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Chloe Sullivan and the Secret Snarking 1/5 
15th-Nov-2011 03:16 pm

Title: Chloe Sullivan and the Secret Snarking
Sequel to: Draco Malfoy and the Snarky Pen Pal
Universe: Fidelius Series
Characters: Chloe/Draco, Lois, Lana, Bellatrix, Lucius, Severus, Voldemort
Fandoms: Smallville/Harry Potter
Rating: T
Summary: Two years later Chloe, Lana and Lois resurface during a Death Eater banquet. Chloe knows that Draco didn't know who or what she was when they were penpals, but she still wished he could have warned her.
A/N: Chloe POV

Hidden behind the safety of the mask, Chloe was able to gaze upon the others in the large feast. This was the first time since they'd been retrieved that she, Lois and Lana had been amongst so many others. It'd been unsafe, especially since she herself was still unable to use a wand. Lois was not the best with her wand either, but like Chloe she had other talents that made her still of import. Lana was the only one out of them who was proficient in wand-use, the magic that'd been in her bloodlines alive despite the spell that'd been used to subdue her magic so that when she came of age the Ministry of Magic wouldn't find her, hadn't locked down her magic so much that once the seal was lifted the magic stayed bound.

Hair pulled back in a tight bun, hood over her head, cloak covering her body, Chloe was able to mingle with the others, listening to tidbits of their conversation as she walked around. Tonight's feast was different than the usual gatherings since not only were the Death Eaters themselves gathered to celebrate yet another victory over their enemies, but the Death Eaters' children had been brought as well, as had their wives. Some of the teenagers would be taking the Dark Mark, joining their battle as spies during their last couple of years in Hogwarts.

Other children were there to watch, and to be inspired to join as well.

Not only was this a big celebration due to the new numbers entering their ranks, but it was prestigious event because things were going to be revealed. Of course, only the small inner circle knew already of their existence and their true meaning and value to the Dark Lord, but finally their presence was going to be revealed to the others as well. They'd spent their whole lives hidden away, and finally now they were going to be able to roam free amongst their peers.

Finally, the gong was rung, and everyone turned as the Dark Lord himself appeared.

Everywhere the Death Eaters and their families bowed low, showing their respect to their lord and master.

Chloe lowered her head as well.

"Rise my faithful servants." Lord Voldemort held himself gracefully, with all the poise of a king in his court. "Tonight is a night of rejoicing, as more join us on our noble quest to unite the Wizarding World under one, pure reign." They murmured their agreement. "The blood traitors, the mudblood, they all thought that they'd defeated us, but we rose up in unity and strength, and we have victory in our grasp!"

"Hail the Dark Lord!" They praised, voices raised in cheer.

"Tonight we celebrate and welcome to our cause, Gregory Goyle, Vincent Crabbe, Daphne Greengrass, Blaise Zabini, and Draco Malfoy." The Dark Lord announced. "They have taken arms and have decided to follow in our noble path, to join the war we fight against our foes."

Chloe's gaze roamed the masks of those cheering, wondering which hid the face of the boy she'd once written to before she knew about what she truly was, what her purpose in this life was, and that magic existed. She knew Lucius well enough, had gotten to know him during these last two years as he was one of the few who knew about her, Lana, and Lois, and the truth about them.

In fact, it was Lucius Malfoy who had found them and had taken them to the Dark Lord, to safety. He had been a constant in the girls' lives, not only teaching them what they needed to know to survive, but he protected them, and more than once they'd dragged him into answering embarrassing questions on Wizard life. Lois had enjoyed trying Lucius' patience as much as she enjoyed trying Severus'. Chloe had to admit that Lucius hid his annoyance better than Severus Snape, one of their other mentors, did.

Bellatrix Lestrange, the last of their mentors, was insane. She was completely, utterly, psychotically bonkers. And yet Chloe kinda liked her. And she had a unique fashion sense-the things she did with her hair alone...

Well, between Lucius, Severus, and Bellatrix (the only three who knew the truth about Chloe, Lana and Lois) the girls had been schooled and learnt what they needed to know to not only live, but to survive in the world they'd been hidden from for most of their lives. Gabe, Sam, and Nell were still parts of their lives, but they had their parts to play, and that meant that Chloe hardly ever saw her father anymore.

It hurt, and she missed him, but she took solace in the fact that she knew he adored her and missed her just as much as she missed him.

And he did come to visit whenever he could.

As the feast continued, people's hoods were pulled down and their masks removed, although Chloe, Lana, and Lois kept theirs on. The girls had been placed far apart from each other, as to not attract attention until the time came, and as the Death Eaters danced and were merry, Chloe noted that at all times at least one of their mentors was subtly watching over them.

Now that the masks were down, Chloe was able to distinguish Draco Malfoy amongst the others. He'd grown taller, leaner, and his face was made up of harsh angles and a sneering mouth. This was the first time she'd ever seen him in person, and Chloe had to smirk because he looked just as miserable as she'd always imagined him. She found herself studying him throughout the rest of the night, noting how he sneered when a dark haired girl with a puggish nose asked him if he wanted to dance.

Similarly, other young females watched him as if he were the most desirable in the land, and Chloe realized that maybe his superior attitude in his letters had been merited. Apparently it hadn't been his ego talking when he'd commented that all the girls wanted him.

When she noticed the Dark Lord subtly motion for her, Chloe made her way towards the raised dais upon which Lord Voldemort sat upon his throne. "My Lord."

His gaze was on his faithful followers. "Are you ready?"

"We will not disappoint, My Lord." Chloe whispered, head bowed.

"See that you don't." He responded. "This might be just what will intrigue the others into joining."

"Yes My Lord." Chloe nodded, bowing once more before descending from the dais.

Lucius met her at the bottom of the dais and offered her his arm, gentlemanly as ever. "Everything is well I assume?"

Chloe noticed both Narcissa and Draco narrow their eyes at them. "He wanted to make sure that we didn't mess up on the presentation." She quirked her lips, though the mask hid so from others. "You know, I wouldn't have thought that the man whom others fear to even mention the name of-was so into theatrics."

Lucius' eyebrow raised. "Is that questioning I hear?"

"No, it's amusement." She corrected, letting him take her on a stroll around the room like someone in those regency movies might do. "We've been training for this since the moment you came for us, Lucius. We know what to do."

"Without getting hurt." Lucius reminded gravely. "You know that your lives and health are vital to Our Lord and he will not suffer any of you hurt."

"We'll be fine. They know how far they can go before it's too much." She trusted that.

Lord Voldemort stood, and silence fell upon the crowd as all eyes turned towards him as he announced that the time had come.

"Excuse me, I must go to Narcissa." Lucius turned, pride obvious on his face, as he went towards his wife as Draco and the others strode to the base of the dais.

Chloe watched, just as entranced as the rest of those congregated, as one by one the teenagers stepped onto the dais, pledging their lives and loyalty to Lord Voldemort, and with a cursed hissed by his lips, received the Dark Mark upon their skin.

It must have pained, but they didn't utter a sound.

When it was Draco's turn to be marked, he did so emotionlessly, his face so still it was as if she was looking at at muggle picture. When the mark was charred into his skin he didn't even blink, only looked ahead.

In the end, when the last took the mark, a cheer rang throughout the Death Eaters as they welcomed them into their fold.

As the teens returned to their family, Lord Voldemort stood once more. "I have a surprise...entertainment." With a wave of his wand, the lights went out, and then, when a spotlight shone down on the dais once more, Lana and Lois stood there, wands pointed towards each other, faces covered with their masks.

Around them, the Death Eaters sat, attracted by the promise of violence to come.

Suddenly Lois attacked first, sending her preferred curse, but Lana quickly defended herself against the Conjunctivitus Curse and threw a spell of her own. The two moved with deadly grace. Where Lana excelled in spells and casting, Lois had better physical agility and was quicker. Curses hit and missed marks, bruises, cuts and slashes marked their bodies, and Chloe could see the unease growing on the Dark Lord's face as this continued.

The Death Eater's on the other hand, had gotten drawn into the battle, cheering on as Lana was finally able to use Expelliarmus on Lois, causing her wand to go flying.

Believing the fight to be over, disappointment was obviously ripe in the air until Lana threw down her wand and crooked her finger at Lois.

Excitement and tension grew once more as the fight continued, this time with hands and feet, the music in the background accentuating every blow, every kick.

Chloe personally thought the girls were going overboard a little.

It was going to hurt like hell later on.

"You seem chummy with my father." A cold voice announced to her right.

Chloe only barely managed to keep from jumping in shock, instead tearing her gaze away from Lois and Lana and turning it upon the one who'd waited for all eyes to be turned elsewhere to come and interrogate the woman who'd had her arm locked around his father's while in the presence of his mother. "What a good little boy, coming to tell me to behave, that daddy's a married man."

The thought of doing anything with Lucius was downright wrong, and yet Chloe felt the evil little twinge to mock Draco and make him wiggle.

She knew none of this was his fault, that he hadn't known who she was when they'd written each other briefly some years back and that he still didn't know what she was either, but still she felt somewhat betrayed by him.

It was unfair, yes, but it was how she felt.

Maybe, if he'd opened up and told her about magic, then she might have been more prepared that day when she arrived home with Lana and Lois to find Lucius Malfoy in her living room.

His lips curled in a sneer as he leaned over her.

Only now could she appreciate his height difference, leaning into his body as she grabbed his chin and lowered his face to hers. "I know Lucius taught you better than this, Draco. Don't let your emotions get the better of you, especially not here, not with these people. They go for the throat at any little sign of weakness, especially your aunt."

His eyes narrowed, confusion entering them as he looked down at her distrustingly. "Who are you? Why are you still wearing your mask? What do you have to hide?"

"Everyone in this room...aren't we all hiding something?" She asked curiously.

He flinched.

A gong sounded, and cheers rose.

Chloe turned away from Draco and realized that the fight was over, Lois having pinned Lana to the floor and there was no way for the other girl to get free.

The Death Eaters in attendance cheered, obviously enjoying the show, not realizing that it wasn't over yet.

Chloe pushed away from Draco and made her way towards the dais, as Lois helped Lana to her feet.

The crowd grew silent, realizing that there was more.

A couple, thinking Chloe was going to fight, began to whisper bets.

Chloe turned towards the crowd and bent her hands up waist high, palms up.

She concentrated, pushing away the whimper, knowing this was going to hurt.

Their gasps were her first clue that the healing power in her was activated, her palms glowing white.

Lois and Lana appeared on either side, visibly bruised and sliced and cursed. They placed their hands on hers, and suddenly the power shot out of her, enveloping them and healing them, taking away all of their bruises and cuts.

When it was finished, Chloe barely managed to keep herself standing, emotionless.

Deep inside she was in agony, her body having transferred their hurts to her, and now healing her slowly.

There was a great hush amongst the Death Eaters.

The Dark Lord stood from his throne. "Behold, our lost flock have returned to the fold." He motioned to Lana and tore off her mask, revealing her face for the first time. "Lana, daughter of Laura Potter and Lewis Rosier...niece of Nell Potter...all whom fled after the events of...that night."

The night the Death Eaters had lost the first Wizarding War.

"She is also, through her mother's side of the family, of the Peverell lineage."

Whispers rose amongst the Death Eaters.

Chloe's gaze went to Draco, and found him frozen, eyes widening in apparent horror.

"Lois Gaunt, daughter of Ellen Black and Samuel Gaunt, descended not only from Cadmus Peverell but Salazar Slytherin as well." The Dark Lord tore off Lois' mask. "On that darkest of nights her family too decided to flee and live in exile rather than deny me, and changed their names. But once they discovered that I was risen, they once more returned to my side."

Draco's expression grew blanker and blanker with every word that came from Lord Voldemort's mouth, and while he was obviously listening intently his gaze wasn't upon their sovereign.


It was upon Chloe.

Then again, everyone's gaze was upon Chloe now, silent with greedy anticipation.

The fact that she was glowing slightly with her healing power also attracted attention.

"And of course, Chloe." He removed her mask in time for a slash on her cheek to heal visibly in front of their audience. "Daughter of Moira Black and Gabriel Greengrass...who once they learnt of the power of healing their child would have, spirited her away and fled with the Gaunts and Rosiers so that our enemies could not benefit from this...magnificent gift." His smiled, and it was chilling. "Who would like to be a part of a more clear demonstration of her healing abilities?"

There was silence.

No one wanted to.

They knew that to be healed, they'd have to be hurt.

"I will do it."

Chloe's eyes widened as Draco Malfoy stood, making his way up the dais.

A flash of interest was visible in the Dark Lord's eyes as he turned to Lana.

The girl pulled out her wand and pointed it at Draco, waiting until he was standing in front of Chloe to cry out: "Furnunculus!"

Draco hissed as the curse hit him, covering him in angry boils.

Where they were seated, Narcissa reached out and grabbed her husband's hand in horror.

Chloe took in a deep breath, silently cursing Draco for having volunteered.

He was-he was such a distraction!

Clearing her throat, Chloe went towards the young man, who was obviously in pain and yet trying his best not to show it.

She slowly, carefully reached up, body glowing, and cupped his cheek-that side of his face clearing instantly, and hers receiving the boils instead.

She hissed, lowering her head, as people gasped, witnessing the transference.

Draco grabbed her chin and forced her to look up at him, eyes narrowed, watching the boils on her face slowly heal themselves.

Unable to look him in the face, Chloe pushed up on her toes and connected her lips to his, the glow of her body shooting into him through their kiss and filling him, healing him completely of the boils.

Chloe whimpered as they transferred to her, but thankfully her body had already been healing her other injuries, and thus healed the boils faster than if she'd had to just activate it for the boils.

In a matter of seconds she was healed.

Both of them were.

There were silence.

Deep silence.

And then their audience stood, applauding loudly, whispering about magic without words or wands.

The Dark Lord raised his hand, silencing the masses, before speaking. "My faithful and loyal servants, with this weapon on our side, I shall never be hurt, shall never die, shall never lose."

Once again the cheering began, this time encouraged, as the Death Eaters realized what this meant.

Chloe barely kept conscious, Lois and Lana taking advantage of the distraction to flank her on both sides and haul her off of the dais and out of the hall.

"I'm so sorry!" Lana whispered, once they headed back to their rooms. "I should have known that was too strong a spell!"

"I'm fine." Chloe whispered, leaning her head against her shoulder. "Just tired."

"The Dark Lord said that we could retire as soon as we'd done what he wanted, so you can rest to your heart's content." Lois declared, shouldering most of Chloe's weight.

"Blaise was there...he looked...so handsome." Lana whispered.

Chloe hadn't noticed Blaise.

Not when Draco had been there.

"We can talk about boys later." Lois declared. "Right now lets get this girl to a bed."

In silence, the three girls walked.
15th-Nov-2011 10:01 pm (UTC)

Love it so happy to see that you've updated the series. More more more

15th-Nov-2011 10:20 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I realized I'd left this series too long without updating it!
15th-Nov-2011 10:22 pm (UTC)
Just the idea of this story makes me extremely happy
15th-Nov-2011 10:55 pm (UTC)
So happy to hear that :D
15th-Nov-2011 10:45 pm (UTC)
I am so excited! A new Chloe series update!
15th-Nov-2011 10:55 pm (UTC)
Hopefully it won't disappoint!
16th-Nov-2011 02:33 am (UTC)
After a long absence from fan fiction I return to see the sequel to one of my all-time favorite stories of yours, "Draco Malfoy And The Snarky Pen Pal"!!!

So after 2 years of absence, Chloe and Draco finally meet. I love how they still remember and seek each other after all that time. I really seems like both made quite an impression with each other in the brief time they were pen pals.

Yikes! So the Dark Lord did take them and has been training them. This is certainly an interesting turn of events. I'm sure Voldemort considers Chloe his most prized possession considering she can bring him back from the dead.

I wonder what are Draco's thoughts about this whole thing? It seems like he did not like it one bit that Chloe is taking on anothers injury upon herself. I wonder how Draco and Chloe's relationship will progress now that she's Voldermort's pet? I wonder when all the snarkyness will start?

Can't wait for more... I hope you update soon!... In the meantime I'm off to re-read the "Draco Malfoy And The Snarky Pen Pal" again. :)
16th-Nov-2011 02:44 am (UTC)
I forgot to mention that a side of Lana and Blaise will also be an interesting read. :)
16th-Nov-2011 04:25 am (UTC)
Oh, they did! Draco was probably the only person Chloe knew who could not only deal with her snark and sarcasm but dish it out just as well, and he's also her first link to the Wizarding World before she realized there was even more. Chloe was the only person who managed to make Draco unbalanced as she was not only extremely smart yet sarcastic and had a way of understanding and getting what he was going through---while also changing the way he'd been raised to see Muggles. He'd always thought them beneath him in every way but then Chloe comes along and she's the only one who actually *got* him.

The Dark Lord did take the girls in and has been keeping them extremely close. He's also been magnificently cunning and manipulative. Like while Chloe's power is incredibly powerful she doesn't see herself or her power as much at all, not of importance, and doesn't think she can even begin to compare with Lois or Lana.

Since Snarky Pen Pal was Draco's POV Secret Snarking will be Chloe's, and I'll try hopping through the perspectives like that to get both sides :)

Lana and Blaise....
16th-Nov-2011 02:01 pm (UTC)
I love The Snarky Pen Pal story and you make now this amazing Seguel, thank you so much. I'm realy happy now.
16th-Nov-2011 05:33 pm (UTC)
yay! Happy to hear! I aim to please!!!!
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