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Like Riding A Bike 3/5 
7th-Sep-2011 02:34 pm

Title: Like Riding A Bike
Sequel to: When Past Meets Present
Universe: Chloe & The Brothers
Characters: Damon/Chloe/Stefan, Sam, Dean, Audrey, Vanna
Fandoms: Smallville/Vampire Diaires/Supernatural
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When people start disappearing, Chloe finds herself investigating an apparently supernatural case for the first time since she was turned. Of course, she doesn't know two of her biggest fans are secretly filming everything.
Written for my Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt #131: Black Agnes.

Stefan had gone to get her something to eat, and together they were halfway through the files, wanting to make sure that they knew everything before going willy-nilly into the cemetery that night...even if it was only for preliminary research. Chloe chewed on her thumbnail as she read over the list of the victims, trying to find some connection between them and the previous ones and yet like before there was no bloodlines or such that could connect these victims with the ones before them-or the original for that matter. That in itself confused Chloe because this seemed ritualistic, and usually as such there was a certain reason why the victims were chosen, and it annoyed her because she just wasn't seeing the pattern. Sometimes they were all women, sometimes all men, sometimes a mixture of both. Sometimes the town's pastor disappeared, and sometimes it was the town's 'whore'. There was nothing at all that linked the victims.

Or, well, there was something...and she was just blind to it.

The blonde growled, wondering if she was losing her touch.

Her phone rang and she answered it without looking at the caller I.D. "What?"

There was a pause, and then a snort. "Seriously, I've had hours of ballroom dancing hell, what could you possibly have gone through to make you sound more annoyed than I am?"

She couldn't help but smile as she leaned back in her seat. "Hey Twinkletoes."

"Be glad I'm not there, or I would have spanked you for that one."

She smiled brighter. "You promise oh so much."

There was a little growl on his end that didn't sound angered at all, before he finally cleared his throat. "So, what has your panties in a twist?"

She took a deep breath, wondering if she should tell him, and then decided that she had no reason not to. "I'm on my first case since...well...since everything that's happened."

There was a moment's silence, and then Dean cleared his throat. "How's it going?"

"I'm a little out of practice, but with hope it's like riding a bike and I'll soon get back into the swing of it." Chloe admitted, gazing down at the file in her hand. "On the upside I have a theory as to what we're up against."

"Really? What is it?"

"Black Agnes." Chloe grinned, unable to keep her glee back at those two words. "Stefan noticed it before me, but now that he pointed it out I think this could very well be where the real Black Agnes' legend started circulating I feel like a fool for not making the connections sooner."

"Black Agnes." Dean mumbled. "That that chick who died of a broken heart when her boyfriend dumped her and then years later her statue gets revenge on the douche's descendant?"

"Yep." Chloe nodded.

"I thought that was supposed to be in West Virginia or something."

"Well, all over the states people claim Black Aggie is theirs...so you can never tell." She replied, twirling a strand of hair around her finger before sighing. "How are you, Dean?"

"Fine, gorgeous, just a little stressed from having my ballroom teacher curse the gods for me having been assigned to her, and...well...there's just a lot of stress here." Dean replied.

"That why you won't do the voice of your character in the Paranormal anime?" She guessed.

"How'd you find that out?" He questioned, surprised.

"Sammy told me when I talked to him this morning." She replied.

"Surprised he had enough time to talk given the fact that Lois kidnapped him for hours to complain about our father." Dean snorted in dark amusement. "Ever since you went up and disappeared she's crowned Sam her 'Girl Talk' companion and he's been suffering ever since."

Sadness entered her eyes. "I miss Lois so much, and those girl talks."

"Then get your ass over here and have them, save Sammy from them."

"You know why I can't see her or you guys yet Dean." She scolded, leaning hard against the seat. "Until I can be sure that I won't accidentally...hurt...you guys, I can't allow myself to be near...no matter how much I really want to be."

He gave a little grumble, before sighing. "How's Stefan?"

It was warming and amusing because somehow Sam and Dean had slowly warmed up to Stefan...which was probably because whenever she was feeling too sick or going through a rough patch and couldn't or wouldn't speak to them, Stefan would either answer their calls and explain what was going on, or on the rare occasion call the boys first to give them the heads up. Stefan said he did it because he could understand how they must feel, and had the situation been reversed he would have wished for someone to keep him informed on her well being. It was sweet and kind and completely Stefan.

Damon on the other hand, neither of the other boys could tolerate, although Sam valiantly tried sometimes to put up with him whenever he barged into their phone conversations.

"Stefan's fine, he's gone to get food." Chloe replied. "He's been helping me with the research, while Damon's been helping by staying at the bar."

Dean snorted in amusement.

"He'll be more useful when it comes to confronting the big bad, you know how good at being 'confrontational' he is." She teased.

Dean snorted once more. "The asshole's a douche."

"I know." She grinned brightly.

"Why do I feel like you're smiling when you're saying that?"

"Because I am?" She quipped.

"Well, changing the subject, with all the gossiping Sam's been doing with you, has he told you about the show's new story arc?" Dean enquired.

"You mean the fact that fans are leaning towards you and Lois?" She teased.

He grumbled. "That bitch would have to tell you something like that."

She laughed.

"Well, that wasn't what I was talking about." Dean announced. "I meant the season we're filming now is somewhat different from the ones passed, we're not just hunting monsters anymore, there's this dramatic arc where apparently there's this big mystery about Sammy. His character's slowly becoming more and more of a douche, and he's basing his asshole self after Damon."

"Didn't you guys do that "Sammy Mystery" thing already?" Chloe wanted to know, ignoring the Damon comment. "It's how the whole half-demon Sammy thing was discovered, remember?"

"Yes, well, from what I'm hearing it's going to be different, and they sure have him acting different too. I mean, he was always supposedly half demon, but now he's actually acting it." Dean replied, sounding amused by this. "It makes Sam uncomfortable, especially since the writers and such refuse to tell us why Sam's character has made such a heel-turn. I think they're doing it that way, letting us only know bits and pieces as we keep getting our scripts, so that when the big 'reveal' is done our 'surprised faces' will be real surprised faces."

"I always detested your show's writers." She informed him. "If they get a fact about the supernatural right it's either because you or Sam pointed it out or if they thought they were being 'new and inventive'."

Dean chuckled.

Hearing footsteps coming down the stairs, Chloe turned and smiled when she saw Stefan. "The food! Finally!"

"I had to sneak this passed the librarian, wasn't easy." Stefan declared, waiting for her to make some space on the table before putting the bags of food down. He gazed at the phone. "Sam or Dean?"

"Dean." She replied before blinking. "There's a librarian? I didn't see anyone!"

"Tell him hi." Stefan ignored her question, opening the bags and setting their food out.

"Stefan says hi." Chloe declared.

"Put me on speakerphone." Dean replied.

Raising her eyebrow, Chloe pressed Speakerphone and laid the phone down on the table. "Okay."

Stefan sent Chloe a confused look before clearing his throat as he sat down next to her. "Can I help you, Dean?"

"This is the first time she's...since...and I want to make sure you and your brother are there to protect her." Dean replied. "She might be...stronger...now...but you know it also makes her weaker, and even though she's never going to admit it because she's stubborn as hell. She needs you guys there to make sure she doesn't get hurt."

Stefan nodded, and then seemed to remember that Dean couldn't see him. "You don't have to worry, Dean, Damon and I won't let anything happen to her. But you have to admit, her interest in paranormal investigation once more is a very good sign that things are going forwards in her life again."

Chloe didn't hear what Dean said, instead concentrating on her food as she was hungry.

It was only when she heard Sam's voice join in on the conversation that she tuned back in, surprised, realizing that Sam must have walked in on Dean and Stefan and Stefan had turned on one of the computers down here and activated her skype account. The three boys were talking through the video conference option, and as they discussed the case Chloe just watched Sam and Dean, who were sitting down inside of Dean's trailer.

"But I thought Black Agnes was one of the few myths that were only that, a myth." Sam declared, frowning. "What are the chances that this is just a coincidence and there's something else causing the disappearances?"

"Always possible." Chloe responded truthfully. "It's why I'm not saying its Black Aggie. I'm just keeping my options open."

"Black Agnes." Sam made a face, running his hands over his hair. "I never really paid much attention to that legend because it just seemed so farfetched. So...out there."

"Yes, well, we thought so too about Bloody Mary and Vampires...but Chloe's encountered both." Dean declared, saying the 'V' word for the first time that night.

Stefan and Chloe shared looks and flinched, looking away from each other as Stefan cleared his throat. "Yes, well, I'm sure that Black Agnes, if confined to her statue as legend insinuates, won't be half as dangerous as either options you mentioned."

"True. Don't you have to basically give her a lap dance or something?" Dean wanted to know, leaning closer towards the screen.

"Still." Sam tried. "You need to be careful Chlo. Remember that case we did together on Supernatural Diaries? We thought it was a poltergeist and it ended up being a golem? We were really caught unprepared and you almost got really hurt." He took in a deep breath. "I-I just don't want anything to happen to you."

"I'll be fine." Chloe promised, holding her fork tightly, heart racing in her chest. "I'm stronger now Sam...and I have Stefan and Damon looking after me even if I do find myself in over my head."

Stefan nodded, placing an arm around Chloe's shoulder. "She's in good hands."

Chloe didn't hear what Dean answered to that because she heard footsteps and looked up to see Damon coming down the stairs, taking a long swig from his bottle of whiskey. "How did you get that passed the librarian?"

He grinned evilly, the dimness of the room hiding the way his eyes morphed slightly with compulsion before returning to normal. "I asked nicely."

"Course you did." She smiled up at him, offering a bite of her pasta.

He sauntered over and flicked his finger at Stefan's arm around her before turning to sit on the edge of the table when he realized Stefan wasn't removing his arm from around her. Damon leaned forwards towards her and his lips encircled her fork before capturing the pasta offered, pulling it off of the fork and chewing leisurely. "I love it when you feed me."

She blushed, knowing he wasn't exactly referring to incidents like this one. For some reason, he and Stefan both liked the taste of her blood. They liked it a lot. Not that she could say anything considering she liked theirs as well.

"Why are the Wonder Brats in on this meeting when I'm not?" The older Salvatore asked nonchalantly, enjoying referring to Sam and Dean like that since it annoyed the hell out of them, as he caught her hand and brought it to his lips, nibbling on her fingertips temptingly.

Chloe fought with her thoughts, trying to tell herself to concentrate on the mission at hand, and yet slowly and surely she found herself losing herself to the feel of his teeth against her skin. Damon was talented with his mouth and he knew it.

A groan of deep appreciation left her lips before she could stop herself.

Hearing the utter silence in the room, Chloe's eyes flashed open and she blushed darkly as she realized that Sam and Dean were watching them, completely silent, and Stefan was watching her as well with growing lust. Scarlet climbed up her neck as she shot up to her feet and then gave a little shriek when Damon took advantage of this and grabbed her by her hips, twirling her around to kiss her deeply. He then cheated, fangs appearing and slicing his tongue, letting his blood flow into her mouth. The taste of human and vampire blood were completely different, and while vampires usually preferred human blood to the taste of vampire, Chloe found both equally enticing...and while she'd filled her human desire for food with the pasta the vampire in her had still been a little hungered.

Growling, she kissed him harder, swallowing the delicious taste of his blood.

She'd found that as her sire Stefan's blood was the most delicious thing to her...but Damon as his brother was a very close second. Like their personalities Stefan's was sweeter and Damon's spicier...very different yet wonderful.

Her own fangs appeared, feeling the veins on her face darkening as she sliced her bottom lip.

Damon snarled and pulled her even closer.

Hearing someone choking, Chloe jolted out of it and reached down, grabbing Damon threateningly by his balls as her face shifted back normal, proving to herself just how much more controlled she was now. "Stop being such an ass."

He hissed, face returning to normal as he let go of her, smirking since she wasn't holding him painfully. "Can't blame me for trying."

Rolling her eyes at him, Chloe pulled away from him, bottom lip completely healed as she tried to straighten her clothes, unable to look at the still silent computer screen. She did turn to look at Stefan when she felt him come closer, and merely had a moment before he pulled her in and kissed her deeply before tearing his lips from hers to press a soft kiss to her forehead.

"It bothers me whenever he tries to make them jealous." Stefan admitted, pulling away, a glance to the computer showing that he'd ended the videoconference with the Winchesters before stalking towards her. "Somehow it annoys me more than when he tries to make me jealous."

"Maybe because you feel they're more of a threat than I am." Damon announced, still leaning against the desk, eyeing them with that smirk that was all sex and smug superiority.

Stefan glared at him.

"What? I'm somewhat willing to share with you...most of the time...and that's mostly because you're her sire and I feel sorry for you." Damon smirked, undoing the buttons of his shirt. "But those two? If they got her back you'd lose her completely, sire or not."

Stefan's eyes narrowed as he turned to look at Chloe nearly accusingly.

Chloe opened her mouth to deny that when suddenly Stefan was kissing her deeply once more, and then Damon could be felt behind her.

And she forgot what she was going to say, allowing herself to drift into blissful oblivion on their hands and lips.

Thankfully, by the time she'd ended up naked between them, fangs out, the tape on the hidden spy cameras had already run out.


They'd stayed in the cemetery longer than planned, setting up the two hidden cameras that would capture the famous Chloe Sullivan and her two hunky sidekicks as they completely figured this out and got rid of the big bad-whatever it was. Audrey's heart cried with happiness knowing that soon everyone would see what she and Vanna did, and the Winchesters would soon be a thing of the past! The Salvatores were the future By George! And even if it was the last thing she did Audrey was going to be responsible for giving them the spotlight and fanbase they so deserved! And, she was sure that when the going got tough Damon would redeem himself after his epic failure at helping Chloe research.

"How's everything on your side of the mission?" Vanna's voice asked, walkie-talkie blaring.

"Done." Audrey answered, bringing the walkie talkie to her mouth. "How about you?"

"Me too." Vanna replied, voice wobbling. "This cemetery's really spooky, especially after the sun sets."

"Well, we're going now, so we'll leave the real action to Chloe." Audrey declared, grinning. "This is going to be so awesome!"

"A-Audrey?" Vanna suddenly stuttered.

"Yeah?" Audrey asked, sending the statue of Agnes Black a suspicious little look, having heard Chloe's theory that this might be the working of Black Agnes.

"Where are you?" Vanna squeaked.

"By the statue." Audrey declared, frowning. "Why?"

Suddenly a scream echoed throughout the cemetery.

Audrey's blood curdled, and while everything in her screamed to race to the car and get the hell out of there, she forced her legs to go towards the sound of the other girl's cry. "VANNA!" She nearly tripped over tombstones and the flower bushes in the dark, yet she finally made it to where her best friend should have been...finding nothing but Vanna's walkie-talkie. "Vanna?" She looked around her, heart racing. "Vanna! If this is a joke I am so going to kick your butt!"


Audrey turned rapidly and looked towards the statue, finding it in its place.

That was why she never saw what was coming at her from behind until it was too late.
7th-Sep-2011 08:06 pm (UTC)
Poor girls. They never expected to get an up close and personal look at the supernatural entity. Can't wait for the next part where hopefully Chloe will find out what is going on.
7th-Sep-2011 08:44 pm (UTC)
Yep, they just thought they'd skirt around the whole thing untouched....they were quite wrong.
7th-Sep-2011 08:11 pm (UTC)
omg your mean leaving your fave reader on a cliffie

love it
7th-Sep-2011 08:44 pm (UTC)
Yep I am mean, I love being mean! lol
10th-Sep-2011 05:26 am (UTC)
What a great chapter! I loved the part that showed how Damon, Dean, Sam, and Stefan interact with each other and Chloe. It's amusing and heartwarming to see how they tolerate each other because they all love Chloe, even if they don't necessarily love each other!

And Audrey and Vanna are so cute, I feel bad that they got nabbed, but I want to see them react to Chloe as their rescuer! :)
10th-Sep-2011 05:38 am (UTC)
Yep! Everyones trying to be mature about the situation...except Damon ;)
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