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Night Blossom 2/4 
25th-Oct-2008 11:34 pm

Title: Night Blossom
Rating: Strong T for vague sexual references
Fandoms: Smallville/Buffy/Angel
Overall story pairings: Chloe/Angelus, Chloe/Angel, brief Chloe/Spike, implied Chloe/Clark
Summary: 1st in Chlonnor series. chlangelus. Chloe thought that the killings were ritualistic--didn't think that vampires were behind it. When she's sired by Angelus though, thanks to her unknown meteor power something goes wrong...or was this preordained?
Disclaimer: I don't own Smallville, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Angel
Warning: AU Buffy, Angel and Smallville
A/N: This the first story in a series that will eventually end up Chloe/Connor.


A couple of weeks had passed since Chloe had awakened in her room in the mansion on Crawford Street, and it’d been a constant learning experience. Her first hunt, for example, had been disastrous since she hadn’t enjoyed it and when it’d come to killing the poor bastard Angelus had trapped she hadn’t been able to.

That’d angered her sire enough to cause him to slap her so hard she’d fallen to the ground, knowing that her face would be sore and swollen for days to come. Apparently she still not only had a heartbeat and a reflection, but she still had a soul, something that disgusted her ‘family’ and made things more difficult between them.

Another thing that’d caused her to withdraw from the hunts was the revelation that blood other than that of her family line made her sick. Angelus had made her drink from a man after he’d killed him on their second hunt, and she’d been so sick. She’d felt like she was dying from inside out, and if Drusilla hadn’t fed her her own blood she wouldn’t have made it through the night.

Of course, that’d caused Angelus to go into a violent, aggressive state. Surprisingly enough though, he hadn’t taken it out on her as he had that first hunt. Instead he’d gone out and massacred everyone at a restaurant, and nearly killed the Slayer Chloe had gotten a few glances at during the nights she’d been taken out of the mansion.

When Angelus returned that night, covered in blood and still radiating anger, he’d taken her for the first time as a man took a woman. She knew that she should have been more frightened, should have feared the inevitable pain, and yet while there’s been some pain it’d mingled with the pleasure and she’d enjoyed it.

Her body had twisted and turned in ways she hadn’t realized possible, and as she’d arched beneath him, he’d whispered how he’d missed bedding a ‘warm lass’ before he released his cold seed within her and drank from her blood and allowed her to feed from him as well.

From that night on he refused to let Spike or Dru feed Chloe, and he took over the responsibility entirely on his own. And it wasn’t that she needed blood in the same exact way the rest of them did, no, she was somehow alive with blood of her own, but she needed the blood of one of her family to keep her living nonetheless.

She was a paradox, and during the weeks she turned from a disgusting shame to a fascination for her family. Spike had taken it upon himself to examine her and figure out just exactly what she could do or not. He’d gotten a notepad and pencil and they’d gone over some basics.

Garlic, crosses and holy water had no effect on her, although she felt holy water hotter than other water, but it didn’t really burn her all that much. She had a reflection, a soul, a heartbeat and she breathed, to all extents she was alive, except she needed the blood of their family to make sure that her heart continued beating.

With those observations, while Angelus slept and was unable to stop it, Spike, Chloe, and an excited Dru tried out the ultimate test as Chloe had stepped out into the sunlight and reveled in the feeling of the sunlight on her skin.

“You don’t sizzle!” Dru clapped her hands and giggled.

“Bloody amazing.” Spike whispered as he shook his head and wrote down his observations on his notepad in the safety of the shadows in the mansion. “Come back in luv.”

Chloe knew that it was the perfect opportunity to escape, that they wouldn’t be able to follow her thanks to the fact that the sun was out and shinning brightly, but the blonde did as told and entered the mansion, closing the door behind her, giving a little yelp as Dru threw herself at her and hugged her, giggling.

“You don’t sizzle!” Dru repeated, pressing her nose to the curve of Chloe’s neck, taking in a deep whiff. “You don’t even smell of charred skin!”

“That’s a relief.” Chloe grinned, hugging Dru back and looking at Spike over her shoulder. “So, what do you think?”

“I think Angelus is going to dust me when he finds out I let you walk into the sunlight, luv.” Spike grinned unrepentantly.

Angelus didn’t dust Spike; although he was close to doing that when he smelt sunshine on Chloe’s skin and realized what’d happened. Chloe’d felt guilt and fear when she’d heard the screams coming from the basement, and yet Dru was incredibly jealous of Spike, saying how her daddy hadn’t bothered torturing her in the longest time.

That was the moment that Chloe knew that she’d never exactly understand the vampire family, although she was a part of it.

For her part in the ‘experiment’ Chloe didn’t get off easy either. Although Angelus didn’t raise a hand on her he’d shackled her to their bed and hadn’t released her for two weeks. She’d been stuck in the bedroom with a shackle around her ankle that was only long enough for her to get to the bathroom.

Sure, Chloe knew that she got off easily. From the stories Drusilla and Spike would tell her of Angelus she knew that he was a vicious monster, and yet while he wasn’t exactly tender or loving with her he didn’t hurt her--not much at least, and while she appreciated that it also confused her.

Angelus could have tortured her as well, could have broken a couple of her bones, it was all in his right as Sire, as head of their family--so why hadn’t he?

She also didn’t understand why he forced her to drink from him every night either. The blonde had realized that she could go for weeks without drinking a drop of his blood. She was beginning to suspect that she might be able to go for a month even without a taste of Angelus’ blood, and while that might just because it was her sire’s blood and thus stronger, Chloe believed that it had to do with her ‘special circumstances’.

And yet Angelus grew furious whenever she tried to speak about that, so she’d stopped trying and just accepted her sire’s blood and let him feed from her as well, which he seemed to truly enjoy. Once he’d even mentioned something that there was different about her blood, something addictive, and she’d wondered if it was her blood or her blood mixing with his…

Maybe that was the reason why he insisted on feeding her so often—why he insisted only he feed her.

“Which did you like more?” Spike asked Angelus as the four of them laid or sat on the living room floor, enjoying the time together. “The pizza or the pizza boy?”

“You know that I don’t bother with human food.” Angelus sneered.

Chloe closed her eyes and tried to ignore the dead youth in their midst. She knew that she could do nothing about what was going on, and yet she sometimes wished she could somehow warn the victims, but the sire-link she had with Angelus kept her from doing so--and these last weeks she’d stopped really wanting to.

It’d started happening when Angelus started giving her the nightly feeding--and she also wondered if his blood was somehow tainting her soul. The Chloe she’d once been wouldn’t have been able to snack on a piece of pepperoni pizza and laugh at something Spike said while a dead teenager lay in their midst.

What have I become? How can I truly have a soul still?

And yet the fact that it haunted her like this gave her hope that she still had a little bit of humanity inside of her, although she kept all her doubts and questions regarding that to herself, knowing that her family wouldn’t appreciate her need to still cling to some humanity.

Her family…

Chloe shook her head, looking out at the blackness outside of the window of the mansion.

What about her friends and family back in Smallville? How were they? Were they okay? Where they still looking for her? Had they ever? Did they have any idea what’d happened to her or had she just become a statistic? Just another teenager to disappear in Metropolis?

She tried to push those thoughts out of her mind as Angelus had warned her the first and only time she’d asked him about them. If she didn’t forget her father and those she loved back home he’d make sure there was nothing of them left for her to remember.

And she was still human enough to protect those she loved most at whatever the cost.


As the weeks turned to months Chloe realized that she’d developed Stockholm Syndrome with her captors. Despite the fact that they weren’t human, despite the fact that they were monsters and reveled in it, Chloe had grown to care deeply for the vampires who didn’t make her accompany them on their hunts anymore. They didn’t see her distaste of the kill as a weakness, but as a peculiarity they’d learnt to accept and live with.

She felt tender regard for Dru, who, while ruthless and a ferocious killer, also somehow seemed to have the innocence of an eager child. Dru was a bundle of giggles and rhymes at the mansion, full of questions and dancing and games that it was hard to picture her as a killer most of the time.

Spike was Chloe’s confidant--surprisingly enough. The platinum blonde had grown to like Chloe mostly because she kept Angelus’s attention away from Spike’s ‘dark princess’, and then his curiosity about her just won him over completely. As soon as he’d healed from Angelus’ punishment over the sunlight experiment they’d continued on, learning that Chloe wasn’t as fast or as strong as a vampire, and she didn’t have half as good senses as they did, but they were still heightened compared to a normal human being’s.

And Angelus…what could she say about her Sire? He’d forced himself to be a constant and a necessity in her life. If she wanted something he got it for her, clothes, shoes, human food--blood. He’d made her dependant on solely him, relying on him for any basic necessity, and while Chloe had always been a very independent person by nature she’d grown to accept Angelus’ wishes because he was her sire.

She also--the Syndrome was probably strongest with Angelus as she clung to him more. He was her mentor of all things in her new life, and the fact that he didn’t allow her around other demons other than Spike and Dru left her isolated, in need of companionship that he offered her.

Chloe wasn’t naïve, she knew that Angelus was many things, but especially he was proud, possessive and utterly selfish. She knew that he isolated her from the rest of the nightlife because he was molding her to be dependant on him, to need him, to not be able to survive without him, and while a very big part of her resented him darkly for it another part gave in and let him.

In fact, it wasn’t until a while after her stay with them that she saw another face that wasn’t their own or one of the minions they had working for them.

Angelus, Dru and Spike had been out hunting while Chloe stayed at the mansion, reading one of the many books Angelus had brought her when she’d asked for some entertainment while he and the others spent their nights on the prowl, when suddenly she sensed that she wasn’t alone anymore.

Marking the page that she’d been reading, Chloe closed the book and looked up at the doorway to see a petite blonde standing there, stake in hand, looking at her oddly.

“You’re the Slayer.” Chloe felt a jolt of fear as she recognized the blonde that she’d sometimes seen the few times she’d been on the hunts.

“You’re not a vampire.” The Slayer announced in a voice that was surprised, forehead furrowed as she took a curious step towards her. “But you’re not human.” Her mouth became a long, hard line. “What are you and what’re you doing here with Angel, Spike and Drusilla?”

Confusion filled Chloe’s body as she remained seated, looking at the Slayer. “Angel?” She tilted her head to the side slightly. “Do you mean Angelus?”

The Slayer stiffened at that name, her grip on the stake tightening. “What sort of demon are you?”

Chloe felt fear overcome her own confusion as she quickly stood and hurried so that the sofa was in between her and the incensed Slayer. She knew that Slayers and vampires hated each other fiercely, and yet there was something odd in the Slayer’s eyes…something that made Chloe feel that this was all somehow more personal than that.

“I—I don’t know.”

As expected, the truth caused the Slayer to pause, eyes narrowing. “What do you mean you don’t know?”

And if only to stall the obvious attack and give her sire time to come to her rescue--surely he could feel the distress in their link--Chloe stammered an explanation, telling the Slayer about how she’d been sired in Metropolis and awoken here in the Mansion.

“But you’re not dead?” The Slayer was obviously shocked, not looking half as intimidating as she’d been when she’d first arrived.

“No one understands it.” Chloe admitted, pulling the hair from where it covered Angelus’ bite mark, proving that her story had been true. “I have a soul, a heartbeat, but I still have these.” And with that her canines grew, her face unchanged.

The Slayer took a step backwards. “Why haven’t you been hunting? You obviously haven’t been out with the others or I would have known of you before now. The only reason I know you exist is because Xander saw a girl in the backyard in the sun before entering the Mansion.”

Who was this Xander? Why did they have the Mansion under surveillance and yet hadn’t done anything other than to come to talk to her? Or maybe the plan had been otherwise but the Slayer had let her own personal issues get in the way of the plan and had come to confront her without any one else’s knowledge?

But that would be reckless of her.

Surely that couldn’t be the case.

“I’m deficient.” Chloe sighed, leaning against the wall, glad to have the sofa between them and at least give herself the illusion that she was somehow safe. “I get sick if I drink human blood.”

The Slayer blinked. “Run that one pass me again?”

Chloe glared at her, hating the fact that she seemed like a freak even to a Slayer. “I nearly die if I drink human blood.” She slammed her head back against the wall in agitation. “My sire was very disappointed in me when he found out.”

“A vampire who can’t feed from humans.” The Slayer snickered. “I can imagine Angelus wasn’t too happy when he found that out, he has always been known to be a perfectionist. It must have been a blow to his ego to realize that his latest creation wasn’t normal.”

Something about the familiarity in which the Slayer used to refer to Angelus irked Chloe, she clenched her fists knowing that it would be foolish to anger the Slayer and take on someone whom she couldn’t beat at all in a fight.

“Then again, you aren’t really a vampire, are you?” She was frowning now, looking at Chloe closely. “And if you aren’t a vampire, and haven’t killed anyone, I really can’t kill you, can I?” She put away the stake and looked at Chloe seriously. “My name’s Buffy.”

“Chloe.” She kept herself pressed against the wall, not feeling at all safer despite the fact that the Slayer had put away her weapon.

Buffy suddenly tensed. “And that would be my cue to go.” Quickly she turned around and ran out of the mansion through the back door right in time for the front door to be kicked open and three pissed off vampires to appear.

“Where is she?” Angelus hissed.

“Ran out through there.” Chloe pointed in the direction that the Slayer had disappeared in, watching as the three vampires rushed after her.

When they’d returned they’d been in a pissy mood, the three of them. Apparently Buffy the Vampire Slayer had given them the slip somewhere in the cemetery, and had gotten away without so much as a confrontation. And now Chloe had to sit through an interrogation from Spike, Dru and Angelus, who’d wanted to know exactly what it was that’d happened while she’d been alone with the Slayer.

Chloe didn’t lie, she told them everything, knowing that Angelus would probably sense deceit if she tried to hide anything.

It didn’t help her cause. Angelus was pissed that not only had the Slayer gotten to Chloe, but that she now had information about his new childe as well. Chloe’s body had been bruised and painful for days after he’d vented his anger and frustration on her, but as much as she wanted to hate Angelus somehow she couldn't.

Not when he’d tended to her the days she couldn’t leave bed without screaming in pain. He fed her his blood, accelerating what was apparently a rapid healing ability she’d gotten from her vampiric siring, and soon she could breath without feeling as if her chest cavity was completely broken and sticking into all of her major organs.

Chloe couldn’t help but wonder sometimes if that white light they’d said had emerged from her body when Angelus had killed her, engulfing them both and burning him, hadn’t been her soul fighting back--hadn’t somehow done something to Angelus. Moments like these when the vicious murderer stayed by her side and took care of her made her wonder if some times, in moments like these, he didn’t have a little of his soul still in his body.

Angelus wouldn’t let Spike or Drusilla into their room as she healed. Once again she was cut off from anyone but him, as they spent whole days in silence sometimes. Chloe would think of her life, of how things had changed, and think of her friends and family home. Angelus would read, either to her or silently to himself, or he’d draw her.

Apparently now that she was weak and unable to move she was his perfect model, and during her bed rest he’d drawn multiple pictures of her that he always showed her once finished.

Chloe couldn’t understand Angelus’ reactions with her. Sometimes she thought that he was fascinated with this new creation he’d made, fascinated that no one else could say they’d sired a childe who’d come back to life without many of the weaknesses of their kind—and with all their advantages—even if it wasn’t in a high degree.

Whether killing or drawing, Angelus was an artist, and Chloe began to realize that he saw her as his greatest creation.

“Drink.” He ordered as they laid in bed together, the sun beginning to rise in the sky outside.

“I don’t want to.” Chloe whispered, closing her eyes, tired and still a little sore. At least it wasn’t the pain that’d filled her body for so long. In a day or two even the soreness would disappear and she hoped he’d let her leave the room then.

“Dare you disobey me, childe?” He hissed, reaching for her chin and clasping his fingers around it, forcing her to turn towards him. “Have ye still not forgiven me for punishing you because of your betrayal?”

“I didn’t betray you.” Chloe opened her eyes, looking at him angrily for probably the first time since having been sired. “I was alone with her and unprotected. I was scared.”

He growled at her before suddenly he was over her body and his mouth consuming her, his hands hard and possessive on her skin as they continued to fight in a different, more agreeable way that lasted until they both crumpled in an exhausted heap of arms and legs.

As Chloe drifted to sleep, her head leaning above Angelus’ unbeating heart, his arm possessive around her even in sleep, she smirked as she realized that for the first time since being sired she’d won a fight.

With that smug realization in mind, she drifted into sleep as well.



26th-Oct-2008 02:26 pm (UTC)
Go Chloe! ♥ ♥
1st-Jan-2010 10:40 pm (UTC)
Nice. I like that Buffy and Chloe met, but I wonder what will happen when Angel gets sent back to Hell.
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