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Curse of the Black Pearl 7/13 
10th-Aug-2011 05:22 am
Chloe Lois Lana Lucy

Title: Curse Of The Black Pearl
Characters: Chloe, Lois, Lana, Lucy, Will, Jack, Norrington, Governor Swann, Barbossa, Black Pearl Crew
Fandoms: Smallville/Pirates Of The Caribbean
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: As children Chloe, Lois, Lana and Lucy are caught in the meteor shower and transported through time, adopted by Weatherby Swann. When Chloe is abducted by Captain Barbossa he realizes that although she can't end the curse she can tweak it in their favor.

"Tomorrow we make berth at Isla De Muerta!" Barbossa informed his crew as they congregated around the deck of the ship, dinner still heavy on their stomachs.

Chloe watched the moonlight revealing them for what they truly were, even Jack was skeletal as he lay on her lap. They were still terrifying to look at, still abnormal and wrong, and yet with every night that she gazed upon their true visage she started to lose the fear and repulsion she'd felt at first.

Jack chewed happily on an apple slice, moving out of the direct moonlight so that it didn't just ooze out of his skeletal form and instead stayed within his corporeal one.

The men, never weary, never sleepy, made use of themselves. Some began gambling, crouched on the deck, others congregated to themselves to chat. Ragetti smiled at the sea, leaning against the railing and gazing out at the blackness with a love and fondness for it she'd seen every member of this ship exhibit. He cleared his throat, and began singing softly to himself, the song reaching her on the wind.

"The king and his men stole the queen from her bed

And bound her in her bones.

The seas be ours and by the powers

Where we will we'll roam..."

Chloe looked up, eyes narrowed, the first verse reminding her a little too uncomfortably of her own situation-not that she considered herself a Queen...but she could have been the Queen of Port Royal symbolically given the fact that her father was the Governor.

The blonde failed to notice Barbossa tense, turning to look at Ragetti before returning his gaze to her.

"Yo, ho, all hands

Hoist the colors high.

Heave, ho, thieves and beggars,

Never shall we die..."

Chloe began to squirm uncomfortably, given as once more the song could fit this situation...gazing at the undead pirates around her.

Barbossa watched her carefully. "Do ye know the song?"

She looked up at him, shaking her head. "No...but it's haunting."

"Aye." Barbossa agreed. "As is the tale behind it."

"I can imagine," she whispered, rubbing her arms, which were filled with goosebumps.

Unknowingly to all, sharks followed the Black Pearl.


They needed supplies and such and docked at the small island. Lois and Lana had stayed behind with some of the crew, but Lucy disembarked with Will, Gibbs, Cotton and Jack, exploring the small island and it's marketplace. Cotton was the cook of the Interceptor and thus he was busy looking at the different produce with unholy glee, his parrot squawking and giving his own opinions about the fruits and vegetables available. "Wind in the sails! Wind in the Sails!" Mr. Cotton's Parrot would exclaim whenever he saw something he liked, but whenever it was something he disapproved of he bellowed: "Dead men tell no tales!"

"So many visitors in so short a time." One of the merchants declared. "Our small island has been blessed!"

Will narrowed his eyes. "What other ship has been by here recently?"

"The Black Pearl." He replied, failing to notice the way Lucy and Will lit up, and Jack shared a smirk with Gibbs. "The boat itself didn't dock, preferring to stay at anchor in the deep waters, but some of her men came ashore and bought from us."

"Was there a woman amongst them?" Lucy asked nearly desperately. "Shorter than I, blonde hair?"

"No, there wasn't a woman with them." The merchant shook his head. "But they did ask about the rumors of the daughter of the Governor of Port Royal being kidnapped."

Jack went still, paling.

"We told them yes, we'd heard something of the sort. Seems some pirates went and kidnapped her and didn't even both asking for ransom." The merchant went on. "They then bought one of my finest combs and left."

Gibbs gazed at the terribly effeminate combs. "Doesn't seem to be the type of gift a pirate would buy for 'imself."

"No, indeed not." The merchant agreed. "But I reckon there must be a lady on board, and it was a gift for her."

Lucy blinked, reeling back at that.

The pirates were...buying Chloe gifts?

Jack scratched his head, looking just as confused as she. "It makes no sense."


The pirates lived on Isla De Muerta when they weren't pillaging and plundering and raiding. That was a tidbit of information Chloe hadn't known when she'd first disembarked from the Black Pearl onto the dreaded island, but once she was led to the crude little village the pirates called home she realized with a sinking feeling that she would be going nowhere. Not only had the pirates told her stories that were quite intimate about themselves, but they'd brought her to their secret home base...they were never going to let her leave. What they planned on doing with her was uncertain, but the blonde knew that it could bode her no good, especially considering that she was the lone female of the island unless you counted the wildlife...and she didn't put it passed desperate males to...

She shivered, quite disgusted with where that thought left her.

"Take a stroll with me, Miss Swann." Barbossa held out his hand to her as if he were some gentleman asking her to take a walk around the room with him instead of her pirate kidnapper demanding compliance.

Narrowing her eyes at him, Chloe knew that she had no choice in the matter as she placed her arm around his, and let him slowly lead her towards the jungle behind the village.

"Yer quarters will be next ta mine." He informed her as they continued forwards. "Just like on the Pearl."

"Oh." She sent a look behind them, realizing the rest of the crew were following with the loot they'd collected, all silent yet their eyes...their eyes unnerved her.

"You'll find this island boasts of all ye'll need to live comfortably." Barbossa continued to say as they travelled throughout the jungle, not informing her of where exactly he was taking her considering they'd left the little village behind them, but instead letting her know of all that Isla De Muerta had to offer. There was copious wildlife and fruit trees and running river water. It was a place one could only find if they'd been there before, so according to Barbossa that meant there wouldn't be any bothersome neighbors coming to call upon them.

Chloe understood the underlying message there.

No one who hasn't been here before can find it.

You can not escape and no one will find you.

Deal with it.

She gulped, and when they reached the hidden entrance to the cave she hadn't even noticed, so deep in her thoughts. Yet as the scent of humidity reached her nose and the hanging vines tickled at her as they entered, she focused her eyes on the darkness of the cave and breathed a sigh of relief when a torch was lit, lighting the way.

Onwards they trudged, already all around them were pieces of gold and jewels, which had probably dropped during journeys similar to this, with the crew bringing the wealth they'd looted. Skeletons around proved that not all had made it alive, and she gulped, hoping that her body wouldn't be joining these others as warnings to people in the future. The only reassurance which she was hanging onto desperately was that Barbossa wouldn't have told her there was a hut waiting for her back at the village, and he wouldn't be trying to sell this godsforsaken island if it wasn't for the fact that he intended for her to live long passed this night.

And that just made her curious.

Why then was she here with them?

And then, the second she entered the chamber room, all thoughts left her mind as she gasped in awe. Never before had she seen such wealth and beauty as the treasures that lay before her! She tightened her hold on Barbossa out of reflex as her gaze took in everything around her almost greedily. Everywhere around her was gold and diamonds and statues of emeralds and other such wonders. Pagan gods made from diamonds and chests filled with rubies were stashed in the corner, while gold coins littered the floor so thickly one couldn't get a good footing.

She gulped, pulling a strand of hair out of her face.

"Beautiful, is it not?" Barbossa grinned. "No pirate has ever been able to boast as such a treasure as this."

All around them the pirates began unloading their loot.

"Ten long years have we hoarded all the gold and treasure-never having the desire to use it-and now we can gaze upon the splendor and know we are truly the richest pirates of the world." Barbossa declared.

Chloe opened her mouth to ask him what good was having the treasure if they couldn't enjoy it-when her gaze fell upon the large chest in the middle of the room. Somehow, somehow she knew that this was the chest that held the cursed treasure of Cortes, and the mere sight of it left her speechless. Fear and awe filled her as Barbossa led her to the chest before letting go of her arm.

The pirate captain gazed down at the lid as his men came near, whispering amongst themselves, nervous.

The fact that the pirates were nervous made Chloe nervous, and she hung back from Barbossa slightly.

Putting his boot to the slid Barbossa pushed it off, revealing the pieces of eight that doomed them.

A solemn hush came upon the pirates.

"For ten years we've been tested and tried, and each man jack of you here has proved his mettle a hundreds times over and a hundred times again." Barbossa declared, eyes on the coins.

"Suffered, I have." Ragetti agreed softly.

"Punished, we were. The lot of us...disproportionate to our crimes." Barbossa continued solemnly. "Here it is, the cursed treasure of Cortes himself. Ever last piece that went astray, we have returned...save for this." He reached into his coat and yanked off the medallion he wore close to his heart, raising it high so everyone could see. "811 we found but despaired of ever finding the last."

Chloe took a step back, not liking where this was going.

"And who among us has paid the blood sacrifice owed to the heathen gods?" Barbossa yelled to his men.

"Us!" The answered.

"And whose blood must yet be paid?"

Everyone's gaze went to her.

Chloe gulped, shaking her head. "I'm not a Turner. I'm a Swann! You know this!"

"Come now, Miss Swann. Shall be no more than a little prick to yer palm." The pirate promised.

She sent him a horrified look nonetheless. "Why? I am not a Turner! My blood will do you no good!" She turned towards the pirates. "It won't!"

Barbossa kept his hand out at her.

The men watched her.

Chloe gulped loudly, realizing that she had no way out of here.

Taking in a deep breath she took a step forwards and placed her hand in Barbossa's, letting his fingers curl around her and lead her to the chest. He turned her hand palm upwards on his, handing her the medallion in her free hand as he yanked out his dagger and sliced across her palm, causing her to hiss. The pirate captain took the doubloon from her and placed it down on the blood flow, watching with infernal intent as her blood coated the gold, closing her fingers over it and closing his fingers over hers as he squeezed tightly.

The blonde closed her eyes tightly against the pain.

"Begun by blood..." Barbossa moved their conjoined hands over the open chest. "...by blood undone." And then he opened their hands, the blood-covered coin twirling downwards in the air.

Chloe's eyes opened as she watched its trajectory until it met its brethren...and suddenly a blast of light exploded from the chest in every direction, enveloping everyone within...before returning to the chest and remaining only around it...pulsating...

Chloe brought her hand to her heart, feeling the weight in her chest, sensing the pulsating of the light matching that of her heartbeat.

"She lied!" Someone yelled. "She is a Turner!"

Barbossa's answer to that was to draw his pistol and shoot the pirate in the forehead.

The pirate staggered, falling to his knees as he screamed in agony.

Chloe gasped, tightening the fist to her chest as she felt her heart flutter...

...and then the pirate stood, the hole in his head closing up.

There was intense silence.

Overwhelmed, heart still fluttering dizzyingly, Chloe's eyes rolled in her head and she fainted.


"I...feel." Canker whispered, hand on his now healed forehead, before pouting at the captain. "Oi! You shot me!"

Barbossa nodded, eyeing the crewman before gazing down at the girl at his feet, surrounded by the jewels and gold of a thousand lands. "Tis as I suspected."

Pintel frowned, going beneath the shaft of moonlight and gazing at his hand...which revealed himself to be the cadaver he was. "Are we healed...or aren't we?"

"No we ain't. Canker would be dead iffen we was." Twigg declared.

"But we can really feel." Ragetti pointed out, pinching himself and grinning through the pain.

"What the devil is going on here?" Bo'Sun frowned, eyes on the glowing chest of Cortes. "Why does it glow?"

"De ye not understand what has happened to us, gents?" Barbossa turned to his men. "This girl be the most important treasure in these seas!"

The pirates shared confused looks before turning to look at their captain.

"Ye know of the legends of Calypso." Barbossa couldn't understand how his men could be so dense.

Eyes widened.

Pintel came closer. "Ye reckon this be she?"

"Aye. Or another bound to 'er bones, forced ta live amongst we mortals." Barbossa declared. "It be her magic that shines that chest, and heals us yet leaves us with the kiss o' immortality!"

"I say we slice 'er neck and drain 'er blood over all the coins!" Canker declared, pulling put his own pistol.

All around him weapons were drawn and pointed towards him.

Canker gulped, looking around him in confusion.

"Don't be daft ye blasted fool!" Barbossa snarled at him. "She be mortal now that 'er power is tied to the accursed chest! And should she die, 'er power will die with 'er!"

Canker dropped his pistol immediately.

"'er knowledge of 'er pow'r has been removed, she will attest this to yet another foul dream." Barbossa promised, bending on his knees to gaze at her hand, realizing that already it was healing. "It be better if she continues to be ignorant of 'er power." The pirate captain picked her up and accommodated her in his arms before turning to his men. "She will not be harmed in any way gents, iffen any harm come to 'er person Bootstrap Bill's fate will seem like bliss." His eyes narrowed dangerously. "Remember, ye can feel pain now."

The crew gulped.

Barbossa nodded, content with the knowledge that he'd struck fear in their blackened hearts. "We shall rest for the night and resupply our stocks before we begin a new campaign so we may enjoy the pleasures we have been denied far too long."

The crew cheered.

On this high note, Barbossa rearranged the girl's body in his arms, and headed towards the exit.


Waking up with a horrified gasp, Chloe felt terrified and disoriented. She gazed around her, wondering what had happened and where she was. Her hand immediately went to her hand. There was no slice in her palm. The flesh wasn't tender. It'd all been a dream. A horrifying dream...yet a dream nonetheless.

Taking in a deep breath, she let out a sigh of relief before frowning as she realized this wasn't the cabin. She'd been moved. How could she have remained sleeping while someone physically moved her around?

Wary and uneasy at that wonder, Chloe stood, listening to the sounds of drunken laughter and music outside the walls of the room she was in.

Slipping out of the bed, Chloe gazed around her before following the sound to the door, pushing it open to gaze...at a village...the same small and hovel-like village from her nightmare. Once more she'd dreamt of something before actually seeing it, and Chloe gulped as her gaze went to her hand once more, closing the fist.

Outside torches were lit and a banquet was underway. The men drank and ate with relish, laughing and singing and enjoying themselves more than she'd ever seen them, not seeming at all like men cursed.

Chloe's hand tightened on the door.

"Miss Swann!" Barbossa caught sight of her at the head of the large table they were sitting at, exquisite food Jangles must have cook down the large thing. "Come and join us! Ye were sleeping when we made dock and we reckoned it a sin ta wake ye."

The men fell into silence...just watching her.

She gulped.

Barbossa motioned to the empty seat to his right.

She wanted to close the door and return within but she was starved, and had been forced to eat her own terrible cooking for most of the voyage...and the smell of the food was too tempting. The blonde took one step, then two, then three, and soon found herself seated on Barbossa's right, gazing at a plate Grapple hurried to place before her. It was overflowing with food, and while Chloe was terribly hungry the way the men watched her scared her.

In the end though, the pain in her stomach was overwhelming, as was her feeling of fatigue and need, and she grabbed something which looked like a turkey leg and took a starved bite from it, yanking the meat out and eating ferociously. It felt as if she hadn't eaten in years...as if she was eating for a millions different people...and the hunger was unquenchable. She finished the meat and reached for something else, some other unrecognizable meat, and chewed in it, her jaw hurting her from chewing so roughly but she continued and swallowed, reaching out and drinking from the goblet when Pintel filled it with wine for her.

There were soft whispers amongst the pirates as they watched her.

Ignoring them, Chloe continued consuming food insanely, unable to believe that she was this hungry...and when she'd finished that overflowing plate and only felt half-way full she'd nearly thanked Jangles when he placed yet another plate in front of her. She'd dug into that, realizing in the back of her head that this sort of hunger was uncommon and worrisome, but she didn't care, not as long as there was food around her to be consumed.

The pirates slowly went back to their eating and talking, the laughter slowly returning, as did the music and the dancing.

Finally...finally...Chloe was full and content, placing her hand on her stomach...figuring that since she'd never really liked her own cooking and had only eaten enough to survive that all that accumulated hunger must have overwhelmed her at the sight and smell of real food.

Her other hand went to her swan necklace, and she tightened her hold on it.

Barbossa just smiled at her, and took a large bite out of a bright green apple.


Everyone was silent upon the Interceptor as they gazed at the multiple wrecks strewn everywhere in the water. Lana felt the fear and concern in everyone's hearts and it doubled in hers. She wanted to reach out and place her hand on Will's yet instead clenched her fists, realizing that it would be inappropriate, especially since they had yet to formally speak of their feelings for each other. No. She'd have to be patient and brave.

"Dead men tell no tales!" Mr. Cotton's Parrot decided was the best time to declare.

Gibbs arrived by Lana's and Will's side, eyeing the wrecks with as much solemnity as everyone else. "Puts a chill in the bones, how many honest sailors have been claimed by this passage."

Will's gaze wasn't on the ships however, but on Jack, as the captain looked at his compass and used it to steer the vessel around the dangerous waters. "How is it that Jack came by that compass?"

"Not a lot's known about Jack Sparrow before he showed up in Tortuga with a mind to go after the treasure of the Isla de Muerta." Gibbs admitted. "That was before I met him, back when he was Captain of the Black Pearl."

Lana's eyes widened at that.

"What?" Will hissed, proving to be just as shocked at this revelation as she.

"He's failed to mention that." Lana murmured, sending Jack a suspicious glance.

"Well, he plays things closer to the vest now." Gibbs shrugged. "And a hard-learned lesson it was." He leaned in closer so he could lower his voice. "See, three days out on the venture the first mate comes to him and says everything's an equal share. That should mean the location of the treasure too, so Jack gives up the bearings. That night there was a mutiny. They marooned Jack on an island and left him to die, but not before he'd gone mad with the heat."

"Ah." Will nodded. "So that's the reason for all the..." He acted like Jack.

Lana frowned, never having thought him to be someone to speak so disparagingly about a comrade. "Will. That is unkind!"

He didn't acknowledge her or her scolding, eyes intent on Gibbs.

"Reason's got nothing to do with it." Gibbs replied with a frown. "Now you two, when a man is marooned he is given a pistol with a single shot-one shot. Well it won't do much good hunting or to be rescued, but after three weeks of a starvin' belly and thirst, that pistol will start to look real friendly." He mimed bringing a pistol to his head. "But Jack-he escaped the island, and he still has that one shot. Oh, but he won't use it though, save for one man. His mutinous first mate."

"Barbossa." Will guessed.

"Aye." Gibbs nodded.

"But how did Jack get off of the island?" Lana wanted to know, intrigued with the tale.

"Well, I'll tell ye." Gibbs grinned, obviously pleased to tell the tale. "He waded out into the shallows and there he waited three days and three nights till all manner or sea creatures came and acclimated to his presence. And on the fourth morning he roped himself a couple of sea turtles, lashed 'em together, and made a raft!"

Lana blinked, shocked by this fantastical account.

Will, on the other hand, was less than impressed. "He roped a couple of sea turtles?"

"Aye, sea turtles." Gibbs nodded.

Will raised an eyebrow. "What did he use for rope?"

Gibbs opened his mouth and then closed it.

"Human hair." Jack declared from behind them. "From my back." He turned to his sailors. "Let go of the anchor!"

"Let go of the anchor!" The crew hurried to follow orders.

"Young Mr. Turner, Cygnet, and I are to go ashore." Jack declared.

"Captain!" Gibbs hurried to him. "What if the worst should happen?"

Jack paused for a moment before answering. "Keep to the code."

"Aye, the code." Gibbs nodded.

Lana frowned, wondering what this code was.


They'd set sail that night.

Barbossa watched as Chloe ate the banquet meal silently, dressed in all the fineries of a Queen and yet obviously not content. She was pale, her lips downturned, her appetite quite poor as she pushed her food around her plate. Unlike the night before, when she'd eaten as if to quench their hunger, she didn't seem quite as hungry tonight. For now he allowed her the liberty of eating or not, but if he saw that the strain of bearing their curse was thinning her he'd force the food down the girl's throat.

The pirate captain wasn't sure if she was the Calypso of legend, but he doubted that Calypso had been the first or only heathen god bound to human form to somehow limit their ability or control of events. This girl had powers beyond any normal human being...the ability to carry their curse and tweak it to their benefit...and not die herself under the strain.

If not Calypso...he wondered whom she'd been before she'd been bound and her memories rearranged.

The same power that protected her from her own hand seemed to grow around her, touching them, and the more they were around her the more intense it grew, the more it affected them. And they weren't the only things that she'd unknowingly begun healing, the Pearl's many little leaks and such were slowly closing up on their own, her sails turning a black so magnificently black they were unable to be seen during the night, and the ropes which were old and almost dry rotten were now new and strong.

This was so much better than the lifting of the curse could have ever been! They could live for eternity plundering and pillaging, raiding and ravaging and fulling the desires of their blackened hearts!

He smiled his yellow smile, watching as the girl dressed in a black gown, a string of black pearls around her neck. She looked completely different from the girl in her nightgown and hair a wild mess they'd kidnapped, now she was befitting her role as Queen of the Black Pearl. His grin grew lecherous as his gaze traced her visage. He already knew what she was capable of doing should she feel her virtue was compromised, and thus he wouldn't try force her to join him in the Captain's cabin, but the pirate captain was certain that as time went by she'd realize that there was no escaping the Black Pearl, and would accept the eventuality of her truly belonging to them. She'd grow lonely and would realize that as captain he was the most worthy to impart the fleshly pleasures.

Unaware of the direction of his thoughts, Chloe kept her chin raised, her green gaze on the pirates as they excitedly spoke about the raid which they had departed from Isla De Muerta that night to set sail for. They were pirates and weren't known to stay on the island for long, and while she'd begged to be left behind they'd all known she would use the time to try and escape-and knew that distance from her would leave them empty and hollow and numb once more-and so she'd been forced onto the ship once more, making the journey with them.

The crew knew that Miss Swann was the cause of all of their new good fortune, and had grown as possessive with her as they were with the Pearl, going as far as to call her the Black Pearl's swan, and Barbossa found it fitting. Whether the lass wanted it or not, she was a prized treasure for the pirates, and pirates were known to guard their treasure viciously.

Their moods were high, as they drank and sang sea shanties merrily, dancing with their tankards of ale and whiskey and every form of poison their blackened hearts desired.

The men clapped their hand as Ragetti and Pintel chorused out a favored shanty which had once been heard on numerous occasion onboard the Black Pearl's before they'd been cursed.

"Whiskey-o, Johny-o Rise her up from down below Whiskey, whiskey, whiskey-o Up aloft this yard must go

John rise her up from down below!"

"Captain Barbossa," she spoke from her seat next to him at the high table, gaze firmly fixed on the drunken, merry pirates.

"Aye," he watched her, having known she'd finally break silence.

"You are never going to ransom me, are you?" She whispered, gazing up at him finally, eyes narrowed.

He just gave her a vicious smile.

"Now whiskey is the life of man

Always was since the world began

Now whiskey gave me a broken nose And whiskey made me pawn me clothes"

Pintel and Ragettie joined arms, dancing in circles, tankards raised high as the clapping of the men grew louder.

"Now whiskey is the life of man Whiskey from that old tin can

I thought I heard the first mate say I treats me crew in a decent way"

Her green eyes flashed. "I will not be your prisoner for the rest of my life."

"What prisoner dresses like ye?" Barbossa scoffed. "In yer finery yer the Queen of the Pearl."

"Release me, Captain." She ordered. "If I'm the Queen of the Pearl then you have to obey me."

He eyed her before letting out a darkly amused chuckle.

"A glass of whiskey all around And a bottle full for the shanty man

Up she blew!"

She tightened her grip on her butter knife, and yet didn't do anything foolish like attack him with it. "What do you get out of having me here, Captain? It isn't pleasant company. It isn't knowledge. It isn't wealth. So why won't you and your men let me go?"

Barbossa reached for an apple, passing it to her. "Apple?"

"Enough with the goddamned apples!" She snarled and stood, batting the apple out of his hand fiercely, lips pulled back in a growl as she glared at him.

It was amusing to see how far she'd come from the terrified lass whom Ragetti and Pintel had brought them.

She now stood in the middle of an undead, pirate-infested ship, not afraid, not concerned, instead enraged.


"I will not stand for this." She glared at Barbossa, glared at the pirates who'd now gone silent watching her over their feast. "I am not a pet to be kept. I have a family-I have a home!"

"This be yer home now." Barbossa stood, his men chuckling and echoing their 'ayes' to his statement. "We be yer family."

"You are not my family!" Chloe snapped at him. "This is not my home! And it never will be!" She began tearing off her gems and the beautiful pieces in her hair, going as far as to strip off the glorious gown and step out of the tiny shoes, standing in her underdress, not a bit scared to be indecent in a ship filled with black hearted knaves. "I am not your pet. Nor your Queen. Nor your strumpet. Nor your good luck charm! I'm your prisoner." The blonde glared fiercely at the men before returning her attention to Barbossa. "If anyone decides to act like real pirates and ransom me for a mountain of gold and jewels to my wealthy father, I will be in my cabin."

And with that she stormed passed the pirates, tearing out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

For a moment there was silence as the pirates exchanged looks, and then they threw their heads back in vicious amusement.

Barbossa joined in.

The girl mightn't realize it yet, but she was already starting to act like a pirate.


"I don't understand." Lucy whispered, gazing around her as she, Will and Jack stepped further into the crude little village on a very well hidden nook of Isla De Muerta. They'd thought that Black Pearl was hidden in some deep inland lagoon with passage to the sea, had decided that was why they couldn't see the black sails, and yet as they finally found the small village the pirates called a home, there were signs of the blackhearted fiends having been there recently, very recently, but there were also signs that a day at least had passed since anyone had been in the island. The pirates had come, and enjoyed themselves somewhat exaggeratedly according to the many empty bottles of rum and other discarded items that betrayed a large festivity had taken place. "Why aren't they here?"

Jack frowned, twirling around, starting in one direction before stopping and heading in the other.

Will headed to where the large outdoor table was abandoned, eyeing the material, the hardening food. "They couldn't have left more than a day ago. How could we not have crossed paths?"

"They must have left in the opposite direction." Lucy responded, trying to find some little proof that her sister was still alive.

"Lookey what I've found!" Jack appeared from one of the small huts, waving a brush. "Your sister has golden hair, eh?"

Lucy's eyes widened as she raced towards Jack, taking the brush in her hands, seeing strands of gold. "Chloe."

Jack eyed the largest of the huts, right next to the one where he'd found the brush, and entered within.

Will reached Lucy's side and then rushed into the hut where Jack had found the brush, Lucy hurrying behind him but stopping at the door, eyes widening as she realized there was a lock on the outside of the door, obvious to keep the occupant of the hut from being able to escape. Fear and hatred filled her soul as she pushed inside of the hut and looked around. It was small and simple, yet inside was filled with gowns and dresses and jewelry of every kind.

"It's the comb from the marketplace." Will announced, picking up a comb identical to the one the merchant had been selling.

"She was here." Lucy whispered, desperation and frustration filling her. "They had her locked up in here on this godforsaken island!"

"At least we know that up until a day ago she was alive and well." Will whispered to himself as he continued his search.

Tears came to Lucy's eyes as she brought her hand to her mouth. "Where are you, Chloe? What have they done to you?"

"I'm afraid...I do not have a savory answer to that question." Jack announced from the doorway.

"What do you mean?" Will frowned, standing upright.

"This was in the captain's quarters." Jack lifted his hand, which held the nightgown Chloe had been wearing when she'd been abducted.

The chest of it was slashed, and covered in blood, tinting most of the sheer white scarlet red.

"No." Lucy collapsed to her knees.

For the first time ever, Jack was very serious. "None could lose that much blood an' live."

Will stopped a couple of steps in front of Jack, pale and shaky. He raised his hand to take the gown, before turning and slamming his fist into the door of the hut over and over again, yelling hoarsely.


Pacing the first mate's cabin, which had apparently been appointed her permanent dwelling while on the Black Pearl, Chloe kept running her fingers through her hair. When she'd found herself on Isla De Muerta shed thought that was it, but then they'd brought her with them once more as they set sail for another campaign of looting and plundering...and she'd let herself believe again that they had only wanted a little respite at home before ransoming her back to her family. She'd been so sure that the pirates were only torturing her mentally with the thought of staying their captive for eternity, but tonight she'd realized something as she'd pushed her boundaries over and over with Captain Barbossa and the crew. She'd snarled and snapped, disrespected Barbossa's beloved apple, and even stripped to prove a suspicion she'd been harboring. No pirates would allow a hostage to act the way she had without some repercussion. And also, the way they treated her...it wasn't a captive.

Gulping, Chloe went to the large, grand vanity they'd had placed in the room. She looked through the various rare and expensive jewelry and gems, before hurrying to the closet and throwing the doors open, gazing upon the numberless exquisite gowns and shoes. There was the brush and comb of gold also.

One didn't treat someone like they treated her unless that person was of importance.

For some reason the pirates of the Black Pearl thought she was important...and she had a dreadful feeling that somehow this was connected to the curse.

She wasn't a Turner, didn't have what they needed to heal-but what if somehow they believed she did?

What if, for some completely demented reason, the whole crew believed she was healing them from their curse?

What if her dream hadn't been a dream and that event in the cave had actually worked? That her blood had somehow done something?

Her gaze went down to her palm.

Her unscarred palm.

The palm that betrayed that it couldn't have happened...that it was only a dream.

The blonde groaned as she shook her head. "What if they are not cursed anymore? If not what I dreamt-what has happened to them to bring upon this drastic a change?"

Hadn't they gone from not eating to devouring everything in sight?

She was sure Barbossa had said that they couldn't enjoy the taste of anything, it was a part of the curse, and yet they enjoyed the food now...

What if...what if she was somehow doing something?

The blonde bit her thumbnail.

Her father liked to say that she was a nurse at heart, always trying to heal the broken around her, and that was why whenever one of the family were sick or feeling down she was the one who ended up taking care of them or listening and counseling them. It was this need to help mend what was broken that'd drawn her to the young Will Turner to begin with, and her strong friendship with him had grown from her mothering him to near suffocation.

What if she could actually do it?

What if-what if she was healing the pirates?

Maybe not the drastic way of her dream...and yet still was somehow?

"Impossible." She whispered, continuing to pace the room. "They're still cursed, the moonlight betrays them for what they truly are."

Still...they might believe she was...and if so they'd never let her go.

Chloe stopped as she realized somehow.

She couldn't wait for James to save her anymore.

She needed to save herself.

That nightmare of her death flashed before her eyes and she shook her head, going to the windows and flinging them open, taking in the sea breeze with a deep breath.

That was when she saw the lights in the distance.


Eyes widening, Chloe gaze down at the blackness of the water below, and then at the lights in the distance.

It was so far away...and sharks and other such monsters hunted at night...yet she had to try.

Climbing onto the windowsill, Chloe closed her eyes and threw herself out to the darkness below.
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