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How To Tame Your Vampires 14/? 
1st-Jan-2012 06:32 am
Chlangelike---Angel(us) Chloe Spike

Title: How To Tame Your Vampires
Sequel to: Bloodline
Pairings: Chloe/Angel/Spike, Lois/?
Fandoms: Smallville/Buffy
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Because of the family curse Chloe was supposed to join her cousin in the quest to find a girlfriend in Sunnydale, and yet somehow, instead of a girlfriend, Chloe finds herself living with two 'defective' vampires who both mark their Intent on her neck...and seem to be wrapped around her little finger.

Spike and Angel were arguing.


But this time Chloe didn't try to go downstairs and get between.

She blushed.

Between them.

Groaning, Chloe covered her burning face. What was happening to her? One orgasm and she'd suddenly turned into a wanton hoe! Shouldn't the progression have been slightly more gradual from first orgasm to contemplating a threesome with the undead? There were just too many fetishes there for it to be normal. She obviously had issues of her own and had no right trying to solve everyone else's when she herself was so messed up. She needed help. Counseling. This was somehow the fault of her deep abandonment issues, resentment of her maternal figure, and the many other traumas she was sure could be blamed for what was going on right now in her head and body.

Her mind betrayed her, returning ever faithfully to what had occurred not half an hour ago. The feeling of the warmth surging to her core, his cool fingers...Chloe shivered in pleasure as her eyes slid closed. By instinct her hand slowly trailed down her body as her mind replayed Spike's every touch, the feel of his cold breath on her neck, her ears, her skin... A whimper escaped her lips as she found herself, her back arching slightly off of the bed as her fingers tried mimicking Spike's touches. She could still feel him, smell the hint of tobacco on his breath...and it only served to heighten her arousal as her fingers grew bolder. In her mind Chloe could feel Spike's hardness behind her, pressing against her...her hand even trying to reach behind herself in surprising boldness and a whimper of bereft longing left her lips when she encountered the mattress instead of her fantasy.

Below, the arguing suddenly stopped.

In her mind, the imaginary!Spike whispered filthy promises that sent shivers of desire down her spine, the material of her underwear dampening embarrassingly.

And then the memory slowly began to distort, finding Angel on his knees before her, slowly worshipping his way up the inside of her thighs, his tongue chasing away the slight sting of his nibbles. Angel looked up at her as he continued his journey upwards, his hands on her thighs, slowly raising the material of her skirt as he continued on.

Spike's free hand rose to cup her breast, kneading it.

Chloe's body jerked with pleasure, her lips parting, her breathing erratic.

Angel was getting closer and closer...his tongue lapping at the trail of moisture betraying her pleasure.

Spike snarled in her ear before biting down on her.

Angel's face shifted to that of his demon before he bit her on her innermost thigh.

Chloe bit down hard on her lip, trying to keep her cry silent as her body reached its breaking point and molten white heat filled her body as she reached her satisfaction. Her body writhed, her mind sung, for moment in time everything was bliss as she rode the high.

Only when the sensation began to die down did Chloe open her eyes, and when she did her eyes narrowed in confusion. Had her ceiling gotten lower? It was only then that she realized that she was levitated off of the bed, and with that realization whatever was keeping her up stopped. With a scream she tumbled through the air back down onto her bed hard, shocked that it hadn't broken from the impact.

"Chloe?" Angel called from the other side of the door, knocking. "Open the door! Are you okay?"

Had she magi-locked her door?

"I-I'm fine. Totally fine. Better than fine." She called shakily, stumbling off of the bed and onto her feet. She rushed to the window and opened the door, not risking the chance of Angel somehow coming in and catching the scent of her arousal. That was too embarrassing. The blonde waved her hands back and forth through the window, as if that fanning motion was going to make a lot of a difference in the long run. "Go away!"

"Pet..." Spike singsonged, the sound of his nail scraping softly down her door echoing loudly in the room.

"I said Go Away!" Chloe glared at her door frantically. "You can't come in!"

The door swung open and Angel stood in the doorway looking uneasy and worried while Spike leaned up against the doorframe, scarred eyebrow raised, an amused expression on his face.

Chloe glared at them. "You can not come in my bedroom."

Spike chuckled, pushing away from the doorframe. "Not like we need an invitation ducks." And then he stepped forwards and walked into a transparent wall in the middle of her doorway. Spike howled, grabbing his nose. "Bollocks!"

Chloe blinked in shock.

Angel reached forwards and grabbed Spike's shoulder, yanking him behind him and out of the way, Spike hitting the opposite hallway wall. The older vampire reached out and finally his hand connected with the invisible wall there. "Amazing." He ran his hands everywhere, following it. "Chloe..." his gaze went to her, awed. "You've erected the equivalent of an anti-vampire home barrier around your room."

"I-what?" Chloe faltered, confused.

" 'You can not come in my bedroom' she says." Spike complained, cradling his nose. "Bloody well warn me next time that you're talking literally."

"I didn't-I didn't do it on purpose!" Chloe defended, somewhat freaked out. "I don't even know what sort of spell this is! I didn't un-invite you guys! I mean, if I had you wouldn't be able to come into the house!" She walked towards the door and stopped right before it, eyeing the hand Angel had pressed up against the barrier. "I don't-," she reached up and warily pressed her hand up where the barrier should be, but her hand went through what appeared to be mere air, and connected with Angel's, their palms touching. "...understand."

Angel looked up at her silently.

She looked up at him, her heart racing.

Suddenly Angel's eyes lowered to the hand against his and he sniffed, breathing in scent through his mouth, his eyes flickering gold.

Realizing what she'd been doing with that hand moments before, Chloe flushed red and yanked her hand back in.

Angel made to come after her before walking right into the invisible wall, though not as had as Spike had.

Chloe backed away from the door, gulping, clasping her hand behind her back. "I'm not supposed to be able to do this. I don't have this amount of power. I'm not Lois."

Angel frowned at her. "Stop comparing yourself to her."

"It's unflattering," Spike continued to hold his nose. Giving it a little jerk, something cracked loudly and he let go with a breath of relief.

Chloe glared at Spike as she sat on the edge of the bed, folding her arms over her chest. "I need to talk to Lois."

"Tomorrow at school." Angel agreed.

Spike leaned up against the invisible barrier comfortably, presenting quite an interesting sight as it seemed he was leaning against nothing at all. "So why don't you invite me in ducks? There's bucket loads of things we can do to pass the time till then." He turned his self-assured smirk on Angel. "You can watch, if you want. Not like you can do more than that."

Angel growled and took a menacing step towards him.

Spike smirked. "Oh goody. Nothing like a spot of violence to get my motors running."

Angel's face shifted.

"Enough!" Chloe stood immediately, walking towards the door yet not crossing the barrier. "New rule! No violence in my house." She looked between them, grabbing her door tightly. "I'm going to bed now. Alone. Goodnight."

They looked at her, opening their mouths to say something.

She shut the door and leaned her back against it, taking in a deep breath. She could hear Spike and Angel arguing amongst themselves as they walked away, Angel heading to his room while Spike headed down. The front door opened and closed. Angel paced in his room restlessly and not twenty minutes later he was gone as well, the door closing softer yet still audible as he walked away. Probably to go and check on Buffy.

Pushing back her stab of jealousy, Chloe sighed and went to bathe...and scrub her hand vigorously. The water was warm against her skin, washing away her embarrassment, not only because of what she'd done but because Angel and Spike both knew. How humiliating was that? She was still mortified as she died off and started changing into her nightclothes, wishing she could talk to Lois right now. How was she going to be able to sleep like this anyway? She tried, she really did, but it wasn't late and she wasn't sleepy.

In the end she arose from bed and went to her closet, yanking open the door and pulling out the first dress she came across. It was black, nothing fancy, and the last time she'd worn it had been a couple of years ago. Apparently she'd grown quite a bit since then because the skirt was higher up her thighs than she was used to and the top stretched against her breasts, barely containing her. She'd nixed the idea of heels and instead grabbed her combat booted and laced them up before grabbing a bag and throwing a stake, a cross, and a bottle of holy water in it along with her keys before leaving. Halfway down the street she realized she hadn't done anything with her hair, but she pressed on, deciding vanity wasn't that important right now. It wasn't as if she was actually going to the dance to have fun. She was going to interrupt her cousin's fun.

Hugging herself, Chloe walked briskly, keeping herself alert as she made her way down the street. No one smart was on the streets of Sunnydale at night, especially not alone, but she couldn't stay cooped up in the house. Not with all the things that'd happened there these last couple of hours. She needed to find her cousin and see if she could understand what was going on. She needed some answers. She told herself this was important, that Lois' date could wait-and then she actually got to the school and entered the gymnasium where it was being held and saw her cousin. Lois was laughing, obviously having a great time as she sipped on her punch between sips.

Interestingly enough, Taylor wasn't around.

Instead, Cordelia and her Cordettes were surrounding Lois, along with a couple of other very pretty girls Chloe didn't have names for.

"She's the popular one, huh?"

Jumping, Chloe turned to see one of Lois' classmates, a pretty dark-blonde. "Uh, yeah."

The girl finished her punch. "You'd think her date spending most of the night with Tracy Ullman would make her less cheery."

Chloe finally put a name to the face, Amy Madison, and remembered why she knew the name. This girl was a witch. Moira had told them all about her witch-bitch mother and how she'd stolen Amy's body for a while around the first year of high school because she wanted to be a cheerleader. It wasn't official, but Moira had said Amy had the magic in her as well and that it was strong-though Moira had been quite proud to announce that it was nothing compared to Lois'.

"Don't mind me," Amy shrugged and walked on, disappearing in the crowd.

Wondering what that had been all about, Chloe shrugged and turned to look at Lois.

Lois laughed at something Harmony said before turning to a pretty asian Cordette and winking flirtatiously as she quipped.

She was having a real good time.

Sighing, Chloe turned and walked away, heading towards the library instead. It felt wrong to tear Lois away from the few good events in her life, and Chloe was sure that if the books the Watcher had in the library were half as obscure as Lois hinted them to be she should be able to find something there. She didn't know exactly what she was looking for anyway, so it made no sense to ruin everyone else's night.

The library was dark, nothing flipping the light switches didn't solve, although the silence got to her. She pushed her unease at being in Slayer Territory out of her system as she figured the Slayer owed her one for the whole Angel thing. She trudged on, going up towards the stacks before pausing, looking at the floor at the center of the library, uneasy. There was something about it that was...unnerving...which was ridiculous because it was just a floor. Shaking her head she continued on towards the stacks and looked through the farthest ones, finding the dark occult books hidden in plain sight there. It was obvious that no one actually came to the library in this day and age because otherwise the Slayer's Watcher would be in a lot of trouble for bringing such questionable reading material onto school property.

Finding a couple of tomes that had to do with witchcraft in specific, Chloe moved them to the table, sending the floor another unnerved look before sitting up, her legs tucked under her in the seat. The tomes were fascinating, although some parts were utterly ludicrous and it was obvious that the Watchers Council had bought some real hooey when it came to witchcraft. She scoffed at some parts, raised her eyes at others, and was mostly very entertained. Other than that though she realized the tomes were useless. Then again, maybe she wasn't looking for the right thing. She didn't know what she was looking for. Or that she should be looking for something in the first place.

Sighing, Chloe closed the tomes and placed them back in the stacks before making her way out of the library, feeling like she'd just made the most useless trip ever. Not only hadn't she seen her cousin, but she hadn't found anything from the Watcher's books, and now she was honestly tired and far from her house. Great. Her mood continued to deteriorate as she walked down the school's hallway, the sound of music and merrymaking annoying to the core.

Pausing by some lockers Chloe took in a deep breath and concentrated before flinging her hand out sideways. "Patefacio."

None of the lockers flew open like they should have.

She tried it again.


They didn't even have the decency to tremble slightly.

Chloe gaze went up to the lights above her in the long hallway. "Exsisto atrum."


They didn't even flicker.

Growling, Chloe threw her hands up in frustration.

What was going ON?

How was it that she could snatch a vampire out of another dimension and somehow put up an anti vampire spell for a ROOM only...and yet wasn't capable of performing the most basic of spells? IT MADE NO SENSE!

Marching up to the bathroom Chloe ignored her reflection as she gazed down intently at the faucets. "Verto."

They didn't turn.

Didn't look the least bit inclined to turn at all.

She would have screamed in frustration had the door not opened and some girls entered, talking amongst themselves. The blonde hurried into one of the toilet stalls and closed the door, not sure why she was hiding.

"She's so shameless, flaunting her sinful lifestyle in front of everyone." One of the girls declared. "As if we needed more filth like that in school."

"And she even has Cordelia somehow fascinated with her." Another grumbled. "She's obviously some sort of witch and has cast a spell on her."

"We should do something about it." Another agreed. "Teach her a lesson."

Realizing who they were talking about, Chloe's eyes narrowed as she gazed through the slit in the side of the door, trying to get a view of the three girls.

She recognized these girls.

They'd wanted to be Cordettes and hadn't made the cut.

"We'll teach her."

Chloe's eyes narrowed protectively as her gaze went to the mirror. "Effrego."

It didn't break, showering the girls with millions of pieces of cutting glass as she'd intended.

This was getting more and more annoying.

The girls, apparently having just come to check their hair, left once more.

Chloe emerged from the stall and glared at the perfectly intact mirror before her gaze went to the bathroom door, realizing those girls were planning on doing something to Lois, and while Lois was Harry Potter to Chloe's Neville Longbottom, the blonde frowned in worry.

Lois had enough issues to worry about without having to deal with jealous and closed-minded bitches on top of that.

Chloe folded her arms over her chest, raising her chin high.

She was going to have to deal with those girls personally...even without magic if she had to.
1st-Jan-2012 04:02 pm (UTC)
yay... loved the update... thanks and a happy new year to you
1st-Jan-2012 08:02 pm (UTC)
Happy New Year to you too!
1st-Jan-2012 09:45 pm (UTC)
Awesome chapter. Havent had a chance to commengt on your recent updates to this fic so i will do it now.
EPIC CHAPTER UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey when will your Mates series be updated? Soon please. Im begging XD

As always loving your fics---really you should be an author- I love to read a original story by you

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Edited at 2012-01-01 09:46 pm (UTC)
1st-Jan-2012 10:09 pm (UTC)
Thank you thank you! :D

Hmmm...Mates Series...I'm going over some details on that before the next update.


Happy New Year back to you!
2nd-Jan-2012 07:17 am (UTC)
Awesome update as usual!
I can't wait to see what happens.
Just give into your self Chloe! :}
11th-Feb-2012 01:04 am (UTC)
She really does need to. lol. Sorry for the late answer...never got alerted to this comment :(
10th-Feb-2012 06:47 pm (UTC) - Re-reading and playing hooky
Yes, I'm supposed to be at work today. No, I'm not there.

So, it struck me upon re-reading this chapter that Lois' magick does what she wants, while Chloe's magick does what she *needs*.

Have you read the Anne Bishop series about magic and a society based around it? (I forget the names of the books, but I think she calls it the Dark Jewels series or something like that.) The heroine is the most powerful witch that her society has ever seen, an actual embodiment of magic itself, but her relatives consider her unworthy of training because she can't do the simplest spells. Now, she can do complex and even supposedly-impossible spells without blinking (she has power to burn and her attempts to move small objects get mistaken for earthquakes and such), but she can't do the same basic stuff that everybody starts with. So she has to search a different dimension entirely to find the training she needs. It's not until she's *fourteen* or so that she manages the spells any *four-year-old* can do.

Is Chloe a reverse-prodigy like that? Or is it the disconnect between her head and her heart that makes her unable to work spells except by will?

Just wondering.
11th-Feb-2012 01:03 am (UTC) - Re: Re-reading and playing hooky
First off----your starting sentence made me LOL and my dogs gave me this "you're retarded, why do we put up with you again?" look!

That's an interesting theory.... :)

I have never heard of that series before but it sounds fascinating! I'm going to have to give it a look whenever I have time to read seriously again!

Now...you know I can't answer that question yet! ;)
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