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LaMagra 3/10 
22nd-Oct-2011 05:05 am

Title: LaMagra
Sequel to: House of Frost
Characters: Chloe, Kal, Deacon Frost, Lois, Lana, Crease, Blade, Karen, Whistler, Danica Talos, Hannibal King, Asher Talos, Jarko Grimwood, Buffy Saunders, Mercury, Vanessa Brookes
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When Frost proves that Chloe isn't safe with him, she joins up with Kal, who refuses to be the minion of anyone. Doesn't help that Inquisitor Reporter, Lois, is searching for her cousin and getting close to the vampire secret.
WARNING: This story has a vampiric KAL EL, not Clark Kent. You know the difference. It's not just the name. So be ready for his attitude and behavior.
Chapter Warning: Warning: Implied voyeuristic sex, and slight dub!con

In Whistler's workshop, beyond the grimy outer windows, Karen gazed at the sunlight. She lingered by the window, reeling from all the information she'd been fed and expected to digest. Vampires existed and so did vampire hunters...and she'd been bitten by the first and rescued by the second. Her world of fact and science was slowly crumbling all around her in a tragic heap that she'd never be able to put together again fully. Why couldn't this have happened to Lois? That crazy woman would have enjoyed this, would be writing frantically, already composing an article for the Inquisitor. But no. This had happened to Karen.

Blade began suiting up, strapping on body armor, loading ammunition. He strung the tarnished locket she'd seen before around his neck as if it were an amulet that could ward off evil, and then paused to inspect a modified pistol, sighting down the length of it. "We hunt them, moving from one city to the next, tracking their migrations."

She turned to look at him, not sure she wanted to know this.

"They're hard to kill since they tend to regenerate." Blade pulled the trigger on an empty chamber, then checked his next weapon.

"So what so you use then?" Karen tried for sarcasm. "A stake?"

Whistler nodded, seeming to not have notice her attitude. "Some of the old wives' tales are true. They're severely allergic to silver and various types of wood. Feed them garlic and they'll go into anaphylactic shock." He picked up a customized rifle with a UV entry light, flicking on the beam. "And of course there's always sunlight, ultra-violet rays.

Karen shook her head. "And you honestly expect me to believe all this?"

"I don't care what you believe." Blade told her firmly. "I saved your life once, I don't plan on making a habit of it. You want my advice, you'll be out of the city by nightfall. If you're stupid enough to stay, that's your business."

"I can't just leave!" Karen exclaimed in horror. "I have a life here! A career!"

"Not anymore." He replied in that voice of his. "You've seen one of them. You won't be allowed to live after that."

"What about Lois?" She found her voice asking. "She saw it too."

"She's probably dead already. Or turned." Blade replied feelinglessly.

Karen stared at him in horror.

Whistler gestured to the windows. "There's a war going on out there. Blade, myself, a few others-we've tried to keep it from spilling over onto the streets." He paused a beat. "Sometimes people like yourself and your friend get caught in the cross-fire." He then shrugged, proving that as far as he was concerned, that was just how things went.

Karen couldn't believe that. "I can go to the police. I have blood samples back at the hospital. I can show them."

"Do it." Blade snorted. "You'll be dead before you can file the complaint."

"That's ridiculous!" Karen was close to losing her temper. "No one's that powerful!"

Whistler sighed, obviously thinking her a fool and growing quickly annoyed with her. "You're talking about a brotherhood that predates the Catholic Church by thousands of years. Their survival depends on their ability to blend in. Chances are, you've encountered them and not even realized it. On the subway, in a bar."

Blade slung his CAR-15 onto his shoulder, impatient. He started towards the Olds, gesturing to her. "Get in. You're leaving."

"Wait." Whistler called, tossing her a small metal canister which she luckily caught. "Consider it a parting gift. Vampire mace...silver nitrate, essence of garlic."

Karen stared at it in disbelief. "That's it? You just patch me up and send me on my way?"

"There is one other thing." Whistler answered. "I'd buy yourself a gun if I were you. If you start becoming sensitive to daylight, if you start becoming thirsty regardless of how much you've had to drink...then I suggest you take that gun and use it on yourself." His eyes hardened. "Better that than the alternative."

Karen stared at him in horror, and subconsciously tightened her hold on the canister.


Lois didn't know what to do. She'd spent the night at a church, figuring that that might be one of the only safe places. She'd nixed her phone at her apartment and only kept the police scanner on her, listening to it near religiously during the sleepless night. It proved to her that no one was reporting the incident at the hospital. Someone somewhere high on the food chain was bought, and that meant she couldn't go to the police. They were probably corrupt anyway. She wondered where Karen was and if she was okay...and then wondered about Chloe. What if something like this had happened to Chloe? What if her cousin and Clark had been killed by vampires?

Lois closed her eyes tightly at the thought.

What if one of those beasts had done something to her little cousin?

Lois went over the footage she'd recorded once more, if only to prove to herself that it'd really happened. She hadn't imagined it all. It hadn't been a dream. A delusion. It had happened. It was real. Vampires were real.

A piece of her wanted to start writing the article that, accompanied with her evidence, would win her a Pulitzer.

Another piece wanted to break down and cry.

But a bigger piece wanted to find her cousin, wanted to know if vampires were the reason she'd disappeared, and Lois knew there was only one lead in Chloe's case.

Lana Lang was keeping something from her, and this time Lois wasn't going to back away and let the brunette keep quiet anymore. She was going to learn whatever it was Lana was holding from her.

Taking in a deep breath, Lois closed her hands around the crucifix she'd taken from Chloe's belongings when she'd gone to the apartment they shared the night before.

And then she stepped out of the church.


By the time the door slid open later Chloe had composed herself and was sitting on her bed, coolly collected now that her decision had been made. Her green gaze rose and she paused for a moment, surprised to find Kal there instead of Deacon, whom she'd been expecting to return and finish what he'd started. She'd mentally prepared herself for what she knew was going to happen soon. And she'd let him. She wouldn't fight, would make him keep his guard down, and that way he'd never suspect what she was planning. If she even gave him the miniscule amount of doubt this plan would never work. She needed him consumed with all things LaMagra and confident that things here in the House were going smoothly.

Kal eyed her silently before finally speaking. "Deacon wants you to come. Apparently this Talos woman brought something he wants you to look over."

Taking in a deep breath, Chloe nodded, standing up from the bed. "My vacation was quickly over."

A muscle jumped in Kal's cheek as he watched her, before taking in an aggravated breath and motioning for her to follow him.

There was awkward silence between them as they walked through the abandoned halls, everyone else sleeping the day away. Chloe didn't know why she was ashamed given the fact that she hadn't done anything wrong, but she did feel as if she should have fought more, should have screamed for help...although she knew deep down inside of her that no one would help her against the Head of the House.

She finally sighed and looked at Kal when his intense stare was more than she could bare, but before she could open her mouth to say anything she realized something, staring at his eyes, which were focused intently on her. "Are you using your X-ray vision?"

He raised an eyebrow. "It's annoyingly weaker than before...but I still have the ability, yes."

"What are you looking for?" She wanted to know, feeling silly as she crossed her hands over her chest.

"You're not a virgin, Clark thought you were." Kal tilted his he'd to the side. "Was it Deacon?"

She shuddered at the thought of that having been her first foray into the sexual world. "No. He was about to...when you came...it actually didn't...I've still only been with one man."

Kal eyed her before nodding as they continued walking.

They reached the door of the meeting hall and it was pushed open.

Taking in a deep breath Chloe raised her chin and walked forth, refusing to look like some victim, not in front of Deacon. Her gaze went to those in the lavish place, finding the female with the dark hair and fangs out, figuring she was Danica Talos, head of the House of Talos, which wasn't a particularly strong house and maybe that was the reason they'd joined forces with Deacon, sharing his ambition and desiring to rise when he did. There was another man by her side who shared some family resemblance, another huge blonde to her other side who should have been a wrestler...and a couple of other vampires. There was one vampire though...

He was...he was handsome.

Chloe gulped, getting distracted for a moment before reaching Deacon's side, forcing herself to take his hand when he offered it to her.

Vanessa gave a little hiss and yet otherwise didn't say anything.

Mercury, also in attendance, smirked at Vanessa's discomfort, obviously enjoying it immensely.

"Who is this, Deacon?" Danica asked with a lecherous smile, giving a little sniff. "The human still lingers in her scent, newly sired I take it."

"Your nose..." Deacon smiled at her, nodding. "This is Chloe, my little advanced talent. Without her this plan wouldn't have come together as smoothly or quickly as it has." He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it while eyeing the House of Talos' representatives. "She's the one who broke the Code to the Book of Erebus."

The eyes were on her even more now.

Danica grinned. "So you're Deacon's little secret weapon." She stood. "Deac, how about you trade me an hour with her for an hour with my little cabana boy?"

The vampire Chloe had been admiring tensed, anger crossing his eyes.

"You know I don't particularly enjoy my same sex." Deacon replied, tightening his hold on Chloe's hand proprietarily. "Call me old-fashioned."

"But I like a little...entertainment...while I'm doing business transactions." Danica replied, steel behind her words, proving that she was a force to be reckoned with and although she was an ally of Deacon's she wasn't going to be playing nice and would push for what she wanted.

"I doubt Deacon will let her out of his sight." Vanessa surprised everyone by speaking out of turn as she stared at Chloe in disgust. "He keeps her...close."

Deacon sent her a look that promised pain.

Vanessa's eyes widened and she looked away, immediately submissive.

But the damage had already been done, Chloe seemed like a weakness to Deacon, and she knew that he refused to have weaknesses, especially not in front of someone like Danica Talos who seemed to go for the throat at the first sign of weakness in those around her.

"That is laughable." Deacon sneered. "My annoyance is due to the fact that I myself have yet to take her."

Chloe fought the humiliation.

"Come now Deac, it's not like she's a virgin." Danica rolled her eyes in amusement. "Why don't you let my boy have her, and we can all enjoy while we talk business."

"I brought her here so she could go over that which you brought." Deacon's hold on Chloe's hand was hurting her.

"She can look at if afterwards." Danica replied.

Without another way out of this, Deacon finally let go. "Fine."

Vanessa's lips curled in a darkly pleased smile.

Right then and there Chloe decided Vanessa would die as well.

The handsome vampire from the Talos House came forwards and reached for her hand, seeming so used to this treatment that it somewhat scared her. His hand was large and rough as it closed around hers, and Chloe looked into his eyes before letting him lead her towards one of the empty reclining lounge pieces. He didn't lower them to it and start immediately, instead turning to her and gazing down into her face as he cupped it.

"First time performing for a crowd?" He asked softly, ignoring the eyes on them.

She nodded, never having done this before in front of an audience, and was terrified.

"Focus only on me and block them out." He whispered, his voice surprisingly calming as he leaned in and brushed a soft kiss to her lips before brushing against again, and again, until Chloe found her lips parting of their own will as her eyes closed.

Her body still trembled from fear and yet she wasn't terrified of him as she'd been with Deacon, opening her mouth to his kiss and battling his tongue when it invaded, claiming every inch within. The hands that'd been trembling limply at her sides came to his chest and found purchase on each side of his unzipped leather jacket. Her lips moved under his and her body curved willingly into him, and the shiver that ran down her body when she felt him slowly hardening against her stomach wasn't fear or disgust. Arousal simmered slowly in her veins and the gasp she let out as he reached down to grab her ass was one of surprised want.

"There..." he whispered against her lips between each kiss as he returned to teasing pecks. "That a girl."

She yanked at his leather, suddenly wanting him undressed, wanting to feel his smooth skin. She tried what he said, focused on him, only on him, tried to drown out the faces, the stares, the voices.

Finally that feeling, that desperate want she'd heard vampires had when it came to sex, filled her as together they removed his jacket and shirt, coming in closer for a heated kiss.

She wanted him to remove all memory of Deacon, wanted it desperately.

With impassioned hands she worked on his belt.


Karen was all sorts of confounded right now. Blade had dropped her off outside of her apartment with a warning about keeping her eyes open, and she'd gone to her place more than a little freaked out. She'd nearly used the vampire mace on two people in the elevator for crying out loud! The first thing she'd done was to call 911 and tell them she'd been at the hospital when Curtis had been killed, and they'd agreed to send someone over. She hadn't cared that Blade and Whistler said not to, those two were insane! It was the right thing to do! To go to the cops!

And then the cop who'd come over had tried to kill her. And the mace hadn't worked on him. Why? Because he wasn't a vampire but a familiar...which, if she understood it well, was a human who worked for vampires out of the hope that they'd be turned one day. They bore the mark of the House of the vampire they worked for hidden on their body. Upon later analysis she'd discover that the policeman had had the tattoo of the House of Frost on his body, covered up by hair in his scalp.

Just when he'd been about to kill her Blade had burst through her front door and beaten the living shit out of him. That was when she found out he'd used her as bait, realizing that she'd be 'blockheaded' and would call in and he was curious to see who they'd send after her.

He'd then told her to get over it.

The asshole!

They'd brought the policeman with them to check out his police cruiser and in the trunk was a sophisticated medical cooling unit for transporting organs. Upon opening it they'd found plastic bags containing blood, and Blade had decided that the policeman had been on a blood run for his boss. Blade had interrogated the cop as to where his vampire overlord's house was and the cop had told him to fuck himself. And then Blade had nearly killed the cop, he would have if Karen hadn't intervened, letting the policeman get away. She couldn't believe Blade would have killed that man! Vampires were one thing! But he'd been a human!

Blade had been pissed at her, looking like he wanted to murder her, and she'd felt terrified, especially after he'd yanked off his ever-present shades to reveal his eyes. They hadn't been human nor vampire, something else. They'd been emerald green laced with swirling flecks of red.

He'd snarled some ceremoniously self-righteous speech about her world not being the real world and about war and about her getting her head out of her ass...before he'd stormed into his Olds and left her behind in a cloud of exhaust.

Leaning hard against the police cruiser, Karen held herself tighter.

She needed to get out of town.

But before that she needed to get that blood sample Curtis had taken from the creature.

She needed to find a cure.

The sunlight hurt her eyes.

Karen gulped.

She was still infected.


Lois frowned, knocking loudly on the sorority house's door, and yet no one answered. She'd tried all the doors, and the windows were locked and had thick curtains in them. The brunette had contemplated breaking one and sneaking in but had heard noise inside and realized that although they weren't answering, there was most definitely people inside and she'd get into trouble for breaking and entering. The last thing she needed now was the cops.

"Lana!" She pounded on the door harder, making it shake. "It's Lois! I need to talk to you dammit! Answer the door!"

"You're out of luck." A voice told her.

She spun around, bringing a hand to her heart to see a young pink-hared female standing behind her, licking a lollipop. "How so?"

"The sorority keeps an active night life on campus and they don't ever really come out during the day, preferring to catch their beauty rest then." The girl snorted. "You should try it at night, they're always out and about having parties then. You'll find your friend." Turning she walked away.

Lois watched her, frowning, turning to look at the sorority house and took a step back.

Black, thick curtains.

Nocturnal habits.

Gothic barbie transformation.

"Lana..." Lois whispered, backing away from the house more and more. "No."


There was much fury inside of Deacon Frost as that wretched cabana boy of Danica's defiled the womb that might one day bare the first child born to halfbloods. Deacon was writhing with fury as the girl who'd played so innocent and hard to get with him not so long ago whimpered and arched and cried out for that nothing. Danica was going to pay for her part in this later, and so was pretty little Vanessa. Deacon didn't know whether he'd be more elated if his little Daywalker wasn't pregnant...or if she was. He'd kill that child, rip it out of her, if she was...but at least he'd know that his suspicions were right and she could be the mother of a new race. A race that would be fathered by him.

Finally it was over, and yet as that cabana boy whispered something to Chloe while her eyes were closed, lips parted...Deacon snarled at the intimacy, at the small smile that curved her lips.

Danica grinned, licking her lips.

Vanessa didn't appear as pleased as she had before.

Mercury seemed to have enjoyed the show immensely.

Kal was tense and silent, his eyes narrowed, a muscle jumping in his jaw.

And then, to top it off, one of his familiars appeared and announced that not only had some human doctor who knew about them survived...but that Blade had taken the blood he'd been bringing for them. And all of this in front Danica Talos and her people.

"Look, I know you're disappointed..." The familiar began.

"Crestfallen." Frost interrupted.

"But Blade was waiting for me." The human tried. "There wasn't anything I could do."

Deacon nodded, lapsing into momentary contemplation. "Tell me something, Gideon. What blood type are you?"

Gideon hesitated, obviously not sure how to answer. "I don't really know."

"Take a wild stab. A? B? O, perhaps?" Frost continued, really needing to take his rage out on something and this human was making it all too easy and deserving. "I'm interested in the antigens here, the agglutination reaction."

The familiar stammered as Deacon rose.

Sick of hearing that sound, in the blink of an eye Deacon lifted the human from the floor by his throat. "I'm going to guess AB positive." He smirked, listening to the human gurgle as Deacon's fingernails pierced his flesh, drawing blood.

Vanessa and Mercury eyed the human hungrily.

Deacon released the human, and before his body could reach the ground, the two women plus some vampires from the Talos house were on him, tearing him apart.

"This Blade." Danica declared, leaning forwards and ignoring the devouring going on to the side. "He's a real pain in the ass, isn't he?"

Deacon nodded as Chloe and the little whoreboy put back on their clothes. "An inconvenience."

"Not just for you." Danica replied, reclining back in her seat. "You know, I've heard it whispered that Overlord Damaskinos has a special vampire force being trained for the sole purpose of tracking and killing him."

"So have I." Deacon sneered, not having any use for Eli Damaskinos, who would be one of the first he'd kill once he became one with LaMagra. "Aren't they called something like the Bloodpack?"

Asher Talos, Danica's brother, smirked as he nodded. "Sounds like something for werewolves, doesn't it?"

Chloe slipped out of the room without permission, sending the fuckboy a small smile.

Deacon clenched his fists, suddenly feeling that urge to kill again.


Slipping out into the sunlight for the first time since being sired, Chloe hissed as she brought her hand up to cover her eyes. The sunlight was way too bright, her body too hot. She darted away from the building into the closest shade she could find, breathing a breath of relief. Noticing a pair of shades resting upon the head of a woman coming towards her, busily talking to someone on her phone, Chloe waited for the redhead to pass before snatching the shades carefully from her head and putting them on, breathing a sigh of relief as suddenly all discomfort was gone. The blonde carefully stepped out into the sun, waiting for the pain and discomfort, and yet it wasn't there, only delicious warmth on her skin.

Apparently, as long as she kept her eyes shielded from the sunlight, she had no problem whatsoever.

Grinning at this revelation, the blonde moved on, remembering why it was that she'd braved the sunlight and going out in it without Deacon's permission given the fact that she was supposed to be hiding her status as Daywalker. She needed to find this Blade. The blonde suspected she might be able to sense him somehow, hadn't she been drawn to him before?

She didn't know where to go looking for him, or how exactly she'd get him to not kill her long enough to talk to him, but she had to try.

She figured she could go to what was left of the underground night club and see if she could pick up his scent from there.

With that plan, Chloe ventured forth.


Lana Lang was a vampire.

Lana freaking LANG was a VAMPIRE!

Lois was having a nervous breakdown as she realized this.

It both filled her with wonder and horror because she could remember shortly before Chloe disappeared how her cousin had been complaining that Clark was whining on how different Lana was being and how he wanted Chloe to go talk to her.

Lois clutched the crucifix at her neck tightly.

What if Lana had done it? What if Chloe had given in and had gone with Clark to talk to Lana...and the vampire had snapped and killed them?

Queasiness filled Lois' stomach.

She'd kill her.

She'd kill the Lang if she'd hurt her cousin!

"That damned Blade." The door to the building next to the alley she was hiding in opened, and a couple of men came out, busy complaining to themselves. "You'd think that a night club situated inside of a fucking freezer would be harder to find!"

"And who's left with the cleanup?" His partner grumbled as well. "Us! We might be only humans but I think we should be given more important jobs than cleanup!"

"Don't complain about the boss, man." The first scolded. "If he gets word of it he'll never change us, and I don't plan on being a measly human forever."

"We'll be turned and then we'll have familiars of our own." The second grinned. "But I'll change my name. Larry the Vampire doesn't sound too intimidating."

His friend laughed as they continued on.

Lois' eyes widened.

The rave in which that vampire in the hospital have been burnt to crisp...it'd happened in a night club somewhere in this building!

She didn't even stop to think about it.

The brunette raced towards the back entrance.
22nd-Oct-2011 11:42 am (UTC)
omg I cant believe that's what DEACONS planning to do although I'm probably twisted if I was in Chloe's shoes i probably wouldn't have complained about sex with deacon. More. Will Lois run in to Chloe, will Kal follow Chloe. Will deacon find out-->will he punish her ** lecherous grin** I wonder will Chloe get pregnant by that guy (hope not)or deacon or Kal.

jeez I reckon you could pull of a deacon and Chloe one shot well. Did you get my Pm from FanFiction?
22nd-Oct-2011 08:45 pm (UTC)
One of Chloe's issues is that Deacon killed her, and she doesn't trust him, and it takes more than a pretty face to attract her---it was only after the 'cabana boy took time to calm her and showed her in his own way he cared that she actually felt attracted to him. Her instincts are turning her against Deacon, and she trusts them :)

Yep! Got it!
22nd-Oct-2011 01:41 pm (UTC)
so Lois might actually run into Chloe in the next chapter? Yay! Can't wait for that reunion. I take it that Deacon is going to be amping up his aggression now and Kal seems to be suffering from jealousy.
22nd-Oct-2011 08:45 pm (UTC)
Yep, there should be a Chlo-Lo reunion in the next chapter!
Deacon won't be happy at all!
Kal *does* seem jealous, doesn't he?
22nd-Oct-2011 02:49 pm (UTC)
please let her find him! LOL really awesome I like how perfect everything is. I want to know who is this mysterious cabana boy and Kal? was he jealous? I hope so! and please don´t let anything bad happens to Lois, even if she looks for trouble :)

ps: yay I love this one and how Chloe is hiding things and being a bad-ass! if she kills Deacon please let Kal and Chloe stay together but not together together, just together :P
22nd-Oct-2011 05:47 pm (UTC)
Hannibal King? DAMN (ryan reynols is hot) so I was going to re-watch blade to know who cabana boy was but google took care of that for me, pleaseeeee tell me he is going with team Chloe!!!!!

ps: I´m still going to watch blade LOL
22nd-Oct-2011 08:47 pm (UTC)
LOL, yes, the Cabana Boy *was* Hannibal King!
And Lois will *always* be in trouble thanks to her inquisitive nature...much like Chloe!
22nd-Oct-2011 09:48 pm (UTC)
I re-watched trinity and Cabana Boy is hilarious and charming (at least to me) I hope we can read more of him with Chloe :)
22nd-Oct-2011 09:51 pm (UTC)
There will definitely be mentions of Cabana Boy ;)
22nd-Oct-2011 05:50 pm (UTC)
I would say poor Chloe having to perform for everyone but as she enjoyed it doesn't really matter lol! I am dying to know who the cabana boy is though....?

I love that Deacon is seriously p***** off that someone else got to have Chloe before him hehe ;) I am hoping Kal is jealous and hoping he will start expressing that to Chloe soon.

Loving this story and really looking forward to the next chapter woohoo :o)
22nd-Oct-2011 08:48 pm (UTC)
Oh, Kal *does* somewhat slip up slightly in upcoming chapters, letting out little references to 'Cabana Boy'.
22nd-Oct-2011 06:21 pm (UTC)
Ok reading back if the guy is Hannibal King then I have just found a fab video to have a look at it has Chloe and Hannibal together.

Not sure how to link it so you might have to copy and paste it into the bar but have a look

22nd-Oct-2011 08:49 pm (UTC)
He *is* Hannibal King, and I love that music video! So well done!
22nd-Oct-2011 06:46 pm (UTC)
This chapter was AWESOME! LOL yay¡ for Chloe she got to make Deacon mad & had hot vampire sex for the first time. Although now she has to watch her back more closely now..the price she must pay to ruin Deacon.

Now onto this mystery cabana boy... How is no one guessing that this is our delicious Ryan Reynolds/Hannibal King ? I mean Danica did ask him in the movie if he wanted to be her cabana boy again before she went all fuc* you on him. Well its my guess anyway that; that's him.

PPMS.... with Kaloe on top!
22nd-Oct-2011 08:50 pm (UTC)
Your guess is a hundred percent correct! That was the Cabana Boy! Hannibal King made his entrance into the series!
22nd-Oct-2011 08:35 pm (UTC)
First off, let me say a big yay for the Chloe/Hannibal King sex that just happened!!!! Thank you for that *grins* but now the other comments I just read have got me thinking about Kaloe which would also be awesome and you know how easily I get confused about who I want Chloe with, the curse of liking too many ships *grins*

Can't wait to see what happens when Chloe meets Blade.
22nd-Oct-2011 08:51 pm (UTC)
Oh, I have the same problem! I am enamored with Hannibal King...so you will definitely see more of him in later segments of this verse!!!
But there is most definitely going to be Kaloe.
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