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LaMagra 4/10 
22nd-Oct-2011 04:57 pm

Title: LaMagra
Sequel to: House of Frost
Characters: Chloe, Kal, Deacon Frost, Lois, Lana, Crease, Blade, Karen, Whistler, Danica Talos, Hannibal King, Asher Talos, Jarko Grimwood, Buffy Saunders, Mercury, Vanessa Brookes
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When Frost proves that Chloe isn't safe with him, she joins up with Kal, who refuses to be the minion of anyone. Doesn't help that Inquisitor Reporter, Lois, is searching for her cousin and getting close to the vampire secret.
WARNING: This story has a vampiric KAL EL, not Clark Kent. You know the difference. It's not just the name. So be ready for his attitude and behavior.
Chapter Warning: attempted rape

The sun was lowering, nearly fully set when Blade pulled up in his Olds in a low-end commercial district, junkie heaven. He climbed out, pulling an automatic rifle from the back seat, then headed into an alleyway. Before the good Dr. Jansen had let that dirtbag minion go he'd mentioned this place and as Blade made his way down the alley he was cautious, seeing mountains of trash, boarded up windows and overlapping layers of gang graffiti. A rat crouched on a trash dumpster, eyeing him curiously, not at all afraid, before deciding Blade wasn't worth its time and returning to gnaw on the dead pigeon in front of it.

Blade moved to the end of the alley, studying the graffiti-covered wall intently. He finally found what he was looking for, a design amongst the various gang-banger tags, this one looked like a post-modern hieroglyphic. He knew it wasn't a gang tag but a vampire marking, which meant that there was a safe-house nearby, a safe place vampires could go to if dawn was coming and they were too far from their own lair.

The hunter turned to attention to a building across the street called The Holliston Clinic, which was your basic inner-city blood-carter establishment where desperate transients parleyed their plasma into cash. In other words it was a blood bank. Yet this one was owned by vampires. There was one of those in every major city, and just like Domino's, they always delivered.

He crossed the street and entered, swinging his rifle around for all to see. "Get out. Now."

The potential donors scrambled for the exit.

Behind the counter, a male nurse whose name tag declared "TANAKA" reached for an alarm button.

Seeing this, Blade vaulted over the counter, aiming his rifle. "I know you're blood-running. Who's your sponsor?"

Tanaka gulped. "I don't know what you're-."

Blade backhanded him across the face hard enough to loosen his teeth. He then grabbed the man by his collar and shoved him through a doorway behind him, finding them in a supply room. There were supply cabinets, cots, and a number of locked refrigeration units. The vampire hunter fired into the door handle of one of the units, tearing it open to find the fridge stacked floor to ceiling with plastic packets of blood.

Behind his shades, his eyes narrowed. "How much are you shipping?"

"Bite me!" Tanaka snarled at him.

Opening fire, Blade swept his rifle around the room, shooting everything in sight. Glass cabinetry shattered, ampoules and other equipment went flying while Tanaka cowered, arm wrapped about his head.

Finally, Blade stopped shooting and leaned down towards Tanaka, placing the end of his rifle against the man's forehead smirking at the fact that the man looks like he's about to wet his pants. "I've got a message for your masters. Tell them the night's no longer safe for their kind." He then pulled his rifle back, satisfied as he eyed the red indentation mark left against his head from where the rifle's barrel had been pressed into Tanaka's skin.

Turning, the vampire hunter turned with a confident smirk.

Now all he had to do was wait and follow the little fish to the big ones.


Having navigated through the meat-locker Lois had finally found the freezer and the secret latch that opened the back and let one into what had once been a rocking night club. But there was so much damage, especially from fire...it was going to take it a while to get back to its former glory. Ever the reporter, Lois began taking pictures of the place, flash bright and shocking in the dimness of the room. Blood caped the ground and there were splatters on the walls and columns. Her gaze went up to the balcony above which looked very much like a VIP section, and she took a couple of snaps of there as well. She didn't know exactly what she was looking for so she took pictures of everything, tried to get the feel of everything...tried to not wince when she stepped into a pile of blood that was fresh enough to squish beneath her.

"What is this, Tim?" A voice chuckled darkly. "Looks like we have ourselves a little lost lamb."

Lois gasped and turned around to see four men standing in the half-shadows.

"What are we going to do with her, Ralph?" A second sneered.

"I know a couple of things I want to do with her mouth." A third grabbed his junk.

"I call dibbs on her ass." The forth came towards her greedily.

Lois roundhouse kicked him back.

"FUCK!" The fourth cursed as he lay on the ground. "I'm going to make you pay you bitch!"

The other three men charged at her, and while Lois was good she wasn't that good, finding herself tackled to the blood-covered ground.

"No!" She screamed, fighting. "STOP!"

The sound of laughter and zippers lowering caused her to feel like throwing up.

Suddenly one of the men screamed loudly.

The others let go of her, cursing.

Lois crawled away and turned on her back, weight on her elbows, eyes widening as she saw the forth man collapse to his knees, throat torn open.

And there, behind him, blood all over her mouth and cascading down the front of her face, was Chloe.

"Apparently vampire and human males aren't that different after all." She declared in disgust. "No means fucking no."

"We're familiars! We're on your side!" The third one yelled, yanking at the collar of his shirt to show a tattoo.

Chloe's lips curled as she moved to him rapidly, inhumanly, and then there were screams and blood spurting everywhere.

Lois watched in shocked horror.

The first two men had already taken off but Chloe went after them, and somewhere there were screams of agony until there was nothing but silence.

Lois stayed on the ground, eyeing the carcasses of the two men next to her, trying to understand what she'd just seen.

Chloe...was a vampire.

Chloe, her baby cousin, was a vampire!

The sound of dragging and grunting caused Lois to look up, her eyes filling with tears as the shock grew, seeing Chloe dragging the dead mens bodies back into the room, more bloodied and seeming to be having a little difficulty lugging their weight around by herself. Finally though, she arrived to where Lois was and threw the bodies on the ground, dragging the others so that they were in a pile. Without so much as looking at the brunette, Chloe disappeared for a moment before returning with what seemed like accelerant, and lit a match, causing the bodies to go up in flames. She added more accelerant when the intensity of the fire didn't seem enough for her, adding even more, and when the fire was a roaring blaze she threw the rest of the container into the flames, causing it to explode slightly.

Lois struggled to her feet, grabbing her things, not even bothering to try and wipe the blood from off of her as she eyed her cousin.

Chloe seemed to be sniffing the air.

Lois bit down on her bottom lip, wiping at her eyes furiously.

Chloe's head turned and she moved towards a charred spot on the farthest wall, taking in a deep whiff.

The fire was beginning to spread.

"Dammit." The blonde hissed to herself, running her hand over her hair. "I can't smell anything but blood."

A part of the ceiling began to darken from the flames below.

Chloe snarled and turned from the wall, shaking her head, pacing, not seeming to notice how dangerous the fire was becoming. "What now? This was my best lead!"

The ceiling began to catch on fire.

"Chloe." Shock beginning to wear off, frustration rose. "Chloe what happened to you? Was it Lana? Did she turn you?"

Chloe froze and turned to look at her with wide eyes. "You know about Lana? Does she know you know?"

"No I-."

"Listen to me, Lana can't know you know, because even if she doesn't kill you herself, she'll tell Deacon, and he'll do it." Chloe stalked towards her, still covered in blood. "This isn't some little cover story for the Inquisitor, okay?" She yanked Lois' photo camera out of her hand and smashed it down on the ground, before kicking the remains into the growing inferno. "You need to get out of Metropolis."

"Hey!" Lois gasped at her photo camera before turning to Chloe. "I'm not going to run! I'm not scared!"

Inhumanly fast Chloe had her against the wall, hand on her throat and fangs elongated as she snarled at her. "You should be."

Lois stared her cousin in those eyes, which while different, were still those of her cousin's. "You won't hurt me."

Chloe eyed her before laughing darkly. "Am I the only one who smells the burning flesh here?"

Lois raised her chin as much as she could with the grip on her. "You protected me. They were on 'your side'-whatever the hell that means-and you killed them anyway because they were going to hurt me."

Emotion flashed through Chloe's eyes before she pulled away, hissing. "Dammit Lois! Stop being so bullheaded all the time!"

"And you! Stop acting as if you didn't just disappear!" Lois snapped at her. "I thought you were dead!" Off the look Chloe gave her, she shrugged. "Deader."

Chloe shook her head. "You need to leave Metropolis, at least for the time being."

"I'm not going anywhere." Lois replied. "I'm fine, I spent last night in a church and-."

Chloe snorted. "A church? You're lucky the priest wasn't a vampire."

"Huh?" Lois brought her hand to the crucifix around her neck.

The blonde eyed it with a frown, coming up to Lois and wrapping her hand around the cross to prove a point. "Vampire 101: Crosses and running water don't do shit, forget what you've seen in movies. If you ever come up against a vampire your only friends are stake, silver, and sunlight, got that?"

Lois nodded, feeling a little silly for her previous actions although how was she supposed to know that religion really wasn't an issue for the undead? "So garlic and mirrors-?"

"Garlic. That actually works. Vampires go into anaphylactic shock when confronted with it. So either get them to somehow breathe in the dust or get it in liquid form somehow, like mace." Chloe responded, beginning to strip her clothes off. "Mirrors? I honestly have no idea. There aren't any mirrors in the House so I haven't tried it out."

"What about needing to be invited in before entering a place?" Lois asked, and then flinched at the look Chloe sent her. "Right. Myth. Obviously."

"Obviously." Chloe dropped her shirt and began to undo the buttons of her pants.

"What are you doing?" Lois finally asked as the pants fell to the ground and her cousin stepped out of them.

"It's called getting rid of the evidence." The blonde replied, grabbing her shirt and using the inside of the back to scrub the blood off of her face and neck. "Those guys were Deacon's familiars, and if he finds out that I was the one who killed them he'll..." She shivered, obviously unable to finish that thought. "I should have been more careful, but I went into bloodlust and I just started tearing open throats and forgot all about the blood spatter."

Lois watched as Chloe got as close to the blazing inferno as she dared, throwing her clothes into the fire.

"Come on." The blonde motioned with her head, heading towards the exit and once Lois had gotten out she left the door half ajar. "Fire needs air to grow."

Lois nodded, having known that.

"You need to leave." Chloe said once more, reaching down into her boots, pulling out a cellular. "I'm going to call someone to bring me clothes, and you don't want to be here when he arrives."

"Vampire." Lois guessed.

Chloe eyed her. "How did you know? About vampires?"

Lois sighed, lowering her gaze. "It's something I found out while trying to find you."

Guilt crossed Chloe's green orbs as she looked away. "It's not safe in Metropolis. Go to spend some time with dad. At least for the time being."

"What's going on, Chlo?" Lois pressed, dread filling her stomach. "Who's this Deacon guy you're so worried about?"

"Deacon Frost is the guy who will make you beg for death if he catches wind of the fact that you know about vampires." Chloe responded harshly. "You need to get out of town and lay low."

"Is Clark Kent a vampire too?"

Chloe flinched.

That was all the answer Lois needed.

"He's the one you're going to call, isn't he?" The brunette ran her hand over her head. "So what happened? How were you two...changed? Did Lana go on a biting frenzy or something?"

Once again Chloe's silence was enough of an answer.

"I'm going to kill her." Lois hissed to herself, protective fury building inside of her as her suspicions were confirmed. "I'm going to that fucking sorority house and I'm going to set the place on fire! In the middle of the day!"

"Don't be stupid. Even if the vampires inside are incapable of doing things in the daylight Deacon has human familiars who are all over the place guarding it during the day. You'd be killed in an instance." Chloe snapped at her. "You need to get out of here, lay low in Smallville, and when it's safe again I'll come there."

"No." Lois reached out and grabbed her cousin's wrist, refusing to let go. "I can help."

"I doubt it." Chloe snorted.

"Something's obviously going down, and you're trying to do something about it." Lois replied. "But you have daylight impairment. I don't. I can go around during the day to figure things out that you need me to and you can work the night shifts while I'm in a safe house somewhere surrounded with garlic and silver. And UV lights."

Chloe's gaze lowered and she bit the inside of her cheek before shaking her head. "No."

"You don't have a choice." Lois replied. "I can help."

"Unless you know the address of the Vampire Hunter I'm looking for, then you're no use to me. Only a hindrance." The blonde replied coldly.

Lois flinched at the tone, before raising her chin. "He wouldn't be African American with a leather fetish, would he?"

Chloe's eyes widened. "You've seen Blade?"

Lois smirked as she patted her bag, wherein her (thankfully) intact video camera was. "Even better."


Blade had waited in his Olds until Tanaka had torn out of his workplace, the vampire hunter listening on his cell-pone scanner as Tanaka dialed somehow on his cellular as she got into his own car. While trailing the minion in his Olds, Blade had listened as the human called a number that at first only gave one of those automated 'the number you are calling...' answers, but once he identified himself and his pin number a 'real' person had come on and listened as he told her what had happened. The person on the other side sounded like a young woman, who listened to Tanaka's story before asking why he was calling the 'Branch House' when obviously this was a 'Main House' situation. That was when Blade realized that there were Branch Houses also. He hadn't known that before and it intrigued him.

In the end the girl told Tanaka to come to the Branch House as Deacon Frost was supposed to make an appearance there at a party they were having.

Blade followed behind the oblivious familiar until he entered the Metropolis University Campus, parking in front of the Tri-Psi Sorority House, a loud party already underway. The familiar rushed out of his car and into the sorority house.

Now that Blade thought about it, Sorority Houses as a vampire dwelling made perfect sense. One could draw in easy prey with a house filled with beautiful women. You could also find familiars that way. His gaze scanned the building, finding by the sign that stated Tri-Psi, the symbol he'd been looking for. It was the same glyph that'd been tattooed on Tanaka's neck. The sign of the House of Frost. And it looked as if he'd hit the pay-dirt because the place was crawling with bloodsuckers. He could tell by the way they moved, the way they smelt. Of course there were a lot of humans there as well, drunken and having a good time and stupid, laughing with those who only wanted to snack on them. They were all dressed up in outfits, so obviously this was so sort of costume party, and Blade figured that could help him fit in until he killed his first leech.

He reached into the back seat and retrieved his sword and a satchel. The vampire hunter snapped open his shotgun and loaded it before finally sliding out of the Olds, making his way towards the Tri-Psi sorority house, letting his shotgun fall within the folds of his long coat to keep it hidden as he crossed the street.

Kicking the front door open, ignoring the party going on outside, Blade entered the sorority house, looking around. The inside was filled with revelry and laughter, seeming to almost have been converted into a strip-club look, with girls in different provocative costumes dancing erotically. The place was dimly lit, air thick with cigarette smoke and weed, everyone with a drink or two in their hands. On tables and desks the best looking of the girls, dressed even more provocatively than the others, writhed to the music, giggling coquettishly to the drunken men.

The girls were vampires.

They all were.

Blade was about to whip out his shotgun when he noticed Tanaka hurrying up the stairs, and he snarled as he removed his hand from the hilt and went after the familiar.

He failed to notice one of the main dancers, a petite half-asian beauty with green eyes and a catwoman getup freeze when she saw him, stopping her dance routine to eye him with narrowed eyes.

On the second story Blade headed past the bathroom, following the stink of fear Tanaka left behind him, which led toward the end of the hall, to a door which was marked "Buffy Sanders". A drunk college kid stepped out from one of the rooms in front of him, and before he could say anything Blade punched him, knocking him unconscious. Without breaking stride he continued on and kicked in the door, causing it to swing open violently and hit the other side of the wall, startling the two occupants in the room, Tanaka, and a beautiful blonde vampire.

Tanaka spun around, startled, trying to throw a punch.

Blade trapped Tanaka's arm, levering the man up and over, causing him to crash into the wall, disorienting the human before pulling out his shotgun and aiming it at the vampire before she could even react to his entrance. "Where's Frost?"

She backed up against the wall, not at all intimidating despite the devil's costume she wore.

Sensing movement behind him, Blade turned and fired, shooting Tanaka in the forehead as the familiar reached for his handgun. The shot blew the human's head into little tiny pieces.

No one seemed to hear the gunshot over the sound of the party.

They probably didn't hear her scream either. "Deacon!"

"Congratulations, Daywalker." A voice declared.

Blade's eyes narrowed. "Frost?"

On the large computer screen, Deacon Frost could be seen by a large pool, wearing a hands-free communication headset, grinning at him. "In the flesh, Blade. I understand you've been looking for me." He chuckled. "I'm flattered."

Blade's eyes narrowed on the screen, yet kept his shotgun aimed at the vampire in the room with him.

Onscreen, Frost settled into his chair, obviously enjoying this game of cat and mouse. "You're quick, Blade, I'll give you that. In the space of an hour you've crossed my familiar, destroyed a blood bank...and now you're in one of my Branches terrorizing its cute little supervisor, Buffy."

"Deacon, help me!" Buffy whimpered.

"You're history babe." Deacon replied with little to no sympathy before turning to Blade. "Round one to you."

He then clicked off, the line going dead.

Blade yanked his blade out and turned to Buffy, slamming it through her stomach and pinning her to the wall.

The blonde howled in agony, trying to jerk it out of the wall and thus her, but it was embedded too deep. "HELP!" She screamed, spitting out blood. "SOMEONE HELP ME!"

"What was that?" Blade mocked as he tossed his satchel on the desk, opening it and pulling out a hand-held UV lamp hooked up to a nine-volt batter. "I can't hear you over Enrique Iglesias."

Buffy eyed the device fearfully, forgetting about the sword through her stomach for a second. "W-what is that?"

"A sun lamp." The Daywalker declared. "We're gonna play twenty questions. Depending on your answers, you might get to have yourself a tanning session." He flashed his pearly whites. "You probably miss a good tan."

Buffy gulped, shaking her head. "I won't say anything."

Blade turned on the lamp, watching her as the vampire howled when the harsh light fell upon her. He then flicked the light off.

Buffy growled, body smoking profusely, desperately yanking at the hilt of the sword holding her immobile. She was a very beautiful vampire, but even that second's exposure to the UV ray lights had left her face blistered like a plague victim's.

Blade turned the light on once more.

She shrieked, her body smoking.

He turned it off.

"I don't know anything!" She cried, her hair beginning to fall off in clumps on the ground. "All I know is that we were told to get ready for something big! That's all I know!"

"Get ready for what?" Blade pressed. "He must have given you a clue."

Buffy hesitated.

Blade turned on the lamp for a longer time.

The vampire thrashed, covering her face. Her hands blackened, the skin sizzling away to expose the finger bones beneath.

The Daywalker finally turned off the lamp. "What is Deacon planning?"

"I don't know!" She whined loudly, hiccuping through her sobs. "But it has something to do with the House of Erebus! Deacon says that he's going to show the superiority of halfbloods! Whatever he's doing is going to both demolish that House and elevate ours!" Her skin was blackened, nearly crispy. "That's all I know! I swear!"

"I believe you." And with that he turned on the light and left it on.

Buffy's screams were muffled by the sound of David Guetta.


"He's upstairs." Lana turned to Quinn, eyeing the stump that was his hand. "I told you I'd give you a call if he ever showed up around here. He's alone and clearly outnumbered. You can take him to Deacon after giving him some payback for what he did to you in the rave the other night."

Deacon's second in command smirked at her. "Good girls get rewarded."

She smirked, watching him, Mercury, and some other of Deacon's elite guard heading up the stairs towards the room. Deacon had a price out for the Daywalker, wanting him alive but not necessarily in good health, and she knew Quinn was going to give the vampire hunter a beating to an inch of his life.

With this aspect of her job done, Lana turned back to her own true job, smiling at the guy she had lined up for familiar.

Once the Daywalker was dealt with they wouldn't have to worry anymore, they could live the night as they had been created to.

Her lips curled in a smile, and she beckoned the drunk frat boy over. "How about we go to your place?"

The gorgeous guy smirked and nodded, grabbing her hand and eagerly dragging her out of the sorority house, obviously anticipating the best sex of his life.

Lana grinned, betraying a flash of fang he never saw in his haste to take her to his car.

Oh, this was so easy.
22nd-Oct-2011 10:23 pm (UTC)
omg love this chappie roughly how many chaps will this be.
really looking forward to chloe and blade banter thats bound to happen i think ill be laughing my ass off even more so if lois has a crush on the vampire hunter with a leather fetish!

22nd-Oct-2011 10:39 pm (UTC)
Roughly? This story should have around ten or eleven chapters...not sure which.
Chloe will dismay Blade more than anything else. lol
Oh! *SMILES!* So happy :)
23rd-Oct-2011 12:03 am (UTC)
Are they actually going to get Blade here or will this be replacing the subway scene? Can't wait to find out. Also, it will be interesting to see what is going to happen with Chloe in the next chapter. Deacon was not happy with her earlier after all.
23rd-Oct-2011 06:08 am (UTC)
This replaced the subway scene...and Deacon...
24th-Oct-2011 08:46 am (UTC)
Oh Lois you should really listen to your cousin she has your best interests at heart but I suppose where would the fun be in that!! Glad Chloe still cares about her family too :o)
24th-Oct-2011 08:54 am (UTC)
Yep, there would be no fun if Lois actually did what she was supposed to! lol
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