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Curse of the Black Pearl 9/13 
25th-Aug-2011 05:13 pm
Chloe Lois Lana Lucy
This manip of Pirate's "Chloe Swann" was made by the talented milen748

Title: Curse Of The Black Pearl
Characters: Chloe, Lois, Lana, Lucy, Will, Jack, Norrington, Governor Swann, Barbossa, Black Pearl Crew
Fandoms: Smallville/Pirates Of The Caribbean
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: As children Chloe, Lois, Lana and Lucy are caught in the meteor shower and transported through time, adopted by Weatherby Swann. When Chloe is abducted by Captain Barbossa he realizes that although she can't end the curse she can tweak it in their favor.

With the small pirate isle behind them, and the black sails even further behind it, Chloe felt like for the first time since her home had been invaded she could breathe again. The Intercepter was the fastest ship in the British Royal Navy, in fact it was the fastest ship in the Caribbean, and she knew there was no way that the Black Pearl could catch up to it...haunted or not. Plus, the winds were in their favor, so she knew that tonight she could rest in peace for once, surrounded by her sisters. But as she gazed at her sisters where they were talking animatedly amongst themselves, she couldn't help but feel a finger of dread roiling up her spine.

That voice, the one she owed allegiance to, had said that they'd been brought here for a reason, given 'gifts of the gods' and she remembered the old witchy woman on the island warning her of trouble to come.

Given all that she knew, Chloe had no doubt that Captain Jack Sparrow was using Will and the connection he'd known from before this voyage to his advantage, though Chloe couldn't figure out if Jack might want to trade Will and the Intercepter in exchange for the Black Pearl or if there was a deeper agenda on the table. She didn't know and she didn't trust. She'd told everyone about the curse, about Will's blood being the antidote per se of that curse, and of how she'd lied to the pirates about Will being dead to try and protect him so at least they all knew now and Jack didn't have that knowledge to his favor. The blonde hadn't told them about the voice though, or the promise she'd made. That was very personal for her and it was probably for the best because emotions were rampant as it were.

Will was angry...at her. He didn't come out and say it of course but the way his eyes flashed and how he stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him-it was obvious he was extremely displeased with her and her course of actions. It confused and annoyed her. It wasn't as if she'd planned on purposely getting kidnapped and held hostage by a crew of cursed pirates!

Lucy slipped out of the room after a while, declaring she had work to do above deck.

Chloe watched her go, silent, eyeing how comfortable her youngest sister was in her male's garb and on board the stolen ship. The blonde had always suspected that Lucy had no plans of settling down as the wife of some nobleman or high official...and she had the sinking suspicion that her sister had never planned on going back to Port Royal even if she were granted clemency. The second oldest Swann girl knew deep down that despite the rash actions of her sisters and Will that her father would somehow find a way to give them clemency, if only because he wouldn't be able to survive without his daughters and he knew they wouldn't accept the clemency if one wasn't granted to Will as well...but Chloe was worried that Lucy mightn't accept the clemency, preferring to be a pirate on the open seas.

Of this Chloe knew she was somewhat guilty. The blonde had been the one to relate all the stories of pirates and buccaneers to her youngest sister, hadn't she? She'd also been the one to encourage her to express her independent nature and all the other little quirks that her family had tried to suppress. And yet Chloe had never meant for Lucy to become so enamored with this world. It wasn't as glamorous as it seemed, the blonde knew this all too well.

The life of a pirate was one of adventure, yes, but it was also filled with violence of the worse kind such as murder and rape, and there was very poor hygiene. Chloe knew that it was probably only because she was considered valuable to them (or they weren't cursed to not feel even want) that she hadn't been raped by the crew of the Black Pearl, knew that had the situation been any different she would have suffered a fate worse than death several times. Even though Lucy somehow protected herself by hiding her gender, one day it would come out to the light, and Chloe was terrified at the thought of her little sister being forced...

Of course, there was the fact that amongst pirates and sailors both Captain Jack Sparrow was known for being a 'different sort' of pirate. Not only was there his past in the East India Trading Company known and that Cutler Beckett himself had branded Sparrow with a P for Pirate when Jack refused to have anything to do with the slave trade (preferring to instead free the slaves, which he did at a cost to the East India Trade), but there was the fact that Captain Jack Sparrow was known for being an oddly peaceful pirate. He plundered and pillaged and such, yes, but there hadn't been mentions of rape or excess violence and he was always known to 'kindly' ask the people to surrender before the fighting... It was one of the reasons why his crew had gone against him. He wasn't 'pirate enough' for them, or so Pintel had informed her once while being forced to help her in the kitchen with the potatoes.

Pintel, once bored or consumed with a task, had very loose lips, and Chloe had learnt quite a lot about quite a lot.

"I'm so happy you're back safely." Lana whispered, bringing Chloe out of her thoughts as she placed her hand in hers. "You were taken because of me, and if something had happened to you-if you'd really died-."

Lana choked up, looking away, tears welling in her eyes.

Lois sighed.

Chloe squeezed Lana's hand and smiled at Lois. "I am fine. I was treated surprisingly well on the Black Pearl."

"Why would they think you could heal them of the curse if they knew you weren't a Turner?" Lois finally asked, confused, wary. "Could it have been wishful thinking on their part?"

Lana laid down, curling around a pillow. "Whenever we're sick, Chloe is the one who tends to us." Her hazel gaze went to Lois. "When did that begin?"

Lois frowned. "When Lucy was four and Chloe six the two of them caught the fever, and were both very ill." The eldest Swann daughter looked down to her hands. "You and I were sent to the country villa with Mrs. Tate, so we could be safe from it. Many children were dying of the fever in London, and father was afraid we too would succumb."

Lana frowned, sitting up. "I don't remember this."

"That's surprising, you had nightmares every night about Chloe dying." Lois remarked darkly. "The whole situation was a nightmare. Father wouldn't allow us out of the isolation, and our only contact with the outside world were through the weekly post he sent Mrs. Tate with news of how Lucy and Chloe were doing. She would tell us they were fine but she'd never let us actually read the documents, so after she'd fall asleep I'd sneak into her room and steal away each and every correspondence so I could know what really was happening."

Chloe herself couldn't remember this sickness, and leaned forwards, eyes narrowed.

"Both you and Lucy were very ill," Lois confided, pulling a strand of hair behind her ear. "But you were worse, Chloe, and father wrote that the doctor didn't believe you would make it." She gulped. "The letter father wrote next though, he declared a miracle had happened. He wrote that you were dying, the doctor saying you wouldn't make it through the night. Father stayed in the room with you, holding your hand, but somehow he fell asleep. He awoke to find you leaning over Lucy's bed, wiping her sweaty brow. You were completely healed, your fever having broken."

Chloe blinked, unable to believe this.

"The doctor couldn't understand it, and father didn't care to understand it, he just thanked god. They wanted to remove you from the room in case you should fall ill once more but Lucy soon began to get better as well, and you wouldn't leave, preferring to take care of her and nurse her back to health." Lois continued. "Before too long we were able to return home, and ever since then whenever one of us were ill you'd nurse us back to health."

"What if she has an ability to heal and it somehow has affected the curse? Not ended it, but maybe weakened it?" Lana suddenly asked, sitting up, still hugging the pillow. "I'm not saying you dabble in the dark arts, Chloe, but maybe there's something natural about you that...heals?"

"Would it have affected a curse?" Lois wanted to know.

Chloe desperately wished she knew the answer as well.

She also wondered why the dizzy fatigue she'd begun feeling a little while ago was growing steadily worse.


Fire and smoke rose in the sky as screams and blood filled the streets.

This pathetic little pirate island was the only land for many leagues, and had the girl survived the black water she would have made for the shore.

Whores and drunkards and merchants alike fell to their fury, none safe from the wrath of the accursed pirates of the Black Pearl. The pirates felt each slice, each thrust of the sword, the pain there, and yet their link to their Black Swan lit up their wounds, healing them immediately, and in some instances thrusting out the swords quite violently. It was all they needed to know that the girl still lived, and if she was not on this island she had taken off on some ship before they'd docked in the harbor with hell in their eyes. Each and every pirate needed her, knew that to be able to live and feel they'd need to keep her close, keep her safe. Should she die they'd lose this new freedom and ability to truly live while being immortal yet feel.

"Cap'n!" Twigg dragged a fat, cowering man behind him, snarling. " 'E 'ad this on 'im!"

And with that he raised the necklace in his other fist.

It was that of a swan.

Barbossa yanked the necklace that'd once adorned their little runaway's neck and snarled as he turned to the fat pissant crying behind Twigg, knowing that she valued and prized that necklace and wouldn't have parted with it unless for important reasons. "Where did ye get yer grubby hands on this?"

"P-p-p-p-please!" The man stammered, crying sloppily. "A young girl u-u-u-u-u-u-used it to barter p-p-p-passage on our s-sh-ship to Port Royal!"

"Where be this girl?" Barbossa reached down and grabbed the man who gave a shriek in terror, snarling, bringing them face to face.

"She left with Jack Sparrow!" The man cried.

Barbossa froze. "What?"

"H-h-h-he and his c-c-crew wanted t-to know about her t-t-too!" The man sobbed. "S-s-s-she left with them! On the HMS Intercepter!"

Dropping the sobbing man, Barbossa snarled, gaze going to the sea. "GENTS! To the Pearl!"


Will found himself staring out at the sea for a very different reason now than he had ever since joining Jack's pirate crew to find Chloe. Before he'd stared out imagining seeing the accursed black sails of the Black Pearl and being step closer to saving his...saving the woman he loved...but Chloe hadn't waited to be rescued and had saved herself. She was safe and sound now, down below with two of her three sisters (Lucy above deck and helping on board with the crew). And yet Will couldn't help but feel Chloe was further away from him than ever. Before he'd known that she loved Commodore Norrington, and afterwards there'd been that very awkward situation with Miss Lana, and the fact that he could never give Chloe the sort of life she deserved...and now...and now he was wanted by the law and even if for some reason Governor Swann gave him clemency...

Will sighed, lowering his gaze.

He was still only a blacksmith's apprentice, and she still only saw him as a brother.

And not only that, but being with him could endanger her.

Hadn't those pirates taken her because she'd given "Turner" for her name?

His blood was what they were searching for to end their curse.

This was all his fault!

"It's not, you know, your fault."

Will jerked in surprise and turned to see Lois lean against the railing next to him, hair whipping in the wind. "I beg your pardon?"

"It's written all over your face-that you blame yourself for what happened." Lois turned towards him with a sad smile. "But it isn't. There was no way you could have known anything of this would happen." She shrugged. "If it's anyone's fault it's Lana's because she kept your medallion from you, and in the end the pirates were drawn to the call of the pirate gold and followed it to our house and ultimately to Chloe."

Will didn't answer, couldn't, and instead his gaze darted over the deck, unable to find Chloe or Miss Lana.

"She's down below still with Lana." Lois replied to the question he hadn't asked. "Lana-she feels guilty-and so I decided that it was best to give those two some time alone to speak."

Will nodded, gaze returning to the sea.

"It's Chloe, isn't it?"

He frowned, turning to look at the eldest Swann girl.

"Chloe's the one your heart belongs to...not Lana." Lois clarified.

Will's eyes widened, and he opened his mouth to...he wasn't sure what to say.

"I always suspected..." She sighed, turning to look out into the sea as well. "I hadn't figured out the Chloe part completely, but I knew that what you felt for Lana wasn't romantic but brotherly. It was one of the reasons why I pushed for Lana to accept Norrington's proposal. Chloe always mistook your friendship with Lana for something deeper, most probably because she was close friends with Commodore Norrington and yet wanted to be more." Lois shrugged. "I think she superimposed her and the Commodore's situation over your and Lana's."

Will didn't know what to say, so he looked back out at the sea as well.

"What do you plan on doing?"

That was a very good question.

"The day after the attack on Port Royal was the day I'd decided to call upon Miss Lana and congratulate her on her engagement." Will admitted. "It would have been less embarrassing for both parties than for I to be as direct as Chloe wanted me to be."

Lois nodded. "It would have been." She pulled a strand of hair behind her ear. "Why haven't you spoken to Lana during this whole time? It was an opportune time to clear any misunderstandings on her part."

He shook his head. "I couldn't think of anything but Chloe...I nearly went insane."

"I know. I watched you." Lois responded. "It's how I knew she was the one you cherish."

He nodded, silent, not sure what to do now that Lois knew. Lucy had always known, and yet it was different because he'd always seen Lucy as a sibling of his in whom to confide, whereas Lois he couldn't separate mentally from Chloe.

"You'd be good for her," Lois decided.

His eyes widened and he turned to Lois in shock.

She turned to him and smiled. "Just like I know Lana can grow to love the Commodore, who already adores her...Chloe loves you already." Her hazel gaze met his darker one. "And love does nothing but continue growing...stronger."

Will's heart raced, unable to believe he what he was hearing. "Miss Lois?"

"JACK!" Lucy screamed behind them, causing Will and Lois to swing around in time to see her race to the upper-deck where Jack was at the wheel, spyglass in hand. "SMOKE!"

Will frowned and rushed to the other side of the ship along with the others to see behind them, in the direction of the pirate isle they'd left, a column of black smoke raising up towards the sky.

"Black sails on the horizon." Jack lowered his spyglass, a look of excitement and dread on his face. "The Pearl."


"I'm so sorry, Commodore." Lana whispered emotionally as she strolled with the silent man down the deck of the Dauntless, so relieved to have this nightmare behind her and to be finally going back home, Chloe save and sound below deck trying to recover from her nightmarish stint as pirate captain. "I know that what I did was wrong, but I couldn't-I-."

"I understand, Miss Lana." Commodore James Norrington sighed, gaze going to the endless horizon, arms clasped behind his back. "I am sure Governor Swann will grant you and your sisters, and even Mister Turner, clemency for your acts on account of a moment's insanity...but this has shown me how little you trust in my abilities that you were prefer to side with a well known pirate instead of letting me find your sister."

She flinched, unable to say anything about that, biting down on her bottom lip.

"I shall relieve you of your duties to me as my intended," Norrington surprised her by stating softly. "It was painfully obvious that your heart lies not with me."

The brunette turned to him, eyes wide, guilt and hope mixing in her soul as she gazed up at him silently. "Commodore?"

His gaze went to behind her. "Though I have to wonder, if I may not be the only one who knows the grief of loving someone, who loves another."

Lana's eyes narrowed in confusion before following his gaze, landing upon where Chloe was slowly ascending onto the deck from the lower quarters, Will's arm around her waist, lending her his strength.

"Will!" Lana smiled, seeing him once more, ecstatic to let him know that she was no longer bound to Commodore James Norrington, that they could be together. "Will!"

And yet he didn't hear her, speaking softly, tenderly to Chloe, who smiled thankfully to him.

"I see you are making a fine recovery, Miss Chloe." The Commodore turned towards them with a soft smile. "It gladdens my heart to know so."

Unlike Will with Lana's voice, Chloe looked up immediately at the sound of the Commodore's, her lips lifting in a large smile as she pulled away from Will, hurrying towards the other man. "James!" She raced into his arms and hugged him tightly, the Commodore hesitating a second in surprise before placing his arms around her.

Lana smiled brightly.

Now that the Commodore knew Lana herself didn't love him, maybe he could see Chloe in the light she saw him, and Lana wouldn't have to feel guilty to move on with Will.

She turned to the blacksmith's apprentice, smile bright on her lips...but that smile slowly started slipping as she realized that he had yet to notice her.

His beloved brown eyes were on Chloe and the Commodore, and that was when Lana realized something that chilled her to the bone.

Will watched Chloe the same way Lana watched Will.

"No." Lana whispered in horror. "It can't be!"



Gasping, the brunette groaned, eyes flying open, head hurting. "What-happened?"

"The boat lurched and you hit your head." Chloe announced, worried. "You were unconscious for a couple of minutes."

"My head hurts a little." Lana admitted, realizing hazily that she was on the floor.

"You gave it quite a hit." Chloe's voice was strained as she eased Lana off of the floor and onto the bed. "Lay down, okay? I'm going to go up and see what's going on."

Lana nodded, curling in the bed, hissing in pain.

"I'll be back as soon as possible." Chloe promised before rushing out of the room.

As Lana closed her eyes she wondered, sleepily, why she felt she was forgetting something important.


"Hands aloft to loose t'gallants!" Gibbs' voice yelled from above. "With this wind at her stern she'll carry every sail we've got!"

Racing above deck, Chloe looked around, confused at the chaos and desperation obvious in the crew as they ran about doing as told. "What's happening?"

"The Black Pearl," Lucy called from up above. "She's gaining on us!"

"What?" Chloe whispered in horror, racing to the side of the Interceptor, eyes widening as she saw those black sails. "No."

"But this is the fastest ship in the Caribbean!" Lois snapped as she raced up the stairs towards the helm. "There's no way that it can catch up to us!"

"Remember that's the Black Pearl you're talking about, love." Jack declared with obvious pride as he flung an arm around Lois' shoulders. "No ship can live up to her majesty."

Lois slapped at his hand, shoving his arm off. "There is no way it can live up to the Interceptor in speed."

"You can tell them that when they've caught up to us." Lucy declared, lowering herself rapidly down the rope, landing hard on deck, rubbing her hands against her trousers. "What are your orders, Captain?"

"Aye Cap'n." Gibbs nodded, coming up by her. "What be your orders?"

Chloe didn't hear the rest, her eyes narrowing as a blinking light caught her attention. She raced to the back of the ship and grabbed hold of the railing, leaning against it hard, watching the Black Pearl in the distance...waiting...and then there was the blink once more.

Light reflecting off the end of a spyglass.

She gulped.

Were those pirates truly after her or had they somehow realized that Will was on the ship and were after him for his blood?

All around her the pirate crew raced to follow whatever orders Jack Sparrow had given them, the Black Pearl growing closer, and closer.

Chloe felt glued to the spot, eyeing the accursed ship as it gained ground on them.

"There is no ship that can match me Pearl for speed."

Chloe jumped, turning to look at Jack, who stood next to her, gazing out at the ship behind them. "You know they're going to catch up to us."

He grinned, tilting his head towards her, a beaded dread falling into his face.

"You want them to catch up to us." Chloe realized, eyes narrowing. "You plan on bartering Will off to them, in exchange for the Pearl."

"If they be human, they can be killed." Jack declared, tilting his hat up slightly.

"And you plan on killing them?" She questioned.

He pulled out his gun. "When they stranded me on that godforsaken island they gave me this gun and one bullet, so I could put myself out of my misery. Part of the code."

She nodded for him to continue.

"I've been saving this here bullet." Jack declared.

The Black Pearl grew closer and closer, looming behind, proving that very soon it would catch up on them. They pulled in their oars, obviously preparing to begin firing.

"Gibbs!" Will could be heard yelling. "We have to make a stand! We must fight! Load the guns!"

Jack twirled around in horror, flailing as he raced away. "Don't go blasting holes into my ship!"

Arguments rose on deck.

There seemed to be some sort of mutiny going on, because while Jack ordered them to put the canons away and that he was 'sure' they could talk things out 'rationally' with Barbossa, Will yelled out: "Lower the anchor on the right side. The starboard side!"...and the crew were hurriedly following his orders.

"Oi!" Jack yelled, completely insulted. "I am captain of this ship!"

"A ship which is going to be completely destroyed, with us in it, if we don't fire back!" Will snapped.

"Lower the starboard anchor!" Gibbs could be heard yelling, surprisingly enough siding with Will. "Do it ye dogs, or it's you we'll load into the cannons!"

"No! No! No! No!" Jack insisted. "Stop it at once! We are not firing at my beloved Pearl!"

Hearing rapid footsteps, Chloe turned from the Black Pearl in time to see Will race towards her, trapping her against the railing of the Interceptor and his body, strong arms on either side of hers, hands clasping the railings.

It brought their faces and bodies ever so close.

Chloe's green eyes widened in surprise at the way her heart raced rapidly. Head tilted back slightly so she could look up into his face, the blonde felt a scarlet blush climb up her neck. "W-W-Will?"

Suddenly the anchor was lowered rapidly into the sea and after a couple of seconds caught onto something, causing the Interceptor to swerve violently. Had Will not trapped her as such she most probably would have tumbled off, and she grabbed hold of him tightly, burying her face in his shirt.

"Let the helm go!" Lucy ordered...and whomever she'd been yelling to must have obeyed because suddenly the swinging of the ship grew more forceful as it turned without any sort of constraint.

"Keep us steady now!" Lois yelled as the ships were coming to rest side by side, canons at the ready.


The air exploded with sound and gunpowder as the ships exchanged cannon fire.

"STOP BLOWING HOLES IN MY SHIP!" Jack shrieked, sounding near panicked.

"Raise yer colors ya bloom' cockroaches!" Barbossa could be heard yelling. "Hands, grapnels, at the ready! Prepare to board!"

Suddenly a shot was fire, and a cracking sound was their only warning before suddenly the Interceptor's mast fell over onto the deck, barely missing many of the crew.

Grapple hooks were thrown onto the Interceptor as the accursed crew of the Black Pearl boarded.

"Blast all to carcasses, men!" Barbossa ordered. "Forward clear to the powder magazine! And the rest of you! Bring me the girl!"


Nothing was going according to plan.

The ships connected by the grappling hooks, the Black Pearl's crew onboard fighting, canons firing back and forth blasting holes into two very nice ships...

...Jack cursed his luck when it came to mutinies.

"HELP!" Lana Swann screamed, kicking and pounding her fists into Twigg's back as the pirate emerged from below deck with her thrown over his shoulder.

"PUT HER DOWN!" Lois raced up after them, a pot in hand, and swung it hard against the back of Twigg's head, disorienting him enough to drop Lana and turn towards Lois in time to recieve another slam of the pot, yet this time to his face.

Jack grinned.

He really liked that girl!

He dodged Grapple's subpar fencing abilities, and gazed around the ship.

Cygnet swung on some rope and kicked two pirates off of the ship and into the sea, before letting go of the rope and engaging the Bo'Sun, that huge, somewhat scary pirate Jack himself had been avoiding.

Mutinous acts aside, she'd make a fine pirate.

"Chloe!" Will yelled, battling two pirates at the same time, yet sending distressed looks towards...

...Chloe Swann, who was being dragged away by her hands and legs by Pintel and Ragetti.

The blonde struggled viciously, finally freeing one leg and bending it at the knee before kicking Ragetti in the face, causing his fake eye to pop out and for him to drop her with an yelled "Me eye!" leaving Pintel to deal with her as Ragetti raced after his false eye.

"Now poppet! Behave!" Pintel snarled, letting go of her to pull out his gun and train it on her. "Walk."

She narrowed her eyes at him, looking strangely sickly, sweating, panting, terribly pale yet utterly defiant. "No."

"Don't make me shoot ya." Pintel cocked the gun.

"You won't." Chloe raised her chin defiantly.

She didn't notice Treacher coming up from behind her and knocking her in the back of her head with the handle of his sword, catching her when she crumpled unconscious.

"Don't hurt her dammit!" Pintel snapped at Treacher.

Jack's eyes narrowed at that.

"She'll only have a headache." Treacher rolled his eyes at Pintel as he arranged the unconscious girl's body in his arms.

All around him, Jack saw his crew being gathered and defeated by the undead pirates, and suddenly he felt a sharp edge pressed against his back. "Bugger."

"Tell me, Jack." Freckles growled behind him. "How exactly did you escape that damned island?"

"I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, mate." Jack wondered why everyone was always underestimating him.

"It's sinking!" Someone yelled. "Abandon ship!"

"Well, Captain Jack Sparrow." Freckles pressed his sharp harder into Jack's back. "I'm sure Captain Barbossa would love to share a few words with you before we be a sending you to Davy Jones' Locker."

Jack gulped.

Nothing was going to plan!
25th-Aug-2011 11:00 pm (UTC) - Awesome
Yeah!! Im the first to comment so after stalking your page for a few days I am glad to see and update I was running out of things to read on livejournal, Plus I'm so glad that Lana is finally realizing that Will doesnt love her lets just hope that Chloe quickly realizes it to keep updating (more often ;) lol ) Cant wait for more
25th-Aug-2011 11:21 pm (UTC) - Re: Awesome
LOl so sorry for the long wait! I've been half-updating a bunchload of things and unable to fully finish ONE until just now!
25th-Aug-2011 11:22 pm (UTC)
but Chloe hadn't waited to be rescued and had saved herself... well duh! Will what did you expect a damsel in distress? nu-uh! LOL
25th-Aug-2011 11:24 pm (UTC)
*grins* in those days she'd have been expected to be a damsel in distress...but she got a little bored of waiting lol
26th-Aug-2011 12:00 am (UTC)
Awesome!! I can't wait to see what happens next.
26th-Aug-2011 12:04 am (UTC)
There will be a slight WillxChloe piece in a future chapter so I'm sure you'll like it:)
26th-Aug-2011 12:21 am (UTC)
I love this fic. I can't wait to find out how you plan on/if you plan on getting Chloe and Will together. Great update hon!


26th-Aug-2011 12:27 am (UTC)
Thanks! The WillxChloe will be a slowerthing than in the movies...but there will definitely be obvious elements of it in these last chapters!!!!!
26th-Aug-2011 12:22 am (UTC)
Yay! I have been waiting for this update. Weird how Lana can't seem to remember all of her visions yet or war that because the head trauma? It seems that Chloe has at least noticed Will now if that blush is any indication. Can't wait to see the conversation in the next chapter now that the Black Swan has been recaptured with the last Turner heir.
26th-Aug-2011 12:29 am (UTC)
Well, this time Lana had a little headtrauma so that's why she can't really remember it. But sometimes she'll just attribute things to mere dreams...as she has yet to realize that she's seeing things before they happen.
26th-Aug-2011 04:15 am (UTC)
Yea, you totally made my day with this update! I am so happy that Lois knows about Will's feelings for Chloe, maybe she can convince him to finally make a move. I love that Lana is having more dreams about the future, but this latest one worries me a little, if James calls off his engagement to Lana will he start to see Chloe in a different light? I totally want Chloe to be happy, but ultimately I think she could truly love Will, and be much happier with him. Wow, see how wonderful your writing is, you totally have me sucked in and truly terrified for the fates of these charactors. Thank you for such a wonderful, and suspenseful update, and as always please update again soon!
26th-Aug-2011 05:50 am (UTC)
She's trying to! Just like she's pushing Lana towards Norrington. But if anyone will take her advice is left to be seen.
VERY GOOD QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*cue evil laugh*
26th-Aug-2011 04:49 am (UTC)
I just love how you portray Captain Jack. It's so easy to imagine him acting out the scenes you write him in (wanting to protect "his ship", the bad luck with mutinies, and not taking part in the fight)!

The way Chloe, Lois, and Lucy especially are breaking 18th century stereotypes is awesome. I was cheering them all on as I read. :)

Now I'm thinking more about Lana's visions and wondering if they always come true or if they can be changed? Or will I just have to wait and see to find out?

I absolutely love this story and can't wait to read more!
26th-Aug-2011 05:48 am (UTC)
Yay! Captain Jack....SO HARD TO WRITE! lol
They have taht 21st century blood in them...though they don't have any memory of it! :)
Hmmm...Lana's visions *is hushed n can't speak*
26th-Aug-2011 07:00 pm (UTC)
An update!!! An update!!!

***does the update dance***

So glad for this latest update! I hope there will be another this weekend. You'll totally make my weekend if there is! :)

Anyway, on to the review...

It's great that Chloe's with Will and the others now. I know that she'll be taken once again by Barbossa but I wasn't expecting it to be that soon (next chapter maybe). I was hoping for more Will and Chloe time before they see that sails of the Black Pearl. I was imagining Will turning all “sexy instructor” on Chloe while he teaches her how to handle a sword. How could you snuff out that dream!!! J But an upside is that we get to see more pirate actions (e.g. canon fire, plunder and pillaging).

Jack is hilarious!!! He's more worried about his beloved Black Pearl than their lives. I thought he'd be more worried about Lois but I guess the Jack and Lois relationship still needs to mature. Although the picture of Lois whacking Jack when he shows more concern about the Pearl than her is something to look forward to. :)

I totally see Lucy becoming a pirate queen someday. Lucy with her own ship and crew, living the pirate way. I don't see her with anybody as of the moment because I do think that her being a pirate is her top priority right now. If you are gonna pair her up with somebody that someone has to be strong enough to handle her, maybe a tougher pirate coz I think that's the only way her can earn her respect and love.

Lana, is the only damsel in distress in this story. I have no doubt in my mind that if it was her that Barbossa kidnapped she would still be there waiting to be rescued. With that said, I do think she provides a nice contrast to all the strong Swann women. I wonder though why you let her forget about her discovering Will's feelings for Chloe?

So happy that Lois know Will's feelings for Chloe. I know she'll now help Will to win Chloe for she saw how determined Will was to save Chloe and how he was willing to do anything and everything for Chloe. I just hope she works on her growing attraction to Jack as well. Maybe have Jack and Lois conspire to get Will and Chloe together. Oh what fun!!! :)

Now, for my fave characters...Will and Chloe.

It's lovely to read more of Will's thoughts. I guess he was thinking that if he saved Chloe then he'd be more worthy of her. It's obvious; even though he's extremely glad to see her safe; that he's a bit disappointed that he wasn't able to swoop in and save her himself. Oh Will, don't worry, you'll get another chance...

As for Chloe, I wish she said something about her encounter with Calypso. That way, she'd have some help when the time comes and it will also give the sisters some indication that they have powers. Did Chloe mention her dream of "dying" and of her blood getting into the coins?

You are amazing in giving snippets of Will and Chloe interaction. That little sexual tension scene Chloe and Will had (while they were under attack no less) just keeps us begging for more. I really hope there will be much more Will and Chloe next chapter coz I don't think I could stand all the UST anymore. And if Chloe's blush was an indication, I don't think she's as unaware of Will as you let us believe. :)

Now, for the all important question..... When will Will see Chloe's cute little dolphin tattoo? LOL!!!

You are as awesome as always.

Next chapter please! I would not be oppose to you posting it in the next 24 hours... I mean 12 hours... maybe 8 hours. Oh heck, who am I kidding? I want that next chapter now!!! :)

26th-Aug-2011 10:56 pm (UTC)
Actually...you'll be surprised at how the Black Pearl will amp up the WillxChloe *hinthintwinkwink*

Oh yes! Like the ChloexWill...the JackxLois is still in its baby stages! It'll take a while to mature considering she's still denying the fact that she's attracted to him and not more suitable men.

Oh yes. Lucy has no interest in anything or anyone except being free from the confines of what a 'proper lady' should do during that era. It's one of the reasons why being a pirate interests her so much. I think her dream come true would be having a ship of her own where she was the captain.

Well, Lana doesn't actually remember much of what she sees...and the ones she do remember she attributes to dreams/nightmares...as she has to yet realize the fact that they are premonitions and not just manifestations of her fears.

Lois will most definitely work on getting Chloe with Will once they aren't in the middle of some pirate battle and back on firm ground. :) But I think she'll still deny Jack for a little bit....

Exactly! He's relieved she's safe and sound but he really wanted to be the one to save her, figured that might open her eyes to him a little.

Chloe is very intimidated by 'the voice' she now owes, and figures that it isn't safe to speak about it in case there are reprecussoins. If the 'voice' could commandeer a shark...and say it was only trinkets...then she knows there is some deep power there.

Up until that moment she'd never had Will all up and close and protective before, and it shocked her. Like Lana, she's slowly seeing a different side to the 'meek and mild' side of Will Turner, and unlike Lana it doesn't scare her. But it *does* confuse her.

Haha! HE WILL SEE THE TATTOO! That section is ALREADY WRITTEN!!!!!!! ;) Though the situation it happens in isn't what one would expect *facepalms*
27th-Aug-2011 02:50 am (UTC)
Dude! I am totally bouncing on the edge of my chair!

What happens next???

Ahhhhhhh! Its soo good!

But they have Chloe again! Or well their going to... maybe... I think...

I'm soo glad you updated! And I can't wait till you update again! I love it!

So is Barbossa going to give Chloe her necklace back?

I hope not.

Something else I want to know.... is why Chloe is dizzy and fatigued... 0_o

Sooomethingggs going ooon hereee....

And I'm liking where its heading.

More please. :D
27th-Aug-2011 05:05 am (UTC)
:) Bounce away!

You'll find out in the next update! (which should be soon)

Yes they do!

I will try not to make you wait so long for this next update! Promise!

I had toyed with the idea of Barbossa giving her back the necklace but decided against it. Like the necklace, a part of Chloe was left behind on that pirate island and needs to stay behind.
27th-Aug-2011 08:35 pm (UTC)
loved it cant wait for more
27th-Aug-2011 09:39 pm (UTC)
It shant be too long now!!!!
30th-Aug-2011 07:36 am (UTC)
Taking a short break from studying and I get not one but two updates to this story, now that's fucking awesome!!!!! Heeeeeee

I'm so in love with this story!!! You have the character's of the movies down. Raggeti, Pintel, Will and Jack. Especially Jack, every time he is talking or gesturing I can picture oh so perfectly!!!

Hearing rapid footsteps, Chloe turned from the Black Pearl in time to see Will race towards her, trapping her against the railing of the Interceptor and his body, strong arms on either side of hers, hands clasping the railings.

It brought their faces and bodies ever so close.

All I can say is: guhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How is it possible to pack so much sexual tension in two sentences?????
31st-Aug-2011 02:26 am (UTC)
So happy to hear this! Hope your studying goes well!!!!!
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