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Denial 20/? 
22nd-Nov-2011 11:57 pm
jacob/edward kiss color

Title: Denial
Pairings: Jacob/Edward, Rosalie/Bella, Emmett/Paul, Alice/Leah, Embry/James...and more Pack/Coven pairings
Fandom: Twilight
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Jacob is in denial. Bella is his sister. Edward is in his mind. And apparently, according to Alice, everyone in the wolf tribe are destined to imprint on a vampire...and will also catch a case of the Gay Flu too. Yep. Jacob's in denial.
A/N1: Severely AU and Slashified...and the characters could very well be considered OOC due to the drastic change in circumstances! Don't like? PLEASE DON'T READ! ALSO! Every single pairing EXCEPT for Carlisle/Esme is uncanon.
IMPORTANT!!!! This is written for my good friend yenny2206, requested as a Christmas Gift by hogwartsvixxen. I hope you two are happy with this :)

"So according to your vision he's going to start a fight with me." Jasper Hale made a face as he was Alice's personal slave of the day. The rest of the Cullens plus Bella and Paul were all under her thumb as well, working like oxen to get the Cullen's home ready for the get together with the wolves that night. It was only supposed to be an informal little gathering but like she did with everything else, Alice had taken over and gone a little over the top. No one had the heart or the courage to step in and try to reign back Alice whenever she was on one of her decorating frenzies, and if it was for a party then they knew to just shut up and do as told. Jacob and Edward, who were still on their honeymoon (as everyone at the Cullen home were calling it) and Charlie (who was busy working) were the only ones who'd gotten out of Alice's service.

"But that's only his way of getting your attention, and an explanation." Alice declared as she eyed Emmett and Paul, who were lugging around some tree stumps. "Over to the left! The left!"

Jasper took in a deep breath. "I don't like this, Alice."

"Of course you don't. And I don't either. I don't need a fight breaking out and ruining my party. Leah just decided yesterday that she was coming, this whole place has to be amazing. I don't need you two ruining it."

Jasper somewhat resented that. "I have no intention of fighting, don't blame me."

"I will too blame you, this is your fault." Alice turned to him, hands on her hips, looking so intimidating despite the fact that she one of the tiniest people he'd ever seen. "He's only acting this way because of how you've been acting."

"I haven't done anything to him," Jasper mumbled.

"Exactly! He's your Imprinter Jaz!" Alice looked up at him with a pout. "If you can sense everyone's feelings I give you three guesses as to what his power is...and the first two guesses don't count."

Jasper paled further, an impressive feat for a vampire.

"Exactly!" Alice shook her head at him.

"I don't like this." Jasper finally admitted, folding his arms over his chest. "I can't read any emotion from him, Alice, and now he could very well feel mine? This makes me more vulnerable than I've been since death."

"Maybe that's exactly what you need." Alice sighed. "Jasper, I know that constantly being bombarded by everyone's emotions is a burden to you, you never have a moment's peace. Not only that but you always have to be looking out for everyone else, always trying to make sure that everyone is happy or trying to take care of the situation...maybe that's what's going on here. You finally get that peace, that silence, that nothingness from someone and instead of feeling lucky you freak out!" She placed her hands on his and squeezed tightly. "Maybe it's time for you to let someone else look after you for a change."

Jasper's golden eyes narrowed slightly. "I don't know how to do that."

Alice smiled at him tenderly. "You can start by giving that wolf a chance." She smacked his chest playfully. "And by not ruining my party!" The tiny vampire pulled away. "So when Jared Cameron comes to the party tonight you are going to actually give him a chance."

Jasper let out a loud exhale.

Alice's eyebrow rose.

"I'll try." Jasper drawled, his southern accent slipping in to emphasis the last word.

"Good!" Alice brightened immediately, smiling, before noticing where Bella and Rosalie coming back with the flowers. "I said red carnations! Not yellow!"

"What's the difference?" Rosalie growled.

"One means 'My heart aches for you, Admiration' and the other means 'You have disappointed me, Rejection'." Alice replied, eyes narrowed. "Guess which means which."

Rosalie glared, opening her mouth.

Bella quickly stepped in. "They didn't have red ones Alice. But we got the Jonquil, Myrtle, red Tulips, blue Violets, and the woman threw in some magenta Zinnias since we basically bought out all of the store and she was ferreting for our further patronage."

"Magenta Zinnias?" Alice took in a deep breath. "Good, okay, they mean 'Lasting Affection'. We can work with that." She nodded. "Okay, bury the yellow Carnations somewhere far away from here and put the Zinnias out instead."

"Anything else, Hitler?" Rosalie mumbled darkly.

Alice narrowed her eyes at her.

Bella looked between the two of them quickly before stepping in between them. "If it's okay with you I would like to keep the yellow Carnations? They'd liven up a couple of places I know like my dad's station and not many people know the meanings of flowers so I doubt they'll be offended." She cleared her throat, pulling a dark strand behind her ear. "They're so pretty it'd be a waste to just bury them."

Alice nodded. "Sure, just please keep them as far away from here as possible?"

"Sure." Bella smiled a promise, turning to her girlfriend. "Come on, we have flowers to put up and then it's our turn to go hunt, Esme and Carlisle just arrived and we're the last ones."

Rosalie continued mumbling as she let Bella steer her away from the others.

Jasper watched them go, having to admit that out of all of the wolves who'd Imprinted up to this moment Bella was his favorite. She was the only person capable of actually reigning Rosalie in and she had a knack for stopping Alice and Rosalie's many notorious arguments, and for that he was grateful because he didn't always have to be the one stepping in and manipulating others' emotions. It could get so tiring sometimes...

And that just made him think about what Alice had said...about Jared Cameron.

"Guys! Guys! Not those lights! They'll clash with the-don't hold it like that you're getting it all tangled!" Alice threw her hands in the air as she hurried to where Paul and Emmett were in a tangled mess with some dangling yellow lights.

Jasper did his best, using his power to try and temper everyone's mounting frustration.

He then sighed and replayed Alice's words in his mind.

Maybe not having to be worrying and manipulating someone else's emotions for once was going to be a nice change.

"WHERE ARE THE HEART SHAPED CANDLES?" Alice cried out in horror, picking up one of the offending objects. "THESE ARE NOT HEART SHAPED!"

Jasper gave a little sigh and went back to work.


"I love Alice," Emmett began as he tried untangling a knot in the string of lights. "But I swear if I hear one more comment out of her about my lack of 'vision' or 'creativity' I might hang myself with these lights."

Paul, also trying to make sense of the ridiculously tangled thing, didn't even look up as he snorted. "Considering you're a vampire, that won't achieve anything other than for Tiny Terror to yell at you more and you won't even be able to escape."

"Right." Emmett mumbled, eyes narrowed as he worked on an extra difficult knot.

Paul's phone rang and he reached into his pocket, smile melting from his lips as he saw the caller I.D.

Emmett looked up from the lights to Paul and the phone. "Are you going to answer that?"

Paul continued to look at the phone before clearing his throat and standing, answering the call. "Rachel."

Emmett nearly dropped the string of lights as Paul's ex's name escaped his lips.

"No, uh, I can talk." Paul didn't even look at Emmett as he walked away, running his hand over his head as he began to talk to Rachel Black, Jacob's half-cousin.

Emmett watched him, listening as the wolf went to the edge of the back yard, back facing Emmett, asking Rachel how she was. The girl's voice was hard to make out, but Emmett could figure out her answers by Paul's reactions, his responses, both verbal and physical.

"What?" Paul whispered, voice hoarse, his whole body tense. "You can't be serious!"

Emmett's eyes narrowed.

"No, no, I'll meet you at our usual place." Paul replied. "I'll be there." He ended the phone call and cursed before turning to face Emmett. "Tell the Tiny Terror I had an emergency. I'll be back as soon as possible."

The vampire knew he shouldn't care, that he should let Paul escape and tend to whatever this urgent matter was, but he couldn't. "You really think I'll let you get out of this while I'm stuck here with this crap?"

"Look, I need to go do something." Paul replied, a muscle jumping in his cheek. "I already told you I'll come right back."

The annoyance and frustration rising in his throat was surprising to Emmett, especially since the feeling was so strong he couldn't hide it, as he stood and dropped the lights, stalking up towards Paul. "So, what does Rachel have to say that's so important she can't do it over the phone?" He folded his arms over his chest. "I thought you said you two were over."

"We are." Paul replied, unable to meet Emmett's golden gaze.

"Doesn't seem so to me." Emmett sneered. "She whistles and you go running to her like some little puppy."

"Dude, seriously, enough with the dog jokes." Paul finally turned to look at him, eyes narrowed, annoyance obvious on his face.

It surprised Emmett somewhat because lately the jokes hadn't seemed to bother Paul. Still he pushed that all behind him and raised his chin. "No way am I left stuck with all the work while you go off on a date."

"It's not a date." Paul growled before pausing, giving Emmett a curious look.

"What?" Emmett snapped, annoyance growing.

"I'm sorry but is this what I think it is?" Paul suddenly smirked. "Are you being the jealous girlfriend?"

Emmett's eyes flashed dangerously as he took a threatening step towards the werewolf. "Who are you calling a girlfriend?"

Paul's lips twitched. "No, you're right, you are not acting like an insecure girlfriend whose boyfriend is going to see his ex. And you're not acting like a girlfriend because you and I are not together, because you don't have any interest in me that way."

"Like you have an interest in me." Emmett snorted.

Paul shrugged. "There's nothing romantic here, just because I Imprinted on you doesn't mean there ever will be something romantic. You need someone to snark to and I'll be that for you, and as long as you're happy I'm fine." He reached for where he'd left his leather jacket hanging on the back of one of the chairs and slid it on. "I'll be back for the party and I'll play nice, you know I have as much riding on this as everyone else."

With that he strolled away, hands stuffed in his jacket's pocket.

Emmett watched him go, a muscle jumping in his cheek.

All Paul had done was echo Emmett's own words...and yet...


"So, I thought the deal was no cellulars on this outing." Jacob smiled as he sat on the passenger's seat as Edward drove them back towards Forks.

"It was just an emergency precaution, incase something happened while we were...vacationing." Edward replied smoothly. "Only Esme has the number and I knew that she wouldn't use it unless it was important."

"I have to admit, I'm glad we're not going to miss this." The werewolf replied, running a finger over the hand Edward had on the gear stick. "I would hate to miss it. Sam Uley's pack attending a party thrown by Alice Cullen? This is something no one should miss."

Edward's smile grew. "I have to admit, I'm eagerly anticipating tonight's activities myself-and being able to read their responses to everything."

"Do you think Paul and Emmett have, you know, anything since we left?" Jacob asked, changing the subject as he wriggled his eyebrows playfully.

"I doubt it," Edward shook his head, chuckling in amusement. "Emmett is most definitely attracted to Paul despite what he says, but I believe it would take a large catalyst to start something between them."

"Catalyst." Jacob raised an eyebrow. "That sounds dire."

Edward sighed and nodded, the sign welcoming them to Forks just up ahead.


"I'm annoyed and this whole thing hasn't even started yet." Rosalie mumbled as she sat at her vanity and brushed her golden hair. "I don't see why we have to put so much effort into it. I mean, I have you and Edward has Jacob, Emmett most definitely has Paul whether he wants him or not-the only ones left are Jasper and Alice and we already know who Imprinted on them. So why this big affair? It's not like we have more Cullens they can Imprint on."

"It's a diplomacy event, Rose." Bella appeared from the bathroom, fixing her earring. "We're trying to make peace with the Rez wolves, help them, maybe form a big happy family."

Rosalie met her gaze in the reflection. "How corny."

Bella rolled her eyes in amusement. "You're so heartless."

Rosalie pouted darkly.

Amusement growing, Bella reached down and pressed a kiss to the top of her girlfriend's head, rubbing her shoulders. "Please play nice no matter how annoying you find everyone?"

Rosalie's lips twitched. "What do I get if I do?"

The mischievous gaze that met the vampire's in the mirror promised enough to secure her good behavior for the rest of the night.


Considering Alice's vision of tonight had consisted of Jacob and Edward's presence it meant his son and his...boyfriend...were going to be back soon. Normally Charlie would be relieved to have his boy back where he could keep a protective eye on him, but ever since this camping trip Charlie had been living in denial over Jacob's relationship with Edward. To be truthful he'd become quite comfortable in this land of Denial and had enjoyed living there for the time that he had, but he knew that the moment he saw his son tonight he could never live there again. The truth would be on every inch of the boy, in his very smell. Somehow it was harder for him to accept than it was for him to accept Bella and Rosalie. Maybe it was because they were girls, he didn't know. But it was harder when it came to his son.

He sighed, shaking his head.

He was going to have to get used to Jacob's new scent, whatever it was.

The Alpha figured no one knew Bella as well as he did and thus they didn't understand that slowly her scent had been changing, mingling with Rosalie's until their scents were almost identical and indistinguishable. He believed it was the Imprinting at fault for that. He wasn't sure, Bella and Jacob were the first wolves to have Imprinted in a very long time so no one really knew how this worked-especially since no one had ever Imprinted on vampires before.

It was jolting, the fact that they'd Imprinted before him.

Then again if he was going to have to Imprint on some vampire he preferred for it to happen way in the future.

He wasn't ready for that yet.

Not in the least bit.

Shaking his head at his reflection, Charlie nearly missed the sound of the door opening and closing downstairs.

Paul's scent wafted up to him, disturbed.

Frowning, Charlie exited the bathroom and looked down where Paul was pacing. "What is it?"

Paul, his beta due to Jacob's disinterest in the position, looked up. "There's a situation."

He headed down the stairs. "Sam's backed out of the meeting?"

"No, it-it doesn't have anything to do with this whole night." Paul took in a deep breath, running his hand over his hair. "It has to do with Rachel."

"Billy's girl?" Charlie frowned, confused as to what his estranged niece had to do with anything. "What about her?"

Paul started to speak a couple of times before stopping and sitting down. "She's pregnant."

Charlie's eyes widened in understanding as he sat down. "I see."

"And she says its mine." Paul went on, shaking his leg nervously.

"I figured." Charlie nodded.

"And it could be mine. The timing seems about right." Paul jumped to his feet, nervous energy thrumming through him as he began to pace once more. "We always used protection-always-but Sam says wolves have this extra potent sperm so-." Paul sat down again. "I don't know what to do."

Charlie eyed the boy. "Calm down for starters."

Paul nodded though didn't seem to be calming.

"I can't believe I'm saying this about Billy's daughter," he sighed. "But is there a chance that the child isn't yours?"

The younger wolf nodded vigorously. "She said that there was someone else right after I...well...she rebounded quickly and while they used protection obviously something went wrong somewhere. She wanted me to know just in case because she wasn't sure."

"If that child is yours you are going to be a father to it." Charlie raised an eyebrow.

"Of course!" Paul exclaimed, seeming slightly insulted and clearing any doubts Charlie might have had about his character. "I will not abandon the kid if its mine. Never." He took in a deep breath. "I just never imagined myself as a dad. It-it was never really a thought in my mind, not even for the future."

"You're going to have to tell Emmett."

Paul looked up at that. "Do I really?"

Charlie scoffed. "I think this is something he's going to want to know."

"I doubt it." Paul stood. "I mean, you've seen us. He doesn't care-I mean, he thinks I'm the biggest nuisance. He barely tolerates me. And mostly he does it because he's bored otherwise and he actually likes to fight." He took in a deep breath. "I don't think it makes any sense to tell him, especially since we're not sure the kid is even mine."

Charlie watched Paul wear a hole in the ground with his incessant pacing, and had to thank all the gods and spirits that he had yet to Imprint.

He most definitely wasn't ready for it.
23rd-Nov-2011 05:40 am (UTC)
I need more of this story! I cant wait for the get together. For Charlie to imprint, for Paul and Emmett to get together, I imageing their sex scene would be EPIC!!! As well for Jasper and Jared and lets not forget about James/Embry!!

23rd-Nov-2011 06:01 am (UTC)
Oh poor Charlie, I don't think hell ever be ready to Imprint! lol Well the get together should help some of the couples mentioned ;)
23rd-Nov-2011 06:35 am (UTC)
You killing me Shadow KILLING me! I need more.
23rd-Nov-2011 07:11 am (UTC)
Well, I try to only torture, not kill....lol
24th-Nov-2011 06:28 pm (UTC)
This update was SPECTACULAR! I'm dieing here waiting for the next chapter. Can we get a christmas present (THE NEXT 2 UPDATES) from you super early.. Hopefully 1 of many :}
24th-Nov-2011 09:09 pm (UTC)
Christmas present? Hmmm. I'll think about it. lol
6th-Dec-2011 09:28 pm (UTC)
OMG!!!! I need more nownownow. This is so good. I hope the baby isn't Paul's but I hope this also puts a fire under Emment too claim his man.

Also I must say... being a big Jakeward fan, I'm amazed that I want more of everyone else in this story, especially Paul/Emment. And oh man am I dying for more Jared/Jasper. And I'm wondering who Seth would Imprint on maybe someone from the Volturi? Possiably Alec? Just guessing.

Loving this to a sick degree and can't wait for more.

7th-Dec-2011 06:14 pm (UTC)
Oh, it will definitely stir some issues between Emmett and Paul given the fact Emmett never even thought this situation possible.

:D :D :D :D :D
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