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Denial 18/? 
23rd-Oct-2011 06:13 pm
jacob/edward kiss color

Title: Denial
Pairings: Jacob/Edward, Rosalie/Bella, Paul/Emmett, Alice/Leah, Jasper/Jared, Embry/James and others
Fandom: Twilight
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Jacob is in denial. Bella is his sister. Edward is in his mind. And apparently, according to Alice, everyone in the wolf tribe are destined to imprint on a vampire...and will also catch a case of the Gay Flu too. Yep. Jacob's in denial.
A/N1: Severely AU and Slashified...and the characters could very well be considered OOC due to the drastic change in circumstances! Don't like? PLEASE DON'T READ! ALSO! Every single pairing EXCEPT for Carlisle/Esme is uncanon.
IMPORTANT!!!! This is written for my good friend yenny2206, requested as a Christmas Gift by hogwartsvixxen. I hope you two are happy with this :)

"You're cheating." Emmett accused darkly.

"How exactly could I be cheating?" Paul barked his laughter, shaking his head, gaze on his dominoes. "You just suck at this. And that's sad. I only learnt this game a week ago."

"Exactly. You just learnt. You shouldn't be winning all the damned time." Emmett growled, gaze going to his lousy hand.

"Jesus! For such a big bad vamp you're such a crybaby." Paul rolled his eyes at the vampire. "The reason you're losing is because you're only putting down tiles that match."

"That's how you're supposed to play the game." Emmett reminded.

"Yes, but you have to do it strategically." Paul tried. "You're supposed to read the tiles already played, and considering the playing pattern of the person playing against you and how many tiles are left and what tiles are in your hand...you play the tile that would best work in your advantage."

Emmett just looked at him, shaking his head. "You're so full of shit."

"And yet I win, again." Paul laid down his last tile.

"Goddammit you're cheating!" Emmett accused once more, clearly a sore loser.

Shaking his head in amusement, Paul began to shuffle the tiles on the table, his gaze going to where Jasper was reading some book. The wolf made a face, not really concentrating on the shuffling, more interested in the blonde vampire. It was more than obvious that Jasper did not like Jared, and it made Paul curious because Jasper was one of the nicest Cullens. Sure the dude was silent and introverted and didn't really contribute much to conversations unless it was about one of the few things he actually felt a passion for, but Paul had always thought that out of Jasper and Emmett he'd expected Jasper to be the easiest to Imprint on.

And yet Jasper seemed to distrust and dislike Jared on the spot.

At least Emmett talked to him, even if it was to call him a stink mutt!

Honestly, Paul had to admit, he would much prefer the vampire's insults than silence, insults he could deal with and work on, silence though? Silence was kinda scary.

Now that he thought about it, out of the male vampires, Paul figured he'd gotten the best one.

Not only did his connection with Emmett make him stronger in human form, but he wasn't all clingy and Edwardy with all the silent looks of longing and desire...and he wasn't silent and glaring and Jaspery with the silent looks of distrust and dislike.

If Emmett had a problem with him he told him how things were straight up, something Paul appreciated, because he didn't have the time or patience or desire to be wondering what he'd done now to upset the vampire. That was one thing he'd always hated about girls, they expected you to be fucking psychics and just know how you'd fucked up this time! So all in all, although Emmett could be a son of a bitch at times, Paul felt relief that he was his Imprintee.

He shivered at the thought of having been Edward's...or dear god...Rosalie's.

That bitch was scary.

He really had to give it to Bella for handling her so easily.

Jacob he gave no credit to, that wolf was just as pathetic towards Edward as Edward was towards him.

It was sickening all that lovey-dovey crap...and the silent-for-hours-communication was downright creepy!

He shivered once more.

"I think you've shuffled them enough." Emmett replied.

Only then did Paul realize that he was still shuffling and stopped. "I can shuffle them as much as I want to."

"And yet you stopped." Emmett pointed out, reaching for his tiles before Paul could start shuffling again out of spite.

"You caught me off-guard." Paul replied, reaching for his own tiles and putting the others to the side, gazing at his hand and smirking, laying down double six.

"So, have you guys heard from Jacob?" Emmet put down a six-five, gazing at his hand. "We haven't heard jack-squat from Ed."

Paul chuckled as he put down a six-two. "Nothing, but I didn't expect to. This is the honeymoon."

"How's Charlie taking it?" Emmett chuckled somewhat evilly as he laid down a double two. "Knowing his son is getting deflowered has got to be taxing on his soul."

"It helps that he knows that his son is doing the deflowering." Paul countered, putting down a two-three.

A muscle jumped in Emmett's cheek. "That's bull. I know Ed's hair gives the impression otherwise, but he's a top."

"Jacob comes from a long line of alphas...he's not going to be the bitch." Paul replied, knowing that they were arguing about much more than Edward or Jacob and that made him wonder sometimes.

Considering that Emmett swore that things between them were never going to pass that thin line this argument seemed to bother him quite a bit and he was very adamant in the belief that a vampire could top a wolf-something Paul himself found quite hilarious. There was no way, in Paul's mind, that a vampire-those sparkly pretty-boys and girls-would top a gritty and earthy and animalistic hunter. Just no way. Werewolves won hands down.


Alice sat on the roof of the house gazing out at the forest surrounding them unseeingly. Slowly, by and by, she was being able to see the Rez wolves more and more, not just know about them by hearing their names and such in visions but actually seeing them. The only Rez wolf she'd always been able to see was Leah, and that was because Leah was an integral part of Alice's own future, but now all the wolves were slowly becoming more and more visible to her Sight. She wondered if it was because they were beginning to accept the fact that they'd Imprinted on vampires what made the difference.

Her Sight did have a lot to do with choices, didn't it?


Alice sighed as she gazed up at the sun, sometimes hating that her skin sparkled and showed so openly how different she was.


They all had a choice, Edward and Rosalie had chosen to aggressively court and pursue their wolves, winning them over ridiculously easy and Alice sometimes hated them for it. Emmett was annoying her by his attitude when it came to Paul. The wolf was obviously trying, was respecting Emmett's supposed refusal to even consider anything romantic and was just being there, as his Imprint would demand he do. What more could Emmett really ask for? And yet the vampire was still prickly and acting quite spoiled and bitchy in Alice's mind. What she wouldn't give for Leah to be as understanding as Paul was, as accepting.

The female wolf was fully healed, had been for a little bit now, but she'd made no effort to come to see Alice at least to thank her for saving her life.

The vampire let out a little sigh.

She'd known it would be hard, she just hadn't realized how much it would hurt.

Leah really hated vampires.

Seriously hated them.

And that meant she really hated Alice.

As a vampire Alice knew that time was only relative, but now that she'd actually been next to Leah, smelt her, touched her, she felt a longing. And that made her wonder. She knew that the wolves leeched off some of their vampire's abilities (and it made her wonder what exactly Leah was Seeing) but from what Alice could tell, despite the fact that it was the wolves who'd Imprinted, the vampires were the ones who became especially needy in these relationships, herself incredibly enough included in that group. It made her wonder if the vampires didn't leech off from the Imprint bond out of the wolves just as the wolves leeched some of their powers.

That made her pause since it made so much sense.

There was an obvious connection between vampire and werewolf, a channel in which they traded some things, and now that she thought it she felt stupid for not having realized it before. Through this connection, it was as if the vampires Imprinted on the wolves as well!

Frowning, Alice stood and jumped down from the roof to the ground, light and graceful.

She needed to talk to Carlisle and Charlie.


As Emmett stepped out of the front door he watched as Alice slid into her car and raced away, sending dust flying everywhere. He frowned, wondering where she was going in such hurry, but shrugged, figuring that if it was something important she'd have stopped by first to warn them and let them know. So with that decided he walked for Paul to reach him before heading towards the forest of their patrol duties. Even though the rogue vampires still out there hadn't attacked a human yet (at least that they knew about), and one of them was Embry's Imprintee, that didn't mean that everyone was letting their guard down. Still, things were getting riskier.

The fact that Embry had had to go and Imprint on a rogue vampire whose clan had already killed, well, it muddied the waters. Apparently there was a pack law that stated that the subject of a wolf's Imprinting wasn't to be harmed by the pack, and yet they were also charged with protecting human life and destroying vampires. So during this time the Cullens and Charlie's pack had been teaming up, a wolf and a vampire, to take turns patrolling the lands. They didn't know exactly what they'd do if they came upon the vampires, or what to do if Embry attacked out of protective need, and that was a worry for them.

"Will you hurry up?" Emmett mumbled, back turned to Paul, who was in the midst of taking his clothes off so he could shift. "This isn't a strip tease."

"You know, for someone who claims no sexual interest, your mind goes to the weirdest places." Paul declared before there was a rush of heat behind Emmett, and the wolf emerged by his side, large and dark silver.

"Took your time." Emmett mumbled, raising an eyebrow, instincts causing him to turn slightly so that he was facing the wolf. Every vampire had that instinct. Never give your back to a werewolf if you wanna live.

Paul rolled his eyes and moved towards the woods, giving his back to the vampire.

Emmett clenched his teeth at that.

The damned wolf!

What was he saying?

That he didn't consider Emmett a threat?

He should consider him a threat!

Eyes narrowed, the vampire caught up with the werewolf, keeping them shoulder to shoulder as they began their patrol.


Sitting perched up on one of the highest branches of the grand old tree, James felt like a cat eyeing a pursuing dog as he gazed down at the wolf who'd laid down at the base of the tree and was for all intents and purposes, napping. James didn't know why exactly he didn't use this time to attack, or escape...or why he hadn't told his sister or Laurent about the werewolf who seemed to have become his own personal stalker, but he didn't. Maybe it was because he didn't exactly feel threatened by this wolf despite the fact that he really should, and maybe it was because the whole situation intrigued him and he wanted to see what would happen without interference from third parties...or maybe he was just really fascinated and wanted to keep this rare and unexplained situation all to himself.

He'd healed up, thanks the this wolf's and Victoria's constant food, and they kept changing their camps now that he could move with ease and yet the wolf kept finding them despite James' best efforts...and damn if that didn't intrigue the vampire more. Never had someone been able to pick up a trail that James had covered, and he couldn't help but admire this enemy of his, even if it annoyed him slightly how at ease the dog was with him. What had ever given the wolf the idea that James wouldn't take this opportunity now that he was sleeping and wouldn't jump down and break his spine?

But then again, it wasn't as if that thought had actually crossed James' mind.

"Hey you!" He yelled down, annoyed at that realization. "Wake up!"

The wolf grumbled in his sleep and shifted somewhat, but otherwise continued snoring.

James' eyes narrowed.


What sort of idiot was this wolf?

Carefully lowering down a couple of branches, he hesitated around midway down, eyeing the fur of the creature. The grey fur with black spots rose and lowered with easy breaths, a snore escaping that snout.

James snorted, shaking his head, mildly amused. "Yo, Wolf Boy!"

There was a sleepy growl, the wolf pawing his ears, as if telling James to shut up and not bother his rest.

Well, no one told James to shut up.

Lowering himself down onto the branch right above the wolf, James grabbed purchase with his legs and swung downwards, hanging upside down over the snoring creature. He couldn't believe he was actually being this reckless, but even as he scolded himself for taking too many risks he reached down, the tips of his fingers softly touching that fur, surprised to find that it was extremely soft and warm to the touch, instead of brittle as he'd somehow expected it to be.

Just how many vampires could say they'd touched a wolf and lived to tell the tale?

Swinging back up, James rightened himself on the branch above the snoring wolf, legs hanging down on either side, shaking head.

The mutt was a terrible guardian.

Breaking off a twig, James let it fall down on top of the wolf.


Not even a sniff.

He broke off a bigger twig and let it fall.

Still nothing.

"Seriously?" He asked, shaking his head. "That's ridiculous."

Getting up, he climbed up a little higher and broke off a bigger one yet, letting it fall.

The wolf grumbled and lifted his head, blearing sleepily at James in utter annoyance.

"Hey, if you feel the need to sleep I'm sure you have somewhere else you can be doing that." James offered down, safe up on the higher branches. "These pesky branches just keep falling on their own."

The wolf snorted but stood nonetheless, stretching.

James found himself fascinated as he watched.

The wolf yawned and began walking away.

James frowned. "You're leaving?"

The wolf stopped and sent him a look over his shoulder which basically told him he was annoying.

James chuckled. "You give up that easy? Really?"

The wolf rolled his eyes at him.


James hadn't realized they could do that.

What else didn't he know about wolves?

The wolf continued on, half disappeared into the forest already.

Unable to stop himself, James called out. "Same time same place tomorrow?"

The wolf paused and turned towards him, shaking his head in what seemed like a no, before disappearing completely.

James' amusement melted into a frown.


Why the hell not?

That damned wolf had been chasing him ever since he'd saved him that time, and no matter how hard James had tried to cover his tracks and get away, to hide, that damned wolf had been able to find him! He saved James when he didn't ask him to, he brought him lunch without him asking him to, he damned stalked and kept him company when he didn't ask him to...and now that James finally asked him something he refused?


What the hell?

"Why not?" James yelled out towards the direction the wolf had already disappeared into.

"Why not what?"

He cursed, turning to see Victoria emerging from the forest behind his tree. "Talking to myself."

"You know, I hear that's the first sign of dementia." She teased.

He smiled, though not fully able to get over his annoyance with the wolf. "So I've heard."

Victoria paused, taking a whiff, and making a face. "This whole forest stinks of wet dog." She climbed up the tree and went to sit down by him, frowning. "How is it not affecting you?"

James shrugged. "Used to it I guess."

Victoria made a face. "Well I wish I could get used to it as quickly as you have."

Laurent suddenly hurried out from another direction. "You're never going to believe what I just saw."

James stiffened, wondering if the damned vampire had seen his stupid wolf.

"What?" Victoria tensed up as well.

"A wolf." Laurent said, causing James' stomach to clench. "And a vampire."

James frowned. "What?"

"A gray wolf and a male vampire are out there, together, not fighting." Laurent whispered, pointing to the general direction that James' stupid wolf had disappeared in.

"Not fighting?" Victoria whispered, shocked. "If they weren't fighting what were they doing?"

"If I had a guess?" Laurent cleared his throat, obviously disturbed. "Flirting."

James' eyes narrowed, a muscle jumping in his cheek. "That's stupid considering the wolves don't talk."

"Body language, James." Laurent snorted at him. "I would have thought that you of all people would know of the different ways of flirtation. And what those two were doing were flirting."

"I don't understand." Victoria whispered.

"Neither do I." Laurent agreed.

James just snarled, looking towards the trees, beginning to suspect exactly why the wolf had refused to come back.
23rd-Oct-2011 11:51 pm (UTC)
I feel sad about Alice. But Paul and Emmett need to get thir act together and GET TOGETHER!!

Yay for James/Embry. I do adore your James!
23rd-Oct-2011 11:54 pm (UTC)
Things are *slowly* going for Pett...but its on its way finally! lol. Even the nomads can see the flirtation between them! lol
Thanks! I quite enjoy his mischievousness.
24th-Oct-2011 02:03 am (UTC)
I simply can never get enough of your paul/emmett interaction they make me smile
I loved James part in this chapter it made me crack up laughing
poor alice though I feel bad for her
can't wait for more
24th-Oct-2011 02:08 am (UTC)
Now that Jake/Edward and Bella/Rose are basically married w/ children (lol) Paul/Emmett are the next couple "on the verge".... so there should hopefully be more of them in future chapters!
24th-Oct-2011 02:17 am (UTC)
lol oh the teasing that paul would do if jake/edward did have kids lol
I was looking at all your merlin fics and realized i really need t catch up lol
25th-Oct-2011 06:35 am (UTC)
"De Nile.... Its not just a river in Egypt"... Sorry I couldn't resist.

This story just keeps getting better. I can't wait for what's next. Although I feel sad cause Alice is having such a hard time with Leah.
25th-Oct-2011 06:59 am (UTC)
Leah and Sam were basically the only werewolves who were in love when this came out and it's going to be harder on the both of them because of that.
27th-Oct-2011 12:27 pm (UTC) - Yay!
I'm sick and this really made my day. I thought it was adorable how Paul thinks he got the pick of the litter while Alice thinks that Emmett is being a dumbass for not just jumping his wolf, and poor baby being ignored.

I think it is hilarious how James is all curious and basically like a little kid poking something with a stick and getting all jealous. I'm assuming that he and Victoria are siblings again?

I feel bad for Jared. It can't be easy having your imprintee being so closed off. I guess I was in the same boat as Paul and thinking he'd have one of the easier relationships.

I'm trying to guess who Laurent will end up with, but I think there aren't enough to go around yet. While some of the Volteri be making an appearance? Or are you thinking of using OC, maybe a crossover?

Anyway, glad to see this story is still alive. Can't wait for more. :D
27th-Oct-2011 12:29 pm (UTC) - Re: Yay!
I have some typos in my comment. Can anyone tell me how to go back and fix them? I'm not sure how to edit. I'm distressingly computer illiterate for someone my age.
27th-Oct-2011 10:38 pm (UTC) - Re: Yay!
Glad it could make you feel a little better! Being sick sucks :(

Well, Paul's Imprint is clearly working with his perception...and it would have made him Imprint on someone who would best suit Paul and his character.

I always likened James with a cat, curious but with nasty claws! So I tried to show that in this update. Yes, in this one he and her are siblings once more (and sometimes I forget they aren't in canon #facepalm)

Yep, Jared is paying for something he really has no control over. Jasper is being very closed off, but its his instincts so I don't really blame him.

The Volturi...we shall see :) I don't plan on adding OCs to this verse.

* And about the question on editing there should be some options on the bottom and one of them should be "edit". Hope that helps!
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