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Chloe Sullivan and the Secret Snarking 5/5 
19th-Nov-2011 12:45 am

Title: Chloe Sullivan and the Secret Snarking
Sequel to: Draco Malfoy and the Snarky Pen Pal
Universe: Fidelius Series
Characters: Chloe/Draco, Lois, Lana, Bellatrix, Lucius, Severus, Voldemort
Fandoms: Smallville/Harry Potter
Rating: T
Summary: Two years later Chloe, Lana and Lois resurface during a Death Eater banquet. Chloe knows that Draco didn't know who or what she was when they were penpals, but she still wished he could have warned her.
A/N: Chloe POV

Having bathed and dressed quicker than she'd thought possible, Chloe hurried into the large 'throne room' which Bellatrix had had fashioned and ready for Voldemort whenever he should visit. Her mentor was on her knees before Voldemort, kissing his hand in reverence, and the adoration in her very body language was enough to confirm Chloe's suspicions about the reason for Bellatrix's undying devotion. She paused, wondering if she shouldn't better back out and give her mentor time with the one she loved above all, but Voldemort's gaze rose to Chloe and he motioned her close with his free hand.

She pressed forwards, reaching for the hand he held out to her and kissed it, keeping her head bowed. "You honor us with your presence."

Bellatrix cooed, still on her knees.

"I must admit that I was wary when Bellatrix informed me of what you wished to learn exclusively under her guidance," his bony hand reached out to cup her chin and raise her gaze so that she was looking into his eyes. "But her report on your progress has impressed me so much that I came early to see how your training."

"Madam Lestrange is an inspiring mentor." Chloe replied, trying to keep her nervousness or guilt from showing. "Her devotion to the cause is contagious and gives me reason to persevere and make you proud."

And that wasn't a lie.

He must have sensed the truth in her words for he let go of his hold on her chin with a small smile and nodded. "I wish to see this myself. I have never heard of someone overcome the Crucio as rapidly or as completely, as Bellatrix informs me you do."

Chloe nodded. "Shall we go now?"

Voldemort chuckled.

Bellatrix joined in as she stood. "Did I not tell you how dedicated she is My King? Did I not say that she will make you proud?"

That assurance, that praise, it made Chloe feel both amazed and guilty, for she wouldn't make Voldemort proud if he knew about her going against his wishes and writing Draco. And while Voldemort was gone it was easier for her to do so, now that he was here the guilt was beginning to eat her whole. This man, the one Bellatrix assured her was a god, had taken care of her, Lois and Lana. He hadn't left her feeling stunted and deformed by her magical loss, but had celebrated the mutation of what she was. He'd kept her close, kept her fed and protected. He'd lied to his masses, his followers, inventing some 'foretelling' of her healing power so they would not look down on her for the deformed freak she really was. He himself was being hunted down by that madman, Albus Dumbledore, and yet he still chanced traveling to check up on her, to praise her.

Tears filled Chloe's eyes.

She was a bad person.

She was a ungrateful, weak, disgusting person!

Unbeknowst to her, Voldemort watched her intensely, before smirking. "Come, show me."

Chloe nodded, leading the way to the chamber, allowing herself to he chained and held up by the meathook, and before Bellatrix could even send her first Crucio Chloe's mind was already disassociating itself with her body, instead thinking of every single snub Draco had ever sent her way. She tried remembering only the bad, giving herself reasons to stop writing him. She thought of every insult, every slight, every time he gave a backhanded compliment. But as she thought about those times her lips would twitch as she remembered her own barbed responses, her own taunts and jeers, the way she provoked him into long battles of snark and sarcasm.

She failed to feel the Crucios and curses of every kind and magnitude raining on her violently.

She failed to see the intense way Voldemort watched her, gazing deep inside of her vacant eyes.

She wondered what Draco had written back, just how insulted he'd been by the whole 'snob' comment. It amused her how he kept getting so terribly insulted each and every single time she called him that. One would have thought that that jab would have lost its barb and yet each and every time he answered back with the fury of a wounded wolf...and she'd always enjoyed it vastly because it allowed this battle of wits and sarcasm continue at least one letter more.

It was with a jolt that she awoke in her bed later on that night, healed and surprised. She must have gone under extreme curses to have blacked out like that. Bellatrix must have really gone out of her way to test her endurance since Voldemort was there.

A smile touched Chloe's lips, sure that she'd done her mentor proud.

If the enemy ever captured her they'd never be able to torture anything out of her.

She was becoming less and less of a weakness to Voldemort and his cause.

She'd prove that just because she couldn't do magic flawlessly like Lana, or was a warrior in fighting like Lois that she wasn't useless.

Sure, the healing would be helpful, but she could truly help advance their cause.

There was only so far healing could go.

She needed to be useful in a way that would prove to everyone that Voldemort hadn't made a mistake when it came to her.

Feeling the warmth of her pillow, Chloe sat up and reached into her pillow-slip, pulling out the scroll and going towards the bay window, sitting down and reading Draco's response by the light of the moon.

Attn: Miss Graduate

It has nothing to do with snobbery, my dear ignorant child, it is just the way of our world. The truth is brutal. We are superior, on a pedestal with few other Pureblooded families. The Greengrass family is not on our level, but fear not, it's not on the level of the Weasleys, as that is the lowest any Pureblood family can fall.

Ah. I see what it is you haven't said. It is...interesting...that your father would not be the one to pick your match as it is his house which would be doing the aligning. There are few who would prove so...faithful.

Yes, I have noticed how you've changed.

Transfer from Hogwarts and seem like I gave up? Like I ran away from POTTER? Never! The shame and disgrace! Malfoys do not turn and leave! Once they decide on something they stick to it, once they want something they obtain it, no matter the opposition against them. It is one of the qualities that make us one of the greatest families in the Wizarding World, or any world at all.

Your knowledge of Quidditch is shameful. An utter disgrace. I will have to remedy that in the future.

Concern? For you? Never!

You cause me trouble even without being here. It annoys me.

Potter somehow got into the Slytherin dungeons and went through my belongings for some reason (and believe me, he will pay for that) and discovered this disgusting little scroll...and now news of my using a 'Sweeheart Scroll' seems to have permeated through the whole school. Parkinson and various other of my stalkers have become intolerable with their whining and complaining and protests. They 'demand' I tell them whom I am writing, and I had to hex Daphne Greengrass because she was about to hex this scroll and thus render it useless. The bint is in the hospital wing of the school and should be out by tomorrow.

So see?

You cause me nothing but trouble.

Draco Malfoy, The Boy Who Doesn't Know Why He Still Writes You

Chloe gazed down at the scroll, lips pulling into a small smile.

He'd protected the scroll.

He claimed he didn't know why he wrote her and told her nonstop how annoying she was...and yet he'd protected the only way to talk to her and had hexed one of his great admirers in the process...all so he could complain to Chloe about how she was just causing problems for him and that he should stop writing to her.

If he'd truly thought that way he would have let Daphne destroy the scroll.

That smile grew as she gazed out of the window at the haunted looking, dead garden of Lestrange Manor.

He caused nothing but problems for her, emotionally, and yet instead of destroying the scroll as she'd promised herself she would, the blonde began to write.

Attn: The Boy Who Knows

My father is the most faithful of all, and I can only hope to make him proud one day and do the same. I need to prove that I am my father's daughter, not my mother's. If I have to change all to be so, then it is less of a price than what my father had to pay, and I will gladly make that sacrifice for him.

I had not thought of your transferring being seen in that light, but now that you say that I understand completely, and all I can say is to stay there and show Potter why the Malfoy family is on that 'pedestal' you speak of, while the Potter family is not. It isn't on the pedestal too, is it?

You write me because I'm the only female who isn't vying for position as your wife. You write me because I'm the only person, female or male, who can no only handle your moods and horrible temperament, but match you on both categories. You write me because despite the fact that we just can't get along...we do.

I might not write back as quickly as I usually do, we are being Visited.

Chloe Sullivan, The Girl Who Knows

She looked over her letter with a smile, and was about to roll it closed when words began to seep through beneath her letter.

Attn: The Girl Who THINKS She Knows

Chloe couldn't keep the grin off of her face as she shook her head in a chuckle.

I believe my father would probably like to contend that whole 'most faithful' title, but then I think a lot of people would so I'm just not going to comment on it and go on to the next subject.

Potter is an old and famous house, yes, and I am related to him through my mother. But considering that James Potter diluted his family's blood by marrying a Muggle they have fallen somewhat in the Pureblood views. So no, it is not on the 'pedestal' but it is unfortunately not that far from it.

You seem to think you know me. You don't. But I admit you might know me better than anyone else. This isn't a show of sentimentality or any sort of emotion...it is just that I tend not to hide my true self from you. And now that I've written that down I realize what I wrote and it unnerves me.

You are being Visited, I see. I shall refrain from corresponding till I hear news from you then.

Draco Malfoy, The Boy Who Waits

Leaning her head against the window, Chloe smiled as she shook her head and rolled up the scroll, holding it close to her as she gazed back out at the moon-covered world.


"You were right, he did enter this house." Voldemort declared as he supped with Bellatrix. "I could sense his magic on the ward the moment I apparated into the woods."

"I shall skin him!" Bellatrix snarled, slamming her knife into the table.

Voldemort raised a hand, silencing her. "Leave it be. The girl is still very much my disciple, even more, the guilt of conversing with him makes her more determined to prove herself in other ways."

"Conversing?" Bellatrix frowned. "That brat has snuck in here more than once?"

"No," Voldemort's lips twitched. "He brought her a Sweetheart Scroll."

"The kiss of the banquet." Bellatrix's eyes widened in shock as she finally understood.

Voldemort nodded. "I do not doubt your or Lucius' loyalty, Bellatrix, but we all know that despite pledging himself young Draco has never been fully committed to our cause."

"Give him to me and I will change him!" Bellatrix promised, eyes livid. "I'll squeeze and twist and-."

"No." Voldemort shook his head. "That boy has never had the spine to do anything that could get him or his family in trouble, and yet he does this, because of her." He steepled his hands before him. "She is the tool I shall use to fix what is broken in him and make him into something I can use."

"My Lord?" Bellatrix asked, curious.

His lips twisted in an evil smile.
19th-Nov-2011 06:42 am (UTC)
Yaaay I've been waiting for this update! Well I'm glad Voldemort isn't going all psycho on chloe/malfoy. But what's he going to make Malfoy do? and when is chloe going to be mentored at the Malfoy house? hope you get to write the next part in this story soon :D
19th-Nov-2011 07:28 am (UTC)
:) Nah, Voldemort is far too cunning to do that. He knows people too well...that's how he knows exactly what to use against them.
Chloe and the Malfoy training....cannnnt saaaay!
19th-Nov-2011 09:24 am (UTC)

More I love where this is going

19th-Nov-2011 07:13 pm (UTC)
YAY :)
19th-Nov-2011 08:49 pm (UTC)
ah, young Malfoy I love that he has as many (if not more) issues as the rolling stone magazine
19th-Nov-2011 10:08 pm (UTC)
So true! He is SO messed up! lol One of the reasons why I love him.
27th-Nov-2011 08:24 pm (UTC)
I cannot wait to read more of this series! I loved the first story and now I'm more curious than ever about what will happen to this snarking duo as the war drags on!
28th-Nov-2011 06:22 am (UTC)
Their relationship will have interesting turns...especially since neither admit attraction.
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