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Curse of the Black Pearl 5/13 
31st-Jul-2011 09:27 am
Chloe Lois Lana Lucy

Title: Curse Of The Black Pearl
Characters: Chloe, Lois, Lana, Lucy, Will, Jack, Norrington, Governor Swann, Barbossa, Black Pearl Crew
Fandoms: Smallville/Pirates Of The Caribbean
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: As children Chloe, Lois, Lana and Lucy are caught in the meteor shower and transported through time, adopted by Weatherby Swann. When Chloe is abducted by Captain Barbossa he realizes that although she can't end the curse she can tweak it in their favor.

There had to be a lifeboat somewhere.

It'd taken a lot of skill and cunning to undo the lock upon her cabin's door, and only once she couldn't hear the noise of the pirates in the night did she sneak out. The men hadn't bothered her, and other than Ragetti and Pintel who brought her food and water and a chamber pot she hadn't seen anyone else since she'd been kidnapped, but Chloe knew not to trust these men. They were pirates, cruel and vicious and there was only one reason why she could think of them kidnapping her given the fact they thought she was a moneyless companion, and she refused to have that done to her. She'd rather die than be their little strumpet.

The blonde snuck through the dark, spying the sole watchman on the far side of the ship doing his rounds.

She turned and hurried in the shadows, trying to find a lifeboat and yet failing at the task. Maybe they were on the other side of the ship. Maybe...maybe the Black Pearl didn't have a lifeboat.

Her heart sank.

Suddenly someone grabbed her and swung her around.

"What are ye doin' outside yer cabin Miss Turner?" A man with stringy auburn hair and a large hat wanted to know, sneering at her. "Wanderin' outside may not be the smartest of things given we're a Ship of scoundrels who haven't seen so pretty a miss in too long."

"Let go of me!" She cried, trying to jerk her arm out of his hold.

"I'm disinclined to acquiesce to your request." He declared before grinning toothily. "Means no."

"I will not become your crew's whore!" She snapped at him fiercely. "I'd rather die before it came to that!"

"And pray tell, what plans have ye to stop us from doing whate'er our depraved souls desire?" He mocked, leaning in close, yanking her closer, proving without a word how powerless she was against his strength. He twisted her arm forcefully behind her back and used his other to grab her ass, pulling her against him intimately in a provoking and disgusting move, showing her just how easy he could force himself onto and into her if he so pleased.

With a fastness she herself did not know she had, Chloe reached out and grabbed his dagger before turning her arm inwards and jamming the blade deep within her own chest.

"No." The man whispered in horror, letting go of her as she collapsed onto the deck. "No!"

He dove to pull the blade out.

With the little strength she had left, Chloe quickly yanked the blade out herself and then drove it into her heart.


"Tortuga!" Jack declared with apparent adoration as the group of five made their way into the island's town. "It is indeed a sad life that has never breathed deep this sweet, proliferous bouquet that is Tortuga, savvy?" He turned towards the four behind him. "What do you think?"

All around them were drunkenness, whores, and gunfights. People rolled in the streets beating each other with fists, others fired at each other or the air, while most of them were engaged in lecherous activities with very painted up women or were too drunk to realize that they were pissing themselves.

Will made up his nose. "It'll linger."

Lana huddled against Lois, both women looking extremely uncomfortable and out of place. Despite the fact that they now wore commoner dresses there was something about them that just oozed grace and elegance, and betrayed them for what they truly were.

"This place is better than I had hoped!" Lucy declared, stepping forwards, hands on her hips, grin large. "It's amazing!"

With her short hair and mens attire, Lucy very much seemed like a boy on the cusp of manhood, whose voice had yet to deepen. It made sense to Will, who had always seen her more as a little brother than a little girl, and he was surprised at how much more right somehow it seemed to see her dressed like a man and with her pretty hair all cut off. She was still extremely attractive, yet in an androgynous way.

Jack grinned brightly at Lucy's enthusiasm, placing an arm around her shoulders and spanning out in front of them with the other. "I'll tell you mate, if every town in the world were like this one, no man would ever feel unwanted!"

Lois and Lana both came closer to Will, obviously subconsciously seeking protection, and he placed his hand on the hilt of his sword just in case.

Seeing a buxom redhead with too much facial makeup headed towards them, Jack seemed to brighten up as he let go of Lucy and hurried towards her, arms wide. "Scarlet!"

The slap she gave him was so strong his head turned with the force.

He blinked, seeming disoriented. "Not sure I deserved that."

A very pretty yet equally overly painted blonde sauntered over.

"Giselle!" Jack grinned, arms out wide.

"Who was she?" Giselle snapped, eyes on the redhead who'd left before slapping Jack once more.

Head spinning once again, Jack winced. "I may have deserved that."

"And where have you been?" Giselle wasn't finished, fist clenched in a tight knot, looking ready to punch the staggering pirate. "You promised me you'd take me out of this filth! Or at least pay me for your last visits!" She glared at him. "Do you know what happens to men who don't pay for what they've bought, Jack?" She looked like the devil herself as she stormed towards him. "They get their fingers torn off one by one!"

"Now Giselle-!" Jack took a couple of steps back.

"You weren't even that good!" Giselle continued. "You're always half drunk and unable to perform at your peak, and yet I still let you have those services because you said you'd have a treasure soon and-!"

"I'll have you know I have never had complaints about my abilities!" Jack squeaked in horrified indignation. "I'll have you know rum only enhances the experience!"

Will looked between them and then back at Lois and Lana, who (as sheltered ladies of nobility) had never been subjected to listening to such a vulgar conversation, and yet other than seeming quite embarrassed both girls also appeared morbidly enthralled.

"Oh? Have one of your new whores lied and told you that?" The blonde glared at Jack before sending that glare to both Lois and Lana. "How much did he pay you to stroke his ego?" She smirked angrily. "And his dick of course."

Will narrowed his eyes, about to open his mouth and defend the two girls honor.

Lucy beat him to it, grabbing the blonde by her arm and glaring at her as she dragged the woman to her. "You will not speak to my sisters in that manner, do you understand?"

"Unhand me!" Giselle snapped, raising her hand to slap Lucy as she had Jack.

Lucy grabbed the hand in mid-air, stopping the strike, instead using the arm and twisting it behind the blonde's back, arching her backwards slightly as she glared down into the woman's eyes. "Apologize to my sisters. Now."

Giselle glared up at Lucy, struggling in vain for a couple of seconds, before going still and sniffing in discord. "Fine." She turned her head towards Lois and Lana. "I apologize for insulting your character."

"It's fine. Apology accepted." Lois declared, eyes on Lucy. "Lu, let her go."

"Was going to." Lucy declared, letting go of Giselle, who shrugged her body. The brunette reached into a pocket and pulled out a couple of coins, holding them out towards the blonde. "Does this cover the amount he owes you?"

Giselle's eyes widened, her body stiff, before she gazed from the coins to Lucy, nodding. "Yes."

"Take it then." Lucy passed them to the blonde before giving Jack a glare. "A gentleman should always follow through when he makes a business transaction."

Jack made a face at her. "You seem to forget I'm a pirate."

"Don't go around owing money to everyone Jack," Lucy rolled her eyes, seeming to forget about Giselle now that she'd been paid, hands on her hips. "I'm sure even pirates get hung by their peers if they can't pay their debts."

"Got a point there." Jack flinched, before shaking his head. "Now that the peace has returned-" he side-stepped a couple of men barreling passed him, broken bottles as their weapons. "Let's continue on in this tour of heaven!"


"I don't understand." Ragetti whispered to Pintel as they watched as young miss Chloe Turner lay in bed, glowing. The light teasing the outline of her body was reflected by the necklace of a crystal swan laying against her chest, casting patterns of light all around the room, and had one not truly been looking one might somehow assume that there be magic in that pendant which was affecting the girl...but to the truly observant you could tell the light indeed was cast from the girl herself, and reflected through the crystal.

It added to the men's confusion as they eyed the girl who should, by all intents and purposes, be very much dead right then.

But like them...she wasn't.

And yet she wasn't like them at all.

They'd rushed on deck to find her with a dagger through her heart and their captain cursing the seven seas and Davy Jones himself for what had happened. Her blood had been all over the deck, all over her body, and her life had drained out of her along with it. Her blood, which should be covering a doubloon resting within a chest in Isla De Muerta...her blood which would save them...was being wasted on the deck. She'd been fading fast...and then the Captain had yanked out the blade from her heart...and she wasn't dying anymore.

She'd begun to glow, she'd taken in a deep breath, and she'd begun to heal.

"Maybe its the curse." Pintel whispered back to his comrade, eyeing the girl curiously. "Maybe, since she 'ad the gold piece on 'er for all these years she's like us."

"Nah. Ye 'ave to remove the doubloon from the chest fer the curse ta hit ya. And anyway, we don't injure. We don't die." Ragetti shook his head. "She was injured. She was dying."

Pintel frowned, unable to deny that.

Also, the moonlight had shone on her, and hadn't revealed her to be like they.

"What did ye keep secret from us, Bootstrap, about yer child?" Captain Barbossa asked. He was the one who'd bathed and changed the unconscious, healing girl, placing her in the bed in the cabin of the first mate, which she'd been locked in before. He narrowed his eyes as he sat at her bedside, watching the light blue glow of power as she continued to heal herself while in her slumber. "She ain't human."


Jack smiled as he finally stumbled upon Joshamee Gibbs, his good friend and fellow drunk. And he'd found him exactly where he thought he would, sleeping with the pigs, literally. For some reason Gibbs had always had a fondness of sleeping in the cold mud while drunk, probably why the poor bastard always had a red nose and a cold ever present upon him, but thankfully the alcohol kept him nice and toasty and in good spirits.

Going to a well, knowing how to deal with his good friend and first mate (whenever he could commandeer a ship), Jack pulled up a bucket of water and staggered back to Gibbs. He paused for a moment, frowning, realizing he was close to being sober and that just wouldn't do. He was at his best when he had more rum in him than blood, and once he had awoken Gibbs from his sleep with the swine they were going to have to remedy things quickly and make their way to the closest pub.

With that in mind, he hurried his pace to Gibbs and threw the cold water onto him.

Gibbs jumped, sputtering, water flying. "Curse you for breathing, you slack-jawed idiot!" He declared, wiping at his eyes, unable to see whom it was he was addressing. He then blinked, grinning. "Mother's love! Jack!" He shook his head, making no move to get up from the ground. "You should know better than to wake a man when he's sleeping! Tis bad luck!"

"Ah, fortunately I know how to counter it." Jack assured him, decided to kill two birds with one stone. "The man who did the waking buys the man who was sleeping a drink. The man who was sleeping drinks it while listening to a proposition from the man who did the waking."

Gibbs grinned, always so very ready to drink and grow drunk once more, bless his soul. "Aye, that'll do it."

"Mister Gibbs?" Lucy squeaked.

Jack turned to the girls, surprised that they knew his first mate.

"Miss Swanns?" Gibbs stumbled to his feet, shaking his head. "What are you ladies doing in a place like Tortuga?"

"Captain Sparrow assured us that it was indeed a sad life that has never breathed deep this sweet, proliferous bouquet that is Tortuga." Lois declared without a hint of the reverence Jack had when he'd declared thus, but he had to give her points for remembering his words exactly.

Gibbs looked utterly confused. "I don't have enough rum in me for this."

Jack could agree. "Let's convene over a pint of much needed rum, shall we?"

Gibbs led the way to the Captain's Pleasure, and Jack ushered Will to take the ladies to a table while he and Gibbs went for drinks. Considering there were fights and stabbings going on all around them, Will and Lucy were very concerned with getting Lois and Lana to a table with their lives and limbs untouched, so it was a great diversion if Jack said so himself.

And he did.

Gibbs nodded in agreement, always very agreeable when rum was on the way, and he turned to Jack as they reached the bar and ordered their drinks. "Now, what's the nature of this venture of yours? And why are three of the Governor's daughters and the local blacksmith with you?" He raised an eyebrow. "What the devil are you up to?"

"I'm going after the Black Pearl." Jack replied honestly, gold teeth shinning in the light as he smirked. "I know where it's going to be, and I'm going to take it."

"Jack! It's a fool's errand! Why, you know better than me the tales of the Black Pearl."

Jack waved that off. "That's why I know what Barbossa is up to. All I need is a crew."

Gibbs frowned. "From what I hear tell of Captain Barbossa, he's not a man to suffer fools, nor strike a bargain with one."

Jack didn't take insult to that. "Well, then I'd say it's a very good thing I'm not a fool then, eh?"

"Prove me wrong." Gibbs pushed, sending the bartender an ugly look for taking so long to bring their damned drinks, before returning his attention to Jack. "What makes ye think Barbossa will give up his ship to you? And what does the Swann Daughters and that lad have to do with all of this? And why is Miss Lucy dressed as a boy? Ack. It's hurting my head, all these questions. I'm much too sober for them."

"Let's just say it's a matter of leverage, eh?" He nodded subtly towards Will, who had apparently found the ladies a seat and was standing in front of the table with Cynet, both with hands on their sword hilts, ready to do some defending if need be.

Jack tilted his head slightly. Now that Cygnet had cut her hair, she really did look like a pretty boy. His kohl-encircled eyes then went to the eldest, most scrumptious Swann girl and he grinned, doubting that even if she went bald and dressed in mens apparel could she appear to be masculine. That woman was divine, all female and all spirit, he could tell it. She'd threatened to have him hung if he didn't do her bidding and he had to admit it, that was damned sexy.

"The kid?" Gibbs made a face, eyeing Will.

"Barbossa has captured the missing Swann girl, who had the medallion in her possession." Jack leaned in closer, smiling when he noted Gibbs' eyes widen in shock. "Methinks the accursed crew believe her to be Bootstraps' child." He smiled wickedly. "And yet the blacksmith over there is Bootstrap Bill Turner's only child. Savvy?"

Gibbs grin was slow yet devious. "Is he now?"

"Aye." Jack nodded, putting down some coin when the bartender finally brought them their drinks.

"Leverage, says you." Gibbs took a long gulp of his rum before turning to Jack, grinning. "I think I feel a change in the wind, says I. I'll find us a crew. There's bound to be some sailors on this rock as crazy as you."

"One can only hope." Jack raised his tankard. "Take what you can..."

Gibbs clinked his tankard against Jack's. "...Give nothing back!"

They both drained their drinks.

And then ordered more.


Gasping, Chloe sat up in bed, hand to her racing heart, sweat dripping down her body. She'd just had the most horrible dream in which she'd tried to escape and had ended up having to kill herself. It'd only served to terrify her, and she hugged herself, remembering the all-too-real feeling of having the blade rip through her chest before piercing her heart. The agony of dying, of knowing that she had had so many things she wanted to do yet couldn't-it terrified her. She might have thought death could be the best option in her situation, yet after that dream she was too terrified to even think of it as an option.

She clutched the pendant of a swan which James had given her for her first birthday in Port Royal-the necklace she never took off and had treasured above all else-one of the reasons why she'd been able to understand Lana's need to keep something of Will's close to her heart.

Chloe took in a nervous, ragged breath.

If she could-if she could somehow weather this out, James would find her, she was sure of it.

All she needed to do was speak to the Captain and let him know who she really was and that she was eligible for ransom.

The locks on the door opened, and she looked up in time to see Pintel and Ragetti standing there, a dress in their hands.

She frowned, pulling the covers of the bed over her protectively.

"You'll be dinin' with the captain." Pintel declared. "And he requests you wear this."

She eyed the dress warily in the darkness of the room, but decided she'd rather have the dress than the nightgown she wore. The blonde slowly rose from her bed and accepted the dress. "Thank the Captain and let him know that I be honored to dine with him."

She needed to talk to Captain Barbossa and let him know who she was, let him know to ransom her.

Pintel nodded. "We'll be outside waiting to escort you."

She waited until he and Ragetti left before beginning to change. She wondered why her night gown seemed different yet shook it off as paranoia as she slipped into the admittedly beautiful gown. The blonde left her hair down, letting it cover the somewhat indecent exposure of her chest with the cut of the dress, and then ventured outside of her room, finding her two guardians, who led her to where a banquet was laid out for her in the Captain's chambers.

Chloe hesitated as she entered the room, eyes wide when her gaze fell upon the many dressed in his fineries, sitting at the head of the table.

It was the man from her nightmares!

Had her dream been a premonition of her impending death?

"Come my dear," Barbossa declared, motioning to the seat she was to sit in. "It is time we spoke."

She gulped and went to the seat, sitting and eyeing the banquet set out before her. "I want to thank you for inviting me to this feast, Captain."

He was eyeing her with intent, but just nodded. "Eat."

She wanted to blurt everything out right away, but her dream haunted her and terrified her and kept her from speaking. Instead she slowly began to eat, daintily, scared, knowing it showed.

"Why so scared, Miss Turner?" Captain Barbossa enquired curiously.

She looked up at him, wondering how he could ask such a question.

The blonde then looked down and took in a deep breath, deciding to answer with half-truths. "I had a nightmare tonight in which I died. You were in it. The fact that I dreamt you before our first meeting is very disturbing a concept for me."

"A...nightmare?" He asked in the most curious of tones.

"Yes." She whispered. "I fear it's a premonition of my impending death."

He eyed her, almost searching her soul, before leaning back hard on his chair, as if realizing something that stunned him. The pirate captain laughed, shaking his head, apparently completely bewildered and fascinated by something. "There would be no sense in killing ye, Miss Turner." He tilted his head. "Consider yourself a guest of the Black Pearl's."

Chloe frowned, putting down her fork. "I don't understand, Captain. Why am I here? I know you wanted the golden medallion, and I gave it to your men without a fight, so why was I abducted and brought aboard this vessel?"

"There will be no questions at the dinner table." He declared, shaking his head. "Eat. Enjoy."

Chloe wanted to protest, wanted to tell him that if he let her go her father would award him greatly, but the fear from her dream kept her quiet as she ate. She consumed the chicken, the bread, tried the fish-Captain Barbossa kept watching her almost as if he could taste the food while she consumed it, and he kept insisting she try the different sorts of delicacies. It unnerved her, yet she ate until she couldn't anymore.

"Try the apple." Captain Barbossa insisted, passing her said apple.

"I can't, I'm full." She replied, putting it down on the table before her.

"Pity." He sighed. "You shall have it for breakfast then."

He seemed unnervingly interested in watching her eat.

Captain Barbossa watched her before pulling out the medallion from where it hung around his neck. "You don't know what this is, do ye?"

She frowned, eyeing the gold that'd gotten her into all of this mess. "It's a pirate medallion."

"This is Aztec gold," he informed her. "One of 882 identical pieces they delivered in a stone chest to Cortes himself. Blood money paid to stem the slaughter he wreaked upon them with his armies. But the greed of Cortes was insatiable, so the heathen gods placed upon the gold a terrible curse." He leaned closer. "Any mortal that removes but a single piece from that stone chest shall be punished for eternity."

Chloe's eyes widened. "How many others were taken other than this one?"

Barbossa tilted his head curiously at her. "You believe in this curse?"

She raised her chin, feeling a little silly, yet if she was to believe Lois' story of how they'd once belonged in another world before somehow being transported to this one...why was a curse so farfetched?

"If only we too had been so quick to believe." Barbossa announced with a shake of his head. "Yet we didn't. We searched for it where it was buried on an Island of Dead what cannot be found except for those who know where it is. Find it, we did." He leaned forwards once more. "There be the chest. Inside be the gold. And we took 'em all. We spent 'em and traded 'em and frittered 'em away on drink and food and pleasurable company."

Chloe gulped.

"The more we gave 'em away, the more we came to realize...the drink would not satisfy, food turned to ask in our mouths, and all the pleasurable company in the world could not slake our lust." Sadness tinted his voice, his gaze distant. "We are cursed men, Miss Turner. Compelled by greed, we were, but now we are consumed by it."

"Where there's a curse, there's always a way to lift it." Chloe mumbled, having listened to far too many tales from her maid, Estrella.

"Aye, tis true." Barbossa nodded. "There is one way we can end our curse. All the scattered pieces of the Aztec gold must be restored and the blood repaid." He smirked, teeth gold and yellow. "Thanks to ye, we have the final piece."

Chloe frowned, eyeing the pirate captain. "And the blood to be repaid?"

"Your fears of being...sampled...are unfounded, Miss Turner." He stood, going towards the window, opening it, letting in the moonlight. "The moonlight shows us for what we really are." He stepped into the moonlight, becoming a decaying skeleton before her very eyes.

Chloe gasped, rising from her seat.

"We are not among the living, and so we cannot die, but neither are we dead." He informed her sadly. "For too long I've been parched with thirst and unable to quench it. Too long I've been starving to death and haven't died. I feel nothing! Not the wind on my face, nor the spray of the sea, nor the warmth of a woman's flesh." He stepped out of moonlight and closed the window, his visage shifting from decaying skeleton to the human he appeared to be before. "Even if ye paraded naked in front of us, we could not find the want to partake of ye."

He hadn't answered her question, and yet Chloe was slowly, horrifyingly guessing what he might not have said. "Captain Barbossa, why am I on this ship?"

"Before he died, Miss Turner, yer father sent you this medallion." Barbossa informed her. "You are his child, your blood runs through his veins."

Chloe's blood froze in her veins as she realized what he wasn't saying. "The blood debt."

"Aye." He nodded, motioning to the wine. "Enjoy some more of the wine, Miss Turner, we have a long way to go before we reach Isla De Muerta."

Chloe reached for the wine and drunk it without tasting the flavor.

She couldn't tell these pirates the truth, couldn't tell them she wasn't a Turner. They'd kill her and only go back for Will.

Then again, if she wasn't rescued and they made it to this Isla De Muerta and they finally discovered she wasn't a Turner...they'd kill her all the same. And they'd probably make the death worse for having made them go through everything for nothing.

She was in a pickle if any.

The blonde watched Barbossa watch her, wondering what he was thinking.

"What be on yer mind, Miss Turner?" Barbossa asked curiously.

Apparently, they'd been looking at each other wondering what the other was thinking.

How ironic.

Chloe gulped, wondering what she should do. She knew she needed to keep a level head about things, but it was hard to do when she was terrified out of her wits. "I fear I have been untruthful, Captain Barbossa."

He eyed her. "In what way, Miss Turner?"

"I am not a Turner." She declared, gulping, hoping she hadn't just signed her death warrant. "I'm a daughter of Governor Swann of Port Royal, and I only said my name was Turner because I thought I'd be taken for ransom if I revealed my real identity."

Storms raged behind those eyes. "Lies."

"No!" She shook her head. "It's the truth!"

"Then how is it you came to own the one piece Bootstrap sent his only child?" Barbossa sneered.

"When my sisters and I were sailing to Port Royal with my father eight years ago we came upon a wreckage, and I saw this ship, its black masts fading into the cold fog behind us." Chloe replied. "We found a sole survivor, a boy my age named Will Turner. He was near dead by the time we were able to rescue him, and he only lived a day or so before dying." She gulped, refusing to look away from those eyes. "My sisters and I tried to nurse him, and I took his medallion so that the lieutenant onboard the Dauntless wouldn't know he was associated with pirates. When the boy died, I kept it with me, and that is why I gave the name Turner when your men cornered me. I couldn't think of any other name to give."

There was silence as the pirate captain eyed her, and then he chuckled. "Twas a fanciful tale ye weaved, Miss Turner. For nigh a second ye had me believin'."

"But it's true!" Chloe exclaimed, standing and slamming her hands on the table. "I am not a Turner! I'm a Swann!" She motioned to the pendant resting against her breast. "Why do you think I was given this? It was a clever play on my name! I am Chloe Swann! Dock for a day anywhere and you will hear the stories of the daughter of Governor Swann of Port Royal having been abducted by Captain Barbossa of the Black Pearl. Ransom me out to my father. My blood will do you nor your quest any good. You'll bleed me, and then you'll be the same, and your men will lose their faith in you and your leadership, especially when I tell them beforehand that I am not a Turner and that you knew it yet still dragged me there for naught."

He eyed her, gaze narrowing, voice a growl. "Do ye think ye can threaten me, Miss Turner?"

"I am not a Turner!" She snarled right back at him, now too infuriated to feel scared. "I am Chloe Ann Swann! Second daughter of Governor Weatherby Swann of Port Royal! Formerly of London, England! I have three sisters, Lois, Lana, and Lucy. I'm the only daughter who doesn't have a name that begins with a L and I have been questioned so many times as to why that I can barely keep myself from snapping at the gossipy old women who never fail to forget that they've already asked me that question!" She grabbed the butter knife and slammed it down on the apple he'd wanted her to have for breakfast. "Since I was a child I've been in love with one man, Commodore James Norrington. For years I have dreamt of marrying him and being his bride, but all he sees me as is he little sister." Her hand was trembling, tears coming to her eyes. "The night of my capture we celebrated the joyous event of his betrothal to my younger sister..."

Her voice broke as tears fogged her view yet she refused to break down in front of this pirate, refused to show weakness. "And what's worse? He came to me with advice on how to properly propose to her, and I gave him that advice." She stabbed at her tears with her hands. "The night I was kidnapped I just wanted to sink into my bed and forget this all happened, I just wanted to sleep!" She glared at the silent pirate captain. "I wanted more than anything else to feel this numbness you profess to feel because at least that way I won't be in such agony! My heart hurts! I can't eat! I can't sleep!"

There was deathly silence, and then Barbossa stood. He came towards her and grabbed her by her arm, yanking her to him. "If these be lies ta save yer hide..." his gaze lowered to her breasts, to the pendant resting there. "If ye think ye can con a pirate-."

Wiping furiously at her eyes with her free hand, Chloe glared heatedly up into his face, refusing to back down and show any fear, refusing to give him that hold over her. "I tried conning a pirate, Captain Barbossa, and all it got me was kidnapped." She took in a deep breath. "Other that that godforsaken boy who died on the Dauntless eight years ago Mister Turner must have had more kin. His son couldn't have been the last of his bloodline."

Barbossa eyed her curiously. "What be ye saying?"

"Ransom me out. My father will pay generously to have me back." Chloe responded evenly, clearing her throat. "Then whenever you find some other Turner you can have that much more gold to enjoy once your curse is lifted." She placed her hand over her pendant. "I never take this off, everyone who will see it will know its from me. If you send this to my father it will be more than enough proof that you have me...in case no one saw your men take me."

"Listen here Miss-." Barbossa snarled as he yanked her even closer and glared down at her...before pausing, shock filling his eyes.

She looked up at him, wary.

He leaned down towards her and took a loud whiff.

The blonde felt horrified and wanted nothing more than to kick his shin, but knew that it'd be foolish to do anything to him. He was undead and so were his crew, she wouldn't get far.

But just as suddenly as he'd grabbed her, Barbossa let go, taking a couple of backwards steps. "Ta bed with ye, Miss Swann."

She looked up, eyes wide and hopeful. "You believe me? You'll ransom me?"

"I said ta bed!" He growled.

Shivering at the darkness in those eyes, Chloe nodded and stood, hurrying out of the captain's quarters and to the room she was captive in.

James, her mind whispered softly in fear. Where are you?
31st-Jul-2011 03:14 pm (UTC)
Did she just unconsciously heal him a bit? He seemed to smell something.

Oh, I love how Chloe is still protecting Will even now with her life at risk.
31st-Jul-2011 03:56 pm (UTC)
Yes...he *could* smell something :)
31st-Jul-2011 07:34 pm (UTC)
i love the twists your story takes... way better then the movie..*smile*
i'm really curious in what way she's affecting the curse....
but stabbing herself was a little melodramatic *grin*
thanks for the update
love maple86
31st-Jul-2011 08:02 pm (UTC)
Haha! It might have been...but she preferred death to gangrape :/
Thanks for continuing to enjoy!
31st-Jul-2011 09:08 pm (UTC)
jup.. understandable.. just thought she would try to take babossa with her... *wink*
31st-Jul-2011 09:31 pm (UTC)
I was not expecting Chloe to stab herself but I can see why she did it :( So Chloes power has surfaced I wonder what Barbossa will be thinking now?

I love Jack's dialogue I can hear him while reading it lol!!

Loving this story and looking forward to the next chapter :)
31st-Jul-2011 09:38 pm (UTC)
Ah yes, her power has surfaced...and Barbossa is a smart man.

I'm so glad to hear that! Jack is the *hardest* person to write!
1st-Aug-2011 08:40 am (UTC)
OMG!! This is so freaking good. Love the twists you are adding, it just makes it much more exciting!!!
Can't wait for Chloe to remember that her dream wasn't a dream and when her rescuers is Will and not James.
1st-Aug-2011 05:25 pm (UTC)
Well, its going to take a while for Chloe to realize that there might be something with Will, for years its been James for her and only James, and she's always supposed Will loved Lana...so it's going to be a slow progress, which is why I didn't put Chloe x Will as pairing.
1st-Aug-2011 11:29 pm (UTC)
Wonderful job dear! Thanks for all your hard work writing things for our enjoyment.

*many virtual cookies*

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