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Night Blossom 1/4 
25th-Oct-2008 11:26 pm

Title: Night Blossom
Rating: Strong T for vague sexual references
Fandoms: Smallville/Buffy/Angel
Overall story pairings: Chloe/Angelus, Chloe/Angel, brief Chloe/Spike, implied Chloe/Clark
Summary: 1st in Chlonnor series. chlangelus. Chloe thought that the killings were ritualistic--didn't think that vampires were behind it. When she's sired by Angelus though, thanks to her unknown meteor power something goes wrong...or was this preordained?
Disclaimer: I don't own Smallville, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Angel
Warning: AU Buffy, Angel and Smallville
A/N: This the first story in a series that will eventually end up Chloe/Connor.





Running, the seventeen year old turned the corner and pressed her back against the building, eyes closed, breathing heavily, chest hurting from the exertion she’d forced herself into. She should have known better than to go out in the middle of the night by herself, especially to such a night club like that one in the hearts of Metropolis, but Chloe Sullivan had let her curiosity and journalistic drive get her into trouble…


It really wasn’t her fault. She’d thought that the bodies found around the night club devoid of blood, and the other ones found in the radius of the nightclub, all tortured, were all the work of some cult—or maybe a really nasty meteor freak. She hadn’t been ready to witness what she had. It shook her to her core, made her question what she’d always held as firm, unquestionable beliefs.

So now she was running for her life, video camera still in her hand, still recording.

I just need to get to my car--get to safety.

The only problem was that she’d been forced to run in the direction opposite of where she’d left her car parked, and Chloe wasn’t even sure if she’d truly managed to get away from those who’d been chasing her.

Maybe I did—maybe

“Don’t you just love the smell of fear?” An Irish brogue announced to her right, causing Chloe to turn and scream as she saw the deceptively angelic face of what she knew was a monster.

The blonde turned to run away when she came face to face with the other male, the one with the platinum colored hair and the British accent.

“Aye mate.” Handsome and devilishly good-looking, the blonde sneered at her, taking a whiff in her direction. “Nothing better than the smell of a scared bird.”

Oooh,” A female voice cooed in front of Chloe, proving that she was trapped, as the only female creature appeared, odd smile on her face, clapping her hands excitedly. “What a pretty little flower to pick and smell, daddy!” She suddenly pouted, looking deeply disturbed. “But she blooms in the day. Why does she bloom in the nasty, hot sun? Does the pretty flower want to wilt in the terrible heat?”

“You once bloomed in the day, Dru princess.” The one with the Irish brogue announced, eyes dark and on Chloe, seeming quite amused with her. “You saw us in the alley, human, and yet you’re not begging for your life.”

“Why bother?” Chloe gulped, heart pounding painfully in her chest, and yet she somehow managed to keep her chin held high and look the creature in his eyes. “Much good it did those girls.”

“Oh, I like this bird.” The blonde announced with a chuckle.

“Brave words for someone who reeks of fear.” The one who could only be the leader announced, his face changing to the true monstrosity she’d seen in the alley, his face becoming a maze of ripples, his eyes turning golden and his fangs appearing, elongating.

“Never said I wasn’t scared.” Chloe whispered, keeping her eyes on his.

“I can smell it,” the platinum blonde suddenly announced, and he was suddenly closer to her than before, sniffing her more obviously, face changing as well as he licked his fangs.

“Aye Spike, ‘tis a fortunate thing our pretty Dru noticed her.” The leader replied satisfactorily as he reached out quick as a blink, grabbing onto Chloe’s arm and pulling her towards him violently.

Chloe bit back a scream, refusing to give him the pleasure. She’d seen how he and his creatures had reveled in the screams and pleadings of the poor girls, and she would refuse to let her death be an amusement for them.

“Daddy? Can I make the flower bloom for the stars and dance to their songs?” The one they referred to as Dru asked as she hugged herself, closed her eyes, and swayed to music apparently she could only hear herself. “Dance, dance, twirl, twirl, swing and change partners!”

“No, Dru darlin’.” Chloe’s capturer shook his head. “This one is mine. I deserve that after Soulboy dusted my dear Darla.”

“’Bout time he found himself another bird and stopped poaching on mine.” The one called Spike growled from behind Chloe, sounding resentful as he spoke.

“But daddy, the Night Blossom isn’t for the Root, but for the One Fruit.” Dru pouted as she opened her eyes. “The stars sing of the magic and the age. They--.” She paused, as if confused all of a sudden. “They sing in riddles, of domination of the tiny little lives and of power.”

“Well, that sounds good.” Spike replied. “Bite her then Angelus. Get it over with. It’ll soon be dawn.”

“I won’t scream.” Chloe promised the one called Angelus in a small, frightened voice. “I won’t help you enjoy this.”

Angelus’ sneer was frightening. “Don’t worry, there’ll be time for enjoying later.” And with that he sunk his fangs painfully in Chloe’s neck.

She struggled as he pressed her closer to him, felt disgusted at how hard he was as he drained her of her life. The blonde bit back a scream, feeling tears skidding down her pale cheeks as she prayed that somehow Clark would appear like his always did and saved the day, but as her head started to fog up and she felt her knees buckle under her, felt Angelus’s arm around her keep her standing—she knew with a sinking heart that this time Clark wouldn’t be coming to her rescue.

Sometime during the feeding she’d stopped hitting Angelus on the chest, stopped trying to push away, and instead had clung to him, crying, defeated, and yet refusing to utter a sound, refusing to give him the pleasure to hear her break down.

Chloe felt her hands loosen their hold on his shirt and slide down the expanse of his chest, felt her heart slowing down. Her vision started to grow dimmer, and yet right before she could slip off into the blessed oblivion of death she felt her mouth being pried open and something tangy and metallic pouring down her throat.

Something began to harden in her stomach.

She wanted to struggle, close her mouth, not aware what was happening but somehow knowing that it wasn’t good. And yet those foreign hands kept her mouth open and more and more of that metallic liquid burnt her throat, made her want to gag if she’d had the strength to do it.

Suddenly that knot within her body exploded into a wave of warmth flooding her chilled body, and the last thing she remembered before giving into the darkness was the sound of the scream of her killer.


When Chloe awoke she knew that something was wrong. It was one of those epiphanies that hit hard and quick, and it wasn’t just the fact that she’d woken up in a bed not her own either. She’d been kidnapped and such too many times for her to get so terrified at this, but there was something about her that terrified her, and that was the reason why the moment she woke up she didn’t bother looking around her.

No, the moment Chloe woke up she looked down at her own body, placed her hands to her throat, remembering the metallic taste that still lingered in the tip of her tongue, and suddenly froze as she remembered all that she’d ever read on vampires.


Getting up from the bed, Chloe noticed that she wasn’t wearing any clothes…and the fact that she wasn’t as concerned about that as she should be. The blonde noticed a mirror off to the side and with curiosity that should have been trepidation she made her way towards it, not understanding her disappointment when she saw her own reflection there.

Narrowing her eyes, Chloe tilted her head to the side and pulled her hair behind her ear, revealing the bite marks that marred the side of her neck, proving that what she remembered of what she believed to be the night before had been true.

She’d been investigating a lead and had bitten off more than she could chew…

Why am I still alive?

Trailing her hand down her body from her bite marks to the beating of her heart, Chloe frowned in confusion. She’d been so sure that she’d died, that she’d tasted blood, that she’d been sired, and yet her heart was still beating and she could still see her own reflection…

…or maybe vampires weren’t exactly like she’d read? Maybe they were somewhat alive? Could have reflections?

Maybe…maybe…that would explain the fact that she could sense them near, sense the fact that they were together…at least the two males were together--the female, she was--.

“The night flower bloomed out of season.” Dru spoke, voice whispering into Chloe’s ear.

The blonde turned immediately, eyes wide as she saw the woman right behind her. “H-how?” She looked back at the mirror and couldn’t see the dark haired beauty, which only added to so many questions in her mind as she turned back to who she somehow knew had been sired by Angelus as well.

Dru frowned slightly as she looked at the mirror, and at Chloe’s reflection. “The stars sang of stairs and steps, sang that my sister was on a step higher than me.” She then looked at Chloe with interest and took a step towards her, surprising the blonde when she bent slightly and pressed her ear to her chest, cooing as she heard the heartbeat. “Something’s trapped inside, pounding, trying to get out.”

Chloe was more and more confused as Dru spoke, unable to understand anything--especially why she wasn’t afraid of the vampiress any more.

Dru pulled away and straightened, head tilted slightly, genuine curiosity in her eyes. “What do you keep trapped in there? Is it what made Daddy hurt?”

By now Chloe was beginning to suspect that the vampiress was insane. It was more than obvious that what was in her chest was her beating heart, and yet the vampiress seemed obviously at odds for an answer.

Suddenly Dru hissed as she threw herself backwards. “You still have the nasty rotten voice in your head!”

Chloe grew a little concerned as she began to back away from the agitated female.

“You still have the squishy insides that made Daddy Not-Daddy!” Dru accused, pointing her finger at Chloe, before pausing and looking up at the ceiling of the room with a frown. “Not as squishy? Harder?” That frown darkened. “But still squishy.”

Chloe looked up at the ceiling of the room, wondering who Dru was speaking to, suddenly wincing as her stomach cramped painfully and she fell to the floor clutching her stomach.

What…?” She whimpered, closing her eyes tightly, voice choked with pain, unable to understand what was happening.

“You hunger.” Suddenly approval was heard in the vampiress’ voice as she went to her knees in front of Chloe, face shifted, golden eyes watching her. “On a higher step. What is the view like from up there? Can you see Paris? I love Paris.”

Chloe cried, curling into the fetal position, not understanding what was going on with her, wishing the pain was gone.

She faintly heard the sound of the door flying open and harsh voices speaking. By then she was numb to all but the pain, and then she was being lifted and being ordered to do something. Chloe recognized the feel of the body she was being pressed against, felt the pull of her sire, and it only served to confuse her further as her stomach hardened with the pain.

He was hissing angrily at her, telling her something over and over again, and then something within her snapped and she buried her teeth into his shoulder, horrified and shocked senseless as blood gushed into her mouth—blood so pure and powerful it left her feeling drugged up, and yet it quickly eased the pain so she continued to drink until she he spoke again.


Chloe pulled her fangs from his skin and looked up at his face, not fearing him as she had last night, but surprisingly lulled into tranquility by his nearness. “Sire.”

“Bloody hell.” Spike announced with a gasp as he came in for a better look. “Her demon’s face--it didn’t appear!” He narrowed his eyes as he poked a finger into her face, pushing up her upper lip to further reveal the elongated canines. “I’ve never seen anything like this, have you, Angelus?”

Her sire was glaring at her face, ignoring Spike’s question. “I killed you myself, childe. You crave blood and I sense my sire-like with you.” His golden eyes narrowed more. “So why does your heart still beat? What was that light that emerged from you when I took the life from your body?”

“I—I don’t know.” Chloe whispered truthfully, so confused.

“She looks at the water and the water looks back at her.” Dru whispered, pointing to the mirror, where Chloe looked as if she was being held up by nothing at all.

“Bloody hell!” Spike cried out again. “That is not natural. What the hell have you created, Angelus?”

Angelus let go of Chloe and she somehow managed to keep on her feet. The blood he’d fed her had strengthened her, and she was glad, she didn’t think someone like Angelus would tolerate anything weak.

The blonde paused.

What did she care what he thought?

I must please my sire.

Chloe frowned slightly at that voice within her.

“Dru, precious,” Angelus turned to Dru. “Tell me again why she stood out for you.”

“I thought she was a star.” Dru replied with a smile at the memory. “All shiny and lonesome in the darkness. Bodies danced all around her, all sweaty and stinky, all melded in the darkness like the black of night,” Dru sighed happily at that description. “And yet there she was in the middle, shinning bright with the power within her.”

“Power?” Chloe asked, frowning darker. “I—I don’t have powers.”

Angelus ignored her, attention on Dru. “What power? I could sense your exact ability when Darla and I found you, and yet I can only smell it on her. What it is, Dru? What can your sister do?”

Dru suddenly grinned brightly. “Life died.”

“Uh, Dru, baby?” Spike scratched his head, confusion plain on his face. “What exactly to do you mean?”

Dru turned and glared at Spike, as if outraged that he hadn’t understood her. “The stars sing of the song that should have been and the song that now shall be. Day became night, life became death became life, and we climb the ladder.”

Spike looked more confused and yet didn’t question the obviously insane vampiress any further. “I need a soddin’ drink.” With that he turned around and left the room, mumbling to himself.

Dru glared at Spike’s back before turning back to Chloe and smiling. “Let us share a kitten? I like to hear their purr before I snap their necks.”

A sick feeling entered Chloe’s stomach and her hand went to her mouth to make sure that she didn’t vomit.

Angelus’ eyes narrowed further as he noticed this. “What have I created, Drusilla?”

“Another step, daddy, a higher step.” Dru announced after a quick look up at the ceiling once more before pouting darkling. “A squishy step.”

Chloe didn’t understand how she was a squishy step, but she decided it was safer to be silent. Angelus looked furious, and she didn’t want to say anything to push him into hurting her--something she felt he’d be happy to do.

“Now that you have fed,” Angelus turned his attention back to Chloe. “You will join us for the hunt. We will see what it is you are, childe.”

“If we see the icky slayer can we kill her?” Drusilla asked with excitement.

Angelus seemed to grow calmer at that as he smiled at her. “Now that we are back in Sunnydale, the Slayer is going to be our number one priority, Dru.”


As in California?

Chloe’s eyes widened.

I must have been out for a while!

What about her friends? Her family? How long had she been unconscious? Dead? How could she be dead and yet alive? What was she supposed to do? How did she fit into this vampire family if she was so different? How could she adjust if she didn’t know what she was supposed to be adjusting to?

And last but not least…

What was a Slayer?

Funny enough, it wasn't until Angelus and Drusilla had long left her in the room again did Chloe suddenly remember that she'd been naked the whole while.




26th-Oct-2008 02:10 pm (UTC)
VERY interesting, loving it so far!!

*on to read more*
1st-Jan-2010 10:31 pm (UTC)
Now that's interesting. I wonder what it all means. Dru's ramblings are hard to make sense of if you don't know the whole story.
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