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The Kidnapping of Chloe Sullivan 2/? 
5th-Feb-2012 03:32 am
winchullivan---dark trio

Title: The Kidnapping of Chloe Sullivan
Sequel to: I Spy
Universe: Hellspawn Series
Pairing: Sam/Chloe/Dean
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Chloe doesn't remember how she ended up kidnapped by black-eyed brothers Sam and Dean. She also doesn't understand how they expect her to believe their outlandish stories about Hell and Lucifer and her being some Demon Queen...but she realizes they resent each other and for some reason both want her...and she can use that against them.

When Chloe awoke she was on another bed in another room. She didn't know how far away they were from wherever the motel had been, but her gut told her that this wasn't a motel room anymore. It seemed like a cabin of some sort, and as she listened intently the blonde found herself unable to hear any sort of traffic and the feeling in her gut grew as she figured that they were deep in the countryside or mountaintop or wherever the hell they'd stashed her. What was important was that the birds were chirping way too loudly, which meant that they were far from civilization...isolated...and that was something a kidnapped victim never wanted to discover.

She didn't even know what state she was in!

How the hell was she supposed to get out of this?

Taking in a deep breath, Chloe took this moment alone to remember all she'd studied on kidnapping and how to survive another one...just in case Clark mightn't be able to get to her on time.


() Do not struggle in your confined state; calm yourself mentally, concentrate on surviving

() Employ your mind by attempting to visualize the route being taken, take note of turns, street noise, smell, etc. Try to keep track of the amount of time spent between points

() Once you have arrived at your destination, you may be placed in a temporary holding area before being moved again to a more permanent detention site. If you are interrogated:

x Retain a sense of pride but be cooperative

x Divulge only information that cannot be used against you

x Do not antagonize your interrogator with obstinate behavior


Chloe sighed. So far the information was either useless to her situation as she'd been knocked unconscious during the transport...or completely late as she'd already done some of the things she shouldn't have, like struggling and being antagonistic and definitely obstinate.


() Concentrate on surviving; if you are to be used as a bargaining tool or to obtain ransom, you will be kept alive.


Okay, she doubted that was the case. They seemed to want to keep her from being found by someone, this Lilith character...who could very well be a villain created by their twisted minds as to assuage their guilt in letting them be the 'good guys'. But at least she figured that meant that they wanted her alive so that was a good thing.


() After reaching what you may presume to be your permanent detention site (you may be moved several more times), quickly settle into the situation:

x Be Observant - Notice the details of the room, the sounds of the activity in the building and determine the layout of the building by studying what is visible to you.

x Listen for sounds through the walls, windows or out in the streets, and try to distinguish between smells.


Okay, already this was becoming more helpful. She'd already determined on her own that she was somewhere deep countryside in what was probably a wood cabin, but she hadn't really stopped and tried to hear for more. She listened silently, straining, hearing the sound of wood being chopped somewhere behind her, and also there was the creaking of movement beneath her. Meant that Sammy and Dean were around, as she'd expected, and from the lack of sound anywhere else she realized that it must only be them and not anyone else.

So she was trapped in the deep isolation with the two men and an axe.

This already wasn't looking good for her.


x Stay mentally active by memorizing the aforementioned details. Exercise your memory and practice retention.

x Keep track of time. Devise a way to track the day, date and the time, and use it to devise a daily schedule of activities for yourself.


Now that she was kidnaped once more Chloe realized just how stupid the second one was. If you were handcuffed to a bed there wasn't really much you could do activities-wise, was there?

Obviously the person who'd written it hadn't thought this through as thoroughly as she had hoped.


x Know your captors. Memorize their schedule, look for patterns of behavior to be used to your advantage, and identify weaknesses or vulnerabilities

x Use all of the above information to seek opportunities to escape

x Remain cooperative. Attempt to establish rapport with your captors or guards. Once a level of communication is achieved, try asking for items which will increase your personal comfort. Make them aware of your needs

x Stay physically active, even if your movement is extremely limited. Use isometric and flexing exercises to keep your muscles toned

() DO NOT be uncooperative, antagonistic, or hostile towards your captors. It is a fact that hostages who display this type of behavior are kept captive longer or are singled out for torture or punishment

() Watch for signs of Stockholm Syndrome which occurs when the captive, due to the close proximity and the constant pressures involved, begins to relate to, and empathize with, the captors. In some cases, this relationship has resulted in the hostage becoming empathetic to the point that he/she actively participates in the activities of the group. You should attempt to establish a friendly rapport with your captors, but maintain your personal dignity and do not compromise your integrity.


A wolf howled in the distance, answered by another, and another.

Chloe gulped.

Great...even if she did escape the house she could end up lost in the wild with bloodthirsty wolves.

The day just kept getting better and better!

The blonde took in a deep breath as she went over her situation and given the information she knew on how to supposedly deal with kidnappers, figure out what her next step was. Her kidnappers were thankfully not apparently with the intention to hurt her, although the handcuffs were chaffing her, and they'd given the indication that once they got the feeling that she wasn't going to bolt they'd let her free. There was also the fact that they had both shown jealous and possessive feelings towards her, which alluded to the fact that if she could always use her sexuality against them.

According to the How To Survive A Kidnapping manual she was supposed to get to know her kidnappers more, understand them, and get them to have some sort of an emotion connection with her. She had to be cunning and astute, to use all the information she gathered against them in the way that would most work, and as she remembered their exchange in the motel, and their reactions, and the tension-she realized that there was a very good possibility this could work. She'd gain their trust, use their hormones against them, and wouldn't try to escape just yet. That would not only reaffirm their belief in her desire to stay, but it'd give her time to weasel out the information of where they were, where the closest town was, and how to get there. She'd also have to plan a way to successfully make it there.

It was thanks to this plan that by the time Sammy (or Sam...somehow she just felt more comfortable thinking of him as Sam rather than Sammy) slipped into the room with a tray of food, Chloe was more relaxed, stretched provocatively on the bed.

He paused, darkening eyes seeming to consume her completely in utter hunger.

She was shocked that the arousal she felt at that wasn't at all simulated.

Clearing his throat, Sam came towards the bed and set the tray on the bedside table before reaching into his pocket and pulling out the keys to the handcuffs, surprising her by uncuffing her.

Chloe rubbed her sore wrists, eyeing Sam cautiously.

"I'll bring you something for them." He whispered, cringing at the visibly sore skin. "Come, eat."

Chloe eyed the tray before reaching for it, placing it on her lap.

The food was her favorite.

"You've done your homework." She admitted, gazing up from the food to look at him. "Did you cook?"

He nodded. "I'm sorry I had to chloroform you, but Lilith's minions had picked up where we were and I needed to get us out there quickly and you would have fought me and made it impossible to escape undetected."

"Why do you and Dean care if I get killed by this Lilith person?" Chloe tried working on this emotional connection thing she needed to get going. "I mean, if what you both said is true, then we're in a very awkward position, aren't we? I mean, you and Dean are brothers, and I've slept with the both of you." She trailed the tip of her finger up and down the fork's handle. "Wouldn't it be easier to just set me free and let me handle this by myself?"

Sam shook his head. "Even if you weren't important to us we'd never be able to do that. My brother and I have been known for having a savior complex." He tilted his head. "Or at least Dean used to be that way before hell." His gaze turned to her. "Ever since he's come back all he cares about is serving you."


Because she was supposed to be the Queen of Hell...who commanded all sorts of infernal power yet was unable to free herself from mere handcuffs.

Clearing her throat, Chloe tried to calculate her next move.

She knew she was going to have to play on both of their attractions, but in what way? Would she try and turn them against each other? Play them off the other? It seemed the most sensible plan and yet something about that felt wrong somehow.

"If this is real...if you and your brother aren't playing some very sick game with me...how could you stand it?" Chloe gazed at him, nearly molesting the fork with her finger by now. "According to your tale I was with you before, we were a team...I loved you enough to face the fear of real death by myself. And yet when you found me again not only don't I know you, but I'm screwing your brother."

Sam looked away, eyes flashing, a muscle jumping in his cheek.

"If I'm supposedly a demon, then I didn't try to hide it." Chloe put the tray back on the bedside table, focusing her attention on him. "I would have most likely flaunted it in front of you, kissing him, touching him...ordering his...services."

Sam's narrowed gaze slid to her nearly angrily.

She wondered whether to continue on this path or change it.

"Did Dean know about you and me?" She leaned closer to him, connecting her gaze with his, shocked as electricity and need jolted through her body to pool at the vee of her thighs. "Did he know and yet flaunt it in front of you?"

"No." Sam growled, leaning closer to her as well, voice lower and rough. "He didn't know. He only found out right before you lost your memories."


"Again?" He frowned at her.

"My memories-they seem to get lost ever so often." Chloe felt on fire, this terrible need burning inside of her nearly suffocatingly. "If so, I'm probably the world's worst girlfriend."

"Someone keeps doing this to you." Sam surprised her by defending her, eyes narrowed. "I'm pissed at whoever did it the first time, and at Lucifer for the second time around. Your mind isn't a game with pieces they can move back and forth at will."

Chloe tilted her head to the side, contemplating his face, realizing he was serious in his protective defense. "Are the handcuffs going back on after I eat?"

"Nope." Sam replied, getting up and unlocking the handcuffs from the bedposts, sitting back down once more. "You're going to be safe in this room until we can figure out what happened and how to return your memories."

"So in other words I'm going to be locked in this room." Chloe realized, not complaining because this gave her more mobility and allowed her more chance to plan her escape better.

"Only until we can fix things." Sam promised, seeming genuinely apologetic.

"I heard wolves." She mentioned, trying to vaguely get an idea of how much of a problem they'd be if she made a run for it.

"Don't worry, we're safe in the cabin." Sam reassured her. "And even though they've been coming a little closer to the place than comfortable, Dean and I are handy with shotguns. You're safe in here."

Okay. So the wolves could prove a problem.


"So how are you two planning on getting back these pesky memories?" She played along, although she was genuinely curious as to what they thought were proper memory-recovery techniques.

Sam flinched. "We're still working on it. We don't have many people we can trust-and Bobby still doesn't trust you or Dean because you're both demons now-but we'll get the memories back Chloe, I promise. I know this probably makes no sense to you now and you think we're insane kidnappers, but once you have your memories back you'll see that we are only trying to keep you safe and alive."

And he sounded so sincere.

For a second she felt guilty for the deception she was planning, but then she remembered she was being held against her will and that she had no way of knowing if their story was real, so she pushed back the feeling of guilt. The last thing she remembered was Kyle threatening to get her, and there was no indication that this wasn't somehow Kyle's little revenge. Or part of it. She couldn't let herself or her determination be swayed by those beautiful eyes.

Sam cleared his throat and rose from the bed. "I will leave you to eat." And with that he left the room.

Hearing the sound of the lock being turned, Chloe made a face before reaching for the tray and placing it on her lap again, eating the food prepared. It was delicious. She put the tray back after eating, deciding against the instinct to grab the butterknife, and stood, going to one of the windows, gulping when she saw that the only thing she could see in the distance was a never-ending forest. The blonde hurried to the other window and stared out of it, once more only seeing the forest as far as the eye could span. There wasn't anything that could give her a clue as to where she was and how to reach civilization.

Deciding that she'd have to bide her time and get the information from her captors, Chloe decided to inspect her bedroom. It was very spartan, but there were a few books there on...knitting...of all things. And to her horror she found that while browsing through it she was intrigued with what she saw. The blonde leaned against the wall and slid to the ground, sitting on the corner and gazing at the first couple of pages that showed pictures and tried to explain about slip knots and such.

The sound of approaching footsteps betrayed the entrance before the door opened and Dean paused in the doorway, seeing her bed empty. His hazel gaze searched the room before landing on her, eyebrow raising in question when he found her sitting in the corner Indian Style reading a book.

"What exactly is that?" He asked, closing the door behind him.

"In most circles it's referred to as a book." Chloe replied.

Instead of getting annoyed at her smart-assed answer, Dean snorted in amusement as he moved towards her. "I meant what type of book it was, Einstein." He bent on his knees in front of her and reached out with his fingers to tip the page towards him, eyebrow raising at the picture. "Knitting."

"I don't exactly have an extensive library here, do I?" Chloe shot back, meeting his gaze head-on.

"True." Dean agreed, gaze tracing her every feature. "So, now that it's just the two of us, how about we level with each other?"

Intrigued, Chloe snapped the book shut and eyed him. "How so?"

"It took me a while to get what was going on, but suddenly it all makes sense and I'm annoyed I didn't realize it earlier." The corner of Dean's lips tilted. "This whole amnesiac act, it's a new game of yours, isn't it? Because I know you're twisted enough to be faking it."

Her eyebrows raised in surprise at that. "Am I?"

"Oh yeah. You knew Sam and I were keeping something from you, and came up with this little brilliant, hellish plan of yours." Dean moved so that he was standing on his knees, smirking at her. "You're getting off on playing with us."

"I assure you, I do not get off on-!" Chloe gasped as Dean wrapped an arm around her and lift her so that she was forced to stand on her knees as well, body flush against his, feeling him hard and eager against her abdomen.

She should be horrified.

She should be terrified.

She should be fighting-damn her brilliant seduction plan!

But the horror, the terror, the instinct to fight...it wasn't there.

The heat was though, pooling at the vee of her moistening thighs.

Dean chuckled, eyes glazing over with inky blackness as he rubbed against her teasingly. "I like this game. Never seen this side of you before."

Chloe's breathing was accelerating, her grip on the front of his shirt tightening, her whole body on fire.

He nibbled on the shell of her ear, hand trailing down between them to cup her over the material of her underwear, his voice low and gravelly in her ear. "I'm getting off on it too."

Chloe cried out as his finger slipped passed the elastic of her underwear and slipped into her, finding her wet and warm and needy.

"I knew it." He whispered hot in her ear, slipping out his finger only to plunge it in once more with another added, scissoring them within her. "This is a game. Otherwise you wouldn't be this ready for me."

"I don't-I-I don't-!" Chloe clenched his shirt as tightly as possible, bucking against his hand. "Deannnnnnnnnnnnnnn."

"That's right baby," he chuckled hotly, adding another finger and stretching her pleasantly. "Sing for me."

Images flashed before her eyes, too quick for her to truly see what they were, but Chloe could make out herself in an office she'd never seen before, calm despite the flames visible outside the windows, and Dean smirking as he entered the door, closing it behind him.

With a cry Chloe's eyes widened and she pushed Dean away, heart racing, not understanding what had just happened.

Obviously not having expected this, Dean frowned as he fell on his ass, eyeing her.

Chloe took in a deep breath, fanning herself with one hand and bringing the other to her head, the disconcerting image gone now yet it'd left her confused and scared.

What the hell?

Had that been...?

Outside the window...

They couldn't be telling the truth!

They couldn't!

"Fine, I guess you're still mad at me." Dean grumbled, standing up as he stormed to the door, slamming it shut behind him.

She didn't even notice that he failed to lock it.

The blonde rested her back against the wall and gazed at the door in near catatonia.

What. The. Hell?
6th-Feb-2012 03:27 am (UTC)
This chapter was just all sorts of awesome! I loved all of it, especially this:

there were a few books there on...knitting...of all things. And to her horror she found that while browsing through it she was intrigued with what she saw.

Can't wait to read more! :)
19th-Feb-2012 11:09 am (UTC)
:D :D :D Glad you're enjoying.

I wanted to give Chloe a passtime that is just SO out of character with her post-hell self!
6th-Feb-2012 05:14 am (UTC)
Hah! Screwing with Dean't head would be fun, but at least Sam has it right. Great job. Can't wait for more!

19th-Feb-2012 11:08 am (UTC)
Yep, Dean is just so used to post-hell Chloe that he can't believe she isn't messing with them lol
17th-Feb-2012 01:49 am (UTC)
Yay I love this one too. I can't wait for more Dean/Chloe action!
17th-Feb-2012 01:57 pm (UTC)
Hopefully you wont have to wait much longer
15th-May-2013 05:07 am (UTC)
This series is amazing!!!
I hope you update and finish it sometime!!!
I really want to see more chlean and how Chloe will get her memory back
And even why Clark can't hear her.
29th-Sep-2014 06:15 am (UTC)
Rereading everything and really hoping you come back one day
30th-Sep-2014 01:40 am (UTC)
I am too! I was rereading the other day trying to find inspiration for this one. Hopefully soon!
18th-May-2015 11:12 pm (UTC)
me again
rereading this amazing series :)
17th-Jun-2015 06:59 pm (UTC)
This comment is meant for the whole series. I absolutely love this and I'm dying to know what happens next. I can't wait to see. I love the boys teami ng up against lucifer. I also love how dean and chloe are with each other and that it drives sam crazy with jealous. Thank you so much for this.
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