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The Kidnapping of Chloe Sullivan 1/? 
28th-Jan-2012 01:09 am
winchullivan---dark trio

Title: The Kidnapping of Chloe Sullivan
Sequel to: I Spy
Universe: Hellspawn Series
Pairing: Sam/Chloe/Dean
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Chloe doesn't remember how she ended up kidnapped by black-eyed brothers Sam and Dean. She also doesn't understand how they expect her to believe their outlandish stories about Hell and Lucifer and her being some Demon Queen...but she realizes they resent each other and for some reason both want her...and she can use that against them.

This wasn't the first time Chloe had been kidnapped, far from it to be truthful, but this was the first time she'd been taken by beings who clearly weren't human-not even of the meteor freak variety. No, these men were something else entirely, though she couldn't figure out what exactly they were. Whatever it was, it definitely wasn't human though. They were both inhumanely good looking for one, and their eyes went inky black due to extreme emotion and when they did...inhuman things.

The shorter one (who was still entirely too tall compared to her) also seemed to be wearing some sort of glamour to hide his true looks because one minute he was this cutely attractive surfer-boy looking guy with brown curls and blue eyes...and then the next that image would flicker away and he was golden skinned and sandy-blonde with hazel eyes and lips that were...tempting.

The taller one was incredibly good looking as well. He was tall and fit and...sinfully delicious.

Growling at herself for not just finding one but both of her captors entirely too desirous, Chloe shook her head in irritation.

And where exactly was Clark? She'd screamed and screamed for him and he should have been there before she'd finished his name the first time, rushing in to save the day. But he hadn't, and when her plan of kneeing the closest dude in the balls and making it to the door failed she'd been captured, restrained to the bed by a pair of handcuffs that the shorter one kept in the pocket of his leather jacket, and gagged. She'd tried fighting the handcuffs but had ended up with sore wrists and gave up, keeping a wary eye on her two kidnappers as they paced the small living room and hissed to each other in voices so low she couldn't make out more than a word here and there.

How exactly had she gotten kidnapped this time and why?

Chloe tried to think back, tried remembering the last thing she'd done...and she could vaguely recall Lois going on a date with her flavor of the week, which had been perfect timing because Chloe had been dealing with a meteor freak who had threatened to kill all those she loved dear. She'd wanted her cousin gone so she could confront this guy on his own and then she'd received a call from her father saying he was coming over and then that was it. The last thing she remembered was trying to convince her father not to come without telling him why she didn't want him over at her apartment above the talon.

Her father.

Chloe struggled against the handcuffs.

Where was her father?

Was he hurt?

Were these two teaming up with Kyle?

She struggled harder despite the pain in her wrists.

"Will you stop that already?" The shorter one snapped, coming towards her, his visage this time of the hot sandy-blonde, his hazel eyes going inky black in his annoyance. "You're going to hurt yourself!"

Chloe fought the handcuffs harder and glared at him, her curt answer muffled by the gag.

"Maybe we should let her loose." The tall one frowned, running a hand over his hair.

"She's going to run if we let her go and we can't let that happen." The shorter one declared, eyes narrowing.

Chloe swore loudly that she wouldn't tell the cops about them and she'd do her best to forget their handsome, psychotic faces.

Of course her words were muffled and made unintelligible by the gag.

"We need to explain things to her." The tall one seemed more reasonable. "If she knows what happened-."

"She won't believe us." The shorter one was definitely the one she had to work on. "Would you? C'mon Sammy. Think a little."

"You think a little Dean!" 'Sammy' snapped. "Do you really believe that this is the best way to do things? Really?"

Chloe's eyes widened in horror.

They were saying each other's names in front of her.

She wasn't leaving here alive.

True fear entered her as she stopped struggling, looking from one to the other in horror, pushing harder back against the headrest of the motel room's bedroom. Why as this happening? Did it have anything to do with Kyle? And why wasn't Clark coming to save her?

She screamed his name again despite the gag in her mouth.


Chloe closed her eyes tightly, unable to understand why he wasn't coming for her. Clark always kept an ear out for her, promised he would do till the day they died. He'd sworn he'd protect her, would never let anything happen to her, even if she got herself into trouble. Clark was her savior. Her constant. And yet he wasn't here...it meant that he wasn't listening out for her anymore, and that both confused, hurt and terrified her.

Why wasn't Clark listening out for her?

Had these guys hurt him?

Did they know about kryptonite?

Was everyone in danger?

Tears of anger and fear welled up in her eyes.

Dean looked at her in horror, eyes widening as if unable to believe what he was seeing. "A-are you c-crying?"

"Dammit." Sammy came towards her and sat down by the edge of the bed, eyeing her. "I'm going to take off your gag, and we're going to talk. There's things we need to clear for you and if you scream it won't help anyone."

Chloe's green gaze went from the horrified and uncomfortable shorter one to the desperate and confused looking taller one, nodding.

"If you scream, the gag goes back on." Dean declared, unable to look at her. "Believe it or not, this is for your own damned good."

Her eyes narrowed at that in confusion.

How could kidnapping and keeping her in bondage be for her own good?

Sammy reached around her head and untied the gag. "Do you need anything? Water? Food?"

"Water." Chloe tried swallowing yet couldn't, throat dry.

Sammy one sent Dean a look.

Dean sighed before turning and leaving the room.

"Give me a good reason why I shouldn't scream." Chloe's voice was raspy and hoarse from the screaming she'd been doing behind the gag, eyeing Sammy, whom she believed would be the easier to try and reason with.

"We're the good guys?" Sammy surprised her with his sheepish expression.

"The good guys?" Chloe scoffed. "Am I the only one who remembers you and your...whoever...handcuffed me to the bed and gagged me?" Her eyes narrowed. "Let me assure you, you fail at convincing me of your pure and noble intentions."

He flinched, looking away from her, sighing as he ran his hand over his hair. "We had to restrain you because you freaked out. If we hadn't stopped you you would have run away and that would be a very bad idea."

"Because I'd go straight to the cops and turn you and your friend in for kidnapping and holding me against my will?" Maybe it wasn't smart to antagonize her captors, but if there was any she could get away with it with, it was this one.

"No. Because you have a powerful demon after you who would jump at the opportunity to take you out while you're vulnerable like this." He replied.

Chloe went still in horror. "Say what?"

"Dean should be here when I tell you, he knows parts that I don't." Sammy declared uneasily. "I know what happens up until...it happened...and Dean knows what happens after."

"What happened?" Chloe frowned, leaning as close forwards as she could while handcuffed. "What are you talking about?"

Sammy stared into her eyes. "Until your death."

Chloe's eyes widened.

These people knew about her meteor power!

Had she died recently?

Was that why she was so disoriented?

Clark and her had noticed that with each death she returned back slower than before, maybe disorientation was a part of the new, not-improved process?

But that didn't explain why Clark wasn't here...especially if she'd died...he wouldn't have left her alone.

And why were there handsome creatures kidnapping her out of a supposed intention of keeping her safe from some demon?

And why did the demon want to kill her anyway?

The door opened and Dean returned, eyes hazel, visage completely that of the hot sandy-blonde now with now sign of the cute surfer-type dude. "Here."

Sammy reached for the glass of water and brought it to her lips, letting her drink until she was full, and yet she couldn't take her narrowed eyes off of sandy-blonde, and the minute the glass was removed from her lips she spoke.

"Why do you do that?"

He frowned at her. "You wanted water."

"No, I mean, flicker." She wanted to know. "One minute you're this brunet with blue eyes and the next you're the guy you're now, with the sandy-blonde hair and hazel eyes." Her eyes narrowed. "Are you some sort of shapeshifter?"

Sammy's eyes widened. "You can see him as two different people?"

Dean shifted uncomfortably. "I am not a shapeshifter."

"Can't you?" Chloe asked in confusion, turning to Sammy.

"No." Sammy surprised her by saying, turning to look at the other male quizzically. "I only see him as his host. Why can she see you are your original form?"


Original form?

What the hell were these guys?

Other than psychotic kidnapers?

Or were they?


They obviously were kidnappers and this obviously was a kidnapping...but were they telling the truth about a demon (of all things) out there gunning for her life for some reason?

Or had they killed her, stuck around for some reason, seen her come back, and now wanted to trick her out of information or something?

Confusion and frustration grew within.

"She always has been able to." Dean replied, running his fingers through his hair. "It's one of her unique qualities, like manifesting in her own form and not having to take a host."

Sammy's eyes widened. "I thought she'd just gone back into her own body. From the cemetery."

Dean shook his head.

"Wait. What?" Chloe's voice squeaked as she looked between them. "What the hell are you two talking about?"

"You haven't told her anything yet?" Dean snapped at Sammy. "What the hell were you talking about while I went out to get some drinkable water and not the shit from the faucet?"

"There are things I obviously can't answer." Sammy growled at Dean. "I thought it was better to wait for you then to have questions I couldn't answer." He raised an eyebrow. "And I thought you'd be interested in hearing about her from before."

Dean went silent, a muscle jumping in his cheek as he looked away.

Chloe looked between them, wondering what the hell they were talking about and what the deal was between them. There was this companionship, this obvious trust and consideration between them, but there was also a tension that ran deep. They weren't easy around the other, and there was a slight air of resentment between them. The blonde was shocked at how she could almost taste the resentment as if it were something tangible. That was...that was new.

"Well I'm here now." Dean mumbled, folding his arms over his chest, leaning against the wall. "Start."

Sighing, Sammy turned to Chloe and began weaving a story that was hard to swallow.

According to him Kyle had killed her father instead of her, as she'd feared, and she'd gone to a crossroads' demon to bring her father back since her power no longer allowed her to heal others only herself. For some reason the crossroads demon had offered her only one year instead of the ten years they were known to, and Chloe hadn't hesitated, selling her soul to bring her father back to life. She should have been the one to die anyway, not him, it was all she could do to right the wrong. It was some months after that that she met Sammy, who'd been standing on the edge of a bridge, staring at the water beneath him, contemplating jumping.

Somehow she'd managed to talk him off the ledge and they'd had a coffee and somehow that had ended up in a relationship. She'd quickly found out about the supernatural aspect of his life when Ruby, a demon who'd been checking in on Sammy, realized Chloe had a contract on her life. That was when Chloe had also found out that Sammy's brother, Dean, had also taken out a one-year crossroads' deal to save Sammy after Sammy's death.

"You're brothers?" Chloe squeaked, looking between them.

Dean nodded.

Sammy continued with the story, telling her with slight accusation that she hadn't told him about her one-year contract, letting him believe that she had ten years, and when the time came for the hell hounds to take her soul she'd tricked Sammy into leaving on a 'hunt' (apparently he'd been a hunter of the paranormal) and by the time he'd come back he'd found her dead. Ruby had manipulated him into learning all the dark arts she could teach him, on a revenge mission to kill the one who'd had Chloe's contract...and then on one of their hunts where a small town had been taken over by a pair of demons, the humans inside dying of their vices...the demons had been her and Dean.

Chloe's eyes widened. "What?" She tugged on the handcuffs. "I am not a demon! You're insane!"

And then Dean had cleared his voice and started his half of the story.

Apparently Dean had been in hell, tortured for a hundred years until he'd finally broken and agreed to be a Pit Master. He said that during the days leading up to her arrival the hellhounds had cleared out of hell, all readying to bring back the Awaited Soul. Dean said it'd been foretold that she'd come to them, be a part of them, rule over them. She was Lucifer's Own, and when Lucifer was freed she was foretold to be by his side as his Queen.

She'd arrived with no memory of her life on earth and unlike the other souls never was tortured, instead put to work, being trained by Megora, a daughter of Azazel. She'd been in charge of the Accounts of Hell, overseeing the productivity, and Keeper of the Books of Damnation which she alone had the ability to read as Lucifer's Own. She was supposed to be Lucifer's Bride but hadn't truly believed in him, hadn't wanted to be even if he did exist. Together with Dean she'd escaped from hell when some 'idiot' had opened up a hellgate, and as previously promised Dean had shown her how a true demon lived and had fun.

It was there that they'd run into Sammy and Ruby, and during the altercation Ruby had been killed. It was then that they realized that Ruby had been working for Lilith (some head honcho demon), and that the plan had been for Sam to kill Lilith-which would open up Lucifer's cage and set him free. Thing is, Chloe hadn't wanted Lucifer free, and together they'd joined with Sam to find a way to restrain Lilith, capture her somehow, to keep her alive forever and thus stop Lucifer's ascension.

They'd thought they'd been doing a job until Lucifer had somehow taken control of Chloe's hand and written a message to her, warning her that he knew what she was doing and that he was still going to go free. She'd only just arrived in the motel room hours previously intent on using the connection between her and the Fallen Angel to see what he was seeing, and it was then that something had happened and she'd awoken in this state.

And thus ended their tale, both men watching her expectantly.

The blonde sat on the bed, looking between them, trying to process everything they'd told her.

"Well, say something." Dean mumbled, obviously uncomfortable with her silence.

"It's just so..." Chloe took in a deep breath. "Ridiculous."

Sammy sighed.

Dean growled. "Do you honestly think we're making up this?"

"Did you honestly think I'd buy something like that?" Chloe sneered at him, shaking her head. "If I was some sort of Hell Queen I doubt these damned handcuffs would be enough to keep me restrained." She struggled against them for good measure. "Look, I don't know who the hell you two are or what you're really after, but stop playing with me and get to the point, okay? Let's just make things that much easier on each other by not insulting the other's intelligence."

Sammy pushed off from the bed, breathing out in annoyance as he ran his hand over his face.

"Hellfire!" Dean snapped, going towards the bed and glaring at her, eyes going pitch black. "Woman! Your life is in danger. We haven't lied! Everything we've told you is true!"

"Right." She nodded, unable to keep her expression from being provoking, which was honestly stupid because one did not anger one's captors. "I'm the Hell Queen on some morally gray area mission with the both of you to make sure Satan doesn't escape a box in the earth because I'm not into sex with a horny, tailed monster."

"Doubt he has horns or a tail." Sammy replied, pacing the floor. "He was an angel once. Supposedly the most beautiful in heaven. I think stories of his appearance were just bastardized to strike fear and revulsion in the human race."

"Most beautiful in heaven? Is that so?" Chloe pretended to ponder that. "And I don't want to sleep with him because...?"

Dean snarled at her, his visage flickering back and forth.

Sammy turned towards her, eyes going black.

She looked between the both of them, surprised out of her snit.

They seemed...jealous.

Chloe looked from one to the other, eyes narrowed. "In this little shared delusion of yours...I'm sleeping with the both of you...aren't I?"

Dean snorted.

Sammy looked uncomfortable.

Chloe made a face. "So I'm not?" Her gaze went to Dean, rattling the handcuffs. "So these aren't used during sex?"

"Oh, they are." Dean smirked, suddenly the sensuality he emitted thick and tempting as he sat down next to her. "But usually you like me being the one tied up." He leaned closer, voice lowering sensually. "You have a control kink."

She did not!

Chloe flushed hotly as she glared at him.

"Then again, you're somewhat controlling in everything." Dean replied off-handedly. "Those years ruling in hell have made you somewhat of a control-freak."

"Oh, no, she was like that before hell." Sammy declared helpfully.

"Really?" Dean chuckled, sending his brother a look over his shoulder.

"Oh yes, used to drive everyone insane with her need to control everything...but we let her because things usually did go smoother when she was in charge." Sam replied, continuing to pace the floor. "Didn't help that most of her friends couldn't make a decision or do anything without coming to her first for help or advice. Clark especially."

Chloe's eyes narrowed.

"Should he tell Lana his secret? Shouldn't he tell Lana his secret? Should he give her up for her own good and safety since she could never have a normal life by his side? Should he fight for her since her boyfriends all became insane and tried to kill her? Should he wear red today? Or maybe blue?" Sammy snorted as he finally stopped pacing and turned to lean hard against the wall. "Damn he annoyed me. He couldn't let go of Lana but heaven forbid anyone actually pay you some attention. He would suddenly become the jealous, overprotective older brother or boyfriend." His eyes darkened. "He might have acted more like an adult if you hadn't always mollycoddled him."

"Mollycoddled?" Dean snickered. "What are you Sammy? An eighty year old white woman?"

"Fuck you Dean." Sam snapped.

"My bitchy little brother..." Dean chuckled. "So touchy."

They were the oddest kidnappers she'd ever had.

And it made her uncomfortable at how comfortable they were with her handcuffed to the bed.

Also, the fact that Sammy seemed to know Clark very well also had her hesitating for a moment, a little scared that maybe they weren't as psychotic and delusional as common sense dictated they should be.

"So, if I said that maybe I might be considering that you two could be telling the truth..." she narrowed her eyes on them. "Would that get me out of the cuffs?"

"It would if I actually believed you believed, baby." Dean replied unrepentantly. "But you don't. You're looking for an excuse to get the cuffs off, and then the second we have our backs turned you'll make a run for it...probably after kneeing one of us."

Okay, he might actually know her.

"I hate to agree with him, but I do." Sammy declared with a thick sigh from where he had his arms folded over his chest, his eyes on her. "The only reason why you're even talking with us is because you realize that Clark isn't listening for you anymore and won't come to save the day."

And he definitely might know her.

Chloe opened her mouth to scream for Clark once more despite knowing it wouldn't do her any good.

Dean leaned over and gagged her before any sound could escape her lips. He rose and stretched. "I'm going to go and get us something to eat...make sure none of Lilith's minions are anywhere around."

Sammy nodded.

Dean sent Chloe a look before leaving, slamming the door behind him.

There was silence in the room until Sammy sighed and went to a laptop on the small table, decided to ignore her while doing...whatever the hell he was doing.

Chloe glared at him and struggled with her handcuffs although she knew it was impossible to get loose.

Sammy got a call and he sighed as he stared at the caller I.D. "Yeah?"

Chloe tried to scream through the gag, which proved impossible.

Sammy sent her a look before standing and heading towards the bathroom. "That's not good. Whatever he did to her mind must have left some sort of trace they followed. We can't stay here. She's too vulnerable the way she is for a confrontation."

Chloe strained to hear what was being said.

"Yeah. Be here." He sighed as he ended the phone call and turned towards her. "We need to get out of here. Immediately."

She thought that this was her chance, she could get away while he was preparing her for transport.

And that was when she saw what he pulled out from his bag.

28th-Jan-2012 01:57 pm (UTC)
love where this is going- I was wonedring when you would update your other chloe fics.
amazing as usual hadowQueen! XD
29th-Jan-2012 06:48 am (UTC)
Sorry for the long wait! :D
29th-Jan-2012 12:56 am (UTC)
GREAT first chapter!
29th-Jan-2012 06:48 am (UTC)
Thank you very much!
29th-Jan-2012 02:33 am (UTC)
Great new fic in the series. I can't wait to find out what's next. I wonder if they'll run into any old friends...hmmm??? Would be mighty interesting! :D
29th-Jan-2012 06:49 am (UTC)
Thanks! Hopefully I shall be able to update soon!
30th-Jan-2012 12:01 am (UTC)
I can't wait to see how much trouble Chloe causes Sam & Dean!
5th-Feb-2012 08:34 am (UTC)
Oh, just wait and see ;)
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