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LaMagra 1/10 
20th-Oct-2011 04:35 pm

Title: LaMagra
Sequel to: House of Frost
Characters: Chloe, Kal, Deacon Frost, Lois, Lana, Crease, Blade, Karen, Whistler, Danica Talos, Hannibal King, Asher Talos, Jarko Grimwood, Buffy Saunders, Mercury, Vanessa Brookes
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When Frost proves that Chloe isn't safe with him, she joins up with Kal, who refuses to be the minion of anyone. Doesn't help that Inquisitor Reporter, Lois, is searching for her cousin and getting close to the vampire secret.
WARNING: This story has a vampiric KAL EL, not Clark Kent. You know the difference. It's not just the name. So be ready for his attitude and behavior.

No one in the whole of Metropolis seemed to know where Chloe Sullivan had disappeared to.

"I'm telling you, Karen, it's as if she's disappeared into thin air." Lois Lane, Chloe's older cousin and a rising star journalist of the Metropolis Inquisitor paced the Metropolis General Hospital's Hematology lab, unable to keep herself calm. It'd been weeks since Chloe and Clark had gone missing, and Lois was about to go insane with worry and frustration (not to mention how the Kents were). Chloe was her baby cousin, Lois had just gotten her back, and she was terrified that something must have happened to the younger girl to cause her to disappear off of the face of the earth like this. The only little consolation was that Smallville was with her, and while Kent was annoying sometimes Lois knew without a doubt that while he was alive he'd never let anything happen to Chloe. "And Lana knows something, I know she does!"

Her friend, Karen Jansen, gazed down at the blood on the slate in front of her. "Then talk to her."

"I have!" Lois threw her hands in the air. "Lana is obviously hiding something but she isn't cracking!"

Curtis, an ex of Karen's who'd brought in a blood sample for her to check, seemed more interested in the topic than Karen. "If she was friends with your cousin and the girlfriend of the boy who disappeared...she'd tell if something happened to them and she knew what it was."

"Usually I'd agree with you, but you don't understand." Lois had no problem with airing her problems in front of a near stranger. "Lana is completely different. She was the pink princess in high school and now I only am able to catch her when she's out at night going from party to party. Ever since she joined that sorority it's as if they'd taken the Stepford out of her and made her some playboy bunny with a fetish for leather and darkly kohled eyes!"

"Didn't you say some months ago she needed to sexify her look?" Karen mumbled, adjusting the lens of the microscope.

"She's not worried, Karen." Lois' heels tapped furiously as she continued to pace the floor. "Whenever I try to talk to her now she just gets annoyed! She's hiding something! And I'm going to get to the bottom of it if it's the last thing I do!"

Karen sat back from the microscope she'd been eyeing while listening to Lois rant, appearing stumped as she turned to look at Curtis. "You took this off a DOA?"

Curtis nodded slowly, swishing in his seat.

"This isn't human blood." Karen frowned.

"Then what is it?" Curtis wanted to know.

Lois stopped pacing, turning to look at the doctors.

"I don't know..." Karen motioned to the microscope. "Look at this blood smear-."

"Can I?" Lois hijacked the microscope, gazing at the blood.

Curtis pouted.

Karen smirked, shaking her head. "The red blood cells are biconvex, which is theoretically impossible."

"Why impossible?" Lois wanted to know, looking up at the doctor.

"They're hypochromic, there's virtually no hemoglobin in them." Karen declared, hands on her hips as she shook her head. "Look at the PMNs, they're binucleated, they should be mononucleated."

"Now, say that all in English." Lois frowned as she moved away from the microscope in confusion, letting Curtis have his look.

"Basically there are two nuclei when there should only be one." Karen replied as if this should answer it all.

It still left a lot of questions in Lois' mind but she figured she could ask them later, so she nodded as if she'd understood.

"What about the chemistry panel?" Curtis wanted to know, still eyeing the blood.

Karen wheeled over to the computer and gazed at the screen, making a face. "Blood sugar level is three times the norm, phosphorous and uric acid are off the scales." She shook her head. "Impossible this came from a human."

"If that blood didn't come from a human...what did it come from?" Lois wanted to know, that Inquisitor's Best inside of her already brimming with fantastical ideas as to the origin of the blood, theories ranging from shape-shifters to aliens.

Karen removed her glasses, rubbing the bridge of her nose. "Curtis, it's three in the morning. I'm really not in the mood for one of your practical jokes."

"It's not a joke!" Curtis insisted. "I've got the stiff sitting in the morgue right now! Look, just come up and see him, okay? Five minutes, that's all I ask."

"I thought you promised to give me some distance?" Karen narrowed her eyes at him.

"This is purely professional curiosity Karen, I swear." Curtis turned to Lois. "Bring her along if it helps you feel more comfortable."

Lois grinned, wanting to see the thing with her own eyes, maybe even take some discreet pictures should this be a story in the making.

Karen rolled her eyes as she stood, letting loose a tired sigh. "Five minutes, not a second more."

Curtis nodded, leading the two women down to the morgue and passed them each a mask before donning one himself as he led them to the burnt crisp of a body, which was laid on an autopsy table.

Lois made a face as she gazed at the body, which certainly looked as if it'd once belonged to a human.

A preliminary exploratory Y-incision had been made across the chest, stretching from shoulder to shoulder, then continuing on down the abdomen. Ribs and cartilage had been cut open to expose the heart and lungs.

"You haven't started in on the internal organs?" Karen sent a sideways glance towards her ex.

Curtis shook his head. "Just the blood sample from the pericardial sac."

They could have been speaking Latin for all Lois knew...and then the thought of Latin made her think of her know-it-all baby cousin who actually knew Latin...and that worry clenched tighter in the brunette's chest.

Curtis paused, studying the body's disfigured face. "That's weird."

"What is?" Lois asked, desperate for a distraction from her constant worry.

"He looks different now, burns are less extreme, some of these wounds have closed up..."

"You think he's healing?" Lois asked in shock, giving the burnt crisp a wide-eyed stare.

Karen seemed unimpressed.

Curtis pulled out a penlight and flicked it on as he leaned over the body, shining the light into one of his eyes.

"What's his story?" Lois asked, curiosity eating her.

"I asked the Paramedics that when they brought him in." Curtis replied, still eyeing the corpse. "Said he was still screaming when they found him. Apparently something must have gone down in one of those underground raves, and this one ended up stapled to a wall, on fire."

"A rave gone bad." Lois mumbled to herself, wondering if this was drug related. "Why haven't I picked up any of this on my police scanner?"

"You have a police scanner?" Curtis looked up at her in shock, forgetting about the dead body.

She nodded, reaching into her bag and pulling out what looked like a walkie-talkie, giving it a little shake. "Never go anywhere without it."

Suddenly the body from the table bolted up, sinking its teeth into Curtis' jugular. He snapped the man's neck in two for easier access, sucking in blood desperately, loudly, messily.

Karen stumbled backwards, sending autopsy tools clattering.

Lois' eyes widened as the thing, which truly couldn't be human, rose from the table, flinging Curtis' twitching body aside.

He curled his blood-soaked lips back, baring viper-like fangs, emitting a guttural growl, sounding crazed. "More..." he gazed between them. "Blood..."

Lois' lips parted as she realized what she was staring at.


The one thing she was sure was actually a myth.

Her eyes widened.

If she could get proof of this, a picture, a recording, it could make her career!

Karen backed into the corpse drawers, but the creature was upon her in a half-second, wrapping a hand about her throat. His mouth opened, morphing disturbingly wide as if to swallow her head whole, caustic saliva dripping from his canines. Karen tried to turn her head away but the thing's grip was vise-like, and then she was staring into his eyes, pupils pulsing rapid-fire, opening and closing, hypnotic...and she seemed to forget her need to struggle, staying doll-like in his arms.

The vampire sinking the tips of his fangs into Karen's carotoid artery, starting to nurse, jolted Lois out of her shock. The brunette grabbed the first thing she could find, some sort of autopsy tool, and jammed it into the back of the creature's head, causing him to yell and throw Karen into the wall before turning towards Lois, yanking the tool out of his head with a snarl.

Suddenly the door was kicked open and a rifle fired, buckshots chewing into the vampire's side and driving him away from Lois as he howled in pain as another load caught him full in the face.

Lois, eyes wide, turned to face her rescuer the same time the vampire did, noticing a tall African American wearing...sunglasses in the night...and black leather. He held a streetsweeper auto-shotgun, sizing the vampire.

The vampire, face all messed up, snarled. "Blade."

This Blade character sneered. "Quinn, we're looking dapper."

Quinn bellowed with rage, ripping one of the heavy steel refrigeration doors from its hinges, flinging it at Blade like it was a lawn furniture.

Lois quickly fumbled in her bag and pulled out her camera, beginning to film.

Blade rolled to the side as the door crashed against the wall.

Quinn ran, moving through the morgue like a human tornado, heading for the windows at the end of the room before jumping through the glass, taking half of the wall with him.

Blade rushed to the decimated window, looking down.

Putting down the still recording camera, Lois rushed to her friend, as Karen bled her life away on the floor. "Karen?" She fell to her knees next to the pretty African American. "It's going to be okay. You're in a hospital. You'll get help." She looked up towards the morgue's door. "SOMEONE HELP!"

Blade spun towards them, eyeing them. "She was bitten."

Lois tore off her jacket and bunched up the material, using it to apply pressure to the torn up neck, trying to stop the gushing blood. "Can you help her?"

He turned and headed towards the back exit.

"If you can help her you can't just walk away!" Lois snarled at him.

He stopped and sighed before turning towards her and returning to look down at Karen, face betraying the fact that he was having an inner conflict, before finally making a decision. "You will stay here or she'll die." He sent Lois a look she couldn't read due to those damned shades as he knelt, scooping Karen up into his arms.

Suddenly two policemen rushed into the morgue, weapons drawn.

"Hold it, asshole!" The first yelled.

"No! Don't shoot!" Lois jumped up, putting herself between them, arms up. "He just saved our lives!"

"Ma'am, you don't understand, he's a dangerous killer." The second cop told her. "Come over here Miss, it's not safe."

Blade turned to face the window right before him.

Lois noticed this, sending him a quick glance over her shoulder. It was a good thirty feet to the roof of the adjacent building, a parking structure...and damned if Blade didn't seem to be considering the jump. "What are you doing?"

The police closed in, agitated.

Blade crouched, switching Karen to a one-handed grip.

"I said hold it!" The first cop yelled.

Lois' eyes widened and she let out a little yell as Blade jumped out of the window Quinn had already broken.

The brunette rushed to the window and watched as Blade cleared the impossible distance...almost. He snagged the ledge of the adjacent parking structure with his left hand even as Karen slipped from the grasp of his right...only to save her at the last second as his fingers clamped around her wrist. Karen, barely conscious, managed to scream as she dangled.

The cops pushed Lois out to the side, eyes wide as they watched the man swing Karen like a pendulum, heaving her up and over the ledge as if she were a sack of potatoes.

Lois backed away slowly, grabbing the tool she'd stabbed Quinn with and putting it into a plastic bag before shoving it and the camera into her bag.

With the cops still staring out in shock as Blade swung onto the building and then disappeared with Karen, Lois disappeared as well.


Chloe sat on her twirling chair, holding a cup of warmed blood as she watched Deacon go over the ancient manuscript she'd finally been able to fully decode and print off for his perusal. They were locked in what she now thought of as her office, the room filled with interconnected computers and one table with two chairs for whenever she was waiting for something to work and she could somehow get Crease to give up his post as her watchman and play Go Fish...which he always cheated at. The blonde though didn't have her companion slash guardian with her at the moment, only her sire and the Head of the House of Frost, of which she was a part of despite the fact that she had yet to be branded with the Frost tattoo due to the fact that she was figuratively chained to these computers and had been ever since she'd been sired by Deacon that night in the back alleys of Metropolis weeks ago.

Despite the fact that she'd been a vampire almost a month she had yet to go hunting, and had yet to experience much of what made a vampire a vampire. She felt caged and claustrophobic, and knew that Deacon's hold on her was never going to slacken. As a human she hadn't known she was a meteor freak, and when she'd been sired it'd messed with her genes and made her into what was commonly known as a Daywalker, and while silver hurt it didn't kill her either. The Daywalker was a rare occurrence, something Deacon had admitted that the Purebloods were trying (terribly unsuccessfully) to create, and that put her in some danger. Should the Purebloods find out that she was a Daywalker they would want to take her and experiment on her, find out how a half-blood like Deacon could have created her when they themselves were failing so tremendously. Given that, she'd been ordered by her sire not to tell anyone she was a Daywalker, and she was happy to follow the order.

It made her wonder though, because there were only two other Daywalkers she knew about, and both of them weren't Pureblooded.

The first Daywalker was the only one that the vampire race knew existed, and was half human. All she knew about him was that he was named Blade and he was a vampire hunter, the thing that Purebloods told their children about from the time they were young to spook them into behaving well. He had most of the vampires' strengths without their weaknesses except for bloodthirst, which was something no one could really fight. He sounded like a total badass, and if it wasn't for the fact that he'd kill her in a heartbeat Chloe might find him cool.

The second Daywalker was the only one she knew personally. Clark Kent, or Kal El, as he wished to be called now that she'd slipped him the red kyrptonite ring so that he'd feed and thus finish his transition into vampire.

Kal El was half alien, the first Kryptonian Vampire that she knew of, and the shift had changed him so that he couldn't stay out long in direct sunlight. Around thirty minutes or so in direct sunlight before his skin began to burn. It made her wonder how long he could last in the shade. Also, being able to be in the sunlight let him recharge his powers, which weren't as strong as they'd been when he'd been fully Kryptonian, but once he fully mastered how they'd changed Chloe had the suspicion Kal could be one of the Big Players in this game.

And then, of course, there was herself. She'd been a meteor freak. Now she had no problem with sunlight or silver and while she had yet to truly try out her strength or speed or whatever else made a vampire a vampire she knew at least her fangs worked...

All in all it made Chloe really wonder if it was possible for a Daywalker to be Pureblooded.

"Are you sure that this is what it says that I need?" Deacon looked up from the section she'd been queasy over, gazing up at her.

She nodded, keeping her eyes fixed on his, tightening her hold on her mug of blood.

He stared deep in her eyes before smirking and reaching for her mug of blood, downing it in one gulp before throwing it behind him and yanking her up off of her seat up against him. Deacon smirked down at her before bringing his lips to hers in a ruthless kiss.

Chloe considered fighting him but knew that as a fledgling she was no match for him when it came to power be she Daywalker or not, so she let her hands hang loosely at her sides and let him kiss her passively, not struggling but not contributing to the kiss in the least. She knew he could feel her disinterest in his kiss.

She couldn't let him know that he needed the blood of just any Daywalker for his ritual.

Sure she was his little 'treasure' and there was a Daywalker out there causing trouble and Deacon would go after Blade...but should his efforts fail she didn't put it past Deacon to use her instead for this ritual, and she wasn't about to be the sacrifice for some damned blood god.

Deacon pulled her closer, pressing her against his hardness.

Chloe tried to summon some sort of arousal out of this but couldn't and it worried her somewhat.

Vampires were randy bastards that went at it with multiple partners all hours of the day, that was normal and expected unless the vampire should find his or her bride and groom...and even then vampires were known to have more than one married partner...then again, although a married groom might have three wives he'd never have an affair with another vampiress. Lana had started telling her the rules, had mentioned something about monogamy only ever happening when they found The One...but then things with Lana had soured and Chloe hadn't seen her and couldn't ask for more information. And really, Crease wasn't the sort of person you asked these questions to.

Deacon's phone thankfully rung and he pulled away with a hiss, yanking his phone out of his pocket and shaking his head. "Just like Dragonetti to ruin my fun." Picking up the large finished manuscript, Deacon answered his phone and walked out. "What do you want?"

Sinking down onto her seat, Chloe let out a nervous breath, looking back at her computers, convincing herself that she'd erased all proof that there was something edited on that manuscript. She was safe.

She was.


Blade piloted the '69 Oldsmobile 442 down the streets, moving through a series of increasingly degenerating neighborhoods, coming at last to the sprawling warehouse district. He approached a mammoth industrial facility that'd been cordoned off by cyclone fencing and razor wire. Ultra-violet floodlights illuminated the area, and an army of security cameras kept a watchful eye. Despite all this the place wasn't entirely safe, couldn't boast that somehow vampires wouldn't find a way passed all the security, but considering everything it was probably one of the most secure places in the world. That would do.

In the Olds, Blade glanced at the woman in the backseat, cursing himself for giving into his emotions. If that woman in the morgue hadn't interfered, hadn't spoken...if he hadn't stopped to wonder if someone who could help had helped his mother all those years ago...

Grunting, shaking his head, Blade hit a remote secured to the sun visor and a gate creaked open.

The Daywalker drove the Olds around the back of the building, heading towards the concrete landing ramp. At the bottom of the ramp a heavy iron door rose, and the Olds disappeared into the darkness until UV lights flickered on inside, lighting up the massive loading elevator. It hummed as it ascended, eventually reaching its destination with a booming clang and the door at the rear glided open.

Blade guided the Olds out into the abandoned factory which was set up in an old ironworks, the place looking like a cross between an auto junkyard and an armory. Equipment was strewn everywhere-lathes, mills, old furnaces, gutted vehicles, an add hoc surgical theater...all of it jerry-rigged in a brutal, oily-tech.

Climbing out of the Olds Blade opened the passenger door and pulled the woman out, carrying her in his arms. "Whistler!"

"Are we bringing home strays now?" Whistler wanted to know as he hobbled out of the shadows, leaning heavily on a cane, obviously having spotted the woman in the car from the security cameras when Blade had been driving in. Abraham Whistler was gimlet-eyed, his right leg encased in a metal brace and although his face was lined with wrinkles and his hair long since gone gray one could sense that he could still easily kick the shit out of anyone, be he living or dead.

"She's been bitten." Blade said for a lack of something else.

"You should've killed her then." Whistler declared.

"She hasn't turned yet." Blade replied pointedly. "You can help her."

Blade and his mentor stared each other down until finally Whistler turned with a put-upon sigh, hobbling over to the operating theater.

"No promises." The grizzled old man declared with his bitter tone. "You watch her close. She starts to turn, you finish her off."

Blade nodded, laying the woman down on the operating table while Whistler turned on an overhead light.

The woman was sheathed in sweat, ashen. She'd lost a lot of blood and Blade wondered for a moment if it was even worth it to try.

Whistler snapped on a pair of surgical gloves, probing the wound in the woman's neck with an antiseptic swab, eyeing the capillary damage around the perimeter of the wound. The tissues appeared bruised, gangrenous. "Localized necrosis. She's borderline. Another hour and she'll be well into the change." He cracked open a smelling salt capsule and waved it under the woman's nose, watching her as she started to stir. "Can you hear me, woman?"

Her eyes were wide open, obviously scared and disoriented. "What-?"

"You've been bitten by a vampire." The old man told her straight. "We've got to try and burn out the venom, just like a rattlesnake bite." He reached for a massive syringe filled with caustic-looking fluid. The woman saw the syringe and began to resist, causing Whistler to sigh with annoyance. "Hold her."

Blade forced the woman down.

Whistler readied the syringe while peering at her name tag. "Dr. Karen Jansen...Listen close, I'm going to inject you with an antidote made from allium setivum-garlic. This is going to hurt. A lot." He then sunk the needle into the woman's neck and depressed the plunger.

The female shrieked, her body going into uncontrolled spasms. The wound on her neck began to smoke as the antidote attacked the poisonous vampire venom. She clutched at Blade's arms, digging her nails in while staring up at him with unflinching intensity, pleading with him.

Uncomfortable, Blade looked away, holding her down as she rode out the seizures.



Vampires existed.

In her home Lois hadn't known what to do, hadn't felt safe, hadn't liked not feeling safe.

She didn't know what legends about the creatures were true, but she'd grabbed her large container of powder garlic and covered each threshold for the doors and her windows with it, not knowing what else to do.

She'd then sat down and watched what she'd filmed, gulping.


Vampires existed.
20th-Oct-2011 10:32 pm (UTC)

Omg great story.
Meanie u left us in a cliffie again. 
I love it 
Please tell me the pairing will be kaloe. Pretty Please with a cherry on to
Can't wait for more

20th-Oct-2011 10:57 pm (UTC)
I'll say this. Engame for the series is Kaloe. :) But it's going to take them a while to get there!
21st-Oct-2011 06:44 am (UTC)
Yay. I just stayed up through the night with my 4month niece and it's made my day and I can wait to see the development of kaloe hope there plenty of jealousy and possessiveness
More please my fave queen of fanfics lol
21st-Oct-2011 12:22 am (UTC)
I hope this doesn't get Lois into a heap of touble knowing about vampires. I take it Chloe changed the translation by indicating that the Daywalker had to be a certain one, a certain one that is like Blade instead of her. Can't wait to see the next chapter of this!
21st-Oct-2011 03:27 am (UTC)
Exactly! She's changed it so that she can't be considered for sacrifice. :)
And Lois.... ;)
21st-Oct-2011 09:11 am (UTC)
AWESOME start for the sequel to House of Frost! I can't wait for the rest. Love that the ending is going to be Kaloe¡ Lois is still nosy as ever; can't say I expected anything else. PPMS... I hate waiting for updates.. Hurry back soon please
21st-Oct-2011 09:21 am (UTC)
Glad that everyone is (so far) happy with the "ENDGAME" Kaloe...and patient since it will take a while! And Lois, yes, her curiosity is a family trait though!
21st-Oct-2011 02:57 pm (UTC)
Woohoo Kaloe is endgame!!

Typical nosey Lois lol maybe she has bitten off more than she can chew this time. Fabulous start and I can't wait to read more, please post again soon :)
21st-Oct-2011 11:05 pm (UTC)
:) :) ;)
Yep, she very well *may* have!
22nd-Oct-2011 12:05 am (UTC)
Just wanna say, that I LOVE LOVE LOVE you for doing a Blade/Smallville crossover. It makes me so happy.

Aaaa I remember watching blade for the first time when I was 9 or so, creeped the heck out my family for enjoying such a violent movie while completely rejecting Winnie Pooh XD

Looking forward to the rest of the story!
22nd-Oct-2011 12:32 am (UTC)
Thanks! I try to make my readers happy so I feel accomplished!

Haha! I was completely sheltered from childhood from anything even remotely scary...so when I finally saw my first horror movie everyone thought Id be traumatized...and then horror became my favorite genre in movies. lol
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