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Denial 19/? 
20th-Nov-2011 07:14 pm
jacob/edward kiss color

Title: Denial
Pairings: Jacob/Edward, Rosalie/Bella, Paul/Emmett, Alice/Leah, Jasper/Jared, Embry/James and others
Fandom: Twilight
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Jacob is in denial. Bella is his sister. Edward is in his mind. And apparently, according to Alice, everyone in the wolf tribe are destined to imprint on a vampire...and will also catch a case of the Gay Flu too. Yep. Jacob's in denial.
A/N1: Severely AU and Slashified...and the characters could very well be considered OOC due to the drastic change in circumstances! Don't like? PLEASE DON'T READ! ALSO! Every single pairing EXCEPT for Carlisle/Esme is uncanon.
IMPORTANT!!!! This is written for my good friend yenny2206, requested as a Christmas Gift by hogwartsvixxen. I hope you two are happy with this :)
Chapter A/N: Usually we get to see whats going on in the Cullen or Black Swann Coven/Pack so I decided to give you all a look into what's going on in the minds of the poor Rez wolves and how they're taking their world being turned upside down. Enjoy!

Leah hadn't shifted since having been healed and it annoyed her terribly because all she wanted to do was to change skin and bound into the forest far away from here, but the moment she did she knew that her mind-link would broadcast to everyone in the damned pack, and there were things she didn't want everyone knowing. It'd been bad enough when her and Sam's relationship began to deteriorate with the knowledge that despite the fact that they'd loved each other for so long and that the both of them had changed into werewolves...that neither of them had Imprinted on the other. It was a blow to the gut to know that the guy you'd envisioned marrying from the moment you were thirteen was not meant for you and you were not meant for him either. They'd both declared that it didn't matter, that they loved each other and that was all that mattered, but that mind-link while in wolf form not only betrayed to each other their doubts and questions about their relationship-but the whole pack had known as well.

Then things had slowly started going from bad to worse.

There'd been rumors about the wolves from Charlie's pack, his children, hanging about the bloodsuckers Sam's pack had a truce with, the Cullens. At first they brushed off the rumors as their being civil with each other given the fact that they went to high school together, lived in Forks, and were forced to see each other constantly. Paul had been suspicious, saying something wasn't right and volunteering himself to keep an eye on them. It'd seemed like a noble venture at first and then it'd become an obsession for Paul, his mind consumed with the vampire and annoying him, frustration and anger and confusion always making his thoughts a little too chaotic to really make out.

And then he'd shifted one day and it'd been broadcasted to them all.

He believed he'd Imprinted on one of the Cullens, the tall, muscular one.

Not only that, but they'd been able to read in his thoughts how he wasn't the only one, how Charlie's pack had Imprinted on vampires as well.

And what was worse?

Apparently one of the bloodsuckers, a Seer, had declared that each and every one of the Rez wolves would Imprint on a vampire as well.

Leah remembered being blown away by this, shocked, confused. Horrified.

Sam had been furious, had shunned and exiled Paul like had once been done with Charlie Black Swann, the snapping of his bond with them physically painful for the rest of the pack. They'd then found out that he'd taken refuge with Charlie Black Swann and had become a part of his pack. And it was around that time that things began getting screwy for the Rez pack. Things started falling apart. They'd lost their mental link, unable to hear each other's thoughts and thus couldn't communicate and act like a team during missions, and the integrity of the pack was destabilizing. Members who'd never questioned Sam's leadership were beginning to question it, and her brother, Seth, had asked her one morning what would happen when he Imprinted on a vampire.

Would he be shunned and kicked out of the Rez and pack as well?

That'd shocked Leah and she'd snapped at him, telling him he was an idiot, they were not Imprinting on vampires! It was a lie that Paul and the others embraced to try and explain their sick fetish. But Seth hadn't believed her, and had wondered if Charlie Black Swann would allow him to stay in his home with him as well whenever he was an outcast. The boy had even gone as far as to hope that he was the next to Imprint and be sent away because he doubted Charlie Black Swann's house was 'all that big' and it had to 'get full eventually'.

That whole conversation had shaken Leah and while Seth was an annoying little brat most of the time he was her annoying little brat and the thought of his being sent away from home and pack...it'd terrified her. She'd gone to Sam and had brought up the subject, hoping he'd prove Seth wrong, but Sam had looked her in the eyes and told her that if Seth ever got that idea in his head that he too would be cast out, and that was when Leah realized why she and Sam just weren't meant to be. There was no way that the person destined to be the other half of her soul would care so little about the people she loved the most. It was there that she'd ended things with Sam and had phased into her wolf skin, rushing into the forest, howling her heartbreak for how things had ended between them.

It was during this mourning that she'd come upon the vampire with human blood on him and she'd attacked. It'd been much stronger than she'd anticipated, there was a reason why wolves hunted in packs, and she'd barely managed to kill the thing before collapsing and shifting back to her human form, broken and bleeding, so terribly vulnerable. She had to admit that she'd been waiting for the companions of this vampire to stumble upon them and take their vengeance on her, and when Alice Cullen had appeared she'd been so out of it she'd thought for a little bit that she was one of these vampires. But then the tiny vampire had gotten her to safety, despite Leah's rambled insults, and Leah had received help that ended up saving her life.

She hadn't really seen Alice before then, and she hadn't gotten a good look at her due to the fact that she'd been half unconscious the whole time...but Leah had a feeling...and she was too afraid to go back to the Cullens and find out.

Anyway, things at the Rez and with the pack were busy enough to keep her occupied, both mind and body.

With everything that'd happened Sam had apparently bought the whole Imprinting story and had begun meeting with Carlisle while using Charlie as a middle ground referee. Of course, Leah figured that if Embry hadn't attacked Sam it never would have brought the alpha around, as no one attacked an alpha. Not only did they respect him and want his approval...but it was impossible to do something like that, the alpha had control over all of them. So not only was it proof that the Imprinting was true...but it betrayed just how broken the pack truly was. Sam's alpha power over them was basically null and void.

It was also a slap in the face considering that the Black Swann pack was stronger than ever.

"I'm so excited!" Seth grinned, nearly bouncing in his excitement as he sat on the sofa's armrest, not even pretending to watch the game. "We're gong to actually go to the Cullen's home! Not just Sam and Jared! This is so awesome!"

Feet up on the coffee table, expression just as miserable as she felt deep inside, Leah kept her eyes on the television. "It's not all that."

"You've been there, you don't count." Seth mumbled, with just a little hint of jealousy. "We've never been allowed on their side of the ravine before. This is just so awesome. I can't wait till the party!" He shot off of the armrest, face beaming with childlike excitement-something he'd curse her off for if she ever told him. "I mean, my Imprintee might be there! You know how cool that'd be? I'd be the youngest to have Imprinted."

Leah finally tore her gaze from the game she'd been pretending to watch, turning to her younger brother. "Vampires are our enemies, Seth. Imprinting on them is unnatural."

Seth rolled his eyes in brotherly annoyance. "Don't be so closed-minded, Leah."

"I'm not being closed-minded." Leah frowned at him. "It's wrong!"

"People say the same thing about homosexuality and yet you beat up Malcolm Grey when he harassed Kyle Cloud because he's gay." Seth pointed out stubbornly. "What did you tell Malcolm again? That there was nothing wrong with being different? That it was closed-minded people like him, who were unable to accept that the whole world wasn't black and white and stuck to how things used to be-that they made you sick?"

Leah couldn't say anything as her own words were thrown back at her.

"You told him that the world kept evolving, that things kept changing, values, rules, moral, norms, and that was what made the world incredible and kept it from getting bored." Seth continued, face serious. "You said it was one of the things you loved about life." He lowered his gaze. "That was probably one of the only times I actually thought you were kinda cool."

Leah looked at Seth, surprised to hear that confession from her little brother.

Seth continued to stand there, gaze lowered, expression muted.

She sighed, giving him a little tender smile. "If you do Imprint on one of the Cullens, I hope you know I'll never let you live it down. I have years worth of teasing to dish out."

Seth looked up, smile returning to his face, eyes twinkling. "You wouldn't dare!"

Leah chuckled, shaking her head. "Just try me."

"Well expect the same from me!" Seth exclaimed, throwing himself on the sofa next to her, plopping his feet up on to coffee table as well. "I know where mom keeps the naked baby pictures!"

Throwing an arm around her brother, Leah's gaze went to the game and she sighed, leaning her cheek against the top of his head.

She was going to have to go to this Pack x Cullen get together and finally get a good look at Alice Cullen.


As he treaded through the forest Embry shook his head in annoyance, not really sure why he was being forced to attend this get together with the Cullens. It wasn't as if one of them was his Imprintee, he already knew who his vampire was...but he'd go just because Sam had ordered them all to attend and so he could also meet the Cullens. They'd been living so close together for a long time, and they had that truce, but they'd never actually met so he figured his curiosity alone would be the reason why he'd go. Also, he wanted to see Paul, Jacob and Bella around their vampire Imprints. Maybe it'd help him understand better how in the world he was supposed to deal with his Imprintee.

Because Embry had no idea how to handle the situation.

He'd provided when the vampire couldn't, he'd protected when the vampire needed it, but now James (as Embry had heard the female call him) didn't need either. And Embry didn't know exactly what to do now. Did he approach the vampire in his human form? Could he risk it? In human form he was extremely vulnerable. Sure, James had seemed quite amused with him but he didn't seem to trust him if the whole 'cat in a tree' thing he did was anything to go by, but the whole twig dropping and asking him if he was coming back sent mixed signals.

Embry had to remember shaking his head at that question from the vampire, unable to get James at all, and that made him very uncomfortable.

Where did he go from there?

Was there anywhere he could go?

James wasn't a Cullen, and while he and his two friends were only feeding from animals (as their golden eyes betrayed) so where did that leave him? How did he handle it? What did he do if James hunted a human? His wolf demanded he protected human life...and yet it also wouldn't do anything to hurt his Imprintee either. And also, James was his Imprintee so the other wolves wouldn't do anything to him either...but Embry wouldn't allow a human to be hurt.

So he was very much conflicted.

He definitely needed to go to the thing at the Cullens and research the wolves and their interaction with their vampires!


"Okay, so do we put plugs up our noses when we go?" Colin whispered to Brady, humming with excitement as they tried doing their homework. "I mean, the stench will be strong!"

"We'll look retarded if we do that." Brady made a face, tapping his pencil against his notebook, deep in thought. "And I doubt the others will be doing that, it'd make us look weak."

"Right, Sam wouldn't plug up his nose." Colin agreed reluctantly agreed, not wanting to look like an idiot in front of his idol. "And Leah will definitely never like me if I look like a dork."

Brady rolled his eyes. "You and Leah Clearwater is never gonna happen."

"I know that." Colin pouted. "But that doesn't mean she isn't the most beautiful girl in the world."

Brady shook his head at his friend's crush, getting back to the topic he found most interesting. "So, do we overdose on sweetness to prepare our senses for the shock?"

"I'm liking how you think." Colin grinned brightly. "An excuse to indulge in candy and-."

"I was thinking honey." Brady mumbled.

"Chocolate!" Colin continued, not having paid attention to his best friend. "Oh! This is on!"

Brady eyed his friend, shook his head, and returned his attention to his homework.


"I bet you that the evening is going to end up in a fight." Jared declared to Quil as the two of them stood on the cliffs overlooking the water below.

Quil snorted, shaking his head. "Doubt it. We both want peace."

"Oh, we do, but I still bet there's going to be a fight." Jared, ever the gambler, smirked.

"And why are you so sure?" Quil narrowed his eyes slightly.

"Well, I might be planning on provoking one." Jared admitted with a sheepish expression.

Quil sent the older boy a look. "Sam's not going to be happy. We're supposed to be going over there to try and unify or whatever they expect us to do. Imprint maybe?"

"Sam can stay out of this," Sam's beta shocked Quil by declaring. "This is personal. That bloodsucker has it out for me and I'm going to figure out why exactly that is! I've done nothing to him and yet he detests me!"

"You don't know that." Quil rolled his eyes, annoyed, gaze returning to the water below.

"Oh, I do." Jared countered. "I can feel it. And I don't mean like oh I can feel it, I mean I literally feel it. It's like this unending wave of vibes."

Quil snorted, seeming more amused now. "So what are you? Psychic?"

"No, worse than that." Jared pouted. "Imprinted."

Quil's eyes widened. "No way! You're joking!"

Jared sighed and shook his head, sitting on the edge of the cliff, staring down at the water and rocks below. "Nope. I Imprinted on him. Which sucks." He made a face. "You know how we just found out that some bloodsuckers have these super powers? Apparently his is that he can control the emotions of the people around him."

Quil sat down, eyes wide. "Jesus, that's scary."

"I know." Jared agreed. "Paul says that with the Imprint each of us somehow leech a bit of their powers from them, so since his vamp is strong he's just as strong in human form..."

Quil's eyes continued growing. "Whoa...seriously?"

"Lucky bastard." Jared nodded. "So Black Swann's boy has this mental link with his vampire, and his sister is now extremely graceful and prettier...and well...I'm thinking that that's why I can feel what Jasper's feeling. Plus, I can't get him out of my mind, though its mostly due to irritation...I mean...I'm not so bad, right?"

"I don't know," Quil joked. "You can be annoying."

Jared slapped the back of Quil's head in irritation.

Quil flinched, laughing.

Rolling his eyes, Jared returned to pouting. "I'm going to get that vampire to tell me what he has against me even if we end up drawing blood."

Quil shook his head. "You're impossible."

"Just wait till you Imprint on a vampire who hates your guts for no good reason," Jared prophesied. "Then we'll see who'd laughing."

"I'm not Imprinting on a vampire," Quil denied. "But if I do, it'll be to a girl and she'll worship me." He made a face. "What's with the same-sex Imprinting anyway? It's very impractical. We'll be unable to procreate and die off."

"Even if it was a to a female vampire we wouldn't be able to procreate. You haven't thought that argument out well enough." Jared pointed out.

Quil rolled his eyes. "I'm just saying man, no one has Imprinted on someone of the opposite sex. Isn't that fishy to you?"

"Black Swann will Imprint on a female vampire in the future, if Alice can be trusted...and she's been right up until now." Jared shrugged. "So I'm guessing that not everyone is going to Imprint on someone of the same sex."

"Like me." Quil smirked.

Jared rolled his eyes, standing up. "I can't wait till you Imprint on this big muscular vampire who makes you his little bitch."

Quil watched the cocky wolf walk away, and snorted in amusement at the very thought of him Imprinted onto a vampire who looked like a young Arnold in the Terminator movie. "Nah. That'll never happen." Seconds passed before he suddenly gulped, worry creeping his mind. "Right?"


He was doing the right thing, right?

Pacing his room, Sam thought about his pack, about 13 year old Colin Littlesea and Brady Fuller, their newest and youngest additions, wondering what this said to their impressionable minds. A wolf's purpose was to protect humans from vampires, and yet things were changing, they were changing. It was hard for Sam. He'd been the first to phase, he'd been a wolf the longest, the Alpha despite the fact that it wasn't in his lineage and said fact only made the Elders eye his every decision all that more critically. Still he'd made his decision and he couldn't go back on it. If he didn't want others second-guessing his choices and decisions he shouldn't be doing exactly that himself.

The pack was disintegrating before his very eyes and he needed to do something about it.

Charlie's pack was stronger than they'd ever given it credit. They had a bond that made Sam remember the olden days, and now with their Imprints the wolves were only stronger, Jacob able to communicate with his boyfriend and thus with the vampires while in wolf form, Bella more graceful...and Paul...Paul.

Sam sighed, going to the window and gazing out.

He could see the difference in Paul!

The boy was not only stronger and more fierce in wolf form, but he was as stronger in human form as he used to be in wolf. But not only had his strength increased, but his anger issues and terrible attitude had lessened to a degree that he seemed tamed. It'd been an utter shock to see what Imprinting to that vampire had done to the once volatile werewolf. He'd quickly matured into the man Sam had always known he could be, and the Alpha felt the sting of regret.

Because of his own fears and doubts he'd shunned his friend, exiled him from the pack and Rez, and he would have done so with anyone else.

He'd been a horrible Alpha.

Turning away from the window Sam went to his bed and threw himself on it, looking up at the ceiling.

This was the right thing to do.

It was.

Screw the Elders.
21st-Nov-2011 12:26 am (UTC)
Well it was nice to hear Leah pov. Her part in the movie were sad and hearbreaking yet yearning for something/someone to make it stop. Quil lol, I love the pack's interaction.

Great work as always love :)
21st-Nov-2011 12:45 am (UTC)
I did not like Leah until Breaking Dawn Part 1...in which I fell in love with her!
21st-Nov-2011 12:46 am (UTC)
Same here!
21st-Nov-2011 04:07 am (UTC)

So happy to see the update. Quil's reaction at the end was awesome; now I'm picturing him imprinting on Felix. ;)

Can't wait to see how the get together goes.
21st-Nov-2011 04:16 am (UTC)
Haha! Felix would most definitely be the Arnold equivalent in Twilight!!!!
21st-Nov-2011 05:02 am (UTC)
Oh, I feel so awful. You finally had Seth and I didn't say anything after begging for him for ages. He's adorable. I just want to squish him and feed him cookies. I just keep picturing him following his imprintee around like the puppy he is at heart or being cuddled by them. I love how everyone has freaked out over the whole thing in one way or another, but he's just all excited about it.

And Felix is definatly the Arnold of the Twilight world.
6th-Dec-2011 08:47 pm (UTC)
About to read chapter 20 and I have to say I. Am. Addicted.

Love all the couples not just JakeWard but Paul/Emment have my heart.
I even like Rosalie/Bella. Not a big fan of Bella- only when she's paired with Jake in some stories I have read. I prefer Jake with Edward but sometimes I like the Jake/Bella pairing, but you really got me liking her here also.

I'm begging for more Jasper/Jared and James/Embry they're extremly cute and I can't wait for Jared to confront Jasper, I'm hoping Jasper ends up on his back and hope he enjoys it.

Poor Alice I hope Leah accepts her soon, I can see why she is a little jealous of everyone and annoyed with Emment. I would say she's annoyed with Paul, but he seems to accept that him and Emment will be more to each other eventually, it's Emment who's being stubborn.

Great chapter, I hope lots more comes soon now off to read chapter 20. yay!!!
7th-Dec-2011 06:10 pm (UTC)
I have to say, I started writing this story with only a love for Jacob/Edward, but throughout it I've started to quite adore Paul/Emmet! It's shocked me how much I like them together!

Hopefully you should have more Jasper/Jared and James/Embry soon!

Oh yes, Alice sees that Paul is TRYING, whereas Emmett isn't.
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