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Like Riding A Bike 2/5 
6th-Sep-2011 03:23 pm

Title: Like Riding A Bike
Sequel to: When Past Meets Present
Universe: Chloe & The Brothers
Characters: Damon/Chloe/Stefan, Sam, Dean, Audrey, Vanna
Fandoms: Smallville/Vampire Diaires/Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When people start disappearing, Chloe finds herself investigating an apparently supernatural case for the first time since she was turned. Of course, she doesn't know two of her biggest fans are secretly filming everything.
Written for my Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt #131: Black Agnes.

Pushing her shades up the bridge of her nose, Chloe smiled and waved at yet another person who'd waved at her. She guided the cart through the aisle of the supermarket and gave another wave before reaching out and grabbing some seasoned salt. The town's people had been somewhat wary of her and the boys when they'd first arrived, and she knew that more than one set of tongues had been wagging, eyes displeased by the 'sinful' and utterly 'scandalous' relationship she had with the boys. But time had seemed to either desensitize the townspeople to her way of living, or they'd just gotten so used to her and the boys that they really didn't care anymore. According to Peggy from the drugstore, Chloe was living in a reversed 'mormon-type' lifestyle, and considering "Big Love" was the bouncy clerk's favorite show she considered Chloe an idol of sorts. It made Chloe a little uncomfortable whenever she went in there with the boys because Peggy just drooled as she watched the three of them, fanning herself repeatedly, so the blonde preferred to make trips to the drugstore on her own.

Reaching into her pocket as her phone rang, Chloe gazed at the caller ID and smiled slightly before answering it. "So, how's one-half of Hollywood's Hottest Siblings doing?"

There was a pause, and then Sam Winchester's embarrassed laugh filtered into her ear. "Please tell me you didn't watch that teen awards program."

"Oh, I don't miss anything that has to do with two of my favorite people." Chloe promised, reaching the meat section and shaking her head as she realized that she probably kept this supermarket running on her meat purchases alone. "I saw that Lois was added as a regular cast member on Paranormal." She tilted her head to the side, fighting nostalgia and pangs as she thought about her cousin and best friend. "I'm so happy for her. That was her favorite show since its first episode...and despite its many failings and shortcomings when it comes to actually portraying the paranormal correctly...she never stopped being a loyal fan."

"Will you stop picking on our show?" Sam laughed.

"Not until they start getting things right." She replied, beginning the arduous job of filling her cart with the ridiculous amount of red meat the three vampires consumed.

"When you're...feeling better...you should come back and do another guest star stint." Sam announced in a faux innocent way. "The fans are starting to waver between Lois and John, and Lois and Dean...so chances are if you appear in another episode it'll end up being that you were my soulmate. That'd annoy Dean so badly."

Oh, it would.

Chloe sighed, pulling a strand behind her ear. "You know I can't do that, Sammy."


She smiled, always amused and encouraged by his and Dean's faith that she was going to overcome her weakness when it came to her bloodlust. "So where's Dean? I usually get the loud speaker treatment with you two."

"We have an episode coming up where he has to show off some hidden waltz moves he's kept secret from the rest of the Wesson-Smith clan...and considering Dean has two left feet he's been forced to go to ballroom dancing classes the last couple of weeks." Sam sniggered. "He hates it."

Sniggering as well, Chloe continued piling the meat into her cart. "Other than ballroom dancing...how's everyone?"

There was a sigh, and Sam cleared his throat. "Clark and Lana are expecting their first kid, and Lois is on the offs with dad again. I already mentioned Dean's dance classes and I...I'm doing pretty good. They're doing this japanese anime version of Paranormal and while Dean really isn't interested in it I've agreed to be Sam's voice."

"Anime? Really?" Chloe blinked. "Wow."

"What about you?" He asked softly. "How's things going out in your neck of the woods?"

She put in the last piece of meat and began pushing the heavy cart away from the half empty meat section. "Fine, it's slow but sure progress. I'm actually strong enough that I can be around others without the boys and I don't get...excitable." She smirked at her word choice, shaking her head as she headed towards what Damon referred to as "The Forbidden Section"...better known as the vegetable aisle. "I even went to this large bonfire party they had out by the lake the other night. The whole town was there...it was...it was really fun."

"That's good." Sam sighed. "I have to go, I see Lois storming towards me."

"Bye." Chloe whispered, hanging up before she did something stupid like ask him to give the phone to her cousin.

Sometimes Chloe wished that she could just call Lois and talk to her, explain how things were, but she couldn't do it. Not yet at least. She wanted to make sure that she was completely a hundred per cent in control before she got into contact with her cousin. There was no way that she was going to allow her missing the brunette to put the older female in any sort of danger.

Promising that the first thing she would do once she was sure of her self-control was to call up Lois and tell her everything, Chloe finished her shopping and made her way to the cash register, waiting as Marge began to tally up the groceries. The blonde's green eyes narrowed as she noticed another missing poster on the bulletin board. She'd noticed the amount go from none to now five in the last week, and she couldn't help but wonder why people weren't making a bigger deal about it.

"Someone else is missing?"

Marge looked up from her work before her gaze went to the posters and she sighed, nodding. "We knew it was going to happen, but it doesn't make it any easier."

"What do you mean you knew it was going to happen?" Chloe frowned, confused.

Marge sighed once more. "You're not from around here so you wouldn't know, but every ten years, like clockwork, ten people go missing never to be found again. It's always around this time of the year, and we're only halfway through the missing bodycount. Everyone is...on edge...praying they aren't the next on on the list."

"Why aren't the police doing anything?" Chloe couldn't keep her reporter's instincts at bay. "If this is something that happens every ten years the sheriff and his men should have been able to find some sort of clues or something."

"They can't." Marge shook her head. "There are no traces of the people who disappear. They just vanish and are never seen again."

Chloe's eyes narrowed and she looked away, pissed at this defeatist attitude.

Paying for the groceries, Chloe loaded them into her trunk and drove back home. Putting away the groceries was a chore more annoying than usual, but she got through it as quick as she could before pulling out her laptop, beginning the research she'd been dying to do. Surprisingly enough there was nothing on the town's newspaper digital archieves, which meant that if she was going to do any research, she was going to have to dig through the physical archives at the local library.

This was not going to be fun.

A pair of arms curled around her neck as someone leaned over the sofa behind her, resting his chin on the top of her head. "Whatcha up to?"

She hesitated a split second before clearing her throat and closing the laptop's lid although she knew that he'd already gotten a good view of the town's poor excuse for virtual archiving. "I'm going to go back out, okay?" The blonde put her computer down on the sofa next to her and eased out of Damon's hold, standing and turning towards him with a small smile. "I already went into town while you were snoring, and bought all our groceries." She bent down and picked up the keys from the coffee table as she slowly backed away towards the door. "Stefan is out hiking or something like that. He left a messy little scribble on a paper by the bed this morning, and you know I can't read his writing. So, yeah, he's out."

Damon didn't say anything, folding his arms over his chest.

She continued backing away. "I know its his night to cook, but you do better steaks than he does, and I really have a craving for steaks so I was wondering if I couldn't bribe you with a kinky sexual act of your choice to take over the cooking tonight."

Damon raised an eyebrow.

"Thanks!" Chloe blew him a kiss and turned towards the door.

In seconds Damon had moved in front of her, blocking her way, his arms still folded over his chest and his eyebrow still raised. "Right. Let's try it again." He mock grinned at her. "Whatcha up to?"

The blonde sighed, pouting, knowing he was not going to like this. "I'm just going to the library."

He nodded, obviously waiting for more.

Chloe sighed, realizing she was going to lose this. "Every ten years ten people disappear from this town, and five people are already missing."

Damon tilted his head to the side contemplatively. "I'm still trying to figure out what this has to do with you."

Her eyes narrowed slightly, her lips puckered in annoyance. "It doesn't."

"And, I think, it should remain that way." Damon replied with that smug smile of his.

"And you're allowed your opinion." She patted his chest before making her way around him and heading to the door, stopping short when in flash he was in her way once more, leaning on the door. "Damon, remember what happened to you the last time you tried to keep me from going out when I wanted to?"

He flinched, obviously remembering the kneeing he'd suffered.

She raised an eyebrow, shaking her leg in a silent threat.

"Minx." He muttered, stealing the keys from her fingers and giving them a little shake. "I'm driving."

"Do you even know what a library is?" She called after him, hurrying to catch up when he opened the door and went outside.

"Yes, Chloe, I know what a library is." He rolled his eyes in mock annoyance before sliding fluidly into the driver's seat.

Knowing that this was a very bad idea, Chloe shook her head and smiled as she made her way towards him and slid into the car as well, texting Stefan that she and Damon were going to be out for a while. There was silence in the car as Damon just turned on the radio and bobbed his head to the songs he liked. The only time he talked was to criticize the songs he detested. It intrigued Chloe, because she'd expected questions and interrogations and mockery from the brunet, and yet as they parked outside the small library, and walked up the short, cobblestone walkway towards the front door, Damon did nothing more than open the door for her.

Chloe had never been inside of the library before, and she was shocked at how small it was. It was obvious that not a lot of people ever really came here, as there was no one at the receptionist desk, and the only people were two teenaged girls occupying one of the three small tables in the whole establishment. One was skinny with dirty blonde hair, and the other was a chubby half asian with blonde highlights in her hair. Both girls seemed nearly bubbling with excitement, books piling high on the table all around them almost like a fortress, or a wall to hide behind. They were giggly and whispering to each other and just pulsating this happiness that was nearly contagious.

Damon raised an eyebrow at them before looking away, completely uninterested.

Chloe caught their gazes and lifted a hand in a half wave, having gotten used to how friendly these locals were.

The girls' eyes widened and they quickly gave jerky waves.

The second Chloe turned away from them to look at Damon she could hear their vain attempts to smother squeals.

Sending them a quick, confused look, Chloe shook her head and returned her attention to Damon. "Archives should be down below, you want to wait for me at the Rusty Nail or-?"

"Lead the way." Damon swept an arm out elegantly in front of him.

Smirking, amused by his attitude, the blonde shook her head and followed the sign above the basement's stairs which read ARCHIVES. Her amusement grew as Damon latched onto her from behind the moment she turned her back to him, arms around her and chin on the crown of her head. It made for difficult walking, more like waddling actually, but with her hands on his around her stomach she laughed and made do, glad that there didn't seem to be a librarian otherwise they'd most definitely be thrown out for unruly conduct.

They somehow made it down the stairs into the dimness of the basement, and Chloe had to give Damon points for not just pushing her up against the first free wall space he found. She'd kind of expected him to, but the leech was content to just be latched onto her, letting her lead the way towards the filing cabinets.

"What has you so loving today?" Chloe nearly flinched when she said the L word, even in this context.

With the Salvatores they'd never, ever, said it to each other, and she'd been comfortable with that. But lately she'd realized that she was dancing around the word in any context possible, substituting it for so many different variants or synonyms that she was beginning to develop a tic...and she was sure it was noticeable to the two observant vampires.

"I'm always loving." Damon snorted, crouching down lower so he could rest his chin against her shoulder, watching her as she began searching for the years she'd calculated would be the ones with the happenings.

"You're always horny." She corrected, intent on her work.

"There's a difference?" Damon asked in mock innocence.

Unable to keep the laughter from her lips, Chloe turned in Damon's embrace and smiled up into his face as she clasped her hands behind his neck. "You know, if Stefan were here, he'd make himself useful and stop acting cute."

"Oh, it's not an act. I'm just naturally cute." Damon assured her, hands trailing down her sides to rest proprietarily on her hips. His eyes flashed with devilment, and it was the only warning before she was pushed up against the filing cabinet. "I seem to remember you promising me a kinky act of my choice."

"That was if you cooked." Chloe grinned, peppering slow kisses up his jaw before pushing the distracted vampire away, shaking her head. "If you're just going to be a distraction I'd prefer if you left."

"You kill all the little joys in life." Damon mocked cried, smirking at her before looking around the basement with a frown. "Well, that's it, I'll be waiting for you at the Rusty Nail."

"Thank you." She smiled, relieved, knowing that she would never have gotten anything done while he was around.

"Once you find out what the baddie is, I'll kill it, and then you do the kinky act of my choice. Down here in this dump." He replied with a lecherous grin as he hurried towards the stairs, eager to be away from the mold and dankness.

Rolling her eyes in amusement at him, Chloe went to business. She had the feeling that she was being watched, but the basement was so small and with her vampiric senses she would have easily been able to pick up on a human, so she just shrugged it as paranoia as she continued with the search. She brought up all the cases of disappearances as far back as they went...which were a lot...and groaned as the large table in the basement was covered with her files. There was just so much to go over by herself! But Damon would be no help, he was in fact a constant distraction, and if he hadn't oh-so-kindly left to go to the bar she knew that despite her protests she would have somehow ended up with her back against this table, Damon quite happy and smug at once more getting his way.

She'd never have been able to explain the stains on the files to the librarian.

Blushing at the mere thought, Chloe cleared her throat and pulled a strand of hair behind her, studying the very first case, which had actually happened ten years after the town had been founded. The town had always been very unstable financially and had seen its fair share of people who'd left to find greener pastures, threatening to leave it yet another ghost town in America. And yet Agnes Black, wife of the mayor, had fought to keep people in town, promising them that god would be with them and would reward them if they only trusted in him and stuck it out. Apparently her pleas worked because people stayed...and then ironically, after her death things truly began to flourish.

Hers was the first body placed in the new cemetery.

Every ten years after her death ten people would disappear, never to be seen again...and Chloe figured there was a connection there somehow. Either Agnes was the first victim of whatever was doing this...or she was somehow the culprit.

The scent of elixir of the gods wafted down towards her, and she turned in her seat, eyes wide and pleased as she smiled at Stefan. "Hey! What are you doing here?"

"Called Damon to see what was up and he filled me in...I figured you'd be wanting some of this." Stefan smiled as he slid into the seat next to hers and passed her the coffee cup. "Your favorite thinking brew."

"You're a god." She praised, taking a long sip and letting out an embarrassingly pleased moan as the delicious taste exploded in her mouth before sliding silkily down her throat.

Stefan cleared his throat, forcing his gaze from her to the text. "I'm scared to ask how far you've gotten."

She pointed to the one folder in front of her.

He flinched. "Ouch."

"Tell me about it." She rolled her eyes, taking another gulp of coffee before putting the cup down and turned towards him. "I think the wife of this town's first major has something to do with it. Her name was Agnes Black and it's ten years to the date of her mysterious death that this happens."

"Okay, that's something we can go with." Stefan nodded, pulling his chair up closer. "Maybe the people disappearing are descendants of the ones who killed her or something."

"It could make sense." Chloe nodded, smiling, appreciating his will to help. "I think we should go check out the town cemetery. She was the first one buried there and according to some newspaper articles I read up they even put up a statue in her honor."

Stefan gave a little chuckle, shaking his head. "Now that's ironic."

She blinked, confused. "What is?"

"Well, you know..." Stefan shrugged. "Agnes Black-Black Agnes-cemetery-statues-mysterious deaths?"

Suddenly Chloe's eyes widened and she shot up from her seat in awe and admitted excitement. "Stefan you're a genius!"

He stood as well. "What?"

"This might be the location of the true Black Agnes!" Chloe grinned brightly. "Do you know how awesome that is?"

He eyed her in amusement, shaking his head. "I don't see how-."

Chloe, bubbly with excitement, turned to him and jumped him, literally, arms around his neck and legs encircling his waist.

Her lips found his furiously, passionately, the embarrassing horniness these sorts of things gave her only seeming to have increased with vampirism.

Stefan though, he stumbled at first, obviously not prepared, before tightening his hold on her and kissing back, lowering carefully so that he was leaning against the table.


Sitting in the safety of Vanna's car, the two teenaged girls gulped as they watched the video and audio feed from the spy cam they'd gotten from Audrey's dad's store and stashed in the basement, having known that since there was virtually no internet archiving Chloe would be forced to go down there to get information.

"Now that is why those two are my OTP." Vanna fanned herself.

"Damon's gonna redeem himself, just you wait and see!" Audrey declared...though she had to admit...she really felt dirty for enjoying the Chloefan so much.

"We should go to the cemetery, install the other cam so that we can capture them when they go there tonight." Vanna declared, bubbly and excited.

Audrey had to tear her gaze from the video in order to think enough to nod.
6th-Sep-2011 10:19 pm (UTC)
Awesome chappie wonder Hw Damon will redeem himselfband Hw the brothers and Chloe will react to the two fans.
Colour me curious
7th-Sep-2011 12:26 am (UTC)
Hopefully you will be satisfied by how those questions are answered:)
7th-Sep-2011 01:39 am (UTC)
So while these two stalk Chloe, are they going to get tangled up with the killer statue or possibly a ghost (depending on which way they story is going)? I love though that Chloe is still Chloe no matter what is thrown at her (e.g. her drive to know the truth and in this instance the supernatural).
7th-Sep-2011 04:15 am (UTC)
Well....we shall see what goes on with the fans and their stalking. lol
7th-Sep-2011 02:08 am (UTC)
You know its funny, I started reading this series not really caring for Schlean, midway through I was like "This is amazing!" Then when the Salvatores were introduced I wasn't the most excited because I've never been able to get into Vampire Diaries. Of course now, at this point in the series I'm thinking "Wow, I want to read more."

You corrupted me! :p

So I can't wait to read what happens next, you have me reading Chloe paired with people I don't know, or shows I don't watch, and I end up loving it!
7th-Sep-2011 04:18 am (UTC)
Oh! That's amazing to hear! This series is all about the unconventional, and making the taboo somehow work despite how much it really *shouldn't*. So I'm glad you've warmed up to it!!!!
7th-Sep-2011 02:30 am (UTC)
Well. The two girls watching Chloe and Stephan maybe have sex is a little creepy...but I LOVE THIS SERIES! I love DAMON and the CHLOE loving! Also I want more DEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for Chloe to do another guest spot on the show Paranormal. Can't wait for the next installment. Also quesion, have you written any more on the Lost Princess Series or the Curse of the Black Pearl? Ilove love love that you came back to this series but those other two are also some of my favorite incomplete works.
7th-Sep-2011 04:22 am (UTC)
Oh yes! I'm channeling Becky here! But times two! lmfao *facepalm*
Dean will appear in the next chapter, don't worry.
The Lost Princess is in pre-pre-development...and the next chapter of the Curse of the Black Pearl is currently in the process of being written. :)
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