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LaMagra 2/10 
21st-Oct-2011 08:24 pm

Title: LaMagra
Sequel to: House of Frost
Characters: Chloe, Kal, Deacon Frost, Lois, Lana, Crease, Blade, Karen, Whistler, Danica Talos, Hannibal King, Asher Talos, Jarko Grimwood, Buffy Saunders, Mercury, Vanessa Brookes
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When Frost proves that Chloe isn't safe with him, she joins up with Kal, who refuses to be the minion of anyone. Doesn't help that Inquisitor Reporter, Lois, is searching for her cousin and getting close to the vampire secret.
WARNING: This story has a vampiric KAL EL, not Clark Kent. You know the difference. It's not just the name. So be ready for his attitude and behavior.
Chapter Warning: attempted rape.

She went looking for Kal.

Chloe knew that he wasn't Clark, that he wouldn't just sit down and listen to her problems out of the goodness of his heart and out of concern for her well-being, but this concerned him as well considering that any slip up could expose him for a Daywalker and then he too would be in hot water and a likely candidate for this ritual of Deacon's. He was her best friend, even if he was his asshole alter-ego, and they were still allies so she needed to warn him now quickly while Deacon was still absorbed in all things LaMagra. Her mind went over the ritual, remembering everything near perfectly, having known it was important for her to memorize this. And she forced herself to memorize it the edited way just in case, to memorize one of the ingredients needed for LaMagra's summoning being 'the Son of Darkness who walked in Light' and not 'a Day Walker' as it'd been originally.

It would still leave Deacon with the ingredient he needed, the blood of a Daywalker, yet by adding the masculinity to the term she'd made sure that she herself would be considered useless. Kal though...he needed to be warned and to stay on the alert because if discovered he could be kept as a 'spare' in case Blade couldn't be obtained.

"Have you seen Kal?" Chloe asked Mercury, one of Deacon's many lovers, and also a warrior.

The platinum blonde of some unkown European heritage raised an eyebrow at her and shook her head, not friendly yet not hostile either.

"Thanks." Chloe nodded, going further, sighing, wondering where in the world Kal was.

Knowing him he was screwing someone somewhere.

According to Crease, her only real source of news from outside her room ever since her falling out with Lana, Kal had quickly become the House of Frost's stud, with female vampires fighting each other viciously for him. He'd gone through most of the prettiest girls in the House, and seemed to be on a mission to sleep with every single woman. It explained Lana's depressed and resentful mood, but Chloe really didn't see how Lana could blame her for this. Sure, she'd given Kal the ring that changed his personality from docile Clark to brash Kal, but Lana didn't understand that that was the reason of the change! She thought that this was Clark's way of putting his past behind him...and she was mad at Chloe thinking they'd had some sort of affaire.

Truthfully, Chloe was probably one of the only women in the House who hadn't slept with Kal.

"Have you seen Kal?" She asked another female, figuring that if news of his popularity with the girls was true one of them would be able to tell her where he was.

The vampire moved on without even acknowledging Chloe's question.

"Bitch." The blonde hissed as she watched her go, before turning around and giving a little surprised shriek as she found herself face to face with Crease.

"Your instincts are deplorable." He informed her, eyebrow raised. "You should have been able to sense me here."

She raised her eyebrow at him. "Do you know where Kal is?"

Eyeing her Crease nodded, motioning with his chin for her to follow as he led her through the large House. There were many levels and sublevels, many rooms and many different things Chloe didn't recognized or understand, but she followed in silence until they reached outside a room. She wondered for a moment why they weren't going inside when she heard it.

"Oh hell!" A female gasped, breathy. "Yes! Yes!"

Kal's laugh was low and sensual.

The female cried out.

Chloe brought her hand to her face as she joined Crease where he was leaning against the wall. "So the rumors weren't exaggerated."

Crease chuckled in manly amusement as he shook his head, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a pack of cigarettes, offering one to her.

"No thanks." She shook her head.

He kept it held out to her. "What's it gonna do? Kill you?"

With that reasoning she reached out and snagged one, eyeing it curiously.

"More! Just like that!"

Chloe inhaled the smoke as Crease lit the cigarette it for her and she promptly choked, bending over.

Crease laughed at her quite evilly, taking an expert whiff.

Sending him a dark glare Chloe coughed as she straightened herself, tapping her chest and holding the cigarette as far away from her as physically possible. "This is vile."


"See? She agrees with me." Chloe informed him, unable to keep her lips from twitching with amusement.

Crease chuckled once more. "Gotta give him props. He seems to know what he's doing."

"Oh please." Chloe rolled her eyes, uncomfortable with talking about her best friend's quite active sex life. "It's a simple matter of inserting Appendage A into Orifice B."

"Damn." Crease blew out a perfect ring of smoke. Showoff. "How long has it been for you?"

She paused, sending him a wary little pout as the girl in the room made ridiculous noises. "None of your business."

Crease turned so that he was facing her, leaning with his side against the wall. "That long, huh?"

She flipped him off, taking a more cautious whiff of the cigarette, ending up choking on the smoke once more and coughing. "Take it, I give up."

Snorting, Crease relieved her hands of the burning atrocity and flicked it into a nearby plant. "Pussy."

"Dick." She coughed out.

He laughed out a wall of smoke. "Orifice B."

Chloe let out a bark of laughter as well as she coughed, glancing up at him. "Appendage A."

The door to Crease's left opened and a pretty redhead emerged, trying to straighten her clothes as she walked away...awkwardly.

Chloe and Crease both watched her go before sharing darkly amused looks.

Kal emerged from the room, looking every bit the prized stallion as he zipped back up his pants, pausing for a moment when he noticed Chloe and Crease.

Crease snorted, flicking the remaining stub of his cigarette into the same potted plant he'd put Chloe's before turning and leaving, breathing out his last lungful of smoke, hands deep in his pockets.

Chloe watched him go before turning back to Kal, tilting her head with amusement. "She was so sore she was limping."

In seconds Kal's face shifted into a smirk as he took the position Crease had vacated. "I try my best." He turned to lean his back against the wall. "She was so loud."

"You're telling me." Chloe sniggered, nudging him with her shoulder before beginning to mimic the redhead mockingly. "More Kal! Yes! Like that! Hell! Yes! Yesssssss!"

Kal groaned, rolling his head to smile at her. "Were you looking for me or did you just get drawn in by the noise?"

Chloe's smile slipped from her face as she gazed at him. "Tonight during our hunt I need to talk to you."

His face went serious as well as he leaned heavily against the wall, eyeing her intensely before nodding. "Of course."

"Hey Kal!" A blonde giggled as she passed by.

A brunette passing in the other direction gave the passing blonde an ugly look.

"How many of these women have you actually slept with?" Chloe asked in curiosity as she noticed the dark, distrustful looks women everywhere were sending her.

Kal grinned. "Do I look like the type to kiss and tell?"

"Yes." She responded, returning her gaze to him.

He chuckled, resting an arm around her shoulder as he moved them through the throng of glaring females. "I wish to sample the many flavors and passions in life, and so I have been making up for the ridiculously chaste years my alter ego put me through."

Chloe flinched, remembering Clark and the betrayals he'd suffered at both Lana's and her hands.

"When Clark had sex with Lana it was slow and terribly cautious. He only had sex with her when he lost his powers that once." Kal felt the need to tell Chloe, apparently considering her his bro or something like that. "But sex with vampirettes? Nothing cautious about that."

"Vampirettes?" Chloe made a face at that. "Don't you ever call me that."

"Don't worry. I have a special name for you." He winked at her.

Chloe sighed as the heated glares directed in her direction intensified.


Just great.

She didn't have to worry about being sacrificed to some blood god.

Kal and his slut dick were going to be the death of her.


Once again the police scanner wasn't picking up any news from the police channels about what had happened in the hospital. First the rave...and then a kidnapping and homicide and yet nothing. Lois checked the local news and waited for some little mention of at least something going down at the Metropolis General Hospital and yet other than to mention that the annual blood drive was going to be held soon there was no mention of the hospital. It made all of Lois' alarms go off. This was prime news and yet it wasn't seeing the light of day, and that could only mean one thing: someone was paying a lot of people to make sure that they stayed quiet.

That worried her because that meant she could be in deep trouble for what she'd seen, and recorded, at the hospital, and it was with that knowledge that she packed hastily yet thoroughly, leaving her home before she could be identified and tracked back there. She didn't know where she was going but she knew she couldn't call anyone, none of her friends or family could get caught in the middle of this. She had gotten herself into this mess and she was going to have to get herself out of it.

She just hoped Karen was alright.

Did one bite turn a person into a vampire?

What was real and what was false?


Vampires existed.

As Lois stepped onto a bus and went to sit by the window, she gazed out at the dark city around her.

She wished Chloe was here.

She knew her cousin would get a kick out of this revelation.


When Karen came too she reacted to the last memories she remembered before darkness, gasping as she sat up and brought her hand to her neck, finding the wound bandaged, betraying that those weren't nightmares. She'd been attacked, Curtis was dead, and the last she could remember Lois was still alive somewhere. Karen remembered the man with the incredible strength taking her here, and she gulped, wondering if she truly was safe. She'd obviously seen too much, knew too much. But then again, why heal her if only to kill her?

Rising shakily the doctor took in the spartan room she was in. On the wall was a collection of knives and daggers, some of them wooden, their hilts inscribed with bizarre looking runes. In the center of these weapons rested a sword hanging like a cross in a chapel, dominating all else. She reached out and touched it before her gaze dropped to a silver locket that dangled from the hilt by a tarnished chain. Karen reached for it, opened it, and gazed at the photo inside. It was old and faded yet the pretty African American woman in the picture was still visible as she stood under the sun smiling at whomever had taken the picture.

Taking in a deep breath Karen let the pendant slide from her fingers as she turned towards the door, cautious. She could hear voices and followed it out of the room, hearing them coming from a series of black-out curtains. She pushed one aside silently and her gaze fell upon the African-American male who'd saved her life and brought her here strapped into some kind of Inquisition-esque restraint chair. His shirt was odd, his body slick with sweat. A jolt of female appreciation rushed through her body.

The old man who'd injected her with that horrible substance the night before was finishing strapping the younger man in before standing back, holding up a gas-powered pistol injector, hesitant. "I had to increase the dose. You're building up a resistance to the serum."

The dark man spoke, impatient. "Just do it, old man."

The older man nodded, fitting him with a bite guard before pressing the pistol-injector against the man's carotoid artery.

Her rescuer shook violently, grinding his teeth through the bite guard, veins cording in his neck. He clutched the old man's hand, holding it tightly as he fought his way through what seemed like hellish agony.

Karen winced, wanting to run away from this place and these people and yet she was fascinated as she watched the two as the spasms and seizures continued to wrack the younger man until he finally slumped forwards in his restraints, appearing exhausted. She then drew back, feeling guilty, as if she'd witnessed something intimate that she had no right to have seen. Her gaze then fell on another doorway, realizing that this might be her way out.

Instead it was a dusty, darkened hole of a room with no windows, just shadows and a large tank filled with swirling blood plasma and choked with electrical leads and biomedical sensors. Something floated within, suspended in the murky fluid, and it took her a couple of seconds of narrowed gazing to realize that it was a child no older than two or three years of age, drifting about like a medical oddity preserved in formaldehyde.

She brought a hand to her lips to silence her gasp of horror.

What sort of monsters were these people to do this to a child?

She needed to get out of here immediately!

Suddenly the child slammed up against the glass, the unexpected movement causing the doctor to backpedal, startled. The child's eyes were now open, pupils blown. It snarled, revealing a mouth full of razored teeth. The thing trailed mouth-slime across the glass as it futilely tried to chew its way through to her.


Everything here were monsters!

Turning, Karen gave a little scream as she came face to face with the man who had saved her, the sword that'd been on the wall in her room now in his hands.

Karen backtracked slightly, wary.

"You shouldn't be here." His voice was a deep rumble.

"I'm sorry...I-." Karen gulped.

"Wandered off the beaten path, Doctor?" The old man asked as he entered the room from a second doorway she hadn't even noticed.

"Who are you people?" She squeaked, trying to be brave.

"My name is Abraham Whistler." The older man declared. "This is Blade." His gaze went to the tank. "As for our little homunculus here...he's a vampire."

"You're joking-." Although, how else could she explain that creature?

"Not at all." Whistler shook his head. "You're looking at a prime specimen of the homines nocturna." His gaze returned to her. "If Blade hadn't brought you here, you would've wound up like him."

Karen brought a hand to her bandaged neck, thinking back to the events of the night before as she turned to Blade. "Lois...is she-?"

He raised his chin. "When we left she was fine."

Karen breathed a breath of relief before narrowing her eyes even further. "Why did you help me?"

He scowled, gaze flickering to Whistler. "Stupidity."

"Maybe not." Whistler declared, seeming to be appraising her. "I did some checking, she's a hematologist. Knowledge like that might come in handy."

"It's not worth the risk." Blade shook his head. "We can't trust her."

She was getting annoyed at their talking about her as if she wasn't there. "Why?"

"You're tainted." He told her with some disgust. "The venom's still inside you. You could still turn on us."

"What happens then?" Karen asked, feeling the suspicion that she didn't really want to know the answer.

Blade looked to Whistler before returning his gaze to her. "Then I have to take you out, just like any other bloodsucker."

And then, after delivering so cheery a message, he turned and left.


It was day so everyone was resting, gearing up for the night that would soon fall upon them.

Now that she didn't have anything to translate, and had spoken to Kal and warned him about what was going on, Chloe didn't have much to do and could instead spend the day in her room doing nothing for the first time since she'd been sired. Her mind didn't rest though, despite the fact that her body was enjoying the soft bed. No, her mind was going over the ritual Deacon would have to perform to become one with LaMagra, and she went over what she'd researched on the blood god himself. There really wasn't much out there about him, he was old and fierce. From the little she'd managed to dig up on him, even vampires kinda gave him the wide berth.

The fact that Deacon wanted to merge with this guy...it left her uneasy.

But other than that...she really didn't have any reason to work against Deacon. He was her sire and he was keeping her safe. If she managed to skirt his attentions she knew she could work her way high up his House's ladder. If there was something she was, Chloe knew it was useful, and she could easily see herself and Kal holding high ranking positions.

Deacon also hadn't asked her to kill her human family and loved ones as some other Houses ordered. All in all, it made sense to back Deacon.

Chloe took in a deep breath, trying to relax.

The door to her room slid open, revealing a male outline before he stepped in and the door closed.

Sitting up in her bed, Chloe's eyes widened and yanked at her sheet as she recognized her sire in the darkness, shirtless, the first button of his pants undone. "Do you need something?"

He smirked, stalking towards the bed. "I've been patient, Chloe."

He had?


She tightened her grip on the sheet, keeping her eyes on his. "What are you talking about?"

"Don't play coy, baby." Deacon came closer, playing with his zipper. "We both knew this was coming."

Chloe pressed back against the headrest, heart and pulse racing. "No, we both didn't."

A flash of amusement made him grin. "I see, you like playing games. So do I."

"This isn't a game." Chloe jolted out of bed, eyes flashing with her emotion as she backed away from him into the wall. "I am not interested and I've never tried to hide that."

His lips twitched as he tilted his head, slowly moving forwards, stalking her as if she were still just human. "You know what we're going to do. You know the ritual."

She nodded, not understanding what one thing had to do with the other.

"With the fall of the House of Erebus the House of Frost will rise from its ashes and take sovereignty of the Vampire Houses and Overlords. I alone will be the Vampire King we've needed for so long." With a quick movement he grabbed her hands, slamming them into the wall above her head with only one of his, easily containing her and her struggles. "LaMagra and I will be one." With his free hand he lowered his zipper and freed himself. "And you, my little Daywalker, you still have a heartbeat. You still have a pulse." He reached down to kiss the pulse racing in her neck reverently. "Will my sperm live once its inside of your womb and give me live-born children like the Purebloods?"

Chloe's eyes widened in horror as she stopped struggling, realizing that this had been planned the second the fact that her heart and pulse still worked had been discovered.

She realized that no matter how much she struggled, he wasn't going to let go.

He was going to take something else away from her other than her life.

And once again she was powerless to stop him.

"I'll scream." She whispered, voice wavering, promising herself she would fight him to the very end.

"I'll like it." He revealed, reaching down to yank her shorts and underwear passed her hips at the same time.

Chloe gave a little shriek, trying to yank her hands from his grip, wriggling her body desperately.

Deacon chuckled as he grabbed her hip in a punishing hold and positioned himself against her, rubbing himself against the entrance with a hiss before-.

The door flew open and Kal stood in the doorway, seeming quite calm and non-responsive to the scene in front of him. "Deacon, Mercury sent me to tell you that an envoy from the Talos House has arrived and is requesting an immediate audience."

Deacon gave a little growl. "Danica has the worse timing."

Chloe trembled slightly in his hold, terror and shame filling her, unable to look in her friend's direction.

The older vampire let go of her, not seeming to notice as she slid to her knees and pulled up her clothes, instead zipping himself up and turning to Kal, apparently forgetting all about her. "Find Vanessa, she'll entertain them while I'm getting more presentable." He then stormed passed Kal and left, muttering to himself.

Kal hesitated at the door, not coming in nor leaving.

Chloe couldn't bring herself to look at him, body trembling.

The door finally slammed shut behind him, leaving the traumatized blonde to the darkness she needed as sobs burst from her as she promised herself something in that moment of shaken horror.

Deacon Frost was going to die.
22nd-Oct-2011 01:54 am (UTC)
I take it that he hesitation shown by Kal is proof that he does care about her in his own way, because I don't see him bursting in that door unless it was to stop Deacon if there had been someone else in the room.

I also have to wonder what Miss Lane is up to. Is she leaving town or is she doing something else?

Can't wait for the next chapter.
22nd-Oct-2011 02:28 am (UTC)
You're right about Kal. It's very subtle and sometimes easy to misread, but he *was* protecting her to the best of his ability considering their positions in the house versus Deacon's.

Ah yes, Miss Lane has no plans of leaving town. Metropolis hasn't seen the last of her.
22nd-Oct-2011 03:19 am (UTC)
Yay!! I'm so happy about this sequel. I like that Kal was trying to protect Chloe to the best of his ability without revealing himself.

I see that Hannibal King is going to appear at some point, please tell me there will be interaction and possible romance between him and Chloe? Because that would be awesome.

Great job so far and I can't wait to see what happens next.
22nd-Oct-2011 03:23 am (UTC)
OH. Chloe will unofficially meet Hannibal alright!
22nd-Oct-2011 08:13 am (UTC)
Another AWESOME! chapter ! Like Moonstar I can't wait for when Chloe and Hannibal King met. That should AWESOME! Also I can't wait for more intense Kaloe action that will be AWESOME! as well.

I'm sensing a theme here... Yep it's definitely AWESOMENESS !
22nd-Oct-2011 08:18 am (UTC)
LOL. I'll have to warn though, Hannibal and Chloe won't meet under the best of situations.........but it's a stepping stone for (planned) further interactions down the line ;)
22nd-Oct-2011 09:08 am (UTC)

Ing poor Chloe go kal for interfering. Move it

22nd-Oct-2011 09:31 am (UTC)
Yep, although he was subtle about it.
22nd-Oct-2011 04:18 pm (UTC)
lol Kal is such a man whore ;) Glad he managed to help Chloe but not sure he is going to be able to keep saving her :(
22nd-Oct-2011 08:33 pm (UTC)
Oh, he totally is a manwhore!!!!!!!!!!!
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