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How To Tame Your Vampires 18/? 
9th-Feb-2012 01:34 am
Chlangelike---Angel(us) Chloe Spike

Title: How To Tame Your Vampires
Sequel to: Bloodline
Pairings: Chloe/Angel/Spike, Lois/?
Fandoms: Smallville/Buffy
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Because of the family curse Chloe was supposed to join her cousin in the quest to find a girlfriend in Sunnydale, and yet somehow, instead of a girlfriend, Chloe finds herself living with two 'defective' vampires who both mark their Intent on her neck...and seem to be wrapped around her little finger.

The table and chairs had been moved to the sides baring the floor right above the hellmouth. A circle had been drawn in chalk and within it various different sigils. The lights were dimmed and the room quiet as Chloe and Lois sat within the circle. Their palms had ben sliced and then tired together with a purple string, their cuts pressed against each other, their joined hands bleeding into the symbol-etched teacup in the middle of the circle. Their backs straight, their eyes closed, they trailed their free hands in a crescent moon shape back and forth, gathering energy at their fingertips as they let the numbness begin from their toes and slowly rise up their bodies.

The others had left to handle their parts of the plan, so the cousins were able to close their eyes and truly just relax. They envisioned themselves as unmovable, connected profoundly to the hellmouth, roots sprouting from their bodies and digging deep beneath, anchoring them.

As their blood continued to mingle and drip into the symbol-covered teacup, the hellmouth energy began to grow more tangible around them, sinister and electric. It was usually the very thing they would block out and yet now the cousins welcomed the darker energy as it circled them, attaching itself to their auras, which would need to undergo some serious purification once this was over. They could feel their bodies sucking up the energy through their pores, knew it was working. The darkness began to cover them like a glove and they accepted it, opening themselves up to it, accepting it into them as one.

"Power from mother, Power from earth," the two chanted softly in unison. "Power from within, and Power from worth. Take over and make us stronger. We will be weak no longer."

The hellmouth energy anchored within, giving them the power they needed to continue.

Their blood continued to pool down between them, filling the teacup halfway.

"Spirits All grant me this chance," Lois continued on her own. "Hearken my call for the Spirit of balance." Power began to whip around them, proving that they were being heard. "Spirit of balance, grant me the power right the scales. In this quest I will not fail."

The blood within the teacup began to bubble.

"Power from mother, Power from earth," they chanted once more. "Power from within, and Power from worth. Take over and make us stronger. We will be weak no longer."

Energy began to manifest at the tips of their swaying fingers as a purple light, leaving traces of their movement, two half moons on each side.

"Spirit of balance hear my prayer, the world imbalanced is in despair." Lois continued, tightening her hold on Chloe's hand, proving that she was beginning to feel the energy drain from the magnitude of this spell and was anchoring herself in her cousin's energy. "When light or darkness peace does threaten, let me wield your greatest weapon."

The blood within the teacup began to boil.

"Power from mother, Power from earth," the familiar chant continued. "Power from within, and Power from worth. Take over and make us stronger. We will be weak no longer."


"I still don't get why we are the ones who have to figure out where King Doofus and his Merry Minions are." Cordelia complained as she drove around town with a silent Slayer in her passenger's seat. "We have two badass vampires on our team. Why aren't we sending them out instead?"

"Because they're demons Cordelia." Buffy took in a deep breath. "The ring enslaves demons. Thus we do the tracking."

"What if they double back before we do and find Lois and Chloe in the middle of the ritual?" Cordelia worried. "There's all that blood. They could go GRRRR."

"Angel wouldn't do that." Buffy defended. "And he wouldn't let Spike hurt them. They'll be fine."

"They're trying to conjure up the Seal of Solomon's evil twin." Cordelia made a face. "They will not be fine. Do you remember the last time the hellmouth energy was active? I mean, those tentacles have traumatized me."

"They're not opening the hellmouth Cordelia." Buffy nonetheless was worried as well. "They're tapping into the energy that naturally is there. There won't be any tentacles. Everything's going to be alright. Lois said so."

"Lois lied." Cordelia replied, eyes narrowed, holding tightly to her steering wheel. "I'm no witch but I've been getting a good idea of what it means to be one since we've been hanging, and let me tell you that being a witch sucks. Not only do they have the curse that basically says Be Lesbian or Kill Your Husband And Child By Unintentionally Sucking The Life Outta Them, but using too much magic, or not enough magic, can hurt them big time."

Buffy turned to Cordelia at that, eyes widening in shock. "What do you mean they're cursed?"

"You know, they're some special bloodline." Cordelia shrugged, speaking as if this should be obvious. "Because of that they got the whammy by some less special witches. Chloe said that according to her mother...who is a total bitch by the way...the curse was an attempt to end their bloodline forever. Lois swears whoever cursed their ancestors were just a pair of perverted male witches who wanted to force the female witches into 'sexy lesbian hotness'."

"I don't understand." Buffy whispered, shocked at this news.

"I know!" Cordelia agreed empathetically. "What is it about lesbians that turn men on so much? If they're lesbians they're not going to be interested in men at all! It doesn't make any sense why two girls being into each other is actually a top male fantasy!"



Sigh. "Nevermind."


The two crescent moons of power around them had grown and joined in a glowing barrier around the cousins as wind picked up inside of the closed off room, their hair beginning to levitated around them. Lighting and thunder clashed within the library, leaving charred remnants on the ground as an unholy mist began to rise from the floorboards surrounding the sacred circle. Voices whispered in the darkness, a multitude of tones, words, watchers.

"Esse mundati." Lois chanted as the lightning grew in ferocity around her. "Per sanguine." The boiling blood in the teacup began to slowly twirl upwards in the air. "Per dignum."

Chloe bit down on her bottom lip to keep from crying out as their joined cuts began to burn.

"Ego sum a velle vas." Lois continued, her voice strained, obviously feeling the burn as well. "Uti vas restituo statera." Her body began to tremble. "Nostra potentia anchoram vobis." Her breaths were beginning to sound labored under the stress of the magics they were channeling and summoning. "Donec in statera est restituit."

Chloe bit down harder on her bottom lip, her teeth piercing through the skin in an effort to keep the scream at bay as the fierce burning of their cuts infected their bodies, traveling torturously through their veins.


"This is bloody stupid." Spike took an annoyed drag of his fag, leaning against the wall as Angel hurried around Lois' house, gathering the things she'd sent them to get after issuing them an invitation to her house (and threatening them with slow death if they ever gave her a reason to revoke the invitation). The blonde vampire wasn't moving a finger to help, instead being quite uncooperative as he gave the sleek, modern place a scornful look. "Can you believe she's related to our Bit? Look at how different her place is. The girl has no taste!"

Angel didn't answer, didn't even seem to be paying attention, instead searching intently for something or the other.

"I don't want her living with us." Spike announced with finality. "She'll cramp our style."

"Spike, how many demons did we have to hide from while trying to get here?" Angel snapped, finally turning towards him. "How many tried to attack and kill us on orders of "The King"?"

The blonde made a face. "Ten attacked and ten died. I don't see your point."

"The demon population is not so slowly coming under control of "The King" and if we don't do something to stop him we'll either be killed or become yet another slave of his." Angel preached all high-and-mighty. "I think that now is not the time to be worrying about future cockblocking!"

"Aha!" Spike pointed towards Angel victoriously. "So you do think she's going to be a cockblock!"

"Spike..." Angel snarled, growing more and more annoyed by the minute.

"And for the record, this is an awful idea." Spike took another drag. "I say we find out where the headquarters are and charge killing left and right until we have Xander Harris' head on a silver platter."

"Wrong bible story." Angel mumbled, going back to his searching. "And that's always your problem. Your charge in willy nilly. You never stick to a plan." He froze and turned to Spike. "You will stick to this plan!"

Spike pouted. "It's a stupid plan."

"Spike." Angel snarled, face changing. "If you do something and mess this all up-!"

"She could refuse to leave! Ever!" Spike finally snapped.

"Will you stop thinking about your cock William?" Angel snapped.

"I'm not bloody talking about the cousin you ginormous git!" Spike's face phased to his demon's visage. "I'm talking about HER!"

Immediately all anger left Angel and he looked at his grandchilde before answering. "That won't happen. And if it does, we'll deal with it."

"Don't be so bloody ignorant. We've lived long enough to know that magic rarely ever goes according to plan...especially not if two inexperienced teenaged witches are trying to Draw Down while using Hellmouth energy!" Spike threw down his fag and crushed it under his boots. "This is a spectacularly bad idea!"

"I know." Angel sighed, finally admitted it to himself although his eyes were determined. "But its the only plan we have that actually has a chance of working. So we're going to stick to the plan like we said we would."

Spike only answer was to light another fag and take a long, aggravated drag.


The blood had risen as a spiral in the air before attaching itself to their joined hands, binding them even further.

"I am a willing vessel." Lois was visibly fatigued, sweat pouring down the sides of her pallid face as she forced the words out. "Let me be your weapon until the balance has been restored."

Chloe found it harder to breath, to keep awake, it was unbearably hot.

"My plea, harken I implore." Lois' words were forced, sounding almost as if she was speaking around something in her mouth. "Maintain the balance, as you did before."

The blood was beginning to burn into their skin.

"She's playing with us." Lois let out a loud gasp of air, bringing her free hand to her chest. "She's not coming."

"She has to come." Chloe finally spoke, her words slurring. "She has to!"

"She-she's not-." Lois collapsed face first.

"Lois!" Chloe cried, trying to keep awake, her fingers going to her cousin's throat, feeling her pulse still beating strong.

The brunette lay on the ground, still, unconscious from the stress of having to channel so much unnatural energy.

Chloe could feel her own body beginning to shut down.


She couldn't-.

Chloe's eyes narrowed in anger at the thought of being toyed with like this.

They needed help!

This was her job!

She had to come!

She HAD to!

Chloe was sick and tired of pleading and begging and supplicating for her to appear to clean up a mess she had created in the first place!

Eyes narrowing, Chloe tightened her grip on Lois' hand. "COME HERE NOW!"

Suddenly all the magics, the lightning and thunder, the flames, the burning, it all disappeared, leaving Chloe in near blackness.

"You know, you have some nerve." Lois' voice mumbled, but when the brunette sat up bright blue eyes stared back at Chloe instead of hazel.

Chloe turned towards her, fury still burning under her own skin. "The Ring you gave Solomon all those years ago, it's back in human hands and his spirit has possessed the boy who is wearing it."

"I know." She replied, using her free hand to tap her temple. "I know everything my host does."

Chloe's gaze went to the ring on her finger. "Is that it?"

"Never leaves my finger." She replied, gaze going to it, before sighing. "So he's back at it, huh?" She made a face. "Every couple of hundred years some fool finds that ring and puts it on and I have to deal with this again."

Chloe's eyes widened at the realization that others had called upon her to deal with this as well. "Then hide it better." She raised her head. "Or better yet, destroy it."

"If I destroyed it I'd destroy the balance." She replied with a displeased expression. "These rings are important to the balance of the world, to demons and humans alike." Her expression saddened. "He was a good guardian of it once you know, before the power became too much for him and he affixed part of his soul to the seal."

"You need to end this, now." Chloe replied with determination. "If you won't destroy the ring you need to exorcise his spirit out of it or do something else because one day he's going to win this battle and to hell with the balance."

"It ends tonight." Her eyes were saddened, but she nodded, standing, pulling Chloe with her by their bond hands. "I must say goodbye to him for the last time."

Chloe observed the sadness as the bonds joining them disappeared. "You still love him...even after all this time?"

"It's why I gave him the Seal." She whispered. "To let him know that although I couldn't be with him, that a part of me always would." She closed her eyes tightly before breathing in, expression agony, and finally she let out her breath and opened her eyes. "I'm ready."


Buffy couldn't get used to seeing those haunting, inhuman blue eyes on Lois' face. Other than the eyes Lois seemed just like herself, and yet those eyes were piercing and sad and so very old, it made Buffy relieved she was sitting in the back with Chloe. They'd found out where Xander was holding court and had texted Angel so he and Captian Peroxide could meet them there, and yet despite the fact that they had their secret weapon onboard with the plan Buffy couldn't help but feel uneasy. How did they know for sure that they could trust this person? And that she would leave Lois' body once it was done?

Also, it took a lot of magic and energy to keep up the spell and from what Buffy had understood, so that the High Level spirit didn't leave Lois completely drained (or dead) once she left she was also spiritually anchored to Chloe and thus was draining the both of them. It would give her more time and power of course, but it also meant that if the spirit decided to be a bitch and stay inside of her host she could end up killing both Lois and Chloe.

"I have a question." Cordelia finally spoke up, sending Lois's occupant a wary look. "If your ring controls humans and his ring controls demons...how can he control Giles?"

Buffy perked up at this question, a little embarrassed she hadn't thought to ask their guest.

Lois turned to look at Cordelia. "Because he was a host, once, a willing host, as my vessel now is. We can never possess someone and fully leave, a little of us will always remain within the one we possess."

"And that's the part of him that Xander can control." Buffy whispered, remembering Eyghon. No wonder the demon had been able to track down Giles' old friends so easily! A part of him had never left them!

"What about Xander?" Chloe asked, leaning hard against the seat. "What will happen to him when Solomon is taken out? He was human. He shouldn't have any residue left in him right?"

"He was not a willing host." Lois' voice was monotone. "It is different."

"We're here." Cordelia announced.

"Oh you've got to be kidding me." Chloe rested her forehead against the glass, staring at the building as the brunette parked. "The Bronze? Really?"

"For some reason everyone always ends up choosing there." Cordelia agreed from the front.

"So, one last time, does everyone remember what they're supposed to do?" Buffy looked between the women in the car.

Lois nodded.

So did Cordelia.

Chloe's eyes closed slightly before she shook her head as if to keep awake, and nodded. "Yeah. This will work."

The drain was already having an affect on the witch.

Buffy felt more worry beginning to churn in her stomach. "Let's do this."


Once they'd entered the Bronze they'd been ambushed, and while they'd fought they'd been outnumbered and found themselves captive and being taken to Xander as he sat on a throne on the stage, demon babes on each side of him. His gaze found Lois almost immediately, and Chloe knew that the spirit within him recognized the spirit within her immediately, as a heartbreaking expression- took over his features for a split second before his defenses rose. He beckoned them to be brought forwards, and sneered down at them.

"Did you honestly believe that you could defeat me?" Xander's voice held an odd lilt as he rose from his throne. "Four girls are nothing to me but breeders." He purposely ignored Lois, gaze going to Buffy. "I see the concubine has arrived."

"Why must we play this game all the time, Solomon?" Lois sighed, drawing his attention back to her. "The balance must be restored. You cannot continue doing this. You have to stop."

"So you've come to enslave me to the ring again, have you, Makeda?" Xander finally allowed his gaze to go to her as Oz and Willow held onto Buffy tightly, beginning to drag her away, Giles grabbing her feet and leaving her struggling yet obviously worried about fighting too hard and hurting her friends.

"It's time, Solomon." Lois whispered softly.

His eyes narrowed. "No! Never!" He turned to his minions. "Take the ring from her and take them away to the cage!"

"Remember Solly," a new voice declared as Spike emerged from the shadows. "I keep the little blonde witch."

"Spike?" Chloe whispered in horror as his blue gaze leveled with her.

"'Ello luv." Spike smirked, blowing out a cloud of smoke. "Change of plans."
9th-Feb-2012 06:41 pm (UTC)
ah.. come on, spike you are an idiot..
but "Captian Peroxide"..lol...
thanks for the update
love, maple
10th-Feb-2012 04:48 am (UTC)
Yeah Spike...unable to stick to a plan! lol
10th-Feb-2012 03:35 am (UTC)
Spike! What are you doing?!? Geez. Prat. Great update!

10th-Feb-2012 04:42 am (UTC)
Ah yes...Spike.....
19th-Sep-2014 07:20 am (UTC)
What happened to Spike???????
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