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Chloe Sullivan and the Secret Snarking 3/5 
17th-Nov-2011 06:07 pm

Title: Chloe Sullivan and the Secret Snarking
Sequel to: Draco Malfoy and the Snarky Pen Pal
Universe: Fidelius Series
Characters: Chloe/Draco, Lois, Lana, Bellatrix, Lucius, Severus, Voldemort
Fandoms: Smallville/Harry Potter
Rating: T
Summary: Two years later Chloe, Lana and Lois resurface during a Death Eater banquet. Chloe knows that Draco didn't know who or what she was when they were penpals, but she still wished he could have warned her.
A/N: Chloe POV

As the Crucio's rained on her body without end, filling her with that burning white heat, Chloe's throat seemed on fire from her eyes as her body twitched and she fought to try and get loose from the binds holding her up and vulnerable. Bellatrix was a cruel mistress who enjoyed her bouts of torture far too much, but the blonde had asked for this, hadn't she? And so she tried desperately to find that inner place that Bellatrix had told her to find. She tried to dig deep within her mind, to disassociate her mind with her body and its feelings, but it was hard. The young girl didn't even know if it was truly possible or if Bellatrix was just using it as an excuse to torture her more. There was no place in her mind that she could go to to hide from this pain. While her body was jerking of its own volition, each muscle spasming in agony, she couldn't find a restful garden in her mind to slip off into. It was impossible.

"You're not trying hard enough." Bellatrix scolded her, ending the curse. "You're being mediocre and thus bringing shame to my King of Shadows who grants you life through him, who empowers you with his every breath."

Voldemort was a very powerful wizard, yes, but Chloe didn't exactly believe he was all that.

With a quick swish of her wand Bellatrix freed her, the witch frowning at the blonde. "You should have found your refuge by now. Disappointing disappointing disappointing."

Collapsing onto her knees on the hard ground, Chloe's palms were pressed flat against the floor, her whole body shaking and in pain. "What...do you...do?"

"Ah..." Bellatrix smiled brightly, circling the prone girl. "I imagine my Lord of Darkness and the smile on his face when I have pleased him." She tapped her wand against Chloe's head. "You should be imagining this as well! It is quite inspiring."

She was sure it was.

Cold chills ran up her spine while the heat of her healing coursed down her chest.

"You're enduring longer sessions, this is pleasing to me." Bellatrix bent to her knees, using her wand to lift away the golden hair that fell into Chloe's face and hid her from her. "If you would just stop being so stubborn and find that place in your mind, and disconnect from your body, I think your body could take any sort of torture and recover quite well. You're holding yourself back." She tapped Chloe's forehead like one would tap a puppy who'd done badly yet one didn't want to truly hurt while conveying displeasure. "Bad girl."

Finally strong enough to sit up straight, Chloe hugged herself as her muscles spasmed, and she blew away the strands of hair falling into her face. "What's for lunch?"

Bellatrix just looked at her for a second before letting out a loud cackle as she jolted to her feet and began marching away, calling for one of the house elves.

Once Bellatrix left the room Chloe collapsed on the floor, trembling.

Pinky appeared next to Chloe and then in seconds the blonde found herself on her bed inside of the Lestrange Manor.

"Miss Chloe want a chocolate?" The house elf asked softly, eyeing her in concern.

Chloe smiled at the small creature. "Thanks but no, I'll wait till lunch."

"Yes Miss Chloe." The house elf blinked out, leaving her alone.

Chloe groaned, her body feverish and weak from her power healing her both externally and internally...and she didn't know why she'd reached under her pillow for the parchment and quill she'd hidden there, but she did. Maybe it'd been her way of searching out some sort of comfort, and yet she was surprised when she realized the parchment wasn't blank anymore, instead a familiar scrawl was scribbled on it.

Attn: The Muggle Who Isn't

She smiled, shocked at how one line could make her want to laugh. She'd forgotten how Draco's letters had once been the best part of her day, although she had promised herself to never ever let the boy know this.

I waited on you to make first contact and then I realized that while you aren't a Muggle by blood you are by heritage and probably completely baffled and wondering why I left you this parchment and quill. Obviously you have much to be taught when it comes to magic. Let me educate you and be glad that I am doing this because Draco Malfoy doesn't deign to do this often.

He was a pompous ass.

She smiled brighter, curling up in bed.

This is what is called a Sweetheart Scroll, and while the name is sickening it's useful. The purpose for the Sweetheart Scroll is for two lovers to communicate in a very private way and without anyone else being able to understand what is being written except for those doing the writing. Should anyone else stumble across your parchment it will appear to be nothing more than a recipe or random notes of some sort.

That...was somewhat amazing.

She might have been a part of the Wizarding World for two years already but Chloe was still quite the novice when it came to most things magic. She and the girls had been secluded in Riddle Manor and other than the offensive and defensive spells and such they really didn't know much about anything.

This seemed like utter beauty to her.

As did the Wizarding pictures.

She had to admit that the first time she'd seen the pictures move and laugh she'd been completely freaked, but slowly the portraits and such had grown on her, and she couldn't imagine seeing a frozen image quite the same way again. It would seem so...sad.

This correspondence is in part thanks to my incredible intellect and foresight, and part to your deviant boldness...since the Sweetheart Scroll will only work for two people who have shared a kiss. Not that I consider what you did to me at the banquet a kiss, it was actually quite pathetic and unfulfilling, but it seems the scroll accepted it and of that you should be grateful.

Chloe snorted.

Gaunt is a shame to the female species. She has no poise or grace or sophistication and I think my mother is either planning to kill her or herself. She keeps messing up on the most basic of social graces and mother is beginning to drink more, and take potions for headaches. Father on the other hand is solely relying on Fire Whiskey to take him through these lessons, though I do not think he's making any progress with her. I haven't spoken to her myself, as I told you I have no interest in communication with her as since I will soon be returning to Hogwarts I see no reason to spend my last days at home tolerating her or her presence...but according to my father...who complains loudly and often and very much like a woman, she is much closer to breaking him than he is to breaking her.

He mentioned something about none of you having your own wands? How is this? And what of the wands used during the show?

Then again I can understand the need to keep Gaunt away from a wand. She is destructive enough as it was. Should she be put on the front lines of the war the other side would flee in terror.

Chloe smiled softly to herself, glad to know that Lois was still in spirits and giving Lucius hell. If Mrs. Malfoy was anything like her husband or son, she needed Lois in her life. They all did. Lois was probably the only one who could get that stick out of their asses...or at least play with it and leave them incredibly uncomfortable.

It appears Zabini has come calling upon me and I'm expected to receive him.

Draco Malfoy, Still The Sole Heir Of The Grand Houses of Malfoy & Black

Rereading the letter Chloe hesitated, gazing at the quill while worrying her lip. She knew that this wasn't something she should be doing. Voldemort didn't want her growing close to Draco, he'd already let her know in his own subtle way that while Draco would be tolerated due to his strong ties to Lucius and because of how useful the boy could prove to be to their cause, that the Dark Lord didn't want her in any way connected in a personal way to the boy. Like Zabini, Draco had sinned in his eyes by not detesting Chloe and Lana when they hadn't known of their magical parentage...and this was great treason in his eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Chloe continued to stare at the quill.

Should Voldemort read her mind and see that Draco had contacted her this way...had gotten into the Lestrange home and pinned her to the bed...

Chloe gulped.

His rage would be tenfold if he knew that Chloe had gone against his commands and reciprocated the contact.

And yet...

...she was so alone.

Not only didn't she have her father anymore, but she didn't have Lois or Lana, with whom she'd grown so close during the last two years.

She couldn't truly be expected to go through all of this alone with no support, could she?

She reached her hand, stopping inches from the quill, hand quivering.

If she did this she'd be going against Voldemort's expressed wishes.

She'd be disobeying him voluntarily.

The blonde gulped.

Her gaze went to the door before going to the parchment...

...and then she reached for the quill, signing her own fate.

Attn: Still Conceited And Pompous

She smirked, imagining the offended way he'd glare at that one.

This is utterly fantastic. Are Sweetheart Scrolls a common thing in the Wizarding World? If so, the naughty things these sweethearts can probably get away with! If we were able to have them back at school the things that would have gone back and forth! And that snub against the kiss? I wasn't kissing you. That was a press of my lips to yours so that I could be connected with you bodily, which helps things greatly in that situation. The closer, the more intimate, the better. Believe me, if you ever had the honor of me kissing you, you'd be singing a different tune.

I'm going to address the big section in which you just whine about my cousin like a baby. Toughen up Malfoy, there are worse things out there than Lois. I tell your father this all the time and I'm going to tell it to you too. Life is going to pass you by and if you live the way Lucius does you're just going to sneer at it as it does. Lois probably is being obtuse and difficult on purpose because she doesn't understand why someone should have to pretend to be someone and something they aren't just so other dislikable people can pretend to like you and then gossip about you behind your back. I applaud her efforts to have you and your family see the light on this situation.

She paused, wondering how to address the question about the wands.

Of course she could just go the easy route and say that they couldn't go to Ollivander's now, could they?

She could just respond that Lana and Lois had been using wands from deceased Death Eaters.

Or maybe she could tell him how wands in general were difficult when it came to Lana and Lois, and refused to work for Chloe in general.

When their parents had escaped with them they'd placed a spell on the children that not only took off the Tracing spell on them, but had bound their powers deep inside of them, keeping them from manifesting. Their parents had been terrified because they knew that if the powers manifested in their children then the Ministry of Magic would pick up on it and would find them. And then they'd all be killed. After they'd been returned to their rightful place in the Wizarding World Lord Voldemort had broken the seals on their powers and yet Lana was the only one who'd made a full recovery. She could use magic quickly and easily, it was natural for her, and she had an easier time when it came to wands. The things weren't completely against her and resisting, but she would still have to make a visit to Ollivander's shop to find a wand that could choose her.

Lois still had her powers, but one of the possible side-effects of living with the seal was the possibility of diminished or deformed powers, and she suffered from that. Her magic wasn't as strong or as fast as Lana's or others, but she could still use a wand, and what she might lack in magic she made up with in manpower. She could outfight anyone when it came to hand to hand, and she had the warrior spirit Voldemort enjoyed.

Chloe though, Chloe had taken the brunt of the seal. It had completely deformed her powers, making them crippled and useless. She was unable to use a wand or do magic, and if it wasn't for her ability to heal then she would be nothing more than a Squib. Others would have looked down at her as defective and throw her aside to concentrate more on Lana and Lois who held so much more potential, but Voldemort...he didn't. He gave her books on all sorts of ancient magic because her mind quickly grew bored with the mundane, and he also had a large library of obscure healing books just for her. He kept her with him, telling her that her power had the potential to be great, and that under the right nourishing and guidance she would flourish.

For a moment guilt filled her for going against his wishes and corresponding with Draco...but then she shook her head and wrote.

Wand? Maybe I am the Muggle Who Is.

She decided to leave it at that.

Did you know that Zabini used to write to Lana before we...were brought home? She had the biggest crush on him and said he was a gentleman. Which makes me wonder what went wrong with you. You're from the same social standing as him, and you're from Slytherin as he is...and yet he was an utter gentleman while you were...well...you were you. I want to meet Mrs. Zabini. She must be quite a woman to have given birth to a boy so handsome and so nice. Is he single or has he followed in what I am assured is the 'Pureblood way' and already found himself someone with whom he will marry upon graduation from Hogwarts?

So tell me. Draco Malfoy, other than grow up to pin helpless girls onto their beds, what has happened in your life since our last correspondence?

Chloe Sullivan...Greengrass is a description of healthy foliage...not a surname

Deciding that that was sufficient, she placed the quill and parchment beneath her pillow once more and looked up at the ceiling before realizing that her pain had gone.

Hearing the sound of heels tapping furiously against the floor, Chloe looked up in time to see Bellatrix throw open the door.

"Lunch is ready." Bellatrix declared. "Let's be going. A good round of torturing always leaves me famished."

Chloe shook her head with wry amusement as she slipped out of bed and padded towards the other woman, pausing when she saw the way she was being studied. "What is it?"

"You healed up quicker. Good." The witch declared, leading the way out of the room and down the hallway. "I just received word that Rodolphus was gravely injured during a skirmish with the Ministry." She snorted, shaking her head. "He needs to be in top shape if he is to serve our Great Lord as he deserves to be served. This is his just rewards if he let himself be injured to that magnitude and he should learn his lesson."

There was no love or worry in her voice due to this grave news concerning her husband.

Rodolphus Lestrange was one of the few Death Eaters who knew of Chloe, Lois and Lana and how they figured in the Dark Lord's plans for the future. Given this and his position as a part of Voldemort's inner circle she'd seen him several times, though not as much as Bellatrix, and Chloe had noticed that there was truly no love between them. They were married and yet they treated each other like colleagues. To both Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lord Voldemort was absolute. She had a suspicion they were both somewhat in love with him.

"Will he make it?" Chloe asked, keeping up with the older witch.

"Of course he will." Bellatrix waved away those worries as they made it to the dinning room, which had their plates already served and waiting on them. She eyed it with derision. "When the Dark Lord takes control over our world this decrepit pigsty will once more be restored to the glory it once possessed."

Chloe tried to imagine the house as marvelous and grand as it might have been, and despite the obvious abandonment and mistreatment of time it still retained its basic beauty so she was able to imagine its splendor. She didn't know much about this world or the people within it, but she did know that Bellatrix was a Black, and a cousin of her mother's and Aunt Ellen's. That made Bellatrix somewhat of a distant cousin of hers, and according to Lucius it was a common practice for family to take in family, pureblood family, and take care of them or train them. Considering that Bellatrix was a Black, and Lucius was married to her sister Narcissa (and had mentioned that his wife's mother had been a Rosier before marriage), and Severus was the Godfather of Draco and Rodolphus was married to Bellatrix...well...now that she thought about it, the only ones who knew the truth about her, Lois and Lana were related to the three girls by either blood or marriage or some other close tie.

It was a smart, effective way of making sure the girls were protected.

And now that she thought of it, the thought of giving one of the girls to Severus...who was the only one who wasn't related to them by blood or marriage, made utter sense. The Dark Lord knew that it would only strengthen the inner core and make them more unified if the only one not bound by blood or marriage...was bound by a union with one of the girls and thus by marriage. It made Chloe, an admirer of intellect, admire Voldemort even more for his foresight and cunning. He truly had everything thought out perfectly, and how he could have lost the first Wizarding War was beyond her. No one spoke about it, or what exactly it was that brought around his defeat the first time, but Chloe knew it must have been something that just couldn't be planned for or strategized, because Voldemort planned and strategized everything.

Hadn't their very existence been planned by him?

Their protection had even been factored into his plans should for some reason he fall...and when he'd been defeated their parents had fallen through with the plan and gone into hiding, blending into the world and people they despised, all under Voldemort's commands, waiting faithfully for the day when he would rise again.

"Come now." Bellatrix seated herself at the table and motioned for Chloe to follow suit. "Along with the missive explaining Rodolphus' little accident I received word that our Magnificent King will be visiting each of his little treasures in the next couple of weeks to view your progress." She cut into her meat. "He will find you impenetrable."

Chloe nodded, not wanting to let him down either, not after all he'd done for her despite her...defects. "Bellatrix? May I ask you something?"

"You may ask but I mightn't answer." Bellatrix stuffed the forkful of food into her mouth before beginning to chew, eyeing Chloe.

"Why did you pick me?" The blonde asked, taking in a deep breath. "You could have taught so many spells to Lana...and Lois could have been quite the pupil as well...but why pick me first when I can't use magic like a real witch should?" She clenched her fists tightly on her lap. "But I-I can barely heal others. I could learn the grace and etiquette from Lucius, and I suppose I could learn most from Severus about the brewing of potions...but I'm useless to you." Her green gaze rose to Bellatrix's dark orbs. "So why would you choose me?"

"Nothing is more pathetic than self-pity." Bellatrix declared, slamming her knife blade down into the table.

Chloe flinched, gaze lowering once more.

"You are one of my Dark Lord's treasures." Bellatrix dug the knife in deeper. "It is true that you are defective and shamefully unable to do what any child can magic-wise, and yes I have wondered about your usefulness to our cause, but if the Dark Lord brands you as his then you are meaningful. He doesn't go about doing things willy nilly. He wouldn't coddle you if you weren't important. So stop with the self-pity and prove your worth to him and his followers."

Chloe gulped, nodding.

"The reason why I picked you, little treasure, is because of your lack of control over your powers. It's chaotic and dangerous." Bellatrix yanked the knife out, eyeing the blade in fascination. "I like chaos and danger."

The blonde remained silent as she listened.

Bellatrix's mad eyes rose to Chloe seconds before she flung the knife at her, the blade slicing neatly across her cheek before embedding itself into the seat by her ear.

Chloe took in a deep breath and let it out a little shakily yet refused to look away from Bellatrix.

The Death Eater threw her head back and cackled with unholy glee.

Reaching behind her, Chloe yanked the knife out and slammed it down on the table next to her, chin raised deliberately.

Bellatrix sent her a wickedly amused glance. "Pass the salt."

Not sure what to make of Lord Voldemort's right hand, Chloe just passed her the salt, cheek healing in a blur of light.
18th-Nov-2011 12:05 am (UTC)
Lois was probably the only one who could get that stick out of their asses...or at least play with it and leave them incredibly uncomfortable. yeah really unconfortable and icky
18th-Nov-2011 12:37 am (UTC)
18th-Nov-2011 02:54 am (UTC)
So much awesomeness! You went in a completely different direction with this fic than I thought you would. And it is amazing. I like how you connected the girls to the old families. And Severus' reaction to Lana calling dibs was hysterical! Great job! Can't wait for more. :D


18th-Nov-2011 02:59 am (UTC)
I try to never be predictable so I'm glad to hear that!!!!
18th-Nov-2011 05:09 pm (UTC)
loved the chappie my laptop was in school and my wifi wanted to play up so couldnt comment earlier more please
18th-Nov-2011 05:14 pm (UTC)
About the update the next chappie :)
12th-Dec-2011 01:07 am (UTC)
Lois playing with the stick, really disturbing image in my mind xD
Great Story so far, let's see how it turns out in the end
12th-Dec-2011 02:31 am (UTC)
Yes, it IS a very disturbing image!!!!
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