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LaMagra 5/10 
23rd-Oct-2011 06:48 pm

Title: LaMagra
Sequel to: House of Frost
Characters: Chloe, Kal, Deacon Frost, Lois, Lana, Crease, Blade, Karen, Whistler, Danica Talos, Hannibal King, Asher Talos, Jarko Grimwood, Buffy Saunders, Mercury, Vanessa Brookes
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: When Frost proves that Chloe isn't safe with him, she joins up with Kal, who refuses to be the minion of anyone. Doesn't help that Inquisitor Reporter, Lois, is searching for her cousin and getting close to the vampire secret.
WARNING: This story has a vampiric KAL EL, not Clark Kent. You know the difference. It's not just the name. So be ready for his attitude and behavior.

Sneaking into her old workplace was easier than Karen had expected, everyone so busy they didn't have time to really pay attention whoever was going wherever if they acted as if they belonged there. She entered her office and found it just as she'd left it, hoping that whoever was covering up the morgue incident hadn't thought to check see if Curtis had brought her any samples of the blood from the vampire they'd unknowingly brought into their midst. Karen hurried to the small fridge and checked the different samples before smiling brightly, retrieving the sample Curtis had brought for her. It wasn't fresh but it would do.

Reaching into her bag she pulled out a container that would keep the sample cool and then slipped it back into her bag and somehow managed to get out of the hospital without anyone recognizing her. It was...well...incredible to say the least. How could the hospital's security be so lax? Especially after the attack? Other than the cops working for the vampires...were people in the hospital doing the same? Were there familiars amongst her old colleagues?

Shaking her head, she hailed a taxi and headed towards the bus station. She was getting out on the first bus to Wisconsin to visit an old friend there with a lab she could borrow, and then she was going to work on the blood in her possession and she'd find a cure.

She had to.

Otherwise she'd buy that gun and listen to Whistler's advice.

Direct sunlight was already hurting her eyes.


Blade hardly had time to turn when the door was kicked open, Quinn, the bastard, and his punk ass vampire friends storming into the room, sneering. The Vampire Hunter had known that Deacon would send his minions to come after him, but he hadn't expected them to arrive so quickly. Either they'd been close to the Sorority House when Deacon had gotten into contact with them, or someone else in the party had recognized him and called them. Either way he was severely outnumbered in a Vampire House. Not that he was worried. He'd taken down tougher places than a sorority.

"Hola, amigo." Quinn grinned, obviously self-assured. "Remember me?"

Blade triggered the UV light but Mercury ducked under it, ripping it from his hands. He then reached for his rifle as the vampires converged on him like quicksilver, and while he was strong he realized that there were a couple more than he could take on his lonesome.

The vampires flung Blade against the wall, pinning him.

"You took my arm, Blade." Quinn declared. "But that's okay, I'm growing a new one." He lifted his arm, which was just a skeletal forearm which had grown from the stump. It had cartilage, sinew and muscle, but no flesh as yet. He'd need many more feedings before his body fully regenerated itself. "Nice, huh? Think I'll ever play the piano again?" He shrugged. "You can slice him, you can dice him, and the man just keeps on coming."

Blade struggled violently, but Quinn was upon him, pounding his fist into Blade over and over and over again, obviously enjoying paying him back for setting him on fire and severing his arm. When it was finally over, the vampire stepped back, winded. Blade hung his head down, gasping, wincing, every breath sending a red hot poker through his gut. He hated it. Hated a moment's weakness in front of these bloodsuckers. Hated how they would relish it.

Quinn grabbed hold of Blade's jaw, forcing his head up. "Stay with me, sweetness, I'm not through with you yet." He pulled Blade's jacket open, seeing the bandoleer of mahogany stakes and tugging one out as he admired it. "Teak. Nice craftsmanship." He turned to look at the others. "Now here's a man who takes his job just a little too seriously, don't you think?" He turned back to Blade, grinning. "Which reminds me, Blade. I think I owe you one." Quick as lightning he stabbed the stake into Blade's shoulder, causing the Daywalker to cry out in pain despite his desire to remain silent. "Actually, if you want to get technical...I owe you two."

"Get it out of your system quick, Quinn." Mercury growled. "Deacon wants him alive."

Blade's eyes narrowed at that.

Why would Deacon want him alive?

That didn't make any sense.

"He didn't say he couldn't be a little bit damaged." Quinn snapped at Mercury, obviously too consumed with getting revenge to really care about angering Deacon Frost a little.

"I received the distress signal." Whistler's voice came from the micro ear-coil radio receiver in Blade's ear. "I'm almost there."


"What is she doing here?" Kal frowned, eyes narrowed on Lois as he arrived, a dufflebag slung over his shoulder.

"She was here when I got here." Chloe muttered, going to the bag and unzipping it, pulling out a skirt that was not hers. The thing was short and skimpy and terribly thin. "What is this?"

"You asked for clothes." Kal dropped the bag in annoyance. "I didn't have to bring them for you." He reached out and grabbed her arm, yanking her closer to him. "What. Is. She. Doing. Here?"

"I told you, she was here when I got here." Chloe narrowed her eyes at him.

"Hey! 'She' is right here!" Lois glared, coming towards them. "And stop manhandling my lil cousin Smallville!"

Kal turned his glare on Lois and his eyes flashed red as his lips pulled back in a snarl. "Do not refer to me as such ever again if you wish to live."

Lois opened her mouth.

Chloe shut her with a look before returning her glare to Kal. "Is there a reason for the rough treatment?"

"Other than the fact that you've put our plan at risk by doing something stupid like this?" Kal wanted to know, lips pulled back in a snarl. "What do you think Deacon's going to do if he finds out that his own little advanced talent murdered his familiars?"

"He won't find out." Chloe responded and then gasped as she was flung against the wall hard enough to cause it to shake.

In seconds Kal had super-speeded towards her, pinning her to the wall, his eyes dark and on her. "I won't have you doing something stupid and getting us both killed." He leaned in and sniffed, making a face of disgust. "You need to bathe, the blood can't cover the stench of the Talos' Cabana boy."

Chloe felt shame fill her, horrified that he would bring that up, especially in front of Lois. "Stop it."

"I guess that means you've now been with two men in your whole life...or is this just the first male of your unlife?" Kal taunted, something dark and ugly in his blue eyes. "Seeing as Frost seems to like watching...your number will probably grow, especially when you don't even resist."

Snarling, Chloe kneed him, catching him unawares as she jumped him, the both tumbling to the ground, fighting. She clawed him. He threw his weight around until finally he straddled her on the floor, both panting, both angry, glaring deep into the other's eyes.

Kal's breaths were sharp, his eyes a red so intense you could hardly see any black of the pupil.

Chloe's breaths were fast, her chest heaving with each intake of breath, one strap of her bra completely broken.

They stared deep into each other's eyes.

Kal's fangs grew, the thumbs of the hands pinning her wrists to the floor caressing her skin.

Chloe looked up at him, confused, aroused.

Suddenly something broke against the back of Kal's head, causing him to snarl and turn to growl at Lois, who was holding a piece of piping, eyes widening in shock to see that a pipe to the head had had no affect on the vampire other than to royally piss him off.

Using his distraction against him, Chloe freed herself from Kal's hold and turned them around so that she was straddling him, pinning his wrists to the floor, her fangs out as she hissed warningly at him.

Kal's gazed turned to her as he hissed back viciously, but he wasn't fighting her, and...and...

...and as Chloe straddled him so intimately she suddenly realized why that vampirette had had to limp away.

Kal was a monster!

He almost seemed to be able to read her mind, because the viciousness eased up out his expression and he instead smirked in manly smugness as he gave a provocative thrust of his lean hips, rubbing his monstrous hardon against her core over the material of her underwear. "Wanna hear what my special name for you is?"

"No." His voice was enough to bring her back to the present and she scrambled off of him, unable to believe what exactly had happened between them. This was Clark! Or, well, Kal. But still! This was-no way-she would not-!

Grabbing the bag he'd brought, Chloe slipped on the skanky skirt, a little relieved to see the longish, more decent shirt, pulling that on as well.

"So...when did you two start sleeping together?" Lois decided to finally speak, still holding onto the broken pipe.

"We're not, yet." Kal smirked at her as he rose from the floor, seeming to forget that he'd been about to slaughter the brunette moments before.

"We're not. Ever." Chloe corrected, sending him a glare for that. "I am not one of your skanky vampirettes."

"Someone's jealous." Kal smirked.

She growled at him. "Believe me, you're the last person I'd be jealous over."

His eyes narrowed, his smirk melting into a dark scowl. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Look, it's stupid to fight between us." Chloe changed the subject, trying to calm down and forget what had happened between her and Kal moments ago. "Lois has a video of the Daywalker."

Kal turned to look at Lois. "How did you manage that?"

Chloe answered for her. "Remember when Blade burnt Quinn and then severed his arm?"

Kal turned towards her, chuckling. "You're saying she was there when that happened and got it all on tape?" His amusement then darkened. "If we can study that tape not only would we have a visual of the Daywalker, but I could study his fighting style and we'd be better prepared if he decides to fight us instead of listen to what we have to say."

"Good." Chloe nodded.

Lois looked between the two of them before sighing and reaching into her bag to pull out the video camera.


As Quinn reached for another stake, Blade started to laugh, causing the vampire to pause and eye him.

"What's so funny, bright eyes?"

Blade smirked, bloody and beaten but refusing to show any pain. "I'm expecting some company."

"Get down!" Whistler's voice in his ear piece yelled.

Blade kicked his feet out, sending Quinn flying backwards, before tearing free of the vamps holding him and diving to the ground just as the whole wall of the sorority house exploded inwards, knocking Quinn and the rest of his cronies to feet. Down below Blade could hear screams as he got to his feet and raced to the smoking opening, jumping down, landing in a roll on the grass below as the vampires tried for him.

Below, by his vehicle, Whistler stood, brandishing his cane in one hand and an automatic rifle in the other, opening fire on the vampires who raced out at them.


"From what I've managed to find out, this Daywalker character is a human-vampire hybrid." Kal declared after having viewed the video of the fight between Blade and Quinn a couple of times, and having confiscated the video for further analysis. "His mother was attacked by a vampire while she was pregnant. Ultimately she died, but her unborn child lived, although he'd gone through certain genetic changes while in the womb due to the vampire venom that'd been in his mother's system."

"Makes sense." Chloe whispered to herself from where she was pulling self-consciously at the ends of the ridiculously short skirt Kal had brought for her.

"He works with a human hunter who found him when he was thirteen and living on the streets feeding off of the homeless." Kal declared. "Apparently the Thirst had manifested itself at puberty, and while this Whistler character almost killed Blade at first because he thought he was one of us, he realized he was a Daywalker, a half-breed, and instead took him in and has since then been his mentor."

"Where are you getting all this information?" Chloe wanted to know, confused. She'd tried her best to get information out of both Crease and Deacon and neither of them had been willing to open up in the least bit with her concerning the Daywalker.

Kal sent her a self-assured smirk. "Women have this habit of pillow talk."

Chloe paused, eyebrow raised, intrigued. "Are you telling me that your whoring about has been about information getting?"

"Not all of my conquests have been about acquiring information, but yes, I have seduced quite a few in Frost's inner circle and done my own little...interrogative techniques...on them." Kal smirked deeper. "So, as I was saying, from what I've heard this Blade guy is supposedly a one in a billion anomaly. He can withstand sunlight, garlic, even silver. But he still has the Thirst."

Chloe felt somewhat relieved that he had some sort of weakness. "So he must feed."

"No." Kal shook his head. "According to Mercury Blade has this human hemoglobin substitute serum he uses instead of blood. It's an injection of some sort that isn't pleasant in the least bit, and doesn't fill or do half of the things blood does for us, but it helps him control the Thirst a little. But our spies are saying that the serum is beginning to wear off, his body is beginning to reject it or get used to it or something, we're not sure because we don't exactly have an 'in' amongst the hunters."

"What happens if he doesn't take the serum?" Lois wanted to know, eyes narrowed.

"The Thirst overcomes him, just like the rest of us." Kal replied, seeming not to have much of a problem with her anymore. "It's not something he can control, and from what Mercury knew Whistler was trying to find a cure for vampirism but all of his efforts have been fruitless."

"Cure?" Chloe whispered, eyes widening in surprise. "Is that even possible?"

Kal shrugged, not seeming to really care.

Lois looked between them, caring enough for the three of them. "My friend, Karen, she's a hematologist and Blade took her. I doubt this Whistler guy is a genius when it comes to diseases of the blood, and I doubt he would have the state of the art equipment and such that she can get access to. There's things he could have missed. If anyone can find a cure to this it would be her."

"Who says we need a cure?" Kal snapped at her, eyes flashing red.

Lois' eyes narrowed. "Don't you want to be human again?"

Kal's lips twisted in dark amusement. "I've never been human."

Seeing the questions on Lois' face, Chloe quickly spoke, changing the subject before it got too dangerously close to their secrets. "There are many more important Houses and Heads, why exactly are Blade and Whistler focusing on Deacon?"

Kal continued to glare at Lois before finally turning his gaze on Chloe. "From what I understood, Frost tortured and then killed Whistler's family while making him watch the whole thing without being able to help them. He toyed with them, made Whistler decide the order in which they died."

Lois gasped, eyes teary, hand to her mouth. "How horrible!"

"How did Whistler escape?" Chloe couldn't understand.

"He didn't." Kal replied. "Frost let him live, but injured him badly, the guy hasn't ever fully recovered, mentally or physically."

Chloe nodded, everything falling into place for her now. "And now Whistler is using Blade to exact his revenge."

"Exactly." Kal smirked, before looking down when his phone rang, frowning. "It's Frost."

Chloe turned to Lois and placed a hand to her lips in warning.

Lois nodded silently.

"El." Kal answered the call, face emotionless. "Yes, she's with me." His gaze went to Chloe. "A hunt." His eyes narrowed. "When did this happen?" His lips twitched although his voice remained emotionlessly. "Did he now?" Kal nodded. "Of course. As soon as we're finished." He then hung up and turned to Chloe. "The Daywalker and Whistler hit the Tri-Psi Sorority, blew it up pretty bad, Buffy and many of the girls and students there got ghosted."

"Again...nothing on my police scanner." Lois frowned, reaching into her bag and shaking the device, which was on. "This Frost guy must have half the city bought."

"Well obviously." Kal replied with a sneer before shaking his head and turning to Chloe, lips twitching in dark amusement. "Somehow, during the fight, the Daywalker took Quinn's hand."

Chloe couldn't help but laugh. "Again?"

"Again." Kal grinned brightly, eyes twinkling in laughter.

Suddenly Chloe's eyes widened. "Wait, did you say the Tri-Psi Sorority? Isn't that Lana's Sorority?"

"Who cares?" Kal wanted to know.

"I do, and so should you!" Chloe snapped at him. "Lana is our friend!"

"Some friend." Lois snarled. "Look what she did to you."

"Case in point." Kal replied, motioning to Lois. "The breather is right."

"The breather?" Lois scoffed.

"You're only angry because Lana forced something on you and your pride can't take it." Chloe snapped at Kal, pissed off at his nonchalance at the thought of their friend, his ex, being killed by the Daywalker. "I forced this on you too if you don't remember."

"No. You didn't force anything on me." Kal replied. "You freed me. If you hadn't done what you had he would have killed himself and thus killed me too." He paused. "You saved me."

Chloe looked up at him in shock.

"Look, it's not important. We need to go back." Kal reached for Chloe's arm. "You never did look over the documents they had or explained the things to Talos like you were supposed to. Frost wants you there now."

Chloe winced, dreading the thought of being in her sire's presence, knowing what was waiting for her.

Kal's grasp on her arm tightened. "Let's go."

"Wait, what about me? What do I do?" Lois asked, pushing away from the wall she'd been leaning on.

"You won't be any good to me dead." Chloe declared. "Go to Smallville, to my father, and from there try to find out from your sources at the Inquirer about anything Daywalker. There must be a list of mysterious deaths or killings that have been attributed to other causes. Find them, and see if you can somehow get based on the locations of the slayings a general idea of where his headquarters are."

"And if you find it?" Lois frowned. "What do you plan on doing?"

Chloe and Kal shared a look before the male turned to Lois. "Then we pay the Daywalker a little unofficial visit."


Deacon stood at the window, looking out at the glimmering cityscape before him, burning on the inside at how fucked this whole night had turned out. Not only had Talos put him behind on the Genesis Project by mixing the seed of her worthless little cabana boy with his precious little Daywalker, but Blade had also managed to destroy one of Deacon's best recruiting houses, kill some of his best looking vampire girls, taken Quinn's hand yet again...and had managed to escape with his annoying human mentor. And what was worse? All of this was happening during Danica Talos' visit, and she was a dangerous little bitch who went for the neck whenever she perceived any sign of weakness.

Turning away from the window, Deacon gazed at Quinn, Mercury, and the few other vampires who'd survived the massacre of the Tri-Psi Sorority House excluding Lana Lang, who'd called in a couple of minutes to report a new applicant for familiar...and had then found out about the destruction of the Sorority House.

Quinn cradled the amputated stump on his newly grown arm. "He took my fucking hand! Again!"

"You seem to be in the habit of losing them fairly often, Quinn." Deacon replied, not able to conjure the littlest bit of sympathy. "Maybe the amputee lifestyle just suits you."

The others vampires laughed.

Quinn stared them into silence before turning to Deacon. "We need to find him, tonight."

Deacon clapped a hand on his shoulder. "Down, boy. Blade's not going anywhere. I promise. Right now, though, we've more pressing business." He smirked, glad that at least something would be going his way tonight. "It's time Dragonetti paid the piper."
24th-Oct-2011 12:27 am (UTC)

I should be sleeping its like nearly 1:30am here but im nt tired and i could resist waiting till i wake up to read this chappie

Love this story can't wait for more

24th-Oct-2011 12:59 am (UTC)
Im an insomniac most of the time so I can't say anything lol
24th-Oct-2011 12:54 am (UTC)
today I watched blade (I didn´t watch the end yet) LOL to how the vampires exploded with the blue thingy. I like this chapter, kal/chloe dynamic was awesome and I smiled every time someone mentioned cabana boy *squee*
24th-Oct-2011 01:00 am (UTC)
Oh, Cabana boy will be mentioned again, by Kal at that ;)
24th-Oct-2011 04:39 am (UTC)
Up next: Deacon's discovers sunscreen.

Absolutely loving this story. Serious tension happening now between Chloe and Kal.
24th-Oct-2011 04:46 am (UTC)
Oh my---I burst out laughing when I read your little "preview" lmfao while hugging my stomach.
24th-Oct-2011 09:11 am (UTC)
Fabulous update and I loved Chloe referring to Kal as a monster in the trouser department hehe!! But I want to know what Kal's nickname for Chloe is....?

Loving this story and I am eager for chapter 6
24th-Oct-2011 09:16 am (UTC)
Ah yes....the nickname.... ;) Shall be kept secret for now :D
24th-Oct-2011 12:41 pm (UTC)
ahh.... chloe is way too nice... lana really should get dusted.... love the update... thank you!!!
24th-Oct-2011 12:47 pm (UTC)
Thank you for enjoying! :)
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