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Unfamiliar 2/3 
7th-Feb-2012 11:40 pm
winchullivanlane---family business

Title: Unfamiliar
Sequel to: How To Deal
Universe: Cursed Series
Fandoms: Supernatural/Smallville
Pairings: Chloe/Sam, Lois/Dean
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: The five years are up and Sam and Chloe are free. They find and catch up with Lois and Dean before heading out to start their life together.

When Chloe and Sam came back down minutes later she noticed the worried expression on Lois' face and felt guilty for both her envy and mini breakdown. She offered a smile towards the brunette and was relieved when Lois beamed, obviously relieved to see that everything was all right. The dinner table had been cleared away and Chloe felt a little guilty for not offering to help but she pushed it away, deciding to do her best not to feel anything negative while here.

Lois and Dean excused themselves to tuck Mary-Ellen in bed, Dean carrying their child, Lois carrying their skunk.

Sam and Chloe made their way to the living room and sat down, waiting for them to return. They played a game, Whose Idea Was It?, picking out different things in the living room and guessing whether it'd been Lois' or Dean's idea to buy/create/display. Mostly though they sat in silence on the loveseat, Chloe leaning against Sam, as they took in the utter peace and tranquility in this house, and were happy for their family.

"Sorry for the wait," Lois and Dean finally descended the stairs and making their way to the sofa, Dean helping Lois lower herself onto it. "We have to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star before she goes to bed every night."

Dean sat down next to her, his arm around the back of the sofa. "Family tradition."

"She won't sleep unless we do." Lois smiled tenderly. "And neither does Ralph, surprisingly."

"Right. The skunk." Sam nodded, looking between them. "Why exactly do you have a skunk?"

"I'm allergic to dogs." Lois replied in all seriousness.

Dean smirked, sending her a look before hugging her shoulders. "Found him when he was a baby, brought him back. He had his scent glands removed so he doesn't do the farting thing, and he's the perfect companion for Mary-Ellen."

"It's not farting." Lois rolled her eyes. "And stop saying that word all the time, Mary-Ellen's starting to say it too."

"It's not a bad word." Dean announced, and then flinched at the raised-eyebrow he received from her. "And yet despite that I'm going to do my best to substitute it with another less offensive word?"

"Good man." Lois praised, kissing his cheek.

Dean smirked and nodded. "Yeah, I am."

Chloe grinned and then looked up at Sam, seeing the slightly bewildered yet utterly fascinated expression on his face as he observed just how whipped his brother was.

"So, now that we don't have little ears listening in," Lois took in a deep breath as she gazed at them. "How are you guys? Really?"

"We're fine." Sam assured as he his thumb worked on a knot in Chloe's neck. "Right baby?"

"Yeah." Chloe agreed.

"What are your plans for the future now that you're not working for the cambion?" Dean went straight to business, leaning forwards in the sofa. "Will you be sticking around?"

"No." Sam was quick to refute that idea.

Lois and Dean both look as if they'd been struck.

"I'm supposed to be dead, Lo." Chloe sent her cousin a sad look. "If I stay in Metropolis someone I know is going to stumble upon me some day and then how will I be able to explain how I came back from the dead?"

"So are you planning on, I don't know, going back to that world? Living around supernaturals?" Dean frowned.

"Definitely not." Sam assured, frowning at the very thought. He turned his gaze to Chloe. "We've been in that world for five long years, and before that we were hunting it. It's enough. We're done with it." His lips twitched as his gaze went around him at the home. "I'm thinking we'll enjoy being boring from now on."

"Talking about hunting." Dean cleared his throat, eyes intense. "Almost a year after you left Yellow Eyes was killed. And not by a hunter."

Sam and Chloe froze, sharing a look.

"So it was you." Lois whispered.

"It was Sam." Chloe finally spoke, licking her lips, knowing this was touchy since the Winchester men all had wanted to kill the demon who'd killed Mary Winchester. "It's one of the reasons why Cameron wanted both Sam and I. He knew what Azazel had been doing to kids, and knew that Sam wanted to kill him for Mary. He knew that if he had me he'd have Sam."

"Wait, you mean to say that this whole time that cambion was after Sam?" Lois snapped.

The blonde nodded. "He had everything coldly calculated. He knew Azazel was one of the demons who were against Ascension and killed those half demons who tried to reach it. He knew he needed to find a protector who'd be strong enough to kill him. And then he found out about Sam's having Azazel's blood in him. And he knew he'd found his protector." She cleared her throat. "But he knew that Sam would never willingly help him Ascend, so he looked for a way to win Sam over-and I unknowingly gave him that way when I exchanged blood with Sam and made him swear to kill Azazel."

"The funeral." Lois remembered, gaze going to the hands Chloe and Sam had joined, knowing that there were identical scars there. "Wait a minute." Her eyes narrowed. "Chloe! You're not wearing gloves!"

"I don't need them anymore." Chloe admitted with a smile. "I'm a Darkling, not a Chimera." She shrugged. "We're straying from the topic though... I basically gave Cameron a way to Sam because since Azazel's blood in Sam gave Sam a link to him, Sam's blood in me gave me a link to Sam...and Azazel in a way as well. Cameron knew this, and gave us a couple of years for both of us to get stronger and then he set that trap to see us all in action, and to put his pieces on the chessboard so to speak."

"So the school was a way of, what, strengthening your connection with Chloe so he could definitely use her against you?" Lois frowned, quick on the uptake.

"In a nutshell, yes." Sam nodded.

"I find it a little farfetched." Dean frowned, running his hand over his hair. "There were so many different outcomes that could have come out from that situation. How could he have known that you'd have to feed her more blood, and how would he know that the both of our teams would fall for that specific obit, and another good question-why not cure Chloe's curse then and not wait until the last second for Lois to make a deal with?"

"I didn't have a relationship with Chloe at that time. He'd get nothing out of curing her." Sam responded slowly. "It was only after that hunt that Chloe and I began writing and calling each other. It was the catalyst to our...friendship. And he knew that."

"How did he know that you'd find out on time?" Lois wanted to know. "How did he know that you'd get there in time? That you'd go with them?"

"Again, all this is fishy." Dean pointed out.

"He's been observing me ever since I was a kid, Dean. He knew me by then. Better than I knew myself." Sam was obviously uncomfortable with that admission. "He knew that I'd go to the Crossroads and that the demon would be obligated to tell me why my deal couldn't be accepted...and I'd be there."

"But why was he sure that you'd go with them?" Dean pressed. "Help me understand, Sammy."

"Because he knew that when I found out that she was now a familiar that I'd want to go to him to barter for her." Sam responded, his gaze darkening. "Familiars are their master's slaves. He knew I wouldn't let that happen without trying to do something. Especially not if I found out that she was going to be in danger constantly because she was protecting him."

Lois and Dean were silent.

"He'd also promised to release her from his captivity in five years." Sam whispered, those eyes beginning to bleed black. "I couldn't let him do that if I wasn't there."

"Why?" Dean made a face.

"You can't free familiars, Dean." Chloe whispered. "You free yourself from them, but a familiar never belongs to him or herself. Ever. They will always belong to someone else." She gulped. "Like Sam said, familiars are slaves."

Sam gave a little growl.

"I don't...understand. You're free now." Lois looked between them, confused, before her eyes suddenly widening. "Oh my god."

"What?" Dean turned to her.

"At the cemetery, before you and Sam arrived, Chloe told me that the cambion hadn't 'cured' her, but had transferred her ownership from the witch who cursed her to him instead. Via a ritual with his blood." Lois' gaze was on Sam, intent. "He transferred his ownership to you, didn't he?"

A muscle jumped in Sam's cheek before he finally nodded. "She was the payment for my 'services rendered' these last five years."

Lois shot to her feet. "So what? She's your slave now?"

"No." Sam growled, standing as well, towering over her. "She is not my slave."

"Lois, I have to belong to someone, its the nature of my curse." Chloe stood, drawing Lois' angered and agonized gaze to her. "That was going to be the ultimate payback to my father. To have his daughter forever the slave of the things he hunted. If he killed my master, I'd only go to someone else."

Lois's lips trembled before she looked away. "It's not fair. You're not a thing. You shouldn't belong to anyone but yourself."

Dean sighed as he stood. "Lo, everyone's tired, it's late. Let's all go to bed and talk about this tomorrow when we're all rested?"

Lois obviously wanted to argue but when Dean rested his hand on her stomach she sighed, nodding. "You're right."

Dean pressed a kiss to her temple before turning to Dean and Chloe. "There's a room upstairs waiting for you."

"Thank you, but we rented a room in a nearby motel." Chloe reached into her pocket and pulled out the motel's card, passing it to Dean. "Give us a call tomorrow when it's a good time to come over."

"Why would you spend the night in a motel when you have a room here with your family?" Lois asked, hurt.

Chloe's back itched her, the skin rippling. "I-it won't-." She looked down.

Sam sighed, reaching out to rub her back. "It's happening?"

Chloe nodded.

"What's happening?" Dean frowned. "Is she sick?"

"No, it's, a Darkling thing." Chloe shrugged, not wanting to look at them now. "I just need some privacy. I swear, it's nothing against you two, I just need that space."

Lois must have seen the genuine discomfort on her face because she sighed and hugged Chloe. "Tomorrow you two will have lunch here with me. No ifs, ands, or buts, got that?"

Despite her growing discomfort, Chloe smiled and hugged her cousin back.


Dean watched Lois rub moisturizer into her arms and could tell just from the way she was applying it that something was bothering her. It scared him just how well he knew someone else, knew her. A couple of years back if someone had told him that he'd be a father and living the "civilian" life with that skinny little twig who'd annoyed him to death years ago he'd have shot them just on principle. And yet here he was, sleeping every night in bed with that bossy, cheeky woman, was the father of her children, and his ring claimed her finger. Their names were on the mortgage of this house and he was working full-time in a non-hunter job which failed to be as exciting as his old one yet as rewarding in its own way. He had a paycheck for one, and he could come home to Lois, Mary-Ellen, and in a couple of months he could add baby Katherine to that list.

Lois made a face, obviously deep in thought as her movements became shorter and jerkier, losing any fluidity as her annoyance grew.

The only time he ever saw her like this was usually whenever his father would drop in for a visit. Then again, Mary-Ellen was probably the only one who wasn't tense whenever John Winchester appeared. Dean loved his father but the man wasn't easy to live with. The man didn't approve of Dean's having come out of the game, having 'given up' to 'play house'. It wasn't to say that John didn't love his granddaughter because he did, but he'd never forgiven Dean for her birth. 'You're bringing a child into a world of evil, how can you expect me to be happy about that?' he'd announced when Dean had called him to let him know about Lois' pregnancy.

That was yet another tick in Lois' box of reasons why she made John Winchester as uncomfortable as humanly possible whenever he came around. Oh, she was civil with him, but the second he got out of line she threw something at him, or snapped, and John was too much of an old-fashioned man to throw something back at her.

Dean flinched at the thought of his father-and wondered whether it would be better to not tell him about Sam's return. He'd told John that Sam had left with a girl, and John had been pissed about that, disowning Sam. Not that Sam really would care. He'd disowned John a long time ago.

"Her back." Lois finally sighed.

"Yep, she's back." Dean turned towards her fully now that she'd worked through her frustrations enough to want to talk about them.

"No, I mean her back." Lois turned to face him. "When I hugged her, the skin was rippling."

"That would explain why she was looking more and more uncomfortable." He reasoned, not liking the situation Chloe found herself in at all.

"It's probably a Darkling thing. It's probably why she doesn't want to stay here, in our room." Lois gulped. "What exactly is a Darkling anyway? I've never heard that word before."

To be honest, Dean really hadn't heard much about Darklings either, but he had a general, vague idea of what exactly they were. "From what I can remember, a Darkling was a humanoid creature with wings who were the trapped souls of people who'd died gruesomely. They were raised from the dead by a powerful sorcerer and bound to their master. Also, there was something about the night, but I really don't remember what exactly."

Lois sighed deeper. "I just got her back-and I feel like I'm losing her all over again."

"Rambina..." Dean reached for her, drawing her into his arms until she was resting against his chest in the warmth of his embrace. "You're not losing her, and I'm not losing my baby brother either. But Chloe's right, she can't stay here, not when your family are all situated here."

"But where will they go? And when will we be able to see them again?" Lois fretted, clutching the front of his shirt.

Dean was silent, not knowing what to say.

"And I'm pissed." Lois tightened her hold on his shirt. "First Chloe gets targeted by the witch to get to Uncle Gabe, and then she got targeted by that cambion to get to Sam! She's been put through hell, treated like some disposable pawn in a greater game. I hate it!"

Dean held her close and let her vent.

"You should have seen what she went through during the transformation." Lois' voice was always haunted and broken whenever she relieved that experience. "Her skin began to melt away, her bones broke, her body shifted unnaturally-for hours! And the months before that she was going through the beginning stages with the slashes opening up in her and she wouldn't tell us anything and-and-Dean she was a kid! A kid!" Her voice grew hoarse as she let out a little sob. "She was six years old when she was cursed. That's only two more than Mary-Ellen."

Dean hissed at the thought of his daughter in that nightmarish situation, tightening his hold on his future wife.


The pain was so good. It was hot and caused shivers to go down her spine and the boney ridges that slowly rose from it under the skin.

The night brought on the change, the need, and Chloe groaned as she knelt on the ground, her wings finally ripping through to freedom. Her eyes burned and itched as if she had an internal fever, yet with each blink she could feel them shifting, the irises dilating and contracting before dilating once more and morphing near reptilian. Her skin hardened, her nails grew, and by the time the shift was over she was lying on her stomach, sweating, muscles sore, yet a smile on her face. An hour or two in this form would be enough and she could change back, but every night her body underwent the change instinctively.

Lying on the carpet next to her on his side, watching her, Sam remained silent. Instead of being repulsed by this side of her he never seemed less than fascinated by it, and as always he reached out and stroked the odd ridges running down her spine. They were incredibly sensitive, and every time his fingers crested a bump her wings trembled in response.

Lips tilting in a smile of contentment, Chloe's eyes closed as she enjoyed the caress.

"Do you really want that?" His voice was low.

Green eyes opened as she tilted her head towards him questioningly.

Sam continued to eye her intensely. "The mortgage. The kids. The skunk."

Chloe turned on her side so that she was facing him. "Isn't that what you've always wanted? To be normal? Have a normal life?"

"Maybe. Once." Sam admitted as he rested his hand on the curve of her hip. "I don't know about now though."

Her eyes narrowed slightly. "Are you saying you want to be a hunter again?"

"No!" His answer was swift.

"Do you-want to-work for Cameron?" Chloe tilted her head in surprise.

Sam gave her a look for even asking such a thing.

The blonde shook her head. "What do you want then Sam?"

"I don't know." He admitted softly, pulling her closer to him so he could plant hungry kisses down the side of her jaw. "I know I don't want a skunk though."

She snorted a laugh, shaking her head at him. "Yes, well, neither of us are allergic to dogs."

"I want you to be happy." He whispered.

She drew his gaze to her. "I'm with you aren't I?"

Sam's gaze went tender as he kissed her lips, softly caressing her wings and causing her to shiver.

Chloe whimpered as Sam turned so that he was lying on his back, drawing her onto him, kissing her languidly. She complained loudly, shamelessly, when he drew his lips from hers.

He chuckled, obviously pleased, before sobering. "I have a house."

Chloe went still, eyeing him in surprise. This was the first that she'd heard of this. "A house?"

"It's my grandfather's house, to be fair." Sam seemed uncomfortable. "He and my grandmother left it to my mother, and she'd had a living will in which she left it to Dean and I." He reached up and ran his fingers through her hair. "Dad never told us about it, we stumbled onto the whole thing. Dean couldn't see himself as anything but a hunter, and told me that he'd give me the house since I wanted it so badly. The fact that he bought his own place with Lois shows that he's staying true to his word."

Chloe gazed down at Sam in silence for a moment. "Where is it?"

"Lawrence." He responded.

Her eyes widened. "That's only a couple hours drive from Metropolis."

"Two and a half." Sam nodded, his hands on her hips. "We can see Lois, Dean, Mary-Ellen and the baby as often as we want."

Joy was bubbling up deep inside her, yet she tried to keep a hold of it as she examined him. "But you just said you don't want the whole white picket fence life."

"No, I said I didn't want a skunk, or a mortgage." Sam replied, tightening his hold on her hips. "The house is paid for and the skunks better stay away."

She pulled a strand of hair out of her face as she stared down at him. "I think I officially fell in love with you again."

Sam laughed and pulled her in for another kiss, this one deeper, filthier.

Chloe gave as good as she got.
9th-Feb-2012 03:53 am (UTC)
Great explanation for the skunk! Too funny. And skunks are super soft. You rock!

9th-Feb-2012 04:00 am (UTC)
Thank you thank you! *takes a bow*
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