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Curse of the Black Pearl 11/13 
31st-Aug-2011 05:46 am
Chloe Lois Lana Lucy
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Title: Curse Of The Black Pearl
Characters: Chloe, Lois, Lana, Lucy, Will, Jack, Norrington, Governor Swann, Barbossa, Black Pearl Crew
Fandoms: Smallville/Pirates Of The Caribbean
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: As children Chloe, Lois, Lana and Lucy are caught in the meteor shower and transported through time, adopted by Weatherby Swann. When Chloe is abducted by Captain Barbossa he realizes that although she can't end the curse she can tweak it in their favor.

Will didn't know what it was that woke him up, he was warm and comfortable and felt lulled by the subtle feel of the sea beneath him. The young blacksmith's apprentice had discovered upon his stay on the Interceptor that he found himself unusually adapted to life on the open seas. Will had been too scared for Chloe's well-being to truly enjoy the freedom he was experiencing on the now pirate-ship, but for some reason he'd been able to sleep better last night than he had in a very long time, and it took him a couple of moments for his sleepy and confused mind to come up with the reason for this.

And then the warmth around his body moved slightly as the leg loped over his trailed upwards slightly and the body half-covering his shifted even closer as a soft, sleepy groan disturbed the silence of the cabin.

His eyes flew open and his heart raced as he lowered his gaze to the head of golden hair resting against his rapidly beating heart.

How many nights had he dreamt about waking up to this moment? And yet he was so close...while being so horribly far as well. This was probably one of the most torturous situations he'd been in his life. For years he'd contented himself with loving her from afar...forced himself to be satisfied with her friendship...had been so sure that one day Commodore Norrington would take her as wife and Will had always known that he couldn't fight Norrington, didn't stand a chance against the King's best. He hadn't even tried to fight, and that made him wonder now. What if he had fought for her instead of being content with the dog's portion? Would things have gone differently? Would they have parted ways awkwardly or could there have been a chance for him?

He'd never let himself doubt his actions in the past, yet now as he sampled a taste of what waking up in the mornings with Chloe might entail...he tasted utter bitterness.

He didn't regret doing all he had to save her, but in doing so he'd driven an even bigger wedge between them by making an outlaw of himself. If he didn't deserve to ask to court her when he was a poor yet law abiding blacksmith, how could he even think of speaking to her of his feelings now that he was an outlaw? She might feel obligated to respond to his feelings out of compassion for all he'd done for her, and Will wanted her, he wanted her badly. He might take advantage of that and secure her to his side in such a terrible way.

Chloe groaned, curling around him tighter, the thin gown bunching up around her hips indecently, causing a blush to bloom in his face. Will reached down to yank the material down but the chains to the shackles around his wrists pulled tight, not allowing him to move so much. He hissed yet tried to ignore the pain as he reached as far as he could and tried to move her material, yet Chloe just stretched and somehow it moved up more and...

Will's eyes narrowed as he stared at the hint of what appeared to be a tattoo on her hip. It was almost completely covered and thus indistinguishable, but it was a tattoo nonetheless, and it shocked him. He never would have imagined Chloe to do something like that to deface her body. He'd always associated tattoos with pirates or other hooligans, and he could easily see Lucy getting a couple of them...but never Chloe.

And yet...and yet other than disgust he was...dammit he was intrigued.

He wanted to see the design, he wanted to see it badly.

As Chloe groaned and seemed to slowly awaken from her slumber, Will closed his eyes quickly and relaxed, pretending to sleep, trying not to betray his emotions when she gasped and pulled away from him.


Waking up to the smell of smoke was never a good way to start the day, and that was never more true than now as Jack awoke to see the island burning, Lana, Lois and Cygnet only adding more fuel to the fire.

"No! Not good!" He stumbled to his feet and hurried towards them, eyes wide in horror as Lois smashed a bottle of rum into the fire, causing it to roar with renewed fervor. "What are you doing? You burned all the food, the shade! The rum!"

"Yes, the rum is gone." Lana nodded as she added a couple of coconuts to the flames.

"Why is the rum gone?" He turned to her in desperation, not able to understand what sort of nightmare this had turned into.

"That signal is over a thousand feet high." Cygnet declared from where she was leaning against a palm tree, gazing up listlessly at the pillar of angry smoke rising up from the fire. "The entire Royal Navy is out looking for Chloe, do you really think that there is even the slightest chance that they won't see it?"

"But why is the rum gone?" Jack couldn't understand.

"Within the hour, maybe two you'll see white sails on that horizon." And yet Lucy was still gazing up at the sky.

"Commodore Norrington will find us, and when he does you'll lead him back to Isla De Muerta." Lana declared, seeming to all of a sudden have faith in the fiance she'd both drugged and helped shame by stealing His Majesties Ship the Interceptor.

"Have any of you just sat down a second and remembered that you're all bloody wanted by the law?" Jack growled, the lack of rum making him a little desperate as he glared at them, throwing his hands in the air.

"There's something you don't seem to understand, Mr. Sparrow." Lois declared, drawing his attention back to her as she slowly came towards her. "We're a family, we showed we did not care what happened to us when we threw away our lives in Port Royal to join you on this quest for our sister. Do you truly believe that our feelings would be any different? We just got our sister from those blackened knaves only to have them take her away once more and we do not care whatever happens to us as long as we can save her and Will."

Jack shook his head at her. "You will never make a good pirate." He shot an accusing look in Lucy's direction. "You neither young lady. I am terribly disappointed in you. You had such potential."

Lana moved to pick up something and revealed an intact bottle of rum, coming towards Jack and passing it to him. "I saved this one for you."

He eyed her suspiciously before yanking the bottle and hugging it to his chest protectively, giving the girls untrusting glares. "No one goes near this bottle." He turned to Lana. "You might be a little more pirate-y than I gave you credit for."

She didn't look as impressed by that as she should have.

"I'm leaving, with my rum." He declared, holding his rum protectively with one hand and pointing at them with the other. "You," he pointed to Lucy. "Bad girl." He pointed to Lana. "You...well, I actually don't have much to say to you really." He turned to Lois, feeling the most betrayed by her. "But you!"

The proud wench raised her chin challengingly.

"Your methods of trying to attract and keep my attention are both childish and counterproductive!" He informed her imperially. "I understand your jealousy due to my love of rum but if you so desperately desire me there are much more pleasurable and logical ways of going about it!"

"Pardon me?" Lois gasped in embarrassment, cheek reddening as the (painfully obvious) truth behind her actions was exposed before her sisterfolk.

"Maybe, in time, if you show you truly see the error of your ways." He replied, turning and beginning to storm away...before he paused as the white sails of the HMS Dauntless appeared in the horizon. "We're all going to hang." And with that he yanked out the cork with his teeth and blew it away before taking a long swig of his rum.


"Did not take ye long ta be caged once more." That voice declared with mild amusement.

In the middle of the sea, submerged deep under the surface and yet able to breathe, Chloe stared into the face of that shark, her hair fanned all around her in the water like a halo. "I couldn't do anything to stop that. I-I tried to fight but I suddenly got so sick. I still feel sick. Weak."

"Da bond dey forged wit ye is drainin' on yer strength. Making ye weak. Feedin' off ya." The shark stared unflinchingly at her. "As long as de curse still connects ye to dem ye will never be free, dey will never let ye be."

"Bond?" Chloe frowned, bubbles escaped her lips as she spoke, raising up to the surface. "What bond? When was it forged? And why am I now connected with them?"

"Don't be daft." The shark shook its head in irritation, the voice sharpening. "Do ya truly believe dem ta be pure night terrors? Ya know wha' 'appened!"

The memories of the nightmares she'd lived through since being taken captive flashed through her mind, her face paling. "Are you saying they really happened? That I...that I was in that chamber? That...that they bled me over the cursed coins?"

"'ave ye not noticed dat dere healin while ye get weaka'?" The voice snorted. "Dey 'ave discovered yer gift an' dey 'ave tied it to dem. As long as de curse connects dem to you, dey will never die...but dey will feel."

Chloe gulped deeply, trying to regulate her breathing. "So I can heal? I have some sort of...ability...when it comes to healing? And my healing them throgh this connection is weakening me?"

The shark smiled...showing rows of sharp teeth. "You know de answer to dat."

"How did they know about my ability when I didn't?" Chloe whispered, a group of small, bright yellow fish swimming around her.

Those soulless eyes continued to eye her. "You know. Tink. What does a defenseless girl do when she's trapped wid pirates dread? What 'ave ye done and done again?"

For a moment Chloe didn't understand what the voice was telling her...and then...and then she did, bringing her hand to her mouth. "I died." Tears escaped her eyes and joined the sea. "That really happened. I died."

"Ye escaped Davy Jones' Locker once on yer own, it' wha made me see you." The voice replied. "But ta be of any use ta me, ye need ta break da curse an' set 'em free. Ye be mine an' bound ta my design, an' ye need ta prepare for da comin' time. De gods had plans for four, but den ye fell through the door, an' now dem plans be no more. Renounce, destroy, an' save de boy. Break da curse an' gifts an' bond."

Chloe's tattoo throbbed and she hissed, pressing her hand to her hip. "I don't need to break the curse, the pirates are going to do that on their own. We're going back to Isla De Muerta."

"Dey 'ave no plan ta break da curse but make it worse." The voice hissed. "Sever da link an' set 'em free, an' leave da cursed gold an' island ta me."

"I will." She whispered, nodding, not sure how she was going to do this when they were so horribly outnumbered, but determined nonetheless.

The shark remained silent as dolphins circled around them.

Remembering her tattoo, Chloe watched them, pressing on the design. "Is this what connects my mind to yours?" She looked around her in awe at the picture of underwater beauty. "So you can talk to me in dreams?"

The voice chuckled. "Who said dis was a dream?"


Chloe's eyes flew open and she gasped as she sat up, her tattoo burning. She pressed down on it with a hiss of pain until it finally dulled into a light throb. Her lungs hurt her, but like the pain in her hip it gradually died away, as did the dizzy nausea. She wiped her wet forehead, realizing she must have had a fever, and took in a deep breath. Queasiness grew within her but she pushed back her nerves, determined. She had to stop this. She had to somehow break the curse. Both for her and for Will.


The blonde's eyes widened and she turned her head to find him still asleep on the bed.

She'd never seen his face this open, this unguarded before, and it surprised her at how...different...it seemed to make him. The blonde turned slightly and really looked at her childhood friend. During the little amount of time that they'd been separated he'd changed, and not just physically with his longer hair and tanned skin. There was something different about Will, about the way his eyes seemed, the confidence in his actions. Gone was the meek and mild blacksmith's apprentice she'd known and in his place was someone else, someone new...or maybe this was the real Will all along and all he'd needed was to get out from under Brown's thumb. He did have the blood of pirates in his veins.

Chloe's lips twitched as she leaned down and softly brush a lock of his hair out of his face.

She'd liked the old Will, but there was something about this new Will that intrigued and fascinated her.

She'd only seen brief glimpses of him since she'd returned, but the fact that he'd held her and touched her and cupped her face in his...the boldness of his actions and speech...

Chloe smiled.

She liked this change.

Lana probably did too.

Chloe bit her bottom lip, shaking her head at the odd feeling in her chest at that.

Lana and Will.

This voyage could only have brought them closer together.

She nodded to herself.

This was good. This was...this was good. It was.

As she stared down at his sleeping face, Chloe wondered why she felt a hint of resentment.


As Norrington watched Governor Swann embracing three of his four daughters, he was filled with a mixture of emotions so bittersweet. He ignored the pirate scum surrounded by His Majesties' Finest, instead concentrating on watching as Lucy, Lois and Lana hugged their father and cried as they told him some fanciful tale about cursed pirates who were unable to be killed. The expressions on the sailors faces obviously betrayed that they believed all the horrors the girls must have faced while with the pirate scum had gone to their heads and had left them traumatized. Governor Swann himself seemed terribly worried about their mental state, and Norrington knew that this alone would help him in his plea of granting them clemency for the acts against the crown they'd used. No doubt the Governor would state mental instability and pirate coercion. He might even state that they'd done what they'd done under duress. Norrington had no doubt that the Governor wouldn't have problems securing his daughters' freedoms.

The pirate would hang though.

And Norrington would enjoy it.

The Commodore lowered his gaze, trying to keep his expression blank.

He hated the pirate, hated him with the passion of a thousand burning suns, but truthfully it wasn't for anything one might expect considering their differing sides. No. Norrington hated Jack Sparrow because it was thanks to Captain Teague's spawn that Norrington had realized just how little his fiance, the woman he loved and wanted to spend the rest of his life with, thought about him. He knew that Lana hadn't loved him but had been positive that once married he'd be able to win her love. Yet all of those dreams were shattered when he was faced with just how little she regarded him. Not only hadn't she trusted his ability to save her sister, whom he himself cared for deeply, but she'd gone as far as to drug him and his men.

It tore his heart apart to remember, and he closed his eyes tightly.

"We have to go back to Isla De Muerta and save Will and Chloe." Lucy declared, barely recognizable with her short hair and male attire.

"I cannot suffer you three to be in danger once more." Governor Swann whispered to his daughters. "We will find a safe place to dock and leave you and then we shall find a way to this Isla De Muerta."

"No! Jack knows how to get to Isla De Muerta! We can still make it if we leave right now!" Lois snapped, surprising everyone, especially her father. "If we don't leave at this very moment Will will die and god knows what they will do to Chloe!"

"He should not have decided to engage in piracy." Governor Swann declared.

"He did it to save Chloe!" Lana growled, eyes flashing fiercely. "To prevent anything from happening to her! He didn't waste his time talking and going over every possible situation twice! He put himself at risk and gave up all he had to save her!" She poked her father on his chest, angered tears filling her eyes. "He's in love with her!"

Lois and Lucy's eyes widened in shock as they exchanged looks.

Governor Swann seemed about to collapse in horror at this.

"He knows she doesn't love him and he doesn't expect her to, doesn't expect anything out of what he's doing! And that just speaks about the type of man he is!" Lana's voice broke as she wiped furiously at the tears in her eyes. "You have no right to condemn him for doing what any man would do for the woman he loved! Will is a noble, self-sacrificing, incredible man and..." she lowered her teary gaze, body shaking with her emotion. "He deserves only the best."

And that was the moment Norrington realized why Lana would never love him.

His heart shattered into a million pieces as he lowered his gaze, clenching his fists, throat so dry it hurt to swallow. "Mr. Sparrow." He cleared his throat, raising his unflinching gaze in the pirate's direction. "You will accompany these find men to the helm and provide us with the bearing to Isla De Muerta. You will then spend the rest of the voyage contemplating all possible meanings of the phrase 'silent as the grave'. Do I make myself clear?"

"Inescapably clear." Jack replied, taking a long gulp of the bottle of rum he'd been apprehended with and had failed to release ever since.

"Thank you Commodore." Lana whispered to Norrington.

He nodded curtly and went to his cabin, desperately needing the solitude it afforded him.


While Will slept she'd washed up, using the bucket of water and sponge always kept in the room to clean herself as best as possible. It was odd, doing this in the presence of a man, even if he was asleep, and for the first time she felt that tinge of female alertness when in the presence of a man while around Will. She'd always seen him quite in a brotherly fashion, and yet somehow she found it harder to do so now, and kept sending him quick glances over her shoulders. She'd quickly changed into a clean underdress before the sound of Will awakening caused her to jump and curse, shocked at how awkward she suddenly felt. Why all of a sudden should this matter? This was Will!

"You're awake." She sent him a little smile, hugging her chest given the fact that she was still in her undergarments.

He sat up in bed and watched her for a second, surprising her by the fact that he didn't immediately look away with a blush and scold her for her inappropriate apparel.

"You can wash up with the water in that bucket." She gulped, throat surprisingly dry, trying her best to hide her nervousness. "I promise not to look."

He finally tore his eyes off of her, going to the bucket of water immediately, almost as if having known it was there.

Had this been anyone other than Will she would have suspected he hadn't been sleeping this whole time.

"Are we there yet?" He finally asked, voice lower than usual.

The raspy quality shocked her by how pleasant it sounded, and she looked away, gazing at the gowns intently. "Soon. We should have arrived hours ago by my count, but it seems they are taking their sweet time."

There was silence.

She gulped.

This silence was so unnerving!

"You should wash up." She turned towards him, unable to deal with the absence of sound. "It will make you feel better."

"Would love to." Will lifted his shackled hands slightly with a shrug. "But unfortunately I cannot."

Right. She should have realized this. His shackles were too short for him to be able to wash himself.

She gulped, the pulse in her throat as her lips moved before her mind could compute what it was saying. "I could help."

Will's eyes widened. "Pardon me?"

She wanted to slap her face in horror at the awkward proposal she'd just laid before them, yet soldiered on. "Your shackles are too short and I know how miserable one feels when one is dirty." She pointed to the bucket near frantically. "I could sponge your back, chest, and yes I know it's inappropriate and I'm being improper again but I would do this for you."

He just eyed her in stunned silence.

She lowered her head, face burning.

Of course he was probably shocked by her brazen behavior.

Lana wouldn't act like this.

Lana was a lady.

Which apparently Chloe would never be.

She closed her eyes tightly.

"You...wouldn't mind?"

Her eyes flew open in shock and she jerked her head up to see him, letting out a little squeak. "Mind?"

There was something odd and unfamiliar in Will's eyes as he watched her. "Yes, mind."

"No. Of course not. You'd do the same for me." And yet somehow that came out sounding completely different than how she'd meant it, causing her blush to grow fiercely on her face as she imagined Will actually sponge-bathing her.

Will seemed to find her utterly fascinating right now, shock obvious on his face before he sat up slowly.

Pulling a strand of blonde hair behind her ear, Chloe rushed to the bucket and dragged it to the side of the bed, clearing her throat as she sat down on the edge. Since Will's hands were shackled they couldn't take off his shirt, so she squeezed out the excess water in the sponge and lifted up the hem of Will's shirt slightly, hesitating only a second before reaching in under and softly trailing the sponge against his skin.

He hissed softly.

She lowered her head, blush darkening further as she worked. The blonde found herself oddly subdued, silent, as she worked. Sometimes her fingers brushed against his skin, finding it surprisingly warm under her touch, and she noticed that each and every time the tips of her fingers skimmed his flesh his breathing grew a little harsher. His shirt clung to his moist back, mapping it out visibly to her once she was done, and Chloe only raised her gaze quickly to examine it before lowering her orbs once more, waiting a breath before reaching out for the hem of the front of his shirt.

Will's hand shot out and stopped her, his large, calloused fingers curled around wrist. "You do not have to do further."

She was blushing so shamefully she couldn't even look him in the face. "But your chest..."

"Chloe..." He whispered.

Only then she realized he was calling her by her first name now and not Miss Swann or Miss Chloe.

He had been calling her Chloe since they'd been reunited.

"It's enough." He cleared his throat, voice raspier even.

"I-I will need some help with my dress." She quickly stood, dropping the sponge into the bucket and hurrying to the gowns the length of her ankle shackle would allow her. The blonde reached in and pulled out a green gown, motioning to the back. "I'll need someone to string me up."

Once again, somehow that sounded wrong.

Will just nodded, silently.

Chloe couldn't remember a time when things were so awkward...so...so different between them.

Slipping into the gown proved easy enough, and she managed to make her way back to the bed, to his side, without glancing at him once. In silence she turned and sat on the edge of the bed, gathering all her hair over one shoulder.

For a second there was no movement, and then he moved a little closer. "I can't reach you. The shackles are too short."

She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath before scooting back further until she could feel his outline.

At the first feel of his touch at her back she gasped, her lips parting as fire seemed to race through her body as he leaned in closer, turned completely so that he was facing her back, kneeling on the bed. His breath was on her neck, his heat against her back, his fingers softly working on her as he gently began tugging at the strings and lacing her up. His movements weren't harsh like those of the servants, instead soft and gentle, working with intent silence. Every couple of laces he'd hold the strings with one hand and then use his other to trace a finger up the laces, most probably testing their holding power, but Chloe could feel his finger through the layers of clothing and she closed her eyes, blush growing, breathing deepening. She...she didn't understand...didn't...what?...

Her hands clenched in tight fists in the skirt of her dress as the room seemed to become an inferno, her eyes closed, her lips parted.

"How is this?" He asked, his voice even lower...even less recognizable.

She couldn't trust her voice, so she just nodded frantically.


She shot up from the bed as if the devil were after her.

Neither of them noticed the Isla De Muerta, visible outside of the cabin's window.


Norrington, Jack, and his men had gone ahead in smaller life rafts to scout out the small bay which Jack was sure was the entrance to the cave which held the cursed gold. Lucy felt trapped once more and terrible about it. She was with her father again, she was going to be pardoned, be able to go back home...and yet she couldn't help but feel that she was going back to a gilded cage. The youngest Swann loved her family, she loved them dearly, but she had never fit into the courtesan lifestyle and now knew that she never would be able to conform. While her eyes had been opened harshly to many of the ugly realities of a pirate's life, she yearned for the freedom Jack understood all too well. Even if it wasn't as a pirate, as long as Lucy had her freedom, close to the sea, close to the revelry...not having to be confined to the morals and proprieties...the customs...

She took in a deep breath, seeing Lana staring at the Isla De Muerta. The youngest Swann bit her bottom lip as she went to her older sister and leaned against the railing. "How long have you known?"

"About Will's feelings?" Lana whispered softly, not taking her eyes from the cursed island. "I think deep down inside I always suspected but didn't want it to be true, wanted to believe that because I loved him he loved me too. But his sudden change when Chloe was taken...his obvious disinterest in my engagement...they clearly showed that something was wrong with my little fairy tale romance." She gave a self-derogatory laugh. "But the moment I knew for certain, the second I looked at him and realized 'he's in love with her', was when he tried to trade himself for her. I couldn't really fight it any longer after that. It was so obvious, the way he looked at her." She sighed. "It's the way I look at him."

"I'm sorry." Lucy replied softly.

"Commodore Norrington took me aside before he left and told me that my feelings were quite clear and he released me from my engagement to him." Lana confessed.

Lucy's eyes widened in shock. "No! Oh Lana! I'm so sorry!"

"I'm not." Lana replied thoughtfully. "I think the Commodore is a wonderful and kind man, but even after our engagement I couldn't even bring myself to calling him by his christian name. I hold him dearly, as a friend, and while I am sad that I have hurt him...I feel...relieved."

Lucy reached out and placed her hand on Lana's.

The other girl tightened the hold.

"Why won't they believe us?" Lana whispered. "Why won't they listen when we tell them about the curse? They're going to get themselves massacred."

"Because they're men and we're frail women whose minds crack under severe pressure." Lucy grumbled, shaking her head. "We tried telling them."

"They're going to die, Lucy." Lana whispered. "Unless something happens, they're going to die."

"They've only gone scouting." Lucy took in a deep breath. "Once they come back we'll try to get them to see reason. And we will."

Lana bit her bottom lip.

Together they stared towards Isla De Muerta.


They'd made dock at the harbor and now were slowly making their way through the jungle via a trail that was too familiar to Chloe to be a coincidence. She remember the dream she'd had, remember the voice telling her that the bloodletting hadn't been a nightmare but a memory she'd somehow repressed out of what was most probably continued denial. The blonde found herself step in step with Captain Barbossa in front of the group, constantly sending nervous little glances behind her to were a bound Will was being led by Bo'Sun. She tried to understand what the pirates were up to if according to the voice they had no plans of breaking the curse. If not break it, then why bring Will to their secret cove? He whose blood could break said curse? What reasoning could be behind this move of theirs?

"Did ye have a pleasant night, lil' bird?" Barbossa grinned his yellow grin at her.

She refused to take the bait and rise to anger. "I had a wonderful night, thank you very much Captain Barbossa. The company was most pleasant." The blonde then cleared her throat. "I know, you know. I know it wasn't a nightmare. I've been here before."

Barbossa nodded, not even trying to deny it.

"You're using me to tweak the curse." She accused.

"Tis the truth." Barbossa agreed.

"What are you planning, Captain?" She hissed, tightening the grip she had around his arm as he led her.

He grinned at her toothily. "Now, that would be tellin'."


In a boat with some of the soldiers and the pirate, Norrington put down his spyglass and frowned at the small cove leading towards the large entrance into a cave. "I don't care for the situation. Any attempt to storm the caves could turn to an ambush."

"Not if you're the one doing the ambushing." Sparrow declared. "I go in, I convince Barbossa to send his men out with their little boats. You and your mates return to the Dauntless and blast the bejeesus outta them with your little cannons, eh?" He placed an arm on Norrington's shoulder. "What do you have to lose?"

The Commodore sneered, peeling off the offending arm. "Nothing I'd lament being rid of."

Jack grinned, before suddenly making a face. "Now, to be quite honest with you, there's still a slight risk for those aboard the Dauntless, including the fine young women."


"Sorry ladies, but this is for your own safety. So please. Stop struggling."

"You have to listen to us!" Lois yelled and struggled even harder as one of Norrington's men pulled her towards the captain's cabin. "They're cursed! They cannot be killed!"

"Don't worry miss, the Commodore's already been informed of that." Gillette, who was dragging a struggling Lana, declared with a snort. "A little mermaid flopped up on deck and told him the whole story."

"You fools! Listen to us!" Lucy kicked and fought the two men barely able to keep her under control. "You're all going to die horribly!"

"Why would we lie about this?" Lana tried. "You have to believe us."

"Of course." One of the men declared as they threw the girls into the room and slammed the door, locking it from the outside.

"You have to listen to us!" Lois slammed her fist into the door. "Please!"

Lucy looked around her, going to the cupboards.

"We're telling the truth!" Lana cried, pounding the door as well.

As the two older Swann girls pleaded by the door, Lucy found the folded, clean sheets, and smirked.


The hidden caves were filled with so much treasure that Will had to pause and gasp at the richest before him. Never before had he seen such beauty, the gold, the jewels, the statues and masterfully created swords that put even the ones he made with pride to shame. The light from their torches bounced off of the gold and jewels in a way that was near mesmerizing, and when his dark gaze rested on a chain so beautiful it had no compare Will couldn't help but wonder how it would look upon Chloe's neck. His attention returned to the beautiful blonde, dressed in her pirate queen best, eyeing the room with obvious nerves yet appreciation for the considerable wealth there. So much had changed in her since she'd been captured. She'd grown somehow, hardening a little, growing braver. He'd seen her go head to head with the pirate captain more than once, and knew that the old Chloe never would have done something like that.

This new Chloe intrigued him further.

She dressed like a pirate Queen, seemed resentful yet used to the pirates around her, calling them by name and even going as far as to snap at a couple of them. Her eyes were lined with the kohl she seemed to favor, and those eyes were intensified with the black lining, sharp and wary and determined.

So beautiful.

He wondered what it said about him, that he found her more beautiful now.

And this morning...

He closed his eyes for a moment, forgetting where they were and the dire situation they found themselves in.

Her touch-so soft...her scent-so sweet.

They'd nearly been his undoing.

He'd already been on edge from his slip in decency, having given into the temptation to peer at her through mostly closed eyes, eyeing her back with unnatural hunger. And then later, when she'd asked him to lace her up, he'd further slipped in decency by finding any excuse to touch her, to prolong the contact.

It must be the pirate's blood in his veins which was breaking the desperate hold he had on his decency, composure, propriety.

His pirates blood was the only little excuse he had to put the blame on, especially since he'd come so close to throwing it all away that morning once he realized that she wasn't as impervious to him as he'd previously thought. He didn't know what had changed, but that morning Chloe had noticed him, truly noticed him, for the first time. She'd blushed, she'd shivered, and she'd made the softest sounds that he wouldn't have heard hadn't he been listening for them with dark intensity.

"Yer as pathetic as yer father was." A voice grumbled next to him.

Will opened his eyes and glared at the pirate. "I am nothing like my father. I'm nothing like a pirate."

He needed to make himself believe it.

He needed to.

Otherwise he'd lose the little grip he had on himself and would act like one.

His gaze went to Chloe and he gulped.

"You know, for having such an obvious hatred of pirates, you're well on your way to becoming one." The pirate snorted. "From what I gathered from the prisoners, you sprung a pirate from jail, stole a ship of the Fleet, sailed with a buccaneer crew out of bloody Tortuga..." He sneered. "And you're utterly obsessed with treasure."

"That's a lie." Will snapped, unable to believe the crew had said something like that about him. "I am not obsessed with treasure."

The pirate's gaze went meaningfully to where Chloe stood next to Captain Barbossa by a large chest situated in the middle of the room. "Not all treasure is silver and gold, boy."

Will gulped, suddenly understanding, and unable to argue with the accusation.

"Bring him, and unshackle him." Captain Barbossa ordered, and the pirate holding his chain yanked him forwards towards the chest. "Boy, your father was there when we found this cursed chest."

Finally free from his shackles, Will's eyes widened as he realized what stood before him.

"All those who have taken a medallion from it have remained cursed to live and yet not...until now." Barbossa declared, pulling out his pistol before turning and pressing it against Chloe's temple. "You'll be a good lad and do just that."

"Get that away from her!" Will snarled.

Chloe's eyes were wide in shock.

"I figure the Pearl be needin' a new Turner." Barbossa declared, cocking the pistol. "And should ye be onboard, bound to our curse, I doubt our lil bird will try anything else...unadvisable."

"This was your plan all along." Chloe whispered. "You're going to force him to become cursed like you? No! You can't do that! He doesn't deserve that!"

"Doesn't deserve what lass, immortality?" Barbossa asked, before turning his grin on Will. "Imagine it boy, free from the laws and status of the outside world, forever on the sea...with young damsel fair." His grin was yellow and toothy. "Ye can be her protector and assure we commit no sin against her."

Will hated to admit it to himself, but he found the offer tempting.

Suddenly a voice sounded through the crowd. "Beg your pardon." Someone pushed through another group. "Excuse me."

Will's eyes widened as he recognized that voice, turning around. "Jack!"

Sure enough, Jack Sparrow was pushing his way through the pirates of the Black Pearl, coming towards them on the dais.

"S'not possible." Barbossa lowered the pistol from Chloe's temple in utter shock.

"Not probable." Jack pointed out, hands out as if to help him balance, as he hopped up the steps.

"My sisters?" Chloe asked immediately, worried.

"They're sulking somewhere, yet safe." Jack assured her, seeming to forget about everyone else. "You need to speak to your sister about the lengths she goes to try and ensnare me in her web of seduction. Her techniques are faulty."

Chloe's eyes widened in complete confusion.

"She went for the rum." Jack seemed to read her confusion as a question to her sister's supposed techniques. "You never go for the rum. Rum is our friend." He suddenly peered at her intently before grinning. "May I say you look much better than usual? Love the kohl. Brings out the emerald in your eyes."

Chloe, like Will, obviously had no idea what to say about all of this.

"Will you bloody shut up?" Barbossa snapped.

"No." Jack replied with a little sway as he climbed up closer. "You need me, mate."

"No, I don't think so." Barbossa replied.

"Fine." Jack replied, playing with one of the beads in his hair. "Your funeral."

Barbossa's eyes narrowed as he sighed. "Why would I be needing you?"

"Well, because I know something you don't." Jack grinned brightly, obviously enjoying this game. "I'll give you three guesses!"

Barbossa raised his pistol and aimed it at Jack.

"Fine. You're no fun Hector. That's why your hair always used to fall out. Too much stress. Too serious." Jack shook his head.

Barbossa cocked the pistol, his right eye twitching visibly. "I cannot conceive the notion that I'd need anything from ye, Jack."

"So you know then that your little hideaway isn't...hidden." Jack declared.

Barbossa frowned, and waited for Jack to say before, before growling when he realized the other pirate was remaining silent, finally lowering his gun. "Spit out whatever you know!"

"Well, what I know is that the HMS Dauntless...pride of the Royal Navy mind you...is floating just offshore." Jack brushed off imaginary lint from his shirt. "Waiting for you."


In the smaller rowboats, Murtogg made a face. "What are we doing here?"

Mullroy, ever his partner, sighed. "The pirates come out, unprepared and unawares, we catch 'em in the crossfire and send them down to see Old Hob."

"I know why we're here." Murtogg rolled his eyes. "I mean why aren't we doing what is was-what Mr. Sparrow said we should do. With the cannons and all?"

Norrington, having heard enough, answered from up in front. "Because it was Mr. Sparrow who said it."

Murtogg blinked before turning to Mullroy. "You think he wasn't telling the truth?"


In the cave, Jack smirked when he saw the shock on Barbossa and his crew's face. "Just hear me out, mate. You order your men to row out to the Dauntless. They do what they do best. Robert's your uncle, Fannie's your aunt, there you are with two ships. The makings of your very own fleet." He swaggered closer to Barbossa, pushing limits like only he could, and prided himself upon it. "'Course you'll take the grandest as your flagship, and who's to argue? But what of the Pearl? Name me Captain and I'll sail under your colors, give you ten percent of me plunder, and you get to introduce yourself as Commodore Barbossa. Savvy?"

"And why would I agree to this? We're invincible." Barbossa sneered. "We can just go and kill them and you."

"They know about young Mr. Turner here." Jack declared, seeing Barbossa's eyes widen. "My orders here are to slice his neck over the coins."

"No!" Chloe made to go forwards but one of the pirates grabbed her.

"I could have killed him while you were making friends. Deal done. Blood on coins. Done." Jack made sure to announce. "But I'm not one to fly under imperial colors. Did that once." He raised his wrist, branded with a P. "Not too keen on repeating history, savvy?"

Barbossa eyed Jack for a moment before seeming to consider. "I s'pose you'd have a plan."

"Aye." Jack nodded, picking up a few medallions from the cursed chest. "Kill them." He grinned, throwing them back as he spoke, making sure to keep Barbossa's eyes on his face and not his hands. "Every...last...one." With the slide of a hand he pocketed the last one.

Will noticed, realization flashing over his eyes before it disappeared and morphed into a heated glare. "You've been planning this from the beginning. Ever since you learned my name!"

"Yeah." Jack nodded, glad to see the boy wasn't that much of a simpleton.

"I want fifty percent of your plunder." Barbossa declared.

"Fifteen." Jack snorted, because giving in too easily would just make everyone suspicious.

"Forty." Barbossa tried once more.

"Twenty-five." Jack leaned in, grinning. "And I'll buy you the hat. A really big one...Commodore." He held out his hand, knowing Barbossa weakness for hats and not above using it.

Barbossa eyed the hand before shaking it. "We have an accord."

"All hands to the boats!" Jack exclaimed in his exhilaration before wincing, seeing Barbossa eye him askance. "Apologies." He lowered his hands. "You give the orders."

"Gents." Barbossa turned to his men. "Take a walk."

The crew grinned evilly before walking away.

Jack's smile slipped a little. "Not to the boats?"

Oh bugger.

Barbossa ignored him, turning to Will. "What side be ye on, boy? Do we slit yer throat and leave ye to bleed out in the sea...or will ye take our hand and accept the pirate that ye are?"

Jack blinked.

Will had been offered a position as part in the crew?

How intriguing.

The young blacksmith's apprentice hesitated, gaze going to Chloe, before he reached into the chest and pulled out a coin, slipping it deliberately into his pocket. "I guess one cannot escape what lies in his blood."

Chloe watched him sadly. "Will."

Jack looked all around him.

This was going to get very interesting very quickly.
31st-Aug-2011 11:42 am (UTC)
loving this series!
just though i'd let you know that tonight was the victory dinner at my residential college at uni (we won softball) and the theme was "the sea", so i read this chapter while dressed as a pirate :P
31st-Aug-2011 12:44 pm (UTC)
Oh! That is kinda awesome! lol
31st-Aug-2011 12:43 pm (UTC)
That was an interesting twist. Barbossa sure does know how to find weaknesses and exploit them to his needs and desires. This scene also showed Will's willingness to turn pirate is earier here then it seemed in the movie (because he really went against the crown by freeing Jack). Can't wait to see how the battle turns out now that both Jack and Will are cursed with Chloe's brand of curses.
31st-Aug-2011 12:46 pm (UTC)
Barbossa is like Lionel Luthor ( or the early seasons Lionel Luther) A Magnificent Bastard you do NOT want as your enemy! lol It's one of the reasons why I love him. Very cunning.
31st-Aug-2011 02:46 pm (UTC)

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I love it!

I dub thee, best writer eva!

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31st-Aug-2011 06:46 pm (UTC)
Well that's good news (unpredictable!) I'm trying to basically follow the line of the movie while not making it boring so I'm so relieved to hear that!
...Ever? Whoa!!!!!! *is proud* Thank you!!!!
31st-Aug-2011 03:20 pm (UTC)
are u an author or somthing in real life because you seriously have the characters pegged to a T.

Looking forward to more- your faithful reader
31st-Aug-2011 06:48 pm (UTC)
Well, when I was younger I had two books published but I doubt they're in circulation still, and they were of the christian romance variety...but I'm trying to write my own stories again...god knows whenever that will happen still though.
I try!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!
31st-Aug-2011 05:45 pm (UTC)
lovely chapter! ♥
31st-Aug-2011 06:48 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much!!!
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Nice twist, I love it. I also loved the Chloe/Will sponge bath *grins* Awesome job so far.
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I've always wanted to do a sponge bath scene so that was quite nice to finally be able to write! lol
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Thank you so very much! I was so...intimidated...by this one, I must admit that! Also I admit to considering making this a Lana/Will and leaving Chloe to get a love interest later on...but somehow it didn't work itself that way at all. *facepalm* Apparently Will *really* wanted to be paired off with Chloe.
1st-Sep-2011 05:44 am (UTC)
Honestly, I think it works perfectly between them! I can't see Lana being content with Will, not with how he changes through the story, coming to accept his pirate background. It makes more sense and just carries better the way you have it. Although I find myself hoping Lana does eventually see the potential in the Commodore. But in the end, I'd just be happy to see Will and Chloe find their happily ever after. I don't know if you're following all three movies - though if you are, I beg of you not to have the same ending where Will only comes back to land every ten years or whatever, I can't tell you how disappointed in that I was - or just doing the one and wrapping it up differently, but I look forward to whatever you have planned!
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As usual love it! I cracked up when you referred to Barbossa as the Magnificent Bastard! It's so true! I can't wait to find out what is in store next. And what role does Calypso play in this little intrigue? Hmmmm?


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:) I just see him that way, even from the first movie :)
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More, por favor!!!!!
2nd-Sep-2011 04:00 am (UTC)
Yep, Will is a man...and he's starting to crack a little now. lol He's been a gentleman for FAR too long!
Oh, Jack is MOST DEFINITELY sure that that was the real reason the rum was disposed of!
2nd-Sep-2011 10:07 pm (UTC)
Loved every word!
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