided to anyone else. So why did you not tell me that your sister had my medallion?"

Lucy flinched, gazing down. "I don't have a good excuse, Will. All I can say is that she's my sister."

"Did Chloe know?" Will lowered his gaze.

Lucy nodded. "We all did...although we have all tried to convince Lana to give it back to you." She sighed. "Last night she actually cried because of the topic, and was ready to give it back to you today."

"Can we trust him to take us to Chloe and not backstab us?" Will wanted to know, changing the topic as his gaze went to where Jack was flirting cheerfully with an unhappy Lois.

"Lois says he recognized your doubloon, and that he asked about your father, knew his name." Lucy replied slowly. "Chloe once told me she saw the Black Pearl the day of your shipwreck, that the Black Pearl was the one that attacked your ship."

Will's eyes narrowed. "What?"

"Jack obviously knows something about you, Will, about your family." Lucy pulled him closer. "Twice have the Black Pearl attacked, twice has your medallion been involved somehow."

"What are you saying?" Will whispered.

"Didn't you pay attention to him while he was in the cell, Will? He knows something." Lucy frowned. "He thought that they'd kidnap Lana because she had the medallion...and I know that they didn't take Chloe for ransom. She's your age, Will. She wouldn't have given them her name, she most probably gave them yours. We know that in times like these being the daughters of the Governor is dangerous, and given the fact that she had your doubloon in her hand your name would most probably be the first one to come to her mind."

"You think they thought she was me." Will was obviously reeling from this information. "You think..."

"I think somehow you, or your father, has something to do with this, and Jack knows but he's not telling us why." Lucy replied carefully. "But that said, he's our best bet at finding the Black Pearl."

"If I'd had the gold on me they never would have gone for her." Will suddenly hissed. "If your sister had given me back my medallion Chloe would never have been taken by those pirates!"

Lucy felt slapped, but couldn't say anything, because he was right.

"Why do you want to be like them?" Will wanted to know, angry at everyone and everything. "Why would you want to be a pirate when you know firsthand how much pain they cause people?"

Once again, she couldn't say anything.

Will narrowed his eyes at her. "I know what you're planning, but if he betrays us I'll slit his throat myself."

"If he betrays us, I'll help." Lucy promised.

The two looked at each other before shaking hands, cementing the promise.


The ladies had left to prepare for the journey, and that left Will with Jack waiting for when the girls could do their part of the deception. Will couldn't believe that he was working along with a pirate, but Commodore Norrington had left him no other chance. He knew that Norrington didn't feel for Chloe the way she did for her, but Will had thought that the man had felt more for her than this! How could he sit tranquilly aboard the Interceptor the way he was when only god knew what could be happening to young miss Chloe by the hands of those scum pirates? Just the thought boiled Will's blood and set his bones on fire, leaving him feeling violent and desperate.

The Swann daughters had always been good to him, an orphaned boy, a nobody. The girls had always visited him, encouraged him, and he'd grown to care for all of them deeply as his family. Lana was the sweet one who would place her hand on his shoulder and blush and tell him that his newest catastrophe of a creation was incredibly brilliant. Lois was the one who brought him food, interrogated Master Brown ruthlessly as to his treatment of the boy, and made sure he knew in her own subtle yet obvious way that he was under protection of Governor Swann. Lucy was the one who'd trail behind him and was a playmate, like a little brother with whom he learnt to fight with the sword with, and whom he confided his whole heart in. Chloe...Chloe was the one who'd refused to believe that there wasn't more that they could do for him, bringing him books that taught him all that his drunken master never could. She'd not only helped him with his blacksmith talent, pushing him and refusing to let him confirm with mediocrity, but had helped teach him to write, read, and perform the maths. He was more educated than most blacksmiths thanks to her.

He watched as Lois, Lucy and Lana boarded the Interceptor. Lana was first and foremost, dressed in her prettiest, easily the most beautiful woman on Port Royal, especially when it came to Commodore Norrington. Immediately he and his men came to attention, eyes on the ladies, not paying attention to the bundles brought by some maids and butler and placed out of sight before they exited the ship. Lana was nervous, guilty even, and yet she played her part, distracting her fiance as she and her sisters brought for drinks and food for the men.

Norrington watched Lana with utter adoration, smiling softly at her for this show of concern.

Will turned to Jack, impatient. "They're onboard and distracting the men. It's time that we steal the ship."

"Commandeer." Jack declared from their hiding place. "We're going to commandeer that ship. Nautical term." He frowned, eyeing Will intently. "One question about your business, boy, or there's no use going. This girl...how far are you willing to go to save her?"

"I'd die for her." Will replied without a second's thought.

"Oh, good." Jack grinned brightly. "No worries, then." He waited until a group of soldiers passed by, too occupied with the supplying of the Interceptor for the journey Norrington would soon make to go after the Black Pearl, before announcing. "Now boy!"

Not exactly sure what he was doing, Will took off after Jack as the pirate sprinted towards the beach, and stood for a moment in hesitation as Jack threw himself to the sand under one of the canoes.

"Get down!" Jack hissed, lifting one side of the canoe and rolling inside. "Hurry!"

Will watched for a second before going down and hiding within with Jack, the canoe closing over them as the sound of footsteps approaching marked more soldiers hurrying to supply the Interceptor.

As soon as the soldiers footsteps began to fade Jack nodded to Will and the blacksmith only had seconds to understand before the pirate lifted the canoe up slightly while in a crouched position and began hurrying towards the water. Will was sure they were going to die as Jack pulled them both into the water, and yet as they submerged beneath air was trapped on the bottom of the canoe...which was at their heads...and gave them ample breathing space as they began to leisurely stroll under the ocean towards where the HMS Dauntless was out to sea and at anchor.

"This is either madness or brilliance." Will muttered, knowing that Lucy would be very angry once she found out that he had had this experience while she'd been stuck charming the soldiers.

"It's remarkable how often those two traits coincide." Jack remarked from up in front. "I wonder..."

"Wonder what?" Will frowned.

"Oh nothing really." Jack declared in a voice that said he was very well lying when he'd said those three words. "I just wonder how the lovely Lana would react if she realizes where your heart truly lies."

"That is not your concern." Will snapped.

"Course not." Jack replied airily.

They didn't speak after that, trudging their way till they made it to the anchor of the Dauntless. Tilting the canoe crookedly caused water to rush in and consume the air bubble, letting the canoe sink to the bottom of the sea whilst Will and Jack swam up the chain of the anchor, finally reaching the surface and taking in deep breaths of air. The two climbed up the back of the Dauntless, boarding it with relative ease.

"Everyone stay calm!" Jack yelled as they descended the stairways towards where Gillette and his men were. "We are taking the ship!"

"Aye! Avast!" Will tried.

The men laughed.

Jack turned his head slightly and gave him a look.

Will frowned at him.

Gillette stepped forwards, all smugly. "This ship cannot be crewed by two men. You'll never make it out of the bay."

Jack pulled out his pistol and pointed it at the officer's nose. "Son...I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, Savvy?"


"Commodore!" Groves yelled.

"Pardon me, Miss Lana." Commodore Norrington patted her hand before hurrying to where his officer was. "What is it?"

Lana knew that it was beginning, and she felt once more the icy hands of dread creeping down her spine. Once they did this there was no going back.

"Hurry." Lucy snapped, lifting up the flap covering one of the lifeboats and diving inside.


Lois hurried inside as well, holding out a hand to Lana. "Come on."

Lana hesitated only a second before reaching out for that hand and getting in as well, covering the flap over them as they lay uncomfortably inside of the lifeboat, hidden and forgotten as the crew disembarked, hurrying after the pirate and blacksmith who'd taken one of His Majesties' Ships.

She lay in wait, knowing it wouldn't be too long now as they caught up to the Dauntless. She listened as Norrington and his men boarded the Dauntless, his voice ringing out in her ear.

"Search every cabin, every hold, down to the bilges!"

And then she heard the sound of two men boarding the Interceptor, chopping off the ropes that bound the ships together before sailing away.

"Sailors! Back to the Interceptor!" And yet Norrington's voice was odd, and the sound of men fainting on the deck of the Dauntless sounded long and accusingly in Lana's ears, causing her to close her eyes tightly in guilt.

It wasn't everyday she drugged her fiance and his men so she could help the man she loved steal one of His Majesties Ships.


They'd changed out of the vibrant, beautiful dresses into clothes that would better suit them where they were going. Lana and Lois had donned two of their maids dresses, the clothes older and somewhat faded, but they fit reasonably well and wouldn't call attention to them, which was a good thing, especially considering where Lucy was expecting they'd be going to pick up more crew. The brunette herself had changed back into the 'male attire' as Lois had refereed to it, much happier with the trousers, blouse, and sword hanging from her hips than in a corset and in a gown that made sitting down uncomfortable and unpleasant. She sat in the captain's bedroom, her sisters having finished dressing and gone above deck to speak to Jack and Will. Lucy had stayed behind, and now she stared at herself in the mirror, hair long and contrasting against the clothing she wore.

Pulling out a dagger from her boots, Lucy sighed, eyeing her hair. She'd always dreamed about doing this, yet somehow it made her nervous to have the blade to her tresses.

"It's just hair, Lu." She told her reflection, taking in a deep breath. "It's safer if you can blend in with the men. And for that you need shorter hair."

With that she sliced the blade over her hair, cutting it a little passed her chin. She smiled, shaking her head, surprised at how much lighter it felt without all the weight now in her hands.

The youngest Swann opened the window of the cabin and her long tresses be taken by the wind and float upon the sea.

Smiling brightly, Lucy put the dagger back into her boot and tied her hair back in a ribbon like she'd seen men do, before heading out.

Above she could hear a conversation going on.

"I knew 'im." Jack replied. "Probably one of the few who knew him as William Turner. Everyone else just called him Bootstrap or Bootstrap Bill."

"Bootstrap?" Will asked in a low voice.

"Good man. Good pirate." Jack declared. "I swear you look just like him."

Lucy's eyes widened and she stopped her course.

Will's father had been a pirate?

"It's not true!" Will exclaimed. "He was a merchant sailor! A good, respectable man who obeyed the law!"

Jack snorted. "He was a bloody pirate, a scallywag."

"My father was not a pirate!" Will snapped, the sound of a blade unsheathing ringing through the air.

Lucy's eyes widened and she hurried up the steps and onto the deck. "Will! Stop that!"

"Will please!" Lana begged.

"Put it away, son." Jack didn't seem at all intimidated by the sword aimed at him. "It's not worth you getting beaten in front of the ladies."

Will's eyes narrowed.

"William." Lois snapped, the use of his full name causing Will to flinch. "We need him if we're going to get Chloe back. We have all sacrificed too much for this mission already."

Will turned to look at her before putting away his sword without a word.

"You, I like you very much." Jack pointed his finger to a scowling Lois. "Now that this is all settled, let me tell you of the beauties of Tortuga and the wonders that you are about to encounter!"

Just when Lucy was sure the excitement had given her a moment's reprieve before her transgression was noted, Lana gave a horrified cry, bringing her hands to her mouth.

"Lu! What have you done to your hair?"
30th-Jul-2011 05:22 am (UTC)
LOL ♥ Excellent two chapters ♥

And yay for Will/Chloe, I was hoping for that! ;D
30th-Jul-2011 11:50 am (UTC)
Glad to not let you down :)
30th-Jul-2011 05:47 am (UTC)
Loving this so very much!!!

All I got to say is more!!!!!
30th-Jul-2011 11:50 am (UTC)
I shall try update more soon!
30th-Jul-2011 05:47 am (UTC)
An update! YES! What a perfect start to the weekend.

Glad to see Will come alive. We only saw will as meek and quiet but I guess his aggressive side comes out when Chloe is in danger. I wish he would show that side of his to Chloe and declare his love for her! :)

I wonder what Lana's reaction would be when she finds out that Will loves Chloe. I'm thinking that in the course of rescuing Chloe, Lana would fall out of love with Will since she will see that he's really not the mild-mannered man she knows and loves.

I love the Jack and Lois dynamic. It's fun to see Lois confused about her attraction to what she considers unacceptable. Can't wait to see her give in to Jack's charms though. haha

I'm not so sure where you're going with Lucy. I know that she's brave and spunky (she is a Lane after all) but I get the feeling that her impulsiveness will get them into trouble.

Looking forward to seeing Chloe intimidate Barbossa and his crew. She'll be scared at first but once she get's a feel of the whole crew I know that she'll whip them all in line. :)

Great chapter. More please...

30th-Jul-2011 11:52 am (UTC)
True, he was meeker in the first movie, but at the end of the second and the third he was more...uh...un-meek, lol, and that's the Will I'm channeling here :)

I think we *all* wonder about Lana's reaction! I haven't decided on it myself!!! lol

Lucy is the Wild Card of this story, somewhat like Jack, you can't really count on her to be a help or hindrance.

Chloe x Pirate Crew x Barbossa....fun times. Maybe not for Chloe, but, yeah! lol
30th-Jul-2011 10:09 am (UTC)
Another fabulous update I am looking forward to seeing Lana's reaction when she finds out Will is in love with Chloe lol (evil aren't I)

Lois and Jack certainly have chemistry! Lucy I am not sure what to make of her except I think she has more in common with the men than the girls!

Dying to read more of this and see what happens next and how Chloe is getting on with the pirates.
30th-Jul-2011 11:53 am (UTC)
Yes, you're evil...but we all are so you're in good company!

Yes, Lucy *does* have more in common with the men!
30th-Jul-2011 08:33 pm (UTC)
have to say it again.... i love the fact, that lana has no chance with will... and her attempts to influence him are quiet ridiculous
*evil grin*...
but lucy is something... knows what she wants... like it
thanks for a great update again....
love maple86
30th-Jul-2011 09:17 pm (UTC)
I'm *so* glad you're liking Lucy! In this verse after Chloe Lucy is my favorite character!!!!!!!!
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