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Chloe Sullivan and the Secret Snarking 2/5 
16th-Nov-2011 12:40 pm

Title: Chloe Sullivan and the Secret Snarking
Sequel to: Draco Malfoy and the Snarky Pen Pal
Universe: Fidelius Series
Characters: Chloe/Draco, Lois, Lana, Bellatrix, Lucius, Severus, Voldemort
Fandoms: Smallville/Harry Potter
Rating: T
Summary: Two years later Chloe, Lana and Lois resurface during a Death Eater banquet. Chloe knows that Draco didn't know who or what she was when they were penpals, but she still wished he could have warned her.
A/N: Chloe POV

Strolling into the large banquet area the next day, Chloe grinned brightly at the few having breakfast there. She went towards the one sitting at the head of the table, reaching for the hand extended, and bringing it to her lips as she bowed into a reverent kiss. She then let him pull his hand back and raised her eyes to his, as she'd been taught to do, feeling the tug as he read her mind, knowing everything that'd happened since her near collapse the night before. These excursions in her mind made her somewhat uneasy, if only because as a child she'd always thought that at least her mind was her only private realm, but things had changed and she didn't have anything she hid from the Dark Lord so she didn't mind the invasion.

"Invasion implies that I'm somewhere I should not be." The Dark Lord replied, motioning for her to take her seat at his right hand.

"Of course, My Lord." Chloe murmured, sitting down next to him and sharing smiles with Lois and Lana, while House Elves brought her breakfast. "Thank you."

Misky smiled shyly at her before disappearing.

"Don't thank House Elves." Lucius sighed from where he sat at Voldemort's left hand. "It's their pleasure to serve us."

"Doesn't mean I can't have manners, Lucius." Chloe replied evenly, grabbing a piece of toast and buttering it. "And as far as I know there are no 'Death Eater Rules To Live By' which state that its against the law to not have a stick up your ass all the time."

Lucius took in an aggravated breath. "Don't be so crass."

"Sorry." Chloe smirked, eyes twinkling mischievously. "I don't have a stick up my bum then."

Severus' lips twitched, but he just had a sip of tea.

"I must agree with my brother in law." Bellatrix declared, her hair impossibly high and curly this morning. "House Elves are just the dirt beneath our shoes. They don't merit an acknowledgement unless it's to reprimand them for some wrongdoings."

"Not to change the subject..." Lana dabbed the napkin to her lips daintily, before turning her attention to the Dark Lord. "My King, how were our performances last night? Did we please you?"

Voldemort nodded regally. "After you left many youths came forwards with questions...interestingly enough, the two most interested had already been initiated." He leveled his gaze with Lana. "And as to the real reason you are asking, yes, young Mister Zabini did recognize you from the days in which you would correspond." He paused a moment, before lifting his knife. "You know how I feel about this, Lana. He was willingly writing to a girl whom he thought was muggle, and he enjoyed writing to her...you. I do not approve of any other sort of relationship with him other than that of colleagues. When the time comes your...protector...will be chosen."

Lana bit down on her bottom lip, gaze lowering.

"And I am sure you understand that that goes for your young Malfoy." Voldemort's crimson gaze then rested on Chloe. "I will personally pick your protectors, men whom we have never had a moment's doubt about."

A muscle jumped in Lucius' cheek, but he remained silent.

"Valuable men who have proved their use and worth to us..." Voldemort declared, eyes on the table. "A man like Severus."

The Potions Master choked on his tea. "M-my Lord..."

Lois' grin took over her whole face as she straightened in her seat and raised her hand in the air. "I call dibs!"

Severus, who'd been trying to clean himself with a napkin, promptly dropped the cup, causing it to fall on the floor. "I beg your pardon!"

Amusement was obvious on Voldemort's face as he observed the scene going on before him.

"Not to draw attention away from the auctioning off of Severus' virtue," Bellatrix declared easily, licking her fingers. "But I was wondering, My Liege, when we will be getting the opportunity to train the girls one on one." She tilted her head towards her master, some of her hair falling into the container of jam. "And have you decided who may take who?"

Voldemort clasped his fingers together. "Considering the importance my girls are to me, as everyone at this table can understand that they are of the utmost importance to me, I-hesitate at the thought of having them leave the safety of Riddle Manor."

Chloe remained silent as he reached out and curled a lock of her hair around his fingers.

"And yet it is imperative that they learn what you can offer." He eyed the three mentors before turning to Bellatrix. "Whom would you choose as your protegee?"

"While your treasures are all equally valuable," Bella began. "I would wish for Chloe to accompany me to Lestrange Manor. Despite her...lack of conventional magical talent...I sense something raw in her that I know I can tap into and hone for you, My King. Give her to me, you know that I would protect her with my life, and when she has left my side she will be a perfect instrument for your will."

Voldemort gazed upon his most loyal, fervant of followers, and merely nodded.

Bellatrix bowed her head. "You are too kind and gracious, My Emperor of Darkness."

Chloe shared looks with Lana and Lois, admittedly nervous.

Despite all they'd been through they'd always had each other to lean on, and now they were going to be given mentorships alone, with only the Death Eater as company.

It was intimidating.

And it wasn't that Chloe was scared for her life.

Bellatrix might be insane, but she adored Voldemort, and knew how important Chloe was to him. There was no way that Bellatrix would ever hurt her, and despite it all Chloe actually kinda liked her, but that didn't mean that she wasn't wary of the Death Eater or her eccentricities either.

Due to her own inner ramblings, Chloe barely heard when Severus claimed Lana as his protegee (to Lois' obvious pout and Lucius' sigh of resignation). Her mind was in a whirl, as she tried to understand what this would mean. Ever since she'd come home to find Lucius Malfoy in her living room and had been taken back here, she'd lived under Voldemort's thumb. He was domineering and oppressive when he wanted to be, but he took care of her, of them. The three girls were precious to his cause, and although no one else knew about their real roles in Voldemort's life and his plans for the future, just the fact that he'd obviously kept them hidden and protected would make people suspicious. Voldemort had protected them, had provided them with all they'd want and need for comfort, and in a very twisted way, Chloe depended on him.

If only for a sense of safety.

And now she was going to leave the safety of the cage...and like many birds who'd spent their lives in captivity...freedom seemed a lot scarier than staying in safe comfort.

That sense of caution continued to linger in her the next couple of days until she was escorted to Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange's hidden Manor. There were all sorts of protective, concealing wards and spells, and one wasn't allowed to apparate into or out of the house. Instead, they would do so in the forest behind the abode, and then have to pass through numerous spells and wards to be able to enter. Chloe had to admit that she felt safer knowing that there were so many measures keeping her safe from the other side of the war.

There wasn't much that Chloe knew about the side fighting against Voldemort, but she did know what her father had told her. They were the enemies, and should they discover the truth about her, Lana and Lois, they would kill them without a second's thought. Voldemort was fighting for the right and supremacy of their race, for their protection-for many things both glorious and sinister in Chloe's mind. But her father fought this war, her father backed this war, her father put himself on the line, he believed in these principals. Once, her mother must have as well, before she'd lost hope or faith or whatever it was that'd caused her to abandon her mission to take care of Chloe. Her father had never done so though. Despite having come from such a prestigious family, wealthy, esteemed, he'd thrown it all away to live amongst people not his own, and work a thankless job.

All for Chloe.

And despite what she now knew about herself-despite now knowing the truth-Chloe would always love and adore Gabe Sullivan.

He was her father, and as he'd done everything for her, she would now do everything for him.

Which was why she threw herself into Bellatrix's lessons.

The female Death Eater had an assortment of things to teach.

She taught Chloe how to fight with her hands, how to fight dirty, and even criticized her on her fashion sense but assured her that once Lucius took over her training they'd get around to making her seem more 'proper'. Bellatrix then focused on Chloe's healing power, making the blonde heal herself after being hurt, making her heal only certain injuries sometimes. It was all about control. Over herself. Her mind. Her pain threshold. And over her power. If Chloe were ever captured by the enemy she'd need these lessons to survive, and she knew it, so she bore the pain as silently as she could.

Biting down on her lip, Chloe whimpered as the knife sliced down her abdomen, a thin, clean line quickly filling with blood and bleeding.

The blade hesitated, Bellatrix slicing the air with it playfully. "That should be enough for today."

"No." Chloe shook her head, body visibly red and blotchy as her healing power healed the slice immediately. "I can handle more."

"As much as I enjoy torture," Bellatrix smirked, shaking the knife. "I will not risk overusing your power. We have yet to understand it fully, and I will not risk My Great Dark One's favored little lamb."

"When you asked to take over my mentorship for this...semester..." Chloe tugged on the chains holding her up on the meathook. "You asked me what areas of your expertise I wanted to concentrate the bulk of my lessons on."

Bellatrix nodded, using the dull side of the blade to scratch an itch in her scalp. "You wanted to concentrate on pain resistance and using it to further test your powers."

Chloe nodded. "I want this."

"You have a masochistic tendency of yours that intrigues me." Bellatrix smirked, apparently amused. "Did you know, that after a while of being tortured, just the fact that you're not in pain can...bring you...physical satisfaction?"

Chloe gulped. "No."

"Its true." Bellatrix chuckled. "After being used to constant pain the body and mind begin to consider anything other than pain as intense pleasure." She ran the blade up the underside of Chloe's arm. "I've actually had people climax just because I stopped hurting them." She smirked. "Whoever said there's a fine line between pain and pleasure must have tortured a good deal of people to realize this simple yet obscure truth." The Death Eater then twirled the knife in her hand and stabbed Chloe's abdomen, grinning at the screams as she leaned in to whisper in the blonde's ear. "Then again, with your masochistic tendencies I think you might fall into the other group...those that grow to love pain." Bellatrix yanked the knife out and turned, flinging it blade-deep into the wall. "I don't suppose Our Master would be too happy with me if you grew to like getting hurt...not you."

Chloe hissed, voice hoarse from her scream and body trembling from the pain, even though her wound was already glowing with her healing power. "Are you insinuating hat I'm getting cut and stabbed and cursed because I like it?" She closed her eyes tightly. "If the other side ever found out who I really am to Lord Voldemort...they'll kill me."

Bellatrix snarled. "As if we'd let you or the other two fall into enemy hands!"

"You never know what might happen." Chloe's voice was strained with her pain, her face scrunched. "For whatever reason, if I fall into enemy hands, I don't want my weakness to be the reason Lois and Lana are hunted down and murdered...and our safety means so much to Our Lord."

The Death Eater reached for her wand, tapping it against her chin thoughtfully as she circled the blonde hanging by the chains. "Your dedication to my Dark God is moving." She raised her chin, hellish determination in those dark eyes. "I was going easy with you, but you have touched me with your devotion." Bellatrix aimed her wand at Chloe. "Know that our King of Darkness will hear of your applaudable loyalty." And then she cast her spell of choice. "Crucio!"

By the time Chloe stumbled to her bedroom her body was in perfect health, but she was exhausted and completely numb. She could hardly feel the floor under her feet as she collapsed on the bed, burning in fever as her body tried to repair the internal damage that being hours under the Cruciatus Curse caused. Bellatrix really hadn't been kidding when she'd said that she'd been going easy on Chloe before, because now that she was apparently 'inspired' Chloe's throat had gone sore from screaming, and the skin had peeled from her bleeding wrists from her desperate attempts to free herself from the chains, and she'd nearly gone insane.

"If you're as favored by the Dark Lord as he would have us believe...why would he send you to be tortured by my aunt?" A voice asked from the shadows, warily.

Chloe jolted in shock, and then winced in pain and laid back on the bed, coughing and shivering. "Just how did you get here and how did you know this was my room?"

Draco Malfoy emerged from the darkest shadows of her bedroom. "This is my aunt's place. I know every trick to get in and out. And I also know that there are very few habitable rooms." With a whisper and a twirl of his wand, soft light lit the room, causing shadows to dance on the walls. "And you have yet to answer my questions."

Tired, in pain, and confused, Chloe closed her eyes. "I asked for Bellatrix to do this to me."

"I heard your screams." Draco snorted, leaning against the wall, arms folded. "I doubt you asked for that." He then paused, seeming to catch the wry tilt of her lips and realized that, yes, she had. "Are you daft woman?"

She chuckled, although it pained her to, and opened her eyes. "I'm improving my tolerance to pain with every session...though I have to say this one was the hardest." The blonde took in a deep breath. "Bellatrix is trying to teach me how to escape into my mind, or channel the pain somehow." She finally looked at the frowning boy. "Would you like me to ask her to give you some classes as well? Since you're a Death Eater and all...you and your little friends should be given some extra classes."

He glared darker at her. "You're mocking me."

"I think you don't know the half of what you've all gotten yourselves into, wanting to please mommy and daddy." Chloe sneered, looking up at the ceiling, still trembling, teeth chattering. "And Merlin knows you pleased daddy dearest. All Lucius talks about is how you've finally stepped up and proved yourself a Malfoy."

There was a little snarl. "What I want to know is: did you know, when we were-did you know the truth?"

He sounded pissed.

"Ah, now we get to the reason why you're skulking around your auntie's home in the middle of the night when you should be tucked in your beddy-bye." Chloe rolled onto her side so she could see him better, witnessing the annoyance and anger blotch his pale skin much like it would his father's. "And as for your question, no. I did not know anything until the day your father appeared in my home."

"My father?" Draco frowned darkly.

"Wait, you mean Lucius never told you? Not even after the banquet?" Chloe blinked, sitting up despite how hard it was and how her arms shook as she pushed herself up. "Draco, it was your father who found us in the Muggle world and brought us to Lord Voldemort. He was the one who trained us, who's been looking after us. Your father has been one of the most important people in our lives since he took us." She tilted her heard to the side. "I'm just surprised he didn't tell you-after the banquet I mean. Then again, Lucius thrives on knowing things others don't."

Draco's lips curled in distaste. "On first name basis, are we? Isn't that a little disrespectful?"

"Not when he insists." Chloe retorted smoothly, smirking back, amused at the disgust growing on his face. "Careful Draco, a Death Eater should know how to better hide what he really feels."

His eyes narrowed further. "You like to talk as if you know so much about Death Eaters, and yet I never heard anything about there being a Mark on your body." His gaze travelled up and down her figure. "Unless you have it somewhere other than your forearm."

"Wouldn't you like to know." She snorted, lying back down, too tired to hold herself in a sitting position anymore.

"Yes, actually, I would." He growled, stalking towards the bed.

Chloe had barely managed to look before he was over her, pinning her to the bed.

"What are you-?" She struggled. "I'll scream."

"Go ahead." He sneered into her face, pressing her wrists harder into the mattress on either side of her head. "This whole room has a silencing spell on it. No matter how hard you scream, no one is going to hear you."

For a moment fear entered her heart, but then she remembered that as long as she was a favored of Voldemort his followers wouldn't hurt her...so she forced herself calm. "What do you want, Draco?"

"Who are you really?" Draco hissed into her face. "There's more to it than the story they're telling everyone. Just because you're the child of loyal followers does not merit the way you three have been hidden from the rest of us and protected...from the rest of us!" He snarled, his grip on her wrists turning painful and strong enough to begin cutting off the circulation in her hands. "What are you to him? Why did my father react the way he did when I told him your mother had abandoned you? He acted as if she'd shirked an important duty! Who the hell are you?"

Chloe looked up until his eyes, unable to look away, not knowing what to say.

She couldn't tell him the truth, if she did then she'd be signing his death warrant.

Unless the Dark Lord himself trusted Draco with the truth about who the three girls were he couldn't know.

Not even the best Occlumency master could hide his thoughts and mind from Voldemort, and if anyone should prove that he or she could hide said mind...Voldemort would kill said person on the spot.

"I've been tortured for hours by your aunt, Draco." Chloe finally spoke. "Do you really think you scare me?"

"Are you to be his concubines?" Draco asked, eyes dark. "He hasn't taken any since his return, and we have all been wondering why...and then we find out about you three." His grip tightened as he snarled at her. "Has he made you his little whore?"

Chloe looked away.

Draco went still above her. "Has he?"

She refused to answer the question, instead gazing at the wall. "How did you know that I was here?"

Draco remained above her. "Lois has been spending her time with us at Malfoy Manor while my father tries to teach her to be a Pureblood Lady." He sneered. "She's not doing so well."

Chloe turned to look at Draco, eyes wide. "How is she?" It'd been two weeks since she'd heard from either Lois or Lana, and thirsted to know that they were well.

"She's fine. Just bumbling through her lessons." Draco replied, sitting up, still straddling her hips. "My mother despairs of her breaking more of the family china despite the fact that its magicked to repair itself should harm come to it."

"Did Lois tell you where I was?" Chloe asked curiously.

"I do not talk to her." Draco replied with a sneer. "I have more important things to do."

"No wonder you didn't know anything about Lucius' involvement with us then." Chloe snorted. "If you'd just asked her Lois would have told you all of this."

"I have no interest in talking to her." Draco reiterated. "After realizing that you three were being apprenticed out, and Gaunt was with us...I realized that Rosier and you had to be with my Godfather or my aunt. I made a silent trip to my godfather's and saw him teaching Rosier about certain brews and such...and knew that you must have been sent to my aunt. And that is how I came to be here."

Chloe looked up into his eyes and wondered why exactly he was there.

It couldn't be just because he wanted to know if she'd always known about the Wizarding World.

Deep down inside he knew she hadn't.

So why had he taken the pains to tracking her down, breaking in, and waiting to trap her in her own room?

She knew he hadn't planned to hurt her.

That was obvious.

So why was he here?

"You owe me." Draco finally announced, pushing off of her and going towards the door once more.

She eyed him curiously. "What? Why?"

His only answer was to slip out of the door, and close it shut behind him.

Chloe laid back in bed, wondering just what had happened.

It was only then that she noticed the quill and parchment laid down by her pillow, and as she turned to pick them up curiously it never occurred to her that Draco had answered a question she hadn't asked out loud.
16th-Nov-2011 06:46 pm (UTC)

Great chappie oh so very intrigued

16th-Nov-2011 07:09 pm (UTC)
Gooood! I'm planning on keeping the intrigue growing!
16th-Nov-2011 07:03 pm (UTC)
***does the update dance***

Yes! another Chloe and Draco interaction. Every time they meet there are intense emotions between them...sexual tension, unfinished business, unanswered questions... love it!

it's so like Chloe to push herself to know her limits. Bella might be crazy but she's the best DE you can find and you know she's gonna teach you some very useful stuff.

I have a question though, I was re-reading the first chapter and it says that Chloe's mother was Moira Black. How is Moira related to Bella and Narcissa? Does that mean that Chloe and Draco are cousins?

So looking forward to Chloe being under Lucius' care. You just know that Draco would not and could not stay away from Chloe then. I do hope Draco would gain favor with the Voldy so he'll be the one assigned a Chloe's protector. Then the action can begin!

Lois and Snape! I did not, in amillion years, see that coming! HAHAHAHA... Bring on the Snois!!!! :)
16th-Nov-2011 07:13 pm (UTC)
I love me the update dance! ;)

Yep, though this will be the last *physical* interaction they will have, the next chapters will return to their trademark correspondence!

Exactly! Chloe can't stand having questions, especially about herself! And Bella is the type who will know just how hard she can push---and push just a teensy bit more---which is what Chloe is counting on. For Chloe all she has going is the ability to heal and she doesn't take it very seriously or think it's all that, so she's testing it out.

Narcissa and Bellatrix were both Blacks before being married, so that means they were related to her mother, yes. That will actually be addressed in future chapters!

Exactly! Once Chloe is under Lucius' care (in a future segment) then Draco will definitely be there in person!!!!

Lois and Snape...wasnt supposed to happen! But somehow when I was writing it happened...and I went with it. lololololol

Edited at 2011-11-16 07:16 pm (UTC)
17th-Nov-2011 07:00 pm (UTC)
OMG!! I absolutely love this story. The only thing that kept me watching SV was my admiration for Chloe and I recently started reading HP fanfic. So this installment makes me very giddy.
17th-Nov-2011 07:06 pm (UTC)
I understand that, the only reason I didn't completely lose interest in SV was Chloe and it was only her episodes of the last season that I actually watched :)
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