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Curse of the Black Pearl 6/13 
4th-Aug-2011 11:08 am
Chloe Lois Lana Lucy

Title: Curse Of The Black Pearl
Characters: Chloe, Lois, Lana, Lucy, Will, Jack, Norrington, Governor Swann, Barbossa, Black Pearl Crew
Fandoms: Smallville/Pirates Of The Caribbean
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: As children Chloe, Lois, Lana and Lucy are caught in the meteor shower and transported through time, adopted by Weatherby Swann. When Chloe is abducted by Captain Barbossa he realizes that although she can't end the curse she can tweak it in their favor.

Lois leaned against the rail of the Interceptor, gazing at the moon above the sea, worried about her little sister. She had never been one to pray, none in her household were truly religious although they attended church services faithfully, but now she prayed for the safety of her little sister while in the clutches of Captain Barbossa and his men on the Black Pearl. She also worried about Lana and Will, both obviously still having so many issues to deal with, Will should never have found out about Lana taking his medallion that way, and it had only made the tense, awkward air between them even worse. Lucy...well...Lucy worried Lois for completely different reasons.

Her youngest sister was enjoying this too much. She'd always been the most rebellious, always enjoying her masculine hobbies and swearing off men or marriage, but Lois had always believed deep inside that once Lucy found the right gentleman he'd tame her wild ways and change her notion. Yet as Lois now thought of her short-haired sister, she realized that that might never happen. Lucy had obviously known that Jack was a pirate, had been helping him, and had been prepared. The youngest Swann mightn't have said it, but Lois had watched her gather her already packed things at the Swann residence and had known that Lucy had always had planned to leave Port Royal with Jack.

To be a pirate.

Lois closed her eyes tightly.

After what they'd done, helping Jack and Will steal the Interceptor, they'd probably been branded as traitors and just as good as pirates. They'd never be able to return to Port Royal, to the life they'd once had and Lois had loved. Chloe would be the only one who could step a foot on shore and not have the soldiers surrounding her to take her to the gallows to be hung for piracy and crimes against His Highness the king.

Lois had loved her life, loved her father, and it hurt her to know that she must have hurt him with this act on her part, but she'd been desperate and couldn't truly regret her decision.

Still, as she listened to the chaos and mayhem still alive and loud in Tortuga, she shivered at the thought that this might be her future.

"Unable to sleep, eh?"

Lois jumped at that voice, turning to look at Jack as he swaggered onto the deck from the shadows and joined her at the railing, a bottle of rum in his hand. "You scared me."

"Little ole me?" He chuckled, taking a long swig of his rum and then offering her one.

She made up her nose and shook her head. "No thank you."

"Mores for me then." He declared happily, taking another gulp before gazing out at the sea. "Tis a beautiful thing, night upon the open waters. Naught a sound 'cept the wind and the whisperin' of the stars in yer ears tellin' you of all the adventures you will have."

She sent him a sideways glance before returning her gaze ahead of him. "I feel safer on land."

"Blasphemy!" Jack scoffed.

She chuckled softly, before turning slightly, face serious, intrigued. "If you once worked for the East India Trading Company under Cutler Beckett, why did you become a pirate? Why did he brand you?"

Jack took a long swig of his rum. "Was meaning to ask you have you knew that."

She gave a soft smile. "Chloe, actually. When she was on the Dauntless coming over she used to follow Commodore Norrington all around, and she weaseled herself into the conversations of the sailors, and they told her all sorts of stories about all sorts of pirates. Her favorite was of you, son of the famed pirate Captain Teague."

"His paternity was disputed for a long time." Jack informed her. "Took a while for 'im to own up to me."

"I'm sorry." She replied.

"No worries." He shrugged. "Took a while for me to own up to 'im."

Lois watched him in silence.

"He wasn't sure I was his son and I wasn't sure he was my father." Jack informed her. "For the longest time I referred to 'im as The-Man-Who-Might-Be-Father."

She continued to gaze at him.

"You know, love," Jack turned a saucy grin at her. "If you really can't sleep, I know a very enjoyable way we could pass the time. Savvy?"

"Good night, Jack." She answered, shaking her head and moving away.

"We'll have ta arrange it for some other night then, eh?" He called from behind her.

Unable to keep the soft laughter from her lips, Lois shook her head and went below deck.


There was an uproar from the pirates of the Black Pearl.

"Not Bootstrap's heir?"

"Could be lying!"

"She's the right age!"

"What'll we do?"

"The curse will never be lifted!"

"No! She lies!"

"Scared wench telling lies!"

"Be still ye miserable varmints!" Barbossa growled, quieting his men. "I fear she tells the truth."

"What do we do?"

"We ransom her!"

"Bleed Port Royal dry!"

"Bleed 'er dry!"

"It means nothin' iffin we can't feel!"

"Curse 'er an' 'er false hope!"

"She should pay!"


"Silence!" Barbossa snarled once more. "We make dock at the next port, listen in on the whispers, find out iffn Governor Swann of Port Royal truly is missin' a daughter. An' if she be tellin' us the truth, we still may have a chance."

"A chance?"


"She wouldn't be Bootstrap's brat."

"Bootstrap's blood is what we be needin'!"

"Tonight, my fellow pirates," Barbossa stood. "That lass drove my blade through her heart."

There was silence thick as darkness.

"And she lives." Barbossa continued, smiling his yellow, rotten smile at the enraptured way his men listened. "Pintel and Ragetti witnessed the child heal herself, an' the most interestin' part be that she has no knowledge of this ability. She reckoned it a mere nightmare."

Still, no one dared speak.

Barbossa continued. "Her blood may very well work, an' if not-tonight for a mere moment I could smell the sea spray upon her skin."

The men gasped, their sense of scent one of the many things they'd been robbed of thanks to this curse.

"Aye." Barbossa nodded. "This child, Turner or not, may be the key to our liberation."


Lucy had to admit the next morning as she stood next to Will and Jack, Lana and Lois on the dock a little distance away, that Gibbs hadn't found the most impressive of potential crew members. Some were old, some were fat, some skeletal, and most of them looked daft. Then again, apparently this Isla De Muerta was basically a suicide mission, so if one were willing to go there they had to be somewhat simpleminded, or desperate. And these men standing in a row embodied both.

"Feast yours eyes, Captain." Gibbs grinned proudly, puffing out his chest. "All of them, faithful hands before the mast, every many worth his salt. And crazy to boot."

Lucy and Will shared amused glances behind Jack and Gibbs.

"So is this your able-bodied crew?" Will asked Jack, eyebrow raised, gaze quite skeptical.

Jack pouted at Will before turning to the men. "You, sailor!" He stood before and old man with a parrot on his shoulder.

"Cotton, sir." Gibbs supplied a named.

"Mr. Cotton." Jack stood tall, eyeing the man. "Do you have the courage and fortitude to follow orders and stay true in the face of danger and almost certain death?" When Mr. Cotton failed to answer Jack sent Will a quick look before clearing his throat and returning his attention to the sailor. "Answer, man!"

Gibbs leaned in. "He's a mute, sir. Poor devil had his tongue cut out, so he trained the parrot to talk for him." Gibbs paused. "No one's figured out how."

Mr. Cotton decided to collaborate Gibbs' story by opening his mouth and showing his severed tongue.

Jack made a face and leaned back, hands up almost in a protective gesture.

Lucy sighed, knowing by his cunning theft of the Interceptor that he truly was the wily Captain Jack Sparrow Chloe used to beguile her with tales about...but at times like these she truly wondered if he wasn't just pretending to be the famed pirate captain. He was just so...odd.

As if to prove her right, Jack eyed the parrot. "Mr. Cotton's...parrot." He cleared his throat. "Same question."

"Wind in the sails! Wind in the sails!"

Jack blinked.

Gibbs leaned in once more. "Mostly we figure that means yes."

"O'course it does!" Jack declared all too willingly, turning to Will. "Satisfied?"

Will opened his mouth, most probably to let Jack know just how little that satisfied him, but then he grinned somewhat evilly. "Jack, I believe you have a visitor."

"What?" Jack enquired, staring in the direction Will pointed in before his eyes widened. "Bugger!"

Curious, Lucy gazed in the direction Will pointed and chuckled with amusement when she saw Giselle sauntering towards them. "I'd run and hide if I were you, Jack."

"Run? Hide?" Jack scoffed despite the fact that he was already doing that, going behind her rapidly for protection. "Never!"

Lucy only had a second to send him a sideways glance before she straightened and looked at Giselle, who'd stopped right in front of her.

"You leaving already?" The blonde pouted coquettishly. "I thought we could have some...fun...before you took off."

Lucy felt a little uncomfortable with them having them conversation with her in the middle and all.

"You did?" Jack asked in a near squeak from over her shoulder.

"Not you you no good-!" Giselle snapped at him before reaching out to play with Lucy's vest. "I was talking to the cute boy."

Lucy's eyes widened in shock as she suddenly realized what was going on here.

When she'd decided to masquerade as a male she hadn't calculated that this might happen, and was completely unprepared for this.

Giselle grinned saucily up at Lucy. "Come with me and I'll make you a man."

Lady, not to underestimate your sexual abilities, but nothing you can do will make me a man. Lucy gulped, completely out of her depth here. "While I, uh, appreciate (?) the offer...my sister has been captured and I cannot even...contemplate...the pleasures of the flesh...while she is in mortal danger."

"Another sister?" Giselle pouted, still playing with the vest. "I'm jealous at your dedication to them." She gave Lucy the dirtiest smile she'd ever seen in her life. "Can I be your...special...sister?"

Choking on her own tongue, Lucy looked around her a little desperately, silently begging for help.

The sailors, who all thought she was a male anyhow, just seemed envious...and Will looked like he was about to laugh and was valiantly trying not to.

That villain!

"Lu." Lana's voice was like an angel from on high as she made her way towards them. "I'm feeling faint, can you escort me to the ship?"

"Of course!" Lucy nearly squeaked, detangling herself from a glaring Giselle. "Farewell miss!" And with that she grabbed Lana's hand and nearly dragged the slightly shorter girl onto the Interceptor, a sniggering Lois following behind.

"Shut up." Lucy grumbled.

"You wanted to pass for a boy..." Lois laughed softly.

Lana turned and giggled softly as well. "...she could have made you a man."

Lucy glared at her sisters, blush deepening.


Chloe didn't understand exactly what was up, but she wasn't locked in her cabin anymore. Ever since that night with Captain Barbossa she'd been awoken every morning and brought out to spend the days on deck with him and the crew. They eyed her intently, and it scared her somewhat, but the men didn't move to hurt her so she refused to spend the whole time cowering with fear. She also found herself slowly being charmed by Jack the monkey, who spent most of his time around her, curling around her shoulders or laying on her lap or clapping his hands at her for no apparent reason. He ate from her hands, and held out his hands for more, and the pirates would stop what they were doing and just watch her feed the monkey.

It was terribly unnerving.

"Miss Swann," Barbossa, who had her eat with him every night and would ogle her enjoying the food, announced one day. "As a member of this fine vessel ye will have to make yerself useful."


Chloe frowned.

Since when had she become a member?

If memory served her right, she was a hostage.

"We shall see in what capacity ye are useful." He announced. "Ta begin with ye shall try yer hand in the kitchen, cookin' fer the men."

Chloe frowned, not understanding. "But you don't taste food, you don't enjoy it, you don't-."

"Don't question me Miss Swann." Barbossa glared at her. "Git to it! Pintel and Ragetti will show ye the way."

Unable to understand the reasoning behind this request, Chloe had just done as told. She'd never cooked before, she was the daughter of a Governor for pities sake, but she tried her best. A recipe had been written for her by the man who must have been the cook, and she tried following it as precise as possible. She nicked her fingers a couple of times, her blood ending up an unexpected seasoning she refused to let anyone know would spice up the food. By the time lunch came around she was almost finished with all the food and the portions. It shocked her when Ragetti peeked his head in the kitchen, asking almost eagerly if lunch was ready.

She'd been on the ship for weeks now and hadn't seen them eat once.

And yet, as she'd been ushered into the dinning area, she noticed every seat filled by anxious pirates.

With Bo'Sun helping her by carrying the large pot with soup around, she filled each of the pirates plates, noting that although they gazed at the soup with anticipation they didn't try to feast on it. They didn't move to touch it. They seemed almost afraid to do so.

Only once everyone had been served and were seated, Bo'Sun included, did everyone turn and gaze at Barbossa, the first to have been served.

Chloe sat next to him, her own bowl of soup in front of her, wondering if there was some sort of ritual they did before eating. She doubted a prayer was involved, they were hardly god-fearing men, but obviously something was supposed to happen.

Barbossa eyed the soup, taking a whiff. He seemed disappointed in something, and then reached for his spoon.

The silence in the hall was unnerving.

The pirate captain dipped the spoon in the broth and then brought it to his lips and sipped loudly, swallowing.

The crew all leaned forwards, eyeing him.

For a moment he didn't react...and then Barbossa grabbed a piece of bread she wasn't sure was cooked enough and dipped it into the broth, tearing into the bread with gusto. He began to consume the meal as if possessed.

There was a loud murmuring amongst the crew and they suddenly turned to their bowls with a near desperation as they too tried their meals...and began to consume them with an infernal fervor.

Chloe watched this, confused.

Could they taste food then?

Had she somehow misunderstood what Barbossa had told her?

They...they seemed to be enjoying her poorly cooked excuse for soup.

Was Twigg...crying?

Confused, Chloe brought her spoon to her lips and slowly ate her meal at a sedate pace, one hand curled around the swan at her neck.


Lana watched as Lucy trained Lois to fight with the sword, Lana had been offered to be taught as well but she couldn't see herself fighting no matter how hard she tried, and had politely declined the offer. They'd been on the seas for some weeks now, and she was missing home, missing land so terribly. She didn't like the sea much, didn't like the blue as far as eyes could see, and she didn't like being surrounded by lecherous pirates. But what Lana really didn't like, was this uneasiness between her and Will.

Despite being stuck on a ship together in the middle of a sea, they hadn't had the time to talk things over.

There were just so many things left unsaid between them, and with every day things kept coming in between them, pushing them further and further away. It hurt her heart to think of how close they'd once been.

She needed to talk to Will, needed to explain herself, needed him to tell her the truth of his feelings for her.

She needed it so badly.

Her hazel gaze went to where he stood staring out into the vast sea, a lost expression on his face. Will tightened his hold on the side of the ship, his hand trembling from the force, his eyes flashing darkly.

Lana nearly whimpered.

This was another thing that worried her.

Will was sweet and humble and soft.

And yet since Chloe's kidnapping he seemed to have become someone Lana felt she didn't know.

She hated that feeling!

Taking in a deep breath, the brunette went to stand next to him, gazing out at the water as well.

"Is there something you needed, Miss Lana?" Will asked, never taking his gaze from the sea before them.

Lana pulled a strand of wind-whipped hair behind her ear. "What do you think about when you come here every day and look out there?"

His gaze lowered for a moment as he raked lean fingers through his hair before returning his attention to the horizon. "I keep telling myself that any minute now I will see those accursed black sails."

She chanced a look at his direction, at how his skin had grown slightly tanned from the time under the sun, her heart racing in awe as always at how handsome he truly was, both inside and out. "I never thanked you for doing this." She lowered her gaze shyly. "You've given up everything you've worked for all your life to try and save my sister. You didn't have to."

"Yes, I did." Will replied softly, his grip on the railing tightening even more.

"Will..." She whispered, closing her eyes tightly, unable to look at him. "It was so wrong for me to keep the medallion from you. I felt somehow that by keeping it with me I was keeping you with me, but I was just being stubborn and selfish."

There was silence that tortured her.

"Miss Lana, once Miss Chloe is safe we will have this conversation, not now." He promised her. "I apologize, but I do not have the head for it."

Lana opened her eyes and watched him go, more confused than ever as to where they stood.


They'd put down anchor outside of another little island and Barbossa had sent some men on the row boat to the dock, most probably to find out if there really were whispers of her kidnapping. Chloe smiled, knowing that indeed they'd hear that she was the Governor of Port Royal's daughter, and they'd realize that she was of no use to them. They'd have to ransom her and try find some other way to break the curse that afflicted them. In time she'd be returned to her father and sisters, and she'd be able to sleep in her own bed again and hear the stories of what her sisters had done in Port Royal while she'd been kidnapped. But first she'd hug her father and tell him she loved and missed him, and cry. She definitely would cry. And he probably would too.

Until then she was the official cook of the Black Pearl, a post she didn't understand, since her food was mediocre at best. Jangles, the old cook, had been magnificent, she'd eaten his meals and knew this to be true, but everyone, Jangles included, refused to have her leave her post. So Chloe continued to grace their tables with unremarkable meals which they devoured with more and more gusto, and found her wardrobe had been given ample donations of lovelier and lovelier gowns. It was all very confusing and unnerving since this was not how a blood-thristy band of cursed pirates should act...and yet she had to be grateful for her curious fortune.

Jack, her faithful companion, was sitting on the table counter, checking her hair for lice. Thankfully he wouldn't find any, but given the fact that primates did this with family it was...somewhat heartwarming.

"I wish I could take you home with me to Port Royal when they ransom me back." Chloe admitted to the cute monkey as she hissed, sucking on her finger once more when the knife slipped on the last potato in the kitchen and sliced at her, adding some more blood to the stew she'd been trying to make. She whimpered, sucking on her finger to stop the blood flow.

She'd be so very happy when she was home and didn't have to cook ever again!

She'd also insist father give the cook a bonus, because this was terribly difficult and somewhat life-threatening...or at least it was for her.

Lana could probably do this better, or Lois, they were both...well...more than Chloe.

Chloe had always been the one with the books. And the spying. And the one with the useless information.

It definitely was useless since nothing she knew was helping her in this situation.

"I didn't think I'd still be kidnapped this long." She admitted to Jack, hand clasping the swan at her throat. "I was so sure James would have found me by now."

A little ugly part inside of her whispered that James probably hadn't even realized she was gone since Lana was still very much alive and well and present...but Chloe pushed that voice away knowing that James would have noticed. He cared for her. Even if it was only as a sister.

"Elo Poppet!" Pintel announced as the door to the kitchen was flung open, and he and his fellow pirates began bringing in sacks of potatoes and carrots and meats and sugars and fruits...foods of every kind...spices...new pots and pans.

Chloe watched, a little overwhelmed as the kitchen was quickly becoming filled with the new produce.

"Look at this, Miss Swann." Ragetti revealed a bag of plums. "I've always loved plums."

By now Chloe was almost sure they could taste food, and wondered why all of a sudden it had happened. She doubted she played a part considering she was not the Turner they needed to break the curse, but still...something seemed off about this whole situation.

"Did the men enquire?" She asked Twigg, who passed her a pear. "Have they asked about news of the Governor's daughter? Does Captain Barbossa know now that I speak the truth?" She frowned down at the pear and passed it back to Twigg, who looked down at it longingly and took a big bite out of it, letting out a little happy whimper. "Am I to be ransomed soon?"

Ragatti and Pintel shared looks before each reaching for a fruit of their choice and passing it to her.

She frowned at them, holding said fruit. "I don't want-Pintel! Does Barbossa know now that I truly am a Swann?" She passed them the fruit with annoyance.

Ragetti and Pintel shared another look before biting deeply into their fruit, also letting out whimpers of joy.

Chloe looked between the pirates, completely confounded and annoyed.


Lois watched as Lucy and Will practiced swords with fervor. Will was obviously tense and trying to work some of his aggression out in the practice, and Lucy was easily overcoming his every move. Then again, Lucy had always seemed to have the ability of sensing a move before it happened. Lois had noticed that, growing up and watching her little sister learn how to fence or hunt. Lucy always had a knack of knowing where an animal they were hunting would be hiding, or where her opponent would strike his blow before he did. It was one of those things that made Lucy a proficient fighter.

Surprisingly the crew had yet to realize Lucy was a girl, all referring to her as 'Lou' or 'lad'. They figured that a 'boy' like her had great potential, and might one day become a pirate captain as well. Lois had seen the way Lucy's lips twitched in happiness and the way her eyes sparkled whenever she overheard that sort of conversation.

The eldest Swann sister sighed.

Given the fact that they were outlaws now they would all have to probably end up becoming pirates to survive, but it wasn't a life she was eagerly anticipating.

"Admit it lass, yer startin' to enjoy the sea." Jack declared behind her, leaning his hip against the mast.

She turned, eyeing him. "Whatever gave you that idea?"

He smiled toothily. "You were humming."

Lois' eyes widened in surprise. Had she been humming?

Above the sound of sword against sword caused Jack to look up. "Cygnet was born for the sea, as was I."

It amused Lois to hear Jack's petname for Lucy, and the way the crew mumbled to themselves that it was too girly a name for the 'lad'.

"The kid will make a fine pirate," he declared, giving Lois a look up and down. "I have no faith in Lana becoming a feared queen of the sea but you, you have potential."

Lois laughed at that. "Oh, I doubt that."

"Sure ya do." He assured her, leaning in closely, smirking as if he could hear the way her heart picked up in speed. "When are you goin' to give in to the obvious attraction you have towards me?"

She scoffed, informing her heart quite sternly that there was no attraction whatsoever. "Methinks, Captain Sparrow, that you are mistaken. I have no attraction towards you."

"Keep tellin' yerself that love, but you and I, we know the truth." He declared before turning and swaggering off, humming contentedly to himself as he pulled out the compass which he admitted happily did not point north.

Lois watched him leave.

There was no way she could be attracted to such a man.


She was receiving gifts.

Chloe frowned at the jewels and gems and lovely dresses and books that littered the first mate's cabin, which had now become her own. She gazed at her reflection. She was clean, having bathed in the water Bo'Sun and Twigg had brought and filled her small tub with, and her hair was wet and long, falling in cascades around her. A green day gown, pretty yet simple, adorned her body, her feet bare. There were different sorts of jewelry bestowed on her, and the pirates demanded she wear a new frock or piece every day. They were insulted if she didn't use whatever gifts they bestowed on her, and to keep their moods merry she did as told. The only piece she never removed was her swan necklace, it was the only piece that reminded her during this madness who she really was and that she had people who were looking for her, that she'd be rescued.

Thankfully this didn't annoy the pirates, only seemed to amuse them, and she'd heard them referring to her as 'Lil Swan' more than once.

"I don't understand."

She hated those three words because she'd been uttering them ever since she'd been kidnapped.

Barbossa knew that she really was Chloe Swann, and yet she hadn't heard anything about a ransom being demanded. She'd asked him time and time again, had tried to ask the other pirates as well, and yet they would just snarl at her whenever she mentioned the very word 'ransom'.

Staring at her reflection, Chloe began to untangle her hair with the pretty comb Twigg had bought for her from one of the small islands. It was yet another of the things that made her wary and confused. Why would they buy things for her? Looting and plundering and maybe throwing something her way made more sense, and yet buying a gift for her? It made her incredibly uneasy because pirates did not act that way. They kept acting as if she was a pet to be pampered. Not as if she was a hostage. She didn't want them forgetting that, because they might just decide to keep her, and she couldn't-wouldn't-.

Chloe gulped, tightening her hold on the comb.

Yesterday Tyndale had let slip that they were still headed towards Isla De Muerta. And that scared her. They knew she was whom she'd told them she was, they knew her blood would serve them no purpose...and yet they were still setting their course towards the Island of the Dead...or Island of Death...whichever it was, neither version sounded as if it boded any well for her or her future.

"I don't understand."

She thought of how the pirates made her cook their food, made her hand deliver each and every fruit they decided to eat, made her sit down amongst them during the days and afternoons, made her spend most of her time with them when she wasn't cooking or sleeping. Unless she was in her cabin Captain Barbossa kept her in his sights at all times, yet was ever the menacing gentleman with a large hat. She'd even been given her own hat so that the sun didn't burn her face too much and was expected to wear it at all times...scolded if she forgot to put it on. The crew beguiled her with stories of how things had been before the curse, some had mentioned Jack Sparrow, a pirate captain she'd known about before. It intrigued her to know that the Black Pearl had once been his ship, it's crew once his crew as well, and Captain Barbossa had once been his first mate.

While their stories intrigued and kept her from going insane, it also worried her because she couldn't believe they'd tell her all their stories, all their little secret adventures, and then just let her go.

They knew she was worth a good sum of money and yet they weren't ransoming her.

They knew she was a lousy cook and yet they still demanded her food.

They knew she was a prisoner and yet they showered her with gifts.

"I don't...understand!"

No one would answer her questions.

No one would even give her a hint.

They gave her gifts instead.


She threw the comb against the wall in desperation before crumpling into bed.


A storm broke upon them at sea, and while Lois and Lana had been sent below deck, the rest of them scurried to keep the ship afloat as they battled the winds and the tide.

"How can we sail to an island that nobody can find with a compass that doesn't work?" Will wanted to know, wiping the water from his face.

"Aye, the compass doesn't point north, but we're not trying to find north, are we?" Gibbs announced before turning to Jack. "We should drop the canvas, sir."

"She can hold a bit longer." Jack replied, a smile hinting on his lips as he gazed at his compass.

Gibbs wiped at the water raining down on his face. "What's in your head that's put you in such a find mood, Captain?"

The hint of a smile blossomed on Jack's lips as he looked up towards the horizon. "We're catching up."
4th-Aug-2011 06:11 pm (UTC)
So through touch alone she can allow them to eat. No wonder the monkey is always hanging on her then because he can probably smell and feel too. Chloe is really going to be unset when she realizes that they don't plan on letting her go. I almost wonder if her blood on the gold wouldn't give them a better grasp on their cursed immortality.
4th-Aug-2011 07:11 pm (UTC)
Exactly! That's why Monkey!Jack is always hanging off of her :)
...and you're getting to the core of it!
4th-Aug-2011 06:27 pm (UTC)
Jack the monkey was always my favourite whenever I watched the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies, I think it makes me a little evil that every time I see Lana talking to Will I hope he turns around I just says I don't love you I love Chloe (But I'm just evil) Thanks for the update keep bringing more I'm loving this verse
4th-Aug-2011 07:20 pm (UTC)
I always had a fondness for that undead monkey myself! :)
I can honestly say I'm not trying to make Lana suffer in this one, actually, everyone is kinda suffering in this one (Chloe, James, Will & Lana) and I feel equally bad for them all, especially the girls, who are pinning after men who just wouldn't suit them in the long rum while there are two men out there who *do* suit them and they just don't see it.
So maybe *I* am the evil one here :P
4th-Aug-2011 07:44 pm (UTC)
ahh... lana still has her eyes on will....
and chloes's fingers must look really bad... so many cuts... *wink*
good for her, that the crew only wants food.... not that some of them try to make approaches
thanks for the wonderful update

4th-Aug-2011 08:33 pm (UTC)
Yep, poor Chloe's fingers are a mess!!!!! lol it a good thing she heals quickly otherwise she'd have more scars than fingers.
4th-Aug-2011 11:27 pm (UTC)
Another excellent chapter! I love the way you have integrated the movie in this story. Such a fantastic job!


5th-Aug-2011 01:11 am (UTC)
Thanks! I do try!
6th-Aug-2011 12:38 am (UTC)
"Thank you Jack...no, we named the monkey Jack."

I think I love Monkey!Jack for that reason alone, well that and how much he annoyed JAck in DMC.
6th-Aug-2011 06:16 am (UTC)
I AM A TOTAL ADDICT when it comes to your stuff. I am loving this verse. I can say that I wasn't a really big fan of the whole POTC Will/Elizabeth romance, I'm more of a Jack/Elizabeth girl myself, but as separate individual characters I loved Elizabeth and I thought Will's interaction with Jack was just full of hilarity, sooooooo that's my way of saying I love how your writing Will because as long as he's not gonna end up with Lana I can deal with him getting with Chloe....even though I would LOVE to see a fic with Jack/Chloe, but I guess Lois is okay too.
6th-Aug-2011 04:42 pm (UTC)
I as well was an Elizabeth/Jack shipper in the movie series...mostly because Will was a wet blanket until AWE...in which he got awesome. So I'm channeling a little of AWE!Will for this series but still trying to keep him CotBP!Will as well.
6th-Aug-2011 07:00 am (UTC)
I don't know how many times I checked to see if this had been updated!! And yay it has!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Poor Chloe doesn't know what 's going on. Will she remember that her she did stab herself??

I'm with kat_3y3s, even if it makes me evil, I can't wait for Will to reveal his true feelings!!!

And very much loving Lucy, well Lu and Lois!!!
6th-Aug-2011 04:52 pm (UTC)
Chloe figures that she was having a nightmare...but she's beginning to suspect that something is going on and somehow she's in the middle of it.
Glad to know! Lu has to be my second favorite female character!
9th-Aug-2011 08:36 am (UTC)
I finally broke down and read this fic once I got back from my semester abroad in jolly old England, lol. I guess I was in the swashbuckling mood. I admit I was a bit leery about this fic, as I'm not really used to focusing on more then a few female heroines at a time. I don't know, I guess that's the catty part of me that's always a bit miffed when Chloe has to share the spotlight with anyone besides Lois, lol. I mean I literally went cold-turkey with the show for awhile because I was sick of Chloe always playing background.

But anyhoo, I'm happily surprised yet again by your ability to successfully reel me in. I find the unrequited love that Will has for Chloe to be downright heartwarming, and I'm so eager to see how the rest of this plays out. Chloe is so used to being 2nd that I'm hoping Will's devotion will open her up to possibility of someone new. ohhh, the intrigue. Can't wait for you to update girl, stellar work as usual!
9th-Aug-2011 08:10 pm (UTC)
Yeah...four 'heroines' are somewhat a lot to focus on...though I have to admit that I really considering the 'heroines' in this verse to be Chloe and Lucy, with Lois and Lana along because their interactions will grow more important in the next two sequels should I write them :)
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