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Curse of the Black Pearl 8/13 
12th-Aug-2011 09:09 pm
Chloe Lois Lana Lucy
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Title: Curse Of The Black Pearl
Characters: Chloe, Lois, Lana, Lucy, Will, Jack, Norrington, Governor Swann, Barbossa, Black Pearl Crew
Fandoms: Smallville/Pirates Of The Caribbean
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: As children Chloe, Lois, Lana and Lucy are caught in the meteor shower and transported through time, adopted by Weatherby Swann. When Chloe is abducted by Captain Barbossa he realizes that although she can't end the curse she can tweak it in their favor.

Her limbs were heavy, her body chilled from the freezing waters, and the land seemed to get farther and farther away instead of closer. Chloe had been swimming for hours, refusing to think about what might be in the water with her, pressing forwards, telling herself that if she could see the light it meant she was still alive and still had hope. Her muscles hurt and her mind was tired, but she thought of her family, pictured the lights as those of Port Royal, convinced herself that tonight she'd sleep in her bed at home with her family all around her. She pictured each and everyone of their faces, of the people she wanted to live to see again, Will and James' faces joining in with those of her sisters and father.

She had to make it for them.

She had to.

Fear crawled up her body, imagining every shadow around her a creature coming to devour her, to drag her beneath the surface of the water to Davy Jones' Locker. She cried softly, her fears telling her to give up, that she'd been a fool to continue on. She thought of the horror stories she'd heard about the legendary Davy Jones from the crew aboard the Dauntless when she'd been traveling to Port Royal. They'd especially spoken of Davy himself and his dreaded locker after the destruction of the vessel Will had been traveling on, the sailors commenting on the poor souls whom he would come visiting upon. She'd heard them singing songs softly to themselves about Davy Jones. While many of their sea shanties had stuck with her despite her father's disapproval, one in particular always had been prominent in her mind, and she found herself whispering it softly to herself as she swam in the black waters, on the cusp of meeting Davy Jones himself should she fail to make it to shore.

"Some say he steers a spectral ship

That's ghostly gray and grand

He's doomed to sail the seven seas and ne'er set foot on land

And if you chance to see him

You will soon be dead from fright

So sailors tell their children on a dark and stormy night."

Her voice trembled from cold and fear, the salt of her tears joining the salt of the sea, and she continued on.

"Oh forty fathoms deep he walks

With rusty keys his locker locks

Just like he's half asleep he stalks

Forty fathoms deep

Forty fathoms deep he owns

Each sleeping sailor's soggy bones

The legend they call Davy Jones

At forty fathoms deep."

She kept her eyes on the lights of the island, telling herself she could make it, she could, and she had to...even while a little voice deep within whispered she never would.

"Nor east we sail to brimstone head the captain crew and I

At 16 knots we fairly flew

Beneath a darkening sky

Atop the main mast I rode

Near 10 stories high

When up there blew an icy squall and over board went I."

Something brushed against her in the water and she froze, letting out a cry of terror, sobs wracking her body as something brushed up against her from behind.

She screamed as something grabbed hold of her underdress, pulling her beneath the surface. She kicked and flailed, screaming bubbles that rose above her, her foot connecting with something and she was free, quickly swimming upwards and surfacing, frozen in terror.

The darkness circled yet didn't come close enough to touch.

She gulped, closing her eyes tightly, not wishing to watch the moment it came for her and she died.

Suddenly the water all around her began to light up with unholy light, and Chloe screamed, seeing the outline of the huge shark for what it really was. She wanted to remain calm yet she flailed desperately, terrified, never wanting to die this way. She should never have jumped out of the window! At least on the Black Pearl she'd been safe!

"Ye've got a great des-tin-y, Chloe Sullivan, ye and yer sisters three."

Chloe gasped, looking around her, trying to find a source for that female voice.

The shark rose from the waters, surfacing, facing the girl. Its eyes stared deeply within hers, and while its mouth didn't move, somehow she knew that the voice was coming from this beast.

"Who are you?" She whispered.

"Ye'll never make it to da land, not unless I lend a hand." Those eyes were trance-inducing, never straying from hers.

"Are you the devil?" She whispered. "Are you Davy Jones?"

There was a moment before laughter cackled all around her, and then silence, before an answer. "No, but I am de one who can assure ye yer life...yet not fer free."

"What do you want?" Chloe asked the shark-or the power controlling the shark. "If you can control this creature, I don't see how I could give you anything or be of any use to you."

There was a resentful chuckle. "This be notin' but limited trinkets."

The blonde didn't know what to make of this.

"It be by de gods dat ye and yer sisters three were sent to dis time, to dis world," the voice declared. "And I will save thee, if ye swear to do me biddin'."

"What do you mean the gods sent us here?" Chloe asked the voice, confused. "Did you call me Chloe Sullivan? Was that my real name? Are Lois' stories true then? About great green stones falling from heaven and somehow the world changing while we hid in a cave?"

"Gifts of de gods bestowed on ye four." The voice declared. "But yers will waste if my deal you don't take, for when I remove my power-of dis fish ye'll be devoured!"

"I'll take it!" Chloe yelled, unable to agree to death by this creature's jaws. "I agree to this deal. Save me, and I'll do what you want!"

"Yesssss," the voice was pleased. "Ride on da back of my little pet, he shall take you to da shore. When I 'ave need of you, I will call. Ye be marked as me charge an' da sea will do ye na harm."

Suddenly the light concentrated into a small ball and shot into her, causing the blonde to scream in pain as boiling water seemed to fill her veins. The light enveloping her body jolted throughout her system before concentrating on her hip, forming the symbol of a dolphin, before the light exploded and everything went black.

The massive shark descended into the depths of the blackened waters.

Chloe whimpered, the boiling in her veins slowly simmering, and thus she didn't notice the shark's return until it'd surfaced beneath her so that she was straddling it. The girl only managed to grab onto its fin before it was swimming rapidly through the water, proving just how easily it could have caught and consumed her hadn't she agreed to this mysterious deal with the voice who controlled it. Chloe gulped, holding on tight. There were other dark shadows in the water yet they didn't dare come close to the large monster, and thus she was safe.

Fear gripped her soul as she realized that without this help she never would have made it.

The shark took her to as shallow water as it could without beaching itself, and once she slid off it turned and disappeared back into the water. She rushed to the shore and collapsed on the sand, taking deep breaths and looking towards the dark water, unable to believe that she'd made it. Her hip throbbed with residual pain, and she lifted the skirt of her underdress up high to reveal the dolphin tattoo on her hip, branding her as this voice's charge.

Chloe gulped.

The sounds of shots and chaos from the island caused her to stumble to her feet, exhausted and shivering with cold in her soaked underdress. For a moment she was scared that the town was under pirate attack...but then she realized that there was the sound of revelry amidst the chaos, and as she hugged herself and slowly walked off of the beach and into the town, she realized why. It was a pirate island, much like the famed Tortuga she'd heard the sailors talk so much about. Wenches paraded around, shots were fired, people fought and tankards of alcohol were lifted to almost every mouth.

She grabbed a tankard of rum from a passing serving wench and took in a deep gulp of the foul-tasting yet warming liquid, making her way through the crowd before the wench could reach her destination and realize she was a tankard short. Chloe realized that she should be more scared than she was, dressed in basically her underwear and without protector or currency while in the midst of pirates, thieves and murderers, but she'd just escaped the perils of the great blackness of the Davy Jones' Locker-and the horrible way she would have gotten there. She couldn't conjure true fear as she mingled amongst the rabble on this pirate isle, whispering softly to herself as she went.

"I hold my breath, I say a prayer for all the mates who died

I turn my back on Davey Jones and cast my fears aside

Raise up my head and kick my feet

And toward the light I go

The heartless jailer left behind the locker far below."


The mood upon the Interceptor was a somber one. The crew hadn't ever met or really cared about this sister of the Swanns, but Cygnet had endeared herself to them, and out of respect for her suffering they failed to comment on the lack of direction now as the ship sailed listlessly on the waves. At the helm Jack eyed his compass, knowing his desire for the Pearl was leading them still on the trail of those mutinous traitors, and he still had his bargaining chip in Will Turner, but something just wasn't resting well with wily Jack. The pirates had known from before reaching Isla De Muerta that the girl they'd oh so smartly nabbed wasn't in fact the one they'd needed, and yet not only hadn't they tried to ransom her, but there'd been gifts, fine gifts, which had been purchased for her.

It made no sense.

Her bloody clothes made no sense either.

If they had decided that they'd turn their souls even blacker by keeping her for a tool of their pleasure then she wouldn't be bought gifts, and she wouldn't have been killed either. She would have obviously fought off the attacks, of course, yet why would they all of a sudden decide to kill her? And why had Barbossa kept the bloody reminder? It made no sense! If they'd killed the girl she and her clothes would have been buried or burnt, and yet Barbossa had kept the frock.

Jack's eyes narrowed.

Whenever his mutinous first mate had kept keepsakes in the past, it'd been with things he didn't quite understand and wished to ponder on while in solitude...so why was this stabbed and bloody gown of such importance?

Also, something that bothered and intrigued Jack was the banquet table.

He doubted Cygnet or Will had paid much attention to it, but the outdoors table had held the remains of a feast which had obviously been enjoyed by everyone present...yet if Jack could remember rightly, the curse wasn't supposed to let such a thing be possible.

Had the crew of the Black Pearl somehow found a way to break the curse?

Was Cygnet's sister somehow able to end it with her blood? Was that why her gown was filled with it and Barbossa kept the gown as a reminder of how someone who wasn't a Turner had ended the curse?

And yet...and yet...another thing bothered him.

And it had to do with the table as well.

The place next to Barbossa, the seat of honor, had been occupied by a woman.

Not only was it cleaner than the others, but there'd been a bit of cloth torn off from a gown that'd caught on the wood of the table.

It meant that the girl had been alive during the feast, which meant that somehow she'd survived the bleeding...

...or that blood had never been hers.

Jack's kohl-lined eyes went to where Will was gazing out at the sea, eyes dark and blank. While the girls took solace in each other below deck (which Jack knew regretfully wouldn't be as sensual as it sounded) Will had removed himself from everyone, both physically and emotionally. He stood by himself, staring out at the sea, and hadn't spoken a word since he'd broken down on Isla De Muerta. Jack had thought Lana would go try to comfort the lad, but the girl had given the boy a sorrowful look before rushing below-deck sobbing.

He wondered, curiously, if she was beginning to suspect the feelings the blacksmith's apprentice held for her older sister.

The gods knew she nor any of her sisters seemed to figure it out-except for Cygnet.

Jack had a feeling Cygnet knew very well which of her sisters it was that Will fancied.

Shaking his head, not really caring about romantic entanglements, Jack gazed down at his compass, at its bearings. He needed to be sure, he needed the answers to this question so he could know how to follow through with his plans on reclaiming the Pearl...and if maybe his plan needed alterations.

"Mr. Cotton." He turned to the man and his parrot. "Mr. Cotton's parrot. Man the helm while I take a stroll."

"Wind in the sails!" Mr. Cotton's parrot declared, flapping his wings as the human came forwards.

Nodding in agreement with that assessment, Jack ventured down onto the lower deck, swiped the bottle of rum Gibbs had been about to take a drink from, and continued on towards Will, ignoring Gibbs' cry of complaint. He eyed Will, and then his compass, before taking a swig of the rum before continuing on, leaning against the railing next to the younger man.

"Here mate." He offered him the bottle, having witnessed in Port Royal how Will seemed to cave to the beauties of alcohol whenever under extreme stress caused by Miss Chloe Swann.

Will looked at the rum for a moment before reaching for it and taking a swig as well before gazing once more towards the horizon, making no attempt to give the still half-filled bottle back to Jack. "I love her."

"Bit obvious, really." Jack eyed the bottle longingly.

Will scoffed, taking another long gulp, smile dark. "If it's so then why is it that everyone, including her, believe that I'm in love with Miss Lana?" He sent Jack an accusing glare. "Even you believed I had feelings for her."

"I saw the medallion, mate," Jack defended, hands up in submission. "Figured one wouldn't part with somethin' like that unless it was to the girl he loved. Savvy? How was I to know the girl had a penchant for sticky fingers?" He wiggled his fingers in Will's face for emphasis.

Will's eyes darkened as he took another gulp.

Ah, it would seem young Master Turner was still soured about the girl's transgression.

"Got no one to blame but yerself son," Jack tried for the fatherly wisdom he sure he had deep down inside of him somewhere. "If your interest was so clearly fixated on the blonde, you should have let her know so-and let her sister know as well for that matter. Never good to have the affection of the sister, there's some sort of a code about that sort of thing."

Will was silent, gaze lowered, unable to do anything but take another swig before sighing. "I always knew Chloe loved James Norrington, wouldn't have made any sense to tell her my feelings. I would have only lost her completely had I done so."

"Och, how dramatic." Jack scoffed. "I've wooed many a lass who fancied another yet by the end of the night sang my name. You sure you don't have others reasons for your lack of effort? Fears of inadequacies maybe?" He eyed the boy critically. "You're not a eunuch, are ya?"

Will sent him a withering glare.

"Point taken." Jack coughed, before clearing his throat, trying to remember why he'd approached the boy and given him rum. Oh. Right! "Now this..." Jack cleared his throat, trying to look as innocent as possible as he raised the compass. "This I couldn't part with, for no one."

"It's a broken compass." Will declared with derision. "No one would want it."

Jack ignored that, continuing on with his plan, handing it out to Will. "Just marvel at its beauty."

"I don't want-." Will began.

"Marvel!" Jack insisted, thrusting it out towards him.

Reluctantly Will accepted the compass, looking at it, not seeming half as impressed as he should.

The pirate captain didn't notice, gaze over at the arrow, which immediately swung to a position and kept completely still.

Jack blinked, looking up at Will before gazing back down.

It was almost the same bearings as the Black Pearl...and yet...

"Right. Enough fondling." He muttered, snatching the compass back as he headed below deck towards his cabin.

Grabbing the maps around him, Jack laid them on the desk and sat down, shuffling through them, throwing the ones he didn't need behind him, before finally finding the one he needed and rolling it open as he charted the bearings from the compass once Will had held it.

It landed straight on a small island known as a pirate's haven. It wasn't on the scales of grandeur such as Tortuga mind you, but it was still very much a spiffy place to go and visit if you wanted rum and warm ladies.

"Hello there darlin'." He grinned toothily down at the small dart on the chart.

Either Barbossa and his men had dropped the girl off at the island while passing by, or she'd orchestrated an escape.

Either way Jack was going to scurry down to that island and not only win Lois' immensely desired gratitude (and any way she might wish to repay him for not only saving one sister from drowning but bringing the other back to her from death itself-or-err-an island) and Jack was going to finally understand what the devil was going on with Barbossa and his accursed crew.

Rolling back up the map the pirate grinned, tapping it against the desk.

If saving fair Lana had merited him a hug, this spectacular display of his magnificence was going to gain him a kiss, he was sure of it!

Humming a favored shanty, quite pleased with himself, Jack Sparrow strolled out of his cabin, chest puffed out.


It should have bothered Chloe more that she'd stolen, but the wench had been quite happy naked in the springs with her fellow, and Chloe was sure the woman had another gown at her home, whereas Chloe did not. So she changed into the gown, which was a little too tight on her for comfort due to the fact that the previous owner's breasts and hips had been smaller than her own, and yet it was passable and as Chloe caught a glimpse of herself while passing the windows of a building...she looked pretty much like all the other women here with their breasts perked up high and threatening to burst the dress. The only difference between her and the wenches as the fact that her face wasn't caked with badly applied makeup, and she was barefoot since the woman's feet had been too big for her so her shoes had fallen off when tried.

Checking in the hidden folds in the skirt of the dress, Chloe smiled as she came upon a small purse of coins, patting it with an illegal thrill.

"I'm telling you, they went and stole the Interceptor right under the Commodore's own nose!" One of the wenches gossiped with another, catching Chloe's attention as the blonde turned towards her, recognizing the name of James' ship.

Someone had stolen the HMS Interceptor?

How was that even possible?

James must be getting hell for that from his superiors!

Worry filled her heart, wondering how the Commodore was handling this.

At least...at least he had Lana by his side, to be his comfort and anchor in times like these. Usually Chloe would have been there to encourage him, but she realized that it wasn't her place anymore, it was her sister's, and she had to admit an evil little part of her was happy that she wasn't there to be able to see them grow closer together as they should, and as man and wife (as they were soon to be) should. She had given up on her love for James, but it didn't mean that her heart didn't feel agony at the realization of the many years she spent loving him so dearly...only to have him love her sister instead.

Suddenly someone grabbed her, a grisly old woman with blackened teeth yet a grip so strong Chloe couldn't shake her off.

"With yer presence I know tis true, the other 'alf will make it two." The woman declared, pulling Chloe closer so she could stare deep in her eyes. "The sea 'as claimed ye for 'er own, sins of the past to atone, the life ye lived no more shall be, not now that ye belong to she."

Chloe's eyes widened, gulping. "She?" The blonde drew closer. "Do you mean the sea...or the voice?"

That old woman tilted her head to the side, grip tightening so much it was cutting off the circulation in her wrist. "Heed the voice, yer mistress be, until ye paid yer debt to she...life fer life an' faithful aide, ye'll better learn ta use a blade."

And with that she let go, and walked away.

The watched the woman go, rubbing her sore wrist, and gulping.

That had sounded extremely ominous.

"Enough of this, don't think of what it could mean tonight." She whispered to herself, moving forwards towards the dingy little inn at the intersection ahead. She was going to get herself a room, something to eat, and to drink.



She needed rum.

Tomorrow she'd try and figure out what the old woman's words had meant...and she'd get herself a blade.


They'd believed she was throwing a tantrum and didn't feel the need to break in the door locked from the inside, confident that once hunger won over she'd come out of her quarters. It was with this assurance that the crew of the Black Pearl had sailed all night and for a better part of the next day, but when the sun began to descend into the sea and the girl had yet to leave her cabin or even make a noise, Barbossa had begun to grow concerned. He'd gone to her door, knocking, enquiring within.

There was no answer.

He gazed down at the trays with cold, untouched food that'd been placed there. One with what should have been her breakfast, and another with what should have been her lunch.

That concern grew.

"Miss Swann, this be juvenile of ye." He coaxed, rapping his knuckles against the wood of the English Oak door.

Footsteps approaching announced Ragetti's arrival with the tray of what should be her dinner. The pirate stopped when he saw the captain, and then his gaze lowered to the trays, pouting. "She ain't touched a thing."

"Open the door." Barbossa tried once more, leaning against the door. "Ye be distressin' the gents."

"Cap'n!" Twigg yelled, hurrying towards him, eyes wide. "There be a fierce wind!"

Barbossa raised an eyebrow, not impressed. "Unless Calypso herself be unleashed and bringin' us to our knees I fail to see the importance of this observation, Mister Twigg."

"Cap'n," Twigg gulped. "We can't feel it."

The captain of the Black Pearl's eyes widened as he turned to the door, and with one kick broke the lock, splintering the wood and sending it swinging open. "Miss Swann!" He stormed into the room, finding it empty. His gaze then went to the open window and his eyes widened as he hurried towards it, gazing down at the water. "Mister Twigg, inform Mister Grapple that we must turn 'round immediately."

"Yes cap'n!" Twigg declared, turning and racing away. "GRAPPLE!" They could hear him screaming down the hall. "We've lost our Swann!"

"Blimey." Ragetti whispered, putting down the tray on the bed and rubbing the wooden eye he was safekeeping for Barbossa. "Do ya think Miss Swann's still alive?" He gulped. "Or do ya think Davy Jones has 'er?"

"Mister Ragetti," Barbossa continued to stare down at the waves, hearing the commotion as the crew heard Grapple's screams and discovered their lucky token missing. "Go to the brig an' find us the lightest yet sturdiest shackle an' kindly attach it the foot of this bed." He tightened his grip on the window-frame. "When Miss Swann returns she will find conditions quite different on the Black Pearl."

And with that he stormed out of the room.


There was a merchant ship docked on the island off the books, trading the little they'd had left and hadn't been able to sell at the docks they'd gone to. It was due to this that Chloe had been able to buy a passage on the ship for it next stop...Port Royal. They money she'd stolen from the wench hadn't been enough to buy the passage, but she'd seen the way the Ship's captain had stared at her beloved swan necklace. It was made of crystal yet the feathers had gold and tiny diamonds, with an emerald for its eye...and it had been his price for a ticket off of the pirate's island.

With some regret she'd handed it to him, watching as he put it on, thinking it looked far too feminine for him yet hadn't said a thing.

The ship would be leaving in a couple of hours, and that was all that mattered.

Soon she could put this nightmare behind her.


Will gazed at the island ahead of them. Jack had once more made him hold his beloved, broken compass once the isle had come into view, and after gazing it for a second he'd declared they were suffering from a 'rum deficit' and had declared they dock at the pirate island to resupply before deciding what to do from that part onwards. Will detested the pirate islands, but as he walked onto the isle with Jack and the crew minus those on guard duty back at the Interceptor, Will was admittedly relieved for this moment's respite. He was still in cold, numb shock at Chloe's death and not sure what to do now. A part him wondered if he shouldn't just stay on this terrible little island once the ship left. Chloe was dead-he'd failed her-she'd been brutalized and...and...

Will closed his eyes tightly.

He'd lost all right to return to Port Royal, had made himself an enemy of his Majesty when he'd helped a pirate steal one of his Ships, and to be truthful it wasn't a loss he mourned. The only reason why Will had stayed in Port Royal, had toiled in Brown's smithy while the drunkard took all the credit for his work, was because he hadn't been able to part himself from her.

Maybe...maybe he should just continue to sail with Jack, as he knew Lucy planned on doing. She and Chloe had always held a fascination for pirates and piracy, while Lana and Lois had always supported the Navy's goals to rid the world of piracy. Considering this, it went to prove just how much Lana and Lois loved Chloe that they would give up all they had and join hands with the pirates they distrusted and disliked.

Someone grabbed his hand, and Will turned, seeing a scraggy old woman gazing up at him. "De other half I know-tis true, dis island's been expecting you." She pulled him closer with a vicious jerk, staring deep into his eyes. "The sea 'as claimed yer heart 'er own, forced allegiance to 'er throne, torn between eart' an' sea, a battle looms before thee."

Will frowned, unnerved.

"What does it mean?" Lana whispered to Lucy.

The woman let go of Will and turned to Lana, eyes widening before pushing passed Mr. Cotton and his parrot ("Abandon ship! Abandon ship!") to grab the girl's hand. "A beauty great and heart so pure, yet childhood longin' won't endure..." She pulled Lana closer, her bad breath on the girl's face. "Yer heart an' fate do not entwine, stay on de soil ya still 'ave time."

Goosebumps and fear were visible upon young Lana as she stared at the woman. "Are you saying I'm going to die?"

The woman stared deeply at her and spat out tobacco before shaking her head.

"So I won't die?" Lana looked completely confused. "So why shouldn't I go to sea then?"

"Lana, don't get pulled in by her tricks." Lois frowned, grabbing the woman's hand and forcefully removing it from her sister to instead have it wrap around her wrist. "Let go of me!"

"From yer nightmare he returns, seas will boil and hell will burn." The woman declared with a frightful voice. "Captured, shackled, cruel demands...monsters also walk on land."

"My turn!" Jack declared, all too happily considering the fact that nothing Will had heard so far sounded encouraging. If anything they were all dire warnings of terrible things to come.

The old woman turned to Jack...and the slap rang loud.

Jack's face swung, and he pouted, rubbing his reddening cheek as the woman parted ways. "I definitely didn't deserve that one!"

Will ignored him, eyes on the old woman as she disappeared into the rowdy crowd, seeming to have forgotten them and the warnings she'd bestowed upon them. Usually Will was a straight-headed man and didn't listen to the ramblings of insane old women on pirate islands, but there'd been something about those woman's eyes that'd haunted him. They were deep, knowing, and they were telling him that a large battle was in his future...though for what he was battling Will couldn't comprehend.

"It can't be." Lucy whispered, before suddenly darting into the crowd.

"Lu!" Lois yelled, diving into the crowd after her sister.

Lana seemed rooted on the spot before turning to Mr. Cotton's parrot. "Fly above and keep an eye on them! We're going to lose them in this pack!"

"Wind In The Sails! Wind In The Sails!" Mr. Cotton's parrot squawked as he took flight.

Will, Lana and Cotton hurried after them.

"You go do that then!" Jack called cheerfully after them, before turning to Gibbs and the others, giving them a shooing motion. "Go on now, and don't forget to buy only the important things...like rum."

"'Course Captain." Gibbs, whom loved rum just as much as Jack thus the captain could trust him to oversee this mission, nodded and turned to the men. "Come on you beetnecks!"

Jack grinned and turned, sauntering into the first saloon he could find.


She'd had to ditch the dress, it was killing her. Instead, she'd traded it in for a pair of trousers, one of the frilly shirts pirates seemed to enjoy, and a belt to winch it around her waist so that it fit. She preferred not to remember having to ply the boots off of a boy too young to have died in the bar fight the way he had. It wasn't that she'd enjoyed taking his boots and his dagger, but she'd needed them more than he did now, and that was what helped her try and forget the previous owner of her new possessions.

She closed her eyes and wished for nothing more than to be back at home, with her fathers and sisters.

"You wouldn't believe it mate!" Someone in the saloon declared drunkenly to his friend. "But the HMS Interceptor is in the dock!"

"It's 'ere?" His friend exclaimed. "How excitin'!"

She paused, tankard inches from her lips.

"Can't believe Jack Sparrow pulled that one off." The first shook his head.

"Captain Jack Sparrow, mate." Another voice announced as a new man swaggered into the saloon, eyes kohl-lined, hair in dark dreadlocks and beads, smile that of a mischievous imp. "It's Captain."

Chloe's eyes widened, finally able to see the pirate she'd heard so much about. He looked younger than she would have expected, and somewhat handsomer. Then again, he had both eyes, all his teeth, and all four limbs...so she guessed that that might be the reason why. "Captain Jack Sparrow?" She found herself speaking, drawing his attention to her. "Captain of the Interceptor?"

He eyed her curiously before grinning and coming to her table, flinging himself onto the chair. "That'd be me, love."

"How did you manage to steal it from under the nose of Commodore Norrington and the whole of Port Royal?" She wanted to know, taking a sip of her rum. "That's...well...for lack of a better word...terribly impressive."

"Not when you're dealin' with Captain Jack Sparrow love." He grinned, leaning forwards. "It's just run of the mill with me."

She had to smirk at his confident charm. "I see."

He continued eyeing her, a curious look on his face. "Have we met before?" He leaned closer, narrowing his eyes. "Have you ever been to Tortuga?"

"Why don't you buy me another drink and find out?" She offered.

He grinned saucily and motioned to a serving wench. "Rum for me and whatever she's having."

"Two rums then." The girl nodded, moving away.

Sparrow turned to her and grinned, betraying some golden teeth, as he slid closer.

She raised an eyebrow, wondering if she'd have to knock him over the head with her empty tankard.

Suddenly the doors to the saloon flew open and...

Chloe's eyes widened in bone-numbing shock as Will Turner rushed into the saloon, heading for Jack Sparrow of all people.

"Jack!" He didn't even give her a second's look. "One of the merchant's have Chloe's necklace! They said someone fitting her description used it to barter a passage on their ship!"

Jack glared up at him. "Not now Mister Tuner. Can't you see I'm in the middle of something?"

Will's eyes darkened nearly demonically, surprising Chloe speechless, as he reached across and grabbed Jack by his shirt, yanking him up with a growl. "She could be on this island you-!"

"Will!" Chloe gasped, unable to keep his name off of her lips.

The usually humble, meek and mild blacksmith's apprentice froze, the hell in his eyes dying down and going blank as he turned to look at her. "Chloe?"

Jack looked between them in shock before peering at Chloe closer and suddenly seemed to recognize her, before beginning to bat at the hands grabbing his shirt. "Well of course it's young Miss Swann! Why do you think I came into this establishment in the first place?"

Will didn't listen to Jack, merely letting him go and turning to Chloe, looking at her in shock and happiness. "I thought you were dead."

Finally allowing herself to break down now that she didn't have to be strong, Chloe stood threw herself into his arms, crying as his arms went around her, keeping her tightly to him. "You're here..." She looked up at him through her tears. "How are you here?"

Will didn't answer, only brushed away at her tears with his thumb.

"You can thank me later, mate." Sparrow declared, causing her to turn her head to gaze at him, yet Will's gaze stayed firmly on hers. "Coincidentally, I am truly in desperate need of my rum reserves to be replenished, so this trip wasn't only about seeing if your Miss Swann was indeed on this island." He turned his kohl-lined eyes on the woman. "He's drunk most of my rum while mournin' your death-which we can all see was greatly exaggerated."

"Why did you think I was dead?" Chloe asked, confused, as she turned to Will.

"We followed the Black Pearl to Isla De Muerta...and found a nightgown covered in blood." Will's voice choked as he cupped her face, gazing into her eyes, scanning her features, as if trying to convince himself that she really was there. "We thought..." He closed his eyes against the mere thought.

"No..." Chloe frowned, shaking her head. "It wasn't mine...they didn't hurt me." She gulped, looking away. "I'm useful to them."

Will's eyes opened and landed on her. "Why did they take you? Did they-did they harm you?"

Sparrow watched intently.

"No!" She shook her head viciously. "They never-!" The blonde gaze down, knowing that should she tell them about undead pirates and such they might think her mad. "I had...another use...or so they thought."

Sparrow narrowed his eyes.

Suddenly the doors flew open, and a cute young man entered the saloon. "Jack! The black sails of the Pearl are in the distance! They're coming this way!"

Chloe felt her world collapse all around her. "They've come for me quicker than I anticipated."

"Chloe?" The lad's voice squeaked, wide eyes filling with tears.

She looked at the young man, wondering why he seemed familiar, but didn't get to ask him how he knew her because Sparrow grabbed her arm and made her turn to him.

"Were you in Isla De Muerta with them?" He asked, eyeing her intently, and when she narrowed those eyes narrowed further. "And did they...draw your blood?"

Her eyes widened. "You know of the ritual."

"So they did." He replied gravely, before frowning. "Why do you still live then? Of what importance are you if they know you can't break the curse? Why would they come searching for you?"

"Curse?" Will grabbed Sparrow's hand and yanked it off of her. "What curse?"

"Because they believe Will's dead, and his bloodline with him." Chloe whispered in answer to Sparrow's questions, before her eyes widened and she turned to Will. "You need to get off of this island! Now! They can't know you're still alive!"

"What is going on?" The boy stepped closer, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Chlo? What curse? And if you're no good to them, why are they still after you?"

Chloe turned to the young man, about to punch him for touching her, when suddenly she got a good look at his face and...and...her eyes widened. "Lucy?"

Lucy blinked in shock, and then she grinned. "You thought I was a man!"

Chloe didn't answer, just threw herself into her sister's arms and hugged her tightly. "Why is everyone here?"

"To find you of course, you idiot." Lucy whispered, voice catching, as she held Chloe tight.

"Right." Sparrow cleared his throat. "Why don't we continue this on the Interceptor, out on open seas, where the Pearl isn't going to be?"
13th-Aug-2011 04:13 am (UTC)
I'm new to LJ and I happened upon this story and I absolutely love it! It's just so fantastic with the characters and the reimagining/tweaking of the series that I can't describe how awesome I think this story is. You always leave me wanting to read more! Brilliant!
13th-Aug-2011 04:31 am (UTC)
Welcome to LJ! Hope you enjoy it ;)
And thank you so much! I'm having so much fun writing this story so I'm glad that people are enjoying it just as much!
13th-Aug-2011 04:16 am (UTC)
Well fuck a freaking duck!!!
This is just so freaking AWESOME!!!! It just keeps getting better and better!!
I keep thinking I know what's going to happen next and you go and throw in some twists!!!

and the scene between Chloe and Will oh so lovely!!!!!

And I need the next chapter like NOW!!!! Please!!!
13th-Aug-2011 04:33 am (UTC)
Haha! I've always found that expression so comical!
I'm so happy to hear that! I want to keep this close to the original but slowly tie in slightly the other two parts to the trilogy as well...and...well...yes...glad you're enjoying! lol
13th-Aug-2011 04:17 am (UTC)
Great update. Yay for them finding Chloe, I'm looking forward to more Chloe/Will now that they are reunited. I also can't wait to find out more about this tattoo that Chloe now has and the destiny of the 4 girls. Awesome job so far and I love the new banner that was made for you.
13th-Aug-2011 04:34 am (UTC)
Isn't the banner awesome? I love it too!
There will be a slow build up towards the Chloe/Will, as she still sees him as Lana's and she's still getting over James...but you will see them together!
13th-Aug-2011 04:34 am (UTC)
It really worries me how chloe will have to repay her debt but she is awesome so is no such a big deal... I hope :p
13th-Aug-2011 04:36 am (UTC)
Ah yes, her debt. It won't play an important role in this story but should I write the sequels (and I'm leaning towards yes) it will definitely be featured.
13th-Aug-2011 04:45 am (UTC)
sequels? hmmmm that sounds very very nice :P
13th-Aug-2011 04:44 am (UTC)

LOVED IT! Can't wait for more of course... Yay for Will/Chloe scenes.

PS: I like the new poster, although I loved the old one as well.
13th-Aug-2011 04:54 am (UTC)
Thanks :) There should slowly be more Will/Chloe from hereon out....
I do love the new poster/banner & when readers show such love!
13th-Aug-2011 04:49 am (UTC)
So we are coming up to the battle between the Interceptor and the Pearl. I take it Lois' prediction was about Cutler Beckett coming back into her life. Since they are getting into more mischief with Jack than Elizabeth did he will have a tighter hold on them, but maybe here they won't be rescuing a man from the rope? Or will they be encountering him later on through a continuation of this adventure? Can't wait to see what happens next and why Lana needs to stay on land.
13th-Aug-2011 04:56 am (UTC)
True, they are much guiltier than Elizabeth was as they helped Jack steal the Interceptor by *drugging* His Majesties Men....
Can't answer the rest for right now *winks*
13th-Aug-2011 05:03 am (UTC)


Ahem.... now that I've got that off my system...

So, so happy for this update! I was out of town for almost 2 weeks and when I got back I rushed to checked this story! That's why I'm so happy to enjoy 4 glorious new chapters to this story. I admit that I speed-read through them all but I will be reading them again in a much more leisurely pace. I think I missed all the parts that do not pertain to Chloe or Will. hehe...

Anyway, so glad that Chloe finally was able to escape the Black Pearl. Although with help from Calypso. I wonder what kind of bidding would she require of Chloe. Well, what ever it is I know it would provide a wonderful twist or plot line later on in the story.

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Will and Chloe are together again!!! Double woohoo!!! I super love that fact that Will was the first one that Chloe saw. I could picture her throwing her arms around Will and Will's own wrapping around Chloe tightly. The only thing that would have made that reunion even better was for him to have kissed her. But I think there's time for that later.

I hope that Will will not waste this second chance he has with her. I mean Will has to realize that he's got to move or he might lose her again but for real this time. Please, please, please let Will's fate be different than that the movie, where he can only see her once every 10 years. That simply would not do.

Jack is another of my fave character in this story (after Chloe and Will) and I think you write him spot on. Glad that you give us a little bit of insight into his thoughts... and his want for Lois! :)

Lucy is getting to be more of a pirate day by day! Good for her! I know she's loving it.

I that Lana will now know that Will's in love with Chloe (if she hasn't already) since Chloe's gonna be with them now. Please let her accept this graciously and encourage Chloe to love Will like Chloe encourage her.

More Lois and Jack interaction please.... both vertically and horizontally? hehe

And one last thing... PLEASE write more Will, his thoughts, his emotions. I feel that in all the chapters of this story so far we've only had glimpses of him. I know that there's a lot going on but I would like to know what's going on in his handsome head of his.

Phew, to end this long-winded review I've just got to say... YOU ROCK! :)

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13th-Aug-2011 05:22 am (UTC)
Haha! I did a little dance when I saw this review...then I checked to make sure it *was* a review and then danced a little again!

Oh, it is still going to take a while for Will to kiss her! He's way too 'proper' for right now, something which will be brought up in a conversation later on...or should...at least...

Will's fate may or may not be that of the original...maybe with a twist...maybe not...maybe he'll only be able to see her once every ten years or maybe Davy Jones never dies! lol. Can't tell you anything about what will happen there ;)

Oh, you have no idea how relief-filling that was to hear. Jack Sparrow was the reason it has taken SO DAMN LONG for me to butch up and write this crossover! I'm scared out of my *mind* of getting his character wrong because he's my favorite character yet so hard to write!!!!!!

I'm enjoying Lucy's transition into pirate :) In this story, after Chloe, she is my favorite female character...which is interesting considering Lois usually hold that title.

Haha...there will be chemistry between Lois and Jack...and should I write the sequels it will most definitely develop into something more :)

Lana. Just know that I in NO WAY plan on bashing her character in this story. She's sweet and kind and might be a bit oblivious or a little self-centered sometimes, but she truly and deeply loves her family above all else and would sacrifice herself for them.
13th-Aug-2011 07:10 am (UTC)
Oh my...I love this...and the tattoo! And her *expression*! I will have to use this one as well :)
13th-Aug-2011 07:15 am (UTC)
hahaha I live to do nice photoshop of chloe, though I´m still learning >.
13th-Aug-2011 03:06 pm (UTC)
Hehehehee! Definitely 100% positively brilliant!

Now 1st... I actually felt extreme relief when she traded her necklace. Now she doesn't have a physical tie to James, and she can move on to Will. ;D

Ok. Ok. I'm sorry, but this is my favorite part.

"My turn!" Jack declared, all too happily considering the fact that nothing Will had heard so far sounded encouraging. If anything they were all dire warnings of terrible things to come.

The old woman turned to Jack...and the slap rang loud.

Jack's face swung, and he pouted, rubbing his reddening cheek as the woman parted ways. "I definitely didn't deserve that one!"

Hahahahaha!!! I love Jack.. Excuse me... 'Captain' Jack. ;)

I also like the part where Lucy exclaims "You thought I was a man!" And then grins. Lmbo!

Oh... and the Banners! milen748 did an wonderful job. They are awwwe-some!

Did I hear something about a sequel? ^_^

P.S. I agree with boqusbabe. Like everything... A lot. Especially the 'YOU ROCK' part. :D Its nice to have honest reviewers.

13th-Aug-2011 04:48 pm (UTC)
Thank you so very much! And you're right, she doesn't have that physical tie and reminder of James anymore :)
Haha! Almost every encounter Jack has with a female ends in his getting slapped, so I just felt it would have happened in cannon! lol
Yep, Lucy is really fitting the image she's trying to play.
Yes...the banners! I agree completely!
Maybe sequels! At least for the trilogy...
Thanks! It's nice to have sweet reviewers ;)
13th-Aug-2011 10:20 pm (UTC)
I am super in love with this fic. You are so good at mixing genres and characters. I wish I had that talent. Great job. I can't wait for more and to find out what Calypso has in store for Chloe and what the old woman's warnings mean.


13th-Aug-2011 11:26 pm (UTC)
Thank you so very much! It makes so me so happy to hear that since this crossover intimidated me!!!!
13th-Aug-2011 10:23 pm (UTC)
Love it update soon
13th-Aug-2011 11:26 pm (UTC)
I shall try!!!
20th-Aug-2011 11:28 pm (UTC)
OMG when are u gonna update I feel so weird about stalking your page, checking to see if you've updated every like 12 hours.
21st-Aug-2011 12:25 am (UTC)
:) It should be out soon :)
24th-Aug-2011 05:38 pm (UTC)
I see that I'm not the only one stalking your LJ for an update. :)
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